The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 06, 1908, Image 5

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    ' T , , ,..,.. . . . --
- P- "TT " T " i '" - - ---- ,
The Stcanding and Irrevocable Policy of
9J ,.. M.MMMMM.M.
- .- )
16 shall always bo my aim to ho known as a thoroughly reliable
Vftcrchantj -that my goods shall bo known as absolutely dependable
. -ft .
that, my prices shall be known as just. To that end I say to all my
patrons, present and prospective:
If at any time, Tor any rson wh&tloever', yq& are dissatisfied With a
purchase made at my sWre, return the goods iA khe same condition
you received them art! I will exchange them oi refund purchase price.
Proprietor of The Big Store on the Corner.
That my goods ARE depondumo and my prices just I ask you to look over the following lists:
j il ! ifiwMiiiwmi mm iiiiiniinniiimuniiiiiniiiiin inimmni nitntnimui m wiihiiim miwinuiiiinii iukiiiiiiii Tin
OUTING I'l.AXN'KI. 3j in. wide, ex- ft
tra heavy, .io dill patterns, pr yd vC
CM. ICOKS. standard cloth, Indioes, guis.
i ImctM. light blue. ( 1 "$
per yard SivC
SIl.KOI.IIk .tfiin. wide, plain color- nml
luncy print, jukt the thin; for ij'j I
cotnfortcri, per yard w H "&C
brnnn, blue, drnb. blnqk-ppcr yatd.
LAIHIvS UNDIiRtt KAK. V.wa til), (?;u
hruvv noft fleece, Mrr garment .J?
I.iMMlvH UNDKRWKAR. same a tJ
lUjvc but .inttch heavier, per garment-. "Jv
J DI Ktf JJNDKRWKAR, jetsey 1 1 C
lit V -'
K00d 20c
rib, light weight wool, pcrgnrm'
LADIKS IIOS1C, fl:ecc lined,
nml heuvy, all Nicj. jwr pjir .
I.ADIHS IIOSK, scatulcvt cashmere,
not too heavy hut warm jk.t jwir ...
COATS' TIIKKAI) nil iijwj. black Vn
uud white .j sMah for 'JC
COTTON III.ANKKTS. Gernirui J.nv3k
2X7H luetic, white, rny or tun, fr ? i j t
.-rfycr pilr .,..." lA)53,
!isr 1"
aft wmtTmw
'Iho following prices are I'liutcil from
the 'r.!Riieit nml beat grocery deport
inentiln tb county.
SOLU IliUV Till; Itl-ST CANNIil)
(101)1)15 OW 11112 MAKKliT AND
Preferred Stock Apru-ot 40c
" lUttlctt Tear .we
" " MiiKtit Grapcti 30c
" Strawberries 30c
' Yellow Peaches "5c
SuceatfCsh 2?c
" Sujierfinc 1'cnn fiSc
vtnivi .mv(iim - ..
" 'Lorn
K.Uu Jundard Apricots
" " Pears
" Uuspberrici
" " Toiuatoe
(. Irltlutf Com
Si'Klr '. "' ''"'
c.ixwl Colfii'.jtcr Jl
IIikIi r.rmlc ColIc iwr Hi.
luliun t'runr ixtlli.
II Utl lc, lb. 15c Hrled IVjcIim ISc
I)tll l'cim. ir Id. 15c
Himl Aprieut 1 IIm. lot .15c
I 50c
hnlAl , vtt.'Mnalts
UNDKUWKAIt. heavy lib fleeced, a rtRti-
lur (toe Knrmeiit, my price is only
cr xarmeut
UNI)KKWKAK, Ifyinc lseccc lined, ex
tra heavy, worth 75c, tny price per n
garment, only QUk
UNKRVnAn. Sanitary Wool. . t lc
medium weight, per arwent pilO
COTTON SOX. extra licavy, blue nrd Rray
mixed, the never- - p f v 9Cr
wear-out kind S. TO! Z,OC
CASII.MKR1S HOSU, soft and warm.
Oxford or camels hair, per pair.. .
CASII.MKRI? UOSIi same as alwvc j(
full fashioned, "the bht," jier pair.... OUC
PANTS, heavy cottouadc, n good 4 rf
work pant, splendid value, per pair Pi.Uv
PANTS, same as above but better t o--fpislity
and worth the money pcrpr. Pl.JO
GI.OVHS, genuine pit: &kin, extra licayy
and well !cwcd, an excellent glove for frfl
rough work, jer jwir OUC
GI.OVHS, Salamander tan, a good -ft
driving glove, tough and durahlc.prrjpr.
tuttm ttya4rifcJMriA'rwM'iMjwffcTiMfT tmMwm
Special for Sat-urday, Monday. and Tuesday Only
GOOD HEAVY WORK SHIRT, fancy cheviots and drill, all iizes and n large line of
pattern to select from. The regular priie of thce shirts H 50 ,uid 60c. On SATlUPA,
MONDAY find TUESDAY ONLY I will nvll these fhirts for ... .
Come in ami look around get aciuaiutel unit my Mock and m prun Ytti will receive tourUous treatment whether you buy or not.
7 '
, -mtmri Try
rA -M'''' ''' .
ft MM
' ' tlcoiifc Q'Nei) hucut a few days
in Ueud durhiK lit week.
J. A. lloyd has accepted a potl
(ton in the A. M. Lara ktore.
II. V. Jones of Redmond trans
n:tcd business in lleml Vtineday.
TowiiHhip plats fur tale at this
aiTi'.Ht, two hlxeu, 3; ' and( C Inchw
Perhaps your ndvertittug would
bi "good" entufgh if it wre er
KiUeut enough.
Imucmndc mtucc meat. 3.V3&
Two tons of coajaml foot warm
ers at John Legal'... Jut the thing
for driving in cold wontuar.
Mr. and Mis'.'iuunk West wei'e
callers! - it Htiul Tucday ami
Wednesday fio:u their ranch on the
Upjicr river.
Now is the tiitie to lay In your
tViiitcr'a supply bf apple.!. We have
them four varietio at $2.75 n
box Khm.jcv iSc AMUMIKiK. 3Jlf
luoah bread for mile at the
lluttu Inn, baked xivcry dayi
To know what are the best. lr.;
Kniiim to lie had In the stoics of
lleiid this week as yon may know
by reading the u!. to knowledge
worth having.
Mrs. G. WIlall was a vitor in
town Wedneaday from their farm
at Pleasant Ridge. While hetchhe
wan the Kttttft of Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. I.nwaon.
W. M. llotiiton was in'jown
TueMlay from his ranch asjt of
Ikiul. Mr. lioustou la a recent
comer to these parts wlio hau come
to stay ritli us and make his home
here. ,
The ladies of Uei;d cleared an
even $52.23 at their wild duck din
ner last Tuesday. This will' be
spent in installing gas lights in the
church, and in purchasing new
.song book,
' iI am now agent fev, the Del.aval
crsum separator, ana nave one 01
these machines in Moc'r Sup in
onU examine it. They ate n great
convenience and money saver for
the dairyman. 15. A. Satiii'k. attf
' ft, I). Pcrcival has moved intg
j will move into it with his family
1.1... r.... ..f .1... ...... n. Tiin....r
ft lie lliny ui iiiw iiiuiiiii 1 iuiicci
Arthqr Page came down from
lkuif last Priday atteritoon, and is
spciKiiu,; several, diy in Madras
with Robert iRea. -Mr. Page was
trausitmaiv in the? Central Oregon
surveying m-.ty which ran the line
between this rlace and llend.
Malras Pioneer.
sty B
KffM,i8,.(KtOtlJnL. k'
A C. I.ticas left for Shaniko J his. new house in Madras oddition,
Monday wheic lit wont to mcctjMn. M. H, Percival's cottace,
Mrs. I.ucas, who is returning from .which ho has been occupying, has
1 visit to the old home in NebrasknJbccn rcited to I'rank Jilair, who
tff casTO'J
Nellie II Ltr!.Jt-,l U rr.-?jrJ
tfn$ny lor i icj.ioii:.irciiicnani
ranchmen. It is a powerful ami pcr.c
(rllng liniment, a rcmsJy Icrcmeutn
ik. A roo(l)fn)? ci.;' rocrthn lor t!.
.!ltl ol pjln. nJ the bat tl.V.mer.t fur
ipralni nJ soreness.' UncqicU'd lor
ciuinz nt ot.Js nj usuries 01
BARIIOD WIRE aril lur liealmx cuts,
nbra3loii3, sorcj and bruhes I'sc'llc
Horse Liniment i fully r.ucrcntcei).
No other Is 0 cnod cr helpful la so ninny
wo) s, II It Mils to sntisly, w c aulhorlto
all dealers to relunJ the p:ircn.-.e price.
Mrs. Will Mates is enjoying a
visit from her father, K. W. Taj
lor, and h sinter, who arrived from
Mitchell last Sunday. Th!s is Mr.
Taylor's first vUit to Usui! and he
is very well pleawd with our coun
try and bclicxes we a great
future before us.
The bo,of the town played the
nsu.'.l pranks S.iUmUy night Hal
lowceu. WlnU .a st of their fun
was of the harmless, nature, yet
some ptoperty was datuttged. That's
bad. Uoys will be Loya and must
1 have their fun, but boys should also
respect the propertyof others.
Steve Stcidl met with au accident
on the night of Halloween that has
made a cripple ot hiin for a few
days. While out having the usual
fun with the boys he felt" onto a log
in such n manner as to nearly tear
the knee cap from his left kuee. As
the result he has a terribly stiff leg.
Next Sunday is the one regular
ly assigned to Rev. Mitchell to
preach in Bend, but he has kindly
given way to the Methodists in or
der that they may hold services
cit uui .ami tint ccnti
HOYT Chcmical Co. PenTHAe, Cue
x'iu '
Mr and Mrs. J. A. Boyd have
moved into the rooms in the Chap
man building.
Some people who have never
been m your store before will visit
it this week if your ad. is right.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Morrill hate
moved to "fiend from their Powell
Buttcfi ranch in order that the chil
dren may attend school.
Mr. and Mrs. 15. A Griflltij arc
enjoying a visit from Mrs. Griffin's
cousin, A. I". Sliirematin and his
wife, of Victor, Idaho.
Mrs. C. M. kcdfield who is here
on a visit with her parents, is re
covering from a severe attack of
loiisilitis. Mrs. Kcdfield was con
fined to her bed for ten days.
Condon Times.
Quarterly conference of the M. Ii.
church will be held in Bend on
Saturday at 7:30 p. rtt.., with Pre
siding Hlder Skiptvorth presiding
A number of Redmond people will
be present for whom the Bend peo
ple will furnish entertainment. '
The I.adics' Annex has bought
r. large library of standard fiction'!
and installed it in the P. A. A. C.
reception room. The library con
sists of nearly 100 volumes of choice
literature that will aid many club
members to while away a tedious
hour occasionally. The list of
oooks will be printed next week.
Princville Review.
Mrs. A. M. Lara started this
morning to drive to. Shaniko accom
panied by Muy Mariau Myers and
Miss Iva Wca't. MisJ Myers will
return to her home al San Francisco-
and Mis West will go to Portland
to continue her musical studies
Mrs. Lara will be accompanied
home by Mr. Lara's father of
Seattle, who will make a short visit
in Bend.
S. C. Graves, editor of she Bo
nanza Bulletin, and Ed. Need
j passed through Bend Saturday on
their way to Princville. These
men were taking a trip through
these parts chiefly to sec what kind
of a country we have, and they
were well plbaled with what they
saw. Mr. Graces is a brother of
Chas. Graves, of CrccceM, and vis
ited with his brother for a short
lime on his way north. The Bul
letin acknowledges a pleasant call
from these gentlemen.
! r lends and neighbors to the
number of about fifteen gathered,
on their owa invitation at the
home of Mr, and Mrs. K. W. R'ch
ardsou cast of Bend last Friday,
and tendered their host and host
ess a most pleasant surnrise in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Richardson's
25th wedding anniversary. The
evening was pleasantly spent in
various forms of amusement, Mr.
and Mrs.. Richardson were duely
reminded that they had reached the
55th mile stouc since they had be
gun to travel the journey of life to
gether, and, as usual, everyone en
joyed n very pleasant eveniug.
Ramsey Beusou, a brother of our
townsman, Attorney C. S. Benson,
has recently written a novel entitled,
"A Lord oi Lauds," which is a
very interesting story. It pictures
the experiences of 1 j families who
weie living in a city ami just bare
ly making a llviug. Finally one
of them thought of a plan whereby
these people qhould buy a section
of laud near at gpbdly sized city,
divide it between' tlicm, and take
up farm life. .This, fhey did. Their
houses wers built in the center of
the section, end with each house
five acres were reserved to be used
as a garden, for yards, etc , the re
maining 35 acres of each farm to
be devoted to general farming. This
made n miniature town, and helped
impart a rarm toftm;,, fault and
puihto It a ptrftct an to baut.
fratfttci, tallowncit ana tmrtrftet
tlpntef lh. ,kln? . a d"tnf,
met so ct ocirT rmt at duomt
HortCHCMicALCo , Portland. on-
grcatly to do away with the loue
someness of farni life. The stcry
pictures the ups and downs of this
band of city farmers, but they hid
pluck and nerve and finally nvon
out and paid off (lie mortgages on
their farms. And their were
so much fuller and better than they
would have been in the crowded
dirty city.
We Thank You. ?
The ladies who had in charge the
"came dinner" if last Tuesday arc
very much gratified with the pat
ronage afforded them. We espec
iatly wish to thank the business
men of Bend for their liberal dona
tions and also the numerous ladies
of the town who contributed so
"onerously end who wcrlied so
faithfully to made the event a suc
cess. The public in general dif
serves our thank's for ib patronage
as does Mr. G. W. Triplett for the
manner in which he so freely helper"
the ladies. We also appreciate the
action of the Ladies' Ltbrcry CttiL
in surrendering the day to us afrei:
they had planned to serve didner
on that day. Committkii.
Raw Lungs.
When the lilll'js are hare nml Itillimnl
while their nresidluir elder. Rev. 1 'he uernu of imciimoula ami conNUiup-
Wfll-nn Qt-ir....r..n. .'., .-. .1 . tioa Uuil It-HiKtneiit onil multiply Foley's
Walton bUpworth, js ill these Honey and Tar kill tue cough genus,
ports. Hence there will be services curV!-1t',e most obstinate rackiiig cough,
XSay nml Rev kipworl', SSu tAvtix&t
Wllipuacu. iyuckui-e. C W Merrill, Bruggut.
Winter blasts causing preutnaqm
pleurisy ami cousumptlpn wrill- toon lx
here. Oi-r unit nt:''' .notr,- ai
fttlC.ll .. . .1 c 1 k,,o- i
and Tar. lJo iui .,. -h-.tin,. tlK win
ter with weak Inns;, when. Foley Hor
ry ami Tar will cure the most obstinate
couyhs ami coUis, ami prevent scnot.
results. c W. ilernll, druggist.
Housekeeping "the biggest bus
iness in the world" -is easier for
ad. answerers than for other people.
For Sale.
Fine, easy pacing saddle horse
safe for woman or child. Weight
950. Price S80.00. Address Max
G. Richardson, Bend, Or. 3334
A sorrel marc, with white face ami
white snots 011 side. aniLmordaiin' brand
on right shoulder, left byV-Eie untaiow
party in my pasture near Bend. Ownc
en have the mare by ravin-- pastoral. t
ami for this adertisemeut. L. I). Wibst
The Pioneer Telegraph
and Telephone Company
Telegrams Forwarded to Any Fart
of Hit World. .
Telephone Comniunlcatlon
with Portland, Priueville and all
1'aciGc Coast cities.
Public Pay Stations
in Bank Unldini; at Send, ct Laid
lavr and Powell Itnttes.
Messenger service to auy part of
Crook Coasty south of Crooked
S5rriV' ''ifcTJi'i
j ."jVlAt 4BHlk Jt M ,
Harness and Salfdlery
Trunks and Valises
Registered Siock
H Poland h
0 Chinas 0
Q Duroc Q
S Jerseys S
Ulnck Langshan Chlckyns ,
EC. PARK, Redmond, Ore.