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NO. 4
Oregon Trunk Announce Intention
of llulldlnsr Trans-Slato Hnllrond
Across Homestead Country
Connecting at (lend.
The long expected announce
incut of Oregon Trunk plniiH tn
linlld southeasterly from ilend bus
been made. It I the intention ol
thu IIIII toad to construct it trun.v
fftatc line from thin point 155 mile
in the Kcncral direction of Hums,
iln further continuance a yet be
ing unannounced. AIho, Klamntli
Kail In ct forth os the objective
ointoftlie Oregon Trunk, while
u line from a point in township 35
Aottth, rannc 7 east, in Klamath
rminty to Mcdford, In accordance
with President Steven' recent an
nouncement, l projected.
Such in an outline of Central Or
cum) construction plans as net forth
in amended articles of Incorpor
atlan filed ut Olympla, Wash , on
Aug. 17.
Fraud D. Clark, ex-president of
me iMortn uanie roaa ana Fred
Forest, who was general supcriu
icnucm 01 tne ame roaa, came
through Ilend last Wednesday from
The Dalle In John V. Stevens'
The point at which the southeatt
line will lie on to the main road
nccrns to be on the L. Reed place,
1)4 miles south of the Dcnd depot.
It is understood that the location
pastes through the heart of the
Hampton Unite country. Uti
doubtcdly these new couotructiou
plans materially will hasten the
hotntstcuding of the big country to
the southeast.
Some of the incidents connected
iWilk. local railroad construction
proved nigniy welcome to
erncd. A large rock from
on the erad iiz crashed
the roof of Creed Trinleit'a
iittriklng the handle of the
tin which the Trlplctt'sitf
1 baby was sitting. Pass
a few inches from the child
ttered the handle and side of
uKCy, the baby tatracti
(escaping uninjured. An
FSxIe wu shut through the
if the V. M. Uav house.
tifi but 60 feet from the grade.
sy threatened to enjoin the
from further "shootinc:"
the railroaders uctecd to
1 the Ray' and now they arc
He on the Wlcsl'a lawn In
'provided by the company.
: wccie a partv under Knit neer
tie moved to the vicinity of
1 Francisco People VUlt Uend.
B. (f. JoiiiiDon. Mr. and Mrs. I,. Hhr
nun, Mr. nd Mrs. M and II. 1'leUti.
hacker and II. C. Comllt, all of San
Praucltco arrived Monday In two car
and were the gucitt of Mr, and Mr. A.
M. Drake. Today they left for Port
land over the Hantlam route.
llend Men Latest Additions In Knee
for County Honors.
Millard Tr Intel t of Ilcud has nil-
tiouuccd liliiHulf 111 candldiite for
the Republican uominutiou for
ShcrliT Mr. Trlplett, who came
to Ucud nix year ngo from Lenoir,
N. C, has held the office of Dep
uty Sheriff for two term, has
nerved twice 011 the City Council
and at present Is n member of the
School Hoard. Upon leaving
North Carolina he resigned a poti
Hon as U. S Deputy Marshal, pre
viously to holding which he had
been on the police lorce of Ashville,
N. C Other candidate now In
the field for Republican indorse
meiit urc Frank Itlkiiirt and S.
Hodge of Prlnevillc and J. A.
Coulter of Madras and T. N. Dal
(our of Fife. Democrat
Another Ikud mau in the field
for a county office i George S.
Young, who is flecking the Re
publican nomination for County
Surveyor. Mr. Young graduated
fiotu the University of California in
1904 both as Civil Hmtiuccr and
Mining Kugincer. In the foothills
of the Sierra he had charge of the
locating nud constructing of exten
sive power flumes for the Hay
County Power Co., and has hud
considerable mining exericnce in
Nevada. He is now the engineer
in charge of the Arnold Irrigation
work near Dcnd.
Irrigation Company Soon Will Be On
Feet, Actively Constructing Car
nals and Selling Lands.
First Pino Is Imposed for
City Ordinance.
At a hearing before City Recorder
Hill on Monday A. M. Lara was
fined $5. for breaking section 17 of
ordinance 13, which forbids the
lighting of n bonfire within too
feet of a building. The complaint,
sworn out by Policeman Chapman,
showed the fire to have been lit In
the rear ol Lam's store on August
16, nftcr Mr. Lara hud been warned
by the officer.
The offender was let off with the
minimum fine inasmuch as this
was the first offense under the
ordinance prosecuted and because
his action cleat ly resulted from for-
Setfulness. Imprisonment and a
ne of $300 or less may be Imposed.
Last Wednesday Charles Kart
ell (T was fined $5 on a charge of
That the troubles of the Deschutes Irrig-it(6n 8c Power Company
have been adjusted and development work will be resumed within 30
day Is the wclome new brought to Hind by Fred S Stanley, who
was vice president of the corporation All the conflicting interests have
gotten together and agreed upon a titan of action The gist of the mat
ter is that the total capital stock of the corporation, $2,500,000, i to
be wiped out and count no longer as an oblig-ition of the company,
and the Howard contract is totally eliminated. The creditors of the
corporation wilt bid iu the properly to be sold under foreclosure of first
mortgage bonds. Starting thus with a clean sheet, it is found easy
to get money to carry on the reclamation work and forces will be put
at once cotiMtructing additional canal and ditches and marketing the
lauds, The entire business is expected to be out of the hands of the
court within 30 days.
For the present it is arranged that the enterprise shall be conducted
by a committee representing all interest. J. II. Farnham, manager of
theuig contracting concern of J. G. White & Co , New York, J. G
Addison, representing the Ohio bondholders, and Jeosc Stearns, repre
senting the Portland creditors, will probably constitute this committee,
though no formal appointment has yet been made. Receiver Red field
will probably resume his former position as engineer of the company iu
the field. No local manager has yet been selected, and many other de
tails have not yet been settled. Hut it is definitely announced that the
career of the old company is ended, the water is squeezed out of the
concern and a new organization will carry the big project forward to
Mr. Stanley is quoted as saying that $4,000,000 will be spent in
Improvement work und that the darning of the Deschutes just north
of town and construction of the North Canal to water approximately
50,000 oditional acres soon will be undertaken.
Pall Heir to Valuable Property.
Word has lcen received that
Mrs. T. J. Ludlow has fallen heir
to some f 40,000 worth of propel ty
iu Ashland, through the death of
her foster father, 15. Williams.
She wu but three months old
when adopted. She expects to
make her home in Rend. Re
cently her brother visited her at
her homestead at Deschutes
No Quorum at Council Meeting:.
A only Mayor Merrill and Aldermen
Hunter anil Ovcrturf nut in an appear
ance llio Council Hireling scheduled for
Uit nluht fiuled. There will be another
attempted to get quorum Saturday,
Your Bank and
Your Business
Success Depends upon
Satisfactory Service.
The Deschutes ttnnking & Trust
Company trusts for its popularity to
giving its customers kindly and in
telligent service. And expects to
advance its own interests by being
of service to the public.
We invite correspondence and
welcome all who miy desire our
. services iu a business capacity.
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
"Conservative Banking for Conservative "People."
I Jl. BAIKD, Trea, J. W. MASTURS, Vice Pies.
M, Q, COIt, Cashier,
Chosen for School Board at Lightly
Attended Meeting.
Nine voters were present at the
school election last Saturday after
noon. They chose C. L. Holaliug
to fill the unexpjrcd terra ol Dr. C.
W. Merrill, resigned. Subse
quently 13 more voters appeared
but were informed that the election
was over and took no part in the
The clerk brought up the matter
of a school orgau, but it had not
been considered by the directors
and uo action was taken.
District 73 Now Will Mold School In
Own House.
School district number 7J has nearly
completed its new school Iioum near
Hlnicr VarnUH's place, about the mid
die of the west line of school section 36.
The ulldlug is 14x34 feet. It ha been
constructed chiefly by the cltiteiiaof the
dUtrict, thote not being able to help In
tills way livlii( contributed tlirlr er
vice in hauling lumtwr. School clerk
Nclaon hat been particularly active Iu
putting the work through.
MW AtKie Young, who graduated
from the Uend High School Ian year,
will be the teacher of the new school.
Library Watermeliua.
This year, instead of having
their customary watermelon lawn
nodal the Ladies' Library Club
will sell the wnion load of melons
that arrive from Matoles today at
the Library. Six cents a pound
will buy these delicious water
melons; while they last the Library
will be open continuously.
Old IJend Man Writes.
WanhhiKton, D. C, Aug. 8.
To the ItditOR I learn you arc about
to rcaltte the long cherished dream of a
railroad. 1 oftimea recall my expert
cucea of Demi's pioneer days and antic
ipate a visit Into our prosperous midst
next summer as I am scheduled for a
uesletn circuit next Chautauqua season.
I am taking a furlough this year, as sub
section chief In the Ceucus Bureau and
attcmllug Art school as a side line.
1'. Muo I.OBDKU.,
Everybody Harvesting Good Crops.
In Country to the West,
A number of young people attended
the dance at Laitllaw batutday night.
Several railroad surveyors stopped In
Tuuialo last week. They are pros
pecting a route west of here.
Ill me r Pederton left Saturday for
George W. Wlmer and sou have fin
ished putting up their clover crop,
I, U. tt'luier and Charles Spaugh have
been harvesting a heavy crop of oat luy.
Auto roada seem to be the main idea
nowadays. Ranchers seem to thing it
better to fix up the country roada for
wagon first, and cut some of the fallen
tinnier cut of them.
George W. Wlmer and son, I. B. Wl
mer and Charles Spaugh have ordered a
Lightning Steel hay press,
V, A, Wooltey and sons are harvesting
a good crop of grain hay on the Jensen
V. I). Clark and W. J, Baker are both
busy putting up their hay crop and re
port a good yield,
Orover Pulllam and Lester Olst were
hi Tumulo one day .last week looking for
On September First New Msbij-J
went wlH Take Charge.
On the first of September the
management of the Bend Hospital
will change hands, Miss Mary E
Kershaw assuming charge in place
of Mrs. G. W. Hall, who, with her
family, will go to Grand Junction,
Colorado. Miss Kershaw, who is
welt known in Bend, is a graduate
of St. Luks Hospital school for
nurses of Chicago. During last
winter she has had charge of the
tuberculosis work of the Visiting
Nurses Association in Portland.
She will have a graduate nurse to
assist her in the conduct of the hos
pital. September first marks the close
of the hospital's first year. During
the twelve months the enterprise,
has gained headway until now it
is one of Bend's established insti
tutions. Iu June an annex was
erected to supply ward beds for
railroad workers, Doctors Coe and
Fcrrcll having secured the medical
contract on the Oregon Trunk
south of Madras. The' hospital
now has some twenty beds, and is
equipped thoroughly in every
Goodly Sum Subscribed by ChlxeM
Toward Exhibit Rooms.
The "Live Wire" volunteers
who got out with the Realty Board
yesterday succeeded in getting sub
scribed &!2t for the establishment
'of an exhibit room and the couduct
of a commercial club. Some 96
citizens entered their names as
members When the town bos
been thoroughly canvassed a meet
ing of all who have subscribed wilt
bt called and an organization perfected.
Camp Loses Camping Party Bis Crops
Near Sister Town.
LAtntAW, Aug. 33. J. L. Couch, his
ton and K II. James lajt week made an
attempt to visit Lewis Lake. They lot
not only the lake but their way and were
rescued by searching party at II P. M
tcvcral miles from camp. Mr. James
said that they were not lost but that the
camp was.
A. I). Parks cut 17 loads of hay from
five acres, and C I. Decker baled three
tons au acre.
D. Barnes headed party composed
of his lsterin-law and daughter Mrs.
and Miss llarnea of Iowa, A. Thompson
and family. Thco. Becker and Mrs. G.
V, Uoruer for an outing ou the Matolea
Ust tfriday,
A. J. Rlngo, with Mr. Moore, from
Madras, went to the ML Jefferson berry
patch Sunday tuoruing,
C W. Allen's son, Philip, Is quite sick.
I. N. Wallace, superintendent for tne
O. W, & I. V. Co, is quite ill.
0. W. Horner's mother arrived last
I'aiday from Oregon City, where she
has been visiting retails e.
1. U. Wlmer and Charles Spauger
brought in n sample of oats measuring
6 feet in height,
G, Stiles is over at Matolea making
Kev, B, J. Harper will hold services
Sunday, Auiiust 28, at 11 o'clock, at
Baylev School House; Sunday evening,
at Lafdlaw,
Ou Monday morning Ray Gerklng
drove a team for Miss Nellie James and
Miss Pave Gerklng to their homesteads
on the ''high desert."
Miss White, a friend of Mr, and Mrs.
Allen, have left 011 a visit to Spokane.
The Odd I'ejlows have purchased the
Bennett building. The upstairs will be
fitted up for lodge room. The lower
story Is where Johny Moore is spreading
palut for Mr. Bullard,
Marsh Aubrey bid his friends goodbjc
lost week and hied himself over the
mountains to his old stamping ground,
hi the southwest corner ol the state,
there to spend the winter.
Great Northern Heady for Agricul
tural Samples Collected tlere.
The exhibits collected for the
Great Northern will be assembled,
packed and shipped to Portland the
Utter part of this week. About
the only lines which arc lacking arc
good exhibits of potatoes and
threshed grain, both of which par
ticularly arc desired by the pub
licity people.
The following letter received by
G. P. Putnam from the Great Nor
tliern's publicity chief. P. W.
Graham, is of interest:
The "Dolly Varden" trout arrived
wfely, and were processed by Mr.
Wright, who made eight jars of them,
nnd they make a nice showing. This
will give ut a jar for each of our exhibit
and sevend over.
Whatever you have already accumu
lated in the wao of grains, grasses, etc.,
please box and ship.
I I have orranued for snaee in the North
IJank freight depot where we will as
aemble all of the Orecon exhibits, and
oolfit the car here, sending the balance
east fr use in our permanent exhibits
ai ou ram, cnicago and M. loals.
We will also send part of the material
to the Western I'ennaylvania Exposition
at Pittsburg, the state fairs at Columbus,
Ohio, and Springfield, III . and the
National Corn Show at Colnmbu, Ohio.
There are several other eastern fairs and
expositions where we have engaged
space and will make display. Alto
gether through these numerous exhibits
several million people will ce them.
Many Residences are Uwtder Way In
all Parts of Town Library Soon
to Have Ample New Home.
on South WH Street.)
Make 500-Allle Auto Trip.
A party consisting of Mr. and
Mrs. C S. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs.
L. B. Baird, Mrs J. O. Johnston
and Mrs. C. A. Jonrs returued
Monday from a 500-mile auto trip
southward. From Bend they went
to Crater Lake, Klamath Falls and
Lakeview, returning by way of Sil
ver Lake. The car used was one
of the Central Oregon Auto Co.'s
Chalmer's "40'' driven by VanTyle.
In the entire trip uo stop was made
for repairs.
Lumber MM Near Slaters Burns.
On Monday afternoon at ;
o'clock Burkhart & S poo's mill.
three miles east of Sisters, was de
stroyed by fire. Practically all the
lumber was saved.
Despite the fact that August
normally is credited or discred
itedwith being the "dull" month
of the twelve, the last weeks have
seen a notable spurt in the con
struction of Bend buildings. 4
One of the most important addi
tions to the town for sosse months
Is the wood-working machine shop
just erected by Sherritt & Wolley
near the Central Oregon Auto Co.'s
garage on Bond street. This with
dimensions of 30x40 feet will be
equipped with a full line ef wood
working machinery, including
lathes, planer,. etc
Work has been commenced ott
the new building, to be occupieJ
by the Bend Library, opposite-The
Bulletin Building en the south end
of Wall street. The bailding is
being erected by tbe Bend Town
site Co. It will have a 50 foot
frontage and be 40 feet deep. The
Library is to occupy a 20x25 room,
a second front room will be vaed
either as an office or exhibit room,
while the rear is to be a store room
for electrical equipment for the
Bend Water Light & Power Co.
Sutherland & Mcintosh have the
construction contract.
Ou lot 2 of block 5, facing went
on Front Street, almost directly in
the rear of The Bulletin Building,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frame have com
menced the construction of a hand
some 36x30 two-story residence,
with a 14x24 addition. Mr. Franw
issuperiulendiug the work himself.
The building will have a cellar,
furnace, and hot and cold water in
every room.
J. H. Oaetl is erecting a sub
stantial store building on Minne
sota street, 24x40, with a large
store room down stairs and eight
rooms on the second fleer, GdWasa
& Cbastain have the contract;
Carlyle Triplett is erecting a 4-rootsi
cottage ia Lytic, next door to Creed
Triplett'ft home, the work being
done by Sutherland & Mclnte
For T. II. Foley Sherritt & Wulley
are building a residence on Ken
tucky street near O. L- Johnson s
The basement work on the new
Lara residence 011 Cougiess street
in Park addition is practically
(Couliuucd on page 8.)
y jy
The First National Bank
Or. U. O. OOC. Pntldtnt E. A. SATHCH, Vita r-rasltfcnt
Capital full, oalrt ... SJ5.0O8
!J Stockholm liability - 2S.0G0
surplus .... . a.oee
We Are Now Publishing Monthly
"The First National Bank
of Bend Bank News'
A magatine In which we tell you frosa month to month of
our proxreta; how we have grown; how you helped In this
growth; what we can ilo for you and what you can do to help
ui further increase the Urge buiine we are now cujoylug.
Age Considered, We Believe We Have
the Best Bank ii Oregoi.
During the 17 months we have been in butfeiess, we- have
increuted our deposits from to oyer The
number of depositors has increased from 17a to 6v), V have
earned atid placed to our Surplus fund as a further protection
and safeguard tor our deioitora. f 3000.
If you desire this paper seat to you or youriricad. Git eat
the coupon.
Bend, Oregon.
Dear Sir:
ricavs send me your Monthly Magazine, "First Na
tloual Batik ol Bend Vauk News'?-(without cost to tne).
Name, ,,
Address.,,.,. ,
U, C COK S. A. SATttrx C, 8. WBWWH
ftCu.hb.ut. k; in