The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 27, 1908, Image 7

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Dr. ILirtmnn has claimed for many yean that Peruna is an EXCELLENT
CATAMIH JIEMEDY. Bo mo of tlio dootor'i critic bavo disputed the doctor's
claim a to tho eflloaoy of Fornna. (
Blnoo the Ingredient of 1'eruna are no longer a secret, what do the medi
cal authorities say ooncemln tho remedlei of which Foruna i composed f
Tako, for imtnnoe, tho Ingredient HYDItABTIB CANADENSIS, OR
GOLDEN SEAL. Tho United States Dispensatory says of this herbal reraody,
that It Is largely employed In tho treatmont of dopraved mucous membranes,
chronic rhinitis (nasal catarrh), ntonlo dyspepsia (catarrh of tho stomach),
clironio Intestinal catarrh, catarrhal Jaundlco (catarrh of tho liver), and In
diseased mucous membranes of tho pelvic organs. It Is also rocommonded for
tho treatmont of various forms of diseases poouliar to women.
Another Ingredient of I'oruna, COEYDALIS FORMOSA, U ohusod In tho
.United Slates DUponsatory as a tonic.
V j OEDItON HEEDS is another Ingredient of Foruna, an excellent drug that
has been very largely overlooked by tho medical profession for tho past fifty
The United States Dispensatory says of the action of cedron that it Is used as
K bitter tonlo and in the treatment of dysentery, and In intermittent diseases
OIL OF COPAIBA, another Ingredient of Peruna, Is claseed by tlio United
States Dispensatory as a mild stimulant and diuretic. It acts on tho stomach
and intestinal tract. It aots as a stimulant on the genitourinary membranes.
Useful In chronio cystitis, chronlo dye
entery and diarrhea, and some chronlo
diseases of the liver and kidneys.
These opinions as to tho ingredients
of Peruna aro held by all writers on
tho subject, including BarUiolow and
BAYS It is appllcablo to stomatitis
(catarrh of tho mucous surfaces of tho mouth), follicular pharyngitis (catarrh
of tho pharynx), chronlo coryza (catarrh of tho head). This writer classes
bydrastls as a stomachic tonic, useful In atonlo dyspepsia (chronio gastric
ttttarrh), catarrh of the duodenum, catarrh of the gall duct, catarrh of tho
Intestines, catarrh of tho kidneys (chronio Brlght's disease), catarrh of the
bladder, and catarrh of other pelvlo organs.
BARTHOLOW REOARDS COPAIBA as an excellent remedy for chronio
eatarrh of tho bladder, chronio bronchitis (catarrh of tho bronchial tabes),
BARTHOLOW STATES THAT CUBED, an Ingredient of Peruna, pro
mot the appetite and digestion, increases the circulation of the blood. Uio
ful in chronlo nasal catarrh, follicular pharyngitis (catarrh of the pharynx),
increasing the tonicity of tho mucous membrane of Uie throat. It also re
lieves hoarseness. Useful In atonlo dyspepsia (catarrh of the stomach), and in
chronlo catarrh of the colon and rectum, catarrh of the bladder, proctorrhea,
and chronio bronchial Directions.
UILLSPAUOU, MEDICINAL PLANTS, one of tho most authoritative
work on medicinal herb In tho English language, In commenting upon
COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS, says that It act on the pneumognstrlo and
vaso motor nerves. It incroases tho secretion of the mucous membranes in
general In the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Carolina,
colllnsonla canadensis I considered a panacea for many disorders, Including
headache, colic, cramp, dropsy and Indigestion. DR. BCUDDER regards It
highly a a remedy In chronlo diseases of the lungs, heart disease and asthma.
These citations ought to be sufficient to show to any candid mind that Fo
rnna Is a catarrh remedy. Barely, such herbal remedies, that command the
ntbuslastio confidence of the highest authorities obtainable, brought together
In proper combination, ought to make a catarrh remedy of tho highest efficacy.
This is our claim, and we are able to substantiate this claim by amplo
Our Poruna Tablot
Is Poruna With
Fluid Romovod.
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T IU.I rnill Ttm and Hairy I'Unl
Calaluat In lb Northwnt
192 Front St., Portland. Oregoi
u4 oa Wrfir from
"20 Mule Team Borax'
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ri,nicr.o. ron evenv
MtN, eova, womch, Miaacs and children,
atom. W. L. Douiflmm tnakoa ant aoHa mora E
,-., than any at liar mattufaeturar lit thm ., i
AWSa) world, Scoavag thms hold thalr v8
mnmHtf fH ballar, wmar lajigmr, ana
SCV "f of fir 91 me vttum than anyotharmv?. "
WQ- of fir a alar vahim than anyt
"' mlioam Mia knarltl iotm v.
W.L Oouilai $4 and $5 GPt Das Shots Cnol B Eouilltd At Am Pike
"' IJTUII. W.I. WKiTuMm ai4 Ml1lmtl on lioitom. Tmttrttm MakalllMl.
r"''1.' ' ahoodralrra rmjwUl. tlliuaa puilf-l Irnna fnoft lo nr tt of Ik wmIi. IUu
itW(llof iiMiaMJikAllM. V. 1- UUlIilLAlii Hnaklu, Mm. .
Your Baking
K C BnklnE: Powder will do It! Get
a can. Try it for your favorite cake. If
it dpesn't raise better, more evenly, higher,
if it isn't daintier, more delicate in flavor,
we return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal.
Pure, Wholesome,
aVl ', ' WtMKHISKBVbll -W!lllU 'SBkH
TV v 9iOiCH.BHBi S. 'ii iftW V lssb.lH
AiinitiB the rmitsint of tlio lllnckfrvt Indian, who inco nininl over the
territory of .MonlJiim mid Wjroniliic. on tlio past sldo of tlio Itocklca and b
tMwti tlK Wllowntono and MUnourl rlvcni, iiimI who witu one of tlio inout
rrnHntiii trlUii Hint tlic wliltu rn'o linn iwounU'tu'd on the nllnnt, tho
wwmlilp of tho nun ntlll tnirrlvrt Anionic tlit Ulnckfifl, n among the more
untied and dvllltrd lncii, un wnrnhlp wan tliocwitral jnrt of their rvllKoln.
They Mlpird thcinjiclvpH to Ik tho children of tho Krent luminary, and It
vn tho minimi! of motluTu to hold up thi'lr rhlldivu to lc blowd ly tlio
U-itrim of tho rlslni: mm. Our llliutratlon lUiik-tini; wioli n fcitio Is by tho
"onwlxiy nrtlHt." Otuirtcs M. Itusscll, and Is riiruilui-d from tho Illustrnttd
Ixindon Nowk.
Cutinlrr lnillr mm Hi- Vra aind
Itrtrlopa rnltinat M)lor"
"Ologlitii" linve for yearn Ini-n tell
Ine iMHinln' dUpnltloini hy the Ihiiiii
in their tutulx. the llnrn on their hands,
tho- contour of their facvn, their hand,
writing and a dotcn or more other
method. Now a new "ology" has como
Into tho field, called "shoeoloCT "; ana
hy It the ciihhler to whom you take your
hoes can tell whether you aro "miiiare"
or "crooked," levelhendiM or ratue
hralne1, Milfllm, or nalnntaklwr. fkl
mlnde.1 or stuhhoni and fto on ad Infini
tum, says tho Coliimhun DlKpntch.
fVilimitnn linit mm "ulioeoloc St. IIS
I Darld Cniwaily, a pohhler who alo
owns a mnall hIhhi store. Just aa a
man'a hnndwrltlnu or his eye or thi
way ho wtnni hi clothlns betray nwno
rlinrneterlatle linrt of IllN nntlln. Kl
docs Uio way ho weani his nboes out
alttt tell Its story.
Why It ta so, even to certain ex
tent, Mr. Cawndy doesn't pretend to
explain. Tho nhapo of the foot ha
omethlne to do with tho way tho shoe
wear out: the way n man walk ban
a Kreat ileal more. Hut why tho honcut
man walks ono way and tho illtlionp:
mini wolkH nnother, or why the heels of
chnniceablo men nr Inellnwl ono way
and tho heel of atulitiorn men Inclined
tho other, In n iniwtlon yet to lio nolveil.
Tho man who wears his nolo oft
across tho too will steal," said Mr. Can
sndy, "Hut Just think of the women's
hoc that como In here woni out that
wayt" nald another.
-Well, what of It? Won't women
pilfer llttlo thlnpi quicker than n man?
Thej tako llttlo thlnpi where n man
wouldn't tako tho chance, because bo
known tho value Isn't enough to nsk
th chance of bclnn caught. Look at
tho shoplifter.
"Now, a man who wears his shoes
off evenly acroas tho bottom Is n pretty
level-headed sort of n chap, lie doesn't
go off half-cocked and when ho nays n
thine you can pretty generally bank on
It." Ilo thought It over before ho said
"Hut when the shoo wears out on the
outsldo of the ole look out for that
mmi. I in Isn't a man of his wont Don't
extend any credit to him, tiecouno you're
liable not to got paid, noa nauio to
be a pretty slippery customer In n
"How about thco shoea?" asked an
other listener as ho hold up hU tor In
spection. "I cau't tell anything about tho
solea, because you'vo JiiBt had thorn
monded. Hut I can tell by tho counter
that you're changoablo In your nature.
You're not n steadfast as you should
be. Pull your shoo off,H ami ns It wnB
handed to him ho said; "Now If you'll
look down on that tdioo from tho top,
or from tlio back, you'll sea that tho
oountur la swung Inward. Tho man
who breaks his counter down toward
th inside of hi foot U changeable in
his nature. It lon't wry marked In thM
shoe, so you're not no lad."
"What about the man who wears bl
heel off on the outsider
"Krery one ilotii that. It doesn't
mean anything In 'shoeology.' Hut there
arc men who wear their sumii out
lujuarvly ou the back of the heel como
down so hard they break tho counters
down. All I've Rccii have belonged to
sucwfuiful men."
"Ih there any difference between Uio
way fat men and slim men wear out
their hoer
"Not that l'vo noticed. They wcor
them about tho samo as other txwple."
In Rlflirfrne,
It la fortunate that the various theo
ries In regard to the training of tho
young do not maku no very much differ
ence, after all, and that tho little In
dividual grows up. Bomehow, Into the
mau or woman It wan intended to be.
The Washington Htar has n story, told
by n well-known Instructor who holds
to the old-fashioned Ideas. He iwiyB.
I place little de'iendcuce upon moral
suasion. Good healthy boy under moral!on hare too easy a time of It.
They get out of hand.
There Is a friend of mine who Is
rcarlne a family of klx lioys with tho
help of moral suanlon. The mild llttlo
ehiip nrgued the matter the other night
nt the club.
"And do you believe." said I, "that
moral suasion Is better than corporal
punishment for big, Uisty boys like
"Vck," Mild my friend.
"And do you mean to say jou hav
never whlpjiod your boya?" I asked.
"Aa true as I sit here," nnswered my
friend, earnestly, "I havo never id rue!;
one of my children except In Mf -do-fen
Tho UrllWh Ilrred.
Hrltlsh bred animals, whether they
bo horws, cattle, sheep or even pigs,
aro auperlor to all others In quality
and stamina. There Is samo strange
nnd admirable power In our soil which
puts a atroneer fiber and a more on-
during stump of excellence Into the
nvo stock bred in our Islands than are
found In tho samo breed or siecles In
nny other part of tho world. London
A City of. llHppy llomca.
Dublavln took n walk In tno ccmo
tcry, where he notlcel on tho tomb
stones, "Good Husband," "Good Wife,"
"Good Boiu"
"It Is evidently hero that the happl
est homes are fouud," ho reflected.
Noa Lolsira.
It Wiikii't Much,
Dlgg You evidently don't smoke
HIggs Wny do you think I don't
Dlmrs I Inferred as much fnun thn
cigar you're smoking now. Illustrated
Bomo politicians bavo long Angers
and short memories.
Spring Medicine
The best is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
is the best because it docs the most good.
While it makes the blood pure, fresh
and lively, it tones the stomach to bet
ter digestion, creates an appetite, stimu
lates the kidneys and liver, gives new
brain, nerve and digestive strength.
An uncqtialcd list of curcs40,366 tes
timonials in two years proves its merit.
Snrnntnbs-Kor thMh' pr.f.r nir'Ilr,k
n iMt form, not! nftrtinii la now pii dp
n rhoro, il4 UHJ.U rkllaO HkrtAM. k wall k
tha nkl li uM fiirra
form, UaMaa vurvj i
our, inr bi
kf, orlaklNt.
rill la now vit dp
Hanklkbt hara Mtflti-
rr h' jk
rMj tha Bkm fotllt propartlaa tl.l liquid
L.1MM vatwi or do. fonTanlar. m
our, lbr blntf nti loaa lijr Wkorktloll. brakV
1. noi'j uj arnnaia "j man.
U. I. lluvJ 1.0 , ixiw.ii, ui,
rln' I hr nartf
lira. J. V. DM.
If... - .... In A ..... ,n
Vrnmn lltml'a KratrllU n fall, for (print:
Inmnra and aa enrl Mood jmtln.ri It raraa
Mmfala. itna , ha no aqual aa a cn.rU
tprtnt: mMHn It data u januloa tatUtae
tlon lo aaj thla "
I'nrrrlnar Maternal Iiaatliief.
Tby look tisctly alike, soil you dress
thruj eiactly slilc, lira. Illgbansgil,"
alJ (lie caller. "Hoar can you tall tbcm
"That lan't hard to do,' anurerrd tb
mother of the twlna. "If I alap Johnny
sail be eweira a blue strrak I know It's
To Dual- In New Sheet.
Alwafi ahake In Attcn'a Foot-XaM, a powder.
It rurraliol, awtatlna;, aj-hlnr, awollen (eel.
i urea rorna, liiitrowlng nalla and Ltinlona. At
lldrne;t;lalaandalioealerra,Zr. Donta.reett
inrauUtllule. Hra.lamalf.FllKE. Addrea
Allan H.Ulmated, U Jlo,N. Y.
Kn Wonder.
Hike How folne th' jiolaccmln la b
park look I
rat An' phoy not? Don't atch wan
hov' a nurse 7 Judge.
)x vTn.1
1 11 aw
of forded by o
Qcon -Light
4.fco at.
c at aavra .LaiBaaaar
Tlio ICIud Voit Ilnvo Always Hought has borno tho slna
turo of Clms. II. Fletcher, nnd has been mndo under his
pcmonni Hupcnmion lor over no yearn. Allow no ono
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations nnd
Junt-an-frooil" nro but Experiments, nnd endnnger tho
health of Children Uxpcriuuco ngnlnst HipcrinieuU
Castorln Is n harmless substitute for Castor OU, Pare
goric, Drops nnd Soothlnpr Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Rarcotio
substance. Its nee is its piiarantcc. 1 1 destroys "Worms
and allays Fcvcrishncss. It cures Diarrhoea, and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Tccthlnpr Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Pood, regulates the
Stomach and Dowels, Rlviitsr healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho mother's Friend.
The Kind You Ha? e Always Bought
Soars tho Signaturo of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Tm ttfrrtv eosiHw, tt humuv TitT. nrw vontt m
Then llo Warn Mad.
I n-u ,..,.v. .11. . .
.'Why don't you give the devil hi, rUU"7n tiSiV nZ
duel' bo snapped. 1
Ml can't, denr, replied his wlfej PNU No. 12-O8
"You'ro In such fine health now hell , , t M . . ' " "
mar h,. tn -.) .rhll !.-.. I T7l,Kf,f rtllna; to daertla.r pleaua)
Constitution. I '
nienllon title ppr.
Whenever a sore refuses to heal it ta because the blood is not pure and
healthy, as it should be. but is infected with poisonous rcrtas or some old
blood taint which has corrupted and polluted the circulation. Those most
usually afflicted with old sores arc persons who have reached or passed mid
dle life. The vitality of the blood and strength of the system have naturally
begun to decline, and the poisonous germs which have accumulated because
of a sluggish and inactive condition of the system, or some hereditary taint
which has hitherto been held ia check, now force an outlet on the face, arms,
legs or oth-r part of the body. The place grows red and anpry. festers and
eats into the surrounding tissue until it becomes a chronic and stubborn
ulcer, fed and kept open by the impurities with which the blood is saturated.
Nothing is more trying and disagreeable than a stunborn, non-healing sore.
The very fact that it resists ordinary remedies and treatments is good reason
for suspicion; the same germ-producing cancerous ulcers ia back of every
old sore, and especially is this true if the trouble is an inherited one.
Washes, salves, nor indeed anything else, applied directly to the sore, can
do any permanent good ; neither will rcmov-
hce or rour yean' Btandlnc. it "g uie sore wiui causuc piasters or ma
ldjo at nn uui is surgeon's untie maice a lasting cure.
Ar nv rutrfirintif rvu-ut rts?tlit t4i1 wtnftt.
xwM.fflio.edwitha.owonwr rzriir:ZM?Ui?jrzrz:
lint but It
: - -t;
fa T."ryr "StTi YSSSm eveiy paticle of the diseased flesh wera
iarmea nnout it bag
"Si 1" " Thn,ultti acn oway another sore would come, be
1Iobutctho1orcoa?inued cause the trouble is in the blood, and the
and after Uxlnsr it u vrliila X was ine cure must come uy a uionjagu cicaas-
SSpit5i,.55rhl.u?? &'! 1S of tbe blood. In S. S. S. will be found
now pur and noaitbjr xxom tzia 1 1, 1 ,
ssfeot ot a. 8. a., aud tnsro haa not a remedy for sores and ulcers of every kind.
b nT. A'f? of th8 "oro lno It is an unequalled blood purifier one that
lUUa.UWJUI. K uaacvujf iuui tuc unuwiwu nuu,
Wost Union, Ohio.
promptly cleanses it cf all poisons and
taints. It gets down to the very bottom of
the trouble and forces out every trace of im
purity and makes a complete and lasting
cure. S. 8, S. changes the quality of the
blood so that instead of feeding the diseased
parts with impurities, it nourishes the
irritated, inflamed flesh with healthy blood.
Then the sore begins to heal, new flesh is formed, all pain and inflammation
leaves, the place scabs over, ana wnen a. a. a. has purmeu me Dioou uie
Bore is permanently cured. S. S. S. is for sale at all first class drujr stores.
Write for our special book on sores and ulcers and any other dlcal advice
foaselrc. We make no charge for the book or advice.
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