The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 16, 1908, Image 5

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V'Wl A
- - - -- - - - &
! mi . ' r Mini
A A.
December lotli,' 10 08
Hcml. s
DEAR SIR:--I Wish td Ih'lWi yotl that It
will be Impossible for me to send you another
shipment of toys. The demand lias been so
heavy that my st6ck in exhausted. Those
who delay in making their selections will be
obliged to take what is left.
Respectfully Yours,
THE above letter tells tiie whoie story Male
your selections early whil& the line is com
plete. I will hold the goods for youri-but
they must be called for before December 23rd or
they will be placed on said again.
Open Evenings until Christmas
r it! L J Ix
0. Springer bf Culver was a
biihiucn visiter in Bend on Sntur
cluy last.
15. K. liallcrinanaud wife were
in from (heir Powell Uuttoa ranch
Ja Mdliday mid Tuesday. "
Uasmus Petersen has nfrived nl
Redmond to locate, his former home
ling ut Oak Point, Wash.
' Mts. IS. J. IlcrrliiR has moved in
from her homestead mid hasopetied
n hnkcry in the Steel building.
Hoscou llownnl rcturtlcdtb Bend
Monday after a. bUsincis trip of
about two wecka in I'orilaml.
Clint. 1). Drawn ami Tom ami
Carlylc Triplctt were callws nt Sis
tar's last Thursday on business.
Mrs. IS. J. Herring made final
commutation proof yeMerday oh
her liomestciid before Commissioner
lfaseiuii((iig I'irojjra phy-i$o
page illllstrnicd catalogue No. 3 free.
Woodard; Clarke & Co., Porlfnnd
(rcgo'if. "Otf.
Ut, nt'itl Mrs. J. IS. Kvon have
jijovcd from the ranch ut The Tides
to Prlncvillc, where tlluV il spend
th.e. winter. lkB
I'rom nbw until Pebntarv
i, all who get fU'C lontl&of
wood from m'c Avdl give
One Load Free
If you will pivf fin liqul
ing. Salne oM price $ &
ti 50 per cord, li.bitewe.
it. t n A U IVT? TJ.
'".' ". T , i"
Mrs. Iv. I). Wilson and daiighter,
Cornelia, have moved into the
(Jiicill cottage recently vacated by
Mrs. I 'a ul Krucmcr.
Ndw is the tittle to lay in your
winter's supply of apples. Wc have
them four varieties at $2.75 a
box. Kui.l.itV & AuiKitJcnt. 3-ttT
ijMrs. It. Spencer ahd baby ISloisc
era Atrctidiug a couple of weeks
v'isifitig her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I.. II. McCauu, on the homestead.
' The i.)-uiouths-old baby of Cash
icr Killers of the Hcdmoiid bank is
dangerously ill with pucunipnia.
Dr. Cue was called to attend it last
Wanted two young marcs from
three to six yerrs old, weight 1:00
lbs. or up. Must be gentle. Cash
for reasonable price. J. 11. Brttutt
garlner, Qtyey, Cicgon. 3;-4o
.Straycd-roiu' toad south of
Bend, an old g'rdy mare, weight
about i$pa lbs. t large joint on left
hind leg; frj.otf reward for return
ing to Anne bohi, Hend. 40-4 1
I am now-agent for the DsLaval
cream separator,- and have one of
these machine! In Mock. Step in
and cxamltlc it. 'lltly arc a great
rmiviMiitMiee rind liioiifcA' saver for
the dairyitlafi. U,A, SUtiiiIk. aitf
The Hiding room has recently
roceiyed jit) volumes o( "The
World's, Famous Orations1' as a
premium -with the Literary Digest,
and njso'elght volumes of "Master
pieces of the World's licst Litera
ture," the latter act being a premi
um given with Clirrcilt Literature.
1'oley's Orlliu l.asatlvu eiireB chronic
cdiibtlKittlou uud sttmiilaU Hit; liver.
Orlnori'KUluU'iiiuy towel they will
net ' naturally (nl yu do not have 'to
tnko iurgauvc). mtuiuoi'ily. 0. .
MUKHU.i., I'ruyijst
J. T. Newberry, a recent lomcr
to thsse parts, was in town Mon
day from his ranch cast of Uend. lie
ays he has been very busy getting
his house and barn built, and has
not yet had much time to clear
laud, hut will be able to get at that
work Miou if the winter remains
open. He Is well pleased with his
hew home-
Uob McCanu rattled oF ,a pony
last week, the drawiug'occuriug on
Sunday last. One hundred numbers
were sold, rauciug from one cent
to one dollar. J. Iv. lioyd was the
lucky matt, ami got the pony on
number 35, thus costing iiitn only
35 ocit3. The rony is a three
j ear-oldi gentle, and broke to
cither ride or drive.
TI19 VWhatoevfrs" opened their
b:izaur lust Monday in the building
adjoining the Millard Triplctt fur
nlture niore bit the north. They
had a, prosperous day's business for
their opening. The room will be
ox.-n . ctietl afternoon from 2 to j,
(ludlarge number of pretty and
lueful aflicle.s suitable for Christ'
inns gills will be on sale.
' it.
A voting man by the name of
I'ox was In Uend Sunday on hid
way to Shatiiko after a load of
freight, lie and his father have
started a store in the Port Rock
neighborhood, and he says it keepd
him bty hauling in goods that
thvv cell them as fiiwt as lib ecu
ireifeht them in. According to M.'
I'ox there is a large number of til
tiers moving onto laud in the vicin
ity of the Hock, and still more arc
Hchcduled to arrive in the spring
M. Lara of Seattle, Wash., father
of Hcnd's popular merchant, A. M.
Lura, spent several days in Bend
during the past week. Mr. Inrat
Sr , is one of the large array cf
those living at outside points who
liuvc great faith in the future of
this section, and who believe that
llend is destined to become one of
the, leading cities of the state. After
itUinj; a few days with Mr. and
Mr;. Lara in Heud, he left fur Cal
ifornia where he will soeud the
The Sandusky (Ohio) StarJour
nal of December 7. conains'hn ac
count of memorial services held by
the Hlk's lodge of that place in
memory of the honored dead of that
lodge. A former' bend citizen,
Hon. W. Ji- Oucritf, Jr., delivered
an address at the 'services which
wls printed in full in the Star
Journal, and of which that paper
said: "Urothcr W. 1!. Gucrin de
livered the eulogy, 'Our Departed
llrothcrs.' The eulogy, although
brief, was a masterly effort and elo
quently delivered. The lives of the
departed, he said, ivcre yet fresh in
our minds and to them he paid an
eloquent tribute."
hi C. Youug and John Swiger
are two more ranchers to move onto
land in this vicinity during the
past week. They arrived in town
Monday and are now busy building
houses and barns on their laud.
Mr. Youug has 160 acres of ditch
laud five or six miles northeast of
town, and Mr. Swiger also has a
tract of ditch land in the same
neighborhood. Iloth men plau to
have part of their laud under culti
vation, uext year. Mr. Swiger's
familyNwill move here iu the spring
from Stratford, Wat.h.,' the former
houic, of both Mf. Youug, and Mr.
Swigvr. The land cast of town is
settling tip rapidly, kxad it is a
pleasing sight to ee the sagebrush
and junipers giving way to dwell
ing houses and barns, fences and
cleared fields. The Bulletin ex
tends n welcome to Messrs. Young
aud Swiger.
Jt Dtllamut Lliiitd Fan Powdtr.
MilfnlnirVjM, rayigti ff tun, mini
ana UmyfcMUmlnalf ikn, unburn,
ttfitilui, tallawntM an ' Impirftct
IHtns mr TtrwHin Vummmmmmm a rf
flinging ( d
mMctuilumt it m ..MM-
met so cr C loonier feet at onuooitTf
maintaining a district high school
which Is the equivalent in efficienry
of the county high school. After
visiting the local schools the. dc
"a. . . t . I
cision ot tne uounuary tx)ard was
favorable and was convened to'
Clerk Wcist in the following letter
WO 0 0
,. .Vllflli 1.
, imK WOO ,0R LIMB W(4
fott len-gth, pe cord' -f
6-inch wood, per cor.d, -Juniper
wood, rcr cord -
1 No,
I - mi.i .....iVt uk, fyce 11,1
Kodrd of Director, Dlntrkt
Crook Ciunty, Oregon. Centleinrn
No. u, known ds the Hcml dlj
My. nreeon. Gentlemen: In
the nutter of tile application of District
recognition at ilitlrlct hfali ichool
The Iwundary Ijosnl, nf;r careful In
veitlcatloti and pcrtonal Inff cctlou, luti
(Welded that District No. 12 Is now
tuaintalnfiiK district hich school equiva
lent In efficiency to the county lilh
school, and is therefore entitled to
T,he application of District No. I J Is
therefore Ranted. It. A. 1'obd,
Secy, of Hoard.
This means that tic money here
tofore paid by the Bend district to
support the county high school can
now be expended in behalf of the
Uend school, or the tax levy for
school pjarpa? may be reduced
with life consentient s'avinc" to the
.taxpayer. However, l(. is prob
iibletbat the money will be ex-
jpejfded to support nod increase the
i-iiii'icucy u iuc ixsu, jjiooi. in
1900 ucnu paiu inio uie county
hiilh school fund the sum of ,$000
Land in (907, $500. which shows
?Uat there will be quite a saving to
tlic uena aistrict. r- 1 .
Guilty of Counterfeiting.
I'astlng counterfeit money Is no tvorec
than substituting some unknown worth
less remedy for I'oley'a Honey and Tar,
the great cough and cold remedy that
cures the most obstinate coaclts and
heals the Junes. C. M. Mkurill. Dnic-
Head The Ililllelin and be happy.
These prices ' Incltitle dciilSry.
Leave orders at Pilot Butte Inn,
When You Paint
buildings, Inside or out
side, if you desire the R
very best results at, tp$
least;otfpcnsc you
should use
ffW'Tup :la: i
She'rwin- Williams
r S-
Call for
"colfr cards
la! a: sather ,
Full Line of Groceries, Dry
Qoods and Hardware always en
Let The Bulletin do your job
printing. Neat and up-to-the-minute
in every detail.
SantaClaus Will Gome to Yof
Hh ''ftrffH tZZf
I-Voit Btly-
" ' ' ' ' nn
THtf Merrill tfrug Ctiuparrt
In Postofflce BIdr;.
. ' v. ,
Candies, Toys, Clocks, jewelry.
Silverware, Cut Qx&, Books
all kinds of- Holiday ccods
,.VTonjtbjrvg)fqxj Everyone
' Cdifae arid sec'- then you'll Jauy
Pacific Horse Ltnlncnt Is prepared
expressly for the needs ol horsemen and
ranchmen. It U a powerful sod pene
tralln liniment, a remedy for emergen,
cleft. A soothing embrocation for the
relief ol pain, unJ the best liniment for
sprains and soreness. Unequaled for
curing the wounds and InlarleS ol
DARUCU WIKU and iv ficaUnjr cilts,
abrasions, sores and brujse. (,1'aclilc
llfirse Liniment Is fully tgftjuiUcd.
No other Is so cnod or help(uTl'n so'riisny
ways, li it fills to satisfy, c suthorlte
all desert to refusd the purtlitse price,
cit ta tonus rim ccm
HRfcW''6 Co., J&Mfatu.,
.Al.V; ' jBBiJaKa ...rh
Bvyiuu u -lHt i.iiit,
Declared Uqulvalent In Gfflcloncy to
tlio County lllfilt School.
The Bend school district will
hcrcnuer oc exempt irom paying
auyta.ntu support of the county I
high '.chool. This is assured by
the (kclbtou of tc county boundary
beard tiiat Bend "(a now maintain
ing a district high school equiva
lent in efficiency to the couuty high
school,'' and under the Oregon
school law ttat Will exempt the
Bend district from paying the coun
ty high schcol tax.
As uoted iu Inst wcek,y. Bulletin,
the county botindaty board, con
sisting of County Judge Kills,
County Commissioners Bayley and
Rice, ntul County Pitperintcmleut
Iord, visited the Hentl s'chools last
Wednesday for the purpose of de
termining as to their' efficiency.
This was done In respond to a pe
tition from the directors of the Bend
schools asking fot exemption fronr
tlic county litgu school tax oti the
grounds thnt the Betidi district is
-mmMmmmmmtmmlilmmiimxt " ' , 11
11 '" ' ' -...-. . ,
Our line excels, i carry everything you may wantiu the
hardware line, including pa tits and oils, doors and windows,
'step ladders, lime and cement. Nowhere in Bend can you find
so complete an assdrtment, and then you know? our prices
arc fair. v , , , iy i . ifM,
Children's Coasting Sleds and
Express Wagons for Christniafi
I al0 carry a lull line dftaple alnl I'aflqy v f.
' . ' Just what'yotrecd.fbr fhe dhriitrAai diunef.
C. S.. Caldwell
,'Thi C.ototPti Oi'Aa'rMC .......
Bankinm Triist Goiiipny fi
-V' Bend, Oregon, , a
3 and 4(pef dent. Interest paicl on Six
Mon'tlfe wiji, Orte Year Time Deposits.
X 6mJL fiANkiNd 'uusiNjj
?. ,