The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 23, 1908, Image 6

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    Yvhrn skle arc cotd with wintry stars,
antl lillli
Are white with yetcr-cvcn"s snow, an J
1 ghostly slate beneath Ihe ghostly
Ufc-n miny a gtity blast (lie darknei
x ilh errr lonely, homeless sound, aud
The window panes with frost: when
crackling fly
The spark about the hearth, anil clow
and die.
While In the pnue lit note the cricket
Oh, then how ilear Is home I aud whit a
Of ruddy- warmth anil peace beguiles
the mind !
And what a charm In listening while
the wind
Plows fierce outside, throush winter
Marry tents.
Aud die away around the window
And erer rise loud, and din again t
.rnrt Warburton Shtirtlcff.
jgina Gurnrs mmfa
OEL CLAYTON was tall and
gaunt, with clear, candid, blue
eye, and bin white hand, small
a .J nervous-looking, were aa welt kept
-. th se of a woman.
lie was thirty, and a splash of cray
on cither temple, a itrand or two of
wh.te in hit mustache, made hlui look
He wai broad-cheted and muscular
ity all rules he houM hare teen a aol
ilur be looked an "open air" man, but
for (ire yearn he had been writing abort
tor.e, novelettes and serials for the
weekly press.
It wan good, nervous work. Ill name
wax becoming known, for he had the
Imp;- kuark or bleudlig pathos with hu
mor He hid traveled widely, and an
AlHtru'ltu bush Idji at the beginning of
the week woulj be followed again by a
tory of rustic life In the dejr West
Country that he lured so well.
He tired quite alone, worked ami
smoked from moraine to utgbt, lured
Id profession, and bid practically drop
Ird all hit friend mile and feruile
ud when fit of the not Infrequent
btnea trot him by the tltroit. threw bli
l-en Into the crate and ordered op hi
landlady's children, and pandemonium
n-tgued for an hour.
Kometlmes be care them pennies, bat
not always small coin of the realm Is
not always available to RUthor but the
romps were huge, and he enjoyed tbem.
Of course there was a woman at the
bottom of the tangle of the man's life,
and women complicate thing sometimes
he vrould hire said "always."
On one particular evening he was alone
aud writing, when Jim Coortcojy wai
shown in and Jim was an old and trlcd
frlend about the only friend the lonely,
self-absorbed mail had, ami so the In
comer xt down and lighted his pipe, and
did not bother the author for quite a
quarter of an hour, aud then Noel rote
and stretched himself.
"What Is it this time. Noel?"
"Ob, the usual thing lore: and can
didly I am getting so sick of wrltiug
lore stories."
"Ah! you feel like that?"
"Mad alive, this U Christmas live, ami
sorneh w somehow my thoughts went
hack with n Jump, and I remembered one
Christmas Kve when "
"Your pipe's out, Noel!"
"Aje, so It I. Well, there was one
Christina Kve wbcu "
"My dear boy, are you worrying about
ber still Y'
' Yen." and then a long pause
It Is the privilege of chums to sit si
lent for a spell.
"And all this happened four or five
year ago. I never heard the rights or
wrong of the story."
Noel crossed the room, and digging
both hands Into, hts pockets, looked at
liU chum,
"There Is nothing to know. After the
four happy yearn of married life, trouble
came between us, lies came between us;
ud and here I am and it's Christmas
Ere. Of count our baby was nly a
mite a wee, blue-eyed, golden-haired
tulte; couldn't walk, cranial, you know;
but we were awful chums, anil when she
went and took our nilto well," ami the
man's laugh hurt hi own oars. "Woll,
then I took to writing love stories love,
old chap, with a happy ending bishops,
bridesmaids, bouquets aud bleating,
aud" his temitorary excitement had left
ldm ho added dryly:
"And It pays! Now go, old chap. 1
must get my stuff done for the early
post." aud Chum went out while Noel
turned again to his Interrupted work.
ISetvveen each Hue on every page
quaint turns of expression, iualnt
thoughts haunted him, a dead past spoke
to III in.
The girl-wlfo had been very sweet.
xcry lovable, very beautiful and had
marred two lives.
There should be a special place of tor
went for the pew wn0 deliberately
comes between two peoplo wboilove each
other and smilingly warp two lives.
Pearl Clayton was as easily led as
. chllil. a soft, emotional, weak little
woman, and when Noel returned from
fsw days' holiday he found the house I
closed and lVirl and Uaby had depart
Noet drifted for a httto hit, the slunk
unmanned him terribly, but hts pen was
I1I1 site source of Income, and It I111I t
Ik piled If Ixidy and soul were to be kepi
together, and In n very few week In
hid. to some extent, reg lined hts metitrt
betince, nnd lil work Improved.
The eve of OhrItni and the dt.v
ll.AlF Mint. I.. iH.k.l lt...aU ami nil tilth
I ...... t,''.-ii,- it, t'-t iii-iit-., mm .-.
purtlouhr eve Noel kept thinking kitk
. and thinking luck while he wrote.
How well he rvuiemlieretl the extra
ired stocking he Induced the nure V
knit, and how- bulky It looked and fe't u
Chrltmi iiuimlug. And then emir
school, college, and their tnurlcd life.
When the n-ribbling tit vvn tin hlui
Pearl used to draw her low wicker chair
close to hl writing tvble, knitting, o.
ditiitity fingering white miterlM, soft
and downy ami IliilTy for the pmpoctlvt
wearer, and the few- rem irk she made
seemed to ehtme In and Identify them
solve with whit he was writing; but
of courie, all thl happened fire year-
One mid little trick Pearl had. and
Noel remembered It tliU creiilng and
mled It.
When hN pen was working etra
imiiy stic ued to hi) tlie tips of her
finger himii hit rl,jlit hind Jut when
Hand meet wrist. She did nut Ineotu
mode htm In the least. He declared her
touch Inspired him; they were such pink
tipped finger", and n smiti, nnd he hid
often written with the tiny touch on his
wrist almost unctinsclunsty only peep
lug up from time to time at a sweet
oat face. Into deep rktlet eye lore lit
Hut, of cnurse, this was fire year
ago. '
So he wrote mi. fcIIng a little bit
sorry tint Chum hut not stayed, for af
ter nil he only had another hilf hour's
work before him. and then they could lt
and chat, and perhip drown the s mml
of the belU that he knew would ring iiui
III a few hours.
He was Just In the frame of mind to
summon his landlady's children, but ex
cctt for himself, the house was empty
There 111 a Cbristuiis Kve party going
on, and Mrs. Msrsb and her progeny
were atteuding It.
He had been writing for half an hour
since Chum had left hlui, and felt the
old familiar touch ou his wrist. It was
Imagination of course, he did not even
turn his head, and then be was looking
luto blue eyes, In the round mildeu-cHrled
framed face of a boy of four, who laugh
ed up at hlui and presented a rosebud to
bo kissed.
"(Joodiiess, child where on eirth do
)ou come from? and who who brought
)lii1 What ! )our nanieV"
"Krie," and the child bem to make
preparations for climbing a lofty knee,
"Who brought you here, IJaby Krl-V
How did )ou comeV"
Noel felt like an Irish member of Par
liament, for "110 answer was given," but
a wee form, full of hugs and kisses, got
fast bold upon him, aud said gravely,
and yet with a sweet sir of command:
"Just come'd and now If you're not
ton busy, mister Father "
"Ye, my son."
"P'raps I'd better go to bed."
"Hut. my child my little son who
brought you here? where Is your moth
er?' aud the tall man, suddenly releasing
hi first-born, pacts) up and down. Of
course, Chum had left the door open,
nnd somcoue had told the child to walk
straight lu and the child had straight
The author his tiny son was on the
floor now, saying things to the cat, and It
deserved every word, being a cat I hit
IHks stamps off letters, and loves baron
nnd lioiled egg thrust his hands deep
lido hi pocket aud looked down, sad
e)ed. at little rlunuy-faee.
"Yea, perhaps you had better come to
If Chum would only come, If some
thing would only happen tu break the
silence, a silence ouly cleft by the sigh
of n child.
The chun h was only at the end of the
. He could hear the bell-ringers shuf
fling along the frosty pavement, In a few
minutes and he bent to his work.
Half usleep, half awake, he was con
scious of the old, almost forgotten touch
upon his wrist a dream doubtless but
he could not shake It off, and then he
looked down.
Kneeling as of yore beside him, blue
I F v its f A
)es teu diniuietl, w I'tvirt,
"I Hive returuel, Nov." " It wai a
quivering Utt e x.iko, hut a t'irilled him.
How like she w.i to the.r child.
nd then the bells iIikIun! forlli the!
mesMgo "I'ejuo on l-Jurlh, tliml Will
Toward Min," mid tu two heirtx they
-nrrll n sweeter, deeper message still.
No word was spoken A suull figure,
111 it minikins jtekit tint reached tu hi
lilies, Ktixid at the dividing duor, an
eager face turned to either.
hd hiKtMiid nnd wife kissisl silently.
All old (icrimiti miylng h thnt h-twit-'ii
H und l'J o'clock oil Chrlstmns
evo vvnter chii be luriiett Into wlm
A AltntvtHi:rtu ttH) lug utxuit Christ-
mas cvo Is 'Tn-lllght ctirth Is blcndevl
with l'lirndK'."
The Imnp. or chihIIc, must not he nl
low i-tl tu burn Ifolf out mi Chrlstnma
eve or thetv will hv dentil In the
family vv Ithln the ) wir.
A Mwr miihwIIINi H thnt nny
one uii ixtts iiiiIh without limny on
Chrls(i.i will livse tils teetli.
Molir Is thnt 11 nlllnxr tlirillil n'
midnight will bring ilronms of u fu
ttltv lover.
It Is UlillRkv to tnp 1111 Christum.
j,,.. '
The am-trnl Semi.llunvlmi nnd
, , o ti 1 ..i..iK culled dirt inns .Moth.
er'H Night." the imtue UdtiK ImndtM
down ti the ClimtlnulstHl Mople from
mi old pngnn fi'Kllvnl fnniierly cete-
united nbout this sen son of the ynr
Tin. .mrilinn clilliln'ii uluco penny-
rovnl In thi IhvW Ctirlsliiiim eve tie-
cniiM. thev Indlevv tt nhva.vs flowers
nt the exnet hour of Christ's birth.
A lire coal should never be carried
out of the house on Christum cvo.
All lilldrcn l-irn nt midnight on
IX-cember 31 will Immiiic sn-nt and
A Yuutuful trlii-in re. I
Utile Kriicrxon Ynu don't Udlcve lu
nnv such ridiculous in) III us Hunta
Clans? .
Tough Jlmmy-Nnvvt I'm next to '
, . . 1. . ,. .
lnt game. All do Mine. Il n a
graft to let on )nii believe tu him an'
Kit all (lilt's cumin' to )oii.
An Instiprr.tlili- lllijrrlliin.
I wiiiiiii iiho in givn iii)iM-n iu ynu
iih n ClirlMiiins pn-w-nt." snld jomu
1'ooru to Miss Itoeks.
"I'njKl clot's not II I low lilt- to rect'lvn
expensive pmu'iiiM from joiiiig inw, .
rcplkil the mnlileii. Town Topic.
'rilrl Sinn,
Mrs. Nt'WjK Cluirlcy, vvhnt nro you
Sollitf lo glvo biihy for ClirlHtmiis?
Mr. Newpop (vvllh visions of past
night) A ilpln imllou If he keeps
on like he litis lately.
Where Kilrnslnn H'i l.'rsrrit.
"Yotl wish )our hIimMiik wiih bigger,
don't you, dear'" usktsl iiiaiiiitin of I)
"No'm; my stiiiumhk" -Judge.
r 2 Aunt Diana :
The Sunshine
of the Family
Oll.VlTKIt IV.
It was finally settled. AlUon felt that
duty called her home, and rooii the day
cam when she had to part from Aunt
niana. It was a sad leire-taklng, and
the tears were In Alison's e)e long after
Itm train steamed slowly Into the Ohes
lertrtii stntlon. Alison gatherisl up her
numeroui articles of Irarrllug geir, and
looked out with some eagerness, but Itog
"'stall figure was nowhere In sight, ami,
'""fh. ' ''"llM"' " lrP mI. she
rter Instruction, .(,, her trav
.... ,' ,r.,t, .... . 1Mll ,... i
tered Alison, feellnr reade to crv aeatn
at Imp InnntliiM .ml .,lrln ni li...
er's iinklnd demrtlon, nnd then all at
on' he eneountrel a pair of round Idue
rJfM- r wide own Hhe slsrte.1, yes,
thern was the wide mouth, the droll.
'rr,r'' hw J'" ,h' rjinmlH.rf.l .0
wr" of ciiurne It was Itiidel, grown, hut
olhttwU, , ,, ,,,;
vhy, Itudel." .he exclaimed, reproach-
fully, hy did you not speak to me? 1
was Itkiklng for linger, and nearly xtmed
you by "
' "h. t'Ut I shoutd have IkiIIoomI all In
1 ;." ' rrt,,,1,,,"l1 wl' ";
ktiii, Fitjiiting iinmts wim tier, inn reirnin
Ing frww any warmer fraternal greetlnx.
A soon si she was seated In the
lie got fn after her. and proeeednl to put
down both windows. "You would not like
me to go outside, I s'lptwMe," he said. In
A good humored, dandling vol.-e; "these
itil-s are so stuffy they nuke a fellew
feel quesr."
"Go oulslile If yiMi like." rrturnnl All
en, willing to humor him, but rather ills
turbed at the Uiy's coolness
"Oh, It doss not mailer," was th con
tradlctory response; "we have not far
to go, and cabby Is so unusually Moot
there would not be mom for Otter (Ki,
by the bye, linger told we to tell you
that father told him that sonwhody els
must come to the station, a he could not
he spnrcd. linger was awfully put slsxit,
for he Mid I should lie no help, and I
hare not been niueti, eh?" with another
grin that threatened to became a laugh.
"1 wlah dear old lluger could have
COD), hut I am glad to see )ou. Inn," i
Alison's polio reply, "I thought you
would hive kld ID" after two )ers of
"Oh, I never kiss girls," reddening vis
"Not your own sisters?" etclslmd
Alison, In a grieved role. "Oh, Itudel,
you osrd not to be so stiff snd unkind."
"I ain't on or th other," rousing up
nt this nnroaii. "I think It I first-rale
)otir coming, I mean and you are no
end of a brick to do It, and," with a
sudden burst of confidence, "I shouldn't
mind glring you a kiss now and then,
when you wanted It particularly. If you
would promise not to (ell MIssle, I would
not give her one no, not If she were to
auk m on her bended knees a sluck-iip
little minx t"
"Oh, Itudel, for shamM Mbl I
much your ilsier as lam."
'!' ' n' ,"'T,r J,,,,
growled the Isd. "I tell you what, All-
sun, you are an out and outer, and no
mistake, and I will help you fight all your
battle, that I wilt, as ur as my name
I Itudel. and that I better than ever so
" kl"7-M1 , .
, f1,er.I.,,,,fi:, ' m "iin
k nd y, thouth you bsv such a funny
,;,. ,,u, , u no wln
... fui., inr ,
Oh, hut you will he ohllgml lo fight
MIssle, whether you wish for It or not,"
was the civil rejoinder: hut AIIon was
, e,,,,!,.. ..,.,., ,1.1. .w
j.,, , n,,r in, reacheil Tlie Holms, and
n Bntr moment wers driving up the
graveled sweep between rows of dusty
ilie Holm was a singularly built house
siitiare, stone hall, nnrnrix-tnl and
chilly looking, led to the kitchen and nth
ed domestic olfices, all on n large scale
and unusually roomy; a wide Might of
"""' ,,,!,,, 'IWerlng from the m-xlern
atalrriis. by being also uncovered, led to
the sitting rooms, dining room, drawing
room, school nwm, and study, all often
Ing on lo a narrow corridor, fitted from
end to end with Imnka hooks llterall
lining It from floor to celling.
As AIIon wesrily ascendisl the t(ps,
a thlu ladylike woman In a black gown,
with a depressed, gentle face, came lo
the head of the stalrrnse.
"I am no glad to see ynu, my drar,"
Wie said, kissing her affectionately, "Why,
JI do bcllovo ynu are grown, Alison; ynu
are taller tuan I expecieu to see you, out
you are looking pale."
"Oh, that Is nothing," returned All
son, hastily. "I am 1 1 ml vvllh the Jour
lie " Tor Just then sho did not wish her
looks to he loo keenly crlticlsul. "Where
are the others, Miss IoIgli father, Mabel
and Popple?"
"I am ho sorry, Alison, that I am the
only one lo greet your homecoming. Ma
bel and Popple are out; they had an
Invitation lo an afternoon nrty at the
Itrowulow's; It Is little Htacy's birthday.
I wanted Mabel to stay at homo nnd lei
Popple Ko without her, hut she would
not hear of It."
"Never mind, returned Alison, quietly;
hut she was conscious of a hurt, chilled
feeling as Miss Leigh brought out this
lame excuse This was her return home
after two years' absence, and et ltogrr
could not I spared to meet her at the
station, and Mabel could not give up an
I afternoon's aiimtemeut to welcome her sis
ter Her father was buay as uaual) proh
nhly hn had forgotten her eilsteucu nl
t this time.
"Ynu nre very tired, my dear," con
tinued Mls l.elgti, disturbed nt the young
girl's miihh'u gravity and paleness, ".Shall
I I take )oii to jour room, and send oil
up a tup or tea? I dnresny you wouiu
tike to be quiet a little"
"Thank )nu." replied Alison, grateful
ly. Itudel skipped lip after her, three
step al a time,
"I siliqsise )im do not want to sea
Hulky now, Alison?"
"No, no," Interrupted Miss Ih-IkIi, "your
slater Is tlrrd, Itudel; )oii hnd belter go
iloun and Irave her to real."
"Oh, I was tint talking In you, Mother
Mull," vvn the U)'s rude retort i snd
aa AIImiii turned round to shake her head
nt hint, she dlarwcred him III the net
of making one of hi favorite fare nt the
back of I he iincouselous governess,
"I say, missus," he observed, when he
bad sullU'Irtilly relieved hi fiellngs, "have
)ou (old Alison about her room)"
"No, not )et, Itiidfl." relumed ih
liiuch-eiidiirlng Miss Ijrlih.
"Then I shall 1 cnll It a mean trlek
of Ml.fle's, no one but a girl would do
ilrh a thing, here she has hern and taken
jour room, Alison, with mother' thin.
In It . and nothing Ihe nilisus can ssy will
gel her lo give It up. Missus Is awfully
wild alMiut It, slu't you, missus!"
"Oh. Itudel t do be quiet." remonstrsled
Miss le-lgh. lu Ihe old worried vole All
soil knew so well. "What a tiresome Ikiv
)im are! and 1 wauled lo tell )oiir sister
quietly. AlUon, my dear, I am very sor
ry, bill Mabel has appropriated jmir
room, and most Itnniunerly rfoei to give
It up I spoke to )iHir father about It
last night, but he only said It did lull
signify, thst he expected you would not
mind, as jmir visit lo us might not be a
very lenglhv one I think joil had bet
rr spk to III in yniirsslf"
"I will see admit II," relumed Alison,
quickly, ativlMt lo stem the govern"'
nervous How of word "Am I to sleep
here lo-tilghtT" s Mis Itgh olicd Ih
ilir of n lsrk nm
"I have Made It as nice a I can." r
turned Miss llgh, netleally, "ImiI I
am afmld ynti wilt think It an ugly riwon.
It wsnl reiwperliig. and th carpet Is
dreadfully old"
"th. It will do very well," observed
A I soi. qlllelly. bul she Linked round her
with a sinking hesrl neverthtles Il
was Mabel' old room snd very shsbhlly
furnished, and hmled oier Ihe kitchen
garden and Ihe sawmill
She listened with well assumed jmllenre
as Ml l.elgh pointed mil th various
Utile Improvements she hd ffeetel
TtKMigh Alison did not know It, Ih easy
tbalr snd Utile nmtid table wre taken
from Miss thigh's own ronmj lb furh
sins and grrsnliims In lh bin vs were
linger' gift; and even Itudel had con
tributed the big green fern thst stoml on
tlie window ledge.
"Now, I will arm) you up your tes,"
ntiserreil Miss I-lli at last, whni Ihe
Imirs hsd srrlreil, snd Itudel bsd aatlst
eil In unstrap them; "liters. Is no hurry,
my dear. )nu will have nearly two hour
lo yourself to unark snd rest."
Alison tried In answer cheerfully, but
her head was arltlsg lu earnest now; lb
tisir were very near Ihe surface again,
(Hit she liatlleil with them bravely
( V.
A cup of excellent tea was very restora
tive In IIS effetla, and when Alison had
fli-eliened her tired face with cold wster,
snd brushed her disheveled locks, snd
exchanged her traveling dress fur a light,
cool looking, I'l'ijr cloth costume, she
fell less reluctance lo present herself to
Ihe critical eye of her father and Mabel
"May I com In?" questioned a voice
that she knew al onre was linger', and
In a moment she had sprung Joyfully lu
th door.
"Oh, linger, you dear old fellow, I am
wi glad In see ynu again I" she exclaim
nl, forgetting all her troubles In the sight
of hts familiar face. Kvldeully her pleas
ur was rrciprotalcd; a jxilr of strong
arms almost lifted her nlf her feel, and
bore her a n IIm room toward Ihe win
itow, nnd, after a hasty kiss or two. Hog
er pot his hand under her Hilu and grave
ly Inapeclrd her,
"I niixw you are glad to see me," he
observed nt length, "as )nti have been
cr)lng evidently nt lit pleasurable null
rlpotlon. Su you are sorry tu com home,
Alison, eh? and yet"- rather reproach
fully ")nti are winded very IsiWy here"
Alison's only answer was lo lay her
face down nn hi arm: tills was a little
tot much fur her Jaded spirits, a few
more tears would come, linger dad found
her out, a she knew he would.
"Come now, Ihls won't do, Allle," he
sold, with a sort of soothing roughness,
"we shall nek )uu bntk again to Aunt
Diana, If you are going lo fret. I looked
fur rather a different greeting after two
) ears' absence."
"I can't help It," Mite snld, trying lo
dismiss her tears; "I am tired, and ev
erything seem strungn to-night, nnd I
do miss Aunt I Mann."
"Yes, she hn Nfiolleil you for in; you
hiivn grown a dainty Utile lady, Allle."
"Oh, no; I nui nut sulrd In thai
way," she Interrupted lilm breathlessly
"You en ii not quite mnUrstninl, linger,
but there I silth n mixed feeling, I
have wanted ynu nil IIh-ho two years; jou
have never been out of my mind a single
"Well, I am glad lo hare you back lo
scold )ou properly. What color are your
eyes generally, Alison? They are as
pink as on Albino's to night,"
"It Is my turn lo look nt you," she
relurnid, trying lo pluik up a little
spirit, "Why, jou hnve grown a mus
tache, linger. How well It suits you I"
but Itogcr only broke Into n merry laugh,
"Did )ou ever see such a handsome
fellow? Ilenlly, Itudel aud I are marvel
ous specimens of manly beauty, He bents
me In freckles, though, ha, ha I" And
Hoger quite rocked himself In merriment,
"t like the took of )uil very much,"
returned Alison, "Your hnlr I a lit t to
tough mid, "hi )oiir boot nre muddy
You have wanted me to step you in
"I don't seem In inntilt you, somehow,"
h observed "Do )0U illwil)N look Al
though jou were Just turned nut of n
hnmllHix? I wMi )imi would Ink MIssle
nnd Popptn In baud; they drive MU
lo'lgti crniy with Ihelr uiitlillnnes. Oh,
we nre a happy family, Allle -nothing
but billing and cooing, and that sort of
thing going on from morning to night
You might take Itudel and MIssle for a
couple of love birds, tlie sweet young
creatures are so fond of eaih other, and
a for Popple and MIssle look, liters I
a specimen uf the linius music dulcet
strain fluting up the stalrmse. Titer
goes MIssle."
Alison's brow knitted wluli sums per
pleilly ns she listened, "I'lora. will vuu
go Into your own room) I Insist mi II
)im are not fit to Ih seen In that lorn
frixk," In a sharp, girlish voice
"What does It mailer? Hhe won't
mind," lu a shrill, childish tret.l. "jou
are hi cross, Mal-el. Do let me come lu
with )uu nnd see Alison,"
"No, no. do as I tell )ou ; you shall
com III presently 'llteret )ou have tram
pled mi my dress and lorn some of Ih
trimming, )ou horrid little thing I I will
tell pnv If you are so naughty, and
then he will not let jou com down lo
lea." Here an expree roar on Pop
ple's rt Interrupted the discussion. AII
miii, who could tirsr no more, moved
qultkly lo Ih ilasir nnd o;ieii. It, A
pretty looking, fair-haired girl, dressed
somewhat untidily and In bid stjle. with
rather a vixenish expression on her ftunle
eil face, was standing Just outside Alison'
room, and behind her a somewhat plain
little girl between eight and nine jeers of
ge, rsllter small In stature, and with a
droll, fre.ile.1 face like Hudcl', only II
wa Just now puckered up with crying"
a red, Inflamed it m eheek ws
evidently Ut result of a smart htaw nn
br sister's arl in vnifiit for th lorn
"How do yoti do, Ms Welt" eh ssld,
with a somewiiat cold satut of Mlssl'
eheek. "Pleas do not prevent Pnppl
coming lo ns I could net help hearing,
you s;siVe so loud, and I do nol mind on
till Ihiw she look Com bre, Popple,
dear," but lit ehIM, erklently shy and
UMet liy Ih 1st frscss, hrhl lek In an
entliarrassetl oianner. until Missis gar
her a rough sjsh "Why don't ynu go
to )hi stupid llttl thing?" h
Mid rrnost), for she was iut out al iter
sister's sudden sppenrsn on th scene.
"Please tin tint fore her In route to
me, we shall ! ery gisl friend dlred
ly," reliinie.1 Alisuti, sorry for Ihe pMir
child's awkwardness "Cow with lite,
Poppls dear, Hoger la In toy room, ami 1
will show you the pretty new gsine I
hsve brought for Jou "
'iti child' fsc brightened In a mo
ment, aud she moved Instantly lo take All
soli's hllicl, sgalll Mlssl Interpnsed.
"rSte uiiist rhang her frock, Alison ,
tea la Just ready, and I hear sipa's step
In lh garden, II will l rery angry If
Pnppl tik rough or untidy, and I ran
nol allow hlui tu t. veied," pursing up
her Up with a virtuous eiprelon.
AIImiii ouilrollnl a quhi retort with
souk dlltii-ully She hail fully elixir. I
lo find Mlssl a most aggravating llttl
Mrson, or wvty should MIm l-lgh oun
pislu of her so hillerly? Itul th reality
was worse than she sntlclMted,
"Never mind," stte said, calmly; "
must not vrx tvps, laust we, Popple? I
wilt help jou change your fnxk, and er
baM after all we may have time to look
at lb Ash ponds." And wit limit another
glanc at MIssle, Alison ntsd Poppl
cheerfully lesd the way, as sit did not
know her room,
A Alison, sfler dressing Popple, cam
down the staircase wltlt the child still
clinging to her, Mr. Merle suddenly msils
Id apenranc from ths study, II si
most started at Ihe sight of his daughter,
snd sn expression of psln crossed his
handsome, careworn face. In the dim
light Alison recalled her mother too plsln
ly lo III eyes,
"Oh, psi," she ssld. hurrying In him,
and pulling up her fair young face lo
hi, He kissed her kindly, isttlcd II, told
her thai she had grown Into a wnman
since he bad seen her, aud questioned hel
villi some Interest about her Journey.
'll dining room, a large, hsndsouiely
furnished riHinr, hoiked sufllclently coiy
as they entered II Mlssl was III lltn
sent of tumor, she gave a Utile simper
ing laugh as Alison entered with her fath
er "I siipHise llils will Imi your plain
tn-limrmw.'' she ssld, fnr, a Alison re
plied simply, "I slipims so, bill I need
not disturb ynu to night," a vexed took
crossed M Isle's face, hut as Itudel wa
already grinning In lmes of a row ahs
prudently dlsspolnled him.
When they rose from the table, MIssle'
flrt word were a erempinry order for
Popple lo put away her Inj and go In
bed. This led lo a feeble protest on Mis
thigh's inrt.
"It Is not so rery late, Mnbel, nnd l'o;e
pie tins not seen her slater for two years.
I think she might wait a little longer."
"1 am not going; there now I" observed
Ihe thlhl, ileflnntly, qulle oblivious of her
father's present e.
"(lo II, Pohi I'll hack you." whispered
Itudel, rubbing his hnnds; "she sba'u't
tout h you ns long as I nui here."
Mabel's eyrs Unshed. "You horrid, rilds
boy. Pa " Hut here Alison gently
"You will go to bed now, dear, will you
notr" she whlsHrcd In the child's ear,
"and I will come nnd tuck ynu up, and
wish ynu good night." And thus propi
tiated, Popple's sullenness vanished, nnd
she trolled on nt mice,
(To b continued.)
Cancer of Ilia stomach cntmca nbotit
0,000 deaths it yunr In the, United
HtutcM nnd nearly 0,000 lu ICngland nui