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IUmhI, you know, la going o
celebrate nu July J IliU year
Thin I Jut a memory Jogger,
li't yiMi forget.
The man who gels the busi
ness today It (he live, push
IfiH, energetic man, the man
who advertises.
NO. 13
Attractive lintcrluliimcnts Mark
llixh School Uradiiations.
Visiting Professor and Local Speaker
Deliver Interesting Addresses.
Eighth (IraJe Graduating Ex
ercise Are Very Pleating.
The commencement exercises of
the Hend schools look place in Lara
liall on the evening of Thurrday,
Friday and Saturday of last week,
and were in every way the entire
successes expected.
After nn Invocation by the Kcv.
J. Anthony Mitchell, I.. I). Wicst,
clerk of the school board, set the
bull rolling with nn able speech
briefly outlining the history, pres
ent status and future prospects of
the school. After calling attention
to the fact that a graduate of Hciid's
school could cuter, free of examina
tion, the state university a rare
compliment for any .school as young
as outs Mr. Witst closed by say
ing: "A successful school is due
to an able faculty; an able faculty
is cbo-mti by a Rood tchool board,
and a good board is elected by in
tclligcnt citizens."
Mis Held, the principal, then
formally presented the class, after
which Prof. Throne rendered a cor
j net solo, which, as usual, was
The history of
a school's first
class U a matter of considerable im
portancc as it is practically n his
tory of the school Itself. The oit
ol class chronicler fell very appro
priately to Mr. George Vandc Vert,
the only member of "'09', who
had been with it from start to fin
ish. The pajcr read by Mr. Van
dc Vert afforded his listeners nn in
teresting and comprehensive view
of the development of the school,
from its old home In the log house
to the present splendid building.
Miss Pearl Hlghtowcr delivered
nu excellent valedictory address,
and Miss Dorothy Schoolcraft gave
n delightfully well written and pre
sented oration upon the "Pursuit of
the Ideal" in which she showed
that true success in life is not meas
ured in worldly and financial guiu
but by personal integrity and faith
fulness to the highest (deals.
Then Miss Marion Wlest sang
several songn which met with great
applause, after which the visiting
Hicaker, Professor Sehafcr of the
University of Oregon, was Intro
duced mid welcomed by the audi
ence. Professor Sehafcr spoke primar
ily to the graduating class, but as
he said, "I do not lu the least ob
ject to the general audience over
hearing my rcmnrks." The speech
centered Uku the principle ot the
class motto, "Great Things Are
Done by Devotion to One Idea,"
though developed ut considerable
length. The speaker declared that
this singleness of purpose was the
greatest factor lu success and to
gether with it should be devcloed
the ability to uii't out the wheat
from the chaff the "worth while"
things from the useless. He dwelt
upon the importance of the "funda
mentals," the foundation stones of
life, upon which depend bo cntitcjy
the .success ot (he whole btrtctute.
Good schooling he emphasized ns
the most Important of these "fun
damentals," and spoke lu the warm
est terms of llcnd'n school and its
first class.
The evening was brought to a
close with the presentation of the
diplomas to the graduating class by
John Stcldl, chairman of the school
Tho Eighth (Irade Uraduatlon.
The eighth grade class of seven
members received their graduation
diplomas Friday evening at the close
of the exercises held in Lara hall.
Miss Maud Van de Vert present
ed the class, and spoke of her sor
row at parting with pupils in whom
she had grown so interested. The
program was varied, including
music both vocal and instrumental,
orations and essays from each mem
ber of the class. Every one of the
boys expects to enter the high
school next year, so the class his
torian declared, at the same time
extending an invitation to the audi
ence to attend their higher gradua
tion four years hence.
The class is composed of Harry
Johnson, Carl Hunter, John Hates,
Rny Dcyn-mond, Paul Scoggin,
Ivan McGillvray and Alonro
The Baccalaureate Sermon.
Sunday evening the Kcv. J. An
thony Mitchell delivered the bacca
laureate sermon to the graduating
class of the high school. The main
theme of the address was the value'lrnnr'i,,
of education. Dr. Mitchell espec
ially developed the Idea that the
schools could best .serve the inter
ests of the nation by including a
brief military training in the gener
al curriculum, and suggested that
the plan be tried in Ilcnd.
Tim mail school play.
"Air. Bob," the Cats and the Hungry
Air. Brown Provoke Laughter.
"Hello, old man, how arc you?"
Saturday night "Mr. Hob" came
to town, and about evervtwdy in
Ilcnd was there to welcome him
that is, Hitu. For "Mr. Hob," you
know, was the hcro-hcroiiic of the
nlay presented on the third night of
the high school festivities.
From start to finish the play was
n great success, even it the pussy
cats insisted upon yowling for their
condensed cream at inopportune
George Van dc Vert played his
part well despite the fact that kit
tens, and not bears, surrounded
him, while Miss Van de Vert, as
Mr. Hob, "the man with the weak
voice," excelled. Hut they were all
good, including the baud, from
Miss Wiest's inimitable old lady
and her vivacious niece, to the
thoroughly charming Patty, who
led her Komco such n merry chase.
And best of all, the finances
show n balance on the right side of
the books. The gross receipts were
31.80. The total expense of the
play and graduation exercises were
f 19-55. thus leaving n balance ol
$13.35, which will go toward future
Redmond Defeated In Three (lames.
Despite the fact that Messrs.
Dcllolt, McKay, Slants and Van
Matre joined lotccs with the Red
mond ball team, that aggregation
went down to defeat at the hands of
Prineville on Friday, Saturday and
Sunday last. The .cores were 3-3,
s-1. 3-4 "II clos-cly fought.
For Sale.
Slx-gntlou barrel churn, good ns
new, Address Hox 36, Uend, or
cull at Hulletlu office. , i:lf
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KlKHttsnF' '".tfJMSi y-JtJyMttJAiJjJWBMBB
Bend l)oe
Honor to
the Nation'
On the morning of Sunday,
May 30, the citizens of Heud turned
out en masse to take their respec
tive parts iu the Decoration Day
The meeting place was at the
church, where all gathered prepara
tory to the drive to the cemetery.
At the entrance a procession was
formed which marched slowly into
the cemetery to the historic music
of drum and fife. At the side ol
the flower Mrcwu graves the child
ren sang "America," Ucv. Mitchell
delivered n few appropriate re
am! thereafter followed a
prayer, a salute fired uy a squau
under the command of Comrade
J.I. West, and music by the band.
Iu the afternoon the second part
of the program took place at the
church, consisting of music, Lin
coln's Gettysburg nddrc&s, deliv
ered by Fred Lucas, and an able
patriotic address by the Kcv. J.
Anthony Mitchell. Large crowds
were in attendance at both the
morning and afternoon exercises,
and Bend's first observance of Dec
oration Day was a pleasing success.
Pleasant Kldgo Items.
PfcitASANT KlIMllt, May 31. Many
pleasant and moKt welcome show era have
visited ui of late. Warm weather is alw
very licueficlal to the crop. Most all
grain U looking nicely now ami If warm
weather continue a rapid growth will
ensue. Clover and alfalfa serin to have
made a remarkable growth In spite of
the cold weather.
A number of our neiuhliors were in at
tendance at the Sunday school conven
tion at Caidlaw. The noon hour was nu
exceptionally happy occasion, those lu
attendance making the acquaintance of
each other-
Andrew Nelson made a business trip to
Ilcnd last week.
C. M. Ilasmusseii, formerly ot Denver,
has moved onto Ills place at the old Hall
stage station and will put in a crop and
make fiiut proof.
Mrs. A. A. Green expect her daughter
from Idaho this week.
l'.arl Ilenton makes regular visits to
our vicinity every Sunday. That's right.
Karl, stay right with it.
We hear of a number who are expect
ed in tills mouth, but will report Inter n
they conic.
For Sale.
Three brood sows, with pig, and
one boar, Poland Chinas. One will
farrow In about n mouth, one in six
weeks. Will sell cheap.
Hugh O'Kank.
Pinning Milt Httd Feed Roller.
I now have my planing mill nud
feed roller iu running order and am
prepared to do wotk iu these lines.
I solicit your patrouage.
Wood Choppers Wanted.
To cut green timber into stove
wood. Cull on Hi) IlAUVOKSKNt
1 lit Mend.
Pour of Bend' Young People Married
During the Week.
Married, at The Dalles on Thurs
day, May 37, Mr. Edward P. Bros
Icrhous to Miss Cora A. Ferguson,
the Rev. Fr. M.J. Hfckcy officiat
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Mrosterbous
have gone to Seattle to visit the ex
position, and returning from there
will attend the Rose Festival at
Portland, after which they will
come to Mend to' reside.
The bride is well known in Bend
and vicinity, having been a popular
and successful teacher in the Prine
ville schools and also of the school
maintained by the Hend district in
the Arnold neighborhood. Mr.
Brovtcrbous is nu enterprising
young carpenter and is popular
with all who know him. The Bul
letin extends best wishes and con
gratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bros
Icrhous. Ely-Chapman.
Mr. Arthur lily and Mrs. Lizzie
Chapman were wedded at Grange
villc, Idaho, last Saturday at 6:30
o'clock. These young people are
also well and popularly known in
Uend, the groom being an ener
getic young farmer, while the bride
won a large number of Hend people
as her friends during the time of
her residence here.
Mr. lily is expecting to purchase
a tract of wheat land in Washing
ton nnd if the deal goes through
he and his bride will make their
home there. Otherwise they may
return to Hend in the fait. A long,
happy and successful life is the
wish that ncco in panics them from
Uend friends.
Inklings from (list.
GIST. Mav 31. Had a nice rain
Thursday evening.
V. IS. rturkhard, Lester Gist and
Henry Shumaker went to Prineville
Friday on business.
T. V. McCallistcr arrived here I'rldsy
with tenuis uud men, and is now at work
clearing laud 011 his wife's ilocrt claim.
He Intends to put lu quite a tract to
Mr. and Mrs. C. I.. Gist went down on
the Matolcs lost Tuesday to visit their
daughter, Mrs. Walter Graham, return
ing I'rlday.
The forest crvicc Is doing some im
proving at the ranger's station on the
Matolcs. They have just completed a
Tine burn and the carpenters are now at
work on an office building for the use of
Mr. South.
A base ball team will I organired at
Gist next Sunday. So look out for them
lu the near future.
Hardy Allen and wife, Mr. Carson and
wife and Mrs. Morton and son were vis
itors nt Gist Sunday,
IHlly Morton, brother of Mrs. Cora
Catsoil, will start for his home In Idaho
Monday. He expects toneturn here to
Arthur Templeton and wife from
Ctoverdule attended Sunday school here
I last Stmduv. 1 ' ai
experienced Sash and Door Man It
Well incased vllh Bend.
W. H. II. Williams of Seattle,
interested in and superintendent of
the O. H. Williams Company, man
ufacturers of doors and sashes, spent
the past week in the timber south
of Bend. To a Bulletin reporter
Mr. Williams said:
"I am very much pleased with
this country. There arc much bet
ter prospects and a better town here
than I expected to find. I have
been carefully examining the tim
ber in this section and it will- make
the very best doors and sasbes.
Your No. 1 and No. a lumber will
be made Into doors and toe rio. 3
into sashes. There will be practi
cally no waste to it. I much pre
fer in my business Eastern Oregon
pine to cither cedar or fir. Doors
made from cedar or fir lumber swell
too much in wet weather and shrink
in like degree in dry weather. Your
pine will make excellent doors and
sashes, and with transportation
Bend would be a fine place for a
sash and door factory."
"Has your company any inten
tion of establishing a sash and door
factory at Bend after transportation
is provided 1" Mr. Williams was
"It is a little early to answer that
question, but I am very favorably
impressed with the prospects ol
your country and with the quality
of your timber, and it is quite prob
able that wc will put in such a fac
tory at Bend when there arc trans
portation facilities."
Mr. Williams has been all over
the Pugct Sound country, and said
that Bend had better prospects than
anything he had tound iu the
that section.
Remember the Picnic.
Don't fail to go. The baud boyj.
would like everyone in the count)
to be with them, and there's no
limit to the trout.
Kcmcmber, we gather at the
Rend drug store at 8 o'clock Sun
day morning. Then off to the
Dutch John bridge, fishing, music,
and the very best time ever.
Trxusportatton must be engaged
by Friday noon, cither at the drug
store, Aldridge & Turpiu's tf at
weuanuy omce. .
The Fourth Is Coming.
The committee in chrfrge or the
Fourth of July celebration report
favorable progress iu all their
plans. Undoubtedly Bend will
offer its guests the biggest and best
Fourth ever seen in this neck of
the woods. Thiuk of nil those
Large posters have been ordered
and durjng the week envelope
stickers advertising the festivities,
will arrive and will be distributed
by ArM.j Lara on request. Hvery
letter; that leaves Bend should bear
one. "'-
Everything In R5Hness fofllvc
Prospect a Thorough Test.
Manager Hopes to Pint the Weric
Without Any Further Exaperat
Iflj: Delays Items From Cen
tral and Eastern Oregon.
Drilling has been resumed on the
well which is being put dowa by
the Madras Oil & Gas Cotapaay on
the west slope of Grizzly, and the
officers of the company say they
hope to continue work now without
further interruption until they
strike a gusher. The Madras Pio
neer reports that there have been
several annoying interruptions in
the work, which has, on that ac
count, made slow progress during
the last few months. At a depth
of 175 feet the work was suspended
for some time, as it was found nec
essary to secure heavier machinery.
With the arrival of the new ma
chinery work was resumed, but
was again discontinued in a short
time. Drilling has been resumed
again and they are now making
good progress.
The drillers are having some
trouble with water, which rises so
rapidly in the hole as to make it
difficult to "muck out." It is said
that overnight the water raised 275
feet in the hole, which will give
some idea of the amount of water
they have to handle. In order to
obviate this difficulty it has been
found necessary to sink the casing
with the drill. The work fa now in
charge of Frank Lovcland and
John Moore, and the latter has had
much experience in sinking oil
wells. The well on Grizzly is down
something over 300 feet.
Evaporating Station EstaWiassed.
The evaporating station has been
established at Christmas lake. The
object ol thtse stations is to deter
mine the per centage that water
evaporates under certain conditions,
a very important feature in connec
tion with irrigation. While here
Mr. Post installed a rain ijautte
and thermometers for co-operative
meteorological observations. Sil.
ver Lake Leader.
Shorter Item of Interest.
The Oregon Short Line will build a
fine new depot at Vale.
Silver Lake will celebrate the nation's
birthday tills year.
Twenty-thousand head of cattle, will
I shipped from Ontario this spring.
Paisley people are begluning to drive
to KUmath falls to reach the railroad
Instead of going to Shauiko.
Stealing a ride on an auto at Bend, "a
boy had his finger nails torn from the
first two 6nger of the right Uaud, hold
ing to one of the springs as the machine
bumped over a cross walk, He knew the
thing would kick and now he knows
that it will-bite. More. Observer.
U. K. Rluehart, resident of Lake
county, protMbly will be "appointed to
succeed J, N. Watson as register of the
uakeview laud office.
An eipert has examined the oil Indi
cations In the vicinity of Burns and has
pronounced the prospects as good as
there are anywhere In the United States.
The Pilot Biitte Livery & Feed
Barn will tie run in connection with
the hotel. A iaew shed with n
number ofstalls will be furnished
to freighters and emigrants. ' Hy
ami gram tor sale. itf