The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 26, 1908, Image 3

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(n a Condensed Torm for Our
Busy Readers.
Rosumo of tlio Lett Important but
Not Lais Interesting Events
of tho Pail Weok.
Virgil dnrln, who played hall with
Hut ('Mriign Nationals it tut Now York
Ulntit, a itrnil.
The first stenmor frjim Honttlo this
nmttoii lmv reached Nome, after a
hard battle with llin Ice.
Harts will lie held noit year under
the umpire of tlin If. H, Hlgnnl Service
lielmin balloons ntul aeroplanes.
tlnivrr police wnro enjoined from
Interfering wllli rare track gambling,
uu.l biiukiiiaklug la carried on freely.
Tlie American niiln has overtaken
nnd passed tin' (leriiiuii mnehlno In tlin
New York t Paris race. They are
imw crossing Siberia.
.In mm ,1. Mill ana the crop prospects
fnr Ike year utti good, and na tliu crop
will mil he nn onuiMnlly lure one, it
will bring I!""1 1 prices,
i: il. Ilethel. tlm Kngllsh editor nr
rssded fur seditious utterances nt
Heoul, kna npologired for tlin publica
tion, and say tin wn misinformed.
Mm. Mary lUker ICddy says that
1 H r i n ( the sl yonr new Chrlstlmi
Nelrnt-e elele hnve been fnrmoil at
the rut uf mm eery four ami one half
A federal grand Jury In New York
lias iKillrtnl t tin beads 11 f tlm Now
York fatten HxekaNge and tlin Manila
Paper and Fiber Manufacturers' Ann
An litiglith r alitor l mi trial fnr ic
llt tun It)' Japanese authorities in
Ilatana authorities do not credit
tlir tumor i( 1 well-organised intur
rrciinn A dining car will be added In the
A A C train between Portland ami
Governor Dawson, of Wctt Vir
Mitiu, ha a well-developed cate nf
'Ihr transport Shrrinati will lie
luarautinrd at Anuria. She hai
iiiIIhh mi board.
Marry ami Kvclyti Thaw have be
cine reconciled, lint Thaw nun I re
main in the asylum.
A runaway aiitntiinliilr Jumped off
the dock Into the river in New York
ami drowned four persons.
' It 1 estimated that the spring
cleanup in the Tanana iliitritt uf
Alaska will reach
The rirr have begun to fall at
Kama City, anil it i lielievetl all
slangcr from the HimmI it patted
A Veiictiela war vessel fired on a
Dutch ailniK vrfl ami tHik from
thrm all mail nut in rrKiilar mail
I'uur thonaanil of the aullan'i
trtnii arc in revolt.
A Seattle man wi rohhril of $10,
oihi by ickHxkrt in St. I'aul.
HulMMtic tlaKUe ha inailc il appear
ance in Caracm, Vrucucla.
Senator lUitey, of Trxaa, i rernv
riiiK frm hit attack of brouchitit.
Samwel Goiiiprr. preaiilcnt of the
Anipflrt. Keilcration of I-liiir, it ill
in ChicaKo
Frederick Arthur Stanley, Karl of
Derliy. ami rx-Kovernur Kneral of
Canada, i dead.
American warship arc Ktlicrlni; at
San HraiicUro. preparatory to their
trip around the world.
A Southern Pacific gatekeeper com
mitted Milcldc liccnme Ilia Kate had
accidentally Injured a woman.
The German kalier cordially re
ceived the American amliaiiador, Da
vid Javue Hill, and talked with him
for half an hour.
!(cv. S. C. I.aphain .iy women are
wornr than men in itipportliiK per
niciou fada, iiiclinlini: free love, lie
knya oratory It taking the place of the
("impel in the modem pulpit, and that
oi'ial condition arc much the tame at
lioforc the flood.
Tnfl lender claim lm will receive
701 vntra on tlio first ballot.
Tlinw will remain in jail liocnuao o
' Imlia tku nayluiii nttrniiunt,
ItiindliiK KiiKllali ateol nminifacturori
dtmy tlm Htory of u now truit.
tiiifTriiKtte of nil nations ura to joiu
In 11 mounter purndo In l.oiulon.
Tlm Hritlah Coliimlilnn Kovorninrnt
lum decided to deport 1,000 lllndut who
nro pan peri.
ltnpld pro(-rcsii la liolnjj iiinilo on ro
iinlra to tlin Nortliern l'liclfle rondoed
In Montana,
Utah di'innernti lmvo Initructod tliolr
dclixatca for llryan, but paid u tributo
to Clevclanil.
llallroad cnmmUalnntra of flvo atatea
met In Clilcnco to decldo on lomo uni
form inrnmiro of doing away with the
'.eadly rade croaaloRi.
Hood Hlvm atrnwbnrrln Pnrlih for
Want of Wator.
Iliiod Itlvcr, Or., .Juno 10. Olnnt
powilor wiu aiiccratfiilly uaod Hnturdiiy
ulKlit In 1111 vlTort tu cuiuo the griiwora
ciimnsliig tint rnrinera' lrrlyatlnK
(.'oniniuy tlio loaa of n Inrgo portion of
their ttriiwlnirry crop, Dlajjruiitloil
Inbiirnra am euajmctiMl,
About I CI) feet of flu mo on a Mil
lit 1111 tlin went aliln of Hood Hlver
win deatroyeil, nd tlio water In the
lily Irrigating ditch la shut off. As a
rrault, tlin crop of two-tlilrda of tlio
valley, about 400 neroa, la without wa
ter until such tlmn as tlii flume can
be repaired, which will tako at tk
Iviist istliunto tliren ur tout days.
Tlio growers stand to loss nt least
10,000 crates of borrles, worth $30,000,
and If the ftuiuo ennnot bo repaired
befnru Wrilnesdny, the loss will bo far
greater. Tliu dnumgo to tlin dltek will
not amount to mora tlmn (S00,
Tlm point whera tlio ditch was de
atroyil I liluli on a lillltldo. The
inembera of tlio company alata that
It must )iit vn tnken contlderabln work
and tliren or four Imua of powder to
tirtnluet such disastrous results. Thla
is the ditch from which all of tlio wa
ter Is taken to Irrlgntn tlio big straw
berry crop on tliu wott side of the
Although 2i men wera hurried to
the seeim uf tlm trouble ns sihiii as It
was known tol ay, It Is rstlmnted that
It will tako three days, working day
and night, to retHilr the damage.
The Flood Itlver berry season Is now
nt It height, and nu wnler to sustain
the plants and ripen the berries dur
Ing the present wnrm weather will cut
iImmii the yield to almost nothing. Per
the past few days from five to seven
ears of berries Iiuvh been shipped
Ah investigation stnrted this after
iioiih by M II. Nlekeen, seeretary,
and A. (' Htaten, manager of tho eom
tnny, in mm efTwrt to determine If !
slble who the dltek ilentroyers were,
developed the fart that the nnlio ui
the skols was heard two miles away
from the smt where Iho ei plosion took
idare. ami that it oeeurrel alniut 11
ti'rloek. Ileyunl this, nothing Is defi
nitely known.
It Is said, however, that the officers
of the company have under suspicion
tereral men wiinm iney uan in ineir
employ last year, and to whom they
refuted to give work this summer.
Shsrrnan Report by Wlrelet and
Mutt bo Quarantined,
PorlWnd, June 10. -Wireless dl
patches were received Monday by The
Uregnnlnn from the trnutport Hbcrinan
while at sea that there was smallpox
nn bosrd. The Hherman Is bound for
Portland from tho Philippines with
the Klrst Infantry, SA5 men In alt, un
der command of Colonel Mcdonlcal.
llefore tho vessel reached Honolulu
a navy mnn returning died of the dis
ease and was burled at sea. Two dajs
ago an enlisted man was taken 111 with
smallpwi. The two men were In dif
ferent parts of Iho ship, so tho whole
vessel is considered Infected. This
means that under the quarantine regu
lations each of the UH2 men nn bosrd
must tie vaccinated and quarantined
for H days and the transnort must
lie fumigated.
This protest necessitates disembark
ing all the men, and owing to the lack
nf facilities at tho Columbia Itlvcr
tattoo, tents must lie sent from some
of the army hs!s of tho district. Col
onel lingers, in commanu, rears wmv
since the men have just returned from
the Orient, camping out In this cli
mate will be Injurious to their health
nnd he has requested tho department
In have the trnnsHirt with all on
lionrd sent to tho quarantine station
nt Hon Prancisco. What will bo done
In this matter cannot yet be known.
The ITrst Infantry Is en route to
Vnneouvor, where It will bo stationed,
succeeding tho Fourteenth Infnntry,
which was transited a few weeks
ago to Manila.
Refuse to Cut Salaries.
Manlln, Juno 10 After many ex
tended nnd npporcntly hopeless con
ferences, tho Insular Commission nnd
the Philippines Assembly have finally
nrrlved at an agreement upon the gen
eral appropriation bill, which, It is be
lieved, both tho coinmisslnn and tho
assembly will ratify. Tho compro
mise mensuro appropriates 10,800,000
pesos, tho nssembly making n conces
sion of nearly 1,500,000 pesos. Tho
commission declined to nssent to tho
reduction In salaries and tho consoli
dation nf some nf tho bureaus as pro
posed by the nssembly.
American Horo Wlna.
Paris, Juno 10 Thousands of Amer
loons Hatiirdny saw W. K. Vnnder
bill's liny colt, North linst. with J.
Chllda up, capture tho (Irnnd Prix do
Paris, tho blue rfhhnii event of tho
French turf, which thin year was
worth nbout 72,000. llenullful weath
er fnvorod tho running of this classic,
nnd fully lRO.OOO persons gathered at
I.ongchamps to witness tho rnce, which
mnrked tho close of tho Pari season.
Kaw Rlvor Falling,
Washington, Juno 10 Tho Knw
I....- I Crilllnir Inil tlm Mtaanurl nt
Kansas City continues to risa slowly.
Tlio singo tonigni wns .iu root, wun
n further rlso of possibly ono foot In
dicated during Moudoy, from water
now in light. ,. w .1 L'ir.a-i
Secretary '.Tnft Plans to Loavo Cabl-
" ,iot July I.
Washington, .liinn SCO. Herniary
Toft's resignation ns 11 cabinet oflirer
will be received by President Itonsevell
today. It will luko effect July 1. This
wns learned Inst night following n con
fer en re uf several hours nt tho whllo
hours, nt which Sit. Roosevelt, Heere
tnry Tuft, Hecretnry Hoot and Assist
ant Heeri-tary of Htiite llnenn were pres
Ml. After the conference Hecretnry
Tnft was greeted by n doen newsHiper
eorri-ipoiulinls who desired to learn of
his plans.
"The president wnnts inn to leave n
..!. ......
j clean sinie rnr my successor, sain inn
.. ... .. ...... .. ...hi .-I... ... ...
nm sceri'mry, hihi 11 win inne inr hi
It-Hut ten days to settle all pending
matti'ts in the war department. I have
no definite plans tonight as to when I
will leave Washington."
Mr Tiifl liillioHled Unit It utwld be
within it few days. He will attend the
thirtieth nnulversary nf the Ynle class
if "H, with willed he graduated. He
will be in New Haven Monday, Tuw
day and Wednesday of the coming
Asked as In his views a the vice
presidential iuetluu, the nominee fur
the presblenev was lion eiitnmlltnl. He
asked for the Intent news from Chi
ragn as in who wnobf In- his probable
niHtilHg mate. l'Kin llng told that
there was a iMniirnt in favor uf Fair
banks, he remarketl:
"Things seem to be In a chaotic state
In ChieNgit with regard tu the vice
presidency "
Poring the euofereliee at the white
bouse aeveral telegrams were sent to
('hleagn and Mr Tnft intimated that
he was eipeetlng resptieii from
these nhirh wHld materially affet his
plans for the Immediate future.
Tafl Will Have Nothing to Say About
It Until Nominated.
WasniNgten, June IH. This state
ment was i'sued from an authsritativo
source yesterday:
"An eiehange of telegrams over
night belneen Washington and Chi
csgo indicates that there will be no de
vrltqioieHts, so fur as the administra
tion it concerned, In the matter of so
licitlng a candidate for vice president
here until nfter the platform shall have
been disused of and a nominee for the
presidency ahall have been named."
It is understood that the above state
ment was Issued with the distinct pur
H..e of avoiding complication nf the
tlce prcsldrney with the presidential
Reflection over night has only
strengthened the determination of the
war secretary to insist upon the in
clusion in the Republican party pisi
form of the anti injunction plank on
the lines uf that telegraphed last night.
. Therefore, a long telegram went for
ward from the war department vester
.day to I'm nk Hitchcock, Mr. Taft's
1 lilcago manager, instructing him to
insist Unhi the anti injunction plank.
Crops Worth Eight Million.
Washington, June 10 Crops of 1P0S
will be worth nearly f 8,000,000,000,
according to figures prepared by tho
ileMrlmeiit nf agriculture. It ft ei
eeted there will be sufficient funds to
mute the crops from the farms to tide
water. In diocus'lng the outlook today,
Chief Statistician Clark of tho agri
cultural detriment, said:
"Indications at the present time are
for great crops. For eight years the
American farmer has enjoyed unprcc
dented prosperity and now tho ninth
....., 1.. M. li.F.iu.l I. .....Il.nll.. a..
1 i-iom.,!.!, i.n.ira. . .. v I IW1II -. "
1 sored. Never in the history of tho
' l'nited States lmvo thoru been nine
such years or lilg yields ami lilgu
Preparing Now Currency.
Washington, June III The depart
ment of engraving nnd printing start
ed to turn out the new notes author
ised by tho currency act of tho Inst
emigres. Tho notes nro similar to the
old l'nited Hlnles bank notes with ono
exception. Where tho Inscription "se
cured by iMinds of the United States,"
appears nn the old notes, tho follow
ing legend appears on the newt
"Secured bv bonds of tho United
rilntes and other securities."
Battleships at Honolulu.
Honolulu, Juno 20. The special serv
ice squadron, consisting of tho battle
shlpstMullie and Alabama, which sailed
from Sun Francisco Juno 8 in ndvnnco
of the Atlantic fleet, has nrrlved here,
one day ahead of schedule time. See
relury of the Interior (lnrlleld, who win
n imksenger 011 the Alabama, wns re
ceiver by Oovernor Fronr nod other
territorial and fedora! officials.
Metcalf Qoet Homo.
Washington, June 17. Sccrcary
Metcalf called nn the President today
prior to leaving for his home in Calf
furnin lie will leave Washington
late this evening, nnd will not stop
nt Chicago for the convention lie
said that he was not nnd would not
be n candidate for the scnatorshlp or
for any other office.
Hydo-Bonson Case to Jury.
Washington, Juno '.'0. Counsel for
both sides lmvo nuulo their closing nr
gumenta In tho llydo-Hcnson-Dluioiul-
Schneider land conspiracy trial. Jus
I tleo Stafford will ehnrgo tho jury today.
American Cordially Received at der
ma n Court.
llcrlin, June 17 The emperor to
day received in audience the new
American ambassador to Germany.
David Jayne Hill, who succeeded
Charlemagne Tower. T he audience
was fixed tcveral days before Dr. Hill
anticipated it, but the emperor's
greeting was none the less hearty
The emperor's matter of cere
monies, llaron von de Knesbcck,
called at (he hotel yesterday where
Dr Hill was stopping, ami informed
him that an audience with the em
peror had been granted for today in
the old palace, bis majesty coming
in from Potsdam for the purpose.
Three court carriages called for Dr
Hill today, and, accompanied by hit
ttalf, he proceeded to the palace. On
hi arrival there he received a mes
sage from the emperor that the pre
sentation would take place in the
garden which recently was planted in
one of the palace courts.
Maryland and West Virginia Make a
Good Showing.
Washington, June 17 Rear Ad
miral Dayton today reported that the
armored cruiser Maryland on a four
hour full speed, forced draught trial
off the California coast, averaged
133 I revolutions of her engines tier
minute, and the armored cruiser West
Virginia, under similar conditions, av
eraged 13t m revolutions. Th aver
age sjiced obtained with a slight ad
verse current was Tt.ti and tt I knots
'I he revolution may exceed those
of the record of the contractors'
trials, and opinions of the naval of
ficials speak well for the work 011 the
machinery of the vessels, which have
been now in commission for three
Timber Owners and State Will Work
Olympia. Wash, June 1S Ar
rangements have been made between
State Fire Warden J R. Welty and
D P Page. Jr, chief fire warden, for
the new Washington Forest Fire as
sociation, for co-operation in lighting
forest lire during the dry season this
year Mr. Page will put KM deputies
immediately into the field, who will
be paid by an assessment upon the
big timber companies composing the
association These deputies wilt be
appointed state fire warden at large,
with iower to make arrests and fur
ther enforce the forest protection
laws The state fire warden will is
sue no permit to burn slashing
without -ending duplicates to the
dcputie above referred to, and these
deputic will have power to stop the
burning if a pergonal inpcction
convinces them that forest fire
might result.
The organizers of the fire protec
tion aMriation control s.aou.noo
acre of limber laud in western
Washington and liavc been assessed
I cent an acre for the season's work
A half cent kt acre has been col
lected in advance. There is. there
fore, a fund of m.Oofl. with J It. MM)
immediately available.
The tat own 04.000 acre of tim
ber land in western Washington, and
a force of about 1 deputies will oon
be put 111 the field and paid out of an
appropriation provided by the last'
Alaska Timber Burning.
Dawson, Y T., June 10 Poret
tires are raging near Minto and along
Lake .charge. Fifteen miles of Can
adian telegraph wires have already
been destroyed near Minto, and for
live tni'r along the lake
Hundreds of square mile of valu
able timber have been destroyed. The
fire were set by travelers en route
down the river in small boats. There
have been over soo arrivals here to
Georgia to Make Speed Trial
Xay Yard, Pugct Sound, Wash.,
June to The battleship Georgia wdl
sail for San Francisco Thursday
morning, and incidentally will at
tempt to break nil battleship speed
records en route. The Georgia is the
acknowledged speed queen of the
Atlantic licet, but her officer are de
sirous of ctabliliiug a record. Su
taincd runs under both natural and
forced draught will be made, and all
record arc expected to b,c smashed
Opium Commissioners.
Washington, Juno IS. President
Roosevelt has nppointcd three commis
sioner to represent tho l'nited Stnles
on the International commission to in
vestigate the opium question in the Fnr
P.nst. Tliov are: ThomaK lturko. attor
ney, nf Seattle; nr. Hamilton Wright,
of Mnlne, nnd Ur. Charles Tennoy, Clil
neso secretary of tho American lega
tion nt Pekin.
Lumber Cases Decided.
Washington, Juno IS. Tho decision
of tho interstate commerce) commission
In tho Pacific. Const lumber rato ensea
will probably bo announced tho latter
part of thin week. Tho decisions lmvo
been written and aro only awaiting final
review nnd approval beforo bolng mado
Astounding Stale of Corruption Dis
covered In Navy Yards.
Ilerlln, Juno 1C How many millions
has tlm (Jerman government been
swindled out of by the recently dis
covered embezzlement In the imperial
shipyards at Klelf No ono dare oven
guns. How many of tho vessels built
nnd equipped in tho yards aro to bo
rotinn 10 nciong 10 tne same Class a
. .-. -i. ...' . 1
nil iiaiiiesnijis mini in jiussia wun
wooden peg Instead of steel rivotsf
No ono knows yst, nnd no one prob
ably ever will.
Tho discovery that two high official
of the Imperial shipyards, and possibly
a number of others, havo systematical
ly Ix-en rolibing tho government for
years has come as a terrible shock
t the (Jerman people, who aro prjua
of tho proverbial honesty tf their gov
ernment onielnls, ami who have always
contended that while fraud might bo
found in America and Russia, all Ger
man government officers would always
bo found to coma up to the Roosevelt
standard, and bo able to show a record
as clean as a hound '1 tooth.
It is Impossible to find out at this
time how many officials are Implicated
ot suspected; tho government even ro-
fuses to lit It lecomo known how
many people are under nrrett besides
the leaders, Heinrieb and Frankentbal.
Tlm latter is a multi millionaire, and
It is some consolation to think that he
will bo able to make good tho losses,
tliouuli this will not heal the wounded
(lermnn pride.
The kaiser was informM or the ar
fair Just as he was about to prepare
his speech for the opening of tho Marl-
time exposition here, ami was to upset
by tan news thai he lounu it almost
imtxmiblc to entertain the King and
Queen of Sweden, who were bis guest
at the time. He bat given orders that
the wbolo affair is to bo lifted to the
Imttom, and that nil the guilty ones
are to be punished, no matter how
high their standing.
Rumors to the effect that eertaln
high officials In tho nsvy department
have received their share of the stolen
funds have so far been found to be
unfounded, and are not generally be
Mrs. Bertrand Russell Conducts Pub
tic School for Mothers.
London, June 13. Hundreds of poor
mothers in Iondon are deeply grateful
to the Hon. Mrs. Ilcrtrand Russell,
who was formerly Mrs. A. Pearsall
Smith, of Philadelphia, wbote school
for mothers in tbit city hat proved a
great success. Mrs. ItuMell com
menced her ambitious scheme in a
ttY small way first there were
nightly classes for mothers who were
allowed to bring their children and
who were Instructed by Dr. Dora Hun
ting bow to properly feed and clothe
their little ones, ihcse Classes imme
diately became very popular, but Mrs.
Russell, who was often present in per
son, soon discovered that the mothers
themselves were at poorly fed as their
babies and to remedy this the changed
the night classes to day elasics and
provided a substantial dinner at a
price of 3 cents to those who could
afford to nay, while those who could
not were fed free of charge.
The mortality of children in Eng
land Is appalling when compared with
that of America, but thanks to the
splendid example set by the two Amer
icans, Nathan Strauss and Mrs. Rus
sell, whose experiments have aroused
widespread interest and caused many
men and women of wealth to coma
forward with offers of help, the death
rate among children lets than IS
months of age will undoubtedly go
Takes Terrible Revenge.
Yenlce, June 15. A double tragedy
vAAntU- asiV t.!fifA In a trnvelinc cir
cus giving performances nt the town
nf Mestre, a short distance from here.
Among the performers were two aero-
imiis, a mnn imiaciii ami ui who A rieh man nbout town had
f.a.M in InfA trttli 4hA taller nnd had
liegun n liaison with her. Accidental-
Iv Itafaelll Uncovered nis who a un
faithfulness nnd planned a terrible re
venge. While his wife was performing her
dangerous acts in the flying trapeze
under the roof of the circus tent, Ra
faelll suddenly cut the rope which held
tho trapeze, find tho young woman
fell down I"" the sand of the arena,
dving. Her lover rushed to her side,
and while ho was holding her head on
his lap kneeling at her side. Rafael!!
cleft his head from behind with an ax
and then calmly surrendered to the
Slaughter of Innocents.
Paris, June 15. Owing to the ex
treme rigor of last winter and tho
willful dettructlon of song birds,
Prance is threatened with the extinc
tion of hit larks, finches nnd thrushes.
Professor Corcelle, of Chambery, has
addressed nn appeal to the public,
warning them that If farmers, game-1-eepcra
and poachers continue their
conduct thev will soon have extermi
nated nil tho small birds In the coun
try. As proof of tho necessity for
legislative measures ho declares that
thousands of larks nre killed and sold
at 0 cents n dozen.
Adopts Secret Ballot.
Paris, Juno 15. Tho Chamber of
Deputies Saturday adopted nn amend
ment to tho voting law which practl-
.11.a . I nfTdar ill A RAarAT All
rtllll lt IB - VIIVs l"V W..VS-SJS?
trallan ballot system. Thero has been
' much complaint of the ssvtera ot
marking ballots In public. This has
enabled tho big land owners and man
ufacturers and political manipulators
to excrcisa duress on tho voters.
Corporations Lose In Struggle to
Rule San Francisco.
Board of Supervisors Exacts Reduc
tion on Gas and Telephones and
Rent fyr Trolley Franchises.
San Francisco, June 1A. The annual
struggle between the city and the cor
porations has just come to an end,
with an unexpected victory for the
municipality. The members of the
board of supervisors, who represent
the city in the negotiations with the
corporations, arc for the most part
business men and lawyers. It was
thought that their sympathies would
run naturally to the vetted interests
and that the local service companies,
which suffered heavily in the earth
quake and fire, would take advantage
of the situation and make up from the
public what they lost in the fire That
is exactly what the corporations tncW
to do fliey said so openly, and ar
gued their right to do so, but a ma
jority of the board stood firm for the
taxpayers, and the city witnessed a
most encouraging example of com
petent government
Pressure from every possible ave
nue was brought to bear on the super
visors to force them to yield to the de
mands of all the service companies for
higher rates. The gas company want
ed an increased rate, the water com
pany threatened famine unless it
should receive a IS per cent advance
in rates, the telephone company re
sisted to the utmost, and the street
railroad company ran cars without
permits, seized franchises and at
tempted to bottle up the traffic priv
ileges on Market street, when the su
pervisors stepped in and completely
blocked the game.
The gas company asked for an in
crease from 83-ccnt to SI gas. The
board conducted an inquiry The gas
company promised to turns jts books
over to the supervisors for inspec
tion. This, it afterward appeared,
was a bluff, for when the supervisors
asked for the records, the company
refuted to produce them until prac
tically compelled to do so It was
then discovered that improper charges
had been made in figuring the cost of
operation The mask was pulled aside
by the "business" board and the gas
company got an 83-ccnt rate.
sn investigation into icicpuun:
rates resulted in a general reduction
of from IS to 23 per cent. The water
rate was placed at the same tigure as
last year, with a slight increase in
the allowance for hydrants. The trol
ley franchises which the United Rail
roads attempted to appropriate were
Editor of Paper In Seoul Is Charged
With Sedition.
Seoul, June 16. Y. Mimura, the
Japanese resident governor of Seoul,
appeared as the prosecutor of E. T.
liethel, a British subject, who was to
day arraigned in a British court ap
pointed under order of the privy
council Bethel is charged with
spreading sedition by the medium of
a newspaper published in the Corean
vernacular, and of which he is the
proprietor. The court includes Judge
F St Rournc and Prosecuting Attor
n y Wilkinson, both of whom were
specially sent from Shanghai by the
British government at the suggestion
of Ambassador McDonald at Tokio.
The prosecution said that it would
prove that the publications in Bethel's
vernacular newspaper was largely re
sponsible for all the disturbances in
Corea. M. Mimura asserted that the
Corean government exists only sub
ject to the direction of Japan He
further said he believed there were
30,000 troops now in Corea, and that
half of the country w s disturbed.
Consequently the public tions were
creating a false impression regarding;
the real intention of the Japanese gqv
eminent, increasing the difficulties of
the government and causing much
C. M. Cross, a lawyer of Kobe, who
is defending Bethel, asked for a jury
trial, which Judge Stf Bourne refused.
Gold From Alaska.
Seattle, Wash.. June 10. Tho
clr.imthin filv nf Seattle, which ar
rived in port early this morning from
boutnwcsicrn Alaska, urougni me.
first shipment of gold from Fairbanks
to reach Seattle Dy the SKagway
mut In nit fttir lirmtt.lit nhriill St.
hOO.OOfl, the greater part of whuh was
consigned to Dexter Morton & Co.,
bankers of this city. Another largo
lot was liui.uuo, consigned 10 mo
Washington Trust Company from the
W.-itliiiu-lnii At.-islr.t limit Its branch
at Fairbanks. The gold came up the
Yukon on the Prospector.
Cuban Patriots Amuse Tnft.
lF.l.tnnlnii Tittl 1A HMQ-rr-.-
llUIIIIIJtll.Mt j. .-1 wv... .,.
Taft laughed today when he was told
of a further report ot preparations or
revolutionary uprisings in Cuba based
on the proposed withdrawal of Amer
ican troops on or before next Friday,
asrastSKTirs-r rxzvi-