The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 21, 1909, Image 7

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    LiJIlOI'EAN A71MIE0 BTAlWINO THE 8011001,3.
What isc Castoria.
Metier (ttrfffriHy urrttii' ' HuaaiA tiuv ttr.LC.tut
When tlm Till (dull suldUrn In Asia Minor wick iiml
Mint tin acliuolit peijplw hmi liurrlllnl nt tliulr mid lack
o( cIvlllHtloii. Int it I renin writer cmiit forward to ru
in t ml it Just al till tlnis (lint tlm iwmlleil clvllltml tin
tloiis nm ioMiIiik iIih m'IiikiI tit support tliwlr soldier,
which romm to hImmiI tlm miiiiu HiIiik. If n man spent
(Wo limes it niiirti fur i;unit un (or III chlldrtm'n school
Inrt lm wutild lr "MttliWrtl it lunatic tir n ilotjmrmlo.
yet It appear tlul thU In prwisly wlmt tlm power
of Kiiroim 11 ru duluc. Tlm Paris rnvlnw, Mon Dliiwiwho,
Prance aiul iiImiiiI nvr time ns intiali on tier nrmy
Kltr II it. til t rural" IH"ht valletli,
'lli lulmr nnd Iik Himiiile nrr ruin,
Tho runny faltita leit, ner fitllctli,
And SB llilniia Imtr Urn Ihojf rcjnoln
If Imp ,wrrn diiw, feurs nifty h liars;
It limy Ih, In ymi ik rimc-ralnl,
Your nuiirsdr limn rn now ln Mere,
And hut fur )IHI pmeeae Id Arid,
lor wMl ilm tired waves, ralnljr break
Inr. Hem liprn nn painful Incii In rain,
Par bsc-k, Ibrmifli creeks and InlHa Mak
Inr. Coiiwa silent, ttuedlnc In. tit main.
Ami nni hy rnatfru wlnduna only,
When ilayllrlii rimira, rumr In the
In front, llir ami rllmU, haw alowly,
llul weetnard, bmk. Ilia land la brlflit.
-- Arthur lluih I'hiujli,
H-HHH-M-HM-H-frrf I i W-WIt
Humble Pie
H lllrWHII f -H-Hn-H-H-
"I overboard tho offer my father
niAito you You think tho dovlco la
north morr
"ery mtirh more."
"I havo somu money lying Idle. Mr.
Andruoi, nionoy I would b Khtd to
InvMt. It la my own, left mo by
my (Irnndfather Atwoed Will you
wnlt, plraar lot mo buy an lutuicit
In your divleflr
Tho yotiliR mnn' fiteu flitllicd.
Ho ntarwl t hvr.
"You nra ijulto In earned about
IhUT" ha murmured.
"Your ijuoatlun li not rompllment
nry." aald tho Klrl "I nm In earnoat.
honrver. and aMur you that the In
MilKittloii ronductiHl by my lawyer
will Imi it pnlnttakliiK un Don that
iniKit with your npproval?"
"ThoroiiRhly," ho (jutckly aniwered
"Hut Is It poialblo thut you really
mean all thliT"
"At 10 o'clock to-morrow tnornlni?
you m III b ul tho law ottico of John
DalaflcM, In tho Cruliatnn bulldliiK
Mr. Italatleld I my ndvlaer nnd holds
my ItKnry In truit for me 1 will
notify him of your comltiK. li that
Hho wntihcd him narrowly.
"Yea," lm atiitwural, "unleM I wake
up and llud till l nil n dream."
"1 truat," alio Krnvely aalil, "that
you will not iorKt our verbal under
atandlnc If your duvlre can ho ahonn
up to tho full aatlifitetlon of my ad
vlier you nro to atdl mo a half In
teroit In tho Andrui trnnimlttor for
J 20.000 ennh. It thl your underatand
IiikT" Ho wni qulta ovorwhulmed by her
'That la my underalnndliiR," lm an-
wervd. "Hhall 1 put It nn puperT"
Hho ahook her prttty head,
'ThU U n teat triiinmctlon," alio
nald. "You Intvu fnlth In your dovlco
anil I hnvo fnlth In you."
It wai a year later nnd Kverett
Citrtor at heforo tho blailiiK hourth
loK Hut tho rlioumntle Icr woa no
loiiKor rMtliiK un tho cualilouod atool,
A aoft footfnll diutv hla nttcutlon,
"Coma In, Kloronco," ho called.
Tho girl cniuo nnd aat by hla iildo
on tho low stool,
"Hullo, diuddy," alio anld.
Bho rcstsd hor brown hond ngalnat
hla arm.
"Woll, denrloT"
1 1 In hand lovlnxly stroked tho brown
"Feollng protty good, dndd'yT"
"Yea, dcarleT'1
"No twItiKOsT"
"Not for n long tlmo,"
Thoy wntchod tho crackling blnzo.
"You didn't eat much dinner, dad
dy." -uiani it"
Ttr "y ia
"I'm ijullu ktiro you didn't." -
Km InURlmd.
"IVrhnp the htimbln pie I nto to
day apfltled my apticllto."
"Iliimplo tde, daddy 7"
"1 KueM that's what they call It."
TkII me about It."
Up litUKhed acaln.
"It doean't put your daddy In a very
rtattorltiK llRtit. Hut I'll tell you about
It, I had nn appointment this nfler
noon with a certain party nt your old
friend Delnfleld'a, 1 wna a little early
In KnttliiK thoro I wanted to nk Del
atUld some ituratloni,"
"Yea, daddy"
"Well, tlm certain party "
"Tho man you were to meet?"
'Tea He's a young man. Ilia name
la Andrua."
That's It. Itobert Andrua. He
waan't thr when I arrived, and that
Knv Delalield an optertunlly to tell
ma about him If Dolafleld la right,
lio'a a remarkable worthy young fel
low stralxht, honest and fine aa silk.
What's the matter, dearleT
The fire makes my fare burn, dad
dy. I'll move n little baok."
"Perhaps you don't care for thn
story T"
"Oh. yes, daddy, xo on."
"Well, the funny part of It la that
I once turned thli same young fel
low down cold It happened one day
when I wna home hero with the mis
ery In my les. And thore I was In
rrn. m: auovt it."
Delnllvld'a ofdee, KeepltiK an appoint
ment with tho very samo youiiRator."
"do on, daddy."
"Tho boy had perfected a valuable
dovlco. n transmitter of a remark
nbly Ingenious tyiio. He hrotiKht It to
mo. Ho thought tlm Carter Motor
Company could tuo It. 1 knew It wa
n good thing tho Inatnut I looked nt
It. Hut you know, daddy Isn't exactly
hlmielf when tho rheumatism nip
"I know, daddy."
"Woll, 1 Kit to him to understand
that wo didn't want his device. Hut
I offoicd to buy It from lilm nnd de
stroy It. Ho wouldn't sell. Homohow
I felt suro ho would como back and
accept my off or, I was poslttvo ho
couldn't got tho capital ho needed to
start a pluut and umtiufacturo the
thins and that's whoro I was wrong.
Homohody lot him havo tho money."
"Who was It, dnddyT"
"I don't know. Hut the plant wna
built and proved n good thine from
tho very start. Tho boy found a mar
ket for his Invention almost Immedi
ately, nnd tho llttlo factory has boon
working right up to Its limit. It got
mo scArcd soma tlmo ago. Ami I
was still moro scared whon I hoard
that the National Hnglno Company
wanted the factory's entire output,
The Cartor Motor Company couldn't
..T VaM..Vl r ' W-Uju'.I
un mIiu iIouk on thri lutellurtunl trnlnltiR of her children.
(Jrriiinriy ftlvea to educational imrjiomw onis third of thu
Amount slid ilcwitps to mllltury iiirj)nfn. In A intra
tind Itusidu tlm proportion letwcon school nnd caserne
expenditure, In as two In nine. Italy njonln iion her
army ulna times an iiimli mh tlm devote to public imIu
ration, IIpIkIuiii la exemplary In that hor military and
education budsct Bland m night to four The only ox
oeptlon to thU ruin of priority In mlllUiry oxpendltura
In HwltMrlund, which devote twice nn inuuh to tlm ed
ucation of hor thlldrtn na aim lays out on the purchase
of powder and that nnd tho pay of tier defenders.
stand by and let that happen. And
so I wna them In your old friend's
olMce, prepared to nnaiigo a danl with
tills gifted youngitor. Well, he cam
In presently a fine looking lad, mnii'
ly and scrupulously polite Ho roally
seemed glad to ace me which might
bo wondered at. Well, I made up my
mind In leas than no time that there
was nothing to be gained by beating
nhout the hush, and so I came right
out and ofrvrml hint (300,000 for hla
plant nnd hla patents, and, In addl
tlon to this, the potltlou of manager of
our works with a 110,000 salary"
Tho girl suddenly laughed.
"Why, that was fine, daddy. Ann
what did the gifted young man doT"
"The gifted young man never turn
cd n hair. If he was surprised at
my offer he carefully concealed the
fact He thanked me, but added that
ho would be guided entirely by his
partner, ttiio owns a half Interest In
the factory and patenta, He prom
tied to let me know hla partner's de
cision ery aoon, and I had to b
aatlatled with this promise. And that,
dearie, Is what I call eating humble
pie and Iota of It."
There was n little silence.
"Daddy." said the girl. "I want your
"Hut I know nothing about hats or
Him softly laughed.
"It's a money matter this time, dad
ry. I bought a half Interest In a
manufacturing plant a year ago nnd
I'vo been offered 00 per cent profit
on my Investment If I sell out"
Tho old man stared down at her.
"That sounds good. What's the
plant willed:-
The girl hesitated.
"It's tho Andrus Transmitter Com
jany, daddy."
"Yes. daddy. I'm tho partner who
must bo consulted."
"Yes, daddy. What do you advtso
me to do?"
' Let mo get my breath, you ras
cal!" "All right, daddy. Take your time."
Him looked toward the door, "itob
ert'" she called. And Itobert Andrua
entered tho room. "Hero Is my part
ner, daddy."
Tho old man stared at tho newcom
er "Well, wells" he muttered.
"And, daddy, Itobert'a prlco has
gone up. I I found It out this after
noon. He wants me, tool"
Tho old man starod from Itobort to
tho girl. Her arm stolo around bis
"Hay It's all right, daddy."
Ha sank baak with a sigh of resig
nation. "Moro humblo pie," ho murmured.
Cleveland I'lnln Doalor.
Ilia Miitlrl.
Mnny n youth Is taken with tho de
sire to wrlto. Often he doea not know
oxnetly what ho wlslion to composo,
hut tho Itch for tho ihjii la strong. The
lloUmnn tclltt tho story of nn ambi
tious young mint who called upon a
Chlcngo publisher.
Ho Informed tho publisher that ho
had deotded tu wrlto it book.
"May I venture tu Inquire ns to tho
nnturo pf tho book you propose to
wrlto?-' nsked tho publlshor, very
"Oh," camo In nn offhand wny from
tho nsplrnnt to litontry fame, "I think
of doing something on tho lino of 'I,os
MlserabU's,' only llvollor, you know."
N'otcr Nil)' I))o,
"Yea," ho cluvttorcd, "I will love
you 'Just na much when you are old
nnd grnyl"
"Well," said sho, decisively, "I mny
Uvo to bo old, but I'll never bo grayl"
Dotrolt Freo Pross.
Plenty of people can stand adversity,
but only a low can stand prosperity.
(O ASTORIA is a harmless uubstituto for Oastor Oil, Parogorio, Drops and
Soothing Syrup3. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphino nor
othor Uarcotio substance, Its ago is its guarantee It destroys Worms and allays
PovorishncsB, It ourcs Diarrhooa and Wind Colic. It rcliovc3 Teething Troubles,
cures Constipation and Flatulenoy. It assimilates tho Food, rogulatcs tho Stomach
and Bowols, giving healthy and natural sloop. Tho childron'o Panacea Tho
Mother's Friend.
Tho Kind Tou Havo Always Bought, and which has boon in uso for over
30 years, ha3 borno tho signature of Ohas, H. Fletcher, and has boon mado undor
his personal suporvision since its infancy. Allow no ono to deccivo you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good " aro but Experiments that triflo with
and ondangor tho health of Infants and Childron Exporionco against Exporimont.
- - - """' - r i i
I Ing Uic S itHtattj asdJkrtb of
ncss and RcstXontalns nrisw
Ojiiimi Jlorphlnc nor)!imraL
Anerfert Re medv forCoraflrt
lion , Sour SlooLUlarrtMi
ncsannJLoss or Sleep.
TacSimle Sifoirarto
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
"Isn't there some talk that Grlnco li
coins to enter the ministry T"
The ministry? Why O, I see. That's
what be really wants, but he Intends to
try (or a consulaaip nrL" luicaso
Mothara will find Un. Wlnslow'a Knothtnt
l)rruithUat rpmnlr tnUMlvrUtelrchUdnj
luilnf ! Ittilu( irlud.
Ill Mlircilomelrr.
Inqntstlve Person How do yon tell
how (aat you are coiner
Chauffeur I watch the expression of
the (acts of the policemen as I whit past
Tlirrci Are Othrra,
"Bines Is afraid that he may be pros
ecuted for polygamy."
"Why, he Is married to only one
person, ain't ho?"
"That Is what he thought for a
while, but now It appears that he mar
rlod her whole family, and thcro are
seven of them." California Weekly.
Mrrelr Friendly.
niderly ltelathe Mortimer, what arc
your Intentions lu rrsard to Miss uul
Hon) Scapegrace Nephew Strictly honora
ble and praiseworthy, uncle.
Uderly ltelathe I atu clad to hrai
that, Mortimer. I was afraid you wert
colne to try to pcrsuadt her to marry
you. Chlcaco Tribune.
"Ik fore I begnn usIiik Cascarets I had
a bad complexion, pimples ou my face,
and my food was not digested ns It should
hitve lecn, Now I am entirely well, and
the pimples luu call disappeared from my
face. I can truthfully hay that Cascarets
are just as advertised; 1 have taken ouly
two boxes of them."
Claicuce H. Griffin, Sheridan, Ind.
rio.iiant. Palatt!. Potent, Tailo OooJ.
lo(lo(xl. Kctrrbickea. Weaken or Qrlpo.
10c, ?.V:. Soo. Kever sold la bulk. Tli eenu
Ins tablet stamped CCC Uusrasteed to
curs or vour niouar back. 917
tpQ. Guaranteed under the 1'
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. II. Fletcher.
Dr. F. Corald DIattncr, of Buffalo, N. Y., rays: "Your Castoria la gwxt
lor children end I frequently prcscrlbo It, always obtaining tho desired
Sr. Gustavo A- ElscngracboiY of EL I'aal, Minn., kit: "I havo uVed
your Castoria repeatedly In my prncllco 'with rood results, and can rccora
mond It na an excellent, mild and harmless remedy for children."
Br. H J. Dennis, of EL Louis, Mo., says: "I havo used and prescribed
your Castoria In my sanitarium and outsldo practice for a number of years
and find It to bo an excellent remedy for children."
Dr. S. A. Buchanan, of Philadelphia, Pa-, says: "I havo used your Cas
toria In tho caro of ny own baby and find It pleasant to talus, and havo
obtained excellent results from Its uso."
Dr. J. n. Simpson, of Chicago, 111., Bays: "I havo used your Castoria la
cabos of colic In children and havo found It tho best mcdlclno of lti kind
on tho markcL"
Dr. R. H. Hsklldson, of Omaha, Neb., Bays: "I find your Castoria to bo a
standard family rctacdr. It Is tho best thins for Infants and children I
havo ever known and I recommend 1L"
Dr. It. II. Robinson, cf ICansaa City, Mo., cays: "Your Castoria certainly
has nerIL Is not Ita ago, Its continued uso by mothers through all theso
years, and tho many attempts to lmttato It, sufficient recommendation?
Svhai can a physician add? Lcavo It to tho Bothers."
Dr. Edwin K. Pardee, of New York City, eays: "Ior several years I haTo
recommended your Castoria and shall always contlnuo to do so, as It haa
Invariably produced beneficial results."
Dr. N. B. filzor, of Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I object to what aro called,
patent medicines, vrhcro maker alono knows xrbat Ingredients aro put In.
them, but I knov5 tho formula of your Castoria and advlso Its Ufa."
Bears tho
Tk Kind You Have Always Boogat
'In Use For
A. i. lie irmt.
"Jones says that he always gets to
tho bottom of anything he under
"Don't doubt IL At school he was
always at the foot of the class."
Baltlmoro American.
A l'urlal nt I.arar.
"Let as see the census fives your
town about 0,000 doesn't lti"
"No, sir; our town fires the census
l4 mmf
, atlrsitu
K- rim, nu
tsssNiUJ, C D
II . on
k4 in or tip
Oftr. wiU sot Mil
or lajvr tar
' UurBto4
rrrt vrswai prrpua tar avcrliu
HAROLD SOUERSslBO DtKilrj Art., B'kl)iu, K. Y.
" tS3rSS
hltjh vrieti biVlog
tHlIcr. it IliH the
douch and makriltaht.
er, awertrr and bttttt
jn roods. buldDrgro
ctrs 25c per pound.
you will ecnii us ycor
HBine Mnd Ira
rill send you a book on health and b ins powder.
CPESCENT MFG. CO. Seattle, Wn.
-w.otu J
NO. 33-09
HEN wrUInf to ailTertlseriiloase
uieuiiuu una papor.
Signature of
Over 30 Years-
Howard k. prrrro.s - m cumiH.
iffwIrdU, CulufMlix Hp-ximea ificvt UoU. Uo4.IL Oold. MU,r. Be Oold. Uei Zim
or dpttr. St MmatenTelor an4 fall prwwlua
fn oa ar.lir-ioa. jLuatrol a".! I'nplrw woikt4-
s..... .Tu :'.?.".. .r... ';..'
n t VA a o r - c i it-at i n m a s-- i
2 Years a leader in Painless Dental
Work in Port ml.
Out-of-Town People
lihuuU remember that our fore U aa imuM
TKACTiNO FIIKK w hen iUtea or hri Im are ar.
TKtrrti and uoura WITHOUT THE LEA3X
PAIN. NO STUDENTS, no uncertainly
For tho Next Flftcon Days
We will give you good tik goU or porc-
Uln crown for ...,, .,.. eXSO
t2kbrkls teeth &M
Molar rrown...... ,.,..,,,..,.,,,,....,. 6.08
GoUorenaruel filltngs M
Mlver nillnri , M
Good rubbtr plated.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S.M
llietwatred rubber plates, , , 1M
I'alnleea extracUons ...., , M
Dr. W. A. 'Wise
President and Manager
The Wise Dental Co.
UNO) ThWanJ Waihlngtonata,
y rfjP-m wm' 1 yirir,ssrTWTTP
MVCH lls? daassHLaiBaBaaaWHV
KQ- lBrftk4
H R r