The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 14, 1910, Image 3

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TT-r ?r,i irfnVrfifiMrtr-aaaiCai
.. ..T-;'.-w.;"i3i'.r'.t,rmiir! ,-r,.,..
Of All Kinds Bought, Sold and Exchanged.
We linve u very cxlctulvc lint of DKSCIIUTKS
We briiu: the Property Owner iiutl (he Outside
Hiivcth together.
HiitulliiK HI.Ik'., Wull St., llend, Ore.
Tabla alwayt tuppllvd with lha Unit that Ilia town affordi.
Neat nnd Comfortnhle Rooms. llitND, Okiigon
Hotel Bend
Corner Oond and Oregon Sti.
Rates $2 and $2.50 a Day
HUGH O'KANE.jMnnagcr
wrS" -s- r i J
Hotel Dalles
Tho Drfllcs, Oregon
Voti ate oot.llaily Inviteil to make Tlllt IIOTItl. !)A!.!.KS your
letting laee while waiting over lietween tralnaon your way to ami
Ifiiiu 1'orllainl. New. lhoioiiu,lily equltiticil, inoilcrii hotel; ateatti
heat, elevator, aiillet and rixiina with hatha, l'lrtt data cafe. Kalca
tatiKliiK (rum Joe and upward.
.Ideal Stopping Plnco Going to nnd from Central Oregon.
N. K. CLARKE, Manager.
J. II. W12NA.NDY, Prop.
All kinds of light and heavy Livery.
llond Street Bend, Oregon.
Bend Steam Laundry
The Very Best Modern Laundry Work
at Moderate Prices.
40 CTS A DOZ. " "
Attending Physicians U. C. COE, B. FERRELL
M. ELLEN KERSHAW, Stipcritilciiilont.
Grnduutc of St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago.
MRS. A. M. LUTES, AssUtunt,
Gruduate of Columbus (Ohio) Training School.
Terms:. $10 to $25 a Week, Payable Weekly.
There is a Nurse on duty at all times. , No
extra charge mndc for night duty, unless in
extreme cases, when a special nurse is required
Good Goods at the Price of the Other Kind
Hardware and Groceries, Stoves and
Ranges, Windows, Doors and Glass,
Roofing, Paints and Oils, Studebaker
Wagons, Gasoline and Auto Oils of the
Best. Come;and.soe us.
Hlrad to Pravnl Troubl at Oaorga
IV.'a Coronation,
tloxliiir win liitrmliiiiMl lulu Kiitclniiil
In Hi)1 1'iirllcr purl of iln clliic.inli
it'iiiiiry. Iim II re I iirm-iltliiiiiT Im'Iiik
J'iIhi llroiiulitiui. tvhu ki'H ii IkmiiIi fur
ittlilliltluiia In Toi leiiliii hi Cuiirt mini,
(.ciiidnii, mill rulii vcr' ilrntvn up
AiiK. to. 1 7 13. Tin niif u'iin dm in
llic ilu'llne nf mviinI roinhiil cxlillil
IIuiin In Id" mlini uf (ii-urid I. HmtiKli
tun lilmoi'lf iuin tin Ural who nIimhI In
tin- mim(ou (if ('lininpliiii. n dlitllni'llon
whli'li tut In-Ill fur rlditi'i'ii vi'iira, lull
cvi'iiliuilly li wnn kiiiK'kcd nut liy 11
liutclier tin mill Klnck. Ilroimlilnii wna
h Krrnt h of I lir fjtilct of CviiiiIkt
Ifinrl, who look tin' ptiKlll"! with him
to IIitIIii, wlii'li lie iliilnrnl IdiiiKclf
rrnily to tnkn on tin- i-nlm ri'KtiiMit
of KN'imillcr Kiinrda there "If he wvrr
only nlloivi'il a hrcukfiiat betwtfti each
two Imtllia."
Tim KiikII'Ii flehtcr Tom C'rlbb onrc
a-urrl n wry ri'tiinrkiililo cuuiiKi"
ini'iil. Juat lirfnrc the coronntlon of
(Ii-ocko IV. ri'rtnln iiipnthlr.iT with
Quii'ii Cnrnlliii' IimrkiiI t lint on tin
ilny of (tin ci'ri'iiioiilnl they would
innkr innttora wiirm In thu tirlKhbor
IkmmI of WifitmlimtiT nlihi-y. nod Ihla
rrnrlifd thi mra of llir cnrl iimralinl.
Thnt tiled fuiK'tlonn ry aoucht tin In
trrrlow with I hn pucllUt "Oputlrman"
Jnckaon, who tnuiiht Irl Hymn to
Jnrtcaon pot toccllirr aomi two ilmrn
linilarra, Itralilro Crlhh. thi Imml In
cluded John clully. In turn nchllnst
man. mrlnjr rnnn. rolllpry proprlolor
nnd itiffiilxr of parllnuiPtit, Thpy were
atllrnl na klnc'a pnera nml KntliTCl
nlHiut the nhhey doora. Thrrc wns no
trouhlo. Chicago Newt,
Thay Furnlh tha Paopla With 8hattar,
Clothing and Food.
Rome people har Mid that the rrln
drrr of the northern rntlona la to the
Inhahltanta of thoan counlrlra whnt
thn hor, cow and alierp toccllirr ro
to the (twrllrm In aouthrm Innda. nml
ffry probably they aro rlcht. 'What
wouM the Ijiplandcr be were be de
prtred of hla favorite) How could be
travel without hla pair of reindeer
harneaaed to his alcdee?
The reindeer hrta lotxo black hoofa,
Itelilnit which are fnlxo or aecondnry
hoofa; the result la that when nmntnjr
they ronke clattcrlnc aound, which
may bo heard a cond dlitance away.
The reindeer baa much endurance and
takes a lone journey without aeemlnx
tired, though It la only about four and
a half fret in belicht and not Tory
atroni;. Ita horn a are Ions nnd alendrr.
with branched, rounded antlera, but
they are not much uaed In combat, like
those of some other deer.
The larcest reindeer are found where
tbe weather la coldeat, and their color
la llchtrr. Usually it la brown and
white, but In the caac of old animal
the hair la eometlmcs quite white,
from the skin of the reindeer the Ijip
landers cet not only their clothes, but
alio beddlne snd tents: the mllki la
ditink nnd made Into cbeeae and the
fleah is also rood to rat, tbe tongue
and haunches being particularly liked.
Pcmmlcan, an Important article of
food. Is made by pouring fat orer the
pounded meat and mixing them well
together. St. Louis Qlobe-Dctnocrat.
Tha Latch aa a DaromaUr.
A leech confined la a glass Jar of
water will prove an excellent weather
prophet. If the weather Is to con-
tinv One the leech Ilea motlonleaa at
tbe bottom of the rial aud rolled to
gether In a spiral form. If It la to
rain, cither before or after noon. It Is
found to bnve crept up to the top of
Its lodging and there remains till the
weather Is settled. If we are to have
wind the prisoner wriggles through his
limpid habitation with aumxlug svlft
uess and seldom rests till It begins to
blow hard. If a remarkable storm of
thunder aud rain Is to aurceed the
leech gives Itself up to violent throes
aud conrulslro motions. In frost, as
In clear summer weather, It lies con.
stantly at the bottom, and lu snow, as
In rainy weather. It pitches Its dwell
ing on tho very mouth of the Jar,
African Qrotbackt.
The social groabecks of South Africa
live in large aoelctlea. They select a
tree or coualderublo size and literally
cover It with a grass roof, under which
their common dwelling Is constructed.
Tho roof serves the double purpose of
koeplng off' the heat and tbe rain, and
400 or MX) pairs of birds arc known to
hnvo tho nmne shelter, Tho nests In
this aerial dwelling are built in regu
lar streets and closely rcscmblo rows
of tenement houses.
A Financial Qaniua.
"Ho is a financial genius. In a res
taurant tho other day ho spilled a cup
of coffoo over a fellow's gray trou
sers." "And got out of paying for them,
"Why, ho talked tho other fellow
Into paying for tho coffee,"
Tho Man Dahlnd tha Manage.
Tho vnluo of a thing dopenib largely
upon who says it. Words may bo bul
lets, but character must bo the powder
at tho back of them to glvo them pro
Jectllo force. Tho man bohlnd tho rues
tigo is as Important as tho man behind
the gun.
Dy Comparison.
Singleton I understand you bad a
pretty lively time at tho club last
night. WeJmoro-T thought so until I
got home. Boston Transcript.
Virtue is llko a. rich Jewel-best plain
Pilot lluttc Inn.
J. It. Hawlilll The Mrmlowi
I). Mtilkey , I.aldlnw
W. C. McCuUlon I'orlland
(Jeortfe KliiKlcrry Seattle
II r. C. W. Klrkhrlde and
son The Meadow
C.J.Kelly Scuttle
l W. Nelaoil
U. W. Diivl '
A. (J. Koody Portland
I'. I', Hl Seattle
I.. I). Httphtiitoii I.n i'lur
A. A. Aya " "
A.N. Wakefield Crecenl
. It. Lal'ollelte
A. 1), Hlokke Vancouver, II. C.
Oeory,e llrewiter.. ........ I'riiievllle
Hotel llend,
Silver Lake
Talent, Or.
W. O. I.anc
A. U. Hudson mid family,
W. Yancey and wife,.
C, Hut-more I'orl Klamath
V.. Newby Hood KUcr
Mrt. Lewli and nephew. . l)veiiorl, la.
II. I). Iliowii Oattou, Or.
Dr. Ilrady and family, Wcehawken, N. ),
J. eek Hol River
.S, W. MHrtln I'orlland
K. R. Chaffee U. S. I'orett Service
L. C. Caldwell I'aullna 1'ralrle
Would you like to be more pro.
fjcicut upon your instrument?
Wolllll VCIII like In lu nlilf In a,.
ratiKcj study ThorouKb bass, liar
moiiy or Comtosltion?
Can you sum hi the onen air and
not net hoarse?
Do you know which muscles of
the mouth, throat, lungs and abdo
men to use in order to produce a
Jicst, mouth or head tone? (There
a vast difference). Possibly
Nccce could help you
i Remember the sinRcr, unlike the
poet, is made, NOT HORN.
Instructions U rennnnlili. a
consistent with good work.
Jicst wishes for all teachers in
Apply to
40 T. Clay Kursk.
If you wish to have your ex
press and light freight come in
along with your letters nnd daily
papers, have ft come in on the mail
line Tint Counktt Staok &
Staiilk Co. 35t
Meal Cstate Transfers.
(Furnl.hrd bjr Ctiwk Cuunly AUtlict CempriBjr )
A. ell and wife to Charlra I). Swan
on, cK ney, iw ne. ol Sec. as. 15
14 and lot I of Sec. 30, 15-15; J4000.
I.aidlaw Tow utile Co. to Wetley 11
Claik. lot i, hlk 49. Uidlaw; f 135.
Rrdmoud ToWntite Ca to Rote Ca
on, lot 5; 6, 7 and 8, blk a, Redmond:
f65o. .
John H. lMwanlt to A II. Ocrtton et
I, vci Sec. It, tw) wX Sec, U,
wli M Sec. 15 and e ne Sec. 14.
16-10; fyw.
John H. Kdn-ardt to A. II. Gertion et
at, 1-9 interctt iu Three Creek Irriga
tion Uilch; f 1.
John U. Kdwards to A. 11. Ocrtton,
I-15 intercreat in Snow Creek Irrigation
Ditch: alo Three Creek ditch,
I.. It. Smith and wife to A. O. Cainn-
bcll et al, lot 5, blk. 35, Redmond; f I.
J'reil A. lluutiell and i!e to M. J
McGrath, part ol M awj. nwU trU
Sec 4. id-la ljitiK wet of Oregon Trunk
V. C. RoMlee to Champ Smith at al.
tract 155 57 '& feet, iu n M. Sec
3j, 17-13; fmo.
V. C. Kowlce to Champ Smith et al.
Tract Willi! eatt. and of umc itie at latt
detcrlption: floo.
Cliarlea U. .swanton to J. M. Teng
man, eH "ef and tX nejSce, 35, 15-
14: 101 1 01 occ 30, 15-15; tSiO'
G. W. Welti to Guv Scar, lots 7 and
8. blk 7, Khret's Pint Addition Red
motul; ft.
O. W Well to Nellie M. Seart. lott
9 ami 10, hlk 2, Ubret'a Pint Addition,
Redmond; fl. v
Patents from the United States at tot-
Ilrnjamn I. Shepherd. eV aetf Sec
14 anil e uet and iieif c'l a'. iq-ii
Joteph J. Ilromi, X e,', nwj mt snd
t X Sec S3, 19-jj.
John PerKuton, tctf e Sec. 33, H
wV Sec 34, nwX nw( Sec. 25 aud
lie; lie; occ. 30, is-12,
Deeds from the State of Oregon, as
John KRyan, nwjf sw Sec 17 and
etf neXi c$ m-,V Sec. 8, 19-u.
Por Salk 1.UMUKH We have in one
dry shed 80,000 feet of finished lumber
all sires and kinds from t to 34 inche
In width. Alto door aud window jams,
window stools, building shingles, etc
We can make arrangements to deliver
anywhere. Send us your orders, J, N.
Matteu Lumber Co., Kosland, tf
IXiMtrtnitnt of the Interior,
V. 8. Mod Office t The iMlltt, Or.,
, , . l)eciubr 4. loto.
notice It hereby ilvtn thtt Grorce V. Ucami.
of l"lnrvlllc,lltroci, who, oil ociotxr lv7,
mtde Timber auTi Stic tworn tUlcmtut Nu.
4IOJ (Hcritl No, oii4. for rk ut(, cH kU, hec
H, T. k ., K. It ., W. M., lit. Blrit uollcr ofln-
icniiou 10 inter niui umixr im noue nrooi, 10
ttubllth cUiui to the Unit above dcctUnU, I
lore Warrcu Urowu, Couulr Clrrk, tt hit other,
at I'rlnevtUc, Ortgou, ou the itlhdty offebru
try, nil.
Claimant ntract at wltnrtwt: William Lct
font, Ccorice St Cornctt and Henry A. Potter
uri'rlnevlllr.Orcgou, aud J II Kata of Hhau
Iko, Urtgou.
40-49 C. W. MOOKK, Rcglitcr.
the Store that saves
you money.
We have all the
You will need for the winter
Christmas Supplies
now, while tho roads are passable.
Pastries, Rolls, etc.
At Regular Hours
Furnished Rooms
Notice of Pinal Settlement.
Notice it hereby given by the underlined thtt
he hat made and (tied with the Clerk of the
County vourt ot Crook Couuty, Oregon, hit final
ccouni at Aaniinitiraior 01 ine nutie 01 uiien
rcutt, decrated, rtklug that aatd final account
be trtllol and allowed and that the Adralnit.
trator and hit be trlccd. and aatd
County Court hat act Monday, the md day of
Jauualy, igtl,alio o'clock a in , al the County
Court room In l'linerille, Oregon, at the lime
ml place al which any perun Interctted In
aid cttal may apiarar and oMcct totheacltlc
meut and allowance or aatd final account
dmlnltlritoroflhe K.utcof Hllcu Orcutl.lW
ccaKd. J.-4I
l)rrtmriit or the Interior,
U. b LaudOtoccat Lakevlew, nr
Nee. 3, ll.
Notice It hereby given thai
Ntttie tihullt.
ufRoaland, Oregon, ho, rn March jl low.
made llometlrad entry, No oijij. for 11K ucV,
wV neU, i mwX Stc. 1. Tub. K. 1. K.. W
M .hat Bird notice oftutcntleu to make null
Commutation pruuf, to rMatdi.h claim to the
land alMve detcrttied, tcfolc CuniiniMlonrr II
C. Ktlla, al llend, urrguo, on the IJlh day 01
December. 1910.
Claimant utract at wtlnruct:
O. W Trlplett aud William Vandcrert, ol
llend, Orrgon, tud William llvrlnghau aud W.
O. Honlham ofKolnd, Oregon
jk( ARTHUR W. tiKTON. RcgUtcr,
Department or the Interior,
U. b. Land Other at The Dalle. Or.
Nov. jo, 1910,
Notice It hereby given thai
Charlrt V. Kirkbrlde.
ofUcnd.Oregvn, who, on March 4, 1910, made
homcttead entry, No. 06008, lor neu neii ic. it
and K)( K co. 7. T wS.. R. II Ii., W. M , h
filed notice ot iutcntion to make fiual commuta
tlou proof, to claim to the laud abote
drtcrtbed. before II. C. Ifllit, I'. . Commit,
tioner, athltolfice at llend Oregon, on the 14th
day ofjtn.. 1911.
Claimant uamea at wlttne'trt John II. Hey
burn, limn K Hawhill. Fred K Bhouuuvtt aud
Luther K. Mclkc. all or Itend, Or
i .... o vt Tklrvnuw Ualfr
a ww., ....
(ttoltted Tract.)
No. 06016.
United States Laud Oittcc, The Dallct, Or., Dec.
,, 1910.
Notice la hereby given that, a directed by the
Coiumluloucr or the tlcuerat Laud Office, un
der provltlont of Act of Cougrt at amirovrd Juue
17. lucA, fubllo-.No. M.U we wilt offer at public
tale, to the lughctt bidder, at 04a o'clock a. in.,
oulhe IJlh day of January, 1911, at thia oilier,
the following tract of laud, to-wit: uvU ncu
8cc jo, T !.. R. IJ Hatl. W M.
Any pcrtout cltlmiug adveracly the aboveilr
tcrlbeti laudt are advltcd to file their claliut, or
objectlout, on or before the day above detlg.
uaied for talc,
40SI C. W. MOOKU, KegUtcr.
60 YEAR8'
Tnaoc Maiiks
fnavmoMTBi Ac
Anion, ttndlni a tkttrh and dMCrlptlon may
nulektv ajoarlalu our otiulon Iraa wnatntr an
Invantlon It probably mtantatia
itftlt fiiT gtakCUlltlaTDaltallia.
I...... .. ll.huiah llubtl JL iar
a sivum vatatv " , , ,
tv4ttii notice without charge, in in
I lonti
tent fi.
r(T It probably nattnubl. Co
.trlcllrconadeiitlal. HaNOBOOa o
m. Ol.tett aganey for tacuilnai
itu Ukau tbrouih Muuu ii)
.1 .jo .ukiMii aA In ttiak
frMIMMHf wmuvw v"iit
Scientific Hmcrkati.
A handtomaly lllottratad watklr. Irattt etr.
cu atlon of any tcltnUBo lxurnaJ, 1 trni 1. Ii a
yaari fnurmontht, L tfoldbyall titwidaaltrt.
Department of the Interior.
C. B. Land OlBce al The Dallrt, Or ,
Nor. 19. 1910.
Notice It hereby given that
Karph A. Dunn,
turrirlnt of Tina Dunn, formerly
Tina Shaddock, ilccred, of Bend, Oregon,
who, on November 9, 1915 made homo
aJe4 entry No, MT9 ("rui No. oj;i). lor
ntU twW. eH aeK 8cc. Ii. T. It b., R. II
K.. andlotj Urc w T Ik , R. it 15. V M ,
hat filed notice of intention to make fintf
bve-year pruol, to ettabll.h claim to the laud
above detcrtbrd, before II C Klin. U H Com.
rattoiuncr, al llend, Oregon, on the 17th day vf
Decrmber, 1910.
Claimant uaroet at wltnetwt. Ittta M Ar
nold awl lohu Herguwn of Piluevlllc Oregon,
aud Mllo II. WlUou aud Cora A llroaterhoua, of
llend. Oregon.
s-4 C. W. MOOHK, RcgUtcr.
Department of the Interior,
f. S. Laud Office at Lakerlew, Or ,
Nov. 11, 1910,
Notice It hcrtby given that
Ada II Mlllican,
whoac poatofDcc addicta It I'rinevllle, Cloolc
Couuty. Oregou, did. ou the tjth day orAugut
W9 file tn thtt olficc Sworn statrment and au
vluatlou. No oiu;, to putcfia the iK Sec Al,
T its. K. 16H.W M.. andlhctimb r thereon,
uuder the pturttiout of the actaf juue J, 1871,
tud actt auicudtlury. known at the Tiuib r
and Moue Law." at tuch value at might be fixed
by appialaemeut, and that. purtuul to au.n ap
plication the laud and timber thereon ha' c
uecu appralted at a total ol r47 07, the lliniwr
ettinialrd 617000 board feet at J 71 per M wud
the land I18 11, 'bat tt id applicant will uffcr fiual
proof tu tuppoit of her application and aworu
atalcmcul ou the loth day of January. 1911 be
fore Commlttioncr T. J. Duffy, at frtucville, urc
Any pcrton It at liberty to protett thlt pur
chat before entry, or tulltatoa conlcttat any
time before pattut luiuet, by fillug a corrobo
rated affidavit tn thl office, alleging facta which
would defeat tbe entry
In the Juttlcc Court for Detchulea Preduct No.
II, Crook County, Oregou.
J. R. Miami. I'laluliff, )
v. aa,
John 1'. Feme, Defendant )
To Johu V. Verne, theab-jve uamed Defendant,
Iu the name of the slate of Oregon, You are
Hereby required to appear and autwer the cu u
plalut filed agaluatou in the above entitled ac
tion ou or belorc au. alb, 1911, and if you lall
ao to autwer, for waul thereof the pUlutiffwIll
apply to the Court lor the relief therrlu demanded,
to-nit, for Judguicut lu the amoout ofulmy
even dolUra and tutyfivc ccuta (o7 6tj 10
xelherwiih hit aud dl.bunemenia o'ilbit
I nu tumnioiit It terved upon you by the pu
llcatiou thereof lu The tleud llulktln, a new
iwper of geueral circulation within
County, Oregou, publithed weekly al Ueud, in
said couuty aud ttate, for the period of tucuu
aecutite weekt cuuimcnclmr mtih. theiatuc oT
November 16. 1910, aud cudiug with the luue f
Jau 4th, ion, iu purtuauce of an onUr if
the Honorable W. w. orcult, Juttlcc of tho
I'eacc ol the above entitled Court, which taid or
dcr wat made aud cutcred October 3rd, 1010.
Dale of firtl publication Nov. 16, 1910, u.te or
latt publication au. 4, 1911.
Jutticeof the Teaceof DcKhutca Precinct 0 11,
Crook Couuty, Oregou. jU 4)