The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 10, 1908, Image 2

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Blizzard and Snow Ties Up Mid
dle West Tronic,
From Manttcba Through Minnesota
and Wsst to Montana, Gale Car-
rlei Cloudt of Snow.
St. rani, April 2. A tcrlfic pile it
blowing bcie today and la boating a
cold wave down (torn the Xorthnest,
according to tho United States weather
bureau. Tho cold wavo -will causo a
drop in teinpcrtauro to about lOfdegrooe
abovo lero.
Very low temperature- prevailed to
day at most p luces in Manitoba and
territories. It was two degrees below
cero at Medicine Hat today and four
below at Prince Albert.
A dispatch from Grand.Forks, N. D.,
"A heavy snowstorm, accompanied
by wind, caused delay to trains In
North Dakota today. The east bound
Oriental limited ot tho Great Northern
arrived (oar hours late and reported
that the storm raged all the way from
Great Falls, Mont. All trains from
the East were from half an honr to two
boors lato this morning.
Tbe snow is drifting and It is believed
traffic will be tied up west of Grand
Forks. About a foot of snow has fallen
here in the last 24 hours. It is report
ed that the 800 line from Ardock west
to Kerunare Is badly tied up."
In tha Grip of a Blizzard.
Crookston, Minn., April 24. Tho
entire Red river valley has been since
last night in the grip of the worst blU
xazd of tbe winter.
Asks That Judge Doollnjr
Forbidden to Try Him.
San Francisco, Aptll 3. With the
views ot Judge Maurice T. Doollng, as
announced from U10 benoh, that an im
munity contract Is non-existent in law,
illegal It entered Into by a district at
torney and unenlotcenblo by a defend
ant, indicating n prolwblo ndvero ruling
on tho objection ot Abraham Hurt to
further proceedings against him be
cause of tho protnito ot Immunity mado
him by the prosecution but afterwards
repudiated, Ruf, through his attor
neys, today made application to U10
State Supreme eoutt for a writ of man
dato and petitioned tor a writ of pro
hibition. Tho application and petition
aro Identical witii tho ones dented yes
terday by the District Court of Anneal.
The Supremo court Is asked to prohibit
judge uooung iroro continuing tho
trial ot Kurt, and to Isauo a writ ot
mandato ordering him to transfer the
caso to another department ot the Su
perior court.
Assistant District Attorney Francis
J. Usney this afternoon replied to the
argument ot Frank J. Murphy, who
raised tho question ot the Immunity
contract before Judgo Doollng this
morning and contended that through
Ruet't reliance upon the promise made
him, his constitutional rights wero in
vaded when ho testified before tho
grand Jury and that ho was entitled to
be placed back whore he could attack
tho validity ot tho Indictments.
p!-ai' '- . - J-mi
Be nnrrnir nrrtimn inmnvfn nr vitmnnnnm
UKLUUN oIAIl litld W INItKfcdT
Great Preparations Being Mado for
Floral Event.
Portland, Or., April 2. This week
the management of the Portland Rose
festival, which will give a 150,000 cele
bration daring the first six days ot
Jane, inaugurated a campaign of pub
licity throughout all sections of the
country. The campaign consists ot the
sending out by mail of 250,000 beauti
fully colored and artiitio advertising
"inserts," in which plan all the whole
sale and retail homes, hotels, restaur
ants, public schools, drag stores, etc.,
have been enlisted. Great demand
has been made for theeo attractive In
sert a'ready and they will be sent oat
regu'a'Iy until the festival opens June 1.
Or e of the fine features of the big
Jubl ei will be the grand water carnival
to be held one evening daring the week.
Every individual, firm or corporation
that owns a pleasure or business craft
that piles in the waters of the Xorth
west has been Invited to enter some
craft In tbe magnificent decorative and
Illuminated aquatic pageant.
Capt. J. G. Speier, harbor master of
this port, chairman ot the water carni
val committee, has been in communica
tion with many associations along the
streams and rivers of this section that
are Interested in water sports and most
of them have assured him that they
will be glad to participate in that evenL
Quite a number of towns and cities
of Oregon, outside of Portland, have
come to the front to help make the fes
tival a huge success. Some have ap
propriated as high as f600 and $000 to
defray the expense of building a fine
decorated and illuminated float for the
splendid night parade "The Spirit of
tbe Golden West."
Work on these floats is already under
way and new committees are being
beard from eietf few days. The time
)s short, so the management nrges those
towns that desire to take part in the
demonstration to communicate with
the festival management at once.
Commercial bed Ion from all parts of
California will come here for two or
three days ot the festival. A special
basinets men's excursion under the
auspices of the California state board
ot trade, which will embrace organiza
tions from all the leading cities of that
commonwealth, lias already been
ranged for.
Vessels at Magdatena Bay About
Coal and Clean Ship.
San Diego, Cal., April 3. Wireless
reports received Horn Magdalena bay
stato that the record target practice ot
1003 for the Atlantic fleet Is practically
at an end. The Vermont, tho last ot
tho "Dig 10" to go upon the ranees.
completed tho firing ot her 12-inch
gnna yesterday and today was complet
ing her record with the rifles In the
secondary battery. Mostlot tho shins
also have completed their torpedo prac
tice, so that little remains to bo done
at Magdalena bay but to coal and clean
It Is said that all of tho vessels will
take on sufficient coal to cany them to
San Francisco. In this nay the ships
will bo open to visitors every day of
their stay at tho various ports on tho
cant. Daring coaling days all ships
of tbe navy aro barred to visitors and
practically ail of the officers havo to
remain on board.
The Connecticut, which brought Ad
miral Evans to Ban Diego yesterday af
ternoon, and which cleared again for
Magdalena bay at 4 o'clock in tho after
noon, was 240 miles south at noon to
day and will rejoin the fleet late to
morrow afternoon.
The weather at Magdalena bay is re
ported as cloudy and threatening,
these conditions having prevailed for
somo time. No rain has fallen in tho
bay, but a few miles Inland it Is said
there have been heavy showers. White
uniforms were expected to be worn, but
Dine baa been tbe pretcribed color
nearly otrj day.
Growers Got Architect's Drawings
Soon Start Work
Milton Pinna for tho new warehouse
and cold storage plant to lw rnutcd by
tho MIH0.1 Fruitgrowers' union Imvo
been received from tho architect, F. K.
rinkenblner. ot Wall.. Wulla, ami pre
parations sro being made to begin work.
Tho building will invc 18. loot walls,
with a full basement. Tho second story
will be used as a box factory nnd (or
storago purposes. Hnlfotthohnsoment
will bo used for cold stoiage, tho re
mainder for storago ot fruits and ber
ries awaiting shipment.
Tho plans aro now to construct tho
bnilding ot concrete. Large shinning
platforms will siu round It on two sides
and ono end. Tho building will bo 40
feet wide and 100 feet long, with freight
olovators at each end. 'It will havo a
capacity of handling 1500,000 worth ot
milt during a season.
Dr. F. C. Page, or Medford, Buys 268
Acres In Ashland District.
Ashland The papers have been
diawn at Ashland In what It Is hollered
Is the biggest orchard sale yet consum
mated in tho history ot the Rogue
River valley. Tho property Involved
Is the orchard and farm ot County
Commissioner Joshua Patterson, locat
ed In Talent precinct, four miles north
of Ashland. Two hundred and fifty
eight acres was tho acreage involved In
the deal, 130 acres being young orchard
of four and five-year-old apple trees In
fine condition, tho remainder being
farm lands sultablo for fruitgrowing,
but unplanled to trees. Tho consider
ation in the deal was $52,000.
Cuts Freight Rates.
Salem Tho Oregon Railroad com
mission has rendered its decision In tho
O. R. A N. distributive rato rate, or
dering a redaction in rales between
Portland and points east of The Dalles.
Tho redaction amounts to 3 cents a
hundred nn first-class frolght to lllggs,
7 cents to Arlington, 13 cents to Pen
dleton, 18 cents to La Grande and Ra
ker City, and 10 cents to Huntington,
with proportionate reductions to other
points and on other classes of freight.
Rates to Tho Dallo aro already low
enough, owing to water competition.
All the commissioners conuurred In
the decision.
Improvement In the Lumbar Market
Start Wheels Turning;
linker City Ono oi tho largest Indus
tries In linker City that was affected by
tho incut uinlu Is soon to begin opera
tions again nnd will lo employment
to several hundred men. Tho Hoiilh
Rukor Lumber mills Imvo leen Idle for
tho Inst few mouth, but tho wheels
will bo set turning us soon as enough
logs can bo brought down to Insure n
sternly run. At tho tlino of closing
don, Hie Oicgon Lumber cotntinhy had
a ln-tfo supply ot finished lumber In the
yatdf. nnd owing to tho loea.mod do
nwiui fur lumber there has boon 110 ne
cessity to run tho mill.
Tho Stoddard Urol hers I.utnlier com
pany has been running Its mill In this
city all winter, turning out about 40,
000 (eet ot finished lumber eaoli day.
Tho mill ot tho Oregon Lumber com
pany at Austin has been runnlmi steadi
ly all winter, turning out a llkn amount
ot tho finished product. Lumber con
ditions aro beginning to lmproo no
nces uiy.
Learn to Farm at School.
Albany Pupils of thu seventh nnd
eighth grades ot the Albany publlo
schools will devoto tholr sparo tlino
this spring to growing vegetables and
flowers. They will engage In practical
work In connection with tho new sttulv
ot agriculture now required In the sev
enth and eighth grades of tho publlo
rcnoois 01 me sialo and will bo stimu
lated to active efforts by a series of
prises offered through tho arrangements
of Superintendent A. M. Sanders, ot
tho local public schools.
Avotd Venezuelan Question.
Washington, April 2. For an hoar
and a half yesterday, Secretary Root
d If cussed with the senate committee
on foreign relations treatlos resulting
from Tho Hague conference. The com
mittee decided to favorably report the
general treaty providing lor the pacific
settlement vi international disputes.
The committee also heard Mr. Root's
views on the two treaties providing for
the- regulation or contracts and estab
lishment of prizo courts. Contrary to
expectations, the Venezuelan question
waa not touched upon.
Buffalo Bill Breaks Down.
Chicago, April 2. Colonel William
- F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) is seriously 111
hero at the Stratford hoot!, suffering
mm a caaeral' nervosa breakdown.
. j
New York Chamber Advocates Com
mission on Currency System.
Now York, April 3. None of the
currency legislation now before con
gress, with the exception of the Lover
lng bill, which provides for tho ap
pointment ot a commission to Investi
gate the currency and banking systems
of the United States, will have the ap
proval of Iho Now York chamber of
commerce. Tbls was the decision to
day when the chamber adopted the re
port 01 its special committee to Investi
gate and repoit upon pending legisla
tion. It Is tho bo) lei of the committee
that there Is little chance o' any cur
rency legislation being enacted at the
present session of congress.
The committee's report recommends
the enactment of a law providing tor
the appointment of a corneals! ion to In
vestigate the currency and banking s in
terns ot the United States and other
leading commercial nations and to re
port such measure "as may bo found
necessary to place onr currency and
tanking rystcm on a sound basis, which
is absolutely essential fcr the perma
nent welfare and progress of the country."
Shear Spsep With Machinery.
Arlington Sheep-shearing will begin
at Smylho A Smith's plant, flro milos
south of here, this week. Sixteen
shearing machines will bo used, the
power llng furnished by a alx-horso
power gasoline engine. Fottv thou
sand sheep will bo sheared at this plant
this seascn, and an average ot 2,000
head dally is expected. Sheepmen re
port that tho sheep are in good condi
tion, but that pasture la getting scarce.
Tbls hsa been ono ot (he most success
fnl limbing seasons known, but few
lambs being lost from any causo.
Tha Dalles Makes Good Brick.
Tha Dalles .Mr. Llthcrland, a Port
isnu nricx export, wnoeo opinion was
To Examine Soils,
Klamath Falls Through the Joint
efforts of tho Klamath Water Users'
association and the Klamath chamber
cf commerce, and tho perrons! requests
ot cltlrens ot this section, a soil survey
Cf the Klamath basin will ho by
a corps 01 sou exprru of the United
States Department of Agriculture. It la
very urgently desired by the people
that the survey bo mado this summer.
and assurances havo been received from
Secretary Wilson that It will bo undur
taken as soon as possible.
Bis; Batch of Ateelhead Ergs
Oregon Oily Superintendent Henry
O'Malley, of the United Stales bureau
of fisheries, reports that prospects aro
good for a take of 2,000,000 stcelhrad
eggs at tho Rogue river station, which
he lias Just inspected. Superintendent
O'Malley has just received 100,000
Rainbow tiout eggs from the govern
ment station at Iialrd, Cat., and these
will be hatched and liberated from
Clackamas station.
Baking; Powder Plant at Poniard
Portland Portland Is to be made the
manufactiulng nnd distributing point
for the Northwestern territory of the
Hunt's Perfect Baking Powder com
pany, of Minneapolis. The plant will
bo built during the summer. William
C. Rlgg, of Minneapolis, vice, president
of the company, is at tho Hotel Port
land, and la making all arrangements
to locate a branch of tho concern hero.
Senate Likely to Take Drastic Steps
Agslnst Gaitro,
Washington, Aptll 1 Tho long ex.
netted eoirosnondenrd between Amer
ica and VviU'iuela respecting pending
American claims against tho latter
country mis imbmlttid to tho sunnto
yrstciilny, and la almost ceiUlu to
1 rente n profound ImpreKslnii, It will
hir difficult to digest tho main of mater
ial which Secretary Root has placed
bofoio congress hut oven n cuienry In
spection of tho documents iirnkrH It evi
dent Unit negotiation have ienilnda
critical plwio. The president's realis
ation id the mot is shown by his trans
mission ot tho matter to tho senate
without uny comment regnidlng tho
cnrreswiideiico, and reH'ulally Hecre-
tiiry Root's sttung presentation of Iho
American case, as sullldetit Instantly
to enlist the attention ot rougtcM,
All tho corrotpondciu-o and docu
ments wero referred to the senate com
uilleo on foreign relations, Mr. Root
will nrpenr before thocominllKotodny,
ostensibly to discuss some of tho trea
ties negotiated at Tho Hague, hut It Is
expecctd lie will takouplho Yeneiiielau
affair nnd suggest somo action.
Those mnuiliersof thocommlttco who
have already familiarised themselves
with tho situation havo arranged tenta
tively a progiam which consists of three
propositions, s follows:
I'lace a piohlbltlvo tariff on Venrsu-
elan coffee, tho exports of which const I
tuto 45 per rent of tho entire fotelgu
trade, nnd 00 per cent of tho cofleo be
ing taken by tlm United Slates.
Kxcludo all lniK)iiitlons of asphalt
from jVo llertnitdes, the product of
which Is taken almost entlioly by the
United Slates.
Anthnrlso tho prtaldenl to cxctclsn
the genornl power tested In him to take
whntover stos he may consider nccesj
snry to treat with Venesuola In the future
Important Legislation Ponding at
National Capital,
Dry Fsrm Hotnostssd Bill, In Which
Wast Is Greatly Interested,
Anions; Measures,
Wheat Club, 838lc; blueslein,
sought by Iho architect of tho city hall, '-JlBftT,i, ' J3?1 C . Ll1."'
now in process ot construction, regurdl.85855 " 6io' l,8lH8e.
ing brick lately burned hoio bv TheL Jnoy Feci, 120 per Ion; rolled,
lng brick lately burned hoio by The
Dalles Brick A Tile company, has made
a report after a careful examination and
declares the brick equal to any mado In
this stato. Some nf tlm rlnir hrli-k
dollvored in tills city by mhtako had '
been rejected by the architect, which
lod to tho oxamlnntlou.
Moves to Start Mines.
Indianapolis, April 3. The first offi
cial act of President Lewis, of the
United MIneworkers of America, in
assuming his office today, waa to send
telegraphic invitations to the ooerators
or the competitive field, consisting ot
Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
ana Illinois, to attend a meeting in
this city Monday, April 0. with repre
sentatives ol the miners, to make an
effort to agree upon a call for an Inter
state wage convention and, If necessary,
to decide upon a general resumption of
mining operations in the field.
$2S30 per ton.
Ontv-.Vo. 1 white, $27(328 per ton.
Corn Wholo, 33.60 cracked,
34 60.
Hay Valley timothy, Ha. 1, $17 per
tons Kastern Oregon timothy. llOCtl'O:
clovor, $1416; cheat, $16; grain hay,
114016; alfalfa, 112613.
Fruits Apples, $13 60 per box,
according to quality; cranberries, $854
11 per barrel.
Vegetables Aitlchokes, 7600o per
dozen: asnarairtis. 83ilOe nnnml- lnn
few days. Several good! 20c nound: rabhairn. 1UH) nound
lignite coal havo been. cauliflower. $2: colory. $4.60a6 nor
cram; parsley, zoo per doxon; peas, loo
pounu; poppors, suo
Thinks He Hss Right to Say Whether
Rates Are Just.
Kiisms City, Mo., April 1. Judge
Hnitli .Mcrhrrton, In tho federal court
hero today, decided that ho lina full
Jurisdiction over Itoth tho maximum
freight and Iho 2-rent uspngrr rate
rases, In Mlseouil. In other words, ho
holds In favor ol tho railroads tnd
spalii't tho state on the question on
Ijist year the leglslattuo paned tho
2-rent law, and a minimum freight law
reducing existing freight rates about 26
percent. All of tho main lino rail
roads In Missouri Joined In an applica
tion lor an Injunction last June from
the Federal court nt Kansas City to
prevent tho stato officials from rnforo
ing tho law. Menntlmo a truco was ar
ranged between tho railroads and the
attorney general, under which the roads
wero to put the 2-cont law In fores.
The railroads agreed lo give tho 2
rent law n test for threo months, and
asked ludgo Mcl'hrrson to give thorn
that much time to see how tho law
would affect their revenues. For soven
months tl.o railroads have sold tickets
at 2 rents. Now coinro the rourt with
a decision holding that In enjoining tho
slate officers, he Is not enjoining the
state Itself, that he has a perfect right
to go Into tho question nf whether tho
rate fixed by tho statutes are remuner-athe.
Washington, Aiull I. Thoro nto snv
otal litiMttant lull ponding hofoin
sennlo mid homo, or In their commit
tees, of gieat Inttirit to the West, any
ono ol which ran probably l asicd If
Western fenntois mid rongrosmrti will
get tonethei and mnko a milted cflott,
Mot conspicuous nutuiig them at the
pioent tlino Is tho 320-noro diy farm
iioinestrad hill, n inenfliiro that means
n great deal to tho stales Mestol Iho
Mlfsourl'rluir, In many of which set
tlement Is practically checked becmno
tho best lauds havo passed to prlvalo
ownership, nnd what remains launoL
Iki iiiocrnlullr entered under theexliU
lng Iioinestrad law.
Another most meritorious nirasum
hanging In the In'anco Is tho llorali
bill, providing (mills for building
schools, Installing sewei and wnter sys
tems and making other municipal Im
provements ( In towns Mtnbllthed on
government Irrigation projects. This
bill propos to doimtw to such towns
all moneys derived from tho sale or
town lots, a fund which, In most In
stances, will li ample for Iho purjoee.
Kseriri.oe has shown that towns en
government pmjrcls have been slower
of dovclopiiirnt'lhati'iowusnnCariy n't
projects. Tho lallrr have grown ispld
iy. Largo schools hvn bren erected;
adequate water and sewer s)slms khatv
Ikh-11 Installed, streets turn hern Im
proved, etc., whereas In towns on gov-
trniiirntiiorcti the clllirns hato been
obliged to go down Into their own peck
els In provide nnd maintain school ami
property holders havo been cmnpellel
lo lear tho'entlro oxpento of all clvlo
Tho national drnlnagn bill, which
contemplates tho reclamation ol swamp
and overflowed lands In all parts of the
United Statts, stands little chancn of
pHlng this session. Though It la a
ininuiool great merit, there doe not
seem to lm that Interest that Is essen
tial to force tluoticlito bill of such mag
nitude and Importanre, It Is difficult.
to explain this lack of Interest, ton, for
there Is scarcely a stain that ha not
some I audi thst would Ixlxmcflttrd by
a national drainage law, "
There Is one bill that congress wilt
certainly not pass till session, yet one
tlutt should have been enacted long sgo-
s blll'reprallng tho IlinUr and stone
act nnd subtnslltutlng some mors prsc
tlcablo statute providing for the dlspos
nl of government timber. It has been-
amply demonstrated that tho timber
nnd stone act Is vicious and unjust.
Anarchy Rules In Hsytl.
Paris, April 3. A dispatch recolvod
here today from Port au Prince. Havti.
says that the situation there is extreme
ly grave and tliatcompleleanarchv pre
vails. Tbe dispatch further declares
mat American warsnlps are preparing
v iana marines.
Seeking Coal Near Dallas.
Dallas-Hon. W. O. Brown will lie-
gin the work of drilling for coal on his
property in tho northern part of this
city within a
specimens of
found In recent excavations, and the
contour of the land at that plaro Indi
cates the presence ol a large deposit.
Mr. Brown Is convinced that tho pro
ject will pay, and will loso no tlmo In
making the preliminary excavations for
sinking a suatt.
University Data In Butlslln.
University of Oregon. Kugeno A
now bulletin 1ms Just been Issued from
tho u ilversity office containnlg a brief
historical sketch of the Institution, the
names of all regents and tholr terms of
servico, a similar chart of the officers
ol administration and Instruction and
tho names, residences and occupations
01 an me aiumni,
Seek for Oil.
Tho Dalles Artloles of Incoropratlon
by the "Beavls-May Oil company" linvo
been filed with tho countv clerk hero.
Tho Incorporators aro George R. Beavls,
Anna amy and vt. Harry J. McKay.
Tho capital stock is $30,000, Tho com
pany purposes to engago In developing
oil lands In the vicinity of Dufur. Or..
Jat which place the head office is to be,
poppors, 20o wi nound: md
ishes, 30c per dozen: rhubarb, $2.60
percrnto; spinach, 86c rratoi spronts,
10c per pound, squash, lDfc pound.
unions uregons, iiqj)4.zo por hun
dred. Potatoes 80900c Jpor hundred, do
llvered Portland.
Buttor Fnncy creamory, 25(3)30o per
Poultry Average old hens, 1416o
por pound; mixed chickens. 1231301
spring ohlckens, 1020a; turkoys, llvo,
10(2)170; uresnoil, choice, l(J20o;
gooro, live, 8(5)1 Oo; ducks, 1017oj
pigeons, 76o6i$l; squabs, $1.6002.
j-.ggs JTosh rnnoli. Iho nor dozen.
Veal 76 to 126 pounds, 80o; 126
to 160 pounds, 7a; 160 to 200 pounds,
Pork Block, 76 to 160 pounds, 70
7a; packors, 6QflJo.
Hops 1007, prime and choice, 46c
tier round; olds, lQlWo por pound,
Wml Kastern Oregon, average best,
1210o por pound, according to shrink-
age; valley, lOlRo, according to qual
ity; mohair, cholco, 26o per pound,
uoscara usik ao per pound,
Far Reaching; Legislation Agslnst An
archists Recommended,
Washington, April 1. Pollen and
government war on anarchy will re
ceive n great Imiictu If tho present
frogtntn of President Hrxxovolt gH
lirough, and thnio Is little room fur
doubt that It will. Tho president wl I
send a mi-sssgn to congress urging fur
reaching legislation.
Under tho oicsent Fcdornl law nil
criminal nliens who havo not lieen in
tho United Stnten thrco years mny bo
denortod summarily.
It I expected by tho department of
coiumeico nnu moor uint more will no
wholosalo deportations within a short
Tho legislation will bo designed to
bring within tho Fedoral Jurisdiction
citizens of tho United States who prop
agate anarchistic theories,
Many Banks Fall.
Toklo, April 1. Today's banking
statement shows that during Msrch 10
tanks have olosed their doois, Tho
Japanese government Is exorting itself
to the utmost to rollovo the country's
financial situation. Tho markets seem
to hae been literally wrung flnanclultv
dry. Failures, which wero at first con.
lined principally to tho bunks und lsnr
or commercial honsos nnd Industrial
companies, nro now occurring dally
among tho smallor tradesmen, Mnrrh
has boon the worst month since tho
stringency began,
Organize for Boycott,
Hong Hong April 1. Tho boycott
against Jnpnneso goods, Instituted as a
rosuit or the Tatsu Maru Incident, u
spreading. Forty firms In Homr Knn
announco thnt thoy will not toll .lap.
aneso goods, All nlong the West rJvor
tho lioycott Is being organlzod nnd
meetings aro bolng convened to discuss
Watson'and Williams Their Choice for
National Officers.
K bulla, April 4 lor president of
the United States, Thomas K. Watson,
ol Oeorgln.
For vice president, Snmnel W. WIN
Mains, ol Indiana.
This ticket was nominated yrsterday
by tho People' paily convention after
two stormy sessions, throughout which
the Nibraska and Minnesota delegn
tlons, working In tho interest of W, J.
Ilrynu, strove diaixratelv to hilmr about.
an adjournment till after nominations
had lieen mado by tho Democratic and
Republican iillca. Honeleislv nut.
numbered, and without any rhauco
whntover of gaining tholr object, Iho
Nebraska men fought drsiMimtnlv in n,n
last, nnd, when Jay A. Forrest, of AU
Uiny, N. Y mounted the platform to
plnco Mr, Watson In iiomlnntlon, thoy
withdrew from tho convention, nttetul
od by tho Mlunosota delegation .'
Confer With Governors.
Indianapolis, Intl., April 4. John
Mltoholl, ex prosldent of tho inlnois of
tho country, Is ono of tho llvo Amil.
cam selected by President Rocsevolt to
bo special guests ot tho hlir
of state nml territorial govcrnois to bo
hold In Washington Mny 13. This con
ferenoo, which will Inst threo days nnd
tho rcailoim of whirl, will lu, f,t,i 1..
tho cost room of tho While Houro, will
bo presided over bv Mr. Itnwvl u
will bo tho first iiieotlng In Iho history
of tho country of Federal and stato and
territorial oxccutlyes,
Will Fight Two-cent Law.
Ohlcsgo, April 4. A combined nt
taok on tho 2-oent nnssKiiun, ,n. 1.
promised by tho railroads Hint operate
" , '"" . Minnesoia nnu Missouri.
It Is probnblo thnt tho suits will bo
fllod next wook. Tho call for n confer
eiico to moot, nt which olllolals cf tho
Illinois roads will bo present, was Is-
mo matter, k......Lsrt
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" Jiiifaiiisruss