The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 29, 1908, Image 6

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    Strong and Steady
"This U nlc room you're got. Wal
let." "Ve, you know I ara lo tay here for
two ycam. nj 1 might a well be com
fortable." "IF a good deal Ixtter than my room
twice an big, to begin with. Then, my
carpet look as If ll had come down
through several generations. Aa for a
mirror, Pre sot a sevrn-by-nlne looking
gins lhat I hare lo look Into twice be
fore t can see my whole face. Ai for the
iMtlxtead, it creak so when I Jump Into
ll that I expect etcry night it'll fall to
pieces and spill me on the floor. Now
your room la splendidly furnished."
"Yea. It is now, but father furnished
It at hi own expense. He wild he was
willing to nd n little money lo make
Thafa more lhan my father aald. He
told me it wouldn't do me any barm to
rough II."
-IVrhapa he'a right." aai.1 Walter. "Of
course, I don't object to the new carpet
and furniture, but I shouldn't conlder
It any great hardship if 1 had to rough
It. a yon call It."
"Wouldn't you? Then I'll tell yon what
, wr'H do. Let' chance room. You can
ro round and board at Mrs. Glenn's, and
I'll come here."
' "1 am not aure what my father would
think of that arranjrement." aald Walter,
"I thought you'd find some way to
crawl out." ld Lemuel. "For my part.
I don't bellere you'd enjoy roughing it
any better than L"
"t don't know," raid Walter; "I're
sometime thought 1 shouldn't tx rrry
sorry lo lie a poor boy, and hare to work
my own way."
"Thafa very well lo iy when you're
the on of a rich man.
".So are you."
"Yea, but I don't get the benefit of It.
and you do. What would you do now
If you were a poor boy J"
"I enn't aay, of courae. now, but I
would co to work at something. I am
ure I could earn my own Urine"
"I suppose I could, loo, but I shouldn't
want to. Borne people are born laty, don't
think so?"
"I'erbapa you are right," antwered
Walter, with a aralle. "Now suppose we
ojen our Ca-ar."
femuel Warner wa a plraiant looking
boy of fourteen, the son of a prosperous
merrhant In New York. Walter Conrad
waa from a amall country town, where hi
father waa the wealthiest and moat prom
inent and Influential cltlxcn, hvlng a
bsndaome mansion bouse, aurrounded by
extensive grounds.
Nobody knew Just bow rich be was
out be was rnerally supposed lo be
worth two hundred thousand dollar. Mrs.
Conrad had been dead for flv year, so
that Walter, who waa an only child, bad
no Immediate reUtlon except his fattier.
It waa for this reason, perhaps, that he
had tn sent to tbs Essex Classical In
stitute. Htlng a boy of talent, and well
mounded In I tin. h waa easily abla to
take a high rank In bis class. Imue!
Warner had become hla Intimate friend,
being in the asm class, but inferior to
him In scholarship. Tbey usually studied
their Latin lessons together, and It waa
owing lo this circumstance that Lemuel
made a better figure In hla recitations
than before Walter came to the school
There, that Job's done," aald Lemuel,
closing his book with an ajr of satisfac
tion. "Now we can rest."'
"You forget the Itin exercise. You
koow the doctor expects each boy to
nrlte a letter in I-atln, addressed lo his
frlher, not leas thsn t weirs lines In
The boys started on their new talk, and
finished by nin o'clock. Lemuel's let
ter waa written with a brilliant disregard
of grammatical rules, but It was consid
erably rerlsed In accordance with sugges
tions from Walter.
"I're a great mind to send my letter
home, Walter," said Iemuel. "Father
eipect oe to write home erery week, and
this would sare mo some trouble. Ilesldes,
he'd think I waa getting on famouily, lo
writs home In Latin."
"Yes, if b didn't And out the mis
takes." "That' the rub. He'd show it to the
mlnUter the first time be called, and then
my blunders would be detected. I guess
I'd belter wait till It come back from
the doctor corrected."
"I expect lo hear from home to-tnor-tok,"
said Walter. "It Is my birthday."
"Let me be the first to congratulate
you. How renerable will you be?"
"As venerable as most boys of fifteen,
"You're three months older than I am,
then. Io you expect a present?"
'Tattier promised lo give me a gold
watch chain some lime. You know I
hate a gold watch already."
"Ye, and a regular little beauty."
"Ho It wouldn't surprise me much to
grt a chain for a present."
"You're a lucky boy. My wntch is all
wr, and only cost twenty dollars."
"I dare say I should be Just as happy
with a alitor watch, Lem."
"I suppose you wouldn't like to buy,
would you? If so, I'll give you the
chance. A fair exchange Is no robbery."
"No, I suppose not ; but It wouldn't do
to exchange a gift."
"Perhaps, if tny watch were gold and
yours silver, you wouldn't bare any ob
jections." "J dea't think that would altar tat
case with me, A gift Is a gift no matter
about Its alue."
"It's the hard study, I suppose, that's
dene It. 1 must be getting back to Ma'am
Glenn's, flood-night."
"Good night. Uin,"
Lemuel Warner gathered up hla books,
and left the room. Walter poked the fire,
putting some ashes on, so that It would
step till Ihe next morning, and commenc
ed undressing. He was Interrupted by
a heavy step on the stairs, and directly
afterward a knock resounded upon his
Wondering who hla Isle visitor could
be, Walter stepped lo the door and opened
It. He was still more surprised to recog
nite In the tisitor Dr. l'orter, the prin
cipal of the Institute.
"Good-evening, Conrad," Mid the doe
tor "I am rather a late visitor. I was
mat sure Nit you might be In bed. Hare
you heard from home lately, Conrad?"
asled Ihe doctor.
"Yes. sir, 1 . received a letter a few
days since."
"Hid your father speak of being un
well?" "No, sir." said Walter, taking instant
alarm. "Have hare you heard any
thing?" "Yes, my boy; and that is my reason
foi calling upon you at this nnusual hour.
I received this telegram twenty minutes
Walter took the telegram, with trem
bling fingers, and read the following mes
sage: "Dr. Porter Please send Walter Con
rad home by the first train. His father
is tery sick. NANCY FOUIIES."
"Do you think there is any dsnger,
Dr. Porter?" asked Walter, with a pale
"I cannot tell, my boy; this telegram
furnishes all the information I possess.
Who is Nancy Forbes?"
"She Is the housekeeper. I can't real
lite lhat father I so sick. He did not say
anything about It when h wrote."
"Let us hop it la only a brief sick
ness. I think you bad better go home by
the first train to-morruw morning."
The principal shook bands with Walter
and withdrew. When his tall form had
vanished. Waltrr sat down and tried to
rralixe the fact of hla father's sickness,
but this he found difficult. It was a long
time before be got to sleep, but at length
be did sleep, waking In time only for a
hasty preparation for the bomsward Jour
ney. He was so occupied with thoughts of
his father that It waa not till he wa well
ou the way horn that it occurred to him
that this was bis fifteenth birthday, to
which he bad been looking forward for
seme time.
Tbs seat In front of Walter was for
some time vacant, but at the Woodvllle
ststlon two gentlemen got In and entered
uin an animated conversation, Walter
did not at first pay any attention to It.
He was looking out of the Window list
lessly, unable to fix bis mini upon any
thing except his father's sickness. Hut
at length his attention was. caught by
some remarks made by one of the gentle
men In front, and from this point he list
ene dlsnguldly
"I suspected him to be a swindler when
hi first came to me," said the gentleman
sitting next the window "He hadn't an
honest look, and 1 was determined not
to have anything to do with his scheme.
Mining companies art risky things al
ways. I once got taken In lo the tune
of five thousand dollars, but It taught me
a lesson 8o I wss not particularly, Im
pressed with the brilliant prospectus of
the Great Metropolitan Mining Company,
li spite of its high sounding name, and
Its promised dividend of thirty per cent.
Depend upon It, James Wall and hla con
federate will pocket all the dirldrnds
that are made."
"Very likely ou are right. Hut It may
be that Wall really believed there was a
good chance of making money,"
"Of course be ilffl, but he waa deter
mined to make tb money for himself,
and not for the stock holders."
"I might hare been tempted to Invest,
but all my money wa locked up at the
lime, and I could not have done so with
out borrowing Ihe money, and lhat I was
resolved not to do."
"It was fortunate for you Ibat you
didn't, for Ihe bubble has already burst.
There will lie many losers, lly tb way,
I hear that Mr. Conrad of Willoughby
waa largely Interested. He is a rich man,
but for all lhat he may have gone in be
yond hi means."
"I am sorry for him, but that was reck
less." "Yes, he was completely taken In by
Walt. He's a smooth fellow."
When the gentlemen left the cars Wal
let saw on of them had left a morning
paper lying in the seat. He picked It up
and examined Ihe columns until his eyes
fall upon the following paragraph ,
"The failure of the Great Metropolitan
Mining Compiin) proves lo be a disas
trous one. The aswts will not be suffi
cient to pay more than fire jier cent of
tho amount of Ihe sums In tested by the
stockholders, possibly not that. There
must have lifca gross mismanagement
somewhere, or such a result could hardly
have been reached. We uudcrstand lhat
the aflafrs of the company aro In the
hands of aaslgnees who are empowered to
wind them up. The stockholder in this
vicinity will await the result with anx
iety." "That looks rather discouraging, to be
sure," thought Waltsr, "I uppo father
wilt hue a ged deal lint I'll tell htm
he needn't worry about me. I shan't mind
hlng poor, etru If It ciimc to that. Aa
long as he Is left to me, I won't com
The time 'Kissed until the cars stoppei.
at Willoughby station. Waller Jumped
over a fence and took hla way nenxs the
field to hla father's house. Ity tlu road
It would have been a mile, but It waa
scarcely more than halt a mile by the foot
He went up the pathway to the front
door and rang the liell. The door wn
opened by Nancy Forbes, the housekeeper,
whose name was apiended to th tilf
"So It' you, Master Waiter," she aald.
"I am glad )ou are home, b?t It's A sit J
horn you're come to."
"I father rery sick, then?" asked War
trr, turning pale.
"My dear child, your father died a
eight o'clock this morning."
Thla sudden announcement of hla fa III'
r'fl i1lh tra rrnt fthork to Walter.
llie news atunnrd him, and he stool.
pale and motionless, looking into tut
housekeeper's fare.
"Come In. Master Walter, come in and
bar a cup of hot tea. It'll make yoi
feel better."
Tell me about It, Nancy; I t can't
think If true. It' so audJen. Tieu
was he first taken sick?'
"I didn't notice nothing till last night
Just after supper, ltlchard went lo th
poitotlice and got your father's letter.
When they came he took 'em Into nil li
brary, and began to read 'em. There wua
three, I rememler. It wa about an hour
lr.r t w.nt Intn ihe room lo tell hint
the carpenter had called about repairing
the carriage House, ttnen I carao iu,
there waa your poor father lying on ths
carpet, senseless. He held a letter tlgot
in M. tian.i I vrMntril for heln. Mr
Itrler. the carpenter, and ltlchard canu
In and helped me lo lift up your poor
father, and w sent right off for the doc
tor." "What did the doctor eay?"
"He said it was a paralytic strok a
very bad one and ordered him lo bo put
to bed directly Hul It was of no um.
He never recovered, but breathed his last
thla morning at eight o'clock."
"Nancy, have you got that Utter which
my father waa reading?'
"Yea, Master Walter, I put it In m
pocket without reading. I think there
must hare been bad new In ll."
She drew from ber pocket a letter,
which ah placed In Walter" hands, Ila
nad It hastily, and ll confirmed his snv
plclons. It waa from a lawyer Mr. Con
rad had asked to make Muiiles mpecf
ing the Great Metropolitan Mining Com
pany, and wa aa follows,
"William Conrad. Esq.'
"Pear Sir I hare, at your request,
taken pains lo Inform myself of th pres
ent mansgement and condition of lh
Great Metropolitan Mining Company.
Th task hs been lesa difficult thn 1
anticipated, since th failure of the coo
pany ha Just been mad public. Tb
mamgement haa been In the band of dis
honest and unscrupulous men. and It U
doubtful whether the tockhoIder will be
able to recover anything.
Walter folded up the letter, and put It
Into hi pocket, He felt that this tett-r
had cost his father his life, and In lh
midst of bis grief he bad rery bllfr
thoughta aboil the unscrupulous man who
had led bia father lo ruin. Had It len
merely the losa of property, h coull
hare forglren him, but he had been d
prlrrd of the kindest and most Indulgent
of fathers.
"I should Ilk lo are my father," h
said. .
An hour later he came out of the dnth
chamber, pale but composed. He seeuied
older and more thoughtful than when hi
entered. A grrat and sudden sorrow ofteu
has this effect upon the young.'
"Nancy," be said, "bnve any arrange
ments been made about the funeral?"
"No, Walter, we waited till you came."
"My father had no near relatlve-i.
There is a cousin. Jacob Drummond, who
lite In Btapleton. It will b necessary
lo let him know. It will be beet to tele
graph." I
Jacob Drummond kept a dry goods
store In the village of Htapleton. II had
Ihe reputation of being a rery mean man
He carried his meanness not only Into
hi business, but Into bis household, and
there was not a poor mechanic In Hta
pleton who did not live bettrr than Mr.
Drummond, who was Ihe rich man of th
(lo b continued.)
"Wliatorer became of that plain fam
ily cbIIhJ the Dewberry who used to
lire In the little house at the end of
the Innei" qucrlul the man who had
Just returned to the tlllmcc afler a five
ycnra' alienor.
"Oh, they struck oil, atranger," re
nllod llio old iwistinaster. They own
n blK iiiiiiilm on the hill, throw ntito
mol.llcn nnil their daughter Is oiigngi-d
to n renl dukf."
'Mrjiup' Ami do they xtlll hnvo
'Pew bony on the ,'nte'nH they did
wjien llicy llwil Iu the little house Iu
(lie Iiino?"
"Oh, no. Tlioy cnll thoinsclvoa Pit
Ilnrry now. Dewberry sounds too
"They'ro not u loving n they worn
when they were married InHt spring."
"So; alio hug developed a terrible
"Hut he used to consider her au
angel then."
"Yea; and now be wishes aha war
on for aure."
l m ou." "t"' ' H "v"
L2!ryX ZIZ1
A Main for lh llnrn Unnrrvar,
Whi'ti tho hurm atnblo oMi Into
tho buggy room nut) It Is necessary to
keep thn door onn for ventilation, I
find that n aiunll gale constructed of
light 'umterlnl I nn excellent iroteo
ittoti against horse getting loose and
liijurlnit thi1 buggies. The cut here
with ahow a n light gate we hare In use
Iu our homo bnro, It Is rery almplo
In construction, but servea n very lm
ortnut urioc. Were It not for this
light Eiito wo would find It necessary
to ketip tho door closed between tho
horse stable nnd buggy room, thus
shutting p(T eutllntlou.
The gnto Is litugcd onto the rolling
door with light strap hinge, explains n
writer In the Prnlrle Farmer, m that
when tho gate la not In use It swing
iut atonic poo.
around nnd fastens to the large door
out of the way. For material In mak
ing the gate wo use Inch'strlp of good
plno for the horizontal piece. The up
right piece ant light strip gotten out
for fence pickets. I find a tight gate
of this character a good thing to keep
poultry out of tho barn during the sum
mer months.
Tb Cmlaur I'luK,
If you want vigorous chicken and
hen that lay do not overcrowd theiu.
Forty or fifty In one flock are ufiV
cletit. If you hare more than thla num
ber by all means make a change, for
your chicken are probably costing you
more than they are worth. If you do
not care to sell any of your bird then
tart luto the chicken business on the
colony plan. Plrlde your flock Into
colonic of about forty fowl each and
build house fur them In different part
of the farm. For Instance, If you hare
one heu house on tho east aide of the
barn, put a no t lie r Ikiuso on tho west
Ide. Then If you liaro enough birds
put another house down by the calf lot
awl anotherto the farther end oMhe
barn yard. Adoxen different plneos will
suggp-tt thetnwlve If you look for lo
cation on your farm. If you have
made a failure In railing chicken or
your hena "don't amount to much,"
try this method. It wilt surprise and
plena you. Your tna will Ut healthier,
will lay better nnd will require In
feed. The reason for this will be enslly
seen when you hnvo once tried It.
Chickens, or anything else for that mat
ter, cannot stand crowding. Also the
colony plan give the fowl wider rnnge
and encourage the blrdi to hunt for
tliclr llrlng Kxehnnge.
llrMeliiic Corner I'osl.
This method, while dimply devised,
Is used rery elTectlrely In brneliiK cor
ner posts. ' I'su a a brace u mIu iiluo
or ten feet long, four or flro Itirhes In
dlnineter and Mpinru nt both end. Fit
one end of Kiln to tho sst hnlf wny
between It middle and top and pliico
other end of bnice on ir lint atone. Se
cure one end of n wlro nround bottom
of post, then take It to outer end of
brace and baric to ixmt again, fasten
ing nectircly. With n abort stout stick
twist wire together until rery tight
urriion or hbaciwo.
nnd your bnico I touiplete, say Farm
era' Itetlew! Till brace, cornea in lino
with your feuco nnd by fniitenlng your
wire or honrdfi to It prevents It from
slipping slihm'iiyH.
Corn M to rrr.
Corn atover I used both ahredded
and uiisliredded. Ordinarily tho cuttlo
will wiiMto it consldcrnhlo qunntlty
whichever way it la fed, Tho ahredded
fodder la prepared because tho cuttlo
eat a grentrr iercentago of It nnd tho
manure I handled more easily. Fod
der la ofteu fed on tho ground In tho
open pasture field to (tare the hauling
"f manure.
There la a taring, however, In hav
mdi!u Tit f Vt
11 ' -ii
ing tho fodder shredded I t tne
feed I taken utro of curlier nnd thero
U Ireit ixNMiurit to leaching mlim nnd
weathcrlnjr processr. Again, inuru
feed win bo put In n smaller space,
thu rcu.ulrlug leiw storage space.
Whsl lleef Mf ThliiU t MUae.
Ibn cuevesi attending the tup of
!ai: In the da ry business has created
sling" In thu dairy business
much Interest among beef entile men.
Ull... .... lal.MB M lt.tlllllt flMVt. I
which I quite to the dairy
ow In Ueeulim her dKrstlve aystetn III
good condition. The name will be found
true for the lcf animal. Twenty
pound of silage ir day will supply
all the bulk nnd water needed in a
fattening ration. The other roughage
may consist of either long fmbler or
mlxust hay. the economy of using
silage for fattening purpose Is well
brought out by Prof. A M Koulo or
the Virginia station, who has stated the
following couelusloiis '
"There wa a difference of from .1
to ft of n jwund of grain per head er
day In fnror of the silage red ntitie rror,y.
They at.. HnMir.! out In-tter and liil yiyf ,,, f , ,,, r
any discriminating market would cer-Mr V mj1 (p(,rr of ,,,,,
tnlnly bring n better prim than the ,,ll.1(im,i wr,, v11i ,i1h iiwii rll,, (l,
L. .fAH . . i ,. Ing the youngest memlsr. The great
'Ofthotl,wforni.f nngliag.. feA.IBrwUrniiMi(,r u i1r, n(( m
iiic nnngp was enten wnn ttir iinii"i
relish, nnd tin re wn nlMMilutely no
Iom, whereiiN with the stoter the Iom
amounted to Kin ht cent nnd with hay
I til er cent. Where n large ntiiuUr
of nnluint aro fed this would make n
ronsldernble illffervncit III the cost of
rullou, exwpt that the shredded itorer
can I utlllccd to ndtantage for bal
ding" Silage a It Is put up titdny I M
ter than when the practice was first
started Goisl silage of corn I mad,
when the grain ha passed the milk
stage and has commcitccd U glnie a lit
tle Silage Is made also from sorghum,
corn nnd cow pen mid pea vine.
Ilaabl ltro4lMa "up.
The double brooding cop shown In
the drawing Is four feet s-piar and
three feet high at rear, two nlid one
half In front. It may be built of longu
and grooved stuff or straight edge
board one-half or three-fourth Inch
thick. The hinged lid iliould have tits
cleat each to make them firm. In
mi., h ..u- ...inn -
... - ..r th- .
Quarter by one and one-h.lf Inch .tuff.
to Insure rigidity. Hi one corner, a.
ahown, I the neat, four llichr deep
nnd fifteen or eighteen Inche pare,
a coo nil n j: to the stie of the hens krit
Tlie tsurd floor, explain Ihe Orange
Dot Mix naoon vor
.Tit, 1,1 Vnrnirr. ! rvtrrml with wiliml
V...... H....... .- ......... .... .-...-.
up ann,t i-.wl miuI tirtnV iirii tti.ira '
readily supplleil through the door. I
which preferably lift In front, at.ble credit Germany with 2S.MH.
Corn Learllnit Western Crap.
The statistical burrnu of the Union
Pacific passenger department Issue a
itntement compiled from government
report showing the rnlue of farm
product In seventeen State west of
the Mississippi In 1007 to have Ix-cn
$l,00l,(KX),()0O Corn lead In proilue
tlou, ts'lng valm'd at uenrly half n
billion dollar. Winter wheat I next
valued at I'.tsi.otxi.onri, nnd domestlr
liny wn valued at only I'.'.OOO.OOO les
Itye, oats, barley, nnd otntc follow
In order. The report also show nn In
rrease In llvo stock of 250 per cent
sltico 1870.
l-'ariu ."Vole.,
Alfalfa iuvd I now selling in many
part of tho West for 10 to 12 centa a
Egyptian cotton land produce nearly
four time ns much per acre us that of
thl country
The Irrigated districts of Egypt com
prise GrlHO.COO acre mid support 10,.
000,000 iersons.
Owing to a prolonged drought In In
din th productive area of wheat land
ha shrunk from 0,000,000 to 5,000.000
In four year a pair of ruhhlla could
secure a progeny of nearly 1,600,000. A
ilno rabbit produce ns many na set en
families a year.
Many important drainage project nn
under wny In thu nmrsli In m! in j,oii
Ulnna, which will ultimately make II
a great agricultural country.
A dnlry train which recently went
out from Lafayette, !ud colored f00
miles on the Motion route, nnd 4,000
lcnplo heard the Iccturci which wur
delivered from tho' ram.
It Is CHtlmnted that if tho cnttlo ship-
pera of Iown aucceetl In mablUhln.
their claims ngulmt tho railroads for
excesslvo shipping clmrgca In C'tlengo
they will get back fully a half million
Good opMirtiiultlcH for electrical tin.
riortnliliiK In Hpalu tire reported.
riio Federated Malay State prodiix
f ,,; ,,,. ,,,,.
Ol (III,
There I a hacienda, or rhiieh, In
,f1M"'P?w. " !. ' '""" l""
l'rlHB WW rrr-.
Kite day I n Chinese national hull,
day. An expert f'hlncwi kiln flyer will
eaally keep six or even eight kite g..
lug ou one atrlng. f
' n po Japan exported n lllllo over
$,(HiO worth of human lmlr llm total
crt wa valued nl t)0,(MX) In Hhki.
,rge ipiantltle are made Into wig
A rery crcdltnhln exhibition of nrl
ental paintings, both tmslern atxl an
clout examples, wa held nt thn India
Kverniiient schid of art In Calcutta
child I eleteu month old,
Consul Orncy nt Tslngtnu warn
young men against going to China In
tin. )0i of tludlug profitable Jm
Any )outig iiimii who Is willing to work
will, he says, find te!er opirluul(h-
every day In the large Ainerlenn rllle
A new process has tn-en dlisiivemt
In China by which ramie fiber (evomr
a soft fllasso In a few minute. A
! eompnny has lieen formed to prepare
the nlasse for general use, and the
first shipment will stain k mndn In
The Muntelpal Cbaintwr of Par,
llratll, hss revYtitly authorltiil a re
duct Ion In the tax levied on traveling
Mtctmcn, The reduction will he- ef
( fNfT, , Jn ,( imt rut nrW
tax amount to lxit fit), with addl
tlonal fee of about IIH. 'Hie penalty
for evasion Is confiscation f sampc
and a heavy fine.
Tlie Orleans Hallway (Vmpany of
Frnnce recently Inauguratnl n new
'lMtn de luxe, fonslsllng of alt new
I "" " wily feet long, or six
I '"', ,, " . ""' now ,,n,UM
?n V'0 b V " ."'""""V ,"
truck with triple axtetree. giving
great moothttr In running, Ttiem
are two smoking car furnlahrd with
writing table and tiewipaper and w
Ttin highest authorltlea place the r
tal number of year elapse! since, In
the light of the beat geological evi
dence, men first appeared upon earth
at 2h.t,fXX). Of thla, 7H.OH0 belcuig tit
the prcglarlal eporh, l(s,i)00 year ti
the glacial cj"ch and the protohlatnrle
ami neolithic, lO.tmo jiara to thn last
namel ept.lis, and tl.C'O year to the
time elapsed since the U-gllinlng of tho
hlatorlc perhnl In Kgypt.
A recently publlahnl statistical re
port gives the number of "diploma
In the world aa '.KHXI.
Of thrsa Hurot.' has I03.3&. Tlie ta
"which," sny the Frankfurter '
tung, "ahow the table to he Incorrect,
for th Medeelnlsehrr Yahrbuch give
. Gennauy .11,113 physleluns, of whom
iioe-iiiiii are --mnm. in nil inn
Inrge cities of Germany there are two
to threo physician to every thousand
Inhabitants, while In Herlln there aro
about five for every four thousand "
An extraordinary niklltlou haa Iitii
inndo to Hut exhibition of Inventions
In Herlln. A shoemaker named Weg
tier, living In Strnshurg. tin m'tit In
a clock of the grandfather nhnt-i, nnir
ly six feet high, made entirely of straw.
The wheels, jiolnter, easo nnd etery
detail am exclusively of straw. Weg
tier ha tnkru fifteen year to construct
this atrangi piece of mechanism. It
ke'i erfet time, hut under thn niwt
favornblo clrcumslaueea cannot last
longer than two year. Umdon Globe,
The most curious railway In thn
world I built on lev. It I laid bviween
Cronstadt and Oratilcuhnuu, ami I In
un only during the winter its suc
cess ha suggested the construction of
a similar winter railway between the
two Important nnutiierclal centers,
K rem en tch ug nnd Ekntnrlmxdnr,
which are united In summer by tho
steamboat trattle along tjie Dnelpi-r
river. Thl ineifns of ronimiuilcntlou
I closed In winter by the Ire. A cost
ly, niundalMiut Journey haa lo be mndu
between thu two towns, though they
ib) not lie fnr apart.
I 'inter the now Korean forest law a
thu forcHU will bo rlnsslfled In Dmr
kind, according to tho stntus of their
owner, Theso four rlasaca aro lints-
Vlnl, Htnto, public nnd prlvnto foreaOi.
Thn iiilnlster of agriculture, roinmerco
nnd Industry may work out and order
tho preservation of such forvHlti iim may
bo necesuHry for the prevention of land-
!,,1,,,M, tt( M,i r' 'n,nt ,,,,n;
Ister can also prohibit tho rutting of
forest, the destruction of which would
Impair the scenic fenturea of placed of
public resort or localities noted for
conic attractirsoe.