The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 14, 1908, Image 3

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Condonseil rnrm for
Iiusy Headers,
A Hotumo of Ilia Loss Important but
Nut Lost Interesting Events
of thn Past Weak.
A steamer burned on l.nko Winning.
Eight llvi'ii were lost.
More Turkish iiilnlntiTit linvo been
distiilimed iiihI arretted.
A heavy rainstorm nl llimtnii Hooded
tlu street, doing much diuniigit.
A Philadelphia wiitiitin provided in
her will for llm rare of her ruin mid
Much timber lit being diwlrnyeif mid
mining nunim threiiU-iiod by forest II red
in .Montana.
Nkw '.eiilnnd In making extensive
preparation for tlm reception of tliu
battleship licit.
KtxHievelt ha assumed nil n'nMiiin
lilllty for tlm discharge of tlm negro
trtNiM nt Brownsville.
(oihIihi In denning bouse nnd linn
Jjiit succeeded In convicting '" inunlc
lwl olllriTu of grafting.
A Snn I'mnclwo mnn lived IK hours
nflur breaking hlit neck nnd wns eon
ncliMiN n xtrl of tlm time.
Thaw htiN filed n bankruptcy xitltlon,
claiming ll"' doctors' fe nnd rout of
IiIn trial havo left him without nny-
A mnn nt Virtnrln, II. C, who had
iM'iit nix ilnyN of n ten-day rritinc
In Jail hi-cniimi ho did (Hit Imvu thn
iiMjn.iy to my tin- lino in heir to f 100,
000. I'oni Piu ha Just celebrated liU
llfth anniversary ns ope.
A woman Imlloonlnt In Wisconsin
fell 000 feet and will livf.
A strike of electrician In Pnrl linn
plfccwl thn city In darkness.
Tlm New Vork betting law doe not
forhld bets between individual.
Honduras refuse to restore exe
quaturs of Amerlciin nnd other con
The Canadian Pacific railway I lm
ortlng strikebreaker from the United
A wholo detnehment of Japanso
tniM ha been mnasacrcd by Con-an
A Japanese sealing schooner ha
been enptured in Bering sen by n Itu
Ian cruiser.
Germans nro raising n great fuml to
build n new Zeppelin airship to replace
the ono destroyed.
A vlniluct nt Cinclnnntl wna dyna
mited nnd 15 htihiiw hurt. Tlm dam
age la placed nt 110,000.
A whist Ktitiui linn Just been pliiycd
In I.on Angeles for n $ IT., 000 fruit
crop which wna in dispute.
Krlckseu, tlm Danish explorer, nnd
two conipnnionii, Imvu perished In the
Ice olf thn Greenland count.
CnMrn accuses Ilollnndof barbarism
nnd savagery.
Ilrorwon Howard, tho great plny
Wright, la iluiiil,
llnrrinnin ban started for tlm I'aclflc
count, atill talking of higlmr freight
rat en.
One hundred sheep wore killed by n
niiiKlu bolt of IlKhtnlnK near llrid'o
Mirt, Oil,
, Hnilroitd presldenta will confer with
nhlppera on rates. Tliu mcutiiiK will
bo held nut Chicago.
Thu knlser hun rownnlcd n soldier
who dhl not recognize him with pro
motion for strict attention (o duty.
A number of enrthnunko ahocka havo
occurred In Algerln, (iolni; much dam
iK'u to property nnd causing aoinu loss
of life.
A Cnnnrctirut mnn murdered Ida
wlfo nnd Knindchlld, but was killed by
lilri son buforo koIuu; further with tilts
A atriko of mnchlnlsta on thu Cana
dian 1'iiuillc ia on nnd it In uxocted
other men will bu niructed and thu
road tied up,
A (icrinan Inventor ban n dlriKlblo
balloon In which lm iniulo u succeuiiful
IllKlit of 24 hourn, returning to thu
utnrtiiiK point.
Thu (Trent 1'nriH Htrlko Iiiih ended in
n fnlluro.
Wheat la booming In CIiIcuk'o nnd hna
Kono ubovo thu $1 murk,
Kmployua of nil tho paper trust's
inllla huvu koiiu on n atriko.
Grcat preparations nro bolng tnndu ed dead this afternoon with hla four
for tho reception of tho battleship Hoot mules, killed by tho heat in tho tun
at Auckland, nol's depths,
Properly Lent nt Fiirnln Not Leia
Tlinn $2,000,000.
Spokane, Wash., Auk, 4.- A special
from Fernle, II, (J., to tho KiMkeinnn.
Itevliiw, nuvh:
It In feared that tho loita of life will
rench beyond 100, but them nro so
iniiny llvlnj; peoplu without homua or
ahelter or foot I to bo looked lifter thnt
U to tlm preaent no eUort him been
mtido to uncertain tlm number of thomt
who lout their Uvea.
In tlm district awept by tho llnmen
therii In eatliiintcil to Imvu been hoiiim
7,000 people. Two thouannd of thi'o
jieopln Imvu been aent Witt to Cnin
lirook nnd Klko, homio l.fiUO (led from
tlm lliiiima to tho iKirlhwnnl nnd reach
d Horner nnd other plncea nlunjr tho
Thn (ireat Northern train took nil
tlm peoiilo It could carry un tlm line.
riKhtlnx Ita way through aheeta of
llnmea beforo renchliiK n plnco of
Hcorwi of fniulllea wero aepnrnU-!,
hunhnnda not knowing whero their
wivea nnd children were, nnd in aoinu
ItiKtmiccH it wna iiHcerlnlned thU morn
IriK thnt niembera of tlm aumo family
wero in Crnnbrook, I'ernlo nnd Iloa
iner. Tlm lowest entlmati'ji of thn nmoimt
of tlm lomi In placed nl $L',fiOO,000, nnd
an nearly na can lm nxcertiilniil tho In
Hiiranco rnrrled will amount t xinic
think' Ilk" 1 1, 600,000. Of tliu 7,000
Nijpn who hiul been houm-d yinttenlny,
11,000 Imvu been taken away. It, In ea
iimnieii iy tint rominlltei) npiHilntiil
thnt there will bo a.ftOO who will have
to lm furnlnhwl with tmKirnry almlter
ami fond.
Said to Have PerUhed
In Destruction of Fnrnle.
Wlnnle;, Mnnltobn, Au. 4. -Aa n
mult of IiunIi fire tlm town of Fornle,
II. C, la wIihhI olf tlm mnn na n child
cleans n slate. Michel, II mllea ilia
taut, la In llnmea nnd tlm fate of Una-
rner nwl SpnrwiMid, IntervutiitiK towns,
la In doubt, they
helm? ml ..IT from
ueinj: cuion irom
Over 100 live nro known to have
been lost, 71 of them in I-Vroiu.
A territory of 100 iuuare mllea Is n
seething ninaa of llumea. ThroUKh It
nrr scattered hundreds of lumbermen
nnd proKwctorii, no thnt thu actual loss
of Ufa will not b known for days.
llie protiertlea of thu Cnnmllnn I'n
clfic and (Sreat Northern railways nro
(I..Mtf..('.wl fV... I.l.l....a H...I r..1ll.. .....i.
burne.1 ao thnt It Is impossible to enter I
or leave tlm burnlnj: area. I
Thero Is no Ksslbllity of cstlmntlnK
the losa of life and property which will
...i. r... ii... ii....... -. i... -
tnuit wi Mil' IIHIMia V MIIIVII IJ il
half kbIu, making It luipoaaibtu to iut
up n HKhl aKlnsl their ndvnnce,
Tho contlnL-rntlon is tho irrentest
which has ever reached Canada nnd
rnnka only with tho Kan Francisco dla-
For thu past month forest fires havo
been raiflnir in tho mountains of F.Ik
river valley country, but they have not
been considered serious. Sntunlay
mornltiK n heavy wind sprnnjr up from
thu west niKl early in the afternoon
thu llnmea npiienrcd over tho crest of
the mountains to the weat of Fernle,
r..n .1...... .i, ....! .i.i.. ....i
before n fire gunnl could bo organized
hnd entered tho town.
Natives Gaza on Great Datlleihtpt at
Clotn Range,
Suvln, FIJI Islnmls, Aug. I. Tho
United Stnton Atlantic Hoot nt 8 p. in.
Sntunlay was in hititudu 15:43 mmth,
longitude 17:21 west, being distant
from Auckland 1,500 mllva. At 0:80
o'clock in the morning tho fleet chang
ed ita formation from lino of squadron
tn ainglo column, nnd nt 7 o'clock
imssisl tho end of eastern end of Tutu
ilin Islam!, Samoa, nnd ntenmed close
In along the const, giving tho people of
tho Inland nn excellent view of tho
Tlm station ship Annum lis unused
close to the licet olf Pago I'n go. Thu
usual honora wero rendered.
At 0 o'clock tho licet resumed its
course for Auckland In line of amiudron
formntlon. It hnd reduced its speed
to nlno knota. Tho weather la lino,
though hot. Tho collier AJux arrived
nt Suvin todny.
Dutch Mall Is Uariecl Out.
Wlllemstnd, Aug. 4. Tho Dutch
cruiser (lolderlnnd arrived hero todny
from I. ii tiiilrn, Venezuela. Her com
mander dcclnroH thnt ho Kent n boat
ashore nt l.n flulru with nn olllcur nnd
was refused communication with tho
shore. Tho nuthoritleH thero, ho anyH,
I declined to accept the letter bnga nnd
nn ofllcinl comimmlciitioii to tho Gor
mnn minister who lalncbnrgoof Dutch
Intel esta in Curncas. Ho reporta also
I thnt Venezuela In iirepnrlng her forces
1 for n defense of tho country. It In
believed Holland will take Homo action.
Dlo of.Hent In Mine.
Virginia City, Nov., Aug. 4. Half ,
u iiiiiu uvnuiivii iiiu puiiuiu in inu enrin
nnd 8,000 foot from tho mouth of tho
Sutro tunnol. C. Pucllllnl wnsdlscovor-
i ' i ; rrzz:- , , ,
National Unnki Cannot Accept Terms
of Oklahoma Law.
WnnhhiKton, Auf. 4. In n forrnnl
opinion rendered by Attorney (leneral
Ilonupnrti) nt tho reucnt of Secrt'lnry
of tlm Trenaury CorUdyou, it ia bold to
bo Illegal for nny national bank to
cnuT inui it contrnct or other nrrnn
tmint with alnt olllclnla for tho pur
pono of crctttlmr n Kunrntity fund out
of tlm bnnk a depoxlta or capital atock
to bo umsl in paylnj; tho deKNltora of
nny hank lnclude within tlm tennii of
ii atnto atntute, nny doficiency thero
may bo In tlm amount to bo received
by them from uaaeta of audi hunk in
the event of ita fnllure.
Mr, Cortelyou rcUeite! tho nttorney
Ketiernl'a opinion "na tj tho le'nl rljrht
of national banka in tho atnto of Okla
homa to contributo townrd tho Kuar
nrity fund or to nvnll themaelvea of
tlm other prlvlle'ea of the. atutu bnnk
Total of Earth flemoved Increatet
Month by Month.
WnahltiKton, Au. 8. - Month by
month tlm total excavation on the Ith-
mian canal la lncreanlni'. A cablegram
recelviil yoatenlny from (Lionel Cum-
UhiIn, chief engineer on tho Iithrnua,
nIiown that the excavation for July wna
conalderably urt-nter thnn for Junu, al
though tliu Intter wna nlmoHt n reconl
ill tlm cnnnl Work. Tho total exrnvn.
! tlon for July wna 3,108,0 10 cubic
ynnl, nntilnat 3,050,070 cubic ynnla
for June, nnd, 1,087,408 cubic ynnla
for July a yunr uro. In thu corrc
niMrHliriK' montlm thin iiliow nn increnao
of 2,001,902 cubic ynnla.
Thu nverniro dally out rait for Julv.
I00H, wna 121, 104 cubic ynnla, njrainat
Ill ( (.1 ...1.1. .. I. 1..I.. ...AM
'' ' '" lul,,c 1"" "' '"U.. in
, i ,,f ,,,,,. i 0.7 IT-. -..1.1-
yanln of material
., . ...... j.., .,U.I,IIU -UUK
wero removal by
ateani shovels.
Roosevelt Praises Dead.
Oyster Hay, N. Y Au. 7. I'resl
dent ItiMisevelt todny sent n teletrrnm
to thu lnt Senator Altison'a secretary,
na miiows:
"Am Inexpressibly shocked nnd con
cerned nl tho news. The wholo coun-
,ry , T" , Tn krr,own, ,;rn" ln ,lhe
mmt yi"' "t public service,
" mn'!' , ft.u "f hl" cxI,cr't,"cc
tlnl nbll Ity, was one of the
moat effectlvu aids in mnkinir iroot
. . . ....
f"w'rn"',,,nl t.lJ1 wo haVc ,n our cou"-
Perkins on Naval Committee.
Washington. Aug. 7. As n result of
the denth of Senator Allison, of Iowa,
Smntor Perkins, of California, will be
advanced to the chairmanship of the
committee on naval nlTnirs. Next to
Senator Unit, tho California senntor ia
the ranking member of thnt committee
nnd na Halo is thu ranking member of
committee on aniironrinllona he
will bo rolled upon to take Allison's
;,nco " c'nlr""n, leaving tho chair of
... ii..., iiiihiio kumiiiiiiw u mj iiuel
by Perkins.
Packers Kick on Overcharge
Washington, Aug. 7. Tho Cnrstens
Packing company, of Tncomn, hns IIUhI
n complaint with tho Intoratnte Coir-
merco commlsaion ngninst the Oregon
hlMirt Line, tho Oregon Hnllrond &
Navigation company and tho Northern
Pacific, in which it uska repartition of
$252 on 1 1 cars of stock hipHd to
'1 ncoma from Nhiiiiw, Idaho, and On
tnrlo, Or. It Is nllegiHl it wna over-
chiirgtsl ami that tho enr were routwl
by ii more exHinsivo route thnn nccoa-
sh ry.
Young Commandant nt
Washington, Aug. 8.
Mare Island.
Cnptnin Lu
clen Young is to be the new command
ant nt Mnro Island navy yard, San
Francisco, according to advices given
out by tho Navy department. Ho will
succeed Captain J. II, Milton, who hna
been transferred to command of tho re
cruiting ship Independence, now at
Mnro Island. Commodore J. M. Rob
inson who hna been In command of tro
Independence, is relieved nnd hna re
turned to Ida homo.
Give Consult Refuge,
Wnshlngton, Aug. 4.- Wonl of tho
arrival of tho gunboat Mnrietnttn nt
Ceilm, Honduras, Captain Mnxwoll
commanding, baa been received nt tho
Navy department. Captain Maxwell
will glvo rofugo abonnl his vessel to
tho foroigd consuls at Coibn, whoso
exeiuaturs havo been cancelled by
President Davlln, of Honduras, if con
ditions mnko it expedient for them to
rutiru from tho city.
Saya Kormlt Did Not Talk.
Oyster Hay, Aug, 7. Tho president,
through Acting Secrutnry Foster, yes
tonlny denounced ns being entirely fic
titious nn alleged interview with his
son, Kormlt, regnnling tho African
hunt of next year which Is bolng given
publicity. Mr. Foster said tho story
was un nbsoluto fabrication and the
president was desirous of rofuting It.
Roosevelt Not Ready to Act on West
Point Hazers.
Oyster Hny, Aue;. 0.- Secretary of
Wnr Wright hna aent word to Presi
dent Itooauvi-lt thnt he desires thu proa
Ident U see. Colonel Scott nnd talk with
Mm regarding thu Undines nnd recom
inenilatlorm mndij by n board of inouirv
nnd ImlurwK by Colonel Scott In tho
cnau of tho ausiiended ciulcta. Colonol
Scott undoubtJilly will l received nt
Oyster Hay by tho president on his
wny to West Point from WnshlnRUm.
Tho president's naalsUint in-cretary,
Itudolph Foster, this afternoon made
u atnlement snyln tho president hnd
not received thu final decision of the
Wnr department. Tho statement ndds :
"Thu proaident, of course, will coinu
to no firm! decision until hu hears
from Genernl Wrlj;ht."
Debt Ii $20,077,414 More.
Wnshlnjiton, Auk. 5. Thu monthly
statement of the public dubt ahowa
that nl the close of busineaa July 31,
1008, the debt, less cash in tho trena
ury, nmounted to $968,809,823, which
ia nn Increase for thu month of 120.-
077,414. Thu cash In the treasury Is
$1,701,0.18,029, nKninst which thero
nru demnnd liabilities outstanding
nmountimt to $1,437,409,8CC, which
leaves n cash balance of $303,038,173.
Tho apparent increase in tho public
debl is uccountvd for by tho loss of
ensh in the trenaury, which, during
juiy nmounieu io nearly $30,000,000.
This loss wna occasioned by thu larjru
also by tho redemption of tho notes of
failed nnd llauiilatlnir national banka
nnd tho reducing of circulation, of na-
nonni names.
Law Will be Given Test.
Washington, Aug. 0. -Thu constitu
tionality of tho Federal law prohibit
ing thu Imtiortntlon of women from
foreign countries for immoral purposes
is involved In the cases of Altihonsc
and Dufour, which aro docketed
today in the Supreme Court of tho
United States. Six indictment were
returned against each in tho United
States Circuit court sitting in Chicago,
on tho charge of violating tho immi
gration laws, nnd Judgo Land Is refus
ed to release them on tho writs of
habeas corpus. They took an appeal
to the Supreme court. The maximum
punishment is five years imprisonment
nnd u fine of $5,300 in each count.
Opium Users In New York.
Washington, Aug. 4. At least 5,000
whlto persons in New York city nro
slaves to thcoplum habit, nccording to
tho statement made today by Dr.
Wright, ono of tho three representa
tives of America on tho international
commission which is investigating tho
opium traffic throughout the world. He
snid tho investigations havo led also to
the esthnnto tbn there nro from COO
to 1,000 Chinese residents of New
York who nro nddictod to tho drug.
Tho commission intends to extend its
activities to nil tho mnln cities of tho
country, to determine tho extent of tho
no or drugs in tho United States.
Deepen Mare Island Straits.
oshington, Aug. 4. Tho board of
civil engineers of the army nnd nnvy
upponlted to suggest some methods of
Improving tho approaches to tho Mnro
Islnnd nnvy ynnl, has decided on tho
employment of hydraulics in tho Mnro
Island straits, lly this means it will
lie joible to provide nn ndon,unto
depth of tho channel nt Mnre Islnnd to
accommodate the largest war vessels.
The project is said to be fenslblo nnd
can be maintained, whon onco it IsJJn
stalled, for $26,000 a year.
Roosevelt Entortalnt Guests.
Oyster Hay, Aug. 0. -Secretary of
the Treasury Cortelyou and Thomas J.
O'Urion, American ambassador nt To
kio, wero guests of President Hoose
velt nt Sngamoro Hill todny, Secretary
Cortelyou driving over from his home
ut Hnlesite, near Huntington. Other
guests of the president today wero: W.
C. Forbes, vice governor of tho Philip
pines; It. It. Hogere, general counsel
of tho Isthmian Canal commission;
Hobert J. Collier, Norman Hnpgood
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Mark Sullivan.
Treasury Department Is Upheld.
Washington, Aug. 5, Tho nttorney
genernl has upheld tho Treasury de
partment in its view of thnt pneknges
by tho distilled spirits produced nt dis
tilleries not affected by restraining or-
ders must bo marked in ncconlnnco
with tho regulations which took effect
July 1. A circular letter is soon to bo
issued to tho internal revenue collect
ors instructing tnem In ncconlnnco
with this vlow.
Send Leonard to Toklo Fair.
Washington, Aug. 5. Major Henry
F, Leonard, of tho Mnrlno corps, hns
been designated ns naval nttncho to tho
Toklo Exposition commission tn ro
sponso to tho request of Commissioner
(enoral Loomls, Major Leonnls con
vionorni Lioomm, junior L,eonni s con-
SeNrmtrCr,",M,n Wi" bgin I
about September 1. I
Slsnnnrd May Not bo Ablo to Slip
Out of Landis' Decision.
Chicago, Aug 3. United States At
torney Sim and Special Consul Kcl
log and Wilkcrson today drafted a
petition to the United States circuit
court for a rehearing of the Standard
Oil case, in which the appellate court
recently reversed Judge Landis.
Judge Groucup and his asioctatcs
will be asked to reverse themielvci
on the itround that tlicv erred in de
claring that Judge Laniii erred lh
petition will aver that the circuit
court misinterpreted til testimony,
mitrcau juuge i-andis' obiter dictum
and did not understand the leical
premises on which he based hi im
portant decision.
The three points railed by the court
will be met smiarely. Th! first U
that Judge Landis attempted to im
pose a fine upon the New Jersey
Standard Oil company for the of
femes of the Indiana corporation.
This ii to be flatly denied and the
record Io be died to confirm the
claim that the court did not read
the decision of the lower court as it
applied to the evidence.
The lecond point, that the whole
offemes were in settlement and not
in each shipment, and that ignorance
of existing rates excused the accept
ance of rebates, will be respectfully
-naracicrizeu as misapplication oi tnr
law and a ruling contrary to its
knuwn maxims.
The third point, that Ihe fine of 139.
210,000 is excessive and confiscatory,
to be met by the contention that
the corporation ii a chronic offender
nd eainrd many times the amount nl
Ihe fine by alleged rebating methods
i iic iiiiaiiciai statements ot tne com
pany, showing net gains of more
than $40,000,000 since the rebating be
gan, the government regards as elo
quent argumenti.
Destruction of Fernle Said to Have
Cost Number of Lives.
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. 3 The city
01 rerme was nearly all burned Sat
urday night by fire which caught
from a bush fire which had raced
all the afternoon among the timber
on the opposite lide of hlk river from
the city. The sawmill plant of the
hlk Kiver Lumber company was the
first to catch in the citv of Fernie.
ana ironi mere tne lire spread to the
main omccs 01 the Lrows .Nest Coal
company. Iniide of an hour hun
dreds of cottage of miners had been
uurned and the main business sec
tion of the city were swept away.
Fernie has a population of about
S000. and two-third of the people
arc homeless One or two death oc
curred during the fire. Special traini
are being rushed from nearly all
towns to assist the homeless people.
The total loss i said to be about
Great Increase In July Death
Over Former Years.
Chicago, Aug. 3. Enormous in
crease in the death rate among ba
bies last week put city health officials
m the anxious seat, and unless the
weather turns cooler a still higher
point is expected in the weeks to
A total of 200 children under 1 vear
of age an average of more than 29
a day died, according to the statis
tics of the department. In the 22 pre
ceding days of the month the average
rate was 18 babies. In comparison
with this total of 200 is an average
of 101 for the week ending August
3 of last year and 139 for the week
ending August 4, 1000.
An official explanation of the in
crease will probably be made public
tomorrow, but, generally speaking.
ot proper care during the Hot
weather was given today as the cause.
Growing Too Many Hops.
New York. Aug. 3. Raron Louis
von Horn of Coburg. Germany, who
has large hop interests iu California,
was a passenger on the steamer St
Paul, which arrived here tonight.
Speaking of the situation in the in
dustry, he said that the trouble is
overproduction and that as a result
the small hop farmer has been iu se
vere straits during the past two years.
The prohibition movement in the
south and west and the licensing bill
iu England and Germany have cut
down the demand, he says, with the
result that there has been a falling
in prices.
Pettlbono Cannot Livo.
Denver, Col , Aug. 3. An operation
performed today at St. Joseph's hos
pital, in this city, on George A. Tctti
bone, formerly a member of the execu
tive board of the Western Federation
of Miners, showed that he is suffer
'ng from cancer, anil the physicians
in attendance agreed that his life
could not lip saved. Pettihone be
came sick ( while in prison in Idaho
awaiting Ins trial for alleged complic
ity In the murder of former Governor
Frank Steunenbcrg, which resulted iu
his acquittal,
Cross Land by Balloon,
Chicago, Aug. 3. A transcontinen
tal balloon race, starting from cither
Los Angeles or San Francisco with
the Atlantic seaboard as the objective
point, is being planned by the Fed
eration ot American Aeronauts, ac
":ii ," "-..-... .. r
thctoarurdo !T oT hemo ,
xatlon here tonight.
Japanese Navy Will De Greatly
Increased by 1911,
German Navy League Dlic6vers Largo
Addition to Program Soon
Have 21 Battleships.
Berlin, Aug. 4. Tho Japanese navy
will tako third place In 1D11, according
to the bulletin made by the German
Navy League in ita August report.
"Notwithstanding tho assertions of
Japan's bad financial position," tho
article says, "the so-called program of
1907 appears to provide for consider
able more construction than has been
reported. From a fully wcP Informed
quarter it is affirmed that Japan, bc-
ides building the three battleship.
aki, "A, anu "u, and the four ar
mored criuscrs, Kurama, IbukI and
"E" nnd "F," has appropriated money
for four additional battleships, each
of 12,800 tons, and for five armored
cruisers of 18,500 tons.
Through these increases Japan will
push forward Jn 1910-1911 to third
place in the world's navies, Japan's
position withjgreat ships now being:
Heady, 14 battleships with a tonnage,
of 191,400, and 12 large cruisers with
a tonnage of 113,000; building, thrco
battleships with a tonnage of 00,800,
nnd four cruisers with a tonnage of
00,900, to which must be added thosa
vessels embraced In tho latcstjinformm
tion, namely, four battleships with a
total of 83,200 and and five cruisers
with a tonnage of 92,600."
Temperature tn Chicago Registers
Highest In Eight Years.
Chicago, Aug. 4. August heat re
cords for the past eight years were
smashed at 10 a. m. today, when the
mercury reached the 94 degree marie,
which it hod not attained since August
5, 1900. Having reached this mark,
the liquid metal rested for a time, be
ing at the same mark at 2 p. m., but
started up the tube later, determined
to break allrecords for the year 96
degrees, made July 23 the hottest day
since July 21, 1901, when a mark of
103 degrees was set. In spite of tho
high mark reached by the mercury,
there was less suffering in the city
than there was on some of the days last
week when the temperatures were In
the 80s. Then, however, there waa
great humidity. Today it waa dry and
a 15-mile wind waa blowing from tbo
southwest. This kept tho number of
deaths and prostrations down.
tour deaths and 26 serious cases of
prostration had been reported un to 10
o'clock. Tonight a cooling breezo
came off the lake, which lowered tho
temperature to 87 degrees. Tho police,
killed 24 unmuzzled dogs.
Foreigners Ignorant of English
Dented Final Citizenship.
Denver, Colo., Aug. 4. A sensation
was created in the Federal court today
when Judge Lewis, in throwing out
half a dozen naturalization cases, held
that n foreign-born person must speak
the English languago before ho can
secure citizenship.
"I cannot allow final papers to bo
given," said tho court, "whero tho
party seeking the same is unable to
speak the English language. Ho can
not understand the laws of this coun
try, its constitution or any of the acts
that go to prove his citizenship. He
may havo homesteaded upon land, but
ho must read and writo English before
ho can secure his final papers and como
before the court with a native citizen
who can swear he has known the sub
ject for a period of five years."
Wheat Elevator Burned.
Chicag.oAug. 4. Fire which was
so hot that the firemen could not get
within a block of it, and which mado
it necessary to play streams of water
on buildings threo and four squares
away, this afternoon destroyed tho
Burlington elevators "E" and "P,"
tho Hock Island transfer warehouse of
that road and either burned or rendered
useless 500 box cars. Tho loss on tho
grain in the two elevators is placed
by Armor & Co., who owned it, at
$700,000. Tho total loss is placed at
Robbers' Swag Fifty Thousand.
Chicago, Aug. 4. Terrorizing the
postmasters of Northern Michigan for
ten years nnd stealing more than $50.-
000 from tho government, Georgo Rosa
and Frank Roach are under arrest to
dny. The bandits wero captured by
Postal Inspectors Frasler nnd Clark In
a hut in the woods near Escansba.
When they were captured Ross and
Roach had $10,000 worth ot Jnmf-rt
and postal orders in thrir ponndm. '