The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 18, 1908, Image 6

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T,,.'ff(lR ,"
Nothing ! Ate I
Agreed With Me
fHPjT yAA-X'. - flytft
ti$i& IW
Mrs. Lcnora Hodcnhsmcr. It. F. D.
1, Box 99, Kerncravillc, N. C, wr'tcs:
"I suffered with stomach t-ouble and
indigestion for some time, and nothing
that I ate afpvod with me. I was very
nervous and experienced a continual
feellnjf of uneasiness and tnr. I took
medicine from the doctor, but it did me
no good.
"I found in one of your I'cruna books
description of my symptoms. I then
wrote to Dr. Hartman for advice. He
said I had catarrh of the stomach. I
took Peruna and Manalin and followed
h s directions and can now say that !
feel as well as I ever did.
"I hope that all who are afflicted
with the same symptoms will take Pe
runa, as it has certainly currd me."
The above is only one of hundreds
who have written similar letter to
Dr. Hartman. Just one such case as
this entitles Peruna to the candid con
sideration of ever' one similarly afflict
ed. If this be true of the testimony
of one person what ought to be the tea
timony of hundreds, yes thousands, of
honest, sincere people. We have in
oir flies a great many other testimo
nials. A Coo I Inn rboBbl,
What make one man warm makes
another cool. During the hottest week
last summer a gentleman walked luto
the country store to get his mall. An
old "darky" was sitting In the blazing
sun. In a rocking chair, on the piazza
of the store, looking "a comfortable
as a chocolate Ice cream." The white
man sank Into another chair and
fanned himself with Ills limp handker
chief. "Well, Unde Jeb," he said. "I must
wy that you seem pretty comfortable.
How Io you manage to keep so on n
day like thlr
"Massa." said the negro, "' think
In' dat de sun what's makln' dls yere
heatnesa Is asmllln' down on all de
watermllllons In (,'eorgla. an" makln
dera Jest so red an rlie dat my mouf
moat cayn't keep from swallerln'. I
Jaon't njln' de hentnetoj when I spec'
te on dem watermllllons."
SITt? at. TUna" Uaaea a4 ersoos mass sotss-
ll-JasaUr 4 br IT. I ls. OrslNrisll.
Urrr. R4 for nil It 0 ttiiluxllaass trsslln.
. u. a. siu. Ld.. su tnh hu. noiuiphu. r.
A representative of the French govern
cent has been Investigating lhe clothing
eanufacturing Industry of tbe l'olte-1
Itatcs. He aay f exrel in the art. anil
aartirularly In the ready-made branch.
Mothers wttt Cat Mr. TTlniloVa Bnothtog
Tropin Xxwi rsmedr to OMlorUiclrclt.'4rra
urlng Ih WaUUag par-txi.
Had a llrasnn.
"Well. Sagebrush Sam baa bad hit
rlih. He always wsnted to die with bli
ool on."
"Yes; but they didn't know why until
bay took bis boots off. lit didn't wer
ny socks.'
Coald Ilellrsr Thai.
Dloward I hesitate to tell you what
that automobllt coat me. You wouldn't
tellers It. I paid a fabulous price for
tbs machine, though, I can tell you.
Kohlfax I don't doubt it. What I
rant to know Is tbs real price you paid
for It.
Shake luto Your Shoos
1 Ibi'i rnoLEiu. nowdrr for tha feet. It rarea
painful, swollen, amarting, awsatlng fret. Make
new aboaa caar. Sold br all DnipgtsU and 8ho
TVm, nft in, suulltutA.
FIlEJi. Address A. 8. Olmsted. La Koy, N. Y.
Would Not I'ar C'bara-ea.
He was an Impecunious nobleman
with air caatlea In riunny Franca. After
much deliberation ho sent tbe following
note to the pretty heiress :
"Dear Miss: I lovo you, but do nol
know how to express myself. How
would you advise? Count De Rust."
And the heiress penned tbe follow
ing: "Dear Count: Express yourself any
way you wish except C O. D., as 7011
re. not worth tne cnargca.
JL inc
B Y V I L L L liVINGTON C O M 1? 0 K T
C.pttljM. 1A bf Will testation Cnmkx-t
CopfrijM. 117. bf J. Ik t.trrixcorr Compinv. All rlihla resersnt
J& XII. (Continued.)
Hreen was da its I by Hie altered iihxmI of
the wmtmti t'ntil the priKeiit lnlnnt of
their wall. Iif luul N-en ivntrm pin tins
a wrt'th nu to a U) of tmwt brutal U--ClmiliDj!..
The, rre on the eminence of
the Morne d'Omtik'e. lVltv a n lmle
fill rhniiiclng Jewel In the hlm-K north.
Hreen heanl the woiiMit'ii bmtthliiK. lie
had no pity for her. He bad spoken with
rivtilliig Kriitl.Mii. hut It wn fnrvnl.
In the same olrv he wtitliiiu-il, bIiut 1h
did not vpeak
"You eoulU not walk to Kort de Kranee.
and there l neither N)Ut nor i-ttrrlnge
tonight I thought you were going to
ft him he happy again."
"Did he end joii to meV
"He die not know that I am here,
Mi Stanatmry." Hreen replied. "Aa we
nnir in irom uie mountain, 1 pegged III 111
to come to you to-ulglit, tnit be aald that
If there were any hope of hia waving your
life, you would bne xhowti him aome aign
thla iiiornlng, inatrad "
She felt herself eallnl to her own de
fene. "Could he not ee that the news
paper brought a ahoek to me?" ilie quea
tioueil pitifully.
"The ho-k waa Jnat aa great, 11 ml the
iwttter contained in the neurapipeni Jmt
aa new. to him." he said. "Io you atip
Hie he would hare Introdtired me to you
If he hnd underatuxl all iilxMit nte? 1 atu
all to blame, not our good I'eter. Iteenuae
I brought all this trouble Umii him. I
ninie to-night to undo the tragedy of your
Mug away from him, and yet 10 rhwe
to the oleano."
"And you went with him to the crater
"lo you think I would let hiiu kill
"Oh, no! hut you aatd you atwke
alxmt riding back with him from the
crater." ahe returned baatlly. The man'a
unyielding poaltion wrought upon her
itrnngely. aomrtlniea atartled, aometluira
ateadled, her.
"I hearil that he Imil gone up the
mountain, and followed. I found him
at the aumtult in a faint, lying at the
ery rim of dUiater."
"You Mini him from death?"
"A ery rxientlal prwrediug, alnre I
ent him there."
"Oh, what do you mean?"
"It waa my preiu-nce that prevented
yon both from Mng out at a to-night.
It waa a ery little thing to
bring him haik from the cratrr, .MIm
Stanabury, but a big acrompllahraent to
make blra glad that I brought him buik."
"J)ld he Intend to kill hlnwlf by going
here? l)o you mean that I I ?"
Ilreen felt that ahe deaeried vividly to
apprehend her failure of performance.
"No, MIm Htanabury. but he waa dated
with punl.hment. That a doubt could ex-
lat In your mind, regarding hl Integrity.
pulled him out of hia orbit, ao to apeak.
"Hut It was all ao intricate and mya
lerloua," abe pleadeil. "I didn't wean to
do wrong, but you muat aec that a wom
an who can only wait, and never be told
bings may not know wbat la beat !"
Ilia heart kindled to her now, but he
waa not building for tbe moment. "It
me tell you about I'eter Conatable," he
aald gently "I waa hunted to a corner
in New York. I am all that the pniert
nay, and much bealde which they hate
overlooked. Only, I have never robbed
the poor, nor wldowa and orpbana, and I
never have betrayed a friend until to
day, when my biatory aroae In its wrath
and man-bandied poor I'eter. All ni)
0M-ratlnna were over when be found me-
all my farces and strategies. I had loit
my wool-cap, and the lamba would no
longer play with me. They droe m to
the water front. I waa at the edge of the
end when I'eter Conatable called,
Come, Mlaa Klanabury, let ua walk on to
Hard the launch."
Ilreen bad Judged well the Inatant in
makn thla auggeetton. Though afraid
that ahe would turn bark, he spoke brlak
ly, lightly, aa If ahe had merely patiaed
to aurvey the night, rihe obeyed, ami,
aa he talked on, their atepn grew faater
and faater down the morne toward the
edge of tbe silent, atrlrktn city. Hreen
related how his friend bad put aalde for
her the century-rare opportunity of study
ing I'elee In the throes. Of the volcano
Itaelf, be spoke familiarly, trenchantly,
a only one could do who had peered Into
tbe roaring sink of chaoa that day. He
pictured at lajt the man with whom he
bad ridden, their last ride together, the
gameneM which men love, and In tints
'Imoat ethereal the brooding romance,
Hhe wait thrilled by this stranger who
bad played with men and lived to pray
for one, Hy hia own word, world-weary
and u skeptic of human character, he had
discovered his I'topla in a friend, Be
cause she burned to bellete all Hreen said,
bis word rang true. Higher la her heart
than be had reached In any of the day's
fluctuations, Conatable was upralaed now
and held. Hhe did not call It love she
did not call It anything; but it was a
valiant presence to cling to, as she entered
with this stranger, bunted of men, the
smothered lane which Hue Victor Hugo
bad become,
"You are a prince of defenders," she
"A man less white would not need a
friend to champion bis cause," he replied.
"Where Is I'eter Constable now'"
"I will put you In the care of Krnst
In tbe launch, and then bring blta to
you," be said.
Whited Qepulchre
Talc of O Pclcc
"Where la Mr Conatable?" ahe demand
ed luiperioualy.
"In n little shop up In the Hue de
She did not fall In thla Mat pltlleaa nv
ault, though the dreadful Hnnl sentence
of her mother mine Imek. Thla night
waa krt niwut In her life for the h-aruliu
of the truth.
"I shall tint wall at the launch. I shall
go to Mm there tip In the terrace. Why
"It la the far better way." Hreen an
swered atendlly. "I only thought In sau
you from the climb."
The horrid lualnuntlona could Hud 110
hold In her brain. They holered afar off,
like navlo crippled In the rood-ten I.
Hreen's ready auawer una a sterling de
fense. "Let ua hurry," she ivautcd.
They turned and faced the empty cliff
To the left waa an oen iloor. and the
form of n wonvin was carved In the light.
The woman In the doorway sioke o-
warmed and vltnllsed from her very heart,
mid Hreen answered and took her In hia
arms. Iira brushed pant the two and
Into the ahop.
The huge Hgure hunched forward upon
the table bad not moved. Iarn stepped
forward and touched his shoulder. He
stirred uneasily, muttered as If in pain.
ImU did not lift hia head. She prnmxl
her band more heavily upon his soiled
"Yea, ye what ta It?" he said In a
lukk, frightened way.
lhe haggard face turned up to her. The
jow dropped n little. His jrs, tltougti
fixed upon her own, seemed to haie hM
their direction, lie gullied bis feet slow
ly, clutching the table with his bands.
"I haic come to go with .1011 10 your
ship!" she declared brokenly.
"Ilreen, come here to me," he called,
brushing bl face roughly with hia baud.
"It' not a dream, I'eter," Ilreen an
swered cheerfully. "I found her waiting
for you at the plantation house.''
"No. It la I Ural"
He put hia hand forth to touch her.
She caught it In her own. I'ere Habeaut
entered the rear door.
"And now," Ilreen waa, "you
two mutt not forget that I'elee Is still
alive, and that my !art la still undone
while you are here eien tho uh togeth
er." He spoke In Kngllah, A'hkn neither
Soronla nor her father iinitrrsl.xxl.
"Hut are you not going?" Tira naked.
"Oh. no, .Miss Stanshury. I'eter un
derstands. I have told In in that Nicholas
Stembrldge cenv-s to compromise him nf
ler this night. It really la the better, the
only way."
He turned to I'ere IlalMsaut and added
lightly in French : "Our guesta are going.
Irf-t u all start a last sunrise, of Hper
nay." "Hut you know tint I do not feel aa
the others do, but aa your friend does
Ileally. I am not afraid of you," ahe said
unsteadily. There were tears In her
"It la a Ix-auliful ending," Ilreen an
swered. "1 want you (o know that 1 shall al
ways reinemlx-r your coming your words
when I would have failed !" ahe finished.
There waa a moment In which Ilreen
and Constable stood close together. Mra
and Soronla were whispering, and strange
It waa, hut out of their wblapers wna
evoked a kiss.
"Ixik, I'eter the Illy and the tiger Illy
bend together," said Hreen.
'Hie door waa shut behind them. They
faced the harbor and started down the
sloping way.
"Hut you ?" she whiapered.
Constable's mind waa alow to Inform
thla great concept. The day bad left Ixt
hind In bla brain a crowd of unaaslmilat
ed acta, and Into this dull, formless com
pany swept the climacteric Joy. Figura
tively speaking, he had to grope about
until lantern and matches were brought
together, before be could adjust and meas
ure and prox)rtlon. He halted at last In
the empty street, seized the girl by her
shoulders, saying, as one would evoke
the heart out of a miracle:
"I.sra Htanabury I I-ara Htanabury!"
"Yea, Hir I'eter!"
"Don't laugh at me; don't grow Impa
tient for I must aak questions."
"Hegin, I shall be very good,"
"Are you the little girl who handed
me a newspaper Ibis morning?"
"1 am that little girl grown up, sir."
Hhe revelled In tho Joy she waa giving
Id in, and thrilled under the tightening
pressure of bis bands upon her shoulders,
"And when you grew up you came to
"I'leaae, sir, you said you would take
me sailing."
"f.ara, as I looked down the fiery
throat of that dragon to-day, everything
grew black and still like a vacuum. I
thought It was death then. Till me, did
I come bark, or are we 'two hurrying
shape in twilight land In no man's
"I'm sure you must have come back,
sir, because I didn't die to-day, and we
can't be talking together on different
plane with your fingers Impaling my
"!.ara Htanabury are you mine?"
The bugs fellow was lost In bis laby
rinth of happiness, Tbe doubts that bad
smothered her answer were lifted now,
and be beard his victory without a breath
n I of It express
j had iludUntod
ipresalou hampered. I'he ahnp
d her during With nil the
I'ligeriiesa of brimming womanhood, which
bursts the Ixiuda of repression for the Drat
time, slie gnie Mm her heart of heart ,
She was like a queen who suiiinxms a j
man of her people lulu her Inner sanc
tuary and bids him rule herself mid her
kingdom. Keslsiless, trembling, whisper I
lug. she wit drawn Into his units
"To think I didn't know 1011 when you
llrsli-nme!" she whs i)lng faintly. "Hut
when wa a little girl I knew, 0.1 iimx
to lie frightened Ixi-hum' joii were so lilg
Always then I knew yon would
cvmie time to lake me away for
)our lady, mid I thoushl I would cry
when you came, Iwau I would le mi
happy. Tltat irt dldn'l come true. dM
It. SlrongheHrt? They were all
dream, lx.b, dream, as I i left oier (ram
;.;;; y ;; . ;:;; ,,,;;.".. sir .v,;;: 1
m iiaunmni, nun ii iifrtit 11 n 11 j 11 11
other baby thoughts and thing!
uu aJ.-...l -as.. I ....a !.... s... .. Il.
Ah, listen to old I'elee !"
The uilcano had lost his tnoiisthms
rhythm and was ripping forth Irregnhir
crashes. Hue Victor Hugo was alive
with voice, aroustxl by the hideous rat-
I tl It III II. M l.f ll.H lll.lllHl.lll 'llu.
old dread fell again upon Consiahle. He
drew the girl forward. alro rtiiinlng.
"I lx-g of yoii-ihm'l hiek back!" he milt-
tertxl. "The laiiliih Is Just ahead"
"Hello. Ijniat! I bale kept you wait-
Ing long,' he called aa they neareil the
... 1 . ,i . 1 . mmi 1 . .1 tii
end of the pier, "lop speed to the Mad-
Tlie Mis of Saint I'lerre rang the hMir
of two. The launch was speeding a.rms
the smoky harbor, riding down little
Isles of HoasaiH, ilead birds from the sky,
and uameles mysteries from tbe rvlhsj
ll of the The wind wa hot
in ineir inc-, use n siofc-nooi iimsi,
rfii.u t. l....! u t.i .1.. 1.. ,i. . .. ..
. .. ,lT jzz'7 ."'7-7:" : . ".;:rj
krt Ir.. A Nrtilwg elmler fell iix. his
band. .1 nteeacr from I'elee, and clear-
ed the soiinv of the sounds, lie Jerked
o(f Ms owl and tosaed It abtiut Her aboul-
iters, which the filmy sfcawl nml the .111-
eate fabric of Iter wai.t freely pro-
1 .smut not reel flre tonight.
Her fore In the lantern-ray enchanted
blm. I., H.lngle.1 abyne and e,iaa, be
took It between hi bamls. He otuld m.t
speak for tits- marvel of the thing that
mm, sa sigrani, mi neaiiiiiui, was inr
him to kiss and worship and keep bright,
Her cheeks were a. Mlfl as a Hower. her
eyes gb, Ing with the ardor whlen the
trople alotie can inspire in Bower and
woman. In the atrange light, he ga.,,1
with the raptaeas of e who xtl. In
ixnetrate the mystery of Mug -aa If It
were any clearer In a woman's eye than
in a Nile night, a Venetian song, or In the
tlow of gasoline to the spark, whh4i Hllrsl
the contemplation of Hrnst.
"Hehivcd," he whlspernl at last, "I
will tell you how much 1 Ime you at
our golden wedding."
He heard the swift blinking of her
breath with the peculiar tremble which
follows tears. The launch waa swinging
around to the Madante'a ladder Wherever
the ship light fell. Hie sheeting of ash
could I seeii-iixu mast and railing ami
..T" ii. ii ... . . ,
"Are yuu frightened, dearest?" be wkls-
"You will not go hark to Saint I'lerre!"
"We need not think of that iww. We
are going together Wrst out Into deep
water and ocean air!" lie waa helping
ber up tbe ladder. When they reached
the main deck he ea l n. ( .plain Neg.
bllward. rap.aln-a ibtsen mile. If ee-
eaasry. and quhk aa you can."
Tliey had scarcely reached lhe bridge
before the anchor chain l-gan to grind,
Three minute later the .Madame' screw
were kicking llu ugly barlxir tide. 'Iliey
watrhe.1, until only the dull reil of I'elee
pierce.) the thick veil behind : until a
star, and another, prlcke-l the blue vault
ahead. ml the lr blew ., fragrant a,
wine from the rolling ( arlbbean.
"How weet life la to me!" Con.lai.1.
said softly. "(Jrand old I'elee-lie lias
Ix-en true blllel He made me bis heir,
and waitisl for me to carry hi fairest
daughter out Into these reviving winds.
Illnw, old Vtlhun, now ! '.Splash at a ten
league canvas with brushes of comets'
hair!' And you, gorgeous girl, hate you
any charity for a man who grows Inco
herent from sheer Joy
nui sneer joy
"Yes. even though he forget the city,"
she anawered.
Captain Nrgley npprnachrd theru,
"We're about a doien miles out now,
sir," he aald.
"Cruise around until daylight, captain:
then draw In until you can find bottom
to hitch to. but not any than .even
or eight miles."
Very well air.
Tjira and ("onalslile leaned over the aft
railing of the bridge. The main deck
below swarmed with women of Halnt
I'lerre. They could not slay below, now
that the defiled harbor wn. behind Many
were bumming the old French billable lo
their little one Hood food and cool air
had brought back the songs of pence and
summer to tho lowly heart.
"Lara, do you think If I went baik to
your mother now, or, rntlier, after day-
light, I could persuade her to Join ua"
your iricuu iu-iiijiii i nu win 001 ;uni
"I am going back to try, Urn. I think
I can guea something that you passed
, , , . 1 t .1 1 ,1
through before leaving the house,"
"Oh, no, you cannot I I could not suf-
fer you to bear the words she uttered.
It was like thn wrath of I'elee only
tuiHalaiMai a iwl urlttifiiir iva nil n i "
causeless and without warning.
(To be continued.)
London's not municipal debt amounts
to 1223,101,330,
"I knew it would tome in n diivlci-a nf evilly illspimcil xiriiiiN prmio
said, with a shudder. "I have been try- , w,(.k 10W,r ,,y 0,v ,, .,.,
Ing to iut It off. Can't you gues that I . ,, . f ... ,
had a bitter price lo pay before following ,""'"t ""' ., , . , '
..1 1 ... ii.. in tn 1..1" over, with llin legend Ih not mnro Hum
Sixty ImiKiiitgi'H. tit In I'lcrydtiy itso
III I'lil'loMII, HIiti 11 l.cilllC.
Kiigliiiid'H tin blue licet ulriiidy In
i'IiiiIi'h sixty-two nurxlilw iiml furty-
four Wwolri nf tlu nicrt-lliUit tlliirlui'
i;ttt1. sllicr unit lend inliieei are. It
, ,,, ,( ,, vwrH(M, , Ul (
.. ,., , , ,
"' Wk 01. rl.l of liiiiWiimwi. .., 11
" ,,f lWl. Ilil"id, .n.-ihx.kliig tho
Ttmv iiiuiicu ucro Htnoiig tho idglity-
uh,,. upplliiinta wlm li-tviitly lix tho
,.HlllllMltl.ili for xxul cli'lk Mt llilf
,,, .,.,, -(lM ,ft . W),
"-' ? w '" '
Mir 1MU.T!I IIIMMH tllllFI Hl'IU P1I11 mmi Ills
mily A T will uf the men
Alrn. Uiutso WiiIhiiiihii Caiiieiilcr of
HrmtKllm.. Maw., has Jiist pa.c.l her
one hundred mid mxtiih! blrtliilay. Slio
whs Ixiru nt Wnrulik. It. I., mid I 11
,"m' dcMX-mlciit of linger llllimis,
s"" " l"',Ml hiiillh ami nctlu ciioiuli
K't alxnit inmsslstisl ami until tliusi
H'HM Hgn felt Ho lu-isl fur gill""-
,jlr ,,. j.l)1(, , itf w n,,lWM,
.. ,1M ..,.,, ,, ..,, . . . ,,
iHalllull. slicll as tin' luulliliirl I Jacket,
.... . . ' ..'
sasiireii nnir Mini 1111 niljitlllllH"
,m"" ''rsildery. but Uh- wearllig of
' biltlolia ihi the timt or Jacket U 11
",- hbH. illiklmwii In the liwiiy. 'I1e
I'llllieso wisjir theee tile lilillnns tu r-
mind them of the Hit- ilrtiif
H,,, wero rcssuiiins'iidnl by Ciuifiieliia.
ritt-m are: Humanity, Justice, order,
" i!-,..
,'l"" WuMen l'r.Ngrrslt. AwhkIu-
"'Hi "r -'W' Snlltll Wwli-s bils mill
alwl It coHshlei a grevit Victory. Tlirev
llliMlreil HhhiwiihI ilidlMro ImiI Ih-.-
n.n 0 Imrenw the Mlarle of the
,,,!,,, f (h. ,HWk hHw4. The
men letii'lier. If report are true, Irbxt
'aiaa. hmimImim ,h, .11 .- ii..u,.i,i
-w" " W '" xvtn.ltomkl
"" - "l'l '
'Hr'1- lb') ftmgJit lh point and
; ,"ee ixHtixi I III, t I Hibln ItHllnll, at-
(racteil cimblerahb- attiiillou H in I Hon-
,fc.r Mt ,. ,1Ki, .,,M, ,lrlH Sltt.
,m, , Hl,, ,,,, ,, ,
,,,.,. .. ,,, . ,, , .
"" ' fr"" m""r '" '", '"""
He lHt the ..hi ll.mwM . Nmi York,
W.hiIit Van 'Pw liter, ubn waa ft fi-et
" Inches tall and ll feet ft Inch))
nrountl.. This I tut In it Is ft feet 7 Incln-s
(nil mid 7 fis't ft IiicIhxs iiruuml. Ilo
I "it years old und weighs ikl pniiiuU
Watnngu (Okln.) Herald.
"Iirge ur Kiunll game?" nukisl the
Kiik'IMiiimn lutlteit by n NVw Yorker
' K" hunting nn 11x1 Island. "You
don't ixxct In Hud linn ntid tiger uti I
Uhii; Island, iu you?" answered tho
New Ynrki-r. "Hardly." nnmndcd tho'
irllM , rtMB,. "inn like n spliv '
"f ibuigcr In my huiitliig." "If that's
.. . ,. ., ,.,.
'. answered tho other, "I nt
",lr "w"' H" r,lcl"- ,',,, " ,l",, ' i
"''' ,,,1 "I my brntlwr-lll-lnv III j
the. letf." j
Hlr Wlllbtin HaliHaiy's .letlHratliin as1
, ,, prnlwblo li.-nr nclileiHiient of i
,h(. ,,,, f uwtnU iH UM
Illmv of th,. way tu.xlen. N-lemv Is
to i-MahlWiliig what only n Kliort tllll.i
"K" """ dlslulsenl n ll'rlllliHi. In J
n l-Mik only fifty yeur nld n writer
iIomtIInis h folly the modioli prm-llist
nf (he nilildle nges nf putting hiiiiiIIxix
tent ti-litM In it rwl riNiiu, ilniMil with
, ,Kp,. ciirluliiH hiiiI nil Ml-
l)tlrK Vl,, , ((l ()f ,., um ,
,,. ,,.. ,.,. urk(H,
J ,, . .... ,. ,,
''- "'"llH"t wih m lenllnetilly dlseiner-
'''I ' '' ""r" "K" 'V Mliaeli,
f Hie Violet light TO) fHlllf.
Olio nf the miwt siimwifiil hnaxist of
history was the 11111-11111111141 tin play-
or nil Ii nhlcli Hanoi Khiih'ii of oktoIiiix diintly tixm ihelurr ami all
lltiiigiiry, iistuulsliiit l'iiroo nlxuit tint mrntary cuuul, Kciilly but persistently
ywtr 17im. Till was HjMireiitly H tig-
lire cniilrnllisl by iiieeliniiliiil deiliea,
"' ' ". ;"
Hlnl xilili'h was uble. notliltlixtillidllig
the fact tllltt Hpiri'llll) tin llltelllgelliii
mhh ciilui'rni'il In Ua liiiiVclueiltM Hint
decision, gencrillly lit lHt II human
ruitiigoiilst, Tho tiildiii't cuiiiiiitid .
, ,l(, t,Mi.iitoii npaircd entirely '
. , ,,, , ..,,. I'l,....,,. ,,
","111 ' ' " " l"','l"n 'I"1'"''
And jet ll did 11 mail 11 ho was
"" ' l '"'"" poiyn. no nn 11
I'ollwi patriot who IhiiI l(t both of
Ills legs. This mini, Wnroptiby by
iiiiiih', wns nil expert player. Willi
blm In thn cabinet Hit) rest wns itisy.
,, ,,,, , ,. , ,
., , , , , . , ,,
"", "" " "11,,'1m"?" 8""1 ". " att '
''"" xxtHl. 'Ih llrst rirordcd hlnl of
Ha vitality Is ghen In tho sixth ivii-
tuny ulnry uf "riienphlliiH." 'Clint Ntory
nulled tho i-nrly Clirlsllnim In llielr of-
turt In Hlnliip nut Hut liecroluillicliig
,, , ' .. , ,,,,,. . .
- 1IH) yenrn old. Tim likeliest irolotyxi I
f ll i"-"h'rii FnilMt Ih io limit ot tlm
H1111111 liniuo who III Crilt'OW boldly pro- I
, , , , 1 i . . I
claimed hllilHi'lf II profcnHor uf lllilglc, '
l tho sixteenth century Morlr Hidwi ,
f Troy wiim bcstoiiixl by MephlHtoplio-'
,,.H ,, FHHt ,, , , , , , , .
..... I
dlo of tlm eljfhti'i'iitli century ihxm tlicro
nppeiir 11 Hlindnivy Miirgiirnl, In tho
form of n "beautiful but poor Klrl"
who afterword ilovclopH Into thu Mur
Kurct of Oootliu.
fTtaht lloetne llnlr.
An nptanil ilortor hsa a liasr Idea, Ha
praellro at night only lis found that
e many night raeen coming nn the top of
bla elllr hours and vlalta worn him out,
m bs itelrrndiiNt to mi bis ensrgy for
the right work, whlrh paid bst all) way.
lis fjs ha flints patients prefer having
s dnetnr who la frexh anil wide awake In
(trail of one who la tired out after a
ttt' work. New York Nun.
II f War " lilieoiiraueiaeiii,
"May I aik how you earned your (Irst
dollar)" queried the reporter,
"I earned It, young man," slid (lis
financial magnate, "msuy yeara ago by
lifting Juat what too are doing now, as
my first assignment on a iiewtiMper I
want mil to Interview a man, ei It mar
Interest you 10 know that I cot a gid
ileal Ittnr Information out of lilm ttian
? - ' -
The Saiiiil railway from Idlnbarh to
Walilenbiirg la to lw one of the Mrsi (Irr.
IlKII roods to b cluilfed fiuiil aleNI to
One of tho
of thn happy homes nf In day la a
vast fund of Information as to tho
boat methods of prtuiHitliiK health and
hnppltioaa and rlfibt living; and kniw
ledgn of the world's best product
I'rnducts of actual nxrellenrn and
ronainiablo claims truthfully pnscntrd
and which have attained to woriil-
wld aeeeplnnce through the nppn.ini
of lhe Well Itiforttiixl nf thn WirM.
not 11 f Indlvldnala only, but of tl,n
tnany who have the happy faculty f
selecting and oblaltilui: thn best thn
world afford.
One of th prtHluetsj of that class,
of known component ari. an l.'lhr al
remmly, appmieil by physicians and
World n a valuable and wh :i
mf) . ,., ,h w,.,, ,,
Hyrup of Fig and l.llxlr nf Henna T .
Rwl (, ,rrlonclal effects always b ir
i ttr genuine manufactured by tho
California Ilic Hyrup Co. only, and
fur salu by all leading druggists,
Get a Watch Ring or Pin
"" Born Prtittli.
Hen.1 Ii CslsUa ( IllO ValusMs Trv
tetils ilvs t're fse Tms h4 Wfsir frtwn
xMl.T" lUtss ptidueu Yixi -III fln.1
mssr ankles r tmthili simI rsil um Ihsl
tM ran i.kaln AIIHOl.l'TI I.Y rill'K
All r- hs UdaliluMAVhTOPMIIIt WIIAP.
I'Actric cn.w nouAX ro. o.iisj, Cat
ltnhti'st nntl
most comfortable
At lhe aamc time
cheapest In (he
end Dccflusc it
Mors longest
3Q9 berrvhere
Cvtry qarrxssl quof,
onlstd wa'efprool
Caiakx) fn
f l.,f"?l:J'J.'!l,f,.nS,lfit-.,
Tl.laaterliiiK household remedy I moat
surccMfiilly irrM rilied fur 11 'world nf
trouble " rurilrraiiKriurnt ( tlm ill
L'ffttlle fireatla It is u luiltiml i-,irrii IIh
sumuiaiinjr. 11 liraltlilul actiilly Its
l""'! influence cxtetnU, however, to
l.lF,t.lHii,ii ,.r n,. ..... .1.1. n..
,'' nl . ':-'"" " , :.,i!,.V.,. V.i
()(Ml. tirunuitiiiie a wbolnuioir
sietlte. currrcllliii; sour aliiumcli, bad
breath, IncKulsrttlcs o( tho bowels, con-
Uwtloo ami the louyf list of troubles
dirr?J.lfr ,rablc lo the tinwliolrsoino
condition Kasparllla illtpels drowsi-
ness, IichUc'ic, luckache and ilrsiii.
cncy ,uu to Inactivity of the liver,
aninrys nun uicsiivc irsci. II la
strciiL'thcuillK n"ic ( 'be holiest value
If it fail to satisfy wo authnrire all
dealers tu refund tbe purchase price,
H0VTC11KMICAI.C0, l'ortlaud, Oregon
C. Gee Wo
Tl !! known rtitt
Root mil lltrb
It iss.U a III siuJr.ot
?SrwfarUnS1( Vl' uinnste.i ana la air.
ljtjHJiJ'mi'Ti if " ""1 "" w"j.i
No M.rcury, I'al.ons ."e Siluss' ui.d M.Curaa'
rVdhoul Oaarsllon, ,nr Wllhouiihc Aider aKnl(
Jl ausraiilswi tn Duls IVlarrli, Aslliaia, Luna,
rtiKisf. Iiii.iiumtlini, Jfrni..(it. Nri.1.1.. filiTli,
,!-. ! nwn it.i IH1K
Ju.t llact
Ivcd front Peking, China Sala, Sur
Slid I
I tt rou osouol call, xillo for srmHon blsak sJ lre
Ml'UlniSi., Cor XloirUou, l'niil.Bd, Onm.
V)u Usalloa Tkla l'stM
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