The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 29, 1908, Image 5

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An o pound buy wuh Imni to
,Mr. mid Mm. Oliver Johniou latit
Milt Young ii,IV fctt fui 'Hnrrls
Mirg. Or , (or it muiiuiern visit nt
the old home,
Wntitfd CS(tl or woiimn to do
general hmjicwork in nuisiII family.
IikjuIio in tills ollktr toft
. KherllT Hlkliu win t lleud
Wednesday utti'iiiliiix to ilt,.i) mut
ters cnuiicotuil with IiIh oftkw
. Thot. Tweet Itflt Tuesday foil
'Chicago mid other Eastern oiiin,
He pluus to In K'"ie utuiit two
A ll HniiKM has bonulit (lie
Chus. Cottor ivdduucc including
seven acres of laud lie will move
in nt ouec.
Kohcoo Howard, general iiiniiu
ver ol the I). I. it l (Jo . i uuk
liii; n httiiorM vimI to I'otUuiid mid
other outside M)Iiiim
Mr. mid Mr. Italph ShrrwiKxl
enmc In from their fiupi in tlir
IMcuHani Khlite nt'iKilxirhiiAd to at
tend the pluy Wednejduy uiht.
Chriktlnii Kmlenvnr tonic for-
Sunday cvcuIiik. May lis "Home
MNslnii AtHokit for ChrUt.
Isu. 60:1 1-32. Lender, Mr. Walker.
I nm now HewitHl to do all
kinds of sho icptiriiiK. HriiiK in
, your work and give we n trial At
Hunter's old Mntul -John I.koat.
H. Taylor, a telephone tnuu from
Condon, wan ih Henri lt Krxiuy
looking of er thin .section I lecmc
In from t'rlttcvilfe with II. C KM.
The beat boonlcr lot any town d
u paint britxh in the of mii
cxpttteucwl punter me help
you Iwoxt N I'. V)liKK, Painter
mid PniNrhniiger, Henri, Or.
Chester O. Murphy, refatec In
bankruptcy, gjvVi notice that the
first meeting of the creditor! of
Martin V. Tmliiy will I held in
Portland on June j. The schedule
filed riUclotes uafcois Aiunuutitii: to
How About That New Suit
You Are Going: to Buy
' Of counfc j on want the best you con get for
your money the kind that fit the kltul
that wear 1 he kind that lvc you rill round
satisfaction. I have just that kind and an
umuBiisU.lluc to select from. me show
you the new, up-to-date styles.
-rntisi. .'
r ' w vmiuv - 1 ' ncv. w 1
w m-J ' 9
Acquaintance lead to Beflcr IJuJorfetnUtliiiy.
Gnyii WW It lilitrt
V I'anit&o xclusivo agent for tho
;6 perfect fitting Hnp of
Tailor Made Garments for Men
.''. -s ' .
-t .
! Qeiieral M6rcltttUlise
j:' V
Remember the lecture ' at the
church tonight. It. 1'. Zimiacr
man of the Aiill-Snloon Lcntruc
will give rensoiiH why Crook county
Hhnud go dry. His lecture will be
illustrated with Mcrcoptlcon views.
Free to every tjody, (
Jacob W, ' I'k'terkotii a hustling
young farmer in the Plcusiiut Illrigc
neighborhood, whs n bundicis visi
tor in lleiid Wednesday, "renminbi:
oyer night to attend the pla'y "The
JlccMtlck Sktile" This olucc ac
knowledges a pleasant cull.
Election Is coming. The trust
needs the money and the nrlec of
vnl jiHr will go up I have oyer
300 .sum pie patterns ol nil trrc Inlust
dcslRlisuiid, shades, ike them'be
fore you huy.N. I'. WitllHrtt,
1'uititer mid Pnpcrhniigcr, Demi.
Coiigrcwmiin Ellis linn recom
mended the appointment of Dr. C.
V. Motrtll nit postmaster at lleud.
Ah a inilKitosiimn'H lecoiiunendn
tioii iiracttUHlly icttles the mutter of
appointment, lir. Merrill will uu
boilhterity he lUnid'tt next post
master. "
It 1'. Zimmermen of the Auti
Hnloon Lengtn will rive n lecture
at the church tonight; ill (which he
will hhow why the saloons should
he put out of business. The lec
ture will be illustrated by Mcrcoptl
con views AiliulHsiou free. Let
cvur one attend
' Mf and Mm. J H Wcnnndy
left Welne.sify morning for IMiib
isbiun, Mont.,1 where Mr. We
iiuudy will look after the ettntc of
hh eraullinothtr, Intely deceased,
Mr. Wennmly havhij; been appoint
ed ndmiuUirator ortlie estate. In
their ulwencu II. J. CTverlurf will
have charcv ot the stnKe office at
4 At n taectiuii o,f the board of
directors of the 1'ioneer Telegraph
Sc Telephone Couixinv held in
1'rinevillc recently, the following
oflicer.s were elected for.the ensuing
year: 1'rcnMeiit. V. H. Oucrln,
Jr.; first iec-prcldcit, Chin. S
lidwlirds; second viec-pruiident,
George W Nohlcj asitnnt sccrc-
- C
L' um b C
1 .
rasa, .. t : ri ?
uf yiV'.'l Tfiginmi'i-.iiniirf 11
tary, P. O. Minor. The election
of the other officers wan postponed
until the next monthly meeting ofj
the Iward.
,Kcccnt ptircliMcrs of Ucnti pro
ncrty ore J. II. Hetm, who b'oiritht;
lotH i and ir, block ay, P. P. Smith,
lot 4, block 37; W. II. Phlllipi,
south half of block 39,
The ball name at Redmond Sun-,
day ended In a detent for liciid, the
Hcdmond Iwy.s wolloplnj,' it to the
lleud aKKrrgatiou to the tunc of 12
to 3. The first half of the ntnc it
wuh nip and tlick but Kcih'joud
finally took the lead. There were
no spectacular p!ay excepting
when the Kcilmond liorl.s(op
caught a hot liner, then quickly
doubled to second' mid then to first,
putting out three men.
The presentation of "The Decs
trick Sktile" by local, talent
Wednesday eve ititiK wan a H'cat
success. A larec nuuicuce war.
in attendance and everyone nccmed
to enjoy heartily the endeavors of
the actors to pk-aie them, rht
various jiuts were taken with abil
ity, and everything passed off
smoothly from the rive of the cur
tain until it dropped nt the close.'
The net tecdipts from the play
amount to $-10.55
The Ladies Library Club have
set nside $$0 with which to pay the
librarian's salary for the next five
mouths. They have also author
ized the expenditure of $10 for new
bookn. At n meeting of the club
held Thursday a vote of thank: way
extended to all who nttended the
play, for thuir patronage and sup
jort and especially to those who
lieljcd in the jlny. The ladies
state that they would be much
pleased to have everyone visit the
library nod draw books, thus get
ting a return for the patronage
they have accorded the library
The party of men from Iowa
Who came in to look at ditch land
were very well pleated with what
they bow. , Two of them ltouuht
laud and the others will return in
u short time and also invest They
were looking not only for laud but
were ready to consider other good
investments. Kdw. Johnson, cash
ier of the Farmers Savings Hank at
Sexton, Iowa, who was one of
the party, told The Bulletin that if
they were satisfied with matters
here some 35 or 30 families from
his home section woujd locate here.
And Mr. Johnson was. well saUsficdr
The result will be an Iowa colony,
in thft vicinity.
W. II. Staats has had great Rood
luck with that setting of egs
which he. hau sent- in from Cali
fornia Out of 63 eggs he secured
48 chicks that arcsroi)gnud lively.
Considering that the eggs were
shipped over 1 son miles, the last
end of the trip being over a stage
line, that is a very good showing
indeed. The chicks arc from thu-
poultrv yards of J. V. White ap
CalWtorrn, California, and are from
I the celebrated Xr.pp strain, o White
Leghorn's. When click
feuch the laying age Mr. Staats
will probnbly ' Ik winning nil prizes
I lor the lwt egg producers in the
cotiuty. At least, that is what he
, is figuring on doing.
' Mr. Karl J. Wright and Miss
'Fannie Oshoiii were married
Wednesday nt high noon t the
home of the bride's im rents at Cul
ver, Judge Culver ofiicintiug After
the cerenjony the gusts sat down
to it somptuou wedding dinner, to
, whieh nil did justice. The bride
and 'groom left the sanM afternoon
for Portland and Inter will probably
I take- 11 trip Into California, after
wliloli Mr. and .Mrs. Wright will
Iratttitn tn llmiH 'Phi vmiitLf i-.inikli.
....... ... ........ ...,,......,...
are both wall known here and have
numerous friends, IinrJ being the
popular nnumgerf the Hotel llend. J
1 lie untie iiaa ivtivicM ncmi
about two yen 1 3 and has won many
menus for hurselt by her true
womanly qualities. The Bulletin
extends congrutuhitious.
Chronic Constipation Cured
One lw sufTcr f runt chronic euMlpa
tluu I In danger of iwy ncrluus all
inuntH. Holev'it Orino' lativc cureo
chronic coitttlpnUmi iu it aids di;eiktlon
und kthmlliitcD the Inn tun I ImjuuIh, rv
storing the iiuturnt uctlou of these
orguns Commence taking it today and
you w'HJ foci U'tter nt.unec, l'olcy's
Orino wutlvu does ,nut imnscntc or
gripe and 1a pleasant to tut; c. Kcfuse
ul)3lltutc.-C. W. Meit), DrugKlkt.
. V
Acents Vanod.
Vautei, nihil' to npiKiint ub-ng;nts,o
ill WirV- for k l.lri'o limber unl lilinljor
cpinimuy; lllwral coiitiiilsstons. 516 Ko(tl-J
Vvte for II. C Kills (or county judge,
i.rfiTT 1 im ihi ,i ni( 11 rTurwr j'riftf
I ... .0.
1 0r. Clarenc'a Trua Wilson onVVo'Aaa
The (jiieon I not whether the
women linvc a right to vote, but it i
whether we ttnve n right tn compel them
all to vote n the dictation of n very imall
minority of their own nuniher Hl
cerUlu the vrtt majority of our women
do not wlih the ballot. The laws for
tlic protection AT women are improving
uteadily with t1a yenra nnd .every tn.-
tercit of hers It a well SNfc-KuniiK'da
that of any nun. , Jf you wUli to irotrt
1 1 1 nenuoi wuiuji, aik yourten toonv,
t!6e my wife want to vole, doci my
aUter, dots my inpttier claim it to be
Iter privijvge if they do not, wlni
right hate I to couicl ihem to do It by
uy ballot? 1
Hut It Is said ve iii'ed the ballot ol
woman to aid it In government, flut is
it exitedieut? Will vx-letv lc inioroved
by the eraulinx of the ImUmI to WAmeu?
will the ln;ttcr clcii'ent of women come
to the front nt )llllrnl workers nnd fill
our ofTicet, or wilt the worMC Which it
the better element ot women? The
quiet and nttumiug qureut of oiirhomet,
our mother, titlcrt, wives mid sueet
heard, or will ixtlltlc xs controlled by
tho clutnsoincri This It not an untried
fViictliiicnt. 1'our ttatet have kIvcii the
Imllot to wvmau unconditionally, and
after Jo year of woman' voting, poli
tic has not arrivadnt Ilic moral itaudard
of ciurown ktatu, in Wyoming Colormlo,
Idaho or I'tali. Hut .you ay, "There
ore not at many women as men In
Vyoniing." Yes, Wt in Pull women
are au plentiful that icveir or etht of
tlisin club together ninl kVtt) one hut
baud between lliein, ami with thit num
erous coniKiuv (hey Up nut closed the
mUmju, or closed the brolhclt. Or prr
vented gambling dent, or purified poli
tico. Indeed, there ure not four ttatet
in our I'nloii where x)litics ft to cor
lupt at ill the four state wlicrf women
vole. It it a Mil picture where a man,
for the toke of office, tolls hit integrity,
but It is a sadder, mil a common tight,
in the Mnlea where women vote, to ice
wotAcii tell their virtue fur officet.
I can give ittfclfic incident with
name, tdaccs nnil datct, where women,
desiring to be 'atatttnut cotihty elerkt,
ctr,,arc vent from the candidate offiic
tn th nolitlcat l-ovs to there oiler her all
t Uie tliriue of tiiau, who. but for poli
tic, wobbl not lie alloMeil in enter tier
liuin. J11 every woman' auffrajee tlate,
the proverb hat had a double cmpliatls
thai "Politics make ttrauge compaii
ions." If vpu with to prevent such com! it tout
in Orceon. vote "So" on the woman
tuffrage amendment on uue itt
Serious fVesults Feared
Von mav well fear scriout retultt froirt
a eoiih or cold, as pneumonia, and con
tumpihili start wills a cold. 1'olc)'
Huuey and Tar cures the mott olHliutte
cnuhsor coldt and preventt serious re
tultt. Kcituc suotuiuies. u. v. cr
rill? Druggist.
Por State Senator.
To the people of the 17th Sena
torial district of Oregon:
Uc.spccc for your intelligence
and desire to serve your .best in
tcrc&ts, impclls me to 'declare ray
platform. I believe the Statement
No 1 plan is the only practical
way to accomplish tlic election of
U. S. radiators by the people, aud
is therefore the gateway to all other 1
national reforms
The people of Oregon arc entire
ly competent to elect their repre
sentative in the U. S Senate. Ore
gon livestock breeders, Oregon fruit
growers arc world famous. Oregon's
resources arc uusurpaassed. Let
113'ruakc Oregon the greatest state
for ood roads, good schools, pure
foods, honest weights and measures,
honest political methods by intelli
gent, systematic co-operation.
us advance every interest. Push 1
for Oregon, l'ult for Oregon.
C, Sl'RINtniK,
Democratic candidate for State
,.Jtm a 1
feSCTW-?attHJ to
When You Paint
buildings, inside or out
side, if you desire the
very best results at the
least expense you
should use
Call foV ' '
color cards
E,. A. ATgR
A Full Line of drocerlcs,. Dry
Uoods and Hardware always on
Hand. f
A fcV men's washing wauled,
Axna Stkbw.
jC; lC&
I -
MllHUtU .I.! 41
Every FaVmer
BGcalSe: our n10nJis safet in t! bjink tun
anywircre else.
Paying yo'ur bills by check t the
simplest and mtist convenlntjme;iiod.
1 -YQur check bec5mi a voucher for the
debt it pays. k .
, ' It gives you a, bolter standing with business
'men, ,. . .
Money in the haul: strengthens your credit.
' A bank account leaches, helps and eucour
, -ages you lb siive. ;
' 'iTlti.s bank does all the bookkeeping. .
' - , Your bank book is a record of your business.
To those desiring Bonking Connections with a well
established Bank, We extend our services.
The Central Ordgom Banking (Ufa
Trust Company
Jehn Sloidl I.utulx-noan ami Tfttibtr Owner.
SV. C. Coe l'liyaMan awl Sargeon
H. P.J. McDonald Mayor ofllcnd.
E. A. Salher Merchant.
. d. B. Heyburn , '. Cashier;"'
J. I. West's
Furniture Store.
AN OVERWHELMING majority of Oregon's ot
era by rc;istratk)ii haw formally declared tha t
trsey believe in the principles of the Republican
Party. Let them now show that they are honest by
voting in accordance with their declarations. The
Orogon election conies before the Republican National
Convention. Let every 'Rcjiiityicati voter in the Sec
ond CotiRrewional District uphold the honor ot the
Republican Party inQrexon and strengthen the iullit
cuco of Oregon's dulegatian hi the National Conven
tion by voting for II. M Cake fur United Statas Sen
ator amlV. R. K1.1.IS for Rpreaentati-e iu Congress.
If cither of these Republicainiooiinees fail of election
the primary election system will be discredited and a
return of boss rule will be invited. The good name
of Oregon's voters will be smirched und Oregou's dele
gation tothe National Convention will be placed in a
humiliating position. For the effect it will have on
the, November election it is imperative that the Repub
lican nominees iu the June election shall be elected by
nn ovcrwheluiiup majority. As a belevcr in the prin
ciples of the Republican parity it h your duty to Cm at
the polls Jttue tstraud vote for CArus aud Etus,
Second Congressional District
Reptiblicait Ce'ntral Cdnmittee
E. H. FLAQQ, Sec'y
fHfi J
1 I.' hi itSTjat. .iSijav
,As well as every business mnn should
have a bank account.
to $5.00
mumiimoihiiiiiiiiiiiiii niajr
OF 1
s ' I
1 1