The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 16, 1908, Image 8

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If you will sent) $i5Q for a year's subscription to THE BEND BULLETIN cash with onjejr, we wi) give you, absolutely
1 ' ' p ' ' ' "free, a full pnfd-up yelp's subscription to
Description of the
Facts About
(our s
wAi yWrt"" "w" ""'" ,
These two beautiful plc
tve which arc offered with
Fsnn ami Flrcslilc ami The
Bc,u Bulletin if vonr sub
ecrjpon is received prompt
J, aft the masterpieces of
owe of, America's foremost
arti'sts. They an: really art
proofs and each would re
tail irf art Store at from 50c
to fl.Ss$ Kath "picture in
reproduced in all th beauti
ful eoloxs of the original
piintipR. on fine supcrcalcn
fiarcd stock, all ready to
put up in jour home. The
Pretty Girl picture ia,, x
11, V inches; the center pic
ture 14 x iq inches ad the
Lincoln picture 9 x ij
. . !-. . Ill
llirsc iwu yiyuica win
be furnished with Farm and
Fireside and The Bulletin
only if you subscribe before
January 15, 190$.- They
are sent postpaid.
It U not enough that Farm
not cnoucu mat it nas Darren an nu
accepts; Farm and Fireside has got
accepts; Farm and Fireside lias got to do more than mat. and it is going to do a In
to the farmer and his family the very best Of practical and helpful material trial 111c
more'important than a post driver, it's going to be told by a man who can make a
any one ouicr ining. we are going
he fanner's wife needs labor-saying
any one oilier thing. Ave are going
Remember $1.50
Ijlrs,. tylcRaneys Experience.
Mrs, M. McRanev, Prentiss, Miss.,
writes: "I was confined to my bed for
three months v;lth kidney and bladder
trouble, and was. treated by two physi
cians but failed tq get relief. No human
tongue can tell how I suffered, and I ha J
given up hope of eer getting well until
I began faking Foley's Kidney Remedy.
AHef faking two bq(tles I felt like a new
pefsoft, and feel it my duty to tell suffer
ing women what Foley's' Kidney Rem
edy did for me." C. W. MKitftaL,
Redmond Items.
JrpMOXD, Dec. 13, 'oS. Tlje meet-
Sngs being held here by the Presbyter
ns closet lajt WcdncHljiy evening with
the admiuion of new member, the
ordination of F.Idcr Cliap,mm and the
pmtAunion service. The' npiy metnbcrj
re Mr. and Mrs. Norwood, Mpfcfy
im( Buckley, with Mrs. Brown, Burling
hTtof. Park, Smith and MflLallju.
baptismal seryice for cldldreri was. alsp
icll at 5:30 o'clock. Mr. Harper Ifavcs
(hU week for other Gelds with the best
wishes of every one with whom he has
come in contact daring his short stay
The butterfly sodal held at the hotel
',!iur. day night was one of those good
times that teem beforehand to be hard
to report on account of the scarcity of
pey expressions in which to dress up
old Ideas. It was an event that will be
lorijj remembered. It was delicious
litiiikwheat pancakes that made the but
ter fly for otcr a hundred who partook
of them. V. J, Young had charge of
the stove work with Finis Woods as
chief assistant. Mrs. Park mixed the
cakes and a dozen or more girls served
them. Before the serving began the
company was entertained with songs
and preprandial speeches. A. Bel
cher spoke to the subject The Ladies (in
general;) U. A. M. Lilly handled the
Ladies' Aid, H. F. Joues made an
nouncesenU and K. C. Park spoke on
the paticst and long-suffering husbands.
Wc feel safe in saying if anyone did not
have n good time bis money will be re
funded. Carl Khrct's Jiouse is coming along
nicely with several men worklug up tl.e
lumber as fast as it comes in, He ex
pects to occupy It by Chrittmas time
More people are taking Foley's Kid
ney Remedy every year. It. consid
ered to be the most effective remedy for
kidney and bladder troubles that medi
cal science can devise. Foley's Kidney
Remedy corrects frruwilarities, builds
up worn iit,ljufi nqil reMoriimt
ubu It yill make y.m ivehwen mil,
and Fireside has stood in the front rank of
- siiotiauieauvcriucnienis irom us columns
to do more than that, and it is koine to do
to carry this, utility idea through the whole farm and into tho kitchen door, ulicre
10 carry inn pui
elps and prscfl'
suggestions just as
Pay fqr a Full Year?s Subscription
and it wll be quite an addition on the
north side.
Rev. Loyytlicr expects to begin pro;
traded meetings here the first of Janu
ary. Ho wiH be assisted by the Adsins
Mr. ones has been making several im
provements on the place lately ouned by
Chris Kbret.
The McClellan are new arrivals from
the Grand Romje valley onii are camped
south of town,
Mr. Muuia ia (illipg his jo barrel
cement walled cijtf fit toay.
Mrs. Eby is at last ell enough to be
out to church again after an absence
lasting for several mouths. ,
Mr. Burlingliam lias bought lots in
town and is building on them for tem
porary opcupaucy.
Cashier Fillers expresses himself as
surprised au1 pleased at the volume of
business being done by the bank.
Lamb's feed store Is also enjoying a
good run of business.
V.. C Park.
A Personal Appeal.
If we could talk to you personally
about the great merit of Foley's Honey
and Tar. for couchs. colds and luiiu
trouble, you never could Ik: induced to
experiment with unknown preparations
that may contain some harmful drugs,
Foley's Honey and Tar costs you no
mom anil nas a record 01 40 years 01
cures. C. W. Merhh.1., Druggist.
The Piotleer Telegraph
afld Telephone Corapany
Telegrams Forwarded to Any Tart
of the World.
Telephone Communication
with Portland, Prinevllte and alt
Pacific Coast cities.
Public Pay Stations
in Bank Bulding at Bend, at Laid
law and Powell Bttttes.
Messenger service to any part of
Crook County south of Crooked
Deschiltes Lodge No. 113'
Knights of Pythias
Regular meetings the second nnd fourth
Wednesday of each mouth. Visiting
knights aUnys uelooillc,
CrtAS. 1). line .v. . C,
C0U3. D, UbVM Jw JU & 3.
tween Janyary IS and Mnrch l,
will be cn'tltfed only tp ppe plp
ture, the Lincoln picture. So pow Is
Uie time to subscribe. The pictures arc
sent postpaid.
is Farm
farm papers for the la.t thirty year; it it
ami tniarniiiuc every nuirriiwnirisi 11
a lot mprc tli-tn tn; it is uolnu to ulve
nuey can uuy. ji 11 ttaiioiii ikhiiiiiu;
1 poit ilrinr l;ttr than he n do
much as the meil folks.
Above if You Subscribe Before January 15th
"rrirz Bend, Oregon
nrpsrtmrnt of the Interior,
I' p, .fin.l DIKcc, The la!lt, nirgon,
.S'OTcrotr 7, !,
A tytlcttnt contr.tsr&larlt bin( lwn Alnl
InthUiyacc by llrorar A. Jontt, cunlrftanl,
KMntt liomt.irAil (SrUl No 01404) rntrjr Nu.
tjilj. midr NotrmlK-r I. ioS for W',HKU,
JXnw.h jo.nwjj-nki. sc.iv,Tp. ir A,
K. u II. W M.. y AllKtt W. l-opr, ilnrawil.
oinlnlrr, In whkn (1 ! ntlf r td I hit I Mill All-r1
W. I'up. on or stout fpttniUtr 11, lt. ilinl at
l'r1nrlIIr,Olnoii. Uadiistirit 01 Lliiaml lint.
A. W l0c. whIuw of ilrnl rulr)msn, ail
drclf unVuOKii. ami William I'oix, miliar ton
r of the lloy and rilrU Aid iv.tjr
. uicaon. 1111 mm iraci n not i-n
Dtiii or cultivated br lakl traou4 or
rilhrrof Ihctn, or by any iKfauti l.f imiiii
wnomaocrrr. incr tnc urain 01 inr ruirvinau.
Hut said tract ! nuw tn! haa Ixcli l"T niorr
than lx nioAtsi Holly dtwindofaril. iMt aaid at-
cent sj(ctice yra uut uuc o riiipiurnirui 111 1
army, uary or marine coip of llic t'nll hlal
ii iinjc ui war,
SaM panic ore hereby nollOnl lj spiirar, re
poixl and offer rrldcmr loochlii:nldallccatloii
at ap clock a. ra on IMrrmuer it. I2". Iirtor
II. C. l'.IIU. a t , ri roinnilMloncr, at ills office in
HcihI, Oregon, and thai final hrarlne will I
held al 10 o clock a. ru. on (ecrmUr ;, 15103,
beforrthe Keri.ter and Kccelier at the United
hutet Ijand Oftcc In The Dalles, Oregon.
The said conlcflant haetng, li proper nICda.
lt fileit .Soreinler , , 100H, aet lor III fncta which
how that after due illllEenrr pcrtoual aerekeof
till, notice can not be made. It ta hereby ordered
and directed that auch notice lie (Wen by itue
and proper publication,
nljdit i. W MOOWI', Kegliter
Hnrncss and Snddltify
Trunks and Valises
Successor to A. L. Hunter.
walker: valley
ctfrufcsptail.NciJ Soi.icirnU
JaHaaalKflab'afT ItaliiiiiiiVll'
and Fireside?
Around this practical wotklug proposition, carried out on a totally now plsne, mc shall funic material of Ititcrctl
and entertainment, which farm micik hrretufote h.ita put Into the "can't afford" class.
Farm and I'ltesldc has incite to filtreii ilriwirtuiciits covering erry plisv of farm and home life. Among tliriu
arc Livestock and Dairy, Gardening. Poultry, Fruit Gnmiug,'sihlotis, Yomt; 'riile, rlr. It ptiilts in to
3 pages each Issue. We can afford tilt best, simply Ikcaiiv mc hclictc the farmer Hill ty for the best, tioiv that vie
have demonstrated our ability to give It Jo liliu.
Vou will futil Farm and Fireside better than it hat ever been thought possible to make a farm and bitiill) paper.
to Both Papers and
Drpartinentriflhe Interior,
C H Land Office al The Ixlln.Oreion,
Noremlr l, l'nl.
A aufoclent eontet a(Hdalt baring leil flint
lulhlaomc by Illnter Nlawongrr. contevtani
r Nlawonicr. contetaiil,
lial .So oijwl entry No.
I, l, for liShl S !
Mauge II It W ll. by
ml, runteatce In which it
agaiiui nonmiean ienai .ig 01
luit, luaue lH-.xiiiir 1, 1
tfonM-Twn l-IWiilh. M
Kntllv Icdinauu. drcraieil
la alleaed that aald entriworaau dint imi or about
April 17. lyo; that prior to her death ahe wlu,!ly
alunduunl aald trad IhSt Uie uerer culliffitcd
or lmw oel ukl trad Or cSdWj Hie sinir tr 1
done, that Iherear nokiibwn flelra of 14M rn
trywoinan that II there ateauy helra ofuiden
Irywomau they arc unknown 10 alilanl that
alucc her rirsth no helra oe tieraoual repieartita
lite hair ever Ixeu heard front nor haa anyone
tme lo claim her property that aald alirgnt
aiMeucr ia hih uwe ij pcttict in me aiiuy. ii'iy.
or marine rorx ol the I'lilled atate In time of
Mill parties are htreby notified lo apprar re
apond, aud offtr evktence loach I ng mM alle
Eutlon at 10 o'clock A. M. on January j, iw
rforell C.' 8. Commlaaloner at hi.
ofnee? in Hcnd, oretun, and that fiual hearing
wlle heklal 10 o'clock a. m. on January 11,
lojj, before the KcgUtcr and Merefier at the
United Mates band ulftcr lu The IMtlea, Uregon
The aakl cnnlra'ant having In proper ant
davit filed November U, . act futth facta
which ahow that after due diligence personal
aervice of IhU notice can not lie made. It la here
by ordered aud directed Ihat auchnotltr begiren
by due and proiwr publication. C. W. IIOOKH HcKlaKr.
Uepartineut of the luletlor
t , 8, Land OfUce st The liallra.Orrgon.
Noeember l'4h, iv
Notice- la hereby given that
Jamca It. fall,
of The ttallca, Oregon, who, on NovemUr nth
luS, mule Timber H hlone Apiillcalion No.
01647, for HUKNiW.ltUhiitf.rtWK Kl'.l, Her.
it, Tp. IS K. IJ I',, W. SI., haa filed notice of
iileuiion lo make final timber and atour nrnnf. Claim to the land ahmc ilcerilbrd.
Iiefure the Kegl.ttr and Kreelrcr of the t'lillni
Htalea IjtmX tllhce. at The Uallea, Oregon, iiuthe
Stli day of February, ).
Claimant names a wlliieava Michael
O'Connrr, William O Maaun, llerliert Cnnnlng
ham and Nclx Mclutoah,allofThc Dalles, ore
sou ll fj C W. MOOKK, Uegt-Ur.
Department of the luletlor,
I . H. Land Office at Tlie Dalles, Oirgnu,
Nor. i, l$rt.
Notice It lieieby given that
Ijvcrn O. Kcci!
oflKnd. Orrcon. who. on Auiiivl xilli. 1001.
made llomealrad I'Jilry No. I)V', fur NH! hro
lloiiS.Twp, iShouth, Haugeii It. W, t haa
Aled notice of lulcutloii to male final live-year
proof, to claim to Hit laud above dc
crlbed, before 11. C. I'.llla, United Ktalea Com.
iiiiaaioner, at ma Miner at iicun, crook county,
Oregon, oil the fill day of January, 1909.
Claimant names aa wltncaaesi .James I!, Heril,
Irving J. Heed, Arthur O. lily, ticorce utc, all
of lleud, Oicgou,
d'l-djo C. V, JIOOKK, Xfgl.tcr
Token Up.
Came to my pasture about July
15 last, yearling1 Meer with both
ears clipped and split; also brand
on right hip but cannot tell what it
is. Owner can have Maine by pay.
tig for this notice and damages.
35.40 RlClIAKl) Kino.
We want your subscription,
1 ATH Sf)M9
Gives You the Two Superb Color
Department of tht Interior
f A. Land Office at The Italic, Oitgon,.
November lllli, v.
Notice la hereby given that
d)(in II Slack.
of rvetid, Oregon, who, on Auguvl ijnt. 1,
llnmralVad lintryliUrlal No. isi. No. !! for
MS NKtf . NWW yi(j(. NKH Nltft iw i, rp
.,K. II l V M .baa nlr.1 notice lit iHUntlun
toiuake I'lnat CnHimrilStlon Proof. In
claim to the landauive ilttilt. Ifli- II. C
I Uta, Untied Matr Couimla.luner, at hll omcr
at liend, orrgon, oil the liud day of DiwuiUr,
Claimant name s wllnraaia Andrew T
Moore. i:rnal (larrell, WlllUm I. ltltvray
and John ri J'arinlnter. all of lleuif, tliegon
nis-dit C. W MOOHK, Krghler
Depa;)miut of the InlerU,
U S. Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
NovemUr Itlh, f.
Notice la hereby given that
l.liie K Hcoflckl,
of newl. Oregon, who, on October ilth. IV",
made Timlr and tttone Appllcallnn No tiU'i,
fur lt 4, HKU nU'V he ikaixlLoti aud Nlt'i
NWK.ner. is.Tp. f7H,M. It K. XV l . haa
tiled notice of Intention to make final lirnbrr
and atone I "roof, to eataldtth claim In the land
above JctCTibcit, bef-sre ll. C Kill.. t'MI'il Male
CommlMioncr, at hlaffice, at lleud, Uiifc'Mi, on
the int day ol January, wy.
Claimant name, aa wllnesae oMph N. Hunt
er, William II. KlnaU, Iran I.. HcoSeVl. Clurlr
ll. Iirowu and Itlrucr Nlanungcri sll of liend,
niJw C W MOOUli, Mejl.ter
Department of the Interior,
V It, Mod Office al Tht Dalles, Orerou,
November 1MI1, I'A.
Notice la hereby given Ihat
Cora A. I'rrguaou,
of liend. Oregon, who, 011 lime Mil 10,1s, made
llonieatead iTulry (Serial So 01611), Nu, HVnl,
for VH HWM. MW NV4 rtrc s, Hlllf NIJM
nee, . Tp. Ik rl., H. II l Vv , M baa nullce
of Intention In make I'lnat Cpli'imilall'lll I'roof,
to e.tabll.h claim to the lanil alv diMrll"l.
Ifitpv II IV IMII.. I'ullril LI.I.. l'....,...l.. ......
at hi. olfice, al llcnd, (Hrjou, an the jtth 1ay 01
llalmanl nameaaswllneaaeai Arthur O lily
William J, McOlllvriy. William AluoM aud John
Ferguson, all of Deinf, Oregoii,
llJJiljJ C, W. MOOUI! HeglMer.
Dcpsrlmenl oflhe Interior,
I' H. Laud Office al Ijiktvlcw Oregon,
....... . Nsieitiucr.a, ioj,
Notice Is timby given Ihst
I'rnnk II, Hat Ion,
ofLaldlaw.Orcgou, who, 011 No. , lor, made
Tltnber and Hlone Appllcatloii, No, 0777, fur H)
'!l snd Nl itWJ, rlec. I, Tp, Ji 8., H. II IW.
W. M.iba. Aid uollcc of iiitcnliiin In make
I'lnat Timber ami Hlone fruof, loenal.ll.h claim
10 tht laud anotcdracrlbcil, before 11 C HIM.,
U M. Coininla.loiierat hit office al Uciid.Urrguii,
011 the illi day of Kiliruory, I'j'j.
Claimant uamra ns wllut.w., William II,
Hlaate, Joacph N, lluultrnnd Charlra D. Iirowu
of Uvml, Oregon, and John lilouufrtitrt,Orrgoii
'lfj J N WATHON, kegUtcr,
fllloaltliiMSl 1l(rllnSU llf i"l
Town anil iiMln Ortjiyii 01
Waahlnutun. uUlstk n
SMbaaSAK aaah aTlaiM. ...ii..
""" vi -mill mivir auvvaiivn.
tHhluplntf raclllllt nnd h CUatl.
Ilfd Iiirdotory ot cacu UiuIntM
nu iMSfajtimn,
H. I. IOI.K I CO., Int.
v. M
iui I
Um Laal
The Bend Iiulletin
It gle tm mure fur ymir
money Own nuy other L'nwA
nninty (uiper.
It lin vterUy uru letter
from Urilitimiil, riruut
UMge, I'ouell lluttri, T11111
iitn, f,t ami Itirtldtnl.
It glu-n Al,l the trwt of
Western CtiKik itmutv
llrsidc the lix'al mill runit
ty nen it Ims (emit week) a
pd;fcV)f state nets, a poge
til ilalfutinl news, ciiiititinlitg
n full naiiiint uf I1.1t s go
ligiiilhtValiliiKtiHi, PC,
N dl'lMititiriit ilexntcd to
' l'itms niiil I'atinrn," and
no fiilctetilng aerial story.
In addition to tilt- yriicmt
iVuttd news, hlcli t gtcii
in ii rouileilied fotm Nit
ittJier comity jAjtr clirulat
In); litoiir scVUiiii toiiuliii
hsl tfie.c lhioitmit Irn
lilies. The Iiulletin glte
ml eight gcs ( reading
matter, ulicte t liu othrrs
only give you four.
L K Mod Office The Dalle i.Otcgmi
N, eniUr a, iy
AunVlfiitronletafri.Uiit having been file.)
Im Itala nNna l.a fit ai.u - a . . .
........ wiM.v si m'j 1, pt,vriiris;. rvnirtaiui
AaialHSl Kr.aiiaJa,a.l V ...a. - .
IH4I made Jl.icll ll. luH. far HWUNIII, HI U
NW NvtitHII,.Nr!UhWt,.rwe , Ti. H
" ".'.V " runleatee
In which If l.sltrint that aakl Jam.. P lHal',i
baa uerer ealaldl.hed or maintained a Iwua fide
rc.MeiKfou aald trait ol lamt Ihat he h
wholly aUndunnl aM Hart if land f.r loi
Ihau all moulhala.t lu.lalHld.M-aiHH now tr
aulethctvoo that hU all.ii.l abxnce-a.lMH
due lu bia eniplnvnirut lu 1 he army natr m
iiiatme tor ol fir t mild Stale lu lime or war
IUM trtlr are hrteby nMlfied to apiwar re
apoudandiiSTir cudenee louchlm Mkl allrsa
Man at IU o cluck a hi. on Dntmbrr 17. b
Uloirll C Hill., a f. H. t'nniHiLiwiier, l hi.
office In Iknd, Orrguu. ami that final hi. Hue
will lie held at tau'ilocka in on IxctinUr i
!? 'ffc't'lit "tglaler and Mrrrivrr at Iht
I ulbWhlatra Un.t (inu-e al The li.llr., Oi.gon.
Thf Ulll, lilalu. I . ...... . M(I-
.. ,...w,.-.,M,, II-II. I Wl,. BUT. I .
vll filr.1 NuvtmUr t. (V, ar f.rtlli (.it. which
ahow thai after dile dillgruee prlaoiial ervle ll
Ihla notice tan not I made. It a hereby ordernl
and illirclid ihat auch notice be gtrru by itnr
ami pror pul.llcailoii. '
midl6 c. W MOOHIt, Mrgl.lrr
Defiartmenl of the Interior,
I H. Land Olfice al The Kail.., Oivgon,
...,,.. . October ay, iv
Notice It hereby glren that
I hi n tan Laiv.on ti Kay
of rotltand.Oreguii, who oil HeiKrmber th
1901. made Tlmlr and Hlunr Application No,
oil4l,lorr(ilOi;, HHUMKU hec I and NUU
,t.,lc5..,,T, o.ih. at. irllaal, Wlllaki
rite Mrrkllan, haa filed notice of Intention u
lull, fl-.l lliul... ...I .I..... ... ? . ...,..
.. :r.' ,l."., 7"" '.'" I"", 1 r.iaiui.n
claim lo thf Umliitaive ileilid. Ufore II. C
I'lll.. I' W f'.itllMlla.l,. mm mt 1.1. ..Ml . ...M.l
.....,..,., v..........w.(1(, , ,,,, ,,,r a IWIIII,
Oregon, on the 1Mb day of January, IV".
ciauiiaiii .lameaaa wltncwa, J N, llnnler
W. II. Hlaala. I. It. M.k.v u- i ....l.l... .11
of liend, Otegou.
niWll C. W.MOOIilt, MesLlcr.
Depat'mrnl uf Hie Interior
I H, Land Offltr at The Dalles, (ireaou,
December J. !.
N'ullit ia liersby gliru that
I'ranko, Minor,
of llenil, Oregon, who, 011 (Mober iltl, 101,7
made llonieatead l!ulry No, U7JV, for Nlllf hV
" ! 'W.M., ha. lileit notice of (nteiilloii lu
make I'lnat Conimulallon Irw.f, In ealahllah
aJfti"1 i? i!,ra,iM'1. ' tle-cs-lraeal. before II , C
lillla, United Hlslet Coiiiiiil.alonrr, al hi. ortUe
at (lend, Oregon, on the salts day ofjanuoty im
iMn 111 Sk Itl ntlilat aj .11... a . ...... ..
licofitr cUlr. Otvficr A. Jmu. mitl Corn A
III! I fat. All lif tls-IB.l aTlta....a
'I3 C XV MOOKK, llc.l.lrr
Department of the Interior,
U, H. Land Office lit The Dnllrt, Oregon,
...... , October v, loot.
Notice la hereby Blrm that
.oMiiiiw a, iiiuuinau
of hitler. OrrKOii. who, on Heplrtuber sills, li'l.
made rimlier nnd Hliulr Apiillcalion Nu. cv.
lor HIIUHIlif Hrc l.and I'' Nl!f. NWINKH
c '.'.' T-l. IJiitiiilli, U 10 H,s, Wlll.mctttf
Irflllialll- llSSSl III fa I ..lllru. ,.f I...-..I 1
H ---"-'"-v"t .i i iiiiviiiiuii iu 111 or
filial limber and aluue proof, to eaubllal claim
;rV ...." "rll,."T"i"eior 11. c. 11111.
I H, lommla.loncr, at hi olfics at lleud, Hit
gou,iui the ivthday f Jtiuisry, i)o;,
IM.ItllUIlt IHHIM..hIiih...i . ...I I .
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