The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 08, 1908, Image 6

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- C---- 4
CttAPTHtt XVII. (Continue.)
I frit ai If the lU)or hid sudJcnly sunk
away from under my feet; but I was too
ol! to let It be eeen, nn J ukl as calml)
s I civil J;
"Well, sir, go on. You have not come
hrtt simply to nuke that statement. 1
That' one charge; but mark me I" he
mM, pausing to put his finger to the
side of liU fat noe, where he kept It as
he continued; "Mark met it Isn't the only
one more than one w.tnci to be pro
duced. Thens'ii another charge charge
more serious than stretching rope cross
road ujwcttlnx you."
"And pray what charge Is that, Mr.
Hat?" I asked with pretended Indiffer
ence. iA criminal charge. We reserve It re
aped for Mr. Lynn Yeames feelings.
Here's the fact we can throw will Into
chancery, and ruin Dr. Awdrey, If we
make facts public. Lynn Yeamc does
not wish to tirocml; Air, eaiircs does.
J?o do I. To meet Ijnn" w.-die.s we will
abandon proceedings" once more he laid
lil !ubby finger on hi stubby note, "on
"Tell me straight out what you mean
by that." I said.
"I meanour side ahanJons procee.1
lng wrlttrn guarantee and all that siirt
of thing; you on your side pay over in
terest on money left In tru for Mist
Flexmore. Awdrey professes he has no
right to money glre It up to f.ynn, who
has. Loses nothing avoid scandal
saves reputation. There you are."
"Hare you anything more to add to
this proposition i" I asked.
"Nothing eicept this tay proceedings
for a week time for you to arrange with
Awdrey, and glre us decision. One week
'rora to-day you understand T"
"Perfectly well; there I no necessity
to keep you waiting a week for a decis
ion ; you shall hare It at once. On behalf
of my client and ratseJf, I refusa to bare
anything more to say to you. Ict me say
In conclusion, you pettifogging rascal,"
said I, rising and giving free rent to my
anger, "that If you could prore your crim
inal charge against DrAwdrey. I am the
last person In the world who would com
pound a felony, but (he first who would
take measures to punish the man who did.
Uet out of my house!"
He got up on bis little legs, gasping
and stammering, dropped bis gloves out
of his bat, got purple In the face in
picking them up, gasped and stammered
again; but quickly made bit way through
the open door with his small blue eyes In
the- corner, for all the world like a pig
bolting past a drlrer. Mrs. Yeames de
scription of me or her son's, for I had
no faith In his standing out. bad evi
dently been not nattering, and he bad
thought to find in me a shuffling scoun
drel of bis own stamp.
ciiAirra. XVIII.
.This event gave me no little anxiety
at first, but It wore off when I came to
comrldrr It calmly. I could not believe
In the man's statement respecting a crim
inal charge In reserve. It was not likely
be would keep bark the stronger Induce
ment In leading to a oomprom.e. As for
bis witness to prove that Awdrey had
been Instrumental to my delay, that was
nothing; he could get s many witness
of that kind as be chow at a pound a
head. No; It seenied to me nothing but
a mere attempt at extortion, got up,
probably, by Yeames, his mother and
Ilaz, who thought, very likely, that I
should be rascal euougb to stand In with
I Mattered myself that I bad shown
llax the folly of his "proceedings," and
that I should neither se nor hear any
mere of him or bis criminal charges. And
this belief was strengthened when two
days later Lynn Yeames appeared In
Coneyford, and bis mother returned to her
He Hcnt the very morning of his ar
rival to Dr. Awdrey, and In the after
noon I snw them going along the High
Btreet together, I,ynn with his arm linked
hi Awdrej's. Tbey were going towards
the farm to see about some alterations
and Improvements that had occurred to
the doctor in the other's absence. I fert
sure then lliat the Intimidation scheme
was abandoned.
Nothing occurred for several days; but
n Friday, the 'JOth of March, Miss Dal
rymple called upon roe. Kbe was as pale
as a ghost. Her band trembled In mine.
"Oh, Mr. Keene I" she exclaimed, "what
Js the meaning of these rumors'"
"Sit down, my dear," said I, guessing
what she meant. "Hit down ; now tell me
what It U you have heard."
"They nay that Dr. Awdrey prevented
you from arriving at the house In time for
Mr. Flexaiore to slgu bis will. A man
has confessed to being employed by him."
"I bare beard nothing about that. Have
you beard anything else?"
"Oh. yes, yes I They say that the med
icine be gave me to admluister to Mr.
KJexmore was" she hesitated a moment,
and dropping her voice no that It was
scarcely audible, said "poisoned J"
I started. This, then, was the criminal
charge liaz bad hinted at.
"Who told you this?" I asked, when I
bad overcome the first dash of aatonlsh
went. "Mrs. Case-by atme to tell me. She
thought that I ought to know."
"I know what Is In your mind," said
I, "You do not wish Awdrey to know I
what jou hare toM me. He under no
pprrhenslon: n lawyer knows how to
-cop a secret when It suits him. Leave
he matter In my hand, and by to-morrow
turning you shall hate news of some
lnd good news, t feel pretty sure."
I lo.t no time In seeing Dr. Awdrey:
on my way to his house 1 settled how to
"Well, Awdrey," Mid I when we met,
"how Is the world us tig you?"
"Pretty tnueh the same as usual only
more so," he s-Ud with a laugh: and then
'n a tone of perplexity he continued : "I
mn't quite make It out. I hare received
three letters to-dty asking for my ac
oiint, and all three have employed me
only about a month. I suppose It's a po
lite way of telling me that I am, not want
ed any more."
"That's It," said I, "and the reason Is
that you are accused of throwing me out
of a g g. and poltonlng pojr old Flex
more." "What!" he exclaimed, knitting his
brows In astonishment.
"It's a fact. The rumor Is circulating.
You'll lime none but your pauper to
doctor at the end of the week."
"I'm glad of It." sild he, "if the rest
will l!ten to such nonsense as that."
"We shall have to take measures to
disprove the 'Jiarge, doctor," said I.
"Then don't lose any time 'about It,"
said he. "Poor Nurse ('ertrudel" he add
ed tenderly, thlnktng doubtless of the af
front he had received being offered to
her. Then In a lone of vexation be ask
ed, "How long have you known this.
"Well, I heard something about It more
than a week ago."
"Why didn't you tell me at once 7"
"Ilecause I thought It merely a scheme
to extort money. A man named Itax
spoke about It. He tells mt he Is a friend
of the Yeames family."
He went off at once to find I.ynn. And
not long afterwards I caught sight of the
pair in the High street. Lynn with his
arm linked through the doctor's, and a
look on his face that seemed to bldpeo
ple observe that he still believed In Aw
drey's Innocence. While I was looking
after them, a colleague clapped me on the
shoulder, and sa.d in a low voice, nod
ding toward the two:
"Which Is the Judasr
."There ran be no doubt about that,"
I replied, "unless Judas be too good a
name for I.ynn Yeames."
"I am not so sure about that. Keene.
I dou't like Awdrey's quiet, long-suffering,
martyrtib manner. He's a clever man
ten times cleverer than Yeames clever
enough to make a big venture. If I had
to Judge without evidence, I should ac
quit Yetmra and hang Awdrey. And I
beliete If you could only clear your mind
of prejudice "
I would not wait to bear more of such
fustian. I hid no patience. In due
course I made a formal application for
the post-mortem examination of Flex
more's remains. To my astontshmrnt I
learned that the Inquiry had been already
demanded and accorded . the examination
was to be made at once.
"I.ynn assures me, and I believe him,"
said Dr. Awdrey when we next met, "that
he has .ceu oppo-ted to his mother's ac
tion from the ery tx-g.tinlng. He could
not with any delicacy tell me of her pro
ceedings. He himself Insisted on llax
quitting his mother's bouse."
The examination resulted In this:
Whether accidentally or otherwise,
enough of a noxious substance had found
,ts way Into Flexmore's body to have de
cidedly accelerated his death. The news
spread like plague; within twenty-four
hours every one had It, man, woman and
child, without distinction of rank or sta
tion. Ktery one went about open-mouthed
to find someone to give the uewa to. A
dozen persons wild to ihV :
"Have you beard the result of the ex
amination? Dr. Awdrey did hasten Flex
more's end."
"Then why Is he at large?" I asked.
"Why bas no Marram for b.s arrest been
Tbey could only shrug their shoulders;
but I could explain the matter to them
Flexmore had nut been affected by tbe
poison at all. The arseulc was found in
bis mouth, It bad not touched the diges
tive apparatus, and for this reason: It
had been administered after the life had
left his body. This was the report made
by the autburlxed doctors who made the
Upon this report no one could be ac
cused of any crime legally, nor at the
present Juncture could a charge be Insti
lled. 'J list tbe poison had nut been
given In tbe form of a potion, such as
Miss Dalrymple had been charged by Dr.
Awdrey to administer, was clear from the
fact that It was found In the' form of a
powdtr, and must have been dropped in
my oid friend's mouth wben ids Jaw drop
ped after death. Htlll, it bad clearly been
given with a view to prevent any possi
bility of a return to life and It was equal
ly evident to the majority of people that
Awdrey, who knew the contents o( the
will to be signed, alone was prcsmn iblr
desirous of preventing a return to life,
for only a very small minority knew that
Lynn Yeames also had a strong reason for
making death sure at that time.
Now, though there was no evidence to
commit Awdrey, circumstances were suffi
ciently suspicious to enable the Yeames
party to contest the will. Hut I had (till
'renter reasons than that for getting at
the tru'h of the mutter, and IWliu Ui
wilt on the guilty, liven the (import
ivo.ild refuse to take mrdlc'ne fr: th
hind of a man with such n reputation.
I went to work nt once, nnd determined
In take no reit until I had secured the
n ety of poor Awdrey nnd Nurse tier
trtide. My clerk was a sharp, depend
ble jomig fellow,
"Now, Mr, Jones," sa d I, "1 am going
to put )ou on jour mettle."
"(Had of Jl, Mr. Keene," be replied,
eagerly. "Is It this poisoning case, sir?"
"Yes, It Is, llax, Yeames' agent, says
they can produce the man who threw me
out of the gig, and prove that he was
ctitagcd to do It by Dr. Audrey. You
must II ml their witness. In nil probabil
ity that trlrk was unpremeditated. It
was suggested to him by c.mim.tances,
by a clunce meeting with the fellow who
stretched that rope. Who might that be?
It nns Jut such a diy as a iHMcher would
like for wiring hare. Yeames had been
doing n good deal of shooting. A poicher general use Is the price. Ilnlf or three
can be more useful than a keeper to a qunrteni of n pound of llnsceil or oil
gentleman on the lookout for game. A ,N, , n,m .,or (1r wn ,xfrt ,,
man of that kind was the very one to milt r(.rr ,,,, nlllll.w ,, tl(, ,tl.
his purpose. And n man who would do a , . ,. , .,,,..
job of that kind could be easily bribe.) '"'"" 0l,"?r' , , , . ,
to sear he was rmtilain! by Dr. Aw- Cor" lm"'' wl"' M In large
drey. That man mint be found." AtimuiitM with run run fodders, linn n
Jones was hardly out of the bouse be- tendency to produce n firm liuller.
fore Mls Dalrymple came In. i When mUetl with oilier grnlns. n tx'l-
"What are jou going to do for Dr. tor qiinllty of butler Is produced tlmn
Awdrey?" was the first quest.on she If (ho corn wi-ro fed ntoiie. (Ililti'ti
"l- men!, n by-product obtnlnot In Hie
"I am going to prove his Innocence. I ( mniiufnrliir.. of corn stnreli nnd glu-
..-! n . u ii i . ,' cose. pnsliHvs n softer butler (Imn corn
entreaty "fayt tS n m "".'rm " "-; t-l .l
9 . .. ' tSlIlt Hllld tills.. j.S tl.A oils I stilt rlfitlf
Ix-t me help. Tel! me what 1 may do
what dlttlculty thrre Is to otercome,
come, and
trut my Intelligence."
"There's one thing you can attempt,
at any rate," I snld; "the rnvnl employ.
fst T YoilmM III,. altftllflMt lllfll tlllV
had a witness In reserve to prove a crtm-
nal charge agalnt Awdrey. That meant
they have got hoM of mniic one to sweat itw, M'tiiister ttilnVH mat tin allow-
to his admlnlste'rlng the (nrndi-r. Now nnrvn should n uttlclnlly stntnl. A-
that some one must he of this place. If trotiotnera. It nH-nrs, are In the tints'!
you can find out who It Is, and let mt of giving the value of the "prohnble
know, I msy persuade that witness to prror" when publishing their observn-
stand on the side of truth. Now, I must , m al,i1(Mlcll metronlogy lends
.nli 7u . .v': . ,.i .' Itself more n-ndlly limn any other
h.7Vf, reen,""., L tTnU I !" ",lh , cl-nc. to the evolution of devla.lons
blm, Mr. Keene, she said tenderly. I . .. ,. .. .,
"You may be sure of that," said I,' fnmi the mean n-iult. the weather fore
pressing her hand. I "trm nave not adopted the custom
We parted at the door, she going out f Hating the proluble error. Prof,
way, I the other. I Kcbuitrr look forward to the time
"Awdrey," said I, when I met him, when wenther forecasts will be novum
"Miss Dalrymple sympathies with you." panled by n statement of the odds that
"I am certain she does." he replied. the prediction will be fulfilled. Then.
"Yes; and you may be certa.n of some- ,.rhan. we shall read In the weather
thing else. If we get this affair settled ,, , ,,,,,, ,, MMrrow h
rightly. ,ou msy be the happiest man lo , ,.3 p L ,
the world, or It will lie your own fault. , m
What." said he. eagerly, "do you think
ber feeling Is deeper than sympathy?"
"I am ure of It, that's morel" I ex
claimed. "Notwithstanding the doubt that hangs
over me the feeling against me?"
"There's no doubt In that grneroui
soul," I said; "and as for the feeling
against you. It's Just the thing to endear
you to her. Urn let's get to work. Now,
you have to tax your memory lo the ut
most. Your happiness depends as much
upon a clear recollection as anything. I
must have an account of rrtrj minute ol
the day Flexmore died."
Then carefully we went over the eventi
of that day lo the minutest particular,
from the hour of his rising until he went
again to bed. It was long Job, necea. much discussion and verification,
but we stuck at it till It was done, then
we ate and drank and made merry si
we could. It was nn effort to Awdrey,
I had netrr seen blm in surh high spirits
It was as If ten years of hard work and
disappointment had twen taken off hii
.nouwers. wniy now aim men ns isci
assumed 11. old gravity, a. the thoughl
perhnt occurred to blm that If he failed
io prove b.s Innocence he must slip back
again Into the Hlough of De..nd. I
It was pn.t five when I got bark U
my olfice. Tq my utter astonishment I
found Miss Dalrymple walling there foi
me, and with her a woman, Miss Dal
rymple re and met me with, forced calm,
but I could see that her fare was Itiithec
u,lfti .till hmr .It, W,M .tifirlfil
r..,M ........,'... ..-. --- ".. -, . -
f l.n In. n rl, .mn. "IVIir. I I
have seen you before?"
-.- -, .-...,-. -, ---.,
"I were In Dr. Ilawdrey' hemploy
she replied.
"To be sure. Now I remember you. Hi
you have something to tell me, have you?
"I wish to conceal nothlnk, for I havi
nothlnk to conceal,' she said.
(To bt continued.)
Aerorcllnir In Orders,
"How ih) you do!" exclaimed tho let
ter rnrrlrr, a he K'rriitiil the auction
"I do nn I nm bid," answered tin
auctloniH-r, with n (IcihIImIi jtrln.
"Much tho mime here," rejoined th
I, c. "I do an 1 nm clIrcclMl."
The llonl Viirlelr,
"Yoti rt-fuso mi!?" wuippd! the HttU
count twirling Ida wnxed miiHtncho.
"I do I" ri'plhil tho Meiislblo bt-lrw
"Poor Klrll"
"Yrri, I would be n poor girl If I hat
you for a husband."
Tlgcrn are Krently on tho Incrcaio It
Uurmnb, owing to recent legal rcatrio
Uoui on the carrying of arms.
ling with excitement. iccicii ns wing niru in oiirinrrn ninirs,
"I have brought , Mrs. Hates lo see you j H l " ciimmon Houtheril pmrtliv to
said she; "or rather Mrs, Hates asked U nhoot them for the table, and III some
see you. Hhe desire to make a full Htntes the hunter kill them In great
cvuimunlrntlon of all she knows." I number at their roosting plnn. A
I bowed lo Mrs. Hates, who sat rlgldlj government expert aiigge.l that tb-i
in her chair. Hhe was a middle-aged ier- ,.Bitwnr, inoveinellt of the boll weevil
son with a fare like a hatrhet, and a Uslj ,, )OW, fr,ctnPj ,y ,P knK f
like the handle of It. A hard, rold, lon t)J ,,,, ,f ,, ,, M,,)W,, , ,M,
wiKnauof the raggy kind, and Just dub jtJ)e w ,
enough to think herself sharp. I . .,'., , .
"I'm glad to see you. Mrs. Hales." naM, ",uch WMiMiy frimi the member of
- - W1I.
fe VV' V ' X m S
Mtutnl imul tinn n lnnU'iuy to mnkn
A soft tmUrr. pnivliliM llm iihmiI In Uh
hi lnrKt nmouut. If fiM In tmly im-
" " '"'. "Utter fnta my mir-
n,n'- " ! vnluublo mllkstltmiln'.liiK
' tl run be 'mil to prevent lln
formation of excessively hnnl fnta In
winter. The only illsitilvntilnge In Hie
""" ' ' , ,, '
I1'"" '" innismr linrry nuyurr, uni
versity of Mlniicsotn,
lilil In Wrsllier IVreensllnie.
People hnr learned by experience In
MnVf "ll"vnnce for ermr III tli pre
diction of (ho Weather llnreiiii bill
Keeptna; a (earn !
Most farm gain are heavy, nnd af
ter a little time they sng. When tbey
get this way It taki-4 a atrong tunn
to ohmi nnd stmt one. Hern Is a
remedy, (let n wheel, either big nr
Utile, ttom an old piece of mnchliiery.
lid bolt It to the front end of tlio gnte
ooon vac run an uui now wiictt.
Ill such a war that Hie rnln ulll tie
np,j ,v,. N(w , IIQM, r,, ,,
, , ,. , ,
.. . . .. ... ... ' '
" " ""Vi-r-snves your IMtl.-ncc. your
l,nrk' "'"' ' Knte.-N. U. H.. In I irm
" Home.
lliililn. Kllleil fur lm..l In I lie Sutilh.
A lullllou robins were kllbil III Umls
latin during the winter of llKiT-.S, the
orTender Ix-lug men and boy who shot
them for food. While they nre pro
,.. ... .. ,, ,,. .
mo rtuuuuuil wiriii-n. kiiiiiu ,,-
Trusilnllnsr Trees,
In Iterue llnlvenwllr, nrcordlng to
another foreign coiiteniiornrjr, there la
n practical article of general Interest
on transplanting plants In full follagu
nt night. The results of wimo cxiwrl
merit by Itounult would mnkn unnereic
aary the ru.tnmnry triiiisplnntlug of de
ciduous tree In the full or winter He
tin found Hint tree may bo trims
planted In full follngu In Mny or June,
with llttln or no Injury, providing the
process Ih curried on nt night. 'I'll I
lull been ilcmoliHtrnted to tho eutlru
sntlHfnctlou of aomn of tlio most prmif
Itient hortlculturlslM of Franco.
Ilrevvrry SlorU I'reil,
Dried browerH' Krulns rank close to
bran In feeding value, containing n
llttlo moro protein and fat, hut not
qulto no much carbohydrates. It Ii
claimed Hint In 100 jioiiiiiIh nf HiIh feed
thero nm 15.7 pouuda of protein, ,10.3
pound of carbohydrates nnd 5.1 pound
of fat. Malt sprout and dried brew
ers' grains are vnlunblo cow feeds, cn
peclnlly the latter, Hproutn nro rich-
est In protein, but not much relished
by rows and should lie fed only In lim
ited iiinntltlen. Wet brewers' grnlni
are apt to Injure the quality of the
The lVlarinm tif (lie llee,
We ninrrcl nt what we call Hie veil
doiil of Hie hhe bee, yet there Is on,
thing hhe never leitrti fniin etpetleiice,
write John lliirrmttllis In the Atlnntlc,
nnd Hint Is Hint he Is storing up honey
for the use of num. Hhe could not
learn llila. Nvniise such knowledge Is
nut tiiHrssiiry lo her own well being,
Neither doc she ever know when she
tins enough lo carry her through the
whiter. This knowledge, again, Is not
lmHirtniit, (lather and store honey ns
long ns there Is nny to he had Is hor
motto, and In that rule she I safe.
rniiilnlliiit nml Point,
The stntlstlcliiii In the Department
of Agriculture) of the I'nlted Htntes t-s
tlnmtes that In HK'tl the populallou of
the country will l-o ,1tMsi.rin). To sup
ply the requirements of this number of
Miip!i will iirceHsllnle the produrtlon
of 7(X.lx.K bushels of wheat. l.'iVi,
(iKUsNl bushels of oats, a..VM'"t.
bushels of corn, '(Hl.tK'O.liKI Inns nf liny ,
nnd cotton, tobacco, frull nnd vegeta
bles In proortlon, Thl will necesl
Inle bringing umlr-r cultlvntlnn all nddl
tlounl IWi.Ctxi.tso aires of laud, and II
M .. !........ I ,1. ...... ,. 1.. ,JUJ IHI,I .
I estimated Unit we time only 114,1 HXV
(HHI acres avnlliible for cultivation.
Inseet rvllH Sirlnsl,inril Mnse,
Among the riirlous Insects of the
Mnlny Peninsula Is one called lh" lau
lent fly, which Is remarkable for II
sudden leaps, made without the aid of
It wings. It wn only after the first
specimens of this queer Insect wrro
carried to liudiui for examination, that
It was discovered that a curious projec
tion on the front of Its brad, a kind
of nose with a crease In It, was the
leaping organ. When hcnt hark under
tbe abdomen and suddenly released It
sent the Insect flying,
A llco.l U'hllenash.
Here Is a well rrvoiumetided white
wash : For 10 gallon use 2.1 pounds of
coinmnii lime slaked with Willing water;
.1 ixiunits of clean wish! ashes; 10
pound, of mellM lef ullfflW, 3
isiunds of rommon , and .onr-halt
l-nmrl of glue, dlssolvnl. Add any dry
mineral paint lo color, such ' burnt
urnlM-r. yellow ochre or mineral red
jus nu none no, ami npppiy wnue
warm, keeping It well stirred,
The aherp leM.
As a rule there I very tittle inol
lure In the shecji eii from the sill
nml themselves. Hhrrpmrn say Hut
by heavy iKildlng. pnrllrularly at Hit
beginning of .Hie reason, the straw will
absorb all the urine from the sheep
without there being any softness or
rotting of the straw, and the pen are'
often not rlraiiH,! more than once In l
season wIHhiiiI Injury to Hie stock
Sprnflnsi frull Trees,
All fruit trees should lie sprayed
while dormant, with lime, sulphur and
salt, a n preventive of Han Jose scale,
lo destroy the fungi. It Is nlso cla'tn
eil Hint till preparation Is n gissl fer
tilizer, am! ulll help lo Lrro the trees
healthy Quite n number of Inserts at
Inrk only dead or decaying tree, nml
these form n breeding plnre for ninny
other varieties of Insect pests.
tllsieslril IVrllllier.,
Miimire I simply mnterlnt that have
hern softened and ilri-oliiiMiscd (dlgesl
ed) within the ImhIv of nn iinlninl T.i I
apply aurh raw material n bran and
llnswil mini dlreetlv to the soil would
le of no ndvnnlnge, tiotwlthstnndlng
Hint they nre excellent ferllllxer. ihejr
value lielitg liicreiiHnl by feeding to
farm .News nnd ,n.a,
Uncle Hnm received II 1,000,000 last
year for public land of all kinds.
A gnrdriirr nt Tarnma. Wash., last
season marketed $7o0 worth of celery
from nun acre of ground,
The explosion of n rrenm separator
nearly killed Karl Adnni nnd hi moth
er, living near Trrmiclfiiti, .Minn,
w -, ........
Calvin I), lingers, of Iron Hirer, Wis.,
has Imported from Itnly twenty bee.
for which lie pnld $5 each,
Kniporor William of (ler.nany en '
flf U.n .inch and cavalry horsm'to ,1,1 ,
thn most beautiful niilimiln ever seen
In thin country.
Night rider In Tennessee who were
arrested for tuirnlng lobneco tlieils nml
suimiiiiik in armeru were set rreo be.
cause n Jury could not bo found lu
the count to try them.
FarmliiK I" New Mexico tins born
given n greiit liiipelm during the pint
few yearn by tho work of the fun. Jr.'
i ..... ..'.I
nna iruu iiuni.
ailAttibh NO ULOVBIt.
fotilbllllni ( l' Huccmiful Orowlh
In r'l rn lartn
Mr II, T. French, ll.rM-lur l-Ulm Kiflinsnt Ills.
Hull, StlWvW.
Mtioh Ititerist l Ii nil inanlfritctl In
Ho hillillll v nl yroftliiK Kisnes ami
i lovers In the a-rtlun nlsmt Mumiw
iiinl oilier i u omol Northern Malm,
'litis nutlet is dl sverla Interest at
till nine, (or many new settlers are
ioiiiIiik mi" llili- aUt fr in lb older
stales, whrre tlin-o nop ociiitllnla
very lliiH)Miilit pnlt ol (ami pioduo
I Ion.
(lur ri)rUnrn exteidt over inveral
stnsoiiK nml we tliouiilit it mlf lit be of
profit to m inn to know what Ii being
iblie III tills illlectlotl oil tlio experi
ment slkllim form
Wo have iimlrrlaken lo nlsbll'li a
redlnir nl elovets ami m",- tui
tion of the faun nml lintrwltli give a
brief account ot the retulu of t ur wotk
tltlt lllst the tmst rraton-
Ijist April we plowed tip ten sorn nt
land on wlilih wlintl wss Kf"1" '
war lirfots, stnl fillr-l It fur Hi m
by lisitosrliiin twlro with a fine toothed
smoothing liariow, Wo then ad
brsidiNsl the following mixture, cov
ering six acres, leaving the tmtattre. tin,
III Inter, on account ol the yruund being
In a lowir miiIiiii of the field and too
we In so k.
10 -uil rwnmon il f U e.
S jjiMt AUikpsluvvr
HliMlii-sliaid l
i Mi", Mt.Uw
I lwiMl IUilh If srM.
to i-m n4t llmvihr.
4 I'WlKtt UM niM.Ua Ml !.
'litis nude In Kiuiiil ul tlio mlxlnrs
prr rre, Tlio tisme or I tin field
wss sown to Ilia same combination, at
IIim lAiitii rnlM iMf sir, viri-nl elslil
,, 0f Uirn seed was added to the
I . . . . ... ... .
mixture In place ol tils alslke clour
and timothy iced.
No tiurte orop was noon with the
grass tnlitute. And her U nhife
man farmers rnakn a mistake, by sow,
lug wheat, oats or lrley with lh
girus or clover. It Ii lh eipetltnce
of the bl farmera now that It I not
wlie to sow a crop of (tain with the
telling. The morn tapldly glowing
grain crop lakrt the inolitur a ray
from the tender grstt, and clover
plant, and whn the grain U ent the
hoi inn burnt three Undsr plant np.
The wild oat which I o abundant In
the toll of till locnlltv I quit enocgh
of a nurse etnp, nnd in attention
should be given to cutting this out of
the way when It reaehee the proper
itnge. We cut two crops of wild osia
from our field, The first crop mid n
fair yield ol hay. In cutting the wild
it the mowing nurhlne thould be eel
, Wh ooh no Uinl II will no! ul U..
, Th , J , , h f ,,,
M ,Mt .mln(sl, ,. ...
iUnd of clover and ol all the grsa.
... . ... ., . ... .1,1. , ,i,u
them. Much of the clover l.wuletl out
-.... r-- .-- ..-.. ,.. .-. ..... vv
lut season making n grosth on foot
high ot more.
Unleti Isit season was nn exception
ality favo'nbl one Ibetc I. no rmton
why olovrrn nnd grssirs should not !
grown In the hill lands In till section.
Ilia yield ol wheat will mil U let
when the farmers Insrn lo inow lb
crop which leitorn fertility, and Ui
Jxx.lbllllles of diverilfitxl farming,
"HI' ' a an Important factor, will
" Kfny iirtngwieneu.
Waihlngton Profanor Msksi Hludf
of tsth HtRlon
tlf J U A.kUV. WuKIssUmi HUI. rWW,
During the snt yrai numeton In
quliles have come to the Hint college
depatttnent of hoitUulture asking unr
tlont which generally can he. summed
tip In the on question! "What Vlndt
of fruit will do bent where I llvrT"
This olits of qulilrs ha gl'rn the stiff
of thoilatoexpeilinent itntlnu conrld
erable trouble, slure, an tinted by I'ro
fraioraTliurntMir, head ol tho tlrptrtmrnt
ol hortloiilliue( unless Urn itnft insrn-
Ixrt know eiaotly the ollin.tlc and mil
cuHtloii of the region from which thi
'I"""" r"l' erronwnin inioriiinuoa
may lie given, trading thn neeker .'or In
formation to plnnt tree not nl nil
minuted to til. region.
'Now wt Imvn rolvrd thn problem,"
laid riofritoi Thinner, recently. "I)ur
lug th last ymr we hnre made a cart
ful mrvey of the itaU with reference to
the particular varletlri of frulta which
nre adapted to noli region. We hire
olatildrd the llitn Into Western Waih
Ington,' Inland Valley.,' nnd 'Upland
Valley..' In thli Hit I Include! p
plt, ienri, oherrlct, pearhri, nptlooli,
jilumi, tntpberrlci, prune., blsckl-er-rln,
Kocieherrlri, currnnti, strawlxr
rle. nnd mil. Karlr, nitdluin crly
Bna ,nl" vnrietlei nro given whete It u
i iivt-..uijr, tvu tiiiiuiii nine ii. is lusii
3' v., ? i , b.
j fc f '
lii(iilrert now, nnd from n dorvn or no
"AiHithor exnerlmint wo liavn In
hand Ii one In which wo have tolectfl
slxty-flvo kotmI vnrietlei of apple from
the eight hundred or to vurlotlo In thi
mnie oxprritneni ntntlon otiluM, nmi
' netiilliiK two vnrietlei ol racli ol H(
iilxty.flvo vnrietlei to ten funnorior
Jr,"V!ow0" ot Wajhlniclon. Wo with
,0 .d',lorlm' 11'y,l,,1,,.Pr,in"l!,lh?.!
" ' '"i'0"11 ? ' P"r le"l
region In which It Is tried, nnd In thU
now ,,, of ,, n Ull ieBloD,