The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 08, 1908, Image 3

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In a Condensed Form lor Our
Busy Headers,
A rioiumo of tho Lett Important but
Not Lai Interesting Events
of tha Patt Wak.
A Jury lint boon secured to try
lluef mill ilin chmu hn begun.
'I'lio Arlintisa lltipillii.citii Mlnla
"invention tiiiH declared (or prohlbl
tlmi. An exploding liollnr tulia on ft
llrlllsh battleship Injured (Ivo mull
It In prnrtlcally certain ttml Ail
mlrnl Kvnnn will rotttrn to tho (lent
at Hun KrniicUcu,
Four expeditions nro en route to
Wentnrn slates to look for fossil
of prehistoric ntilmnl.
Chinese, authorities nm maxlng
great preparations to wulcomo llio
American battleship fleet.
Young KIiik M nil mi I of Portugal,
will tut cloudy Kuunlril when tin
Kill o nttunil tliu opening of tho
urn ,
A collision between limited trolley
cum near Detroit caused tho dmith of
eight inuti mill serious Injury of (our
A llrltlih lorpoilo tiont destroyer
wn run down anil sunk liy n scout
nont niui mi tik during nlKlit mnneu
vers. All hands escaped except tha
Tho editor of I .a Qucstlono Ho
dale, Ihr nnarchlal paper aupprnsstd
on recommendation of tho prrahlont,
will ho Indicted by tho grand Jury of
Palerson, N. Y.
After several year of warfare
with I ho atreot car companies, thn
city or Cleveland, () . haa acquired
control of all Ita lines, and carried
nil passengers frco for ono day In
celebration of thn wont
Vancouver, II. C, -had a 170,000
, lr In a tain and door factory.
Tha sentencing of J. Thorburn
Iloia haa been postponed for 30 daya.
Admiral Evans haa changed hit
I mini and will not retumo command
ff tha fleet until May 6.
Richard Croknr aaya thn enmpalgn
ngnlnat gambling It all wrong; that
nr itseir it but a gaiublu.
China hat mndo an urgent protest
against thn extension of Jnpanett
Itifluvnce from Corea toward China.
Over threri wnflii hnvn linen innnl
trying to tecum a jury to try Abu
lluef. and only nlnu lurora havo boon
A Hungarian anarchltt haa boon
I arrt-stod In Colorado, after being fol
low rd for 10,000 mllea by Kuropuan
A man In (Iran Vnlloy, Cat., play
rd burKlnr lo frlKhten hla father.
Thn father believed It Matt a burglar
and shot hint dead.
Art collector! of Now York hnvn
discovered that for yeara thoy have
been systematically swindled by an
art dealer nud an artltt.
Thn visit of tho battleship fleet at
itanln llnrbam wat a dlsmnl failure,
I lie prople teeming to earn for noth
Ing but to mnki) money.
Several 'hundred striking mlnert
In I'enntylvnnla have returned to
ork to an vn thn iiilim from pormn
neut dealrucllon by water,
J, Dnlioll llrnwn, cx-bnnkor of
Han Krnnclico, line pleadod guilty to
tmbuzxlomonl ami beiin tentoucod to
IK monlha' Imprltonment. Ho will
flrtt bo turd as a wltneat ogalntt
two othera.
Mexican troopi nro moving to the
Ountemala frontlor,
Mnro than 3,000 preachora In Cal
Ifortiln ulll apeak against race track
tumbling next Hundny,
A BiirKn Bnnornl of tho navy It
having great success in troatlng con
numptlon with mercury.
Two baga of vnlunblo mnll from
tendon, worth 1000,000, vroro atolon
In Now York or In trautlt.
Ambatandor Towor has given up
ill Ilerlln homo and will start aouth
with bit family Immodlatoly,
Han Francisco ahlpownora nro cut
ting freight rntea to tho Orient In
nn attempt to drlvu out tramp titoam
ors, A city rauncllmnn of Georgetown,
Wash., wns nrrostod for keeping his
plnco qf business, u uuloon, opou ou
Local option which gnea Into ef
fect Muy 1 In MiiHtuchusuttH will
throw about 2,000 snloou mon out
of work.
Lntrnt roporta of tho sinking of
tho Ilrltlah crulHer lllndlntnr ploco
tho totnl cnsunltloa nt flvo (load nud
J 3 misting,
Kxtrn pnsaon'gor trains nggregnt
Ing nhout 260 conches will bo run
Into Ran Frnuclsco during tho bat
tleship visit.
Oreat Qonferonce to Ue Meld at White
House In Juno
WnsMnKton, April 2H, When Prosl
ent KooiHivnlt cnllt to onler tho opening
session of the great Whltn llnuso con
fnrmicn on May 1.1, thorn will bo gnth
nred In tlin Kant ltoom of tlio Kxeeu
tlvu Miinnliin tlio most nulabln naseiu
bingo of in mi In the public eyn Hint linn
ever unit In tlio history ef the United
The governor of all thn stair have
signified tlielr Intention of biting pre
out at till conference, ami eneli will
bring with him tliron men, carefully
chosen from aiming thn loarnrd of hi
statn, to act a advisors In tlin ronven
lion. lloMt the governor and their
advisers, ri'prniHintatlve of all tho I in
porlnnt uatfonal organiitatloii, tlin wcl
fare of whlth depend In greater or
Ion drgren upon natiinil rrnoureoa, will
bn In attemtanrii, ami further, the pre
lilitfit ha Invited flvo special gumts,
ehnann for their superlatlvn fltnei), to
net nt "adviser at largo" to tho on
drover Cleveland, thn only living ex
I'renlitnnt of tint United Htatra, will,
health permitting, be otii of thenn ad
vlaer. The others will bn Wllllnm J
llryan, who hope to bn president; An
drew I'nrni'gle. Industrlnl king) Jamr
J, Mill, rnllromi iniiiiarch, and .lohii Mit
cliell, liiniter of labor, livery candidate
or thn providential nomination this venr
with the exception of Heeretary Tafl,
Mhimn ilutle In I'anama will prevent at
teuitanre, will hn there.
Uioklng nt thn meeting purely from
It historical side, it properly may bo
said that never before in thn country'
liMnry hne the governor of nil the
state aMi'iiiblci! In convention for any
putxjo whatsoever. Considered tlinjily
as au eitoch marking evrnt thn confer
once will easily take rank with nny a
sombly of public men ever held In the
clvlliied world, for at this meeting the
entire government of thn United Htate,
lb tun HrMins or that government
head, will bn assembled at one time. If
for no other reason, tkn publle will bn
Interested In thn conference becausa of
this fact.
Senator GUte Half Million for Settling
Ulg Ettate.
Heattln,, April IH. United
Htstes Henator Hainui-1 Iile( of tbi
city, yesterday was given possesion of
a one half Interest of the John Hulllvan
estate, valued approximately at 1,000,
OIK), This end a litigation that ha ex
tended over a period of eight years and
which ha been nrullfic in havlnir thn
history of tho Hulllvan family in Ireland
well mum lu tun various courts or Ibis
Klgbt years ago John Hulllvan, a
prominent citlren of Heattle, owner of
one of tho biggest buslnrs blocks In thn
city, and suburban ami rural proertles,
died leaving no will. Claimants sprang
from everywhere, although Hulllvan had
nn relatives so far as known In this
Henstor Tiles, who was a friend of
Hulllvan, went to Ireland to Investigate.
(Iravra were examined, church record
seannod, and finally the trun relative
nf Hulllvan worn located. They agreed
to glvn Henator I'ilra one half of tlin
estate to defend it against thn many
litigants who worn endeavoring to so
euro a alien of the vnlunblo property.
I-Mward Corcoran and Johanna t'alll
ghan, since deceased, of Dublin, Ireland,
were declared thn rightful heirs. Hen
ator I'llos' law firm will also bo reward
ed as well nt the senator for bringing
this fight, the most remarkable of Its
kind in this sttte, to nn end.
81, (100 to tha Man.
Heattln. April . P. T. Howe, bishop
of the episcopal church for the territory
or Alaska, who arrives in mo cny muay
from the north on thn 1 ucatan, brings
the first detailed authentic information
recardinu thn big gold strike nn Nolan
Crook, nt the head of tho Koyukuk
rlvor Hlshop Ilnwit was in thn Nolan
Creek ramp when thn strlkn was made
and washed nut 4.100 pans nn the Olson
claim with his own hands and saw pans
washed nut thar ran an high at flhOO,
Nolan Creek is only about 200 miles
from thn Arctic ocean and them were
only about 123 men In the camp when
llishop Howe leu rnr tho outturn.
The strike wa made at n depth, of
about 1A0 feet and about f 4000 hat been
wished by crude operations, and it Is
estimated tho clean up nt thn end of
this summer will reach tuuu,uuu.
Catch Italian Robhara
Tlonn, Nov., April 28, Hervante
Davis and Hnlvatoro Luhano, two Ital
ian eonfldenen men now held In thn
county jnll for robbing n countrymnn
of 1000 In gold nfter drugging him, nro
now believed to bo the same men who
committed similar erlmea In Ban Fran
cisco at Twenty ninth and Mission
streets, securing $1.10; Han Jose, secur
ing M0j I,os AngeleH securing 1000,
and Victoria, It. 0., whoro 1400 wat
stolon, L. Dondern, I,uhano'a partner,
waa taken to Victoria for tho Inst
trimo, but Luhnno escnped. The Infor
mation enmo from nan rrancisco
Hevere Rtorm Inn; FngUnrl
London, April 8. A remarkable bile
rant, tho worst experienced in thn south
of Knglnnd alnce 1881, continued prac
tically all over tlio united Kingdom
throughout Friday night and Saturday
until Baturdnv midnight. Telegraph
and telephone sorvlco vVnt dlsorgnnlKcd
and railway traffic hat boon seriously do
layod. Knorinout damago hna been
done, especially to tho young fruit
t-'nu, May I
Washington, May I Tlin lioiisu
ipeilt nil of toilny'H hchmIoii Iti eon-
sldorlng mid passing, paragraph by
paragraph, under numpuiinIiiii of tho
rules, tho Hiiiidry civil appropriation
bill. Ah Ihu outcomi) of u duter-
mined effort to strlkn from tho bill
a restriction prohibiting tho employ-
muni or noma ncrvicu employes in
any dnti-ctlvo work other than tlio
guarding of tliu president mid thn
running down of counterfeiters,
which wan vigorously opposed by
member of tlio appropriation com-
mitten, tint limitation wat agreed to
and tliu paragraph adopted In sub-
stuntlally Its original form.
Objection by democratic members
In pursuance or tint minority fllll-
buster, to unanimous consent defeat-
ted the itiissagii of n bill for the
printing mid distributing of 100,000
copies of n special report by the do-
partment of agriculture, describing
diseases of cattle.
l'..t.ltlt,.f .n tint, 1 f II. ,.,,
It (infflllf,,.,,,, ,.,. ,. ,, ,,(,7 BVII-.
iitu today, Henator Davis, of Arknn-1
shs, moved lo illschnrgit the commit-'
leu on tliu Judiciary from tho fur-
ther consideration of hla bill, "for
thn suppressloii of trusts, pool nnd
combinations In trade. " Ho spoke
for about two hours, rending much
of thn tliiut from n Ivnewrltlen state-I
ment which lie sill il he had prepared
In advance, "that no liitermiemtu
lniii!uniti in In hi ow-Htio his llns on
this occasion," a thing which he said "'mote today. In addition tho ape
he had never done before. Clnl mesango of tho president urging
DurltiL- hi siioeeh hn rnntiillr ile-'n
noiiiiced tho trusta, fommended the nnouier cnnpicr oi oennior wnr
president' recent monnnge outlining '.' speech on tho Hrownsvllle nf-
measures for relief, spoke of tho m- of the motto. "In (1ml Wo
Trust" from tho coin, nnd declared
that John I). Itockefellcr. the Htnnd-
aril Oil Co 111 on nv .mil J Plernont
Morgan should bo Indicted for tren-lho
win Hn nlso mild his respects to
I he press
Thursday, April 30.
Washington, April 30 Consider
ation of thn aundry civil appropria
tion Mil was returned In tho house
today Tuwnaend of Michigan of
fered nn nmondinenl Increasing from
160,000 to 1360,000 tho npproprln- volts four-bnttlcihip program failed
tlon for enforcement by tho Inter- In tho senate, Just ns It did In tho
state commurce commission of that house. Tho amendment for four bat
clause of tbo Hepburn net directing tlethlp waa Introduced by Senator
tho commission to cause to bo mndo Piles nnd tho fight for ita adoption
examinations of tho accounts of In- was led by Senator Hoverldgo. Twen
teratatv railroad to dctermlnu wheth- ty-throo votes were cast for tho In
er that law la being violated nnd to creaaed program, tho number largo
muke public the result of such ex- )y lining mndo up of recently-elected
nmlnntlona, After a debate lasting aenatnra Fifty senators voted to tup
four hours tho amendment waa port thn house nnd tho recommenda
ugrecd to. (tlon of tho nennto naval committee
The house disagreed to the senate for building only two battleships,
nmendment to the District of Co-) The debntn on tho battleship
lumbln nnd pension appropriation, amendment lasted three days to tho
bills nnd sent those blllt to confer-.exclusion of nil other matters. It
ence. wa begun by Henator Iloverldge
The usual point of no quorum wat with nn eloquent appeal for tho sup
raised when thn house reconvened port of thn provident and tho tugges
today on tho motion providing thnt tlon that n larger navy might bo
thn house go Into committee of thn needed for war.
whole for further consideration ofi it..,i, AM ,- . -.
the sundry civil appropriation bill' ,, "0hnn oflJnJl',ri "", . ',nV0nrn
under ih., flvo minute' rule. The ""'? " ? ? ' "d"'d
dour were locked nnd tlio roll cnllcd
on the motion, which prevailed a ,n in Th i-- month. Tbo commlttfo declined to
UtoMuli?i$thlUm LnT "'Port a bill which would plnco these rni..Hnn ,"l"lleloran. on tho same footing an ser-
K Th. house public land, committee ' ' 'T.L0.n"8... ! .? ..l'
today dlscuMod MondelPa patent " """ " f -
land-grnnt resolutlonr which wni In- racJ," "',. ,.. ,. , ..i
tended to follow the Fulton towU''tTJ.rilJVVK
tlon. In view of tho bad fnlth of f n ,$Z,uol t'r ' M.h
thn lumbermen, the commltteo was L'V?B.l-?i";1
overwhelmingly opposed to reporting .u"rw "tfl00 ,ho Tucannon
tho meaHure, especially If tho tamo
end can bn nccompllshed, without
Wednesday. April 20.
Washington, April
Rhnrp Wllllnms today gave tho re-
publican majority In the house nn
opportunity either to permit or to
refuso lo permit n vote on tho Bto-
vens bill
free list.
InP he cm? o clever "
,u" ,!nd aatrrlcnl .perch ho
Ill laaesjiai imil ai aIIIaa I usai
'-"..'"V -". " ."'"'J1.:"'. ?
uiiiiiiuu miu iii'iu ii iiijw iiiu mr
lowing petition to Speaker Cannon.'
bearing the tlgnnturen of 164 of tho
16G Democratic senators
"We. the undesigned, represents ' " " "' '" 7 ""'l.'.'' ' !.. " -I.i . i .. T i
Uvea In congreaa. request, ench for ' "'" . " l ' ua' Y,VA v. . . i ,,"T.
hlmsolf. nnd each for each of tho "h. lVrkln. na MeCtimbcr for h;r
othera. that you recognl.e ouo of us. rltt.inent? of yMtnrtlay, ud twyvraU
tr ' you prerer, aomu ither mpro- ", . .i r. i.
t ntniue, to mov.i to dlwUrgo tl.eiwi" r,l' on MonJn'
CDiiiiiillteo on wnya nn.t treniiM from
further consideration nnd lo suspend
oVaVy' other till VU.. e.ect
thn rules nnd pnaa tlio Stevens bill,
hn'f eeTlt P " " ,M,,,t,r " !
Mr. Dalxe'll. of Pennsylvania, of-'
fered nn nmendment to tho sundry
civil bill upproprlntlnK fl'.000 for
(he establishment of a national nrt
gallery In tho Smithsonian Institute.
The nmendment was rejected on
iw.h.i r nn.
point or oriltr.
WaHtilngtou, April 29. The aon-
ntn'iind hoiiBo confereoq on tho nrmy
bill reached nn ngrnomcut tonight.
Tho aennto confereea receded from
tho nmendmont raising 'tho pay of
oWcerH on n perrentngo basl.i, In
atom), u Rchcdulo wiib ndnnted In
creasing tho pay of MnJor-GonernU,
lirlgiuller-uuiiemlH, coioneia, i.ieu
tonant Colonels, Majors nnd First
MoiitcniintH K00 per nnnuni; Cnp
InliiH. ifiOO nor venr: Second l.leu-
tonnnta, $300 nnd endcta $100.
On thla echedulo, tho nnliry of
Mniiir.ruttu.rniH will bn 1S0D0 nor
annum; Ilrlgadlor-Oenornls $(1000;
Colonela $4000! Lioutonnnt-uoionoisiu is in me uuoresv oi kuiu urvr
$3500; Majors $3000; Captains $3,- and Jowolora.
400; first I.litutotimitt, 12000; ace
"'"' Muutctnanta, $1700 nnd cndeia
Tueiday, April 20
Washington, April 28- Ostensibly
considering thn eundry civil appro-
prlatlon bill, tho house devoted most
of He limn today to Hpoechnx cover-
nig n wide rango or subjects nnd
concluded tho evasion by giving nn
nttontlvit hearing to tho president's
special mesango. Although nearly
every member hod read tho message
In tlio newspapers, n largo number
remnlucd In thnlr seats, carefully
following tliu words of the rending
I clerk. When tho portion of the
rnesnngu referring to the mulll-mll-
iionnirv "wiioso son is n fool nnd hit
daughter n foreign princess" was
reached them wat n storm of nn
plnuso, equally loud on both aides of
tho house.
Mr. i.aKo( or Now jersey, made
H'imii caustic remark concerning thn
president, evoking upplausu on tho
democratic aide.
Other ftuvechea were mndo by Hen
roscntatlvea Hitchcock, of Nebraska,
Vreelnnd of Now York nnd llnmllln
of Missouri.
At 6:05 p. rn. thn house took n
recess until 11:30 o'clock tomorrow
. .,,,.. .... .. .
i wnsmngion, April in. i no pen-
"Ion and District of Columbia appro
prlatlon bills were passed by tho
legislative program was nead nnn
''" Wl" n'nra, Hoverni meatnret or
minor Importance nnd tho resolution
f the house to give government aid
cyclone auflcrcrt in tno aoutn were
passed Tho resolution to extend
time when tho commodity claute
' the railroad rato law thai! De
como operative was called before the
aennto by Mr. Klklna, but went over
under objection from Mr. Culberson.
The senate at 6:27 p. in. adjourned.
Monday, April 27.
Washington, April 27. By an
overwhelming vote. President Rooec-
Senator Ankcny'a bill Increasing pen-
alona of Indian wnr veterans nnd
their widow a from IS to J II per
"" i
Saturosy, April 26.
Washington, April 25, Another day
was spent by tho senate In considering
tin nmendment to tbo naval appropria
tion bill, but a vote was not reached at
Ir ,' T ,1, .!- i.k.:
h" fjir, f i I i i i,
Prtlelwte.l in by a dozen mihrn
J1"" "! nn aym ,'f vot'
A """ ot ,l' -H-te moilo during
' J.v Indicated that the fourshlp pro-
gram will be defeat.-.! and that the do
. . . t . ....
""V". k""'
"f '" .''""r.'" a "&L
the improbability of war being forced
Woshlncton. April 23. The actual In
vestigation of tbo wood pulp and print-
" utermTn,rwherber or not it U
" Kd ,b- ,h',l'!,er,?".'f',7',',rff
Publishes Association n comb nation
In restraint of trade and niaintnlnnB a
J"0"?10!. ?l,X, P "l ' i ' V .'. t
" Htates, was begun today by
h J"1? 'plated by
Biioukor Cannon, whose chairman is Ken-
resontntlvo Janlea K. Mann, of Illinofs,
ami mo omer memners or wnicn arc
Ilannon of Ohio, Stafford of Kentucky,
Ilnnnon of Ohio. tSafford of WUconsiu,
Slrumi of Tennosseo and Ityan of New
Exchange Gold Bars for Coin,
Washington, April 30. Tho son
ato commltteo on flnnueo today or
dered favorably roported n bill au
thorizing tho superintendent of tho
Mint nnd tho United States ABsay
'Omce nt Now York to reeelvo United
Stntea gold coin nnd dellvor In ox-
chunco gold bnra of enunl vnluo In
'nmounta of not less than $250. Tho(
I ...... tl,.t UkII.,,1 llmt IUiiabI.IiM tan.l
uiivu ivriiuf
Southern Siorrn Much Worse Thtn
First rlcportad
Now Orleans. April 27. Probably
COO live lost, 100 or more persons
fatally Injured and many times thla
number fatally hurt, together with a
property loss running up In the rait
linos, is the record so far of a tornada
that originated in tho west two days
ago, sweeping Toxas, Arkansas, Louis
ana, Tennessee and Georgia. It haa left
a path of death, desolation and want
In Its wake, seriously interrupted all
communication between cities In the
south, and brought about chaotle con
ditions In many smaller towns.
MUalsslppI, already a sufferer from
morn than one tornado this year, has
again borne tbo brunt of the winds and
rains. Kstlmntet of tho number of
tbo'o who lost their lives In that state
plueo the death Hat between 160 and
175, with a thousand or more injured.
In Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and
Georgia the death lista are also large,
with serious loss of lifo In Arkansas
and Tennessee. Authentic Information
is In mnny Instances lacking, owing to
the crippled facilities for communica
tion and the lack of tlmo to form any
thing like an accurate estimate of the
damago done In many sections.
In half a dozen communities martial
law has bcn declared, so terrible was
the destruction and so helpless were
tho stricken people left by the disastor.
Horious (Unorders have occurred in some
plaees, Including Amite, I.a. Looting
and other crimes have been reported,
but those Instances have on tho whole
been rare.
Heveral plaees have lasued appeals for
aid and In Mississippi Governor Noel
has been asked to provide tents for the
The tornado bat lasted in all a period
of nearly two days. It waa Thursday
nlgbt that damage by tornadoes travel
log wat first reported from points, in
Texas. This was followed during the
next 24 hoars by similar reports from
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and
Tennessee. Last night Alabama came
within the flight of the storm and to
day reports of serious damage by the
wind in Georgia have been recorded.
Utter misery of every sort waa found
today at Purvla, Miss., bv relief parties.
Despite the fact that of the 2500 iahab
tanta which thla little town boasted yes
terday morning, there were only 000 to
day, still there were not rufficlent ac
commodations In tbo wrecked village for
even the wounded. Negro mammies and
little black children lay wounded and
triples under the broiling Southern sun.
Home had broken bones, some were part
ly crushed and other had been wound
ed by sticks and splinters. These unfor
nnatea were lucky if tboy bad a blanket
or wrecked couch to rest upon.
There waa not enough shelter In the
town to protect them from tbe sun and
many of thn wall which remained
standing had no roofs, and by a queer
freak of the tornado many of tbe trees
which had not been uprooted had been
snatched off a few feet above tbe
ground. The grove of plnea waa muti
lated in sneh a manner that it appeared
as if a gigantic scythe bad swept
through tbo grove about 23 feet above
tbe ground.
Liner St. I'aul Hmuui Into Warship
During; r owatorm
Southampton, April 97, Tbe Ameri
can line tteamer St. Paul, which left
Southampton on ber regular voyage,
bound for New York, thla afternoon, in
a dense snow storm rammed and de
stroyed thn nritieh second-class cruiser
Gladiator off tbe Isle of Wight.
The first report stated that from 20
to 30 of the Gladiator'a crew had been
drowned, but later Intelligence reduces
the number of camialtie, Tho exact
extent of the disaster, however, cannot
bo accurately known until tomorrow.
No ono on tha St. Paul waa killed or
Injured, but tbo bodies of Steward Wid
gory, Writer Cowdry and a Maltese
steward, Debras, all attached to the
cruiser, have been brought ashore; one
otBcer, Lieutenant William O. Praves,
who attempted to twim to land, It miss
ing, and eight injured have been taken
to tho military hospital at Golden Hill
for treatment. It la believed only a few
others are unaccounted for.
The Gladiator was bcaehed and her
crew took to the boats. She is one of
the class of vessels designed to acrve as
rams. She Is 320 feet long, has a speed
of 20 knots and carries a complement of
450 men.
Convict Murdernrg nf Hlnrfu.
Oregon City, April 27. After de
liberating 13 hours, the jury in the ease
of tho State of Oregon vs. John M.
Dickenson, William Dickenson, John
Dickenson, Karl llansier nnd John
Itlley, charged with the murder of liar
nnn Singh, a Hindu, nenr Boring,
brought in n verdict convicting J. M.
Dickenson nnd his son, William, of mur
der In tho second degree nnd tho other
three boya of manslaughter. Tho pen
nlty for murder In tho second degree it
Imprisonment for life and the penalty
or manslaughter is from ono to IS yean
In tho penitentiary.
Troops to Central America.
Mexico City, April 27. A persistent
rumor hero has it that tho cruiser Al
bany, which Is to carry special Ambas
ndr Ilucbnnan Knrlnuo 0. Creel to Cen
tral America, Is to land armed parties
ahbuld condition! in tho southern repub
lies warrant tho move Official confir
mation ot tha report could not bo ob
Senate's Action on Naval Bill is
Practically a Victory.
Declares Thla Place United Stntee
In Front Rank In Regards to
Naval Progress,
Washington, April 28. Two bat
tleships a year It what President
Hoosovelt aays ho has accomplished
through his fight for hit naval pro
gram. Had ho been victorious In
having four ships authorized at this
session, tho United States could havo
dictated terms of disarmament to the
nations of the world.
This, made tonight, fol
lowing tbo pnstago by tho sonate to
day of tho naval bill, calling for two
now b&ttlcthlps, Is understood to ro
vcal tho president's source of
strength in the naval fight which baa
been waged so strenuously.
Furthermore, two ships this yenr
with the promise of two ships each
year lo follow, which tho president
has accepted as a bona fide stipula
tion on the part of the senate, means
simply a program which will place
tho United States In tho front rank
of naval progrcislon, but which falls
to place It In Jhe position of dictat
ing a cessation of naval aggression.
That tbo president, on tbe wboto.
Is pleased with tbe result of his ef
forts with congress on this subject,
was made manifest tonight; that he
firmly believes In the ability of the
United States to dictate the naval
policy of tbe world In the future,
though overwhelmingly outstripping
us In naval construction.
Warns Congress Against Abuits of
Judicial System
Washington. April 28. President
Roosevelt this afternoon sent to
congress a special message setting
forth In tbe strongest of terms the
necessity of Immediate legislation
strengthening the anti-trust law. Ha
reiterates his well-known views as to
the grave danger to free Institutions
from the corrupting Inlluenco or
ereat wealth suddenly concentrated
In the bands ot the few, and urges
the Immedlato passage ot measures
similar to those he advocated In hla
former meseago on the same snb-
Such legislation, he says, will be
In the Interest of both the decent
corporations and tho law-abiding
labor unions. In this connection, he
sounds a warning to the labor lead
ers who have objected to tbe inclu
sion of labor organizations In the
anti-trust law amendment, and says
plainly that the exception of the
unions from the operation of the law
would render tbe measure Invalid.
A strong effort has been mndo to
havo labor organizations completely
exempted from the operations of the
law, whether or not their operations
are In restraint of trade. Such ex
emption would make the hill uncon
stitutional. It Is not possible wholly
to exempt labor organizations from
thn workings of this law, ana tney
who Insist unon wholly exomptlnit
them are merely providing that their
status shall be kept wnouy un
changed, and that they shall con
tinue to bo exposed to the action
which they now dread.
Obviously an organization not
formed for nroflt should not be re
quired to furnish statistics In any
way ns comnleto ns those furnished
by organizations for profit. More
over, so far as labor Is engaged In
protection only. Its claims to be ex
empted from tho anti-trust law are
sound. This would substantially
cover the right of laborers to com
blno, to strike pencenbly and to en
ter Into trado agreements with em
ployers. But when labor undertakes;
In an unlawful manner In "revent
tho distribution and anle of the pro
ducta of labor It has left tbe told of
protection and Its action may w
plainly in restraint ot Interstate
Cut Rates to Orient.
San Francisco. April 28. With
vlow of driving tramp steamers from
this port a radical reduction ot
freight rates on flour nnd grain for
over-sea ports, such as Chinese nnd
Japanese, Is to bo put In effect Im
mediately on all principal lines run
ning out of Snn Francisco. It la
agreed among the shin owners tbnt
tho rnto on flour win ne reauceu
from $3 to $2 for shipment from this
nort to Hongkong nnd Japan, and
that the rate on flour from this port
to Slngaporo will be reduced from
$t.75 to $3.50.
Anti-Gambling Campaign
All.nnv V. V . Anrll 28. Govern
or Hughes this nftornoon Inaugu-
rntml what Is hnlleved to be a cam
paign of Bpccch-maklng In several
ot tno largo cities ot mo siaio in
support of tho anti-racetrack gam
bling legislation which will probably
tin h.A fnnttirn nf tho extraordinary
session which Is to convene on Mar
11. t