The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 13, 1910, Image 7

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5 th Housecleaning
From Thursday, July 14th,
To Saturday, July 30th.
Every July we clean our shelves to make room for our Winter Goods. This year we have art excep
tionally large stock to move. Prices that will move the goods will be made in every department.
Broken lots will be sold at less than cost. All goods, except grbceries, at from 10 to 25 per cent discount.
No goods charged during this sale at sale prices. No cash rebate checks given on goods at special prices..
You Will Find Many New Bargains Every Day at
T7 "
Mn. C. A. Chapman returned
last week.
Hast or West it is tlie best. Cleve
land's Baking Powder.
All kinds or pickles for sale at
the National Cash Market.
Mr. Lara of Seattle, father or A.
M. Lara, arrived last week.
O. C. Ilenkle was out to Irrlgon
visiting bis family over the Fourth.
N. P. Welder has painted the
First National Dank bttlldlngdurlng
the week.
Warranty Deeds, Honda for Deed
and Mortgage Blanks for sale at
the Bulletin office.
High grade parlor drgan for
sale. I'or particulars iuqulre at
Bulletin office. iS-ao
R. 1. Gqiild ami D. Davis are at
tWHill r&ch, up-river, platting
the sew towtwitc of Harper.
A.iM. I,ara, his father, and Mor
ris Lara spent Sunday at the home
of Mr, ami Mrs. 1. 1), Heyburn.
Poh Saui A "Home Comfort"
range stove, as good as new, cheap
ifsold soon. Cus Schroeder. 1819
W. H, Staats has cut his clover
field near town. He says the first
cutting.weut about two tons to the
WANTKD Position as cock in a
small outfit. Telephone or write
to Mrs. Huntington, care of V, A.
On Sunday evening J. M, Law
reuce returned from Portland,
bringing in his car from Shanlko
A, M, Drake,
T, N. Balfour of I'lfc and Silas
Hodges of Prlutville have an
noticed themselves as candidates
for county sheriff.
Call at the National Market and
get in your guess on the new cou
test, Prizes awarded every Satur
day night at 8 o'clock,
Herbert Allen, J. T. Robinson,
Percy Urackett, A. M. Prlngle and
W. W. Faulkner made a week.eud
fishing trip to lkiihatu Palls,
Pure milk delivered at your door
at toe per single quart. Leave or
ders at Kelly's confectionery.
l6-l8 II. Sl'INNlNO.
Radcliffe Bros, Auto Co. have
secured office quarters in the old
Nick Smith building oti Wall street.
They will have a phoue installed.
How many flies will light on a
sheet of tuuglefoot in one week?
Go over to the National Market
aud your judgment may be worth
The best chance to get a tine ia
guagc Winchester pump gun is at
Williams Bros. Chances one to
a hundred Go early and get a low
W. R. Riley has moved to La
Pine, where he will be engaged in
superintending a portion of the Des
chutes Land Co's construction op
erations. Pok Sam: One Kcouomy Chief
Separator, medium sire. One
Single Section harrow. One 12
Inch plow. Address P. C. B. care
Bulletin. 13-16
The National Market has se
cured the agency for Sinclair's
Hams aud Bacon, the highest grade
in the world. Always ask for
Fidelity Brand.
A striking drawing of a magna
cent three-story stone store build
ing "to be erected on this corner
by A. M. Lara" is now on display
at the "Big Store."
John Linster, son of Henry Llus
tcr, left for Portland last week to
get hit new Franklin car, After a
lew days of instruction there he
will drive it in to Bend.
Mrs. J. W. Baker, of Tumalo,
underwent au abdominal operation
two weeks ago Tuesday, at the
Bend hospital aud now is well on
the road to entire recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rlter of
Roseburg drove across the Moun
tains last week by way of Sisters,
camping along the way. They are
to rcmaiu here about a week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Smith and
family left Bend the early part ol
the week for an extended pleasure
trip, Porllaud aud the Sound cities
Will be visited aud probably an
eastern trip will be included in the
Ask your grocer for the, 3-lb, and
5-lb. cans of Cleveland's Baking
Powder. They hove the screw top
metal handle under regular cover
Always air tight aud uteful when
Copies of special Central Oregon
Kditlon of the Portlaud Chamber of
Commerce Bulletin, containing,
many articles upon this section as
well as a valuable map, are now on
sale at the Bulletin office, at 35
ceuts each,
The W, N. Brown Co. has given
up its office on Wall street.
Bathing in the big pond is be
coming a popular diversion.
J. A. Bastes has moved his office
one door west on Oregou street.
Innes & Davidson have had new
bath rooms installed in their barber
A. M, Drake has the distinction
of first navigating the new pond
with a canoe.
A bath at Innes & Davidson's
barber shop will put new life into
you these days.
Heavy blasting is progressing
daily on the work of preparing the
location fot the power house, etc.,
below the new dam. '
The Merrill-Wilkinson Co. will
run regular auto to Lake Odell,
leaving Saturday morning and re
turning Monday noon
C. M. Redfield returned from
Portland Moudy evening. He has
been absent for ten days on busi
ness connected with the D. I. & P.
NOTICK is hereby given that I
bve purchased from Chew & Silke
all the cord and uncut wood on the
railroad rightofway between Bend
and Wetwcather Springs. All per
sons interfering with same will be
prosecuted. '
tf Wm. P. Downino,
The Bend boosting buttons have
arrived; "35,000 in 1915" is the
prediction they bear, aud already
everyone about town is tportlug
them. J. A Bastes had them made
and is distributing them to those
who subscribed and nil who want
them at. his ollicc on Oregon street
Lost A team of mares, about
850 weight. One grey, one bay.
Branded 8 on left shoulder, Both
have halters on. Lost six miles
cast ol Prlnevillc road. Send In
formation to Bulletin office. $:o
reward for recovery. Clarhnck
V, Bartq, 1-jtf
Found Bay Horse 24 miles
cast of Bend, ott Bear Creek Road;
weight about itoo pounds, no
brand, three shoes, white star in
(orehcad, both hind ifeet white.
Owner may have same by calling,
proving ownership and paying ex
penses. 0. L. Moore. 16-18
An exceedingly attractive method
of finishing finecouuters and shelves
is being used in R, M. Smith's new
store, as well as the Patterson Drug
Co's new establlsment. The wood
surface is given a light burning witb
a paiut burner, giving it a rich
brown tone and bringing out the
grain beautifully.
A girl baby was born to Mr. and
Mrs. S. J. Spencer on Sunday
News has come from Zclandia,
Sask , Canada, of the death of Miss
Ruth Reid's father.
There will be a dance at Linster's
Opera House on Saturday night.
Woolley's orchestra will play.
Some 30,000 sheep have passed
through. Bend this year on the way
to summer range in the mountaius.
A similar number is reported to
have passed through Sisters.
It has been decided to change
the name of Bend Heights, the
newly platted residence district be
longing to Henry Linster west of
the Deschutes, to Aubrey Heights.
It will be remembered that the
Deschutes Realty Co. is handling
this attractive property.
A camping party composed of
the W, P. Vandevert family of La
va, Miss lone Fisher of Salem, Mrs.
Wilton, Misses Cornelia Wilson,
Anne Markel, Veda Williams, and
Mai ion and Pauline Wicst, and W
Brock left last Sunday for a ten
days camping trip at'Davis lake.
Stravkd Three Horses One
bay mare, star in face, branded BH
on left wether and hobbled. One
iron gray Pinto mare, white face,
legs and belly. One white geldlug
All had halters ou and branded
N. B. on right shoulder; weight
about 1000 pounds each, Finder
will be rewarded for information or
return of the animals to W. B. Mc
Callum, Fremont Oreg. 17.18
O'n Wednesday evening, July 6th,
Dorothy, the 17-montns old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. C, S. Hudson.
On the following afternoon the re
mains were interred in the Beud
cemetery, F. O. Minor readiug a
simple service.
1 - 1 1
If you .wish to have your ex
press aud light freight come in
along with your letters and daily
papers, have it come in ou the wail
line. Thk Cornktt Staok &
STAHI.K Co. 35tf
Ou Thursday, July 7th a 9 pound
boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. V.
J. Tholstrup.
, Has a Great Liae of
CAST IRON COOKS . . '. $16.50 to $45.00
New Shipment of
Eaamelware o4 Granite.
Ako the Famous
Thistle Ware
Everything for the Carpenter in tkk -
All Guaranteed.
The Old Reliable Store.
- f