The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 10, 1908, Image 3

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III n Condensed Turin lor Our
liusy Headers.
A Rotumo of tlio Lot Important but
Nut Lois Intcrottlnit Event
of tho Pait Wook.
Hrjan l working hard In rminltn
hi ntiy.
The Mania IV hn tit Tnfwhn have
iiiihi work with I.HfhJ men.
The N'mIIuhhI IMnrHtlminl iis-telittlim
ItHt ll'Jfrtl'd lhlillttl Spoiling,
llntrv Orchard' ilrMli HUitmirn has
I ri'tt runtMUlml In lift) llupf Imminent,
Mnoy ww tJmhh' to avoid pmkllil
linn nrc NpiwurlHg Ih "drv " plaeos
A ( In tho korhiir of llntavlu
raufil I hi' droit Ming uf about IMK) per
Wheal Im I'nttern Oretpin hm.I WhiIi
In,.'"- -..IfrrlH; m ilama f..r r;TTr i i iir ,
i-'i. ,M " . heavily, am the CouhiiiU I'aiilico it
isr or ram. rnilirly tied up as the result of depre-
I...r.l i arson tayt I ho literal uprltlNg lation roiitmitlrd hy relghiliomtls
in I .U I l.ut an rh of tb .lap A way tram on the Coalmila I'aelfic
anew ietry over ItutMia. wa attacked on Friday Hihl, umn
K...HH-V.11 .imlr. that k Mill ,MtllJ,,,,f "" T,,rmmi '' ercw
In cv Vk II i. I m for w",l,d running the train hack lo
tie -air nf hi, hunk oh kU rowing I ""'"H arid escaplng
A f tlraa trip. I Inttc it Keneral movement of
. Itfoopt from Mctiro City lo Hnrth. ac-
i mint Xri.iM.llw AiilraN n mllrw.l rordluK to ne reeeived here, and
Inin ilk ki HrM. ami rwrnalHwl rein'oreemrHU are Miik ri4i-d to
umn i.-r . an.i np nan ut; koihr
li.rri-r he Mibil.
lUilriiad Mill ili-lxv mlnrtioH of
.l.' a kh at piwllili-, hoplHK that
a imI of truffle 1m tk fall May ra
I r ihrm l avoid It fHtiroly.
ti..w I'otler, of Kew Votk, U !
rii.U'ly ill
W or k hat leMW oh the itiemoln of
tl.r Utr ex I'retMlent Cleveland.
d"ttdlmri Ih Khi drowned
aetrti prfont I'ive Irtcbet uf rain
(ell within an hour.
( in. jjjo plant the tatiett Fourth on
rrcril All ordinance Kke(niiiK the
U) Mill be Mnclly enforced
Marry Dtchjtd Mill likely lie im-lrit-
ne fur life. In tpile of hit ex
prrttrd detitc to Ik executed
I'retideHt KiMitetelt refuted In In
terfere hum the execution of a nruro
whu had ki'lrd hit )ounier brother
It it lirlirnl the Mexican revolu
tion it praclk-ally elided, at the limif
rrrlionuit hac UKcn to tlic inouu-
Actual tettt Mill he nude to deter
mine the liett hrandt of cheMiiiu to-
tiari'n (or the War dcpartiueut to fur-
tilth the imy.
Ihrcc prrtotit Mere killed ami a hurt hy a paateiiKcr train on the
nu I e plmiKiiiK through a burned
liti.lKr in Ariaona.
native Imtiiiett firm In I'Jiuim
urd ihr American (tau t M-tak miii
;..... u... ,.nd a fticttt Mith American ill t fullottcd
I "iir prrti'iit Mere killed and three
ten. utl) iigured l a dynamite ex
i...i n in .San I'raneikco It it he
ilrrd ii be another idol aeainat J. T
(i..iUKhr b the Kraft nun
'the I'.maina electinnt pad ijuiet
I) with no need of troopt. it MtllniK China should build
one r .ilmad into Manchuria.
Mittioiiariet tay America It to
li'amr for the Japanetc nur care.
It ulro.idt report butluett generally
isood iIuiUkIi aomcMhnt lct than tail
li.friior Cuminimi, of Iomh. w ill
reiKii and return to the practice of
1 lie treatury deficit for the ftKtil
year )t ciidniK will be the Urged in
A trnmp wan arretted at Hood
Rkrr who Mat found to have about
I.ihmi in cath in lilt raKKf'l clothe.
It it Kt'irrally admitted that llryan
Uill be the Democratic nouiiiiee for
liretiileul, but a I'mlit it expected on
Mexican rebel are reported to have
from 4.(100 lo 7.00(1 men under arm.
A tornado in South Dakota did im
nieiitc il.unaKC lo cropt and hiillduiK.
and another in Miuuctota killed seven
Iilipitio leaden have been ftttiilyiuu
the Hiiinu doiitim.. They will vitit
oilier iiiIK'Iih of Kurope before re
, .KW.'V ..(. -.
,..- -ri.A.. - f.r. ir'im in.
under the ..utplce of the Aincricnii
Mr deparlinciii.
, ,,-,,,, , ,
Sir Irauk J Gould li uiiin for
Ceiitralia. Waili, vvn swept by a
-i ....... A... .
' ,
Drperalc fiKhiu coutiuuc be-
tvvecn faction in Tcrila.
McxIcjii rebel have captured the
town of Vickcn. The Koveriiiiicnt lia
trni iroiina
iirvnu expresses nericci commence.
i . . i '
lllllt PC Will lie (lie IJCIIlOCratlC IIOIIII-
. . - -. - - :;-, .......
tiec for president,
Cleveland was burled In Princeton
cemetery" with simple ceremonies and
no military display.
Mnxlcnn Guvnrmnent Prepiirlntf for
Extenslvn Involution,
M P.iso, 'lex, June .10 I Ifircn
htiiidrrd troops have .irrivrd In 'lor
rrou in protect llmt illy from the ex
peeled atUck by revolutionists, ml
llir Americans are preparing to tcnil
llirlr families to the Stale for safety,
nioriling lo report brought here last
n'Wln liy passengers on the Mexican
It u icportcd thai the rcvolutinii
11 have attacked I lie village of MjI.i
moro. Coaliuihi, nlioiit IS mile from
lorrroii. ami have occupied llmt town.
Ollicial advice relative to sending
troop to Torreon my with thr
force already stationed there tin
town U "iniprcuiuble"
III flillilial.lln titer., la r,.it jiln. -.I.I..
alarm among cilircnry, and guard
'numbering from to in H.t soldiers In a
ingle (ulrol are continually patting
through the streett. A great many
rxira 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e have heen sworn in lo do
guard iluty.
Information hrnuieht here last night
liy passengers in the incoming Alex
iran Central tram it that all (indues
ami approaches to Tnrrenn on every
road except the Mexican Central have
been burned
The Intern imiui line nut of Tor-
rron, on which is Incited the town of
Malauioios, repurleil lo he in the
hand of r evoliuli.nit , hat tulfrreil
Jlmine. Htlilll it dill tn lie Mill ill
the handt of retoluiionittt
John W. Qatnt Wakn Up Slow Old
llllnnli 1 own.
St Cbarlet. III. lune JO- Jhn V
Galea the "Het von Million" man.
Mho founded the home in tint villaxc
for Iniyt, in here vr tier da v.
and Mhat he Hid duriujc hit thort tta
hat left the lwn icaapinK There Mill
he no other topic mentioned here for
the next U month Kpitomifed
here it Mhat f.Mtrt did in about fiv
hour t
Kitted hit old mother
Out ithavrd by the Iomii bather an.)
k'ae him a $10 uold oiece
Threw thonert of quattert and half
itollart to the ttreet Irayt
Wat run home bv a curiitut erow.l
ItouKht a line H.wk farm fur Ka.OiXi
ami araxe It to an old friend
IteKKed for "dear old 4 cent riKar"
and tmokeil it lilittlully
Yelled at the ton of a friend to
come and jo to Kurope Mith him and
took him atonx
Left for Chiraxo at It to U iiiabt
Mith Mr CTatet and the boy, after
one of thr i;reatrtt d.tyt of hit life
(late and hi wife Mill tour Kurope
in an automobile
Worl Ico Pack Known.
Seattle. June 30 I'irtt to reach
Nome of the fleet which tailed June 1
Ma the tieanuhip Victoria, Captain
I'orter Mho it the firtt home, arnvina;
htt Hiicht The ateamthlp britiK
newt of lie momi ice ever known ih
ItehniiK tr.i tinre it ha bem navi
gated bv white men, and Captain I'or
ter it authority for the statement that
vetteli of the returnitiK fleet cannot
be expected on tchrdulr tune Hnlr
condition have ehatiKed radically
mce thr Victoria tailed The Vic
toria arrived in Seattle with t pat
tenser and SMO.AOO in xold
OftSeer and pavteiiMer of the thip
deerlhe the vovaae let and from
Vome a an unnreeedenied bttt'e
M'lh lee Cirett berg which drifted
front the Arrlic oceiu lait fall, and
are frnaen in the llehnui; ten. packed
a high a the -.learner' Mack, were
found in tit feet of water
Expoia Royal Grafter
I.itbnu, June 30 A mat mcetiiiK
orKanired by the Republicans ami pre
tiilcd over bv Ilcrimrdiiio Macbado,
the Kepublicmi lender, yexterday,
tMvted retolimoiM demaudiuK a Ik
onfti nivettlKitioii of the advance
if money to the royal family and the
inimv! of public fund during the
rcKime of the late Kiiiu Carlo
A strong force of police turrounded
the meeting place, but there was no
interference with the tnenker snnir
of whom were inott violent in their
expreinii No untoward incident
took place.
Cloudburtt Flood Home.
lleatrloe. Neb, June ,10 The Hone
, ....-. ..
iivrr hi hub ihiv.- in on iiii.iiiici ihiii-
, VW cnstA by a iwo-lneli rainfall
' '" ."'' nredulUllpH
1 1 placed at teveu iuche 1 he roe
here vvni very uibleji, ami wnier i
Iriitininir over Wet Court street for
i .......i i.i.i.. i'ii.... r 1 1 : i.. ,
ever-il block TI Irty familir in a,
Inlianiloii their home Trall'ic over the
Union IMcifio 1 abandoned, water
runuinir over one section of the track
" ' depth of cluht feet
1 . .
Sherman Improve.
ucvciaiiu, y , juue an v-oiiRrcsn
, -.. cm- - i. . ...
ui lames n -mcrm.iu cuinuiuc to
,!,, ..r.l, 1I c1,t ,,m,.li Cnml-iv
. F ...... .. t-' -......Mj.
there ha been no change made hi the
plans for lilin to leave the hospital
not later than next Wednesday.
,''" '" 1 1 Irty fainilie in a.vtty of lelieraii. the cenc
Inw - hiiitr ttvclion were comnel cd lv recent rot in I'er n. the si
Lnrj'.er by 9.1, 703. 704 Than It Wn
Ono Montli Ao.
VHliinnl(in, July 3 'I'tif Itiimtlily
nlHli-liii'iil of t lit- piilillc ili-l.t mIi.iwm Hint
Ml the i'Iihii' uf himlncM .limn .'10, IIMIS,
I hi' di'lit, I I'M eatli in tlm tri'ntiry,
miii.iinlc.l 1 1. IliRH.UK.IiHI, M-hlfli It nh
InrreMM- Im rnuilHiri'il with .May 3,
IIHiH, f I,T!S,71I Tim dht It t iilatrd an fnllurt.
iHtwri'tt biHrlii dnht, S(l7,.103lOj
ilfhl mi whlrh iiitfrxiH Im rt-Hncil lliei
iHHlutltv, l,lil,iini di'ht iH-arbiK no
lnlorr.1, l!il.0.1Htl'i total, Mij7,-
Tlil HiHiiiiiit, kiinttir, iIih-h not lii H:jM.UH,W in eertlflrat and
ttPMKUr.v hiilHt iihIImniiik whleli ur
fllHt ll,V Mil I'.pilll HIHIHINt llf I'Hull lll'l.l
in Ih.' irrNtiiry fur tknlr rndPHilitlnii.
Tin- rnh in Hi.- treatury I elNMlfled u
f illown:
l. old rtwrve fundt. tl.Vl.OOO.lMHl;
tru-t fuH-l, H.lrlW.tlS'tPi Keneral
fund flNMI2.!0i In HMtlonMl mnk
.l...Mill..rlM. IiW.SIIUIIi In PhilipidHo
itriry. f3,Hl,7Slf I..UI. l,MI7i.V.'.
k"S. HRaiMil whlrh therr ari drmNnd
llil.llltl oiitataitdlMK amiHiHtfHic tn
I.IIT.7(M,M12. whlrh leave, m rath 11
a tire oh hMHd of .T4l,.1174et3.
Treniury fleporl,
Va-lniiKi'n, Jul 3 -From the
treatury tiandmiint. the lucal year
Jut chord hat lAen tr.t tatitf.ietory
Slitf aUjut the middle of Octolrr
Ut, when the period ( money ttrm
Kenc tet in, and the contequent dc
prru.n in butmett bean to he felt,
ihert ha been a ronttanc fallinR off
in government revrnurt up lo thr
month jut c'oted J' or June a tur
p'ut it howu of iiratly Imkhi.immi
Tint (ait. however, it not iifttunrant.
at Jane i utifailmg'y a turplu month
InrKfly due to the (act that it it the
rhin month ( the Ateal ear. when
jpprn.iriati'.n Ktadually reaVh th
pmnt ( exhauition 'I he month n(
June, I1MI7. thowed a turplu o( ap
pr'.xltiifllel liti.WNiiMM, and ever)
iimeilinK June (.r many yeart patt
nnt ihown a larne turplu.
Navy Yard lleiumn.
New Yolk, duly 3. VmlH4My wa
rt emj.lut mrHt day at the New York
Havv-vard All lite me who have In-eH
on (uttonrth hwI h large Humlirr of Nil
illtlnfMl iM.-ehMMlen were put to wutk,
the MppropriatioH fur the mrp.e m
eomiai; HVyllal.le at Ike Ih'kIhnIh of
th Hew ficl year.
Thlt re employment dnv it roiNfhleHt
with the te'.utR to work of mnnv ih
rkaHlet at other pivortiHient plaHt
I'rom how on the aetnal work nn the
new battbtklp IMorida will he nitie.l
rNpidlv and the A.IHHI inrn rmploynd in
the rNtrurtloH .leirlnient of the
Hnvr-vard will hav nil the work they
ran ih.
Captain on Anxlou Seat.
Va)niiKt.n. July 3 Two captain
with the Inillethiii fleet in Sail I 'Van
nn-.. wt'l prnbablv be retired by the
board of rear admiral next Friday
The Itoard will meet Thurtday to
decidr upon the men to be placed
upon thr retired lit. a'dl Mill forward
lit report to the trcrelar) ol the navv
the f ..How inn day The report will
he oulilithrd at onec, to relieve the
anxiety of thr oJRrer I'pon com
oiiUory retirement under the per ton
nel act. Marvh, 3, IttMJ o(Krer are
alloMcd three-fiuarter tea pay "f the
next rank above
Yankee Colony U.itt Germ.
Yalpara . duly '2 Au)uto Durxml,
lr.ler of thr rereHt ninwfHl revu
lutloH aiiamtt IVrii, ha arrived hero
from Iqiopie. Chile. He av the IV ru
viau itovetnineMl in witdeadiuic fnrij;n
InplnloM; that thr Intt etretlon Ih that
rouHlrv were fnUirird HHI that the l'iiv
erniHi'HI in iutroilMrlHK ImIii l'eru a
ttnrMi uf the jtroHtoitt ilnHer by oh-
vertlHK that country intn u Hk
Federal Troop Ready.
San Antonio. Tex. June 30 Of
ficer at Kurt Sam lloiittou are kept
potted iiMin the proKret of the so
called revoliilinn in Northern Mex
ico, but have received no order to
make any preparation to nmreh to
the border The oiisensu of opin
ion aniniK them 1 that no federal
troop will be needed
Qarfield Sail for Home.
Honolulu. July 3 Secretary of the
Interior Jme Gnrtield, who ro
ceutly came here on the battleship
Alabama to iuvitii;atc the coiuiuer
rinl and iuduttrial coiulitimi in tbetc
U'aiiiU, tailed for Sail l:raucieo late
vetterday on the protected crultcr St
Shah Proclaim Amnesty.
WatliiiiKtmi, Juiis 80. In a further
ello't to reMor tranuiiillltv to iln
City of Teheran, the cenc of the
linh ha
proclaimed n Kt'iierul amnesty, neenrd-
Inn to a eabWr.iin received last night
by General Morten, the "ersau mlii-
itlcr. fc
n , .
nnotovelt Refuses Pardon.
Washington, July 3 lbert llrown,,
... ... - . ... .
ronvlelxil ci.vKrnl mniillii. ..... ..f I .11
I muro. i je.irs ot iiize. win ws
- ....,...., ....... ,.,.- .., ,
a quarrel over n girl, was hanged in
the jail yard today President Unote
,vclt had refused to May the execution
f'roilclnnll! Appointment for Philip
pine Announced.
' Vnliiiintni, duly Hy dirrrtliin of
Mwti'tHry Taft, th bureau of liimilur
Hffnlr Iiim uiimiuiiro'l tli fluwlii up
HilMtiient ihhiIh by tho pfli(it;
Vlee niiveriKir of tko I'lilllpplnw, W.
Cniiitirim I'orhw), of .MinxwehwM'tt", lion
u iiietnhrr of tlm 1'hillppiNn eoiotniNiiori.
To be moMhor of th I'kllippltie eioii
miwioa aixl aeereUry of flnanre and
Juttieo of IIih I'IiIIIiiiim, (Iregorlo
AretmtH, of .Mmiils.
To l.e tHHoilwr of tk I'liilliipine
eommlMiiiH, Nrtvtim (lilbtt, of IihIiiihii,
mid HafHel I'mIihii, ii imtlvo of the
I'hlllppitiH itlaml
.Mr. I oth- I now on hi way to the
I'lilteil HtatM nil liiavn of alnieiieo tout
i t-iwelod to nrrivo lit Man J'rsuiclwo
oh the taiHer Korrn on July 13. lie
l a native of MiltoN, Mat , U 3H ynar
old, n ym cm I Miii of ilnlph Waldo Kificr
ah a tut n llHrvard KrHdunte. ilo baa
hern treretary of roMimerre and jwiliew
on tin. I'Mlljipltie eoimiiioii for year
and rtielmtl Ih orynnlidiii,' the
1'hilippiHe .lnoirtitietitii ytciii.
Meir. ArrHHtn aNit I'abtut are I'bil-
ippioe nativi-. Tbt fonuer, jnritt of
uiarknl ability, held ofllee utt.ler Akui
hnIiIo during thr iHiirrrrtinn. liHir
trrrrtiry of Juttiee hh.I a member of
h roHret. Ho Iih Ihh'H (.(tlieftor
Ri-Heral hhiI Htlornej Kttneral there.
Mr 1'aliHH, n ura.luate f the I'ni
Vffnlty of Haato Toma. in .Manila, a
Ma li lli lawyer and Htlitieal writer for
HewmT, hot tervml in tho uiwembly
a m mrtnUr frHN ('nvit t.rovinre.
du.l! (llllHTt. of Tort Wayne, lad.,
lawyer, formerly Male neHator'niid lltu
leMNMI Kovrrnar of I Nil ia Ha and a rep--vettlalive
from the Mate Ih eonxrew),
ha IrrN h Joilye of lint inttasee is
the rhilippiHM tiaee Hepleiobfr, 1M4.
Commftsloner Lane Receive Encour
aging Report.
Wathlngton, June 30 "Return
Keucrall) from the railroad thou
that thote road not denendent utmn
coal, tieel and lumler induttne have
Keen Uoiiir very well recently. " aid
Cumuiittiuner liiie, of the nitertUle
commerce cottitniion t.Mlay. "Ol
courte they have not done to well a
latt year. Generally, they have de
cided not to make any reduction
either in waxes or in rate of freight
affecting the next three months,
which i an indication that they be
lieve that butiuet will keen ut.
"There are some curious thim?
alxitit prevailing condition." contin
ued Mr Initio. "I'or instance, the I..?-
Iiih Valley the other dav cave us a
report of the earning tor the five
month of the present calendar year,
together with imilar reports cover
iiiK the preceding five years, and the
h'M'ti thi year wa larger than
that of any other year during the
period indicated
' The prospect for large crop in
the Wet i extremely good Rail
road men do not expect normal con
liti.'n to Im? recovered suddenly, but
look for steady improvement
"The railroadt mutt spend money
in mamtaiHing the roadbed and equip
mem of their linet in order to meet
the demand of commerce, because
they are mot sertoutly embarrassed
when tl ey are not able to handle bus-
ine olTeretl them, and there Ic no
doubt that there i an abundance of
money in the United State which
ran Itc secured for leKitiniate railroad
investment This was hown by the
floating of the l'cniuylvanu bond is
sue "The railway rate act i admitted
bv cam'id railroad men themelve to
have been of inestimable value The
enforcement of the "Um1 again! re
hitiitK and our tenaetoiu purpose to
stop dUcrimiustiou have held them
up to a conformity to the law that
i without precedent."
Keep Neutrality Laws.
Washington, June So The state
tleparli'ient today received a telegram
from Governor Campbell, of Tcno
assuring the Federal Government
that the state of Tca will do all in
her power to prevent violation of
the neutrality law as a result of the
reported revolution in Northern
l.a Vaco, which was attacked on
Thursday, U directly opposite Del
Rio, Te. Acting Secretary of State
Adee yesterdav sent a mescac to
the voveruor of Tcvaa asking that he
use every mean to prevent any vio
lation of the neutrality laws in con
nection with tho disturbance along
the Tcas - Mexican border. The
Meicin kv eminent has requested
this noerument to lake Mich precau
tionary measure
Pincbot Coming Wet.
Washlnijton. .Inly 9.-qilTaM Plnehot,
eiiler or tne rorost service, left vvasii-
iiiKinu Monday on his nnmuil trip over I
the west. Ho will visit Portland in
tho lnttor part of .lulv for two day
nnd then go to Seattle llo oxpceU to
mnko ii short stop at Spoknuc.
Now Forostrv Appointors.
Washington, July 2 Tho forest sorv-
. - .: .... - . -----
....ui. .. I..-...I.. 'P v A.,11,1
ipo niinnuiiee tun fniimvini' nimnint- .
.uu.l.n ... ...... U....I tlitU.1.1 4. . W.....V,
tloiml forest, Oregon; K. K. Ping nm
Tony Locke, forest guards on Clear-
water national forest, Idaho.
Apparently OoIhr to Loot Rich City
of Torreon.
Ill Paso, June 2a Kl Correo, the
conservative daily Mexican newspaper
of Chihuahua, in it iue yesterday
morning, which arrived here last
night, ha a story' that an army of
a strength variously estimated at from
4U0U to vooo men It marching on Tor
reon, one of the richest cities in the
state of Coalmila
The story, after reviewing the at
tack on Vicsca tells of reported at
tempts to rob the pay train of the
Mexican Central railroad, and says
that the country around Torreon
which is so closely settled that there
are stations about every four kilo
meters, is swarming with armed men.
mho appear at trie railroad stations
with guns and cartridge belt.
"These same reports," says HI Cor
reo, "say that three bridges on the
railroad between Para and Torreon
have been burned, probably with the
object of impeding the passage of
troop into Torreon The incendianej
a'o prulmbly selected Torreon (or
invasion because they considered It
a rich city to loot Among the re
ports that we have heard i one which
says that about 0O0 armed men, near
ly all of whom are inhabitants of
ranches, are said to have passed
llorno. in the state of rjuhnfls n
the Coahuila ft Pacific railroad, about
S kilometer from Torreon
whether the movement is direeti-.)
iKaunt the government of Coahultn
or against the federal government, no
ne . able to say It is generally
supposed the movement is not against
the state, but against the federal gov
ernment. One version say the revo
lution i wholly against the state of
Coahuila, that the Kovernor is not ac
ceptable to the people of that state,
tnd that he was forced upon them by
the president of the republic
"It is also said that a train of in
fantry has been sent to Torreon from
Monterey and a small detachment of
Torreon, the town named by Kl
Correo a the object of attack, is one
of the richest towns in the state o(
Coahuila There are six banks the
Banco Minero de Chuihuahua. mean
ing a branch there; a branch of Haneo
Naeonial de Mexico; the Banco de
Coahuila, the Hatico de Kueva Leon,
ami the Haneo de Durango The
Haneo I-agun. recently organized,
has a capitalization of IGSOO.OOO
There arc about 25.000 inhabitants.
Minnesota Twister Kills Seven and
Doe lmmene Damage.
Clinton. Minn, June 29 A tornado
truck this town at 5-2A n'rlnrtr t.
tcrday afternoon, killing seven people
and injuring twenty-five, some seri-
outiy twenty nouses, a printing of
fice and two churches were blown
uow n.
The tornado, which was unaccom
panied by rain, started three miles
north of the town, destroyed two
farmhoues that were in its path and
swept over Clinton, which is a place
of about 400 people.
A Chicago. .Milwaukee & St. Paul
mixed train was jut pulling into the
station as the storm struck the town
and IS cars were blown off the track,
r was also a passenger coach con
taining 17 people. All were injured,
among them Father Keavey, of Grace
ville. Minn
The two churches destroyed are the
Norwegian Lutheran and the First
Telegraph line were blown down,
but a soon as passible news of the
d'satcr was sent to the neighboring
"tie Soon help wa on the way
from Ortnnville and Whcitnn. near
by Minnesota town, on the Milwau
kee road and from Millbank. S. D,
which is but a few miles away.
Two Witnesses Inform Detroit Police
She Is Alive.
Detroit. June 50 The Detroit po
lice believe they are on the trail of
Mr Helle (junness, of La Porte, Ind.
who is accused qf wholesale murders
on her farm near that city.
Two young women Lulu Raymond
and Grace Hcuson, whom the police
bad in custody yesterday afternoon
d evening, are said to have met
Mrs. Gunncss since her supposed
burned body was found in the ruins
of her home.
The police claim that the state
ments of the two vomit; women con
vinced them that Mrs Giinne is still
alive They gave the names of other
persons who are also said to know
that the woman is alive,
Collision on Elevated.
New York, June 30. Two train on
the Third avenue elevated ra'lrojd
collided at One Hundred and Second
street, and part of one train was left
hanging from the elevated structure
No-one was killed in the collision
,,, , eron were injured, though
...... ...... . .i ". ...n.. i.
"""" "u"v, "'"."' "
"as a rear-end collision, both trains
being bound uptown, when the fob
lowing train crashed into the other,
The colliding trains were going at a
moderate speed.
Deadlock Broken.
Charlotte. N. C. June 20. Con-
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.VSIIIiail V XllVllli ll lllfllll-
at o'clock Saturday night by a nn- sent to President Penna during bis visit
jority of CO votes in the Democratic, to Brazil, which he had planned to
state convention. Ijnake this year.
Packers of Northwest Organize
for Protection.
Settlement of Dispute No Longer bo
Left to New York Exchange
Alio Instruct Grower.
Salem, Or., June 30. Heprese ntntive
of all the pruno packers of the North
west met here lat night and organized
an association for mutual proteetloa
nnd promotion of the Intereita of tbeir
The organization ia one that has long
been desired by seme of the packers,
but which could never bo effected here
tofore for the reason that competition
among tmekcrs has been too severe. In
the season now About to open, the pack
ers will work together for tholr com
mon interests. The association wilt
eontrol all too Northwest prnne pack.
Among the packing houses in the or
ganization are II. ti. Qlle It Co., Wil
lamctte Valley Prune Association and
W. C. Tillton k Co., all of Salem; the
Koteburg packing houses, ownod by Olio
- Co. and Tillson k Co., Allen's pack
ing how, of Kugcnej I.ang & Co., ot
Portland; JIaion, Klirman k Co., of
Portland; French Packing Company, of
Myrtle Creek, and tbo packing house at
Vancouver, Wnin.
The new association has formulated
two forms of contracts which all the
firms In the combine will nse. Ono
contract is that to be used in selling
fruit to erstern buyers, and the other
in buying from local grower. Tho
porkers have determine! that they will
ao longer sell according to forms of
contract nut out by eastern buyers,
but will dictate the terms of the eon'
tract sr not sell at all.
The new eontraet contains n numlxr
of provisions favorable to Oregon pack
ers. It give the packer unlimited.
eboire in selecting an arbitrary ease of
dispute where, as in the patt, "the arbi
trators have been chosen from tho New
York Km it Kxchange. The sew eon
traet gives the packer the privilege of
filling his contracts with smaller sizes
of prunes if the crop produced does not
contain the required quantity of largo
sizes. It gives the packer the right to
route the fruit in shipping. It exempts
the packer from liability in case ship-
tnfnt ' delayed by congestion of
It provides that In ease of dispute
as to quality, samples for test shall bo
taken from one-fifth of the boxen of
fruit: that no allowance for short
weight (hall be made unless It amounts
to more than one per cent, and that in
the counting test the size shall Incloda
the seventh pruno and not tho fifth
only, thus, that -i prunes shall ba
deemed in the 40-50 size and not 45
The new form of contract with grow
ers will be very explicit in requiring;
growers to deliver fruit cured In a first
elnt eiannrr, free from all burned or
slack dried fruit. The packer is to ba
sole judge of quality and there is to bo
no arbitration in ease of dispute.
The packer is to have the right to
weigh hark to the grower any fruit
slack dried or otherwise unsatisfactory.
The paeker will not be required to take
more of a grpwer's crop than 10 per
cent ia excess of the quantity estimated
in the contract, but the grower mest
deliver all his fruit if the packer ile
um ml it, regardless of how much it
overruns the estimate.
Arrest Divine Healer.
Salt Lake City, Utah, June 30 The
law- ngninst manslaughter ha been in
voked to minlsli Charles H. Titus, a
divine healer," who, it is alleged,
permitted two of his stnsll children to
die from diphtheria without medical
attendanee. A third is very III with
the disease. A warrant for Titus' ar
rest was issued. Attention was first
ealled to the case by aa undertaker
from whom Titus attempted to buy a
coftln for hi 2 year-old in by. He ad
mitted that he had no 1 i it permit
and Intended to bury the chill In hi
Curtatl Oil Output.
Pindlav, 0., June 30. James C. Don
nell, general manager of tho Ohio Oil
Company, yesterday issued a request
that oil drillers of 'the country curtail
their production until a market can ba
had for the present supply of oil. Ha
says it Is Impotsiblo to build tnnkago
for tbo production, nnd that there la
being produced dally in tho Illinois oil
Hold aloue in than 100,000 barrels.
Life Sentence for Orchard.
Itolse, Idaho, Juno 30. Tho ease of
Harry Orchard, sentenced to bo hnngeil
next Friday for the murder of cx-Qov-
ornor Steunonbcrg. will be considered
by tho state board of pardons Wednes
day. In spite of the fact that Orcnant
Is nnxlous that tontence bo carried out.
It Is believed tho board will coiiunuto
tho sentence to life Imprisonment.
Deliver Gifts of Dead King,
Lisbon, Juno 30 Tho Portuguese
royal yacht Amelia left this week for
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