The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1908, Image 3

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la a Condensed Form lor Our
Busy Headers.
l llasumo of the Loss Important but
Not Lot IntoraatlnK Event
of tho Past Wank.
The Bnwmln ol W. I). Btovons liu
p'cadod Insanity,
"secretary Tuft will dollvcr tlio Mo
mortal ilny utntloit tvt Grant's tomb,
Now York.
H President Jordan defends tlio Btan
font fiwtilly find denounces Dm students'
movement as n revolt.
Congitwimmi French, ol Idaho,
prophesies that no Immigration mens
uio will ss congress thin session,
A scoro ot persons were hint by n
heavy wind In tbn vicinity ot New
llostuii.ilowa, nml Msdlsnn, Illinois,
Tho Isrgrat rlock In the world will lx
put on a map factory at Thnmaaton,
Conn. T..o dial la 88 feet In diameter.
Plttahurg bankers ndmlt thnt tho
psylng toiler mid niulltor ot lliu Km in.
rs' Deposit National Imnk hnvo stolon
$1,106,000 during tho paat throe years.
Tho Ilrltlah house ol onintnona has a bill provldltiK that all clocka
Ihi advanced HO minutes In order to use
tnuro dayllKht by promoting early r la
in. Tho general assembly of Virginia haa
tdopted a resolution lemovlng JuiIko J.
W. O. Illackslone, o( tho Eleventh cir
cuit, from olllce on grounds ot Imtnoi
allty and gross neglect ol ofllclal duty.
Indana Democrats havo declared
themsolves (or llryan.
Rhode laland Republicans will send
tinlnstructod delegates.
Tramp are raining, much trouble on
nil Psclflo coast railroads.
Iowa Democrats have Indorsed llryan
and the Nebraska platform.
The Illlnola Republican convention
has Indorsed Cannon and declared (or
tarlfl revision.
Admiral Kvaus has answered tho
critics ol the battleships, saying tho
armor Itelt Is not too low.
Itallroad hnvo decided to attack tho
rate laws of Illinois and Missouri um
der Ilia Hupreino court decision.
The condition ol Benator Penrose, of
Pennsylvania, la raid to be very gravo
and little hopo la held out (or recovery.
A severe earthquake In tho City of
Mexico greatly terrified the people,
cracked numerous walla and stoppod
clocks all over the city.
Williams, Democratic leader of tho
house, has offered to suppoit some of
Roosevelt's ineaaurea If iio will sccuro
couio Republican votes.
The Htst department Is without do
tails of the reasons for Kmporor Wil
liam refining to rerelvo Dr. Hill as
amawndor (rum the United BUtes to
Ruef'a ball has been reduced from
11,118,000 to 171)0,185.
Louisiana's state primary law has
been declared unconatltutlcnal.
Tho llect at Magdalrwa hay Is making
rapid progioss with Its target practice
I,t Follotto says Standard Oil and
Morgan control tho money ol tho na
tion. United Htates Bcnator Penrose Is
critically III at his homo In Phlladol
Drury Lano theater, ono ol tho moat
famous In (.ondou, lias been couiplotoly
destroyed by lire.
Six flremon wero hurt whllo fighting
n tiro at Boventconth and Valonola
streets, Ban Francisco.
Ban Francisco police havo stoppod A
play called "Millionaire's Revons.0,"
founded on tho Thaw caso.
John W. Stewart has been appointed
Unltod Htates sonntor from Vonnont to
succeed the Into Benator I'roctor.
Moro than a score of persons wore
hurt by the derailment of an InlernrWm
car on the Ann Arbor brnnoh of tho
Dotrolt United railway.
Following tho decision of tho Bu
promo court on tho Minnesota rato law.
It Is said tho validity of a number of
fltato laws will bo nttnekod.
China has invited Uio battleship Hoot
to visit her ports.
China Is very blttor against tho Jap
anoao and tho boycott la crowing.
A wind and ruin storm In Louisiana,
Mississippi and Alabama has dono
great damngo to property.
Tho annual lumber cut In Mlohlgan
has dwindled to loss than lialf ot what
It was In 18B8. Tho total of 1007 was
43,684,000 foot.
Chinese Declaro Boycott on Oapanoso
Canton, Marsh 24. Tho greatest ln
dlgnntlou provnlls hum oaglnat tlm gov
ernment (or yluldlng In tho Japoneso
deinatids In tho Talaii Matu caso, It
being considered that tho govornmont's
notion In this matter haa brought dls
gnico upon this province. Tho Belt
Government souloty of Canton has or
ganlred several mounter Indignation
meetings, at which resolutions wore
adopted that the anniversary of tho re
lease of the Tats ii Maru bo obsorvod as
a day of public mourning. Tho resolu
tions also declared n boycott agnlnst
Japanese goods.
Morn than 60,000 persons attended
tho mass meetings hold yesterday ;
buildings worn draped In mourning and
20 or more orators delivered denuncia
tory sKoches. Among tho speakera
was a lli-yenr-old, whore declaration
against tho Japanese caused the greatest
A great number of thoso who had as
aomhlod thereupon divot ted themsolvos
of Jawneso-inado trntmorits, Including
raps and hsndkerrhlcfs, and mado a
lingo lionllro of them. Ono dealer In
Jitjwnoso goods offered to sacrlflco his
entire stock.
Tho mooting recommended tho Im
peachment of Yuan Bhl Kal of tho
board of foreign affalra for weakness In
yielding lo tho Japanese.
EfTocIs of ths Hecont Panic In East
and Houih.
New York, March St. In a canvass
of the country to asceitaln tho number
ot.unemploycd men, dispatches luivo
been received (mm many Industrial
centers with reports of conditions, and
from these It Is estimated that moro
than ono million men are minus fobs.
Tho reports Indicate moro than 000,000
unemployed In the chief cities and
nearly 003,000 In the states outsldo the
That there aro more'unemployed men
and women In Now York City today
than at any previous tlmo In many
years paat Is the bollof of union leadeta,
charity workers and ittidenta of social
conditions. Estimates of the number
out of work vary from 100,000 to 600,
000. II Is probable that half of the
latter number, or 260,000, Is about cor
Tho following estimate Is given by
responsible lalor leaders; Carpenters.
10,000; tailors, 8,000; rockmen and
excavators, 8,000; bricklayers, 7,000;
laborers, 20,000 houiestnlths, 0,000;
asphalt workers, ",000; paprrhangors,
3,000; painters, 7,000; rockdrlllrrs,
2,000; engineers, 2,000; pavers, 2,000;
plasterers, 2,000; steamfltters, 600;
sheet metal workers, 600; compositors,
2,000; pressmen, 1,000; miscellaneous
trades, 20,000; unorganised labor, 145,
000; total, 260,000.
Intarststa Commsrca Commtsslon'Has
No Control Over Ocesn.
Washington, Mnre.i 24. A decision
was promulgated today by tho Inter
stato Commerce commission In ono of
the most Important rases It has been
called upon to determine for soma time.
It Is that ni tho Cosmopolitan Import
ing company, a Philadelphia organisa
tion, chartered under tho laws of New
Jersey, against the Hamburg-American
Packol company, tho North German
Lloyd Btramshlp company, tho Wilson
(Hull) lines and tlio Scandinavian
American lines.
The complainant's petition was Mod
with the commission nearly a year ago,
Botno tlmo sulwoqucntly tho defendants
tiled a demurrer, attacking tho juris
diction of tho I literal to Commerce
The opinion in tho caso, which Is
very voluminous, was prepared by
Commissioner Franklin K. Lan.
In brief, and In effect, tho commis
sion decides against itsolf. It holds
that it has no authority over oceanlo
transportation and thus determines Uio
caso advorsoly to tho contention of Uio
Robbsrs Mska Rich Haul.
Reno, Nov., March 24. Throe rob
bers, heavily armed, overcame Edward
Hoffman and n companion on a road
two miles from Hawhldo lato this after
noon, threw thorn to the ground, and
mado oft In tholr victims' two-horse
rig, taking gold nml bank notes amount
Ing to about $47,000 with thorn. The
monoy was consigned to tho Coalition
Mining company at Rawhide to Ixt used
In paying miners' wages and to meet
tho final payment on ono of tho proper
tits puruhnsod last wook by tho Coali
tion company. Tosses nro in pursuit.
Hundreds Perish at Sea.
Toklo, March 24. Tho Muttu Maru,
a 000-ton coasting steamer belonging to
Uio Yuson Kalshn lino, was sunk in a
collision with the Htdeyoshl Maru, OOfl
tons, at 2tS0 o'olook this morning two
miles oft Todohokko, near Hakodate.
Tho captain of the Mutsu M,Aru, a n
jorlty of her 244 passongerr. and 43 of
the crew porithed.
Friday, March 27.
Washington, Marsh 27. Tho Aid
rich hill wns pntaixl by tho senate to
day by a vote of 42 to 10, In the main
a party vote. I'rovlous to tho taking
of tho vote on tho Aldrloh bill, a voto
was taken on tho Ualley stibstluto au
authorising tho government, Instead of
tho national banks, to Initio tho emer
gency circulation (or which tho hill
provides, Tho vote on tho aubatltute
stood 42 to 13, and thli voto wss en
tlroly partlesn, even La Follotto catt
ing If Is vole with Hie Republicans. Tho
bill has boon beforo tho senato since
January 2. Tho voto was not reported
until after 0 p. rn. and tho gallorlrs
wero practically empty.
As paed, tho bill provldea fur not
rnoro tnan $600,000,000 of omorgenoy
currency to bo Isstiod to national bunks
upon tho doposlt by thorn of stato,
county and municipal bonds to bo ap
proved by tho secretary of the treasury.
The currency Is to bo Issued with a
view of securing an equitable distribu
tion of the currency over tho United
Btatcs, and in accordance with the un
impaired capital ami surplus o! banks
In oaoh stato. Hanks are to pay for
this emergency circulation or.o-lmlf of
ono per cent a month durlmr tho first
four months II Is circulated and after
ward three-quarters of ono per cent a
Tho bill provides that national banks
shall not pay less than 1 per ront on
government funds depo lted with them.
As amended today, tho bill carries
an Important change In hanking laws
relating to Innk reserves. This amend
ment provides that of tho 16 per cent
reservo required to bo kept by banks
not In reservo cltUe, four-fifths Is to bo
kept In tho vaults 3f tho bauks, and of
that amount one-Uilrd can br In the
form of securities of the kind required.
Wahlngton, March 27. The houre
parsed 300 piivato pension bills, at tho
rate of ten a minute.
An urgent deficiency appropriation
bill approprlstlng $3,000,000 for carry
Ing on tho .work of the Washington
naval gun factory was passed.
Thursdsy, March 20,
Wsshlngton, Msrch 20. Although
the senato met today wlUi the Inten
tion of devoting tho entire time of the
session to the currency bill, tho ere
dentlsls ot Senator-elect John Walter
Hmlth, of Maryland, early becarno the
subject of a dlpcusalon that conmined
marly (our hours and destroyed all
hepo of dlrjKMlng of tho currency bill
beforo adjournment today.
The result of the delate on tho pro
priety of swearing In Mr. Smith was a
vote of 34 to 30 In (avor of receiving
his credentials and leaving the regu
larity of his election to be considered
by the committee on privileges and
elections, and by tho senate later.
Waihlngton, March 20. Moro shafts
of sarcasm and invective wero aimed at
President Roosevelt in the Jhouio of
representatives today. In ono of the
most scathing arraignments of a publlo
olllcur evor heard In that chamber,
Ileal), of Texas, charged the president
with having been guilty ot "a dtigust
ing usurpation of power," not only
toward tho national legislature, but
tho Judiciary as well.
When Uio agricultural appropriation
bill was read for amendment today,
Macon, of Arkansas, endeavored to
havo Ineertod as a new provision his
bill prohibiting tho dealing in futures
in agricultural products, but the chair
sustained a point of order agalnrt it.
Scott, of Kanras, In charge of the bill,
expiessod his entlro sympoUiy with the
proposition which, howevor, hs instat
ed should bo acted on Independently.
On a point ot order the several new
stations wero stricken from the bill.
Thoso stations woro proposed to bo lo
elated In Texas, Ksnras, Virginia,
Mlohlgan, Vonnont, Missouri and Indi
ana, Wednesday, March 25.
Washington, March 25. A good deal
ot progress was mado by tho senato to
day in disposing of proposod amond
monts to the Aldrlch currency bill. It
was evident throughout the sosslon that
the bill will bo perfected in tho form
approved by the finance committee, as
no proposition that (ailed to receive
the sanction ot the committee received
any substantial support. The amend
merits repoitsd by the commlttoo wore
all adopted without opposition and
then ono sonator aftor another offoied
additional amendments which, oxcopt
In the ones of ono proposod by Dupont
and one by Lodgo, woro voted down,
Washington, Maroh 26. In tho
course ot a blttor denunciation of Uio
president, on the lloor of the house ot
representatives today, Btanloy, of Ken
tucky, com pa rod him with Aloxandor
Hamilton, whom ho designated "an
obsouro adventurer," and both of
whom, ho said, bad profound con
tompt for tho constitution and display
ed ovorlasting Impatlonco with its re
etraints. Tho preshtont wan a man
who relished glamor and who bocatuo
Intoxicated by applause. On Uio other
hand, he said, Mr. Bryan had the re
spect ol tho country us a statesman and
was trusted as a man.
When Bcolt, In chargo ot tho agricul
tural appropriation bill, today sought
unanimous consent to limit to five
hours further dobuto on tho bill, Hill
mr. of Now York, objected. That ac
tion forced tho houso to a vole, and It
was agreed to conflno general do bate to
four hours Instead of five.
A plea (or homesteads for farmers
of .120 acres Instead of 100 acres was
mado by French, of Idaho.
Tho romslndor of tho session was do
voted to brief speeches by Griggs, of
Georgia, who gave notice of an amend
rneont increasing by $100,000 the ap
propriation (or tho Investigation of
soils; by Roll, of Georgia, who favored
governmental aid to publlo roada; Kb
lerbe, of Booth Carolnla, who also fa
vored lncroesed appropriations (or soli
Tuosdsy, Msrch 24.
Washington, March 24. Upon the
conclusion of Benator La Follette's
speech on the Aldrlch currency bill In
the senate today, a plan was decided
upon by which Bonator Aldrlch will
tomorrow move to tako up tho bill and
continue Its consideration until It has
beon dlsjiosod of.
Aldrlch asked (or unsnlrnous consent
to dispose of tho bill beforo adjourn
ment Thursday, but to that propoeltlcn
La Follotte objoctcd, on tho ground Uiat
he feared debato would bo curtailed by
such procedure.
The colloquy which resulted In Aid
rlrh'a announcement followed tho con
rlualon of tho third and last Installment
of La Follette's speech In opposition to
the Aldrloh bill. La Follotto declared
the statement that the Industries of
this country wore controlled by leas
than 100 men had been attacked as sen
sational. Declaring that such was not
the case, he said that he had been too
conservative, and that In (act a much
smaller number of men dominated the
Washington, March 24. Determina
tion to conduct a filibuster on all occa
sions whero opportunity presented it
self, In order to force the Rebpnblleana
to action en an employers' liability bill
and other measures deemed necesslsry
of enactment was announced by WM
llamnis, of Mississippi, In tho house
of reprerentatives'today during tho con
aideratlon of Uie agricultural bill. He
said he bad waited until today to see
some evidences of nn Intention to trans
act business which the peoplo wero de
manding, but, finding nono, had reach
ed tho conclusion that the tlmo wss
ripe to forco Uio hand of tho Republican
party. Tho Democrats cheered tho an
nouncement. Monday, March 23.
Washington, March 23. The senate
today for the fifth time in the present
session adjournod becauso death had
robbed the body of ono of its members.
The untimely death of Senator Bry
an, who was familiarly known as tho
"baby" of the senate, a title which he
took prldo in, came homo to the senate
wlUi more force than any which had
precodod it. There was no other sub
ject of conversation prior to and after
the session than Uio (act that the mor
tality record of the present session is
greater than In any previous entire
con great.
Washington, March 23. A scene
somewhat out of the ordinary was en
acted In the houso of representatives
todsy becsuso of a chargo made by
Mann, ot Illinois, that Suiter, of Now
York, hsd put Into Uio congressional
Record what purported to be a speech
delivered by him last Saturday, but
which Mann charged was not the ono
A letter addressed to Speaker Cannon
from Representative Charles K. Little
field, of Maine, tendering his resigna
tion as member of congress, to tako
effect September 30 next was read.
After passing a number ot measures
relating to tho District of Columbia,
among them an amendment prohibit
ing betting on horse races tat Denning
ton's track, the house adjourned out of
respect to the lato Benator Bryan.
Saturday, March 21.
Washington, March 21. Almost the
entire session of the senate was con
sumed with consideration ot the legis
lative, exocutlve and Judlolal appropri
ate bill. Tho bill finally passed car
ried an appropriation of $32,045,031,
tho amount added to tho house bill by
tho senate being $042,718.
Washington, March 21. Without
being materially amended In any form,
tho fortification appropriation bill was
passed by Uio house today. During the
closing debate Uie War department was
orltlalaod by several members regard
ing tho money spent on fortifications at
Bublg bay, whloh, it was charged, was
wasted, in view of a later recommenda
tlcn that tho defenses at Cavl'e be
strengthened, Criticism Ukewieo was
offcrod to the eat I mates ot tho depart
ment, which recommended an appro
priation ot over $30,000,000, whloh it
was said could not havo been expended
within ten yoars.
House Committee Votes to Forfeit
Rsllrosd Land Grants.
Washington, March 23. Two mil
lion acrea of land In California and
Oregon votted In the Oregon A Califor
nia Railroad company, owned by the
Central Pacific and controlled by K, II.
Harrlman, will be subjected to suit (or
recovery of title by the United States,
If action tskon by the committee on
publlo lsnds Is sustained by the house.
The committee agreed to report favor
ably without amendments a resolution
which has already passed tho senste,
empowering and directing the attorney
Sencral to nrlng suits (or Uio recovery
y the United Stales of the title to the
public lands granted to certain Western
rallrosd companies In cases whero tho
conditions stipulated In tho grants havo
not txen complied with such condi
tions, (or example, as governed the
grant of land to the Oregon & Califor
nia Railroad company in the sixties.
Under the grant the land was to be
Uirown open by the company (or sale to
bona fide settlors of the United States
nt not more than $2 60 an acre and in
parcels not exceeding 100 acrea each.
It is charged that some of this lsnd was
sold by the Oregon A California railroad
In violation of the conditions named.
The refusal of K. II. llarriman, an
nounced by him at the Irrigation con
grets at Bacrmonto last year, io sell
any portion of Uie remaining 2,000,000
acres, led to the introduction by Senator
Fulton of the resolution whlch.tho pub
lic lands commltteo acted on favorably
today. Chairman Mondell was author
ised to draw Uie report of tbe commlt
too, which he will do this week.
Undertakes to Cet New Laws Through
Washington, March 23. President
Roosevelt has determined on a legisla
tive program the enactment of which
will be nrged upon congress in a special
message which he said today will go in
this week. Each of tho measures to be
proposed involves perplexing dlftVnl
tles and each will have far-reaching
effects on business and economic condi
tions ot the country. Tho program is
tbo product of Important conferences
through which tbe president has been
put in possession of tbe views of all In
forests concerned. Likewise the atti
tude of the leaden in both branches of
congress has been made known. Its
success depends upon Uie combined
effort, which he believes can be brought
to bear in behalf of the whole plan by
thoso affected especially by some one of
its feature.
The program Includes:
A declaration In favor of revision of
tho tariff In a special season to bo hold
aftor March 4, 1000.
An amendment to the Sherman anti
trust law so as to make Important con
cessions to combinations of both labor
and capital.
Limiting the powers of certain courts
in tbe use of the injunction in labor
Passage c( an employers' liability
Passage ot tho Aldrloh financial bill.
Will Urge Congress to Create Gov
ernment Department.
Washington, March 21. At Uie con
cluding session yesterday, of the execu
tive council of Uie American Federation
of Labor it was decided to urge upon
tho house committee on labor the neces
sity for the passage of the pending bill
creating a department of labor, Uie
had ot which shall be a member of Uie
president's cabinet.
It was decided to mako a vigorous
effort to secure the passage of laws in
the various state legislatures (or the
abolition of child labor. A memorial
of protest similar to the ono presented
to congress yosterday is to bo sent to
organised labor and the publlo general
ly; It will be prepared by a committee
consisting ot President Gompers, Secre
tary Morrison and Vice President O'Con
noil. Tho counoll was not notified that tho
hill of grievances presented to Vice
President Fairbanks yesterday was laid
beforo the senate and referred to tbe
commlttoo on judiciary.
Indictments Are Dismissed.
San Frnnoleco, March 23. Judge
Dunne this morning dismissed Uie four
remaining extortion Indictments against
K. E, Bohmlts, with the recommends
tlon that the rase be submitted to an
other grand Jury, and announced that
Thoodoro V. Halsey will be brought to
trail for bribery as soon as as the court
Is able to take up his case. Henry Ach,
attorney for Abraham Ruef, was In
formed by Judge Lawlor that he must
mako a complete showing in the matter
of affidavits in the immunity contract
hearing by next Wednesday.
Tillman Seriously III.
Columbia, B. O., Maroh 23. United
States Senator Tillman is seriously 111
at his home at Trenton, this state,
suffering from a nervous attack due, it
is believed by hla physicians, to hard
Sapfgn.8 (tart Sets Aside Kail-
read Sate Statutes.
State Csnnot Forbid Rssort to United
Statas Court Affects Minne
sota and North Carolina.
Washington, March 24. In refusing
to grant to Attorney .General Young,
of Minnesota, a writ of habeas corpus
releasing him from tho penalty impos
ed by the United States District Court
for the district of Minnesota on the
charge of contempt of court In institut
ing a proceeding In a state court for en
force ment of the railroad rate law after
the Federal court had prohibited such a
course, and in affirming tbo decision of
Judge Prltcbsrd, of tbe United States
Circuit court for the Western district
ot North Carolina, discharging from
imprisonment James II. Wood, a ticket
agent of Uie Southern railway at Ashe
vllle, after he had been sentenced by
Uie Aaheville police court to serve a
term on tbe rocknlle on the chanre of
collecting for a ticket on that road a
greater price than was permitted by the
state railroad law the Supreme court of
tbo United Slates today added another
to tho series of decisions which have
rendered notable the present term of
that court.
In both cases tbe right of states to
fix rates (or railroad transportation wss
Uie isauo, arid both Involved conflicts
between the Federal and Uie state
courts. The decision in each case was
opposed both to the states and to their
courts. The opinion of the court in
both cases was announced by Just lea
Peckbsmand, with Uie exception of
Justice Harlan, all the other members
of the court stood behind htm in Uie
announcement ot tbo court's finding.
The court decided that by reason of
the enormous pensltice provided In the
rato laws by way of fines sgalnat tbe
companies and imprisonment of their
agents and employes, Uie companies,
are in effect prevented from ever ques
tioning tbo validity of these laws, as
the ritk of confiscation ot property and
Imprisonment of agents' In case the
companies failed In their defense was
too much to undertake in order to ob
tain a Judicial decision of Uie quesUoa
of such validity.
The question of sufficiency ot Uie
rates to enable Uie company to obtain
some return to its stockholders for
their investments baa for many years
been held to be one for the courts to
decide, as it would be a violation of the
constitution of Uie United States to nx
rates so low as to bo confiscatory, if en
The laws providing rates for trans
portation of passengers and freight la
the two caeca under consideration havo
been held by the courts below to be so
low as to be substantially confiscatory
and should, therefore, not be enforced
until after further trials. The courts
had jurisdiction to make such-an order.
Federation bf Labor Loses Again ts
Buck Stove & Range Company.
Washington, March 24. American
Federation ot Labor President Gompers
and others ot that organisation were
permanently enjoined from "conspir
ing, agreeing or combining to restrain,
obstruct or destroy" the business ot tbe
Buck Btove A Kange company In a de
cision rendered by Chief Justice Cla
baugh, of tbe Supreme court ot the
District ot Columbia today, making
permanent Uie temporary injunction of
Justice Gould against the federation in
that case. The federation's counsel
Immediately noted an appeal cto the
District ccurt of Appeals.
Today's decision bars the federation
from In any manner calling the atten
tion of the public to Uio business of the
Buck Stove & Range company or tbe
flatting ot that company on Uie "unfair
1st," and from stating that Uie com
pany's products should not be pur
chased either in Missouri or elsewhere.
Dlsmonds In California,
Orovllle, Cal., March 24. Havo dia
mond mines been discovered in Chero- '
kee and Orovllle? This Is the question
that Is on the tongue ot nearly every
citlxen of the two cities today as the
result ot tbe finding ot two diamonds
In Cherokee, near Orovllle, and one in
Uie latter city. Tho first two were
found on the property being prospected
in Cherokee by a company ot whloh M.
J. Cooney la manager and the third was
panned out by an Indian on a claim in
Orovllle. Experts pronounce the stones)
to be ot good quality.
Profits of Sugar Trust.
Boston, March 24. -The annual re
port ot Uio American Sugar Refining
company for December 28,1907, was
Issued to Uie stockholders today. The
profit and loss Recount shews set earn
ings for the year 1007 of $8,749,981.