The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 29, 1909, Image 3

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Newsy Items Galliercil from All
Parts of the World.
Lou Important but Not Lose Inter
aiinjj Happening from Points
Outildo tho Stale.
.1. J. Hill says lit road firti prepitr
lug la ) tullrt n heavy Immlgrullun to
lb eusst unit year.
m Follette, In hit weekly mngazlne.
liar ply frit Mmw Prcalduiit Tuft and
lit recent niossogc,
Prince Altiort of Flanders, n nephew
if thn latn King Iropold of IMgliiin,
Mill Oeeupy ttip throne.
An exoltlon company has tiecti In
corporated In Hun rrniirlsro to cele
brate tlie completion nf tint Panama
The United Slates Hleel corporation
In phMmrlnu to abandon Pittsburg ainl
s-stiij.llsh Itself at Gary, Indiana, on ae
votint of labor trouble.
The Monarch Oil company nf Call
fnntln bwned by .1. It. ntiil A II. Hprcek
fl will establish a northwest refinery
jihiI distributing stnllon at Portland
Sulking switchmen In Hoknne nay
-very mm Ion railroad man In that city
wilt bo sailed out If Hit mail do nut
agree to nrl'ltrnt lutt before t'lirlitmai.
Iksron Hklliusawn, wlio Iiuk recently
returned to Tnklo from a vlilt to Amor
Ira, My Americans nro Japan' lint
friends nnl at tbe same ttinn Iter dead
liest nemle.
A bailer iui.Ui.Ioii at tin Hoyal Hay
works. Ml New Philadelphia, Ohio,
killed two turn anil wrecked the entire
itiatii. A third ion ii i missing. Ono
lly mi Mown St hi yard.
A MntloHnl attack upon Secretary
HaHlHger hh tli" llMtr nf the house
waxen It practically rerlalN Dial a
thorough ill vl I gallon of lb general
land ! will be wad soon nftfr
Carnegie will give 1 00,000 for a pub
lie library building In Honolulu.
J. J. Illll declare tho strike of the
awitrtwetl la ever, v far a the Illll
rwd arn eoncerned.
Mora U aro raised than any other
kind uf grain, the world's crop for
1W)S bing 3,300,000,000 bushels.
The state supreme court of Indiana
h drcbirrd the county local option
law of that lain to be constitutional.
Three ilar I hi: robber amaahed the
combination of the vault In the Kxetrr
tank In Tulare county, ( al., and gut
away with $7,000 In cold.
Keniesentatlve Httcbrock started a
Difht for an Investigation Into the ef
fori" nf Halllngcr and tho Guggenhclms
to control tlie enllro mineral neid or
The house committee on expositions
says San Prauslsco and Han Diego 'must
settle whleh one la to Hold u rnir in
I HI A. or neither ouv wtll gel any pub
lie money.
The O. It. & X. mad wilt apeud
((QO.ihhi Improving It line between
The Dalle and Ilea Chutes, and will
s-tentually tluublo-trnek the entire line
to I'ortlaml.
Mn. Caroline W. Martin, 01 yean
of a iff. and a resident of New York,
haa been arrested charged with tiiur
tlnrlaj: her daughter, who arrlel In
kHlnure of 81,700.
The bflillca of two men,' ninntilrd by
nu exploaUin uf nltro Klvwlnu, were
foHiid in Oklnhoinn, with n eoinplctu
et of craekaincii'l tool. It I thought
they were bnnk robbvn,
Henry will lecture through the ioutli.
wettern ttatee.
One boy wn hilled and 14 orlouly
Injured iii n conitlng aeeidont In Iu
Kili Leopold turvlt'cd a aovrro op
eration, but hit taken it turn for the
The aecretary of wnr ha ehoien Oon
ornl Wood ehlof of itaff to luceeed
(loueral Hell.
jV Xorlh Carolina pacui(er train
iiluuitcd over a troitle, killing 13 and
Injuring nbout -10.
1M1 will bejfln Iminedlntoly tho con
atruciion of u railroad from Vancouver
to Kooteuny, II, C.
StrlUInu awllehinon In lltitte nro ro
tu rm pc to work and one mining coin
puny employing 3,000 men ha itartod
Zrlayn offor to reilcn In favor of
ptiidrlz, hi ehlof mpporter.
It I bellovod thnt botb Arltoim nnd
tNovr Mexico will bo ndmlttod a atatca
If thi'lr comtltutlon aro found lutli-
A pnrtrnlt of 0. H; McQornilck, lit-
kventor ot tho reaping mnehlne, ha
CW'Oii unveiled at tho Unlvonlty of
Arbueklo llroi,, tho Inmost comnoti-
tor nf tho American Buirar Hoflulnif
Icoiiipnny, huvo paid Into the United
tatati'N tronaury )Ut3,573 a back du
I tic ou iugar,
Moxlco May Join United Htatei In Hub
ItiS Nicaragua.
Wnalilnglon, Doc. IB, -One of tho
project fur tho solution of tho Nlcnra
ipiaii ltuntlon thnt ha been trongly
urged upon tho tnto department I tho
elnbllhmeiit of a protectorate, either
alngly by tho Uulted Htntc, or jointly
wild Mexico,
'J'hl tuny bo regarded a ncceaaary
in the event that the Iniurgnnt fall to
illiplaco Zclnyn by their own effort,
nnd It mny follow nu Inaurgent triumph
that would leave the c6untry without
refponilblo louilcrx.
It I aitlil precedent for tuch action
could bo found In tho enaoi of Hnnto
bdinlngo and Cuba, In tho flrit In
atnnco largo luma of money, duo to
American citizen, could not bo col
lected from the Dominican government
(then In a atato of ehaoi) by diplo
matic mcntu,
In the raae of Nicaragua the gov
ernment ha defaulted In payment In
agreed allotment on tho Kmory claim.
In the caie of Cuba atate of dliorder
that threatened live nnd property of
Americana and other forolgneri was the
warrant for Intervention.
There I reaton to bellove that a
forward movement will bo adopted by
the government perhap a noon an a
ufUcTcnt number of marine have been
gathered off tho Nlcaraguan eoat. To
day' new from Managua, indicating
tlio Imminence of rioting beyond the
lability of the local government force
to upprcai, tmgiil erve a a nan ror
landing the marine and their dlipateh
to Managua If ncrcnary to malntalu
order, Juit a wa done on the latbmu
of l'anama a fow year ago. It li not
part of the plan to maintain tuch a
foreo In Nicaragua permanently, but
only long enough to permit of a fair
and frco general election and the ei
(abllihiuent of a preildcnt pledged to
obterve constitutional obligation.
American Federation of Labor Open
right to a rinUb.
rittburg, Dee. 18. War wa for
mally declared upon the United State
HI eel corporation by leader of organ
I red labor throughout. tho United Htate
and Canada at tho eloao of a two days'
onference today. Tho declilon to bat
tle agaleat the tand taken by the tteel
arporatlon. In It policy of "open
hop" wn reached after hour of de
bate. At the conference Hamuel dampen,
president of the American Federation
of Labor, presided, and through him
the tneasurn wa put upon the record
book nf the executive council of the
The grievances of organlred labor
against the steel corporation, a set
forth In the resolution, have been for
warded to President Taft, to the United
tilates senate and to the house of rep
resentatives, Uovernor of the state
In which the United State Steel cor
poration own plant or ha Interests
also will receive copies.
Aeroplane for Three,
Worceater, Mass., Dee. 14, A remark
able assertion of the practicability of
aviation Is embodied In the announce
ment today of Wallace K. Tilllnghast,
vice-president of a Worcester mnnufne
turlng company, who asserts that he has
Invented, built and tested secretly an
aeroplane capable of carrying three pas
longer and In which ho say he has
down from Worcester to Now York,
thence to lloston and back. A speed
of ISO mile an hour wa mado at limes,
ho declares.
Mr. Tilllnghast say the machine Is
a monoplane, weighing 1350 pound,
equipped with a 120-horscpowcr gasoline
euglno. lie refuses to tell where the
machlno Is, but says ho will bring It to
Worcester for a public demonstration.
nig Four Strike Favorod.
Cincinnati, Dec. 15. Hallway teleg
rapher employed by the Daltfmoro &
Ohio Southwestern railroad, In demand
ing n new wngo scale and a ebnngp In
working condition, are meeting with
tho same opposition from the company
as are the Illg Tour telegraphers In
their demands, It wa announced today.
It I understood the Italtiinoro & Ohio
men ask for a 10 per cent increase.
C C. Dent, goneral manager ot the
Ilnltimoro A Ohio Southwestern, do-
claros the domnnds aro unreasonable.
Tho Dig 'our telegraphers have not yet
completed their referendum vote on a
strlko, but 00 per cent o tho votes
that aro now In favor of n strlko nnd
two-thirds of the total hnvo voted.
Roosevelt Send Slave Skulls.
Washington, Dee. 10. Tho Smith-
.A.l.i. A !.. .n..lllta L.h.I.iI I...
union ,iiiigku OAjruumuii, uraucu uj
ox-1'resldent Hooievelt, had taken 0,003
akin un to Decomber 10, lower than
ono-hnla have been received at the in
stitution. Tho collection consist of
43 largo mammal, 1,600 small mam
mal) and 1,33U birds. The collection
has a sorle of human skulls picked up
along tho line of ancient slave trail.
Thl statement of tho work of the bx-
iioditlon was mado today by Socretary
walcott at tho annua) meeting of tho
board of regonts ot tho Smithsonian
Russians Meet Chinese,
Harbin, Manchuria, Dec, IS, A con
ference was oponod hero today between
representative of tho railroad manage
ment of tho Ituislan consulate nnd of
China for tho l hi r no to of worklitg out
tho dotail of tho Itusso-Chluoso agroo
mont for tho govornmont of tho Man
cburlau railroad tone.
I'rlday, Uecembor 17.
Wnahingloii, Dec. 17. l)iiiiiiniutliiii
j of iilllrinla of Hie KXeeutivo dopfirtmciitii
of the government who erltlclae wltli
out jual rnune wna inmlo In n njiocolt
by lli'iriiiitnl)vr Mnnu of JlllnoU,
And iiloo iinollinr Hpreeh of almllnr
ten or by IteprtMenlntlve I'itrgorald of
N'rw York, who wibl "n certain dii
llligillahed oUlrilil" wfl rwiOIIllilo
llii-rcfore, beenuiii of tho bad exiimiilii
he hull Ml for hi aubordluato. Tlila
mi 1 1 vmiwl no olherwiae dull new I on of
the lmii tmluV.
It wh ilideratood generally that Mr.
ntsgerHld had ex J'reiMcnl rmievet
in mind.
The District of ''uluinbm nppi'ria
lion bill wo rend, but was not put
iiihiii IN pnxtnge, nnd will be tnken up
Monday ngnln. Homo saving wn ef
fected by reducing appropriations for
I IneriMises in nalurles for district officer
by ellmlnntliig nllngether pnragrnphs
mn king provision for new oillces.
Ilepresentatlve Mncon, Arkansas,
ngaiu nuumed the role of Iho "watch
dog of Iho treaaury" and made point
of order agaiimt several sections of tho
bill, uud not wholly without suceeaa.
Hnther unexpectedly thn limine agreed
to Insert In the bill nn amendment ap
propriating 1 7,000 for playgrounds for
children of tho district.
I Washington, Dec. 17. Senatorial
(friends of Viecrelary llnlllnger aro pro
paring lo Introduce nml pass a reaoiu
lion niithorlxlng sweeping congresalonal
inveatlgntion Into conduct of the Inte
rior department, general land office nnd
foreat aervlee. Nccretnry Ilatllnger Is
in hearty nreord with this purpose and
satd today he would welcome such an
iuvealigatioii In his department, for he
ia satisfied thnt n fair and Impartial
investigation will bring forth satisfac
tory nuvwer to every accusation that
has' been made ngainat him nnd ngninst
other ofllrlala nf hl department.
Army engineers, in a report sent to
congress today, rerommtmd un approp
riation of 40,000 for dredging n chan
nel -10 feel wide and two and n half
feol deep in the Cowlltx rvrr, from
Cattle Hock to Toledo, and the annual
appropriation of 42,000 la mnlnUiln tho
Thursday, December 10.
Washington, Do. 10, Performing
the function of a municipal legislative
Ixidv the hoiine today devoted nearly
rive hours lo consideration of the Dls
triet of Columbia appropriation bill.
The meanure carries IO,loil,t73 for tho
expenae of tho district for 1011.
ilciinwntutivo McUrcdle today intro
duced bill nuthorlxlng the erection of
public buildings at Vancouver, lioqulam
and Aberdeen, Wash., to cost lftO,000
each. The same bills were introduced
In Iho senate by Senator Junes.
Washington, Dee 10. Iu a brief
session of the senate today a resolu
tion by Cu I In in was adopted calling
on the secretary of the Interior for In
formation rpsxctlng mining disasters
nnd facilities of the federal government
for rendering aid In such cases.
Senator Poster today Introduced a
joint resolution authorising the war de
partment to return lo tho state of Iou
Isinnn thn original ordinance of seces
sion ndopted by tho people of that
If favorable action is tnken upon the
subject nf Louisiana, it Is exHcled that
other states which seceded prior to the
elvil war will request similar returns'.
Hcnntor Piles today introduced the
following bills: Increasing tho limit
of the cost uf Helllngham public build
ing from lio,ooo to ftQO.OOO; Increas
ing tho east nf the Kverett building
from 1 30,000 to t 00,000; appropriat
ing MO.000 fnr the Kllui Island light
house; appropriating 410,000 fnr launch
for Puget Sound customs service.
hVimtnr Jones today Introduced bills
authorising the piirelinso of sites nnd
the erection of public buildings at
Weiiatclme, Wnlervllle nnd Kllenaburg,
The senate today confirmed the fot
lowing Idaho postmastersi John K.
Jones, nf Kellogg Henry II. Curtlss. of
Illnekfoot; l.eola Wymnn, of Mullau,
and ulso Presley F. llorno ns reglstur
of the Hnlley land oflico.
Wednesday, December 10,
Washington. Dec. 0.Sittlug until
after nightfall, tho houso buckled down
to business today, passed tho Ksch bill,
requiring railroad to make full month
ly reports' to the interstate commerce
commission of oil ncoidents, nnd a
measure giving tho commission power
to compel railroads to provide uniform
equipment for their can, and then took
up for consideration the Maun Pana
ma canal bill, on which general debate
was concluded.
Vigorous opposition to the proposed
plan to abolish the Isthmian cnuul com
mission nnd to vest building ot the
Pnuuiuu canal nud ot governing the
canal rouo In ono director-general, ap
pointed by tho president, croppod out
In tho house today Iu genoral dobate
nu tho Mnnu bill, reported by tho com
mittee on Interstuto and foroign com
merce. Scnrcely less Intonso wn tho protest
aroused when it woe learned that tho
eommitteo had recommended thnt tho
judicial power of tho canal tono bo
vestod in ono circuit court nnd such
Inferior court ns tho prosldvnt may
Thl would requlro tho abolition ot
the oxlstlng sunromo court ou tho tone.
An appeal direct to tho supremo
court of tho Uultod States la author
ised, however, In questions arising out
i .
of the constitution, treaties or law of
tho I 'nl I cd Slates, involving n (loath
sentence or Imprisonment. Similar ap
peal is allowed In civil cases Involving
moro than ffi.000.
Hopreaenlntivn Mnnn (Illinois), au
thor of tho bill nnd cbnlrrnnn of the
eommitleo, attempted to explain the
necessity for hi measure,
"What nre the sources of authority
from which tho presldont (Iloosovolt)
derived tho right to claim to govorn
the en ii a I r.ouof" Interrupted itepro
tentative Harrison of New York.
Tuesday, December 14.
Wnshlngton, Dec, 11. Taking up the
president annual metago to congress,
thn house of representatives today went
through llio formality of referring it
and distributing It among tlio various
Mr. Payne, who brought In tho reso
lution for reference, offered an amend
ment providing that those paragraph
relating to appropriation be referred
to what he designated a the "deep
ing" committees on departmental ex
penditures, of which there is ono for
each department. -
Washington, Dec. H. A bill provid
ing fur a central bank of America to
bo established at Washington with
branches throughout the country wa
Introduced today by Keprcientatlve
Kurnes, of New York.
Tho bank I to have a capital of
100,000,000, three fifths of which is to
bo subscribed by tho United State
treasury through an issue of 50-year
f;old bonds. Tho remaining two-fifth
to be offered to national bank of
the country,
Ilrnnebcs are provided for in New
York, Chicago, New Orleans, Dotton,
Denver, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Fran
cisco and Portland, Ore.
Iteprcscntatlve MeDcrmott of Illinois
spoko briefly in favor of free wood
The District of Columbia appropria
tion bill, carrying an appropriation of
more than 410,000,000 tor expenses of
tho district In the fiscal year of 1011,
was reported, a were also several in
valid pension bill. Tho latter were
read and passed.
The houso today agreed to take re
cess Tuesday over the holidays, voting
to reconvene on Tuesday, January 4.
At 2i47 p. m. tho house adjourned
until tomorrow.
Secretary Dickinson Shut Octopus
Trom Oovernmeut Contract.
Washington, Dec. 10. Tho Standard
Oil and certain subsidiary companies
were placed under the ban today by
Secretary Dickinson. Order were is
sued to all branches of tho war depart
ment directing that no contract were
to le mado with them.
This action was taken by the secre
tary on tho ground that if a corpora
tion had been adjudged an illegal com
bination or trust by a court of law, it
wa not proper for tho government to
enter into contracts with tho offenders.
Similar action was taken some time
ago by him with regard to the tobacco
The present order includes not only
supplies for the various branches of the
department, but for the Panama canal
as well.
rorelgn and Interstate Transportation
to Act aa Bar,
Washington, Dec. 13. The white
slave trallle bill, introduced by Chair
man Mnnn, nf the house committee on
Interstate and foreign commerce, will
be taken up by that committee today.
The intention is to press the measure,
and its advocates oxpect It passage by
Imtli houses ot congress.
The only stumbling block sighted is
the hairbreadth nf distinction as to the
jurisdiction of tho interstate commerce
law over such a matter, but those urging
the bill bcliuvo members of both houses
will have no differences ns to tho merits
nf the proposed legislation.
i he .Mnnn bill Is designed to regulnte
and prevent the transportation in Inter
slate nnd foreign commerco of alien
women and girls for immoral purposes.
Would Help Antt-Ttnut Law.
Washington, Dec. 13. Without ex
pressing any personal opinion as to the
probability for or against tho passage
of such a measure, Representative
Manny chairman of the houso commit
tee on Interstate nnd foroign commerce,
today gave a hi "legislative opinion"
that if a bill should ba passed by the
houso amending the anti-trust law,
that law would bo strengthened rather
than weakenod,
Mann Bill Sent to House.
Washington, Dec. 13. Tho sweeping
change In tho administrative workings
of the Panama canal proposed by the
Mnnn bill to provide for tho govern
ment of the canal rone and tho construc
tion of tho Panama canal, was discussed
by the house eommitteo on Interstate
nnd foreign coMmorce today.
It was ordored fnvorably reported to
the house,
Hoybum to View Canal.
Washington, Dee. 13. Henator Uey
burn will leave Wednesday with the
sonnto naval eommitteo on tho cruiser
Dolphin for a trip to Pannma. The
party will inspoct the canal and return
to Washington about January 4.
Gorman Conservatives Strongly Oppose
Tariff Concession.
Ilorlin, Dec, 13. In thn conservative
party convention today at lierlln, Count
Sehwerln LeewlU, one of tho most
prominent agrarian member of the
rnlchstog, took strong ground against
liermany's making concession on
American moat in order to secure bet
ter tariff rate.
"Tho higher duties In tho new tar
iff," ho said, "aro especially unfavor
able to Uermany, but Uerruan ngrlcul
turo 1 practically concerned about the
question whether tho Herman conven
tional tariff will bo accepted ngnln by
American without something equiva
lent in the way of concessions, because
ot tbo fear in agricultural circle tbat
tho federal government might make the
provisions for the American meat im
port adopted for tbo protection of the
health of our people and today moro
necessary than ever the subject of
commercial treaty negotiations. This
fear I regard a unfounded, in view of
the certain Information which bas been
conveyed to me,
"Such a thing I would expect even
less from the present chancellor than
from bis predecessor. Ho values too
highly tbo interest of our public
health and it ,too just toward our Ger
man livestock growers to do such a
thing, Moreover, the chancellor know
too well the sentiment of tho country
and the great majority of the relebs
Paper to Be Devoted to Enrichment
Through Better Stock.
Omaha, Dee. 13. WHIett M. Hays,
assistant secretary of agriculture, with
his associates, will start a magazine
devoted to the scientific breeding of
plant and animals. A new department
ha been organized In the American
llreeders' association to study the
heredity in man, and David Starr Jor
dan will bead the work and conduct
this department in the magazine.
This was decided at the dosing meet
ing of the American lireeden' associa
tion today, when 1200 new members
were obtained and the organization
voted to ask manufacturing, commer
cial and transportation interests desir
ing an Increase in farm products to
provide tho association with sufficient
funds to put the publication on a busi
ness basis at once.
Assistant Secretary Hays, of the
llreeders' association said:
"Wo have at least Induced tbo public
to believe that a billion dollars can be
added to our plant and animal products
by scientific breeding. Another billion
can be added by bringing moro acres
under cultivation and adding fertilizer.
"The sclentlfict fact, however, is that
tho billion added by breeding will be
almost all profit, while the Increase
from more and better farming will cost
Former Engineer on Burned Graft Tea
tine Tanks Leaked.
San Francisco, Dec. 11. That the
fuel oil tanks of the steamer St, Croix,
which was destroyed by fire off the
coast of southern California, leaked
badly and allowed seven barrels ot oil
to ooze Into the bilge daring one trip,
was the statement mado today to the
federal tnspecton by John D. Druillard,
formerly tint assistant engineer of the
burned craft.
Druillard was not on the St. Croix
at the time of the disaster. He stated
tbat the eondition of tho vessel was
such that bo did not care to go to sea
aboard of her, and left tlio employ
ment of tho company after making bis
fourth trip.
Druillard said he discovered tbo con
dition of tho tanks and reported it to
Chief Knglneer Doe, who ordered that
they be loaded only to the point where
tho leaks wcro located. This order
was later countermanded by Captain
WarnCr, according to the witness, and
tho tanks filled to the top. The wit
ness stated tbat lio measured the oil in
the hold, and found it was several
inehea deep. From this ho computed
the total Icakatro at "!Vi barrels. Or
ders wcro Issued against open lights
below decks, but Druillard said trial
ho twice found lamps burning and
threw them overboard.
Druillard bellovod that a lighted clg-
arotto might havo been thrown down
a vontilator by a passenger and caused
the Ore.
Tho inquiry closed today.
Arbitration Will Begin.
Chicago, Dec. 13. Negotiations be
tween the railroads conference eommit
teo, representing tho Genoral Managers'
association, and the switchmen' eom
mitteo will begin in Chicago on Mon
day, according to an unauthorized state
ment issued here today by tho General
Managers' association. Interstate Com
merco Commissioner Knapp and Labor
Commissioner Nclll on Monday will take
u,j also too dispute between tbe ;uinois
Central railroad and its tolegrapbcrs,
who havo asked for an increase of 10
por cont in wages.
Oldest Oddfellow Bead.
Tlangor. Me., Dec 13. Phincna Bach-
eldor, said to havo been 'he oldest mom
bo r of tho Independent Order of Odd
fellow iu tho world, died last night,
nged OS years. He had been an Odd
fellow lor moro tuan nair a century,
nud had held tho oflico ot grand patriarch.
Hind Remains Clear, Cifldlllffi Is
Practically Hopeless,
Dying Monarch Calmly Makes Will,
Receives Sacrament and Bids
Farewell to All,
Ilrussels, Dec. 14. At D o'clock this
morning the condition of King Leopold
was unchanged,
Ilrussels, Dee. 13 Leopold II, king"
of tbe lielgiaes, tonight is making a
desperate effort or bis life, and the
odds aro strongly against tbe aged
A a last resort, the surgeon' knife
will be tried tomorrow. If tbe opera
tion is successful, King Leopold may
live. If it falls, the end is Inevitable.
All will depend on the king's strength
and vitality, which are ebbing fast.
Rheumatism bas already conquered
tbo aged and waited frame. Dropsy
has developed, and an obstruction of
tbe intestines, which must be removed,
ha greatly aggravated bis eondition.
Tbe general opinion i that tbe king
will not survive the operation. Indeed
ho may die at any moment. The mon
arch is rather optimistic, and today
exclaimed to his pbysieiaa:
"Operate, and tbe sooner tbo bet
ter." Out ho added with a wan, wist
ful smile:
"Perhaps, doctor, the long, long jour
ney is at hand."
King Leopold Is still as lucid of in
tellect as ever. This masterful mind,
which conceived and carried out the gi
gantic Congo project and roused tho
whole world Into bitter indictment and
discussion, calmly directed what seem
to be the final chapter In bis spectacu
lar career.
Tbe picture was pathetic enough.
Separated from bis two eldest daogb-ten-by
a tragic skein of events, with
scandal of bis own personal life whis
pered by etry tongue, Leopold lay
tonight in "Tbe I'alms," a little pa
vilion of six rooms, close to tbe great
Laeken attended by hi faithfnl daugh
ter Princess Clementine, Crown Prince
Albert and tbe royal household.
The day was a mixture of anxiety,
hone and despair. A his strength
failed the king, his chaplain, an aged
priest with tears wetting his cheeks,
approached the bed to hear the king's
confession and administer communion
and extreme nnetion. Ia the morning
tho king, assisted by a notary and so
licitors, settled his private affairs.
To Count Oultremont, marshal of the
court, hi majesty said:
"You have served me well for more
than SO years. I am grateful. Before
I die, I want to tell you so and give
you my thanks."
The king tben summoned Princes
Clementine, whom he kissed several
times, telling her not to cry. 8be wa
led fainting from tbe room. Other rela
tives followed.
Subsequently be received the papal
nuncio, who brought tbe benediction ot
the holy father, and the Spanish min
ister. The mayor of Brussels came to
the castle a tbe bearer of the good
wishes of tbe peoplo of Brussels, and
to express the popular hope that his
majesty would recover, but tbe king
wa too tired to receive aim.
Cincinnati Tenement House Scene of
Fatal Panic.
Cincinnati, Dee. 14. Two women,
two jnen and three children lost their
lives and seven other persons were
seriously injured In a tenement fire at
Third and Sycamore streets, which
broke out at midnight. Three of tbe
dead were burned to cinders.
Tbe frenzied inmates cathcred in th
windows and climbed to tho root
whenco they jumped into blankets.
Six men ned to tbe roof, w&ere Bre
men had to use force to prevent them
from virtually committing suicide by
jumping to tho street.
A woman, clasping ner s-ycar-oid son
In her onus, jumped from a third-floor
window. Both were instantly killed.
JDwollcrs in the tenement were so
overwhelmed by panic that somo rushed
beadlong Into tbe names. Tbo nro was
extinguished with slight trouble with
a total loss of about $23,000.
Ruin aa Oovernor Snaps,
Camas, Wash., Dec. 14. The governor
on ono of tho high-speed engines used
for runnlnc a dynamo at tbo crown
Columbia paper mill broke about noon
today, causing tbo ongino to tear it
self to pieces. One large ploco ot tho
flywheel went up through tho second.
lioor, tearing out Heavy limbers ana.
seriously injuring 8am McKevor, who.,
was working on a paper macmno oat
the second floor. One papor machine;
was also badly wrecked. Several men
wero near tbe engine when the accident
happened, but wore not injured. Part
of the mill ia shut down for repairs.
Siccntlfic Data Burned.
Los Anceles. Doc 14. The "Mon
astery," the home of the scientists and
attaches of the Mount Wilson observa
tory, wa destroyed by nro today. AH
the valuablo records nnd papers of the
observatory, together with tbo solev
tifio library ot Professor Hale, wern
burned, .
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