The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 09, 1910, Image 6

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xopics or
the Times
Ttm wtti never Ve happy If you aary
the happiness of others.
A minute of roil work
four's talking about It.
bests sn
No umplr was ever mobbed for let
ting the home twwi w In.
The coat may not make- the man.
but It often helps htm to make a bluff.
ir a man's wife cuts his hslr ho Is
ntltled to a lot more sympathy than
lis cets.
One way to forest your financial
troubles Is to figure the cost of the
Janma Canal
The airship man declines to be
called a chauffeur. I la claims to be a
jprofasior of aviation.
lis particular In examining your
9&U0 bills. A dangerous counterfeit of
that denomination Is reported.
Kmma Goldman makes It plain that
ha wilt not stop talkies so lonx m
there are snjr words In the dictionary.
The north pole. It seems, was located
.n the shifting Ice. Every explorer
must natch his own pole. 0 respon
sibility for lost poles!
Doubting Thomases who discredit
Dr. Cook's story can ask Santa. Claus
Tor corroborative testimony when he
wastes his annual call.
The ex-Shah of Persia hints that he,
lass been bunkoed out ot his throne by
Russia. But. alas, he cannot get even
2y playing the same trick on Nicholas.
Londoners are beginning to drink
specially prepared sour milk to pro
long life. Have the Londoners ever
pondered on what fresh air and sun
bine would do for them?
X Pennsylvanlan named Kldd haa.
named his youngest baby Orvtlle Up
dyke. We can see the finish of that
youngster when ha ages a few years
auid gets out among the other boys.
Thus tpoVa the harassed, uneducated
wife and mother, whose children were
dally forgetting at homo whnt they
learned at school. "Tho moat, danger
ous woman In n community Is . worn
an ot leisure. She tries to divert her
self by taking up ono fad after anoth
er. and while she proclaims her use
fulness, aho Is rsally undermining the
foundations of social order and wise
chnrlty by her follies, which she calls
benevolence" So a trained worker
among the poor set forth her Irrita
tion with the superfluous helper, who,
having no business of hir own, occu
pled herself with that of other folk
Doth critics Illustrate the provident
misconception of tho meaning and use
of telsurtv The woman they describe
Is the Idle woman She Is truly the
enemy of society Whether she reads
libraries of cheap fiction, or plays da)
long games of cards, or purvejs gos
sip, or champions "reforms" as foolish
as they are noisy, the Idle woman Is a
burden and a menace. On the other
hand, every woman who orders her life
welt and wisely Is a true woman ot
leisure. Without some space In every
day uncrowdsd with duties or pleas
ures, there Is no flexibility of plan and
no repose of spirit. Without leisure to
furnish elasticity and to make posil
ble soma, ripening thought, a woman's
Ufa becomes either a treadmill round
or a wandering butterfly's flight. Lei-
sura Is the synonym tor rsserve pow
er. Is fosters the sens ot responsi
bility It Illumines dullness with hu
mor. It restrains rashness and ban
ishes pettiness. To b without leisure
Is to be without wisdom. Letsure sows
the rare seed which Idleness neglects,
and even Industry cannot gather the
harvest which has not been sown
Papers b? peoplF
Scientists say the north pole doesn't
remain at the ssnia place, but wobbles
-within a radius ot thirty feet Per
haps this accounU for the fact that
it has staggered so many explorers.
It Is expected that the next census
-will show a population ot About 100,.
00.000 for the United States. The
xaan who produces An article on which
be can make 10 cents profit and which
verybody needs knows what a popu
lation of 100,000,000 means.
The new McAdoo tunnels, now In
"operation, carry passengers from New
York to the Jersey side In three mln
tries. The metropolis means to retain
mil the advantages of its Island situa
tion, and conquer, one by ooe, the
long-endured disadvantages.
The Halley comet, after being Invisi
ble for seventy four years, hss been
sighted by a Heldelbrg profeskor, but
people who do not possess telescopes
will not be able to see it until next
spring. It Is sad to think of the cnany
famous ones who will hate been for
gotten before the plain people get a
look at the comet.
Sometimes the newspapers ax
nounce In startling headlines that a
lone highwayman has "held up" a
train and gotten away with a fabu
Ions Amount of money. This fires the
Imagination of the criminally inclined
and leads them to think that "easy
money" may be had without work. Out
the fact Is that very few criminals
ever profit much by their Ill-gotten
gains. William A. Tlnkerton, the vet
eran detective, declared. In a recent
address, that no crime pays, that 95
per cent ot criminals die In debt and
frequently in want. And speaking of
"holdup" robbers especially, ha says
few are alive and out of prison to-day.
The very limited number that ara In
comfortable circumstances are those
who have abandoned criminal lines
and taken to honest work. It some
times happens that a man who has led
a criminal life for a while reforms And
after squaring himself with the law
builds up a competence In some legiti
mate pursuit. This is partly due to
the fact that a successful robber or
burglar must be a man of more than
ordinary nerve, ability and quickness.
Tho same amount of energy and
smartness and labor that he puts Into
lly William Scott Pa'mtr.
"Providence and prudence," said Sweden
borg, "act as one" 1 see earthquakes and
olranocs, wrecked ships. Innocent men suf
fering while the guilty prosper I are micro-si-oplc
parasites slnlng their thousands and
mosquitoes more dangerous than quirk-firing
guns Disrate, pain, misery, and the Incl
dence ot death, working by n grim law which
Is mornlly an Indifferent chance, srrm out ot
hII connection with love or Justice My heart slckons
at my mind's eye sure)s the world where every living
thing lives In some peril; and where the peril turns
to disaster as that or this "tower ot Hlloam" falls with
out distinction upon young and old, just and unjust,
valuable or worthless lives. Or so we say when the
towsr falls upon ourselves or upon those whom ws lovs
as wa love ourselves,
Now and then something happens In ths world to rid
ns ot ona ot these dangerous towers, these Indifferent
agents ot dtath or misery, and ws breathe more freely.
For example, malaria and yellow fever are growing
dally less terrible, and whole countries ever which that
tower always shook and often fell are freeing them
selves from a death that slew Indlscrlmtnattngly, un-
lovingly, unjustly At leifct this Is what men say of It
when It smites them In some tender place.
There are not many ot us. If there are any, who would
be so foolish as to mark out the boundary beyond whlrh
our use and management of things will not be able to
pass, and our skill and prudence will not be able to
avoid catastrophe Some of us even believe that, we
may come to use our world skillfully enough to ward
off all disease and bodily pain, so that life will last
much longer than It dots now, and death come, for by
far the greater number. In the way of old age.
phras no sanction trom etperlence? And though a
mother bo "a slave to her children," has a father no
parental cares? Are there no houssholds In which a
father has to sink his "Individuality" and preferences
and wishes- allow his meals In be fixed, whsrs he shall
live, when and where ha shall take his holidays and
ecn how long he shall remain In harneis "for tha
like or the children?" Is n "deoled husband" merely
a contiadlctlon In terms? As to the comparative losses
and gains ot entering the marriage state, does the man
standing nt tho altar surrender nothing and Incur no
responsibilities from which he would otherwise be frea,
and does the woman acquire nothing but the burden of
fresh duties and a gold ring of a somewhat monotonous
I apologise for the elementary and homely character
of these Interrogstorlts Hut the fad that they arise
out ot a current controversy shows whirs that contro
versy Is taking us, And so I put ths question, as a rust
ler for timely discussion, Who gains most by mar
riage, man or woman? And that question cannot be
answersd without answsrlng the deeper questloat "la
ths Interest of which sex (apart altogether from the In
stitution of home and the entity of family) Is It most
necessary that the Institution ot marrlags should b
By Harold Own,
As to the comparative tribulations of ths
married stau, does the man who marries
give no hostages to fortune beyond thoss pro
vided by his collaborator? Is It for his own
selfish creature comforts that he bolts his
breakfast, rushes for the morning train and
stsws In the city all to earn an Income ot
which he personally spends only a fifth or a
tithe? Are dressmakers' bills merely Dart
of his unholy, unselfish Joy Once a man becomes a
husband, has he nothing to bear and forbear Has the
compound word "hen pecked" crept uselessly Into our
language? Has no man's "individuality" been sapped
or overwhelmed by an overpowering personality In pet
ticoats? Though It be true that a wife has no "wages,"
Is a husband allowed to husband his? Though a wife
may bs "a slave to her husband," hss the converse
- - i
By Dr. Paul Cum.
Physiologists are familiar with the fact
that six fingers ara sometimes actually found
on one hand and that the peculiarity seems
to be hereditary In certain families, but such
Instances are malformations and hava not
Justified the theory that they are Indications
of a superiority of any kind We have even
an Instance In the Iltble, where a rase Is
mentioned of a giant among the (lentils pop.
ulatton ot Palestine who was possessed of six Angers
It is reported that he was slain In battle.
Among tha notions of the middle sges whlrh are now
almost forgotten was a belief that the faculty ot pro
phetic dreams was a sixth sense, which was outwardly
Indicated by the possession ot six fingers or six toes.
No on except a searching critic may have discovered
that Pope Slxtua IV, who Is represented on Raphael's
Hlsttne Madonna, Is possessed ot six fingers Itaphael
was too great a painter not to be able to render this
feature so Inconspicuous as to make It difficult for a
casual observer to discover the sixth finger on the
Pope's hand, and yet It Is plainly visible !o everyone
who takes the trouble to look for It.
Ths same is true of 8t Joseph, whok according to the
reports ot the New Testament, rrcshrs his Instructions
In dreams He accordingly Is a typical eismple of a
person who In all his walks of life Is guided by divine
commands tendered to him through dreams He there
fore Is represented with six toes.
Just to perplex Cook and Peary In
their efforts to prove they reached the
north pole, the scientists now soberly
declare that the pole does not stand
still. Instead, It moves frequently,
The first anniversary of the grant
ing of a constitution was observed as
si holiday In Turkey on July 23. and In
Constantinople the Sultan reviewed
fifteen thousand troops before the Hill
of Liberty. The anniversary, coming
xactly a century and a third after the
notable July day of America, may
Bean as much In Turkish history.
' A board of army officers appointed
to Investigate charges ot haxlng at
West Point, has found that the prac
tlc9 still exists there. In spite of all
'that Congress and the War Department
Isavo done to end It. The Investigat
ing board has been asked to make rec
aamendatlons for the punishment of
tae cadets found guilty Nothing but
tho severest penalties will stamp out
tha evil.
In order to facilitate the work of em
I ployes, the Belgian postal authorities
have suggested that correspondents use
red envelope for all letters lo Brus
sels, yellow envelopes for country let
ters, and green for those addressed to
foreign countries. In a country so
malt territorially as Belgium such a
plan has obvious advantages. To make
It work in the United States, it would
t necessary to call upon so many
hades of color that a color-blind post
office clerk would be driven to distrac
tion In sorting tha mall.
"Join a readln' club? Not If I know
MI 1 ain't do woman of leisure with
jsotklu better to do than read books!"
his criminal enterprises would bring ....i j,.-w .. r,i, . t nt
him a greater reward In some honest pitx astronomers for more than a cen
calling, with the added advantage of tury,
belng able i to keep and use what liel Th, raoveroent Is very slight never
.,!.. Tbe, 'Knorant. !'" nd elura- Uore than sixty feet-but even that
ay thief usually has a short shrift He mile bit throws the exact mathemat
Is soon caught and put away It la lca of ,h, hsavens nt0 error, And. of
getting jo be quite a general opinion course, a north pole discoverer cannot
arnonr ,iM!ttr an.i ..... ... .... . ... .
------- - u attempt to say mat ne piantea ine
criminology that mm wlm ti.r.ii' ., . ... .. ,. ,.
daring train robberies and similar
crimes are men of unsound mind.
proMbiy dangerous lunatics, as no
really sane man would take the des
perate chnnces Involved In such an at
tempt. If such Is really the case. It
Is all the more Important that what
few bank or train robbers happen to
be at large should be hunted down and
put where they can no longer endan
ger tha lives and property of thf
Ilurlrd Trraaaraa,
For me Is burled treasure
lly many a misty roast;
nut aht Its tale and meusuro
Long, long ago I Iosl
Or If Phoenician mintage,
Or crusted howls divine
That held Alctnous' vintage
Or late Kalernlan wlnet
If Kicypl's Jewelled scarab;
Or moonlight glesm of Jade;
Or magic dirk of Arab,
Or Scythian Idol-blade!
Or painted scroll or quiver, '
Or Inca's gpld-in-cavs;
Or pelt from diamond river;
Qrlsamber from sea wave;
Or. from Varangian barrow
Some amulet uncouth;
Or but this fllnthead arrow
From hilltops roamed In youth;
I count my treasure burled
lly many a misty coast
The vanished lives, as varied,
That long ago I lostl
Whereof a cloudy token
Across my memory drives;
Hut no spell lifts unbroken
My many sunken lives.
Kdlth M. Thomas.
Occasionally a man is so absent
minded that be pays bis gas bill tha
day before It Is due.
And the man you bate Is usually a
better man than you are.
flag exactly at the pole, when b can
not for the Ufa of him tell whether the
pole Is where h stood or sixty feet
After years ot observation of the
mysterious movements from astronom
ical stations In all parts of the earth,
the International Geodetic Association
Incorporated In Its report a diagram
showing tha movements of the pole
from 1896 to 1899 This map shows
that the end of ths earth's axis moved
In curves and ellipses, one Inside an
other, without seeming regularity At
no time is the pole mora than thirty
Til VgJ r tml
Lr V '? o v ip .a?
feet from Its normal position, and the
diameter of Its course Is never more
than sixty feet.
There hava been various explana
tions of the movements of the pole.
Edwin B. Frost, of the Yerkes Obssrv
atory, writing In the World To-day for
November, holds that an adequate
cause for part of the variations may
be found In tha movement of the Ice,
water and air from the pole toward
tha equator and Its return.
Observations made simultaneously
at Honolulu and Berlin showed thnt
as the latitude at Honolulu decreasod
that at Berlin increased with the move
ment of the pole. The reverse' also
was true. This means positively that
The Iwakunl bridge, which Is 200 years old, crosses Ilia rler Nlshlkl, In
the province of Subo, This Is said lo be ths only wooden bridge built In the
characteristic style of old Japan now remaining, all the others being re
placed by steel construction designed In the modern style Black and White
there Is a shifting of the axis of the
A Japanese astronomer, Klmura, ar
gues that ths movement of the earth's
axis and tha pole can be explained by
the theory that the center of' gravity
of the earth Is not fixed, but moves
backward and forward five or six feet
evsry year Mr Frost thinks, how
ever, that this explanation cannot be
considered as established by fact. St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
(iorrrniavnl's "War Bunk."
The United Statu official regtster or
"blue book," which has been published
biennially since 1817, was of over 4
000 psges In two large volumes In
1905, tha Washington Post aays. Be
fore 1817 the germ of the publication
had been appearing for over twenty
years In the shape of simple lists of
government clerks transmitted to con
gress by the secretaries, but In that
year provision was made for Issuing
regularly a complete register. There
was a time when the blue book was a
convenient size for the pocket, though
containing a full roster.
During Washington's administration
the secretaries of state, treasury and
war, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander
Hamilton and Henry Knox, trans
mitted the name of their clerks to
congress, and In 1TS3 Secretary Ham
ilton forwarded to congress a general
lUt of clerks, agents and employes on
the government rolls. This latter, be
ing printed, was tha first blue book or
register. Tha government was then In
Philadelphia, and In the three depart
ments there were less than 160 names,
two-thirds being In the treasury.
HrlN,l T ,
Taking oneself too seriously It sup
posed to ba an American trait. At
any rate. It Is found In America. Tha
lata Kdward Kverett Hale, In "We, the
People," cites a remark of Thomas
Carlyle apropos of this habit.
Margaret Fuller had perhaps taken
herself the least bit too seriously.
She had said that shs had dslermlned
"to accept the universe,"
"She bad better," said Carlyls,
Naver 1'ora-et 'Km.
"Maude is continually giggling. She
seems to havs an aver-piesent sense of
"Not at all. What ska has Is simply
an ever-present consciousness of dim
ples," -Boston Transcript.
Tha vices ot New York, although, so
numerous and terrible, and never saw
tlonsd except durlug an election.
llff'ftlv Khk II ml it,
All rrfnitlve egg bentur Hint Is oper
ated In n slmplo and novel iimmmr It
hut lincnti'tl by a Conumtluit mmi
y merely pulling
n flexible ton! .
tnihi'd to tlm drum
of the Implement
the blades are
made I" involve
both ways with
great rapidity The
beater rnnilita e
a hollow rrrrpls
rle with a drum
Inside and a step
iuu urvna. bearing In (be but
torn for the support of the revolving
nifinlwr The blades are bent wlr,
as shown In the Illustration Around
the top of the drum Is wound a fix
Ibis cord The eggs ara placed In the
receptacle and the rord pullet) to Its
full length, this causing the blsdes to
revolve rapidly In the mixture. The
momentum thus gsllied causes tbe cord
to rewind about tha drum, and whrn
It ht again drawn out the blades re
volve In the op)ltn direction and the
cord winds up on re more. This double
action continues Indefinitely, or as
long as Is necessary to opersW tbt
beater to do the work.
Lyt - , ': V.VY7-Vtf
amrr4 Hum.
"For company," saya ths rule. Ii,
a cold-boiled ham make many loci
slona by cutting out email sllcos Pre
pare a stuffing ot half a loaf ot bread,
grated; all kinds of spires, a little
more cinnamon than the others, a ta
blespoon of currant Jelly, halt a cup
of walnut catsup, half a pound of but
ler and the beaten whiles of threa
eggs Mix, and press all that Is pos
sible Into tha ham Cover It with tha
remaining dressing and brown Whrn
cold rub over with the three yolks
beaten with a little milk and again
brown. Trim with green.
Vl I .oar.
Hava as many pounds of veal ns
wanted (the leg is the Ix-st). ground
with a little pork. To each pound
allow one egg, well beaten; ono halt
leaspoonfut of prpier, one of salt, two
rolled crackers, a tablrepoonfut ot
flour, a tablesKNinful of cream as I
one of butler Season with ssga or
parsley Mix alt thoroughly, make
Into a firm loaf, And roast the sains
as other meats, If twef bs used to
ptsca of veal add aall pork.
(lather the artichokes two or thrre
days before they ara required far uu
Cut off stems, pull out tha strings and
wash them In two or thrre water,
Have a large saucepan ot boiling
water, with two Iranpooutula uf im1
Hud a pinch of soda. Put the arti
chokes In with the top downward and
let (hem boll quickly until trndr
Take them out and lay them upside
down to drain Serve wlilt melted but
er Kit IM r.HH Tarill.
Potted eggs will be found very ac
ceptable, and they may also (hi ul
In tartlets or ns a filling for saudwli li
es In either cam- a little cress Is a
great Improvement. Ik-sIiIcs giving a
dainty fiiileh. Ill making (ratted cggi
Use two ounces ot oiled butter imd
three hard boiled eggs. Pound them
well together In n mortar and add
salt, pepper and' a traspoonful ot an
chovy sauce
Wae-M I'aablna; Vesaiablra,
Not every cook knows that all vege
tables that grow under tha ground
should be put to rook In cold water.
This Includes potatoes, turnips, car
rots and others. Those that grow oa
top of the ground, such as beans, peas,
spinach and corn, should have boiling
water poured over them. If left un
covered they will retain their fresh,
grera look.
MaUHllSMl lHlldlHSI,
Mix six tablespoonfuls of flour In
gill of milk, then stir It by degrees
Into a quart of boiling milk with
little saIL Stir constantly and boll
ten minutes. Serve It with sugar and
plain cream, or a rich sauce, as pre
ferred. This ts not blano wange, as
the use ot flour Instead of corn starch
sires It a much different taste.
Short Nutfurtltaa..
Keep all dry supplier la glass pre
serve Jars labeled,
A good test for boiled Icing Is not
to take It oft until U pulls up bard
troa tbe bottom ol tha glass wbsa
sat la les water.
-...- ,v Tmirlnir-rr--it"Mlir-Miyl- frf r r-L ' r--rsjTHHi aassmrrn ir
'"""-' 'Kswsawi