The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 03, 1908, Image 1

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NO tfi
AH Arc WlllliiK to Help
' (in I Id Local RnllVoail. '
Madras nml lrlnellle lluslneaii Men
Tike II11M ol the Project with Atucli
.col A Wjrlit-nf-Wny lnn I
Now In the Field at W111I;.
Ida Week' Developments.
IWrUvpme Ms ol the ljt week til
U'Knl In lit. Central Orrnoil Ititil
limil CHUMtliy ore moit ptomlsltig.
I'llitetillr IxulnrU Mini hae InWcn
Ixilil nl the iliu' with A willing hand
nml announc that they wilt stay
with It to tin vnil. RmvmiaKliig
rirU limn Madras ntc In the ef.
foci that lite farmer hi lhl M-clloii
arc enthusiastic ccr the undertak
ing nml will l "II in tlielr jmwer to
hrlp Ami of course Hcnd will do
IIWwim- A ilghtMil-way man U
now winking lielwccii Maittn mill
I'tclimliiar)' organization ami
work In connection with the Cen
tral Oregon Railroad Company, the
road iliitt Ih to 1)0 liullt to Hciul uiul
rrincvillc by Crook county and
j'orlluud capitul, is going ahead
with pleasing progress. Much
enthusiasm is ling developed and
everything now points to smooth
sailing for the enterprise, I'rinc
villc men bnvo taken hold of the
project with n willing hand ntid arc
pushing it along, while rcj)ort!i
Ijpin MadraH arc to the effect that
everyone in that section is very en
thusiastic nnd the farmcrsand busi
nctt men throughout that part of
tie county will give the railroad
nil the supirart they arc able to
give. The work is getting under
At the meeting at l'riucviltc on
Thursday of last week, those in at
tendance elected an executive com
mittee coiiiK)scd of T. M. Huldwin,
of Prlueville, chairinaii; A. C San
ford ol Mndrns. mid Roscoc How
iird of ileitd. This committee has
set the ImiII n rolling and arc push'
the pielimiuary work,
Right-of-way is already licing
secured. The company has V. A.
Wytiti of Toledo, 0., in the field
in charge of this work. He is an
experienced right-of-way man and
it being very successful. At prcv
cm lie is securing right-of-way
between I.amoutu and Madrns.
Within a short time a surveying
crew will be put to work to locate
the line out ol Shnuiko. The pre
ilmiuaiy line surveyed by the Co
lumbia Southern for an extension
from Shoniko to Ucnd was cateful
work nnd is a very satisfactory
line. The company expects to use
this Mirvey, which will save con
siderable time and work.
Not a hitch has developed in the
work of building tills line into
Crook county, (yvcryouc is fulling
in with the plans outlined nnd me
only too anxious to help. That the
Mock will be teadily subscribed by
Central Oicgou people is confident
ly believed. The people of Central
Oregon are in just the right frame
nt inlntl in tnki; hold of tills work.
and Portland sees the necessity of
gelling a ratiroaa mutt at once
Citn this section of the state. ''Con
ditious ate ripe for the success of
the undertaking.
Reported that Construction on Such a
Ronil Will llegln about August IS.
All electric railway project that
will cover the five counties of East
cm Oregon has been mapped out
by Hhc Wasco County Electric &
Power Company, s.ys the Oregon
la't. Pious have been made to
commence actual construction of a
trolley system aoo miles lit length
during the fall, ft is believed by
the promoters of the concern that
work will lc begun not later than
August 15
The company was incorporated
011 May 15, with a number of I'ort
bind men in the directorate. .Since
thM time, agents have been work
ing Id- (iiiuticc the company and
mutters have now progressed so
fur, they sov, that n lavorablc out
come of ptcscut negotiations is ex
peeled whereby one large iiyndle-ile
will take the $15,000,000' iwiki
Issue authorized by the articles of
(loud Hacking Promised.
The bonds will be 6s and will
run 30 years. They are first
mortgages upon the physical prop
erties of the company. Men high
la financial affairs of the country
are said to be the prospective pur
chasers of these sccuritiesaud when
this backing is. secured, Hie pro
moters of the company say there
will lo clear sailing abend and the
development of the' Interior Oregon
couutk's will be assured.'
The contract for tlic construction
of tlic railroad has becti let by the
Wasco company to the Portland
Construction Company, n corporn-
lion just lormed, which will attend
to the engineering dclnllo.
The road. a iilanueil, will lc
built south from Condon to Possll,
Antelope, Madras and Ucnd. with
brunches to Howard and Dayvillc.
(Continued 011 kc H.)
Men and (toys Put In a Day Clearing,
Plowing and Puttlnr In Shape
the Now School Grounds.
KunxiONP, June J3- Work was the
order of the da) at the school house yes-
tenia)- hy a goodly crowd from eeu In
the morning until night. Not all got
tlirrc at Hie early hour but T, U. Man-
derschefd did and n large croud shotted
up later.
The men grubbed thcsagcbrudionthc
whole Mock, school house half a well as
the other; they trimmed up the juulirs
and pulled the poorer ones out; they
picked oil the scab rock, plotted, har
rowed and smoothed the ground; they,
the lioys carried oil the blocks and shav
liiK Then a special school meeting
was held and it was decided to buy the
north half of the block, the south half
having been alrrady donated hy the
tottioite eouiMiiy, They nearly com
pleted fcueiUK the whole block, the him-
kx for the Same liclng donated by Diirel-
or J. O. Hansen, It was surely a ene ol
"KvcryUxly works but father." I'.ven
the ministers, Mr. Lilly and Mr, 1iw
thcr, came and showeil appreciation for
the use of the iiool house for services
by getting in and working with the best
ol them.
Ill the meantime, what were the ladies
doing' Tney were gathering up thoe
KmhI thiilKS to cat, that lleduiaiii! cooks
know so well how to nuke, and making
others. At the proper time they served
these to the hungry cumtl. That they
were up to the tuual high stnuilaid of ex
cellence we con attest, for although we
could not nttcud, owing to Mrs. Park's
ulckiiess, kind neighbors brought us
Miuplei., and "The proof of the tmddiug
Is hi the eating,"
And now wc feel safe lit announcing
that arrangements Iiiinc been nbonl com
oloted bv the I'rosbyterlnus whereby n
church will le built nml the town resi
lience of C. N. I'.hret bonuM for n iwr-
soiiugc until such a time as one can bo
built contiguous to the church. Person
ally wc never wanted to IiaMcii the
time when there should be two places of
worship in Uedmond, It probably means
that we shall lmc rival cliurclics before
we enn alTordltniid liefore they can lie
well supHirtcd. The present plan of two
church organisations with union SumUy
school, nml union meetings served first
hy one iitor then by the other, while it
has Its disadvuntiiKes, wc think superior
for n placu of this sire to the other one,
which U contemplated to serve n larger
fixtures for the Hank of Hcdmoiid
Imvc arrived. Mr. Minna brought them
In on Ids last trip. The cashier is ex
pected hi before long. They have rented
the Homo Hotel building and the expec-
(County News continued ou page 4,.)
LJend nnd Redmond Pluy
Interesting Ball.
Sunday's (larno Was Ono of the Clos
est Contests liver fought Out
on tho Local Diamond.
One of the moht exciting, hardest
fought, and closest ball games ever
played on the Hcnd diamond was
that of last Sunday when the Hcnd
and Redmond teams crossed bats.
The Rend team has been playing
losing games all ticason, while the
Redmond boys have hud victory
lurched 011 their banner ailcr every
game in which they have engaged
with one exception, Ruf defeat
was in store for them when they
came (o. Hcnd, the score, however,
being a very close one, 0 to 10.
The result of the game was in
doubt ,o' le very cud'. When
Hcnd went to' bat at the last half of
the ninth inning Uic"scorc sheets
showed a tic, 9 to 9. jxclcmcnt
ran high. The rooters' nerves vfcre
on keen edge. Johnson went to
bat and went out. Welder did like
wise. It began to look as though
the game would be carried into the
tenth inning. Then Slim Staats
picked up the stick and luck, pure
and unadulterated, ran with him.
He fanned but Tctherow muffed
and threw to first, where Ikklcr
fumbled and finally dropped the
sphere, putting Slim sale on the
bag. Stcidl went to bat and with
the first delivery Slim started for
second and Heckcr crrorcd, letting
the ball pass him. Slim didn't
loiter there but was up and looking
for third on the dead run. Red
mond's center, who had backed up
Decker on second, threw wild,
clear over third's head, and Staats
scored, giving the gnmc to Ucnd.
' V '
' - v
I C- , X.
WSs4 . Vm
DISTRICT No, 6t boasts one of the best school houses in the county outside of
the town schools. The above Illustration show that their claims are well
founded. This handsome school bulldlug wos completed on September aS,
i7, the total cost, including furniture, amounting to f 1,300, Last year there
were six mouths of school in the district, with an enrollment of 15 pupils. The
uxcrago salary paid for the teacher was f6o per mouth. As yet no teacher has been
engaged for thu coming year, but one Is desired. The directors of the district arc:
C. L. Olst, chairman: 1 Levcrciue, R. M. Wright. J. II. Kd wards, clerk. The
school boasts an organ nnd a fine bell.
As is common with many country school houses, the building Is nlsauscd for
church purposes. Rvery Sunday at 2 o'clock p. 111. Sunday school services are
held, and are well attended. Robert M. Wright Is superintendent and Mrs. Pul
Hum assistant. Preaching services are held twice a month.
Tho building, with Its white paint, neat appearance, and commanding loca
tlon, lends 0 touch of prosperity to the district In which It sthuds, and proves that
the people who built it arc progressive. The district may well be proud of its
Hcnd would have but mighty little
on which to brag by winning a game
in that manner, had it not been
that they played much better ball
than their opponents during the
last half of the game At the end
of the fourth inning Redmond had
Hcnd beat to the tunc of 8 to 4, and
if the visitors had played as they
should Hcnd would have had no
license to defeat them.
The game in detail and by in
nings Is given below:
All R II VO V.
Itckler, lb 5 1 3 2 ft
Decker, i 5 3 a 3 a
Miller, h-p 5 0151
Reynolds, !-jb 3 a a j a
Tctherow, c 5 - l '
McCauley, ef 5 r 2 3 o
K. Coert, If 5 o t i o
V. Meredith, rf 5 0040
C. Meredith, ss .1 0043
45 9 " 7 15
All K II I'O K
Steldl, rf .....5 a o a o
McKcynoMs, If 5 1 t 3 o
Mctke. ef.' 5 3 '
I'ane, h .- 5 3 1 a
Sawhiil, ab 3 1 a 1 a
V. Stoats,'st .- 30141
Johnson, lb 51132
U'cldcr. c .5 o r 5 3
llrock.'p 2 0620
S. .Staats, p 3 1 o a I
43 10 ia id 13
Score by Innings
Redmond 033000019
Ilciill..' 4 o o o a a r o 1 10
l'lrst Use on balls Off Ilrock 3, oil
Reynolds r. ofl Miller 1. btrock out Hy
urocu s, uy sisois 7, yy Kcyuniui 3, uy
Miller 1. Stolen liases Prince Staats,
Mctke, Johnson. Rckler a. Two Use
hits by I'src, Johnson, Welder, Tethc
row. Three base hit by McCauley.
Double plays Itecker caueht fly and put
runner out on second; Ilcclccrand Hcklcr
at second and first. Hits of! Ilrock 9.
Staats a, Reynolds 9. Miller 3. Umpire
Davidson, of Ucnd.
Notes on the Oamc.
The Redmond boys play clean,
sportsmanlike ball, and one pleas
ing feature of Sunday's game was
the entire absence ol wrangling and
rag chewing.
It's the common remark at ball
games that you might as well
(Continued on page 5.)
f'(i '
N- -. . t $?
K-- '
Will Sink to a Depth of
4000 Feet If Necessary.
Stole Watches from Merchant anil the
Sheriff Now Has Him A On be
Drowned at Paisley.
Actual drilling commenced last
Thursday on the prospect well
which is to lc sunk by the Madra
Oil & Gas Company, nnd unless
Rnmcuuexpccted accident dclay.s
them, work will be continued stead
tly night and day until they have
solved the question of whether or
not oil exists in paying quantities
underneath the wheat fields ol
north-central Crook county. The
Pioneer says the work is in charge
of General Manager Ross, who has
had 23 years experience in drilling
for oil, and preparations have been
made to continue the first well to
.1 depth of 4000 feet if ucccssary,
although it is confidently expected
that oil will be found long before
that depth is reached.
A large drill tower, $ feet high,
has been erected at the point where
the well Is beijig drilled. Water is
piped frofp one of the springs near
there down to the camp, furnishing
a good supply of water (or the
engine and for all other purposes
at the camp. A blacksmith shop
has been put in for sharpening the
tools, and the bellows is operated
by the engine which runs the drill.
A boarding house, bunk-houc and
complete camp outfit have been
erected on the ground, so that those
who have charge of the work will
be comfortably situated.
The first prospect well is being
drilled on land belonging to Oscar
Cox In section 12, township 13
south, range 14 cast, on the west
slope of Grizzly mountain.
Arrested for Stealing Watches.
The Prineville Tourual savs that
Sheriff Elkins has arrested Jack
Hagati lor stealing a numocr 01
watches from J. C Rush, the La-
raonla merchant.
It was last fall while Mr. Rush
was at supper that some one broke
tn the back door of the store and
made away with a tray containing
several bundled dollars worth of
watches. The sheriff was notified
and that officer has been on the
lookout ever since for the guilty
party. The first of the week Hagau
came to town with one of the
stolen watches in his pocket. The
sncriit gaiucrcu mm in. 1 ue case
against Eagan is very strong as
the uumbcr ol tlic watcu lottna 011
him agrees with the number of one
of the missing timepieces. Kagan
is a middle-aged man and is well
known iu the Lamonta district.
Run over by Freight Wagon.
Lost Thursday afternoon, while
driving a four-horse freighting out
fit near Madras, C. J. bondquest
fell in front of the heavily loaded
wagon, which passed over him,
breaking his leg nnd inflicting
other very painful and serious in
juries. He stepped down on the
trout wheel wuen the horses startcu,
throwing him tinder the front of
the wagon and pulling the front
wheel across his arm and leg before
he could extricate himself. With
rare presence of mind Mr. Sond
quest caught the wheel ns it passed
over hira and threw himself out
from uuder the wagon before the
secottd wheel reached him. The
wheel passed over his right leg,
breaking it below the kntc and
bruising his foot very badly, then
over the fleshy part of his arm
which was very badly bruised al
though no boues were broken. Two
of his fingers were anight by the
wheel and the ends of them very
badly crushed.
The accident occurred about
three miles south of Madras, and it
was fully an hour after the accident
before Mr. Sondnuist was found
lying in the road, too badly injured
tit m-ive himself. He was found
iv the Rend stage, and the passen
gers fixed a place for him in the
ttom of the stage and made him
.is comfortable as tw.ssibte until
they could get him to Madias,
where he was placed under thecari
of Dr. Snook. Pioneer
Water at 71 Feet
A Y. ILint.i was in town last
Monday from his home near Trail
Crossing. He brought the good
news that water had been found on
his place at a depth of 71 feet and
that the supply is apparently in
exhaustible Mr. Hanta has been
hutilitit! water for his stock and for.
all ranch purp-es for the past ri
years as it was generally supposed
that water could not be found in
the locality in which he lives ex
cept at great depth, which would
necessitate a heavy expenditure in
sinking a well. Mr. Hanta says
there appears to be a large stream
of it, a- they arc unable to lower
the water appreciably tn the six
inch hole by steady pumping. The
water is cool and palatible and will
prove a blessing to Mr. Hanta aftcr
all these years of water-hauling.
Paisley Uabe Drowned.
A sad drowning accident oc
curred at Paisley "lalt Friday after
noon, when little I-reddie Alexander
Farra met bis death. There is a
small brook running through the
grounds about three feet deep.
The little fellow, aged about three
years, had been playing in the
yard, as usual, just a moment be
fore he was missed. Search was
made and after some time he was
found in the water, lodged in a
wire fence crossing the stream.
The child was dead when taken
out oi the water. He had floated
about too yards, passing under two
wire fences and was badly disfigured
from contact with the barbed wire.
The little fellow was buried Satur
day at 3 p. m. from the Methodist
church. Lakeview Examiner.
Changes In National Forest.
The Goose Lake and Fremont
national fprests have been cpnsoli
datcd and the whole will hereafter
be known as the Fremont forest.
It has been divided into several
districts and a head ranger will be
put in charge of each district. A
district on the north, with head
quarters at Rosland, has been cut
ofT from the Fremont and added to
the Blue Mountain national forest,
under Supervisor A. S. Ireland of
Prineville. Jay Hillines will con
tinuc in charge of the Stiver Lake,
district. Oregonian.
dold In Northern Lake.
Quite a number of prospectors
arc now in Northern Lake looking
for cold, and a number of local
people have caught the fever and
are planning prospecting trips. A
"gold excitement" may be expected
at any time. Silver Lake Ore
gonian. Dairy Industry Qrowlng In Oregon.
Secretary V. L. Crisscy of the
Oregon State Dairy Association has
already for circulation the report of
that body for the past year. It is
very much the most comprehensive
report which has appeared concern
ing auy dairy meeting on the Pa
cific coast, and Mr. Crissey will
furnish a copy to anyone interested,
upon request. Oregon has grown,
wonderfully in J fruit, agriculture
and general industries, but dairy
iug holds the record for greatest
increase, dairy products having
risen from a value of $5,oqQ,ooq
annually five years ago to $17,000,
000 In 1907-
A Revelation
It Is a revelation to people, the severe
cases of lung trouble that have been
cured by Foley's Honey and Tar. It
not oulv stop the cough but heals and
strengthen the lungs. L. M. Ruggles,
Hensnor, Iowa, writes; 'IThe doctor
said I had consumption, and I got uo
better uutil I took I'oley's Honey and
Tar, It stopped the hemorrhages o.ud
pain in my lungs and they are now as
sound as a bullet'-C, V. -Merrill,
LADIES! You should have
your calling cards printed at Tho
Bulletin office. The latest styles.
I Are you going to celebrate.
mmmmmmi m