The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 14, 1908, Image 5

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    A Pew
to Remember:
JL.iiii.. HIWT HTOKIt.
Tii'if the or ices nt this mie
JLLltLh Kw'l' STORK 8i
ninny un low (he goad
cmii lw told for, quality con-
Th'H '' " One MIJS'I Store
JLLili". hwhUJ not be the
!Ie-.t Store If it tiki not ttent
yon v licit t Ht nil times.
Hit One DIJSr Store
xlU tor tilth and
dor not have to figure a
log wtcentMite for bad Wll.
.L.Li:.- riiMMl frultJ
in tight boxt. under k'bm
away fioui all dm mid tlut.
T. ,, t The One MUST Store
lor i. to do, fat quart uud
$i.,(5 dot. lor ' ', gallon.
TU ,. 4 1 lie One MUST Store
...... .:... m lie complete
line of I'KKIMiK K li I)
STOCK canned goads, mtt
llieie nr the very brat that
ran K produced.
Th ' ,l,c 0nc m"ST s,ore
JL.JLiiA. charge no mom for
the I'icierrcil Slock Rood
than others charge for the
tegular atatidard quality.
Tlvii ,hc"c w s,orc
.'......,. want your trade
ntitl will ttat ou rntht
nt all time.
l - .UKcUUi3l.,r- ,
If yon lire loilnj; your Mile liavc
it limited liy I.bkiiI, l'e Miufc iiltiu.
Mr lr. 0. Miiinr wiimlou'ii from
the hoiiiratcuil Saturday nml Hun
lity. Ikim, lo Mr unit Mr. I'red
U'wIIhc of 1. Hid law on Tttwday
lM, it r;irl.
Mr. Miid Mr, il'mer Mtrrhl were
iliiwn front tlieir houwalcad went of
Uotdattd the first of the week.
The UHe' Library Club will
erve ice c tea til Saturday evening
in thtt library lOfliil wild on the
Kowe lawn.
The Johnston collage on the
river from haa been given A coat of
(jietn Miut, which greatly improve
UN MtK-ilailC.
County Judge Kills and II. J.
0ertnrf were over to Sudera the
liral of the week attending to tele
phone matter.
Mt C. A Jotiea tiuil Mit Cole
wait drove over to the HighUmer
Smith mill at tJiat So urdny on a
i ut unit picking expedition.
Mra. Clarence l'arker nml child
ten rtturuvd to Iknd from the Vnl
ley with .Mr. and Mrt. John Kever
and will visit hereabout for a (
I.'. A. Wyitu waa over to Surfer
the fitkt of tlie week aolidting aub-
criptton for the Central Oregon
Railroad. A uaual, he met with a
very favorable reception.
I'oreat Hanger 1'. 1. I'etit Wted
that hr purchaard $500 worth of
aupplic for the fire fighters when
in llenil Monday. It waa a reil
letter dv for the merchants.
Wc have a couple of snap in ir
rigated farms, jmrlly under culti
vation, at price of raw land. See
us before buying. it-:
Mi-.kmim 4k Wll.KINMJK.
hall house cleaning .will mwii lie
here owl nu will want Mine new
wall Wicr. The .Merrill Company
has just gotten in a new stock of
the latest style, .iuclndiuK ioo
rolbi. 2 1 if
It in re(Krtcd that iiuite a heavy
ruin fell hi Redmond im! vicinity
WeducMlny eeeniiiK. The wattr
ran in streame in the streets and
rands for n short time, .so heavy
wns the shower.
Jack Kcllcynml A. A. Aldtidge
have lHiHiht pool and billinrd table
and will open np for business in
the Mutrig building. They will
uImi hntulte cigar.t, cMiidies, fruits
and Mift drinks.
The Indie of the M. H. church
hud n very succckcful ruu of bust
ucMi nt their food Mile last Saturday
afternoon. They clotirixl 33.90,
which .111111 will be applied on the
uiiuititcr'H salary.
The llulletiu wns in error Inst
Jwcck when it stated that A. 11
'liHtubcuct had succeeded in raising
bail and was at liberty. The
amount of the bail wuit . reduced to
1:50, but he was utmblti'to raise it,
Clark Kudo received the sad news
Monday of the dcatls of his young
est daughter, Olive, who passed
away at Cleveland, Ohio, on Satur
day lust. Mr. Rude left at once for
the fiusl. 4 The deceased was a
years of nRc.'
Agent for Champion Hinders
Mowers and Rakes, Hinder Twine,
llarbed Wire, Chicken Netting,
Mitchell, Haiti and Winona, Wrfg'
ou9, Syracuse I'lows and Ilarrjivs.
v.yiiiu uni nvc inc. iv. t, iAimi(i(,
I19H4', OiCBOrv ;7tf
Mfyj I.cla StK'iiccr of Antelope
arrived itv Hend yesterdny for an
extended visit with her brother1,
iv n. . . li r... .!!. PI. . -
k. opencer mm iiiuuiy. one came
A Booh to'CllMrly Poople '
"' Miltil uldeflv' icqd e.liiivc wnne klJitVv
orlitatldcrrtlMirdcyliit U lioth Ajiiful
mid daiigcrons. I'.cJoy'H Kltlacy lVni.
edy lihs praten )oWi to iimiiy VltVly
jvcople as it ntlunilatcj tliiMirliinn'OMiia
ronVcta Im'K'ilnriti nml tonrt r the
Kldrtey Keifttdy nt Ollce mid hi v Kor
ou. -C. W, Wcrrllt; ttniinl3t. I
I up with Dr. A. Iv. King of Antel.
o(e who is spending a few days
fishing on the Deschutes.
You will have an excellent as
sortment to choose from out of
those 2100 rolls of wall pajwr just
gotten in by the Merrill Company.
Cull and look them over. . ,
I nm now agent for the Del.avul
cream aejmrntor, and have one. of
these machines in stock. Step in
and examine it. They are a gret
convenience mid money saver for
theiUiryuisu. P.. A. SATiiKK.Jttf
The yield ol clover hay on the
old' exrimeut fariu turned out
quite it little heavier than was at
first expected. The first cutting
gave about three tons to the acre.
When they began to cut the crop
it was thought It would not exceed
two and a half tons ier acre.
Tcatimony was taken Saturday
hefbic Mrs. II. P.stelle Kllis as ref
ureu in the matter of the receiver
ship of the Heud Livestock and
Produce Company. The testimony
will be submitted to Judgt: Hrnd
shitvv for his consideration at the
fall term of court, and the receiver
shipcloKil up.
R. A. Puctt ha received wonl
that the decision of the General
Land Office, in the eon! eat brought
against his homestead by Mrs. W.
P. Myers of I.ahllaw, is in his
favor.. Mr. Puett won in the local
laud office, whereupon Mrs. Mvets
apo!ed to the General f.aud Office,
with the result that the decision of
The Dalles officials was affirmed.
Quite an important real estate
triuction was closed during the
week in the sale of the II. It. Reed
ami Chas. Ming places near Sisters
to two Spokane men. The two
places are situated about a half
mile east of Sisters. The Iteed
farm contains x.o acres and Mild
for $5.Soo. It is said to have the
tiesl water right on Sptaw creek.
The King place, containing 160
acres, sold lor $4,000. The pur
chasers will take up residence 011
their laud at once, and will proceed
to put the farms under cultivation.
1 Continued frwm page 1.)
passed through towtihhlM it, ;:
and a short dUtance into 33, all in
ranges 13, i. and 15 and a short
diMauce into ift.
They wi.ll undoubtedly soou have
the fire Under control as it will not
spread to aiy extent since ths late
rains. A bout 115 men have been
sent tit to f gut this fire.
Mr Petit lielieves this fiie was
set by the Indians. Ilis reasons
for so tlihilf ijig are becnu: tile fire
broke out almost instantly on its
entire length of 15 miles, and be
cause it is set in such a manner as
Like Clocks
Should Be Kept Running
A store's advertisements
tell the people what is "doing"
at .that store what is uew,
hat is inviting, why tcxluy is
a Rood time to visit the store.
I eople look for the ads. to tell
tietn these things just as nat
urally as they would look at a
clock to tell the time. .
II Sometimes n clock docs not
rim sometimes a score's ad.
docs not. A "run.-djnvu"
clock or ml. are aboutw equally
unsatisfactory, unserviceable)
misleading. '''
,1 Curious thipfJi almoin it, is
that n merchant ylio w.qttld
think ,it, ,njxird to liayc n
"rnrt-down',' ,or ,out-of-ropair
clock will, jowefimes, tlelibet
ately let Jla pd.,atop runuig.
It's not w!.k, nor "gootj busi
ness," n,oc defctisiblc on any
known grounds but, it's
mTd.TKiilMntf"V "Y ) r- J
I .1 V .
1 Ml 1 I I I I I - II
-. . I .1 '
to drive tile deer out over an 'ojxm
sand flat where they would fidl1 an
easy prey to the Indians' rifles.
He snyu the deer arc very thhk in
that section and that one day he
heard Ave or six rifle shots in the
distance, but did not have time to
While the forest officials rcort
that these fires are doing much
damage to the limber, it is denied
bv men who have lived in this sec
tion for years. They admit fliat
the yoKng trees will be damaged
and killed, but are firm in
.statement thai comparatively
of the Iuikc vellow tiinen will s-.tler'ull of just such people who lrng.
at nil. Tin v slate- that thev Have
frt iteutly seen just as heavy
tun through the limler here.
tree trunks would be thoroughly ,
blackened, but the Iwrk soon scaled ,
off, a new bark was formed and in
a few mouths aflei wards you would 1
not know there had ever been a I
fire in the timber. The forest offi-,
cisls are iialurallu concerned about
saving the oung growth, audi
everyone admits that the tire are a
serious thing in that resoect.
.Tuesday afternoon the crew that j
had been lighting the forfeit file in I
township 19, range 9 ami 10. west
of Spritig river, succeeded in grt
uug it under control and. all
of them returned to town except ,
six men who were left to watch the
fire that it did not break out again.
A strip had been cleared entirely,
aiound the fire and three or four 1
iurrows plowed for the greater pa it
of the distance. They thus have'
that fire securely corralled. J. X. 1
Hunter says it bunted over about J
five sections. It was not, however,
all yellow pine, about a third of
the territory burned being covered j
only with jack pine.
Kcporls to City Capers ns to the Loss
' Pioin Porcst Plres, In IJrror,
A siwial to the Oregoniau from
Priucville, date! Aug. y, states that
"6oco acres west of Spring river
have been totally denuded of titn-
Im. 1Iim rilnurti tfictiinnt,.
ihn'iiiiili.r will burn for months
unlet a heavy rain falls."
Vnthln.T riill 1- .nnrti Urilipr
from the truth than the above re
turn. Th. fire buriit-d over ontv
, . i ir .t .- . i
ttlwut half the acreage mentioned
above, ami the fighters had it uu-,
dcr control before the rain came, i
Instead of this tract being "totally
denuded of timber," the loss has
been very insignificant indeed. J.
X. Hunter, an experienced timber
man of Deud, who took a promi
nent Mrt fighting this fire, says the '
damage to mature timber is only a j
very small per ceiit.
The belt of timber through this '
section Jiua borne the reputation of I
being one of the safest from fire, of ;
any timber in the world. It is uu-.
fortunate that such silly and ex
aggerated reports should get spread
as to the damage from these tires.
Ol course, the young pine is in
jured, but the merchantable, ma
ture timber will escape with very
little damage.
l'ilv's Kidney Hetuvdv will cure any
ca ol kidney or bladder trouble that
not beyond the reach of medicine,
medicine can do more. C,
I iniggltt.
AS OlUllN'ANClJ to amend Section
l'oiir of an Ordlrsnc wititled "An Or-
ilm.inof IMxing the t'omm-iiwttiii and I
Homl ol tlic Ke rleriil I'vamng III
Ik- it or
cil of the City of Itentl
That mhI Sieetion Pour be amemled so
a to rruil at follow o:
"Sec. 4. The Recortler lutikt iuv all
hcoiiM'i. authonml liy the eitv orU-
tiuiict't, ukhi delivery to hitn of the re-1
eclpt'of ttic TreaMirer for the amount of ,
money liiirel (or1 urh liceiiM-, Pro
VIHKi. lMweer, tlmt'the Hecorder 1mI1 '
ikkuv no Ik-ente fir 'on.ltn'tinK aliilllJrd. '
iMLXti'llr or jhk1 talrtr ot lo linn alley :
or for the le of ety:r, tobacco, 'ib'in(
Mft ilrmkijor otner mrrciiatumc In con
iii'cDou wltl a, card or billiard ro"in or
UiwlitiR alley uuleM w ntteii application
therefor la- tint made ti the Common
Council .uni aaid applic.Ulou be eninttd
tiy a majority ote thereof. All ordl
tunc.', ami pirtD of kirdtiiautK iucoti
M.tcut hciewith ate herein repealed.
proei Mimi-t uu 19c t
IUt II Ctllis, liUO DuosYrkikh's, 1
It corler ctiun Mnvor,
W Pitfjtitfal Liquid Ar Peuftlar.
Imparl i'rirtf lottnui, fcauy anil
mice 80 ere. Hasaur ffittky nuaiuV
Subscribe for The Dulledu.
ittiicatv 50 .tnt mm. wjthcuxn in.
vIlMiftr'frjflf.fc ptrfttt anfiji' beauty.
hMt Itllmlnatt'fan, iUnburn,
r'lff,HK'iownai airt imperfect
(! n I'UAj jMn . . Pott wn.a y o In f y
'.njl'i.T .PiTtJflH"r M WN.
1 - i-i
Fool Mother.
Hit t ihutmnn
A murder was committed In Port
land this week by a mere lad, and
in no editorial comment the Ort
gouinti says: "That Guild's
murder came about ns usual,
through the circumstance of hsv
ill); a loaded pistol handy about the
house." What about the "cir urn
stance" of the mother being aiv.ij
from home attending a meeting 'if
fanatic' Probably the crime would
not have been committed were slic
'tbellhe faithful mother that she should
ibe. Portland, like other cities, 1
Icliilureii into the world for no other
' purpos? than to swell the prison
' population.
LL the Personal
Property of the
Three Sisters
Ranch Company, con
sisting of nine work
horses, farming imple
ments of all kinds, 80
tons of hay in the stack,
and household goods.
Terms, cash or bank
able paper.
M. C. MILLER., Supto.
Agricultural L
ricuidira! College
Connllls", Oregon.
Offers collegiate courses in Agri
culture, including Agronomy, Hor
ticulture, Animal Husbandry. Dairy
Uusbamiry, etc.; Forestry; Iomes
tic Science ami Art; Civil, Hlectri-
- e 1 ! f
" K1n' Rnn ;"linK l'W
i """r1 '"":. ""c)- .
Offers elementary courses in Agri
culture, Forestry, Domestic Science
and Art, Commerce, and Mechanic
Art, including forge work, cabinet
, mak,i:,K ste?m 'nf- P"bmg.
. mscmne worn, eic.
1 Strong faculty, modern equip
, ment- free tuition, opens Sent. 25.
llturatd cstaloavc wuh fall larucmatMMi wn
..ppiMrnaa iuis Krnt. in.
Every Farmer
, Why? .
Because: YoX'v money
tlllJT V licit.
Your check
debt it pays.
It gives you a better standing with business
men. '
Money in the bank, strengthens your credit.
A bank account ' teaches, helps and eucottr
ages you to save.
This bank does all the bookkeeping.
Your bauk book is a record 6f your business.
To those desiring Banking Connections with a well
established Bank, we extend our services.
the Cefctj;a! Oregon Banking (2
Trust Company
jiS-r c '
John Stektk .c Lumberman alul Til'nber Owner.
U. C. C001 , l'hj-aleiSti AmJ Surgeon.
H. P. d. McDonald , MHyor of Ilend.
Q. Heyburn...i...vf
Bakery aiid Restkurant
t ." 'ifiomo iYlJsde Bread for Saje
Pies, Cakes, CooKies., Douglinuti;
jthlngjihe Bakery Llne.i
Restaurant will Ive meals'nl all hours between 6 n- m. and to p. c?
Ptclfic (toft llfiuecKi 1 frp
trr;-'! for t.ic neeJs l tw tn n .
raflchmm. It u a fW-AfrV, r J r 1
If l-n mn, a rcrcJ ' " r ft f
,cti A 'ootlmf irrb.-o.. 1. 1 t t
relief of pun. tnd Hie bttt'i I .
tprtlns ni Mrtnes.' Iiktjj!1 ,r
cMrisf lhe hmsI snl injuries tl Ji
fUkllEO UlKC eni for hcalini cuts, E
afcrsjlom. sorts n4 tririjM I't'.Ui Unhncnt K fsHjr (ssrsnttcd. N
Sn oihtr'Hioifitxl or Mflulln to mzr.j N
w) fit(alhil6MlMy,ea!ilhbrlre s
.sil rf3lr to retiHhJ the perdiaie price. 2
fit uni (otuei Kf ciNta
Horr cmcviwu co, pj
fcft.n . r ucrrZ'Tor
JVhen You Paint
buildings, inside or ct
side, if you desire the
very best results at the
least expense you
should use
Call for
-- color cards
A Pull Line of Groceries, Dr
Goods and Hardware always or
-u, ot I,
1 V ""' T tf2tSSs7 mcc' $
' ' -- .! a ! aapiaai i t
V 'afrmt-Wiutms Fix ')
As well as every business man should
have 4 bank account
ls er
the tank than
Paying your bills by check is the
simplest and roost convenient method.
becomes u voucher for the
........i.iwii.r... Mereluut
i,. ."lv,er
n m . tnwaO m vw
tthd Everv
- - '