The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 21, 1909, Image 3

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Newsy Hems Galliercil from All
Paris of tlio World.
Lets Important but Not Loss Inter
esting Happenings from Points
Outtlda the Statn.
Tim government li to Issua bond fur
the itntlro coat uf tho Panama canal,
A alight rnrthqunko was felt nt Bnn
nt llnrbura, CbI Imt no damage dono.
All American In sum ho recognized
Leon Ling, murderer uf I'.Ulo Hlgtd, In
A atrlkti limy bo declared by nil am
ployrs of tlio American Hitn-ltlnj- &
Rrllnlng company
Mr. Eddy, founder nml leader of th
Chrlalinn Sclencn iloonilntlon, haa Juat
passed lir BHlh birthday.
All tnlnera In England may go on a
strike In upwrt of tlio Scotch miner
whii lira lighting n reduction In wages.
Eight nnnrchlata nrreatul nt Slock
liolin on tlio chnrgo of having eon-
aiilri'd to iiaalnata tho our of Hu
nli, hnvu boon cxllinl.
Tlio JnpunNin government Ins not
yet decided whither or not Ambassador
Taknhlra will ! cntulminl n ambas
sador to th UnIM Ktatr.
Tim Union Paslflc railroad has claim
kI a !MH fuot Htrljt nf land thrill tlio
town of llrighton, Col., which la now
covered wlh store building.
A son ha been born to tlio Prima
do Sagau.
Tim ahah nf Ferula haa fled to Huaala
for protection.
Over 14,000 ccoal minora nra on
utrlkn nt Pittsburg, Kn.
Hanover, Germany, kIIco Imvo
started n war on long hatplna.
Anarchy rule In Morocco nml Spain
will send 8,000 moro troop In nn elfort
to restore mbco.
Tho Interstate Commcrcn cornmla
Ion baa ruled that express rate In tho
West are oxorhllant anil haa ordered
sweeping reduction.
Untca rnlni coma aoon farmer of
tho Now England ntatrs will face ilia
aster. There hna not been enough
vntor for tho cropa and thoy art said
to bo burning up.
Immense quantltlca of naphnltum
Imvo len found on tho Shoahonn In
dian reservation In Colorado and n
atnmHHln to atako out claims and lo
ci) r a land I taking plnco.
In tho hearing for th roloaio of
Tlmw from tho Inaano ntylum on tho
ground that ha la now nine, Mr a. Thaw
testified that ho threatened to kill hr
and fonra Inn deadly enmity.
Kent In tho Kaat la again claiming
children na It victim.
A California couplo waa married In
rtn nutomobllo in nn clfort to llnd noma
novel way.
The English houao of lorda dor not
favor tho conscription plan of Increas
ing tho army.
Nationalists nro In full control of
Teheran and Imvo aummonod tho Per
alnn purlllmont,
Following Hnoacvolt'a policy, Toft
tin withdrawn n number of water altea
on public domain in tho Weat,
Socrotnry Halllnger denies that ho
liaa qunrrulod with Socrotnry Wllaon
nnd anya tholr relations nro tho boat.
Tho commnndora of Adann are to ho
court mnrtliilli-d for nllcged complicity
In tho Armenian massneros of last
Two trunk", anld to contain tho hooka
of Ilolnio nnd tho United Coppor com
pany, Imvo boon seized by government
A mnn hna been sentenced to aorvo
seven ycura nt Hun Quontln for hla
rnuny mnrrlagoi. Ho iidmita having
been united to about 20 women during
tho puat three years.
Floods uround Kansas City hnvo do
loyed mall.
Tuft nnd congrcaa lenders Imvo
ugrood to reduce tho corporation tax
from 2 per cent to 1 par cunt.
Trouhlo In Knnaua may tlo'up 118 con I
mines, nnd throw 18,000 mou out
A tornado near Danvlllo, III,, did
conaldorablo damiigo to property,
Persian robols hnvo entered Tehoran
nnd there has boon much fighting In
tho streets,
An explosion on tho cruiser North
Carolina killed Ensign Alkon and
blinded another man.
Castro haa ronouncod nil clnlma to
tho prealdoncy ofVonozuolu, but wanta
to return homo bo that ho may die on
natlvo soil.
Oovsrninent Troop Blop Advanco of
Insurgent Army,
Fokln, July Ifl. A romnrknhlo atory
of the trnglc fnto of n youthful pre
tender to tho Dragon throne nnd n
Inrgn number of hla follower cornea
through missionary channels from dis
tant Yunnan province,
Under the Influence of TaoUt priests,
a pri)mroiia member of tho country
gentry named Chu conceived tho con
viction that ho lilmaelf wna ft descend
lint of tlio Chua' Ming emperors, nnd
hla aon, aged 12 years, the rightful
occupant of the throne.
lie rallied the clansmen and his
neighbor ti tho number of upward of
2.0U0 men, variously armed with old
guns, bows and spears. With tho pre
tender nt their head, this Insurgent
army marched uxm Yunnan I'u, tho
provincial cupltal, preaching nn mill
Mnnchu crusndo.
Near Yunnan I'u n detachment of
tho viceroy's modern troojta overtook,
attacked and routed the Insurgents.
Hovernl hundrisl of thorn nro reKrtd
killid nnd wounded. All tho members
of the Chu family were promptly
slaughtered by tho viceroy's orders.
The youthful claimant, whoao head
waa ao lately adorned by tho halo of tho
Hon of Heaven, was nfUr hla execu
tion, being paraded through tho prov
ince In a cage a an exhibit nnd warn
ing to all questioners of authority In
Hoiidi Loto Hoavll Uecauio of Re
duction In Charges.
Chicago, July 13. Tho claim of Illi
nois rnllroad that the 2-cent rate,
while stimulating travel to it marked
degree, had reduced tho revenues of
roads from paascnuor trnlllc almost to
tho ruination point, Is borne out by a
comprehensive Investigation by tho
Santa Fe rond.
Tho Illinois railroad commission In
sist tho law haa been beneficial to tho
roads. The latter say they hnvo been
compiled to employ much additional
equipment and more help to handlo the
Incrt-aaed travel, which did not, by n
largo um, compensate them for tho
extra expense.
Tho tianta Fo worked under tho
operation of a similar law In Kanias,
whero n careful record was kept for
tho first year. Tho Santa Fo carried
C64.00U moro passenger thnn It did
tho year prnvlously under tho 3-cent
law. Meanwhile, revenue from pas
senger trnlllc for tho samo period da
creard $207,000.
Hallway men any this doca not begin
to tell tho real Ioh, which la to bo
found in tho great expense for qulp
ment and additional employes, tho re
vision of achedulea nnd wear and tear
of property duo to more constant uo.
Mobs at La Pat Engage In I'llbRlrR
and Loollnp,
l.n 1'hi, llollvln, July in. I.a Paz
Is given over tonight to riot. Tho
people awarmed Into tho streets and
did much damage. Tho electric light
wires were cut and pillaging waa bo
gun on nil sides. Shots were hoard In
every direction. Tho aituntlon for for
eigners, especially Peruvian and Ar
gentine residents, is extremely aerlout.
The guard protecting tho Peruvian
and Argentine legations wero auddenly
withdrawn laat evening for some un
known rcaaon. When this brenmn
known, atreet mob renewed tholr nt
tacks. Srtior Foiescn and hla wife
had n narrow escape. Thoy made tholr
way out of tho legation and ran eight
blocks, finally seeking protection In
tho homo uf tho president of llollvln.
Manifestations have been numerous
In public places, and at n meeting held
Saturday n Hrtralt of Flgora Alcortn,
president of Argentina, wus held down
ward on u Kilo nnd stoned to pieces.
It I reported hero that considerable
excitement prevull nt Lima and Hue
no Ayro. and the Argentine govern
ment's silence in tho face of llollvian
protests la regarded as ominous.
Upper Air to U Studlod.
San Francisco, July 13. A meteor
ological nnd astronomlcul observatory
nt nn nltitudo of about 14,000 feet is
to bo erected on Mount Whitney by tho
Smithsonian Institution. The work of
preparing tho trail up the mountain
over which tho material will bo trans
ported by packmulea la already under
wny. It I expected tho Mntlon, which
will hu temporary, will bo completed
liv Riititnmlinr 1. wlimt I'rnfi'imir W.
V. Campbell nnd 1'rofeusor Abbott, of i
uio i,icK ouservntory, will go to juouni
Whitney to mako observations.
Prop; Drifts Stop Trains.
Utlcii, N. Y., July 1!!. A message
from Gouvernour tonight Btntt-8 that in
n Iwtnvv u'lnrl fitwl rain Htnrm Ilium
thousands of smull frogs fell, covering
the aldowulka to audi nn extent that I
walking waa dllllcult. Tho roll of n
railroad for half a inllo yoro covered
and rendered so allpnery tho spoedof i
tho trans waa materially lessoned, I
Ij .
proceedings of congress in brief
Friday, July 10.
Wnshlngton, July 10, Twenty-four
hours would am the end of tho work of
tho senate nnd house conferees on tho
tariff bill and n substantial agreement
Uon the question at Isauo but for tho
flvo propoaltlona Iron ore, coal, hides,
oil and lumber ujion which tho presi
dent starrl firm for radical reductions
or even abolition of tho tariff.
The rates on silks and woolen goods
were determined today. Tho senate
won on both. On silks there will be n
considerable advance ovor existing du
ties nnd on woolens there is to bo no
chnnge from the present Inw, except In
regard to wool tops, which are to bo
given a new classification. Tho duty
on tops la prohibitive now, and It Is
predicted that It will continue no, oven
after tho reduction I put Into forco.
Thursday, duly 16.
Washington, July 1G. Questions on
cotton goods and lead products woro
taken up by tho tariff conferees today.
Members of tho house conference
committee declined U accopt tho sen
ate amendments to the cotton schedule
when that subject waa taken up. These
amendment consist chiefly of changes
from ad valorem to specific duties for
the purpose of carrying out the orig
inal Intent of tho Dlngley rates, which
nenatt conferee! assert have been
pulled down by the misinterpretation
of the Ulngley law.
Wednesday, duly 14.
Washington, July 11. Itoporta that
there was dissatisfaction In tho tariff
conference with the corporntion tax
amendment, nnd that It might bo drop
ped out of tho bill reached tho earn of
President Toft today. In consequence
Senator Atdrlch and Representative
Payne were called to the White House.
Tho house provision allowing a draw
back to tho amount of Internal revenuo
tax paid on domestic alcohol used In
artlclea such as perfumes nnd cosmetics
manufactured for the foreign trade waa
tentatively accepted.
Tho real struggle ovor rates fixed by
the houie and senate and which was to
have benun today, was deferred be
cause of the deslro to get reports on a
number of subjects which wero referred,
to aubconferces and committees for In
vestigation. In order that no time
should bo lost, It was doclded to take
up at once tlio administrative section
In tholr order.
Whon ndlornment was taken at 0:30
o'clock tho senato maximum and min
imum provis'on had been accepted ten
tatively with the exception of tho pro
vision for tho employment of tariff ex
perts. Tho house conferees argued
that tho ways and means committee
nnd tho senate finance committee have
the Investigation of tariff matter u
tholr apecial province.
Tuesday, July 13.
Washington, July 13. An unexpect
ed burst of speed waa cxhlbitod by tho
tariff conferees tonight nnd tho first
consideration of the bill was complet
ed. When tomorrow'a session begins
tlio strugglo over Important differences
of the senate and house will open.
Thus far nil questions Involving raw
materials, which have been tho sub
jects of heated disputes, have been tut
ovor after brief discussions. The ses
sion tonight adjourned at 0:45 o'clock
In order that the conferees could get
the benefit of a good night's rest nnd
bo ready for tho big ba'.tlo at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning.
lly pasalng over tho cotton and wool
en achedulea without taking up any of
the amended puragrapha and skipping
the disputed iolnta of tho lumber
schedule, tho conferees were ablo to
dlspoHo of about 400 sonata amend
ments. Monday, July 12.
Washington, July 12. Hy tho dccla
ivo voto ot 317 to 14, moro than tho
necessary two-thirds, tho houso today
passed the senate joint resolution pro
viding for tho submission of an incomo
tax constitutional amendment to tho
states. Tho negative votoi wero all
cast by Republicans. Tho resolution
now goes to tho president for his sig
nature; Tho dobato lasted four hour. Chair
man Pnyno, of the committee on ways
and means, voiced the sentiment that
such ft tax would make "a nation of
liars." Tho burden of the Democratic
speeches was Unit It was simply n cao
of stealing Democratic thunder, al
though somo of the remarks on that
sldo incldontally touched upon tariff
nnd the corporation tax, with no little
amount of cnstlgntlon of tho ltopubll
cans for falling to keep party pledges.
Will Crulso Asia's Coast,
Washington, July 12. Tentatlvo ar
rangements have been mado by tho
Nuvy department to havo tho first and
second divisions ot tho Pacific ilvot
crulso In Asiatic and Philippine waters
during next autumn and winter, Henr
Admiral Scbreo, commaiidor-In-chlef
of tho Hoot, will arrango tho details,
Tho vessels probably will leave the
Pacific couBt luto in August and return
to tho United States Into In March,
Prominent Chlcagosn Accepts Post at
Chinese Capital,
Wnahfngton, July 17. Charles It.
Crane, of Chicago, vice president of
tho Crane company, hna been chosen by
President Taft to represent the United
States as minister to China, succeeding
W. W. Itockhlll, who waa taken from
China to bo ambassador to Itussia. It
Is understood that Mr. Crano has an
nounced his willingness to accept, and
that his appointment awaits the ex
change of usual preliminary formali
ties between the two countries.
The Chlneso mission, under a policy
with regard to Oriental affairs already
Inaugurated by the present administra
tion, will bo one of tho most Important
posts In tho diplomatic service. Pros'
Idcnt Toft has exoerienccxl much dlflU
culty In finding the right man for the
place. He believes he lias just the
person in Mr. Crane, who not only
stands high In the business world, but
has made an exhaustive study of Inter
national politics.
Government Allows Pipe From Okla
homa to Mlitlstlppl Rivtr.
Washington, July 1(5. A right of
way to tho Prairie Oil 4 Gas company,
u subsidiary of the Standard Oil com
pany, for tho construction nf an eight
inch )lpo line for tho purposo of con
ducting oil from a point In Tulsa
county, Okla., In the Glenn pool field,
through tho Creek, Cherokee and Choc
taw nations In a southeasterly direc
tion to tho Okalhoma-Arkanias atsto
lino, a dlstanco of 101 miles, waa today
approved by Acting Secretary of the
Interior Pierce. Tho new pipe line
will then extend onward to Baton
Rogue, La.
Tho now pipe lino Is tho outgrowth
of Secretary llallinger's action In
amending tho oil and gas regulations
by striking out tho "common carriers"
and "confiscatory" clauses; nono of
tho companies being willing to extend
their lines under tho old regulations.
Taft and Diaz to Meet.
Washington, July 1C Plans for the
meeting ot Presidents Taft and Diaz
were made today at a conference be
tween Secretary of Stato Knox and Uw
Mexican ambassador. According to
tho plan outlined tho presidents will
meet nt tho center of the bridgo over
Uio Rio Grande, between El Paso,
Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. The meet
ing will take place about October 15.
Snake Bridge In House BUI.
Washington, July 17. Tho omnibus
bridgo bill, Introduced In the house to
day, authorizes tho construction of a
bridgo over the Snake river at the
town of Ontario, Or. Authority la
granted tho county commissioners of
Malheur county, tho chamber of com
merce of the town of Ontario and tho
county commissioner of Canyon coun
ty, Idaho.
Professor Newcomb Dies.
Washington, July 13. Professor
Simon Newcomb, the famous astronom
er, deld at his homo In this city nt an
e.rly hour this morning at the ago of
74. Probably tho most noted American
astronomical mathematician since the
days of lienjamin Franklin, Professor
Newcomb was rocognlzed at the time
of his death as one of tho world's great
est Bclentists.
Many Placos Want Taft.
Washington, July 13. Since the an
nouncement ot President Taft'a tenta
tive itlnorary for his Western trip, the,
White Houio has boon fairly floodod
with telegrams and lotters rcquostlng
that the tour be extended to Include
various states and clttos that did not
havo a place on tho presldcont's list.
Loafing Causes Shake-Up.
Washington, July 10. A "ahako-up"
In the personnel of the Department of
Commerce and Labor took placo today,
when approximately 100 employes
wero reduced and the resignations of
about 10 others accepted. The reduc
tions woro mado, It Is stated, because
the employes loafed on the job.
Yakima Land Again Opened.
Wnshlngton, July 13. Tho Interior
department has cancellod an order with
drawing 250,000 acros of public land
In connection with tho Yakima Irriga
tion project In Washington, and tho
samo becomes subject to settlement
October 5 and to entry November 4,
Wheat In Farmer' Hands.
Washington, July 13. It Is estimat
ed by the Deportment of Agriculture
that on Juno 1, 1909, thero was In
farmers' hands, 195,000 bushels of
wheat In Oregon ; 215,000 bushels in
Washington, and 130,000 bushels in
Idaho; total 504,000 bushels.
Revolutionists In Persia Gaining on
Government Forces.
St. Petersburg, July 12. Tho Rus
sian expedition from Baku which land
ed at Enzoll, a Persian seaport on tho
Caspian yesterday, la mado up of 1,000
Russian and 800 Cossack cavalry, with
eight field guns and eight machine
guns. Despite the correct attitude
maintained by the Russisns, the natives
are demonstrating their unfriendliness.
Tho unopposed advanco of Siphldar,
tho leader of the revolutionists, and
Sardarasad, the chief of the Oakhtlarl
tribesmen, towards Teheran, Is taken
here to mean that General LlakholT,
tho governor of Teheran, considers his
forco inadequate to engago In a general
attic, and that ho has decided to em
ploy his Co-flack brigade merely as a
guard over tho life of the shah.
Persons well Informed here regard
tho entrance of the revolutionists into
Teheran as u foregone conclusion, while
the deposition of tho shah, which sev
eral times has Decn mooted, will now
arouse no surprise.
Boy Brought Hore by Peary Will Try
for Arctic Honors.
New York, July 12. Separated
from his native home for 13 years,
Mono Wallace, an Eskimo boy brought
to this country with five of his people
by Commander Peary from the Polar
regions, sailed today on the Red Crow
Uno steamship Rosalind, for St. Johns,
N. F., whenco ho will bo conveyed to
his homo in Greenland.
lieforo Mcno sailed, tho Arctic club
extracted from him a written agree
ment that ho would not again return to
this country and that while in Green
land he would not bears arms against
tho Peary expedition. This was due,
St is believed, to the fact that Mene,
angered at the attitude of Peary and
tho Arctic club in refusing to take
him back to Greenland, once safe in
his native home, might seek revenge
for the treatment be received whilo in
this country.
Mene said he would organize an ex
pedition of Eskimos to find the North
Uniform Method to B Used In Phila
delphia Schools.
Philadelphia, July 12. Doth vertical
and Spcnccrian handwriting have been
tabooed In tho public schools of this
city, and after this a uniform method
of penmanship will be adopted
Numerous complaints have been re
ceived from business men who can't
decipher tho writing of their clerks and
applicants for jobs who have learned
tholr peculiar style of chirography in
the public schools.
For some timo Superintendent Brum
baugh has been at work on a plan to
unify and Improvo the writing, and
this plan was adopted at a meeting of
tho elementary schools committee.
A free, legible style of writing,
slightly slanting to the right, will bo
taught. Students, no matter how ad
vanced they may think their flourishes,
will havo to begin again with pot hooks
and ciphers.
According to the new code, writing
will be taught like calisthenics or a
manual exercise. The teacher will
clap ber hands and count, nnd the en-
tiro class will mako letters with hooks
and tails and crosses simultaneously.
The exercise is intended to'give a free
mocnanicai movement to tho arm and
Increaso tho speed.
Earthquakes in France
Marseilles, July 12. Earth shocks
occurred last night throughout the same
region which sutlered seismic disturb
ances in June. The shocks lasted four
or flvo seconds, and wero in a direction
from cast to west. Tho Inhabitants of
Rogues, Lamboseo and St. Cannat and
other communes in the Aix district
wero panic stricken and rushed from
their dwellings. They are now camp
ing in the open. At Marseilles the
patients In La Conception hospital
wore greatly alarmed , but they wero
reassured by the surgeons.
Teachers' Occupation Is Gone.
San Juan, Porto Rico, July 12. The
steamer Carolina has sailed from here
for Now York, having on board all tho
American school teachers who taught
In Porto Ktco last year under contract.
Tho fniluro of tho United States senate
to pass tho Olmstead bill, which was
designed to remedy the deadlock exist
ing uotween tho executive council and
tho house nf delegates, leaves tho is
land without money to begin the fiscal
year, since tho legislature has mado no
Troops Ruth to Morocco.
MadridJuly 12. Tho First brigade
I of Cazadors, composed of six battalions
of infantry, threo batteries of artillery
' nnd a squadron of cavalry, as well as
I tho cruiser Numacla nnd the transport
I Admiral Lobo, have been ordered to
Melilla, Morocco, where yesterday four
Spanish workmen were killed by natives
Dense Fog Is Blamed for Acci
dent on Superior,
Vessel Slnk"so Swiftly Members of
Crew Have No Time to Don
Life Preservers.
SsultSte. Marie, Mich., July 13.
Three minutes after the steel steamers)
Isaac M. Scott and John B. Cowlo had
collided in Lake Superior early today,
about a mile and a half ofT Whiteflsh
Point lighthouse, the Cowlo had gone
to tho bottom in 50 fathoms of water,
carrying with her 14 members of her
Tho Scott, although badly damaged
about the bows, put back to this port,
where she arrived this afternoon with
part of the crew of the Cowle. A
heavy fog was responsible for the col
lision. The Scott, a new boat on her maiden
trip to the head of the lakes, had just
passed the light at Whitfish Point, and
straightened out her course up the
lake, when she suddenly saw the Cowle
loom up through the fog, broadside on
and only a few feet away.
The Cowlo was down bound with
0,000 tons of iron in the bold. For 15
feet the bow of the Scott penetrated
tho side of the Cowle. Ton of water
rushed into the great opening and in
three minutes the Cowle had settled.
Immediately after the collision a line
was thrown from the deck of the Scott
to the forward deck of the Cowle, and
three members ot the crew escaped to
the deck of tho up bound boat by this
The rest of the crew who were saved
jumped from tho sinking steamer into
the lake, mo without life preservers,
and were picked up by the Scott.
Waves Wash Over Levees, Inundate
Farms and Drive OfT Families.
St, Louis, July 13. A cyclonic wind
struck St. Louis and suburbs at noon
today. Telegraph and telephone wires
were blown down. In St Louis coasty
trees were uprooted. Several persona
were injured.
The heaviest storm was at Altos,
III., where the excursion steamer Alton
was buffeted by the wind. Finding
that bis boat could not make headway
toward the regular wharf, the captain
headed it across the river in an at
tempt to effect a londlng on tho Mis
souri side. The boat waa tosied back
to midstream, which threw the passen
gers into a panic The boat was
jammed broadside Into tho pier of a
drawbridge, where the wind held the
vessel firmly until the passengers were
taken off.
Lashed by the wind, the wavea
dashed over the levee protecting Ven
ice, III., from the Mississippi river.
Ten thousand acres of farm land wero
inundated nnd 160 families were forced
to flee for their lives.
Tho wind attained a velocity of 36
miles an hour and telephone messages
state that it was heavier north.
Roberts to Be Head of Third Larg
est In Chicago.
Chicago, July 13. Under the terms
of an agreement reached today by tha
judicial committee representing tho
two banks, tbo Commercial National
bank, of Chicago, tomorrow will ab
sorb the Bankers' National. George
E. Roberts, president of the Commer
cial National, will continue as presi
dent of tho merged institutions, and
Edward S. Lacey, president of the
Bankers' National, will succeed Robert
T. Lincoln as chairman of tho board of
The amalgamation will givo the
Commercial National a banking power
of approximately 183,000,000, putting
it in third dace among tha Chicago
National banks, the First National
holding first place and the Continental
Bolivia Asked to Explain.
Buenos Ayres, July 13. The Argen
tine government is in direct communi
cation with the government of Bolivia
through Senor tonsecn, tho Argentina
minister at l.n Paz, who has presented
to tho Bolivian government a demand
for an explanation of tho attitude of
the Bolivian minister here as well as
for tho recont attacks on the Argentine
legation nt La Paz. Senor Fonseca,
has informed the Bolivian government
that he will withdraw from La Paz it
tho situation does not impruv.
Put All Britons In Army.
London, July 13. The nntlonal ser
vice bill, which provides for tho com
pulsory service in the territorial army
of all roalo citizens between the sgas
ot 18 and 30, was introduced in tha
house of lords today by Lord Roberta,