The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 21, 1910, Image 6

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A Threat That Always Brlngt Eng.
land' Upper House to Terms.
To override the veto of Ibe bouse of
lord by a vrbolenale creation of peers
In a plan that can beeo often threat
en t-d. bat hardly erer put Into prac
tice. It certainly places tbe king In a
very unenviable predlramrnl-o much
so that In 1710. after a crista of tbe
Jtlnd. George 1. caused to be Intro
duced Into tbe lords a bill for limiting
tbe power of tbe sovereign to create
peer, a nort of royal self denying or
dinance. Tbe measure was twice passed In tbe
lords, but twice rejected by tbe com
rnonn. wbli-b waa lucky, for bad It
been ranird It would bave made tbe
bouse of lords an almost unchangeable
body, entirely beyond tbe control of
king or minister or commons.
Tbe nearest approach that was ever
made to -swamping tbe lords' was In
1832. wben tbe fate of tbe great re
form bill trembled In tbe balance. Over
and over again tbe measure bad been
passed by tbe commons, only to be re
jected by tbe lords. Tbe country was
furious. Payment of taxes was re
fused. Mow broke out everywhere.
Tbe prime minister. Lord Grey, went
to tbe king and begged blm to create
new peers to carry tbe bill, nis maj
esty refused, and tbe ministry re
signed. Tbe king, however, presently
changed his mind and. fearing a revo
lution, agreed to tbe creation of a hun
dred new peers, 'or more If necessary ."
Then, very reluctantly, tbe upper bouse
gave way. and tbe bill became law.
London Family Uerald.
A Murder Cass In Which They
turned a Just Verdict.
Tbe German emperor some time ago
presented to the Uobenzollern museum
the "death dice" with which one of
bis ancestors decided a difficult case
la the seventeenth century. The his
tory of these dice is generally given as
A young girl bad been murdered
Suspicion fell upon two young soldiers.
Halpu and Alfred, who were suitor
for her hand. They both denied thuli
guilt, aud even torture failed to ex
tract a confession from either.
Then Elector Krederjck William de
elded to rut tbe knot by means of the
dice box, Tbe two soldiers should
throw for their Uvea aud tbe loser
should bo executed as the murderer.
The event was celebrated with great
solemnity. Ralph had tbe first chance
aad threw sixes, tbe highest possible
number. Tbe dice bos was then given
to Alfred. Ho fell 'on his kneea and
prayed. Then he rose to his feet and
throw the dice with such force that
on of them waa broken. The wbolo
oas bow- six, tha brokenono also
$25 to $250 for the first 100 lots
25 Down, the Balance on your own terms.
LOTS, 50x140 feet. STREETS, 60 and 80 feet. ALLEYS, 20 feet.
As Choice Residence Property, close in to schools, churches, business, etc., this beautiful addition is THE BEST OP ALU.
Free Water Right with each lot. Remember, when we have sold 100 lots we give a CHOICE CORNER LOT ABSOLUTELY
FREE to the purchaser holding the lucky number. Let us show you over this property.
Central Oregon Realty Co.
gave six on tbe larger portion, and
tbe fragment split off showed one.
This was a total of thirteen, one be
yond Halpb's throw. Tbe audience
held Its breath in amazement.
"God has spoken."' cried the prince.
Italpb. appalled by what he regarded
as a sign from heaven, confessed bis
guilt and was sentenced to death.
Chicago llecord-Uerald.
Got What 8he Wantsd.
MI can stand for some things, but
not for everything." said tbe clerk as
be watched a stylishly dressed young
woman leave tbe store.
"What U tbe matterr asked the
proprietor, who bad walked up unob
served. "That woman who Just left bustled
np to tbe counter and asked to see
men's shirts. I showed her every
style and color we carry. After in
specting tbe entire stock she rose
and thanked me sweetly, adding: 1
didn't wish to purchase any. Tou
see. I am making my buibaud some
shirts, and I wanted to be sure I was
doing, them right. My husband U
very partirnlar about tbe flnlsb of bis
shirts. And they say married women
are so considerate."
Tbe boss smiled and walked away.
Bostou Traveler.
The Sun.
It is computed that tbo temperature
of tbe sun would bo expressed by 18,-
000 degrees of Fahrenheit's thermome
ter, or about ninety times the tempera
ture of boiling water. This Is about
Ave times the temperature that man Is
able to produce by artificial means.
The light given off from tbe surface of
tbo suu Is reckoned aa being 0,300
times mora Intense than thst of tbe
molten metal in a Bessemer converter,
thourJ that is of an almost blinding
brilliancy, or. If we compare It with
tbe oxyhydrogen flame, tbe sun sheds
a llgbt equal In brilliancy to 140 times
tbe intensity of tbe limelight.
Plant Thst Feigns Oesth.
In South America there U a plant,
a species of mimosa, which resorts to
death feigning, evidently for tbo pur
pose of prevailing grass eating ani
mals from eating it. In Its natural
state this plaut has a vivid green
hue. but directly It is touched by a
human finger or by any living animal
it collapses Into a tanglo of apparently
dead and withered stems. Among
British wild plants the most sensitive
to touch is the Insectivorous sundew
of English bogs. Loudon Globe.
Kind Critics.
"How did Jones get such a reputa
tion both aa a singer and an artist?'
"Ho sang, before tho Painters' club
and painted pictures for the Mu
sician union." Cleveland Leader.
His immense Power on the Wing and
Hie of Voice.
In Holland tbe nests of storks are
generally on tbo summit of a tall post.
put up on purpose for tbem, on which
Is fixed an old cart wheel. Bays an
English writer: "A Dutch gentleman
of my acquaintance has one such post
I la bis grounds within sight or his It-
brary window, but ho Improves on tbe
eart wbei by having an Iron frame
work for tho reception of the net
The first year It was put up. toward
tbo end of J fine, a solitary young
stork used to come dally and lnsect
this framework. I saw blm there my
self one day, standing In tbe empty re
ceptacle exactly like a would be bene
dict Inspecting an empty house, con
templating the view Hnd wondering If
tbe drains are all right. The verdict
was apparently favorable, for next
season saw the nest occupied by the
uewly wedded pair Their power of
wing Is very fine, and on hot days 1
bave watched them ascending spiral
circles, bardly moving their broad,
black wtnga. till thpy have looked no
bigger than (lien After the young are
batched they uppeur to be suspicious
of one another and unwilling to leave
tbe nest unguarded " j
Storks bave uo voice The only
noise they make Is "klapperinjr" (snap
ping tbelr great red mandibles rapid
ly and londlyi Thus tboy greet one
another, generally by throwing nark ,
the bend until the upper mnudlhle
rests on tbe bnrk. but occasionally
"klappertng" Is performed with the
bead and bill In the nam rut position.
Its Relation to 8tsndsrd Time I- Thle
Standard time Is the time in nun
mon use regulating the ordlmiry iif
fairs of life. It Is derived from the
sun. Leaving out of bitoiiiiI mniill
Irregularities of tbe solar motion thai
are of no consequence for our prevent
purpose, wben that rulestlul body Ik on
the meridian of any place we nil I the
time of that place noon, or IU o'clock
It follows that when It Is noon hi wiy
given placo it Is slmllurly noou ut all
other places having tbe same merit!!
an. As tbe sun rises In tbo east aud
seta In tbe west. It Is evident that
wben it is crossing tbe meridian or
any place it must have already passud
that of places to tho eastward and
not yet reached that of places to the
westward, in other words, wben it is
noon in the given place It is forenoon
In places to the westward and after
noon In places to tbe eastward.
Now, 10 degrees of longitude corre
spond exactly to one hour of time dlf-'
ferenco, and therefore tbe local times
of Uw traj standard meridlana gU
far" from Greenwich by an even num
ber of hours. In tbe United Htolea
tbe standard time meridians are those
whoso longitudes are west of Green
wich 00, 73. 00. 103 and 120 degrees.
Tbe time of these meridians Is re
spectively four, five, six, sovoa and
eight hours earlier tban Greenwich
time because the sun In traveling
across tho sky from east to west pass
es the Greenwich meridian before it
reaches the American morldlans. New
York American.
Laugh and Orow Fat.
"Laugh and grow fat" U an otd say
ing, aud there is more than a little
truth In It, asserts a doctor. "Tbe
convulsive movements which we call
laughter exert a very real effect upon
the bodily framowork. They cause the
arteries to dilate, so that they carry
moro blood to tbe tissues of tbe body
and the heart to beat moro rapidly, so
that the flow of tbe blood through (he
vessels is hastened. In other words,
laughter promotes the very boat condl
tions for nu Increase of tho vital proc
esses. Tbe tissues take up more nu
tritive material and Ibe waste products
are more promptly removed. A guod
laugh sends an Increased flow of blood
to tbe brain. This immediately causes
that instrument of thought to work
better, with the result that gloomy
forebodings are scut packing."
The Origin of the Mastiff.
Mastiff la a term applied to a very
large and powerful species of tbe ca
nine family, and there Is considerable
conflict of opinion regarding the origin
of tbe word. Some claim that It is de
rived from tbe Italian mastino or the
French mastln, both of which signify
large limbed. This word, they say,
was gradually corrupted Into ronsty, a
Lincolnshire expression meaning very
large, muscular or big. until it grad
ually assumed Its present form. Oth
ers again say Its true origin Is the old
Gerraun maaten, to fatten, becausothu
mastiff Is a large dog and so seems
better fed than any other. Loudon
Good Scheme.
"It's a shame," commented tbo friend
of tho restauraut proprietor
"What's a shame?" asked tbe res
taurant proprietor,
"Why, that you bave to give that
pretty waitress all the tough steaks
for tbe patrons at bor tables."
"Ph. I pay her extra for that You
ee, sho Is so pretty uot ono mini
would kick If tbo steaks were so tough
they pulled bis teeth out." Chicago
Fteaion Enough.
"Why does sbo think he has such ft
splendid futuro?"
"Iiecauso sho has promised to marry
him, I guess," Houston 1C
Thu Eternal Feminine.
"Myrtle has gone Ukii the vaude
ville stage nml brut made an Instant
big hit because of her daring."
"What la her actr ,
"Hhe sings lu a csgo of mice." Lip
ptncotl's. Adversity Is tbe first path to truth.
"Flow is your bof getting on at
school 1"
"First rate." answered Farmer Cora
tossol. "Ilo'a golu' to bo a great help
in tho farm. Ha knows tbo botanical
homes for cabbago ou' beans already,
on' all bo has to do now la to leant to
raUu 'cm."-Vushlngton rltar.
r Candy j)
a tbe "Ma4ra K let" 1 1 c. utn , r.tiit.4.ow. )
ast4f C14iitty
for samples of our "Diamond
Farm and Field Seeds,
Grasses, Clovers, Vetches,
Alfalfa and Grains for
"Wo have Bpeolal Mlxturco for
Bpoclal PtirpoHcs
Dry Lend Patture Mtsture, Wet
Land Patturo Mixture, Special
Mixture for Burned.over Lend,
Cover Crope for Orchards,
Tell us tbs nature of your soil and your
iocs! ooudltlons. Ovsx 20 years' experl.
enco right here
In tho Pacific
Northwest qua
Ides us to Advise
AtlhrCittttf Ne.eO
ff Fo
If for hiiv cniiio the In mo or ntlrtt
Jouiftfttie animal tihiliiU a buk of energy,
prwrr rrluli fur food, or an aiw4raitre
of general ilrlnlltv, tlmrty nctloii should
be UVcn for the restoration of its hrattli.
In the natural food of our domrflte
iniwaVs N'4tuie provides certain culUr
medicinal hell, trvc, turke awl route
which seem iircnuuiry fur their health.
Pacific Stock food In K'tlr eoleHl
form is Intended to -'!y the nuentbil
virtue of litoee health-giving natural
medic and U prepared cxrty far
AiM-iiel deprived by mH of their
irl fil It la an sltrrutlve tonic
k etiuiulstes the various orgHi of
r body, promote the rretlHiH, tones
i the K'Urral "otein nml restore the
''WK'lend i'omlltiutis to a normal slate.
i elituul the rtltc, Improves the
httoetioti hiI .uiiiUtion of food, piirifle.
'.lie blood Mn. liuurc a ;ood, health
totidltion lluokicl fire.
UovT l llKMii M, Co. I'lttUtnl, Oregoq
MODEL 1010
Self-Loading Rifle
It Strikes
This new Winchester
shoots a heavier bullet
and hits a harder blow
than any other recoil
operated rille made. It
is more powerful than
tho .30 Army, of bi&
Bumo hunting fame, Tho
loading and firing of this
rifio are controlled by
the trigger finger. It
SnJ for IlluilrattJ tlrrular full
duet Hint Ihll mm tlllt whlih
kai ilrtnttH enj powtr plui-
New Haven, Coau., U, J, iu