The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 26, 1910, Image 8

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The Bend Townsite Company
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-.ty &$r -4&-
Choicest Residence Property
North Addition
Business and Insldo R.csidcnco Property.
HiNrrfW- , '
Lava Road Addition
Residence Property in the Heart of the City.
Center Addition
A Sightly Residence Section Without Building Restriction.
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Park Addition
This Beautiful Addition, with Building Restrictions, is the "Nob Hill" of Bend.
Call or Write. Office Cor. Wall and Ohio Streets.
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Showing of
forms an exhibition in our windows
of unusual merit A most interesting
display of new styles, new designs
and new colorings. $ 1 .50 and more:
'RlvTSmith ""
Clothing Company
Bend Oregon
Wbhe to Meet and Talk with Prob
ble Constituents.
The following telegram was re
ceived last weekly. The Bulletin
from A. W. Laffcrty, Republican
nominee for congress.
Ontario, Okk.. Oct., to.
Owtng to Kverc soar throat I will
not lo any sprrchmaklnK in my cam
paign tour during the next two weeks
I'lcatc notify comiuttteemen and have it
to announced.
Howcter, I am jjoinj; to continue
according to schedule and will see you
and as many toters personally as pot
ilble. Tliingi look good.
(Signed ) A. W. I.avfkbtv,
Blacksmith and Carpentering Shops
Will Occupy Oregon St. Structure.
Pete Lchrman is erecting a new
two story building, 30x40 feet, for
his blacksmith shop on Oregon
Street immediately in the rear of
the Silvertooth near beer establish
ment. Sutherland & Mcintosh
have the contract. The lot upon
which the building .is being
erected is rented from Mr. Shaw.
Mr. Lchrman will occupy the
ground floor and Sutherland & Mc
intosh the second floor with a car
iHrnter shop. The contractors ex
pect to have the building completed
and ready for occupancy the last ol
this week.
Horse Auction Saturday.
On Saturrtqy morning at 10
o'clock S. G. Dorris will fccll at
auction, at the Wcnandy stable, 3
horses, part of a band recently
stolen from W. II. Isaacs, of Cold,
well, Idaho. In returning from
the Willamette Valley, where they
were found, these three btrayeu,
were located by Mr. Dorns, and
are being sold at the request of Mr.
IsaacSr - l
Hospital has Open House Friday.
There will be an informal recep
tion and "open house" at the Bend
Hospital bu rrlnay atternoou be
tween the bolus of 3 and 5. It
is desired by the hospital manage
ment that the people ol Uend have
this opportunity of inspecting the
Institution, its equipment and
II. J. Overturf Mnd Miss Re Id Married
In Hood River.
On Tuesday, October 35th, II
J. Overturf and Miss Ruth Reid
were married at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. P. L. Totnpklus,
at Hood River, Oicgon. The cere
mony, occurred shortly after noon,
there being no guests outside of the
family. Immediately Mr. and
Mrs. Overturf left for Portland,
whence they will proceed to Pugct
Sound cities for a honeymoon trip,
returning to Ucnd probably in a
couple of weeks. v
Miss Reid was principal of the
fiend schools for five years, coming
here from her home in New Ilruuv
wick, Canada. During the sum
mer she has been visiting the home
of her brother in Saskatchewan
Mr. Overturf has been well-known
in Rend and Crook County for the
last six years, lor several years
having been the manager of the
Pilot Dutte Development Cum-
any's lumber mill litre. Upou
tbetr return they will occupy the
house completed for Mrs. Waite in
Park addition, psndlng the erec
tion of a home near the new I.arn
Dinner (or GrooimTo'IJc,
On Friday evening a farewell
banquet was given II, J. Overturf
by the "Hungry Bachelors" at the
A. M. Lara resideuce. An elabor
ate dfnner was served, 16 sitting
down to the table. There were
menu cards arranged more with the
idea of "josh" than respect to
formal convention, a brief list ol
toasts, and all the aids to jolly pet
titient to such a grave occasion.
Carroll Oreat Flro Tighter,,
Speaking of the recent Shaniko
fire, the Prineville Review has this
to say concerning the services of a
Bend man;
"Al. Howell's saloon, on cue end
of the burned block, was saved by
the heroic efforts of Charley Car
roll, who was rewarded by Mr
Howell with $50 in cash and the
best suit of clothes to be had iu the
Uend Band Makes Hit at County Seat
The Crook County Fair, held at
Prineville, was the best managed
and attended affair of its kind yet
seen in Ceutral Oregon, according
to those who were there. And
many Bend people were ou hand to
enjoy the festivities, especially
upon "Bend Day," latt Thursday.
which is said to have been the gala
day of the week.
On Thursday afternoon the
autos which had gone over, about
a dozen in number, paraded,
headed by the Bend Baud, in what
the Privcville Journal refers to as
"the best parade of autos that has
ever been seen in Prineville."
Many of the locul school leaders
who were at the county scat at
tending institute, were participants
in the parade, as guests of the auto
The Bend Band covered Itself
with glory. Not only was it the
only band at the fair but the only
organization 01 its kind In Crook
County On both Thursday, FrJ.
day and Saturday the musicians'
services were greatly in demand,
aim uieir presence Old much to
liven up the entire afTair.
Vote No on Annexation.
The portion of WaililiiKton county
proposed to be annexed to Multnomah
is seven miles wide, contains naofour
7 V) sections, four and a half nf mr fit.
leeu millions of taxable property,
one-fouith of our voters and population
and one-half of our railroad milcauc
500 voters of tills strip have sinned a re
monstrance ausllist antiexallnti o l...
majority, aslctstliatt joo signed the pctl-
.. auuui y" VOICS were Mil at tile
lat general election. In addition many
who first favored annexation now oppose
U and say the cut was made loo deep.
Vveaskyouto vote Nairn U. M.,,. .,,;,
MuJfiiomih divlslon.W. IJ. Wnl
Chairman Antl-Annexalloii Committee
Illlliboro, Oregon,
(J'ald Adv.)
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our rtrntc
ful thanks to all our neighbors nndJ
incnusjor their many kindnesses
and generous gifts to us iu our time
of need. Wilms Bunbon
Missus S. 1. & M. A, Bunson,
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near Madras ou July iSth, was
found guilty of murder in the ncc
end degree and was sentenced to
life imprisonment.
Jennie Fuller was fined $150011
plea of guilty.
The common law cases to date,
not previously rctwrtcd, progresscM
as follows:
A. M. Drake vs. Bend Water
Light & Power Co. dismissal on
motion of plaintiff.
John Steidl vs. A. D. Morrill, re
ferrcd to J, M. Lawrence to take
T. J. Ludlow vs. Richard King,
continued for want of answer.
Jcunic Fuller vs. Deschutes Rc
alty Co., demurrer to complain
A. II. Horn vs. Deschules Really
Co., settled and dismissed.
C. C. Triplett vs. Oregon Trunk
Ry-, continued for term.
J. H. Wcnandv vs. I. I?. Wfmr
& Cbas. II. Spaugh, verdict for dc
W. F. King vs. Jeuule King, di
vorce granted.
Turpln & Whitsett have III Sale.
Turpin & Whilsctt aw parting
things off with a rush with their
first housccleauing sole, now in
progress. They have slaughtered
prices 011 all of their stock; suits,
uhirts, shoci, and all branches of
mens furnishings have dropped
away dowu in the p;ic scale.
1 hey advertise that their revised
prices will make their customers,
sit tin and take tintlr" on.) ,-
had better notice now, while the
blK sale lastsao days front Monday.
l-iimiii or Iht lulerlor,
wiu oracx at The liallrs, Oregon,
.-.1-.. S5' .
NoUcs It hereby ilrcn that
Jwiiu I
lur eM nn-tf ami U .tf ic S T iJ H V V.
u7o7ur,r uoS; K A U-iifi w luriw.1 I
HUM Hw.U.v. of .1,11. n . . 1
Sri-S' 'W "' J.W-uk'r.lira
C W, MOOHK, Kt.liltr.