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IMiiainnns Anyry Willi Hooseve.t
Uver Orilors (ilven,
Usdf Republic Wat All Readf to Web
coma Sailors When llopurt of
yilRlM Camo.
I'aiimiiin. Dee 13 -A rctuiil rcrlvrd
lute today that llir President had or
dered (lit; policing til Panama liy
American iiiarlnck timlcr Unltcil
uii niicir worn ins AnirriuHii
ilur laud her during the vlll uf the
I'jiltlc licet next week ruined iinicli
I .til Wcilnewlay prniulnrnt ellicn
( Panama mill the canal tunc had a
meeting, "I which arrangement were
made adequately In tclt-liratc the
Heel .vim uml at which plain fur
protecting the Milium were made liy ;i
'ptiial citmmlttcc On this commit
Ire were appointed Governor Diar,
Major Armenia, Chief of Police Pre
trit mid uuny other prominent I'jiiii
mmit who wic educated in the
I lilted Stale
President Olmlilla had made It
known rliai it wan hi tleire thai I'an
mum should avail itelf of thU nppor
nuiity in drtunntiratr that ru friend
IHi far the United Stale was Invert-.
Irttt the alleged ordrri of Presl
itrtit Kooevrll have dampened .ill the
nlhiMiaui and the chance are that.
H they are Hue, iiutrid of warm ho
pilallty cold ronrtety will lie tendered
the men of the licet
ll i .ild thai exaggerated report
have Ik-i-ii puhliihed in American
h-ivpapr r regarding the death uf an
Vtiirricau Miliir. who doting the lat
li of Prrmlcnl Amador' admlnt
(ration wa wounded in a free light in
a rcirl and died of In wound
I'reoidenl Ohaldia ordered a complete
luvrMlgaiioii of the affair, mid four
men arc mnv in prlMiu awaiting trial.
Illvurs and Harbors Congress Votes
for Fedoral Action on Projects,
WasliliiKton, Dec IS Willi Krcat
rnlliusUim the National Klvcrs and
Harbors coiiKress at Its coiicliidiiiK
session here jestenlay placed Itself on
mord in favor ol the Issuance of gov
sruiurut ImiiuIs for the iniirovement
! the ureal watcrwav (iroject
I he coiiurci iieclarcd (or an a
ihoried issue by couitrcs at it ores
cut session of mm worth of
bund, the proceeds to be usnl in the
payment exclusively for such river J
and harbor work a may be author
icd by congress, provision for the
issue to be similar to that for the
Panama canal bonds.
committee presented to Vice
President lairbunk and
Speaker j
( iiiuoii the IhhuI resolution Mr
I mrhink expressed a favorable onin
urn of the proposition, but Mr Can
lion merely assured the committer
thai the resolution would be "referred
for consideration
Vice nrcsidcnlr oi the various
stales were announced amoiiK them
liriiiK California C It Orunsky. of
San l-rancisco; liialio W. II Mcv
burn, of Wallace: Molilalia JiiiIkc F
I of Port llenlou, Nevada
Francis O New lands; Orciion Jos
roh W llennrll, of Marshncld; Wash
iiiKlini V O Fowler, of Seallle.
Ibwaii ) K Kalauianaolc, of Hon
-Cotonid Ooetbala Qlvea Reasons for
Rnfusnf( to Widen Culabra.
Panama Dec 1- It was rumored
in this city yesterday that Colonel
Corthnls. clisiruiau of the Panama
Canal commission, bad nivcii orders
that the Culchra cut be widened, but I
the Colonel today denied this report
NIC lM P WM '! in
tiresrnt angle the canal could never be
brought down lo the 40-foot level
above the sea necessary for a width
of 8J feet To widen the cut would
mean the excavation of M.ono mil)
more cubic yard It was also dc
clsrcd that ilccp crevasses had made
thrir appearance on iiold Mill
inik.iur of vessels through the narrow
part of the cut, and for no other rea
son " , ,
A snnn s ibe dry season sets in it
Is proposed to push the work of re
locating the present Trans-Isthmian Over U.ono men will be em
ployed In Ibis undertaking.
Medical Men Qva Approval.
Washington, Dec. lii-Prcsidcnt
Roosevelt's recommendation in his
message to congress that there be a
redistribution of certain government
denartment bureaus for the purpose of
unifying the national health adminis
tration has been nnproved bv the
American Medical assoclat on,
through Its committee on legislation
now In session here The committee
declared in its resolution that peremp
tory enactment Into law is demanded
liv the interests of the people, nearly
n (iitartcr of a million of whom are
perishing yearly from diseases,
r iihi,ii.i (;iint:ii i lien oiiesiioneii
.."'..". "", i . i.-'."... a better view ol the proceedings.
r-nlirilv ulilioil f Ulilllt Olt T,,C ,rla1' Wl,ich hid ,,CC" '" I"0'
entirely wiitioui louuuaiinu. ,.. a... ...,,i..i .iiii. inmrii ni
"If .e Cnlebr.1 cut I widened, the . ty.. '' l,rp"! "S
Co ime sad. "I w be lo facilitate :"" , " .""."""" ""."-";
Morn limn 30 Adroit to A.d In Pro
anrvln; Nation's Resources,
WaililiiKliiii, Dec. II Prophetic of
far-reaching results growing out of
the Joint comet vniluii conference li n
frport drafted yesterday by more than
.'ID L'DVrrilliri BOOmillli, t ! f.rlllnl.itn
of co-operation In the conservation of
the coiiulry'i natural rciourcci mid
emphasizing the Importuucc of audi
10-opcratlou to the cud that prosper
ny and perpetuity of the nation nuy
lie assured.
I he conference a iprovcd the ill-' Washington, Dec II The flrM nc
po4i of mineral rights hy Ictuc only (Ion taken by the limine of represcn
and the diiponal of timher rights only talivr today w the adoption of the
under condition untiring proper cut resolution Introduced by Represents
nun .inn nigging,
senator Reed Siuoot, of Utah, clnir
man of the cclion of forests, iillimlt
led the inventory of forrnl at vn
"") rioii ronovviiig are some
of the Item
Our forests now cover
acre, or about one-fourth of the
United Slate The original forests!
envrred not let than H5(),(mO,ODO
acres, or nearly one-ball
Forests publicly owned cover one
fourth of the total forest area, and
contain ouc-fiflh of all timber stand
ititf Forests nrlvatcly owned cover
three four I li of the area and contain
four fifths of the staudiuK timber
I lie timber privately owned I not
only four times that publicly owned, subject of much comment and the
but it is generally more valuable. (members of ihc appropriation com-
Forestry is now practiced on 70 per ,,H',,t'' coiiKratulatcil themselves I'hc
cent of the forest publicly owned and ll carric an appropriation of $l,
on les than t per cent of the forest aa-V'-V'
lirlvately owned, or inly IX perl Hcprcenlalivr llawley of OrcK'u
cent of the total forest area
The vearly urowili of wmh in our
fnresls dors not averaue more than
is ciiiuc iret per acre i m kivcs a
total yearly Ktowth of let than 7,000,
Oflfl.OfKI cubic feet
We take yearly, itsrlmliiiK waste in
loKk'iiiK and in inanufaciure, as.OOO,
iimmhhi cubic fret of wood from our
Cannon Tells Commission Ma Will
Vote Against It.
WashluKtou, Dec ! I. Speaker Can
lion yesterday made known bit un
alterable opposition to the principle
of financing waterway improvement!
by the issuance of Koveriimeiit bonds.
This was in an address to the rivers
and harbors concrcs.
He dcclsrcd that, "if perchance it
were possible the rivers and harbors
committee should report a bill to con
Kress providing that there should be
all Issue for Ihr next ten vears to mei
.the proposed improvement bonds in
the amount of II, I would
not vote lor it '
Mr Cannon's attitude is at variance
with that held by Vice-President Pair
banks, Andrew' Carnenie and other
a exprctscd before the congress ye
"Sow, nobody wants the fedenl
rnnuresi in the next (n days to com
mit itself to an exnemlitiirr of f&l).-
000,000,000 for waterways and to is
sue honiM, satii Mr Cannon "II ft
is necessary In issue bonds, I stand
ready to issue bonds Hut expendi
tures must be safe and sane"
The speaker declared however, that
he would vote for appropriations re
ported by the rivers and harbor coiu-
Jmittrc under the leadership of Kep
.rctcutaiivc llurton. who. he said, hm
none more (or waterways Improve
ment than any other man in congress
James W Van Clcve, president of
the National Association of Mauufac
Hirers, told of the manufacturers' in
terests in waterways improvement.
arafl Trial Ended After Over One.
Hundred Days.
I'r'Oli-i ti-i T) If A l.-il,-i
", . a iii .
r It., 4 1 t C
former political boss of San
Francisco, was convicted yesterday of
bribery The verdict was returned
..i ii'
exactly upon the stroke of 4 o'clock,
wlicn the deliberations of the jury
,y )m, ,ir00nKfl throughout
period of 21 hours. The warnings of
nidge William r i.awior and tlie
nee of the notice checked all at
tempted demonstrations, although the
excitement in the courtroom was so
intense that men were thrust down
into their scats or seized in the grasp
'of detectives as they arose In obtain
Carpenter's hall. The hopes of Kuef
and his attorneys had risen with every
hour of the delay, and the adherents
of the prosecution were proportion
ately discouraged,
Hy previous agreement of counsel
that the bill of exceptions should be
King Leopold's Anniversary.
IUussels. Dec. 11 Kim? Lconold
II vesterdav comnlcted the forty-third I
vear of his reign as ruler of the
glans, His majesty will be 74 years
old in April. In point of service he is
the oldest of the European tuonarchs,
with the execution of rmneror Fran
cis Joseph of Austria and King
George of Greece.
w I not it sun iron I c c uaiuocr oi
sett cd later, the comt set next bat-i"'"."""? , ".' V i n . i ..,.,,;.
iir.lsv December 12 as the day for vice "V all able-bodied American
ronounclnJ Kidumc'nt Rucf's con- citizens. The bill was prepared by the
i'i nrr-T-
Friday, Dacemlmr II,
Washington, Dec II -The
of the
WW ',v,"1 ",c "l"'rl
(iitnplrollcr of the currency. Senator
I.oiIkc announced' lliat lie would ill
niii the Brownsville cane next Wed
nesday An adjournment wai taken
until Monday, when the pontnl sv-
in... i....t i. ;fi i. .1
live rerkma ot New York providing
for the appointment of a committee
of five to consider what action ihotilil
be taken liv llir limur with reference
to inm pari oi me prckiurui a men
ge which intimate that member of
roiiKre may need watching by the
secret service.
The legislative, executive and Judi-
cial appropriation bill, which uiually
excite coiliidcrable disciiMion, lastltiK
for several diys was passed with lit
tle debate ami practically in the shape
it came from tlie committee. An un
usual feature was that no member
asked for tune to iudulKc in Kcurral
talk The facility with which the bill
of in' phkcs was put throuuh was the
itntlav iiitriHinccd a lull cxlcmliiiK t lie
operation of the pension laws in favor
of the officers am! soldiers of the
llaunock Indian war in Oreunu and
Washington in h7H and IhTW
Thursday, December 10.
WashittKton. Dec It) CoiiKress,
which feels thai it has been insulted
ami iHitrKed by President Roosevelt,
is preparing to vindicate it honor by
ceusurinK the president or saying m
his annual message thai the member
voted to prevent the usual detail of
secret service men because they dread
ed anything like investigation ol them
selves Itnth branches of congress arc
up in arms, and the leaders arc hav
ing difficulty in restraining the angry
hotheads from making some petulant
Senators propose that by resolution
the objcctionilde. statement of the
uresidenl shall be expunged from the
record This would be an extraordi
nary proceeding, but senators think
it is justified by the character of the
imputation carried by the president's
word There may be some discus
sion of the resolution, and in that
case it is expected the president will
come in for a sound rhetorical cast!
gallon In the house it is proposed lo have
a special committee appointed by the
speaker to consider the alleged affront
offrrel bv the president and to pre
pare a suitable resolution covering the
case Of this committee it is under
stood that Chairman Tawuey of the
appropriation committee, will lie tlie
chairman, and this is fitting, because
it was Mr lawuey who nut through
the offensive provision last session
which restricted the tircsidcut's free
dom of control of secret service of-
fivcrs and brought forth the so-called
insult to congress.
Wednesday, December 0
Washington. Dec 0 For nearly
five hours the house today considered
the b II providing for the taking of the
l.ltli ami subsequent cen
suses ami passed it without material
change From the very outset ll be
came evident that progress toward
passage would be impeded by numer
ous amendments and arguments
Prolonged and heated discussion
was iirccuniatcd by an amendment by
(illicit, of Massachusetts, who sought
to have the temporary census force
i.i ... ,, I. .11 ...1,1. ,. .,.
JlUIIHIIKlll 114 1IIV Itlll, 441111 III! IftVIl-
,. of 3 r-Jminor nositiiftis. annoint-
ed upon the basis of competitive in
" .. . . , ; :.... .. '. v.s' !.:
stead ol lion competitive examina
tions Representative Knglcliright of Cali
fornia has introduced In the house a
hill aiinrnnristinir tl.037.400 for the
improvement of the entrance to IIuiii-
vig-.boldt harbor at Hurcka. Cal
Representative Smith of California
has introduced a bill to appropriate
$:jo,S30 for the improvement of the
harbor of San Diego
A bill providing for the establish
ment of a tariff commission of seven
members to fix the rate of duty on all
import was introduced in the bouse
today by Representative Fowler of
New Jersey.
Washington, Dec. 0. Senator Car
ter today introduced a bill to create
the office of itjine. inspector for
Alaska. He says rconrts are that the
slaughter of miners 'lias become so
heavy as to need federal regulation.
Senator ittuom lias introduced a uiu
president said, it would be as easy to
raise no army of 2,000,000 men as it
would be now to get 30,000 into the
1 he president today scut the fol-
Hcl-ilnwins nominations to the senate:
Vice governor of the Philippines,
V Cameron Forbes of Massachus-
Members of the Philippine commis-
sion, Newton Gilbert of Indiana and
Rafael Palma of the Philippines,
I nvxitillilii f r1i jus-tsiitiislcftrv). til 1 1 1 1 tV
Tuesday, Uncombir 0,
Waililwtton, Dec B CotiKrcs to-
nay iieini the last annual messaite
of President Itooicvcll, hut paid little
attention to the rcadin, which most
of them followed merely by rending
the printed copies
Washington Dee. 8 lilllt hai-p
uecn iniroouccu in me nousc oi rep
.. -- - - -w
rcsentativns providing separate state
hood for the territories of New Mex
ico mid Arizona.
Washington, Dec. 8 t- President
Roosevelt today acnt to the sen
ate the following nominations for
confirmation- I.tike Wright, secre
tary of war, Truman II Newberry,
secretary of the navy. Herbert L
Salterlcc, assistant secretary of the
uavi, Daniel J Kccfe. commissioner
general of immigration; Kiifus II
Thayer, judge of the United States
district court of China; Wade Hlbs,
assistant attorney general.
The president also sent to the sen
ate several hundred nominations of
postmasters and other officials who
have been appointed during the con
gressional recess, and whose name
have already been announced.
Among the postmasters named t.s
day arc the following: John C.
Young. Portland: I, II Rutherford,
Rainier; J K Logan, Hums: Hen
Weather. F.ntcrprisc, George F. Rus
sell, Seattle
Government Hat 0,784 Packages In
Dead Letter Office.
Washington, Dec 10 The dead
letter office of the iostofficc depart
ment is preparing for the annual sale
of dead letter packigcs, which will be
held at a local auction bouse begin
ning December 11 and lasting until
the whole of the 8784 packages adver
tised in the annual catalogue arc dis
posed of
There are a larger number of pack
ages advertised for sale this year than
ever before, and night sessions are to
be held in order to dispose of the stuff
before Christmas
There arc 7102 packages in the
"miscellaneous" schedule nf tin- nm.
loguc, which was issued today. These
packages represent articles from
every walk of life. Itvcry imaginable
article from aprons, bicycle pumps,
clothing, dresses, fans, girls' hats,
hardware, knives and phonograph
records, to saws, razors, hypodermic
syringes, neckties, typewriters and
waicurs, is contained in tlicsc pack
One packagi contains shirt waists,
Minors. a metal tray, a magic lan
tern and some collars
Another contains some ilain.ifr,l
barber shears, a cheap watch, some
damaged razors, playing cards and
One prize package contains 1000
stogies, and it is stated that Unci.
Joe Cannon will be offered the first
chance at this.
The automobilist is more fu evi
dence this year than every before
Several score packages are made up
of stiark plugs automobile watches
and patent tire inflatcrs.
There are 402 articles of jewelry.
F.vrrylhiug from silver snuff boxes
and eignettc cases lo gold rosaries is
represented. '
There are 1130 packages of books,
and thee represent about 13 ooo vol
umes, written in every tongue of the
earth The Holy Iliblc and "Three
Weeks' appear together, and books
of "How to Make Money lusily" are
.. .-.I ..i.i. i i- i
KI'"flM MOII llflV7V47l UflOKS .11111
l.llicrt Hubbard s works Some of
president's books on animals arc list
ed alongside of Jack London and
Frnest Thompson - Scion's stones,
which were characterized by Roose
velt as "nature fakers "
Chinese, Choctaw, Danish, Dutoh,
Finnish. French, German, Greek, He
hrcw, Hungarian Italian, Japanese,
Norwegian, Polish, Prussian, Sla
vonic, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and
Welsh are some of the foreign
tongues represented in the book cata
logue Last year's sale netted the postof
ficc department about $10,000, and it
is thought more will be realized this
year Iwcrylhing sold is bunched to
gether and wrapped up, and although
all the articles are described in the
catalogue, as many "lemons" as
"prize packages" arc drawn by the
bidders who attend the sales, A
"gentleman's watch" may mean an
Ivlgin or a Waterbury.
Wilfley Resigns Judgeship.
Washington. Dec. II The rcsicna-
tlou of Lacbbcus U Wilflcv of Mis
souri, judge of the United States dis
trict court for China, has been ac
cepted by President Roosevelt. The
present ha appointed Judge Rufus l
l'b.i)cr of this city as Wilflcy's mic
ccssor Buys Panama Transports.
Washington, Dec. 8. Secretary of
War Wright today concluded the pur
chase of tho ships 8hawmut and Tre
mont, belonging to tho lloston Towboat
& Transportation company. Tho vos
sola nro now at Scattlo, and will be used
na transports in tho Panama oanal
Nelll to Be Reappointed.
Washington, Dec. 0. President
Roosevelt has informed Labor Com-
missioner Neill that he will reappoint
President Cattro Will Do Atked to
Apologlzo First.
Pari, Uec. 8 If Prciidcnt Cnntro,
ut Venezuela, cornea to Ilordaux, he
will no J be allowed to set foot on
Pruned noil until after ho hn offered
a formal apology tor tho fashion In
, which ho hos flaunted Prance. This
decision wna mndo by the cabinet, but
was kept n secret, as it was expected
that Castro would disembark at Han
'tnn.Inr. Hnnln. lint .l.miM l, nrrlva t
-- --, , . .---... ..w ......v wv
Hordeaux, and hi Illness not be serious,
permission to land will lie mads eon
dltlonal upon tho dispatch of an official
telegram of apology to tho Prcneb gov
ernment and tho dispatch of tele
graphic Instructions to Caracas for the
linmcdiatn elocution of ttio arbitral
nwnrd in the matter of tbo French
Dr. Domingo Cnfftllln, the Venezuelan
consul general at Hamburg, nnd I). K
ealante, consul general at Liverpool,
i "ed tnrougti i'ans today on tne way
lo Hantmuler, presumably to meet Presi
dent Castro.
Remarkable Conditions Existing; With
Canadian Banks,
Ottawa, Ont., Bee. & A very re
markable condition of affair is dis
closed by the Canadian government's
bank statement for October, just Issued.
It is shown that tho people of this
country are raving money at a ery
much faster rate than the banks and
business men of tho dominion can dis
pose of in profitable investments.
The result of this condition of things
I that dciosits In Canada increased
luring October to tho extent of (11,--102,870,
while the business of tbo coun
try absorbed br way of current and
cull loam only 3,332,014 moro than
during the previous month.
When it is remembered that the crop
movement began rry early this year,
and that funncm were paid for their
wheat and other products promptly, it
will be understood that several million
ollars of the increaso for tho month
in deposits may bo duo to tho plentiful
nrss of money in the rural districts of
tho dominion.
Whatever the cause, however, bank
ers of Canada are confronted with the
fart that they have to earn interest oa
'flrt.000.000 of capital and 107.000.000
of deposits.
American Gunboats Leave During In
surrection in China.
Pekln, Dee. 8. Reports have been re
ceived .hern that tbo Americans in the
Yangtse Kiang territory are indignant
on account of the withdrawal of the
American gunboats, which went to Ma
nila with tho Pacific fleet for target
practice, leaving no protection for
Americana during the recent insurrec
tion at Nanking. Heeauso of this the
American consul general at Hankow,
Ilium Martin, was compelled to ask
the Itritish representative to look after
American interests at Nanking.
I)Mft(lA.t runArl. nf tlij. ,vAl.iltAn..M
conditions which prevailed show that
nau ine rrueis puccceueu in taxing I
Vnnking, an insurrection would have
broken out in at least three or four
plnrcs, which would have put tbo Amer
ican residents in great danger.
Washes Out Five Blocks.
Pine Bluff. Ark., Dec. 8. The gov-
eminent dike, upon which the resi
dents of the eastern portion of this
city depend for flood protection, gave
way late yesterday, and last night the
Arkansas river was fast eating its
way toward the mouth of Ilardine's
I.- i.: i. .1. -i... ??
inon, miii. ii crosses uic city rive
dwellings and the warehouse of the
Arkansas. Packet company were swept
away, yesterday, and tlfe greater por
tion of the Cady hardwood mill was
destroyed Barroquct street for five
blocks has been completely destroyed
Fleet Passes Singapore.
Singapore, Dec. 8 The United States
Atlantic battleship fleet, under Rear
Admiral Spcrry, passes! through the
hnrbor hero today. Tho stately pro
cession impressed 4oth the experts and
tho many other spectators. Tho scout
cruifcr Yankton kept in constant com
munication with tho fleet during its
passage, but otherwise tho battleships
did not comtnuntcato with tho shore.
The flagship Connecticut saluted the
port, and the salute was returned. Many
launches nnd small vessels filled with
spectator went out to meet the Ameri
can ships.
Flood Threatens Town.
Pino Bluff, Ark., Dee. 8. A con.
tinned rainfall and tho consoqueut soft
ening of tits) already crumbling banks
hns renewed apprehension that It is not
Improbablo that considerable additional
property loss may occur, notwithstand
ing tho rapid recession of the Arkansas
river, which at nightfall had fallen a
foot. The embankment protecting the
wholesale district and county court
house aro impaired to such an extent
that it Is fearod thoy will give away.
Electrocution on Trial,
Tronton, N. J., Dec. 8. County
Physician Frank O. Seammell an
nounced today that ho would try to
resuscltato the next man electrocuted
In the New Jersey state prison. Ho
wilt do ibis in
an effort to disprove!
tho claim of physicians that eleetrocu-
tlon does not kill.
jonn Aiantazanna
is under sentence to be electrocuted
(during the week of December 21.
Adjourn Soon Out of Respect for
Deceased Members.
Practlcalf)No Business Transacted at
Opening of Second Session
of Sixtieth Congress.
Washington, Dec. 8. After being
in session an hour, half of the time
being consumed by a roll call, the
house of representatives, which met
at noon yesterday for the second ses
sion of the COth congress, adjourned
out of respect to the memory of sev
eral of its own members and of Sen
ator Allison, all of whom died during
the recess. For an hour or more pre
ceding the format calling of the body
to order, the galleries were packed to
their fullest capacity. Many hun
dreds sat in the aisles, while long
lines patiently waited outside the gal
lery doors, hoping to find an oppor
tunity to get inside.
On the floor the members mingled
with each other and extended hearty
greetings. Speaker Cannon. Repre
sentative Sherman, of New York, the
vice president-elect, and Champ Clark,
of Missouri, the successor of John
Sharp Williams, minority leader, re
ccivcu ovations.
The most important action of the
house was the passage by unanimous
consent of a resolution authorizing
the committee on ways and means in
its tariff hearings to subpena wit
nesses and to call for books and pa
pers. A number of bills of public in
terest were introduced.
Washington, Dec. 8. There was a
pall of sadness over the senate when
it convened for the second session of
the COth congress, which was due to
the absence of the late Senator Wil
liam U Allison, of Iowa, who died
last August, after a service of more
than 35 years in that body.
The assemblage was a brilliant one.
Eighty-two of the members were pres
ent, and the galleries were filled with
representatives of the official and so
cial life of the capital. Besides the
wives and daughters of senators, who
formed a large company in the pri
vate gallery, James Bryce. the British
ambassador to the United States;
Tong Shoa Yi, special envoy of the
Chinese empire; Prince Tsai Fu and
others of his suite occupied seats in
the reservation set aside for the diplo
matic corps. The procedure in the
opening of the new session was sim
ple and dignified, following a long
established precedent.
senator Dolliver announced the
dea,h of ,,he Ie Senator Allison, of
-----. ..-..-... v,.. v..... .....
profound sorrow of the senate over
his bereavement were adopted. As a
further mark of respect to his memory
the senate, after a session lasting but
15 minutes, adjourned for the day.
Three Men Hold Up President and
Secure SI 7,000.
Portland, Dec. 8. Three unmasked
men held up and robbed the East Side
bank, southeast corner of Grand ave
nue and East Washington street, at
5:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Seventeen thousand dollars in gold,
silver and currency was the plunder
claimed by the robbers. This they
gathered in two big sacks and ran out
of the bank, turning eastward and
staggering under the weight of the
loot. H. II Ncwhall, president of
the bank, and Roger Ncwhall, his son,
fired six shots after them, but with
out effect. Up to a late hour the
small army of detectives, deputy sher
iffs and secret service agents at work
on the case had no definite clew, al
though many theories were being
worked out and many rumors run
Just two minutes were required to
complete a robbery that has few
precedents for desperation and dar
ing. Entering the bank, in the heart
of the East Side business district, at
an hour when hundreds of people
pere on the streets, the leader and
most determined of the three men. at
pistol's point forced Mr Ncwhall and
his son, who is the cashier, to retire,
their hands up, into Mr. Ncwhall's
private office. This done two men
who were waiting outside Jumped in
side the swinging door, and while one
stood with a cocked revolver watch
ing the entrance, the other held sacks
into which the leader dumped tlM
money from the counter and cash
tills. They left $300 in silver half
dollars, and did not go into the vault,
which was open, evidently realizing
that they had all they could carry
Six Jurors Are Secured.
San Francisco, Dec. 8. Six jurors
were secured yesterday in the trial of
, I. N, Chang, tne Corean charged with
the murder of Durham Whit fitrv.
ens. the American adviser to the
Corean emperor, who was killed oa
March 33 last at the entrance to th
Ferry building,