The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 06, 1908, Image 6

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HThe 1 luted Oepulcl
JL The V V Talc of vy l'clee
By Will Levingtos Comfort
CjprrirM. IX r n Larlatlm Cmrt
CocrritM. !. br J. B. Ltei
ClIArTKIt IX. (CealtatNsU
"I confess 1 cannot uaderstaad yoa
dear, she said. "What eoasideratioo fe
dae a cratlomaa who b readtrtd speech
less by tbe accasatioa of a newspaper1
What depth is there to his freHnc for
year welfare when be raabes away band
lr aad remains thrtathiat the ty. white
jou are, here at the foot of a harstlac to!
MHO. a he pdoted eat. Yoa wM and
that I am rick. Lara. Mr. Constable b
not ereo a worthy actoaspsVa ta the tal
sled SteaahrMce. II' It althoat tfieech
or vmter. What remain kM a bu I
neither brain nor hroteV Her s Ice bad
not been raised, and Mr. Staoabary left
the library before Ira formal as aa
The tertariac boar. tnwW by. The
gray after-tees tnraed to datk. aad the
dnsk to nlcht. Ta north wa mWeoed
br Pelee's firetR cone, which the thick
npor dimmed aad Marred. Tbe rata Wine
were constant Lars was saSVrta to
fight eat her battle altee. She asked so
saorc tbaa this. A tboasand titan- she
paced am, her rosm : ssrea of tWti she
sV to Constable's window, strxiaJac
her eye northward, alone the read
throats the day aad darknrw. to the end
of alt thtar tbe awaataia Code
Joey came to plead with her. bof. (he
brjzrd him to e away. Her brain wa a
Xdd track of -ykne. tattle ajoale. la
the ermtet the iateraiueat rjilar
pirr araj- to a crewttox. emutaBt tod to
mstM. It ara uKi Mead stream of
heat? refcMe ta iooilaaj or a Hood
en bridce. There was a Jaj Jo eaeh
jvkie of the soaater. idaee the moa had
Cee bo aao that red roar. It was ear
If sMoUht when the Ctrl m the aaoer
-tm heard a step f the renooi.
-Uncle Jeer. he railed at the ohurt
rr's door, "make haste; there is soaae
The Bomeats of waitis; amatted the
rerjr roota of her rnwa. The rohre that
he heard at last vas Dreea's.
"I bee that jobTI forrfre me. Mr. Watt.
for aroesias joa at this hoar, bat k U
Berrsnrr for toe to hare a fro words
with Miss Suatbsrr "
-Sir." the piaster reoMed. -aajthtec
whieh roacrma jorx4 is ot do msanat
to ills Staatbarr. I! joar menase b
from Mr. Coasuhte. joa ear ted him
to corse hlsseif or seed a rulii.-
"I disUt to appear insistent. Mr.
WiH,- Breen replied, without irriutiaa.
Tat I cssoot coast ay erraad acevwo
plished BBtM I hare heard from Mlu
Staasborr. If she thoaid refose to see
"I aa cosies daws. Mr. Brera. Lara
called orer the balester. "Caoi Joey.
show Mr. Oreea to a sear. I'M be there
a a taotDcat.-
She truoed to re-etlter her room for a
faraeat. Her mother'a Scare barred the
opea doorway.
ciur-ran x.
Ceastalale had bees physically "ahort
Is. his thirty years, and the exerdoot of
the past four days had worn Nttie taore
than the potash from his TfcaNty. Is
atead of reiixiac I" the crisis of the sews
paper rerelatioa. his body rishttd Bttder
the whip of pride, asd be strode daws
into the ctty as o&e who has sMTfwd a
borden. He had bees beaten ia a battle
with a woman. Dncher had come to
Mrs. Suiubory's aid at the Uu mo meat.
ia the shape of newspapers from the
north. From Lara, howeser. sad not the
mother, had com the most uipalisu: Mow
of aa It was Lara who had handed him
the newspaper. She did not wait, nor
ash. Arewsd this stem. CotMtaMe hnik
a (foom-strsetare of baronial proportions.
His attiende toward Ilreea was Tory
aimpiX He woaki not bsaray his root
for al the sewsfinpors and police aa
Chrfslendam, Harms waieod Itreon's
offer ta deuH the partievUrs of hat paot.
daria: the Srst nizht of aooaaintinfo.
Constable certainly eooM not reproach
the other for astsrepresemrjac UmsetC
It was tea-thirty ia the moraans when
be sent a messare oat to Captain Nesiey.
CDontermaadiBX caiUex orders, sad foefan
isx a eheerfol cote to Crssor. easuinin;
a draft for the stipulated amoaat. At the
bask he also left a second sam for Fath
er Damien. and procured eoasiderab'.e ear
rent paper for his own asea. His mand
sored ia a fcbr, irrespanssUe Ushioa.
It was as if he were obsessed at oniric
in terra!, o&e after another, by mad kins
who dared anytbter. and whom no one
dared rrfaj. HU brain kept the rreat
sorrow ia the Uckrroaad, and oerapsed
itseif wkh strfkiar aninees. While aware
that ia fotio: MUs Staashary and the
pririlece of proteetinr her. the meaning
and direction of his Hie was cone. sJU
Constable did not yet sense the faMness
of the rUiution. His was not a woand
to beal by first intention: and in bad
bans Pla assumes commaad leisarely
and ia order.
He planted isto a crowd la the market
place, and besan to talk to the attires
whimsically, bat to the purpose of start
Ins tbera toward Kort de France, addts;
that Father Damiea would care for them
rrneroesly there. "I do not say that thu
is tho last day of Saint I"ierre," he ax
claimed ia French, "bot I declare to yon
that if erer a planet looked aa if she were
about to sprinr a kak. Mother Earth baa
the symptoms localized in I'eJee"
Constable's eye bad fixed upon a car
rlare msslor aionr the edx of the
crowd. Now he mored toward It qolti-l
rorr Cowr-r. A rU&t
ly and seired the bridle. IVtptte the pr
etations of the drirer. he led the rrhleae
into the reed rtew of aiL Ills fore was
ed with the heat and tMse with atacn
rer and perspiratioa. Alarm and merri
seat miarled ia the nstiee throne. AH
eye followed the tsneerfoc ftcare of the
Vmeriran. now bowed Vefore the twiactnc
door of the earritr and M. Mondet.
This, dear friends, ConMahte rranf
ed. as one weahl pre dace a raaait from
a silk hat -this. ya aU perretee, l
roar MttV editor of Let Cassnlot. Is he
not brirht aad cfoaa and pretty? He
eery fond of Ameriraa hamor. Sec how
the ttttle edrtor laochsr
The Frenchman was realty afraid. Ills
tmBe was yeDowish-cray and of sickly
ontoar. lib attMe reUriie to the Amer
ran appnlrd to him now, entirely strip
ped of the hamor with which K was
fraarwt yesterday, as he compmed It In
the hwer of inner office. This dnwn
f mckUnr French and rrfl' Kia4
waahl stop at asthmr. M. Mondet pte
tarrd hiauNdf besar picked ap for dead
presently. As the blew did not fall kv
taataneoay, he amended the pirtare
with the sorry thoncht that he was la
be played with before Wave despatched.
This is the Ihtle man who tests yoa
hat Saint Fterrr is in no dosvrer who
scoffs at these who hare already te."
Constable Informed his hearers, sow hold
'.C ap the Frenchman's arm, at a referee
anrafee the xbip of a wiaasac nchter
"He says there is no more peril from
Tetee than from aa old man shaksar ash
at of Us pipe. Yesterday I pese .1 to
wacvr my snip afaint M. MoaaVt's rolled-
top) desk that he was wrone. bat there
was a dWcaky la the ay. IV yoa not
see. dear friends, that if I won the warer.
I shoohl not be able to dMhrwaish be
tween M. Meadet's roOrd-top dek tnd
M. Mandi't's cat arftte ee la the ratsss of
Saint llerrr? Yoa woahl not think that
sach a imitl white peetoa roahl contain
so marh paisoa.
There had been a steady rrewfoar from
the meant! in.
-Ahr Constable saddenly eicialmed.
-reice speaks tjaia! lto, cet la
CoastabtVs trrstatfoa aralnst the entire
tribe of edstorisl apinl'Q breeders mast
hare foand aa instant rent at irst, M.
Mesdet was chocked Mke a Urre soft
handle lata the seat of bis csrrlire aad
the door slammed foreJaty. corkiax the
rials of his wrath. Ia any of the red
blooded aones, a stranser who performed
sach tatirs at the exfnse of a portly
and respected eJtin srwaai hare ncoaa
tered a oaietat oatrk aad bUstiax. bat
the people of Marrmltac are not swift to
taxer nor forward at reprisals.
-Comer Constable yetted, tat a roire
which jerked ap his hearers. Vho has
ne for aty offer? Who roes ta Fort de
France TT
A few came forward, perhaps a dosen
in ast, oat of the arty or sixty who had
listened. Half m. aaer. half in admira
tion, which he dad not seek to ondentaad.
he ran his eye a last time over the dasty.
hacrd. stated crowd which he had failed
From their eyes, saBea. startled aad
pstiioi. he i It need beyond so the place
where old Vostaa lay. maturing his as
oeees. The sifht wpliled the fireast of
readtnr Taataxr. made him thick of Lara.
With facie teal he a-tppli I the work
at hand, forced his way oat of the crowd.
cconid the Kosetaae and harried toward
the Hotel des Palms. Ills phpsstsU en
ercy aa iam iri tan, hat the aamham of
hi scalp was a procnaat warnitkr xmtt
the perils of boat. The city was isieat
easoach ta act lAe a rase toandinc board.
Yoseos ranched him from far bshind. from
the harbor front to the Isft, from shot
ehops and hsane ussyhsis. At the
hotei. after mach asmralty. he proenred
(Btdes aad a fill oattst for the araiy
ta the sum ait of the miantam. It was
after mid day whoa the party rode nsao
Morn Koapt. The na banc raiJry was
behtnd, and Constable drank dispAy of
the dean oast aind from the Atioafir.
There was a rash of bsttomeM, too. W
raase Lara was not sharsss the prswdo
rohtmes of san-lit rtattny. AH the im
petas of his mad enterprise was nmied
now to tara the tasM of breasem-nc
aad force it Into the bachrrinnl tjala.
The party poshed throash Ajaapa KoasV
lion to the rrre of the I'tittM. the north
wtrd bank of srhkh marked the chilli
trail to the nmmit.
And now they mooed npward ia the
midst of the oof clary of MittWox. The
brisk Trades htowwc esessiy in the bateau
wiped the oastora saope of the nmaasuin
dear of Utai dait and whinswd the bias
of larphar down into the rsjley toward
the shore. Ore takes of cane ftfled the
TtBeys lehiad. and craves of emoa-paim.
so distant and so orderly that they looked
Hke a city tardea set with hen and
chick ens.
Northward, throach the rifts, cttstened
the sas, tlerl loae and aoat Before them
arose the bore, rrnoi tiid mas of the
moaauln. hs corona dim with smoke and
lathed by storm. Down la the soathwest
Uy the chastly iaH, the hiddec, tortared
dty. tranced nnder the eobrt-bead of the
monster and already laved in ha poison.
The trail became fery steep at two
thousand feet, aad thu fart, tocethe r with
the bark-thresh of the sssmtt durarb
aace, forced Constable to abtndoa the
inimtlt. It trasspirtd that fear of the
sciea cttirea frit it their daty, at tiis
! potat. ta stay beb'nd with the tuqSa. A
little Uter wfcea tbe c"st!.jic fna tht
prone urturoed face of tbe treat beatt
. saddeaty nw to a rr that twisted tht
aesh aad wtlraced tbe peases ot tut,
! the American Vokrd back and twond that
! only one natue a fatterlnc behind, in
stead of three.
Fascsaatioa for tbe djtac Thiac Iwi
hold of him now, and drew him oa. Con
stable was roasdoas of no fear for his
life, bat of a ated terror )rt he shoald
prore physirallr anobto to co oa ta the
end. He foand hiassett tearbsc ap a
haadkerchlef and sraasne the shreds In
a eon. ta aiaoin ine nasi at Ttaraisoav
Ita the line renatiatnr. be nUed bis Many pat sVT svtlc the brwM f-ws
""i ".IC.M '" I - !. ' irhlrh they nee ftr nndlns nett year
tarssneT ' " t"' tM or Mrht at brol
"TaTtTtaadc dasoesW nlaeoaod Was ... i15 ,,,JX Wl V ,, " ""
He reeelbT-1 H KrlM "
thne. He did not realise that he wa "!v " 'fe1 J M,V
alone, bat knew well from tbe rontoar "11 ' wal rwd breeaor I bdlee
of the sosfw. teamed mtimaKdy ia past ' krTC Tr al. the okl sows which
TiUts, that be was neartac the Ic de ,aaT proTetl x mothers aasl wbe
llmMs. which marled the Msaaait leret fl3 are thrifty. N U "o'11 which
Vet chance, tiotint Chans!. . were etocy (iac his llttt r deslntWe breler.
erideared. The ihuamtr of ine
in was saseored with a crast of
crtstshydrT-hlrwS: . "! '"
Piayiau apoa tbe paste formed of stone- ,? ! T- T.vtT
-, and ci.ii. I Meaas, Tbe dtrklnc I trl sowis. and the chicken oat
whir. Hke the dtp of m. heard at "" rnT old w tkrtt Is rclly
katerraK arraanted for the scars, llosahs r ttmhor Many of thee oW -hti
of rock were beinc barled from the creat wH.b? slowtt ta almost ,! at! bow.
labe. JKat m Mac that they hare cirea their
That be was ia the ranee of a raklac llttrtu a mlcaty rm) start, ami rl
Twirana are tM not impresv this islf, a tMr ttHm ra omditiiwi
dinrkai : ta the board ofa dan, t'trti,. TW seievtion of Ihe ywsne
r.'"?.' JlJl3ri-Tj ml .""" - M",r proWom t net
"TT.TT A!, TTLi LsT 3 ptrk for -battor-balls.- TWy d-
of the msnilir. Oat of the oM bvke eossr 1 . . .. . i
the fanoas towr of steam and rock-da "' kWer, and
wharh ma.htw.m.d in hlch air. IRe the '' ""' '- " "
primal nehssbe from which the worlds I" adltloav Take the rather
srere made. Iocke of en exploded la -at. thrifty ones, cnatrnc from Me
the beitnt. roamsne the periphery as the Ihtrn aasl from mothers which yoa tsv
seil of the n mal i was reat. Only this lend to Letav I. C. H ia the InvltnsM
to see. bat sossasis not meant far the ears tartaer.
of man, I mndi sraich nsnwd ta saw his I
etroli in twain the thaasWrinc eacinsi rr mA IVa lor n.
of the patssot. j The otra I aW easily hansUe.) by
The rocky rim of the lobe was hot la mltlSK with a earn btnsler and slnc a
his baasis aad knee, bat be roahl not r sflassr eat tor of a latlHwit r-ity t
back. A thincht fat his brain held him trr44 tbe aece-wtty of cwttlmr barel.
ttaere wtta taruitnc tants,--tne some
' , . 1
tifi TTT!I!ai
lassocsK wasra
be stood at
iZiL. - -- -s- liiMTZll
- ' - ISm. I w.. .al. m mI, w.
lms.-o.stj. -Hid eeor a maa dac a lire
TaltaaaT IMd eeer sabjoitl iiaiai coo-
ceiee of corraptinc sach ma-Hy of force
with his prcmy parposer The
Irreeereat aairy rsehted the halanres.
There he lay. sprawled at the ede at
the aaieersal msstery. at the secret en -
trance ta the chamber of ana's d-nt-
mo. The odje of the pit ook with the
bomb, of roek canted oat from sheer
weteat aad fell behind bom. That which
he ttmtriihalfi aitnoach bis eyes saw
only the cray thanderia: eatactysai-wst
never before inu lined m tbe mind of
The cray bUrkeaed. The roar dwln
ated. and hi senses reeled. With a rash
of salrra the Mnen dropped from his opea
atooTa. s.ooesawe w. pr- ! .w
was a capiat ta ,k"n- ' "
eoahl feel the air bsowia: in aad oat. cold
and colder. He tried la Wt ha haasit
ta roeer the oetMstiee woand. bat they
rrofd in rain for hi bead. With the
key draachts of air. he seemed la bear,
fatncly. his name folHac apoa the bared
-I'eter! Teter Onttahier
He strained his face toward the soana.
Tbe lower part of hi body woald not
nsoee. He was aacnapliJ. Hke a beast
whsw spine Is broke-a.
-Fotor! Oh. I'etor Constable T he
heard a taaa.
I To he csartaa'l.)
llasllsk lloe .Noose.
Honsv owner are intsigtlmit rather
aatfartjssmtw la their siectiooi of nasnes
far tttatr ahnloa. awl ha imhssrbia hoow
naminac Is ora4olly raUwr ladirrott.
Thms Tho Map- hns mrrer a ana
pia siaasr. TW Ko-ary" only extet it
Imarlrimt n "SaTawyrsatW- it tho smeK
dtproi itoc rina rrtleww. nasi hoasxt
aamtil actor ta Kawihth kaa. a snow
imisiiiT Its laka aastrvct than FleiK
tifwot jwb tfcw HoUtbr HoaJasrn
TW Atado-ion srorsl -hryrst. ts
nifytnc a forswt or wood, has Itcoaar
-Ismrst' in hoax ominc. aad -wawd"
tnd -hair hare the soase m maras. AH
hoox aaasos oasstas with Usc leraai
aatsens are pretty aad awt ansafc to
It la tarioai ta ante that la Hastteja.
aad SC Isaaratt ssMc a a ami r of
hoosMrs haw tynieaily Saxoa aaavrs,
perisapa ta ,. usirotc tar ert-at .ai
oa tMs-ar of waach the aaawe llnsOaj
Poles of the north.
The drcfo of the oarth's sWDj raw
Hon lit axis i-dar the ensatwst at
Use maniac, the tusni ' natal siwat ac
tion tborc of the taavtrtf asai farcr dar
ia; the period whoa tar earth wot a
tieatWas nna art da cm! a bstlsiar swat
' the sasrfocc la th esasorlal rrjion,
with a unam-anaf aatloalaf at the
frtsW, Taa we aarr aa adriabe sphe
roid, with the foaxia of the ail of the
jot tMK tweaty-rtc aad a half alJ
lets taaa the eaatriil dtaawetrr.
Leek Mlsht Qoollllea.
Mr. HU Mra. Jabe strike aa as
Uiax wstfrr etfae tt a
Mra. Dix Te. laVl Why. ertTT
tfc&e tbe hat an arhe or Jt!n tint asakrt
aa ruora fata aboet It a a mxa woc-i
aiti Wtxkl
I select lirw4
S-nse s-te lltti r lock Haralna awl
m iiiMr i ---- Ar
wfcr ,, ,, e,ny tnfeselesl II mnfa'.ns
nest rorn s lany tns-seiei nrnii
tn f"""0 ,rT "'
lot" whon the ears are fuMr rfaaesl
' la matatilr the
" ,,l-L Keewcw. of the ct fsf
te flllC "ore kept by the Illinois
xpertmeW station on tra dlffermt
farm asnl the c-t was foatwl to ranee
rrosn 40 to T reals a ton. the arerace
Seine M rents a ton.
1 -rfeat tllac shosjW V"-ep well the corn
4,,, pot ,, rM, , mntt of tWf krr
Btft an. tltIr,, twi ,f Mp,
' " --M etHl to
I"- V Cam r-esns ta t the
&- slncfo crop for the sll. ami by
nitnbitiiac It wllb row pra or s.y
beaas the fcesUac rarae Is cmttrr ton
for ton than of crn alone Of 373
JMHararlnns m4r belwtra sllac and
'aon-slttce tnltk. rtJ per rent were te
fjiror ,, th, ,Wtrr ijj. ;., ,,r pj
. ,. flTOf ,, mtm.a!r:r tml u p.r
-rat tedirated no preferrarr.
tleslratale rBllrr llaa.e.
One of the best arrancementa for
ac-sts whk-ti caa W ofe wttht est-
Is line the retnalninc aussse It shown
la the pirtare. The nest J a directly
tat the haylne bed aad a tleht lid
oltl t-p Iheta Jwrfectly dry In all
ttatli of woothor.
I'aras mmmri lllaker.
One talnj that wuj rut cssashforsvake
tee la the tbr an 1' Ulan : Tao asna
srno hat beoa staslylae tho buoks aad
jpm.4 farm pa-r. aad kept ap with
the prtf-lna ia arw way of doiac
thiaxs rW aad that he hat a bettor
crip aa bit eb thaa the taaa who hat
aot. Maay a asaa has kept Ma fmi
tfoa been ate ho hot taken an latorcst
la hit work aad hat leanteal how ta
farm acoordtne t malera tBethott
whea other men emsld hare been hired
hi hi place for oao-talrd lesa wap
Thore is a doafct that the tuadanl
of farm labor l swttlas lata a hlcaor
notch eeery year, aad we hare rot ta
battle aad Para aboat thtssc by reavd
tae bushs. med farm tstptsr aad at
lomliae the lastltatoa. Cot the IssWfior
'or rtsndiac. Uryt.
Core tr eep Killer,
Aa Ohio fortnor. after sawftlac the
Joet af an his neichWr of kllMas Ut
ihera. aaaUy ditaoTereJ that tae mar
lerer wm aU awa prize callie. At tbe
laiasal it very s-alaahle the farmer
! 1M aot kiM btsa, bat aabected bim to
rnaliamtnr which he Udleres hat
thoroachlr rami bim of his kiltlae
tcvfttaUU. BTery -aoralae the doj
it ftUrrd la a tread mill which oper
ttrs the farai rh-ars. wash-la asarhlaa
aad wber tiiillUra, with a tbp pelt
banc direct." !a frost of biro, and be Is
c;Ucl to work all day leer la tnit
I HUl' MT O.f THE Ot-TSlr.
I rsltln. rV krt-n l tl A' crl'l
over lli punishment llutt lie lnw!
ami i-r'r hrn he I p)iioM In the
j tmitmlil. and It l mivry U nMiflii
him wrefBlly t prctnit hi nimiiMt
nway. Oar day he was set tn wrl.
and the sheen pVdt was owltlrst Th
iW was so oterjosol that he shmtnl
etery wsnlfrstatiwt f Heasviro l
worknl Tlrrnsly all day. Imt nn the
next day when he went to w-wrk ami
fotsMd bis itsM ratddnc tlie ell y
crirf ws Hacssntrolhibl't.
! at feeJIna.
From etretre of feeder at lb'
eipetlmesU stations the H lrne
with crfo wvl ttol'l '"'" "
obi. whew It has reached the maximum
After that the cli rtrHrf a ltrr
amoaBt of crala rl3ce a Hron
amossnt nf pork, and I bey idstttsM be
fsttrsenl and dHst of
Oae bwshW of rm thlrletm
and one-third mmi of rk at
sonalh nhi. at malb tdd ntw
baswoi mode ULX poansis, ar.1 nt S
mottlk-s ostl one basbei made lid
Whlie there are rarylnc CMswlitbia
that hate their laaaetwr' spw I be
amoaat nf rain matK It U a restertl
principle that after d or rawMttb the
a motto t of cola from a btuhel of nr
l s decrssasinc scale, awl It has
hewn domwcsstraliol srala and train that
the arrt handred pntsatlt rusts less than
be secosMt. and the third ks than the
foarth handrtil. and that to prod
the fasHth hsMsdresI Ism often csst
dtsttbte as mah at the serosal haa
4ml. Mteel leeM fr liar.
The pirtare ."saw a new style ot
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of strrl Meaty .,snks are a!tnl . n j
t the frarur-s, roi wh'eb arv nailed
tbe txf aad smIiDX as la ordinary
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One acre of suit of amllam fertility
take to depth of H laebes, wvtjld welch
abutit WsMss rsansls, ami enutn
nltroeiat. a) raHtnds; potash. Un)
potinil. There Is enoach nltrocra ta
prorMe for ten rrxps of cwrn. sixty
bashels fa the acre, while the phut
ptmric adl anil potash wsNttd It it
mach lancer There are foartma cte
mcatt nemaary ta plant life, and of
throe cartas, hyilrorea. Rltroeea. oxy
cen, plssnrii, swlphar. ebbsrine. tll
enn. eaMaat. Iran, macaestata. rasta
slam and ssadiam are deritrd from the
4I. thoach seTcral are also la part
tterlml from the air.
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matal for ere that are tutb uniform la
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oaly way one ran Jadce of rexs offhand
Is by their aptwranrr, and If all are
anlfnrm la rulor aad site they will be
arore likely ta oisnotaod a better price.
Take a ay , tna.
It's; a iPJ plan to stretch oat tot the
or tho eras at auta aad take a
nap. If It Is only flea or afteea mln-ats-t
It will roaat btc m the A?
work. I. yoar adehhor rash oat l
tho add If he cat; ywj wUI beat
aha aa the son' work by takiac
care of yaar atraasth.
.Kale frnat tae llatry,
IU4 eroam will bevr make rtl
Creara left am the mNk too Urns will
ret hitttT ami raarhl
Aa a rate ehuralac It pat off too
lane I " winter tltae.
In the perfect creamery the anlmtl
heat ami odor are cot rM of at s..i
at poMihie.
The s,'.ner milk It set la a'rsail place
ready for the cream ta rise the mre
rrram there will be.
.Not oaly tbe ftaror. but the keetdnc
fsaallty of batter It lajrl by kivp
Use the crwtm aattl lis ret rcry sur
L'te oaly salt that 1 flae In qaalliy
aad crtla for batter.
If the Mil it txt wdl mlxM throueti
the bailor It will crystallite on tbe (Hit
tide ami probably make tho batter
MUk pan J PaU all the better
far a cood taith la a tweet, airy
pUc after harkte bcea watheil, tcald
c) aad drloL
Th crcaw it thould hare Ita con
tcttt ttlrrcd etery day at Icatt. atI
Trry time nx rrcam it added. Tblt
lurarea an cren rlpenloz and better
duality of batter.
!i 1
Olaatalts aiaakloil oa Ik laeraata,
C(itUtlitloll of (Ictrettr Iticrrsse,!
largely In the I tillttl Htnlrs Uiirluc t'i,
last flst-al fwr riiiUil June 3U, I; us,
acevrillnc to the irellinliiry aiinutl
tatntient of Internal rereinie rc.-elitv
Tobsrm reienucs irnerally frll oj ln
publlr siimkUic fewer rlctra llian r
prrtrdluc year, ttklnc leaa antif? tb
rhewltic tesa Hut wore cigarettes gf
II kinds wet tiseit.
Ia tdrlts were used than In In;,
th heaviest falling off being In tht
spirit dlttllleil from grain, the rere.
Due n which declined nrer lli,isl.(rt.
This would Imilrato large decline 'a
whisky consumption. The lvr bail,
tiess, lioweter, cotlnuel ta grow Ut
spite of the drprribn
The total decrea In Internal res,
rue. tt rnmpareit with the prercdlii(
Oical yetr. w mini 072
Orlala al the (aalaea,
ljmetMa I doa'l car UMch for (
RMbile ridtag
Oaradalfti I sappese Ml. lb rit.f.
fewr rsa't nuasc lb assrhlas oiik sat
Caaeeralaa Mrs.
Mrs. 04solWbst Miulsrtkfl Ui
Mft. Jj derite flow lr aw salsrno
Mlef I esier see bar rkiiot In It
Ml Capsicum- She Isn't derltlag ia;
sstlsfsrtloa from H now Th Hooodln
ban UMcht t aaar oo.
t'laaa saarlr.
The followlne extrort from a irttrr
of thanks Is rbertsbot by Its rrvlflefll
Tbe beaatlfnl Hrwk yutt seat us rataa
la perfect cumin fow. ami Is In
the parlor oa top of the bk sbeltra,
where we hope la see ni .n tn.
yar hatbaad, also. If be can mtv It
Taa Allraellie.
tr. JeaiM-r I )-- -tleitiat
resdy la met nla Why. yoa last
ate ahea yoa ranted Ibeae sptrtssants
Ibtt Ibey lb most desirable bsj
tier orapisd.
Mrs. Halldaas. Holme Ye, they trs lb
together loo deaietbla Tby hate b-a
eateted by barrsttt lie litses sine as
moid MMo Ihem.
Tfcs Hnala'a llpllark.
The two llltie grand daachters of Ir
. Weir Mltchetl were showing a new
Cniernest their treasare of boose and
Cardrn, llehlnd a but hedc they
This Is the pl re where our btrdt
tr burled.- nM one of the rhtldrea
At the head of a tiny trs wtt pll
ed t white Nll I'rlalesi oo It la r
rrraltr chtrartert with a letd pocV
were tbeae wordt
'Here II our Itoblm. on t auk
old. ooo only tu ege " Llpp" rott't
."lest la Orsler.
"We matt do tametbia ta prrrt
th tr-rsr" exdalmeil the tiHnmer
"U'Jt " amawa..! I',na, t,rlnal
wete been prserrln tomatiw an I
waieiuinui riaua an i nrijinicij
else I don't see why we bMiM draw
th lis at trr-." Wtthifcctoa Httr
"U.t tlBM I hH sbaat Kit Stlts
Bwrhorn k ast fi4 lo a yoasg ana
sk M II I aka resort lis lt(
did lb eatsgaaseat IsstT
Threa dty. I betiss T.a lit yootg
a-a Vra to laiii oo their satrrjlst"
-WU. It wst Bear lbs tad af Ikt ts
son. tod th nsrrlrd him."
Aa Osarra lJ Phllasaoher.
"Aeiap cnuldu't bat boeo to try
wIm after all."
-Of ewtirs nat If he bid been bt
oner woahl hat ttd his birtbrlxbt
for that u of pottac." Kaastt
Cliy Time.
Cta a m got a rood btrcala la t
firm la tblt noighhorhoodr
"Want to bay ooit"
"Know taytblBc tboat th ftrsw
tronsd ktiiT
-Cta yoa pty ttthTT
-Welt, yoa ran ft some tplmdld btr
galai If yoall offer Jt alaxit eae-tblrd
af lbs price ikM'tl ak yoa."
piVSOiwt effort Sltll lllO OSMstiUKO
of llw w Iruly bi'iirjinnl lo)Tut
irmrtK, LS)rui 'i4 Ti oivl Uuir VA
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liulit-i tidily so tlait QSS.trtncA to no
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atnlcs,ttluii nijaiivit, atvto asMst
noTun1 tin J not to iumJnnt tin? notur.
liincttonilsa)ui')i must t.jtvnJ wlti
llUttclw iiikmi tv-niior tauris.nnuMU.
jlojM iti liouojicial cjjocls, Ola0 '
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Pig Syrup Co. ohiy
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