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By Will L e
Coprtliht. I br Wilt lf Inctm Corastrt
CorrrWht, IW7. br J. 11 Ltrriacorr CoMrutr. All rUMs refwt
ciurrnu vi.
Constable remembered turning Into the
driveway after hi terrific exertion; re
membered that the girl and her mother
were standing uion the veranda, that the
former stretched ont her hand to help him
and the elder woman released a cutting
remark. Then a servant Jirought a chair,
and billows of nausea surged over him.
Just a hi consciousness waned, and he
nti launching, chair and all. Into apace,
Lara's voice reached him again.
Then he In (he hallway, through
aome miracle, and Insisting most uncom
monly that he was not to be taken Into
the library, but Into the music room, be
cause the window a there commanded the
lie awoke to the Interesting discovery
that MIs Stansbnry i fanning htm.
Presently ahe re-chlllcd a towel In the
Iced basin and foldel It upon his fore
head, now deliclously cool.
Mlt' mighty aweet of you to take care
of me thin way," he muttered gratefully.
"How I I'elee? How long hare I been
here? The last I remember, I was lost
In the hall, and you found me."
"You're been here about three hours,
Mr. Constable. Pelts" Is quiet again, but
the whole world I white outside a per
fect billiard of ash has fallen! They
say a terrible thing has happened at the
extreme northern end of the city. The
Hirer ttranch orertlowrd her bank, and
ran with lulling mud from the volcano.
Thirty people are reported killed and the
t'slne Guerln destroyed."
She thought he was comlderlng the
" disaster In the alienee which followed, but
In reality he was battling with the old
"Mis Stansbury," he said finally. "Is
there anything a man possessed of full
faculties could do, say or bring about that
would induce your mother to spend the
night ofT-shore"
She shook ber head.
"You know that th Madame could be
brought la for the malls to-morrow morn
ing." "I bare taken the liberty to suggest
that to mother," Larn replied. "She says
that to-morrow will be time enough."
"Miss Stansbury, won't you put your
self In the care of Captain Negley to
night? I hope I'm wrong, but the Guerln
disaster may be only a preliminary dem
onstrationlike the operator experiment
ing to find if It Is dark enough to start
the main fireworks. You know, I would
stay ashore, and Negley Is a good olJ man
of the sea." ,
"Don't you understand, Mr. Consta
ble?" she said. In real distress for deny
ing blm so repeatedly. "Don't you see
that such a thing would bring down a
miserable scene upon our beads? Ilealdes,
I am not thinking of my own safety as
such a paramount thing. I don't want to
be one of Job's lone survivors. Mother
and Uncle Joey and you must go when
I do."
The pate, searching face regarded ber.
Again he was silent. Ills lips were shut,
bis eyelids half-closed. A swift
Intuition was borne to the woman. lie
was about to renew the siege. She was
cot ready, and shrank from being moved
to a decision which she bad not formed
a the privacy of ber own mind. The
last two dajs of suffering bad rendered
her strangely responsive to bis mental ac
tions. Ills ijucst bad filled her brain with
wonders, but they were not yet coalesced
Impulses and Inspirations without
unity, unbound as yet by Judgment. She
wanted to yield with grace, If It came to
that, but not to be overthrown. Ills hand
rraehed for hers, but she drew away.
"Miss Stansbury "
"I'lease don't say it now!" she whis
pered swiftly, her word i startling herself
quite as much aa the man. "These are
such dreadful hours! We must think of
the crisis only of that putting bohlnd
all that paed laat night l"
"Until?" said Constable, sitting up.
"Oh, who can tell? One knowsMr.
Constable, Isn't It wicked of you to mud
dle ma this way?"
A smile from him bad given ber tbt
saving turn. The tension was eased.
Now, as lie held out his hand to her, she
was not slow to accept It, or to inls
the meaning of the compact.
"I'elee will be beyond the sky line for
us all pretty soon," he said cheerfully.
"We'll be very good pals In the mean
time. I'lease go to the window and see
bow our ogre Is faring the giant who
thinks he's going to eat us when we're
prime 'member the fairy story? Ily the
way, Mlsa Stansbury, did you ever have
a set of billiard balls cracking off caroms
on your brain pan?"
"Yes, and ten-pins. Men don't know
headache matters. The north
Is clearer, sir. A little while ago It was
II seething mass of blacks and grays."
Au exclamation broke from her lips,
and Constable joined her at the window.
A dozen birds had fallen to the lawn from
the eaves. Most of tbem were dead from
the tainted air. The sight brought the
situation more forcibly than ever to her
"I should think the birds would fly
awayl" she said pityingly,
"Perhaps the mother birds are waiting
for mail to come In," suggested a voice
behind tbem. Mr. Stansbury was stand
ing In the ball doorway.
A gracious rain cleared the air of early
veiling, and Constable settled himself
for a further nap at the north window
upstairs. II had not realized his ex
Whited Qepulchr
Talc of O Pclcc
haustion, and was astonished to find that
It ma midnight when he awoke. He wa
stronger, but a cyclonic headache still
oppressed him. Glad though he was for
the hour paed, still he was by no means
tinappmiatlre of the chances he had
takeu. A forlorn hoi of saving the lady,
even though a destroying eruption over
took them at the plantation home, had
grown In his mind since the night before.
To be caught asleep would render thts
chance a far one.
The Guerln disaster might be consld
ered among the promise of a favorable
Issue, aa well as a forerunner of chaos.
The mountain's overflow Into the Hirer
Hlanch might hsve eased the pressure
upon the craters. There was no authority
nor precedent for such a hope. It Pe
lee's fuse were burning shorter and short
er toward a Krakatoan cataclysm. It was
not for man to say what spark would
shake the world. Still, Constable held
the hope.
lie turned on the light In the room. A
cablegram had been slipped under the
door. It proved to be an answer to a
message he had sent to Ilae Terre In
the morning, regarding the movements of
the Panther.
"Str. l'anther arrived and departed
here on time,"
he read. There was strength In the
word. The mail liner reasonably might
be expected to call at Martinique with
the dawn, according to schedule. The
mall should be ready for distribution at
"We'll have luncheon aboard the Mad
ame to-morrow." Constable mused, "and
while the blessed maiden I passing cake
and pouring tea, the Madame wilt be
running like a scared deer, to hitch her
self to the solid old Horn, built of rock
and sealed with Icebergs!"
He shaded his eyes at the window, star
ing beyond the city Into the ashen shroud
l'elee's flag of truce. "Grand oh! mar
tyr," he murmured devoutly. "Hang on,
hang on!"
There was a tap at the door, and llrven
was admitted.
"I haven't seen much of you In the past
three irons, miscalled days," said Consta
ble. "It Is true. I have felt my own In
consequence In the presence of the big
drama here. It Is your drama, Peter.
Then, I hare found a place of many mar
vels." "Pere Habeaut'?"
"None other. There I something like
coolness In this thrice-burned Isle. Also
a maiden creature, half child, bait wom
an, wholly wonderful."
"I have been glad to see you make the
best of thing. Of course one can never
tell on a cruise where one Is to encounter
a series of business obligations such as
"True again," Ilreen said gravely.
"I have been busy as that, but have
accomplished nothing. Seriously, Ilrren,
times are running close. Guerln's the
first volley. To think I haven't been to
the mountain; haven't taken a photo
graph or a note! My fellow researcher
In thing seismic will never forgive me
for this. Ilreen, I thought I bad a sci
entific mind thought that even though
I bulled In all else, I was a loyal geolo
gist; but I have betrayed even that de
cent Instinct. Another man would have
had the women away to sea and be at
tending the mountain now; but here I
am, a child with man's tools, gassing the,
night through, and ahe across the hall
marked, for all I know, for Pelee's
own! Ifa good to talk, though."
"There's only one way when words fall,
Peter. If the mountain wont recede
from the maiden, you must snatch up the
maiden ami make a get-away from the
"I'm not pirate enough, Ilreen," Con
stable replied wearily. "Ily the way,
I'm sending some of the natives of the
city the women with babes out to the
Madame for cool air. There I no reason
In the world why we shouldn't entertain
our friends of the shop. Koronla Is too
rare a creature to be Immolated by Pe
lee's bursting bolters. She and the Pere
might Just as well share the benefits.
You see, tb presence of others makes It
possible. Attend to It, will you?"
"Good old Peter," Ilreen said softly:
"but- I don't think tbsy would come.
Who'd feed the little song birds?"
"Have ber bring the birds along.
They'll die there!"
"I had planned not to go to the little
shop again, Peter."
Constable turned upon him abruptly.
"Why?" said he.
'You see, Peter, sheets such a rare lit
tle soul asking so little and so ready
to give her all for the promise of a man
think of It. I have found a good many
playthings, pottering around this little
sunshot planet clear little films they are
now, which stick In tue brain ana won t
fade. Let me alone, Peter, and I'll wan
der back to reason presently. A very ugly
album Is a sinner's memory, and when
It Is quite full the sinner usually dies
sometime off Hrooklyn piers. The truth
la, I found a shred of conscience devel
oped under your culture and Pelee's heat;
and so I refused another plaything, re
fused to crowd another film Into that sul
lied album of mine. I lied, said I didn't
understand that admiration meant any
thing to ber and went away. Not too
late, I trust. 8b 1 a natural optimist,
and slow to lost faith In mankind."
Constable belltred that Horonla had
found her first torr In Ilreen, attd h
pitied the heart so suddenly Impassioned
and so swiftly dethroned of Its dream. He
reraeimVred the face of Soronla In the
court shadows, and hi pity lingered.
They talked until the Panther light
shone afar In the oiling, misty with dawn
mid udcano fog; then parted for an
hour's rest. Constable was the first he
low, and there was little Joy with the
coming of the day. The rumbling of the
mountain were renewed, Th great tow
er of ash shot up jeslerdty wa stilt fall
ing; the trees and shrubbery In the gtr
dens were bent with the weight of white;
Indeed, many branrhe were broken. The
dismal bellowing of cattle and the stamp
ing of pottles were heard from the barn.
It was only by keeping the doors and
window of the house tightly shut that
inuia nns iwtrnoic. a lie name wuu
brought the copy of Colonic wore a
thick wet rag over hi nostril, and had
the appearance of halng freshly emerged
from a bin of cement. Constable and
Hreen were first In the breakfast room.
""llils pudgy editor," Constable declar
ed savagely, as he read the morning paper.
"Yesterday t called upon him and In
sweet mdrty and limping French ex
plained the proper policy for him to take.
To-day he devote a half-column of In
sufferable humor to my force of character
and ettreme views."
Constable translated Mondet's account
of the Guerln disaster, and hi assur
ance of the safety of Saint Pierre, so
far a the mountain wa concerned "Oh,
the il sines of that French mind!" ho
exclaimed. "With a volcano In the pang
of dissolution, towering over the city,
Is apparently In dread of an earthquake!
'Where on the Island.' thus he
Inquire editorially, 'could a more secure
place than Saint Pierre be found In the
event of an earthquake visitation?'"
Constable crushed the ptper In hi
hand. He glanced at hi watch and then
at the mountain, from a habit now grav
en deeply,
"The northern end of Saint Pierre I
flooded out like an ant hill under a kettle
boiling over," he capitulated thoughtfully.
"The mountain I gathering for another
demonstration. Let u flee with all dis
patch to the crater of the volcano, to
escape this hypothetical earthquake! M.
Mondet certainly enthrall me. I must
call upon him again. Ilrren,
is there any way to stimulate the distri
bution of the Panther malls?"
Immediately after breakfast Constable
drove down to the city to send out final
orders to Captain Negley, and attend cer
tain matter having to do with the Mad
ame' facilities for entertainment. I'nrle
Joey wa to go for the malls. If he
could prevent. Constable wss mlniy
that there should be no hitch nor tsngle
at the last moment. In spite of dsrklsh
apprehensions, his heart would burst now
and then Into singing, since he asked but
two hours more of old I'elee, upon whose
summit was now written In lightning and
black cloud the omlnou letters of Dis
aster. The ladles were left to such graceful
ministrations of Ilreen as were found
needful. Mr. Stansbury, having gained
her iiolnt. Imposed no further delays. The
eagerness of the daughter wa controlled,
but In no wy concealed. The past three
days had left a pallor un her face, and
shadows under her eyes, but the Innat
fineness of her features seemed Intensi
fied rather than diminished by physical
suffering, and the more subtle perturba
tions of the Inner woman.
"When a strain bring out the splendor
of a woman's face, mark her well for a
thoroughbred," Ilreen bad found occasion
to whisper to hi friend. The sentence
was soul's refreshment, as Ilreen Intend
ed It to lie.
Constable, Indeed, wa contemplating
the full significance of the words, and
their possible bearing upon hi present
and future, a he rode down the Mnrne
d'Orange Into the Hue Victor Hugo. The
little black carriage of Father Damleti
was approaching, and. grluJ by a sud
den Idea, Constable halted It, sating to
the elder spirit of the pirlth, whom he
had met at the plantation bouse- "Father,
take this two thousand francs and use
It for the maintenance of the botitel
refugees In Fort de France. I shall see
that more fund get to you to-day."
A little way further, another carriage
approached, one of the public conveyances
of the city this-time, llehlnd the driver
loomed the head and shoulder of a whit
aan hard head and broad shoulder
the sight of whom strmk the music from
the brain of Constable, a a knife that Is
slashed across the strings of a harp. Holh
vehicle stopped abruptly.
"Well, I'te got you," the broad Individ
ual remarked cheerfully, "Where's the
other fellow?"
Let It be known that th man whom
Constable now faced was th same- ener
getic person who occasioned discord on
the ISrookltn pier, Just as the Madam
swung blithely forth Into th harbor.
Constable was thinking very rapidly. He
felt prepared to commit murder rather
than have his plans for the morning
thrust aside.
"The other fellow?" b repeated gent-
"The man hidden In your cabin when
ypu cleared. His nam Is Nicholas Stem
bridge, If jou don't happen to know," the
stranger said, with some Impatience.
"Where is he'"
"Where you saw him last," Constable
said, with sudden cordiality; "and I want
to state that I'm glod to see you that
Is," he added doubtfully, "If you've come
to take him away. If you've looked m
up, you'll have found that I'm usually
ready to pay In money, hide, or liberty,
for the mistakes I make."
(To be continued.)
Uucnos Aire has a population of
1,"XX,000, of which about 80 per cent
Is foreign, the Italians forming about
00 per cent of the foreign population.
7'3 -
llullillna; n Ham,
I expect to build n dam on n creek
for n t-nw mill. Dam will ho nlut
IPO feet long nt top to nils-- the water
ten feet. I, What would bo the oheiii
Pt wn). ,,e t,ldlHK the ilnlii? 8. Will
ou give n plnn of such n dam? 3.
Wlmt aire of turbine would to iicecs
wry to run a -18-Inch clrvtilnr saw?
An. Tim accompanying sketch
show, n cro. section of Hit style of
tin in ttint would l required for this
purpose. Diiiii are sometime con
structed by n curbing of wood, mason
ry, or cement, the Interior Mug tilled
with dry .stone. Such n tlniu I culled
n rock-till dam. If atone Is plentiful,
the ilnm limy le built entirely of ma
sonry. Tho top should U Intd either
with plank or cement.
As tho llltistrnthm shows, the tin in
la litld on txil-nvk, tho bed rock Mug
blasted out siittlclcntly to seouro n key
and a solid footing generally. With
a ten-foot dam the Nine should ho ten
feet wide. On tho upstream side, the
batter or slop. of the tlniu la about I
In 4, and on the downstream side the
upHT part of tho batter I about 1 In .1
ami tlm lower part 1 In 1 Tho ilnm
throughout Its length should curve lit
stream, so ns to present a concave stir-
face to the pressure of the water. Tint
masonry work should le constructed
of rubble with tvment Mortar, and all
tho work iliould bo very thoroughly
A necessary provision In connection
with a dam It stundent waatcway for
water not utilized for power The coin
tnon form of nastewny I a tunnel
through tho dam nurilclcutly targe to
provide for the maximum amount of
water that would Im required to pass
through It. In addition sluice gates
should be provided, by which tho flow
of water would bo controlled. The
water to be- utilized for wer may bo
carried to the wheel by mean of a
Hume. A nftceti-lnch turbine wheel
would pruritic from H to 10 horwo pow
er, which would Ih sufficient to run a
saw of tho size mentioned. Montreal
Vat -re.llii SlorU.
A bucket of peculiar construction,
designed especially to Ih used by farm,
era mid dairymen In feeding slop to
stiK-k and In tho
handling of fluid sub
stances In tilt) Inten
tion of n Mlchlicau
man. It nerves In n
M'liso a n dlpcr.
Tho arrangement
Is siifli that It ran
Ut tilled by forcing It
bottom downward In
to a receptacle of
fluid substance, tho
hinged portion of tho
K jfA H
ar.w nucKtrr.
bottom bcllitf opened
to iKTIIlIt tliu
bucket to 10 filled and clotted to hold
tho contents until carried to tho pinto
of fccdlm;. Tho content can thus bo
discharged Into a trough without
winding It and without tho liability of
nplllliiK It uion tho clothes of tho
o'H-rator. Ilio hinged portion of tho
bottom of the can Is operated by n rod
extending above tho (op, which term
inates Into a handle. Aa thu bucket
Is carried by thu latter, pressure ta
alwuya mulutnlncd uim tho bottom to
keep It closed. When It In dettlrcd to
illMclinrgo the contents tho handle I
pushed downward.
Malt fur I.Ira BtncU,
Why Halt should bo regularly sup
plied to stock la thus put by a famous
Kiigllsti authority; llivnimo In thu
blood of animals thero Is six or seven
times inoru sodium than potassium, and
that tho comjsmlllou of tho blood Is
constant. To keep animals In good
health a dcllnlto amount of common
salt must Im assimilated, Tho excess
of potassium salts In vegetable foot!
causes by chemical exchange an ab
normal toss of com moil salt. This Is
proved by the fact that tho craving of
an animal for common Halt Is most no
ticeable wlicn tho food contains a largo
proportion of potassium salts, such as
wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, beans am!
peas. The addition of salt to animal
Iff S
pam roa haw mill rowgx
food the npiwllte, promotes
the repair of tissue by Its senrelilng
diffusion through the body, and stimu
lates the rapid using up of lis wasln
products. lluussliigiiuH' experiments
showed that suit lucrenses iiiiisetunr
vigor nntl acthlty, and Improves) their
general nppoaranoo mid condition,
Hi. Itlnlit Wsr lo I'aeh I'rull.
If the fruitgrower simply tumble
his apples Into the barrel without sort
ing ami without arrangement, In order
lo M'l tho k i en lent number Into tho
lairel, hen da It up and ships to in.ii
ket, he will tltscowr when lui S''H hi
eh'ik that hi fruit has Is-en sold for
tho lowest price. Till only way tu get
the top prlttt for fruit I to sort It
according to grndes, arranging In bar
rels or boxes In layers, placing each j
appio in ny uaiiti, aim selecting tor tin
top layer fruit of the same color The
top la)er should t made up of apple
all of the same slzo If it-tslble, and th
fruit should come Just to tho lop of
the at n Hit. Then the heading should
Ut carefully placed on lop and gently
pressed down until It slip Into tho
chine. This can ln done Mlcr by the
use of a hlis-k placed under a leter.
.Mlrsl. l SmU.
The value of nitrate of sod applied
to laruard millet at the New Jersey
expvrlinont station was stated by the
i'Mcrliiicutfr as follows- Amount ap
plied, 100 pound er acre; yield un
treated acre, 7iWI tons; treated acre,
Kl.ICS tons; gain by use of nitrate.
5.7.1 tons; Mr cent of gain, 73 I; value
uf gain, at $.1 per ton, II7.V5; cost of
nitrate t acre, fltilH. net gain er
acre by ue of nitrate over cost, ll.likY
The crop was seeded on June Id on
well fertilized land at the rate of three
fourth bushels of seed per acre, after
a crop of oat and ea forage had been
harvested, which averaged six tons per
sens The nitrate wa applied soon af
ter the plants wrre well rooted and
capablo of absorbing fisM rapidly.
I'lK tinner In Wnsie
Tint woven wire fence I revolution
izing thu. hog Industry In the whole
country, and when fanners leurn lo
utilize every bit of waste laud for pa
lure for their hogs tho hi-rtbt will lie
healthy and tho cost of prtsluctloii will
I tletreasetl many dollar. It won't do
to allow tho pigs to He In the simile of
the corn crllM or to allow them only a
run of pasture. Fred. a little euro all
of the time that the pigs are running
In tlm luisture. The grass grown pig
does not np-nr so ntlractlvu with his
working clothes on, but when he I well
developed and ready to !' fitted he
makes the pams-rtt -ts look like ,'H)
cents. He makes a line ap;caramv an J
I a credit to his owner and feeder,
rH Stall.
Tho stsll as shown here I four feet
over all, but can I made less. (W
when eating will stand with her hind
feet Just ts'hlnd the :.' by I, leaving ttw
dropping behind It.
When she lies down she will U com
pelled, to lie In front uf the 'J by I
with her head under tho feed rack. It
Is not necessary to hnto a gutter In
a stall of this kind. There should bo
short partitions, however, to keep th
cows from turning around.
For building, use '1 by -I for bottom
feed rack ; bottom of rack a feet abovu
floor. Strips of I by , 0 Inches apart
form tho rack, and should sIojkj back
00 degrees. From 7 to 8 feet from front
of stall place 2 by 4 on rdgo; If set l
dirt use stakes.
Kstrmlns Nnlea,
Itfmrmbcr tho Importance of thv
kitchen garden.
Soma genius has figured out that a
hco will on it busy day draw sugar
from iMjim different cloter heads.
When mustard Is a serious pt-st tho
fields are sprayed with a solution that
kills tho weed, hut does not harm tho
Tho government spent $10,000 this
last spring planning ways to destroy
thu green bug In ICnnsas, Oklahoma
unit Texas,
Preaching economy doesn't amount
to much. You must practice It, but
thero Is such a thing us being too
Tho Clolnnont ranch, near Kugle
wood, In Clark County, Kan., consist
ing of 21,000 acres of fine laud, will bo
cut up Into small farms.
One hundred and thlrty-nlno cows,
comprising tho best of thirty-sir Illl
noli licrds, produced an avt-rngo of 001
pounds of butter fat last year,
.11 1 I 11 j
Oitttin Are A It tit lu Svnlliitetil In
! (ha sIhsIii HnII Wurlil.
How ninny people would guess thu
moaning of n "Spanish onion song?"
This strange phrase one of the ninny
to be found In the professional' ill.
Ilouary of slang Is used to denote tho
inuslo hall ballad, and owe Its origin
to Hut fai-t that no self resins ling mviu
lr of lis race would Imi without a pa
Untile reference to "dear old mother' or
"somelsMty's sweetheart far llrtny '
Now, patluHt draw tears, and so do
onion, 'tho rest I obvious, .) ,
Cleveland Plain Denier
Thr.i bnllatl aru also known by th
,inint of "(live me your kind applauso
songs," n tltlo which I also applied t
tlltlle whose duty It I to draw nttni
thm lo some mlsdttsl on the part of thu
lmerlal government.
Artists, too, nlwa) allude to lint last
song they sing us their third sung,
though In many case It may ho their
second or their fourth.
"Ilrealhers" are so called lvailse tint
unfortunate artist who slug tln-m ha
no chaiicn to breathe unit at, H-rhap.
hit surreptitiously dro a stray imto
here ami there and thus draw a few
molecule of air Into lit lung. Thei
song of which "Tho Irish Christen
tug" I an example -always have at
least live long verses, which are run
turn Into tlm other and sung without a
break of any kind
A typ" of song which Is designed
with the expres pur;iosti of ilivrltln,;
tlm audience It the "ctt ballad," Willi
great Ingenuity the coui"er Utjlii
his verso tit a highly ssuitlmeutal tone,
when, Just as the audience I com
meiH-ttig to search for Its xkrt hand
kerchief, a suildeii turn Is gltrll tit the
word and every one realties that he
hat been tricked Ihtt whole thing Is,
In fact, veriest partsly "Mingle your
eyebrow with mine, love," I a case In
At the present moment the music hall
world I searching high ami low for
concerted nuints-r, whlrli form ti r
cent of the seaside. Tlir" am merely
ioa rewritten In form trio, quartets
or quintets for Pierrot and mitdt-ir
theatrical trouj-, while "extra biisl
lusts' I addttt to suit rcqiilrtiHctit
Motto songs, which are liM-rrasiig lu
popularity every day, will also. It I ei
vtnl. help to tmwt the hours for ttw
lounger oil "thowt yellow Mllds," Tlir
til I th-" always !lnt all ritvllrlit moral
The "production number" I a term
which need souin explanation It
mean that the song I elalMiratcd or
"featured" with chorus girl ami I
"produced" oil S Inure elatsirattt ooale
thin tho ordinary imnitx-r. It l ir
qillrcs H'lnl scenery, with rffects.
Souhrctl songs give the Idea of
songs always sung by souhrcltf. They
must, however, fulfill certain other re
quirements. The chorus, n III other
song, do not remain tho name, (lit
couplet lii every case Mug differently
I'hrrrr lllalnrf.
It I still asserted In school s
(list cherries were Introduced to liug
Imtil by the "fruiterer" or green grwer
of Henry VIII ; also, that they were
not common for a hundred years after
that time. This I an error Mr.
Tlmum Wright found the name In t-v
ery one of the Anglo-Saxon vocnbnla
rli-s which he cdllcd. So common went
they ami so highly esteemed that the
lime for gathering them became a rec
ogulzcd festival "cherry fair" or
"feast " And this grow Into a prtt
terblal expression for fleeting Jots,
(lower sajs the friars taught that "life
Is but a cheryefayre," nod Hope "en
dun th but a llirowe, right as It were a
eheryefeste " Thero I morn than one
record of the purtlutse of tree for tin'
klng'a garden at Westminster countries
leforo Henry VIII. was Isirii. Hut
I'llny contradicted the fnble, as If In
prophetic mood. After telling that Lit
ciillus first brought cherries to Homo
(from Pontus, In (ISO ,. l. ('.), ho adds
that In tho course of I'.l) years they
havo spread widely, "even passing over
sea to Ilrltaln." Conihlll Magazine.
Online lllll lis- Wslailil,
"Dollar bills aru worth almost their
weight In gold," a tsink president said
tho other day to a dcoor.
"Yes, 1 siipKso they como In handy
for chango and arc easy to carry," tho
depositor n-pllcd absently.
"No; I was shaking literally," tho
bniik president said. "Wo got Into nil
argument In thu bank hero thu other
day as to how much n dollar bill weigh
ed. A twenty-dollar gold plecti weighs
510, grains. Wo found that twenty
even crisp, now oneilollar hills weigh
thu saino as a twenty-dollar gold piece.
Wo tested some bills that hud la-en In
into mid found that It took but twenty
six of them to balauctt tho gold piece.
I stipiMiso that twenty-six used bills
gather nil accumulation of dirt In pass
ing from hand to hand that weighs
uboiit what ouo new bill does," Kan
sas City Star.
Not lo lie IQsueoleil,
"llavo you any bleu how many
pounds tho shipments of tea received In
this country In a year would total?"
"Of course not, I'm not a teototuU
r." Kansas City Times.