The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 24, 1908, Image 1

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NO. 45
Bcnd-Slwniko Livery & StaoConipany
, J, ilVliNANDV, Prop,.
New Covered Stnp;cs between Bum! nnd Smnlko
Livery nnd Peed tables atSlmuIko and Bend,
Wo run pur rlga to ploctsc tlio public, K
Stages ItMvc'onch way ovcry day.
Rigs to nil pcU fcf Control Oregon. Careful drivers furnlBhcd
""J I now huvc it bolter outfit of bug-lo nutl homes and can give
more satHfuctory service than ever before. All kinds of light nnd
heavy livery furnished on uliorl notice nt rcnsonnble rates to nil
points In Central Oregon. Triveliuv -parties will profit by fleeing
111c before Koinu cNi-whcrc. Pur further fnfo-niutlon about stages
consult J. H. WilNA.viiY nt Bend, or W. IN KUM.KV, Agent,
Slmnlko. Oregon
Special Attention Given to Express and Baggage.
A Complete Stock of
At (lend,
Hough, Surfaced and Jouklcd
At rknd,
All Widths, Lengths and Thlckncascs'
watUr f AJir.u
0. 0. iiaitins
. ItwAtt
Bclherd at
Lew Cost
Anywhere m
The litit ef
The D. I. & r.
Co., or
(Tke C. S. I. Ce.
Central Oregon
Development Company
Construction of Stac Pipe
Is Pinched.
1 t
Superintendent RcdflelJ Is Well Sat
' 'i.n.i uiiii. til itu T.ii.vm
1 Reclaim 1 2,000 Acres.
The stave pipe that the Dcb
chutes Irrigation & Power Cotu
pnuy hns been building across the
old river bed it) the Powell Butte
neighborhood was recently complet
ed mid last Saturday water was
run through it for the first time.
The 'sparkling fluid that is to re
claim the hot and dry desert nnd
that will give life and blossom and
fruitage to a hitherto barren waste
Is noigusliing through the pipe,
carried across the old river bed to
the lauds beyond.
Thc'nfpc leaked a trifle when the
water was first run into it, but it
doesn't leak a drop now. Super
iutendent Red field is very much
pleased with the work of installing
the big pipe and says it is a perfect
piece of construction. The pipe
was made and put In by the Doug
las Pir National Pipe Company of
Olympla, Wash.
The big wooden tube is i6jq fact
long. That is over a third of a
mile in length. It is 36 inches in
diameter, or large enough to allow
the average man to walk through
it without stooping. It carries
water enough to reclaim 12,000
acres of laud. The pipe proper
comprised two car loads of lumber,
one car of iron rods, hoops, etc.,
besides n lot of local freight. This
was shipped into Shauiko from the
factory, and freighted by wagon to
the place where it is erected. The
freighting bill from Shauiko to this
section was approximately $1,800.
The contract price of the pipe was
$6,600, nnd other expenses ran the
total cost up to $1,0,000. The first
expense is quite heavy but these
pipes arc a lasting piece of work,
similar ones having been known to
last 30 or more years.
15 Central Ore
gon Banking &
Trust Company
Capital 523,000.00
Transacts a General Hank
ing Business.
Acts as Administrator, Ux
ccutor or Trustee of Ilstntos
Issues Drafts and Hank
Money Orders on all Foreign
Interest on Tlmo Deposits j
Safe Deposit , Boxes. ,
, rire insurance.
John Rtcldl, President
J, II, Heyburn, Guilder
IlI'.Nl). - OREGON
J your name an our subscription Hit?
IJ-k Ama m
When You Paint
building3, Inside or out
side, If you desire the
very best results at the
least expense you
should use
A . The .
Call for
' color cards
A Full Line of droccrles, Dry
Ooods and Hardware always on
Prlnevlllo Ainu May Mako Tortuno
from New Clolhcsllno Tightener.
Omar C. Claypool of Priueville
nns invented aim patented n very
handy contrivance with which to
tighten clotheslines, which will do
away with the old fashioned mid
unsatisfactory clothesline prop.
The Review thinks it will make
Claypool a wealthy man ns the
tightener will be desired by nil
housewives nnd will be sold at the
low price of 50 cents. The Review
describes the contrivance ns follows:
"The contrivnucc is simple so
simple that the wonder is it wns
not thought of before. It is a reel,'
five inches in diameter nnd made
of irqu. A ratchet is on the ob
vesc side, with n spriugsteel crank
to wind up the line. The crunk
carries a lip which fits into the
teeth of the ratchet, nnd the line
may thereby be held at the desired
height. Relense is effected by slni
ply drawing the crank away from
the ratchet teeth and allowing the
line to slacken nt the operator's
"The reel is iutcuded to be fast
ened by three screws (bwall or post
four feet above the ground, so as to
be convenient, while the line passes
through a small pully overhead,"
Clnypool plans to have the reel
manufactured in Chicago. He will
order about one hundred dozen and
will put thcni in the hands of
traveling men to handle a$ a side
Ranchers Around Madras Will Feed
Surplus Wheat to Porkers.
Many ranchers of this section arc
considering the advisability of got
ing into tho hog business, as a
means of getting rid of the surplus
grain produced in this section.
The plan is doubtless a good one,
nnd will not only create a market
for the grain, but will prove a most
profitable venture. Judging by the
experience of those who have tried
it, a good deal more than present
net prices can be secured out of our
wheat by feeding it to hogs.
One great obstacle to hog raising
on an extensive plan m tbis section
has been the question of water, but
that is being solved by the drilling
of deep wtrfls.
Crook county, and in fact Cen
tral Oregon is at present producing
a very small percentage of the pork
products consumed by it, and offers
a ready market for all the ham,
bacon and lard that can be produc
ed in this section. There is money
in it for the hog raiser and the farm
er, and it will keep at home thous
ands of dollars sent out every year
in payment of 'imported pork pro
ducts. rPionecr.
Gives Lumber Por New Church.
The forestry department, through
Supervisor Guy M. Ingram, has
granted Rev. C. Short of this place,
a permit to go upon the reserve
and cut 40,000 feet of logs for lum"
bcr for the ncV proposed Baptist
church building at this place. Since
the permit was granted the young
men around here are signing up a
paper saying they would cut the
trees and saw them intq logs. An
other paper is in circulation Hiking
people to subscribe what cash they
feel able to. Prom the present
outlook, Silver Lake will erect this
coming summer one of the finest
church buildings in the county.
With a new church and school
building this summer, Silver Lake
will be going some, Leader.
Sand la Well Minders Drilling
Joe Marnach is burring the work
on his deep well to completion, in
order that the well may be ready
for use by the time spring plowing
begins. The drilling is being done
by James Trotter, and they are now
working two shifts, the drill run
ning night and day. Good pro
gress U being made, although at
times the work proceeds slowly on
account of very hard rock, or on
account of sand such ns was en
countered last week, when after n
night's drilling they had npt ad
vanced more than nn inch or so, In
this instance it wns due ton stratum
of sand jtbey struck, whicl seemed
to run in nnd fill the hole ns rapidly
ns they could take it out. Madras
flow Would (letter Horses Do?
The mail was unusually late yes
terday, owiug to the stage team
running nway at Willow creek just
ns they were being hooked up. The
old team was then pressed into ser
vice and these horses didn't run
nwny; on the contrary, they stood
nt the station for about an hour, in
spite of the driver's urging. Anoth
er team was secured and about 1 1
the stage pulled out for Priueville,
arriving here at about 4. Review.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our heart
felt thanks to the friends who so
kindly assisted during tlte sickness
and death of our little daughter,
Mk. and Mrs. J, B. Stiuavxu,,
Northwest from Laid law
on Sisters Ropd.
Farmers Will Extend tho Llae through
OIt to Squaw Creek Neighbor ..
hoodr-Other News fjotes.
TpitAij, Jan. 19. Anew telephone
tine It being built by farmer from Laid
taw northwest on the Sister road Into
the Gibson and Putllani neighborhood
which will have about 14 phone. Later
tills line will be extended through the
GUt neighborhood into Squaw Creek
country, TM will be three farmers
line connecting at Laldlaw and later o
line will be built to Bend.
There i tome talk of a petition for a
rural free delivery mail route for the peo
ple between Bend and Sisters country.
Harney Lewis, Jack Wcnandy, J. Reed
er and Max Richardson oL Bend were
camping near the Tumalq oq an outing
for se7cra,l day last neck.
John D, and Chss, I,. Wlraer, Chas.
Spaugh and I, It Wiuicr were business
caller at Dend I'riday.
A soaking rain hat been falling here all
day. The ground has not been frozen
this winter and the abundance of rain
tliat has fallen has wet it to a good depth,
deeper Uian for many year and with all
proipect for more moisture a good crop
for next year Is enured.
H. C KM and bis father of Bend
were business caller In Tatnalo yester
day. v
JohuMcCormack and Mr. Haley, from
near Laid! aw, were in Tumalo today
after seed rye. I
We are sorry to here that T. A. Jensen
is still confined to his bed at Bend. We
liojx; to soon hear of his recovery.
G. V. Wimer & Sons lost a valuable
horse last week from being choked on
wheat hy. They were unable to relieve
the atiinul on account of the obstacle
being no far down near the stomach,
which would have required an operation
by a veterinary surgeon to extract it.
R. A. Puett, who owns a homestead on
the Tumalo creek, was In Tumalo I'riday
after a cow which had strayed awar-
Some ery foxy young genUeman, cot
so very far away, are making themselves
very accommodating In an unapprecia
table way of rounding up other people'
horses and colts and ridiug them for the
fuu of seeing theut buck. This may be
all right, boys, in your own estimation,
but beware! there may be time to re
pent of such unasked privileges as there
arc many complaints about such actions.
The owners of these horses wish to train
them themselves and don't approve of
these young would-be bronco bustcrs'ac
tions, who haven't any horses on the
range. A word to tub wish IS suf
VICISNT. If not other methods are.
Youne Peoplo Organlzo Into Social
Club 40 Members.
The young people of Laidlaw have
organized a Social Club for the purpuic
of establishing a reading room. They
now have 40 members and tme secured
rooms in the bank building, where each
evening from 7 to 10 the members and
Invited friends have access to much good
reading, including fifteen of the best
The east side end of the new telephone
line is up and in uorkiug order. The
connection with the west side will Ixc
made- as soon as Mr, Barnes has his
wire up,
Saturday evening about 20 friends of
Miss Isabel! Brown unexpectedly called
to remind Iter of her fifteenth birthday.
The evening was spent most pleasantly
at social games. After 11 bounteous
luncheon, the ninny friends gathered
wished their hostess many returns of the
day and returned to their homes feeling
they hod thoroughly cujoyed the even
ing. Mr. Mudd Is rapidly clearing his
eighty just west of town and expects
soon to have it set out to apples.
Mr. Tullar made a business trip to
PrinevUle Saturday,
Rev. Lilly, wife, daughter and sea
spent the early part of the week with hfs"
peopfe here, after preaching nn excellent
sermon cmpluililng the harvest that
will result from good sowing rather than
the product of bad seed. Rev. Lilly'
new teati It cty much enjoyed, and
makes it possible for the pastor family
to mingle more with their parishioner.
The new blacksmith shop recently add
ed to the ' enterprises of the town i
vety ljusy.
Traycr meeting was held Monday
night tills week because of the pastor's
Attorney Myers I in Portland on mm
iuest, Mr. Dayton has returned from a busi
ness trip to Madras,
Redmond Items.
RnmioNP, Jan. ao Chris Khret is
over InTrineviJIc taking care of the new
girl weight six pound's, Rterybody do
ing nicely.
V. J. O'Connor and wife pacd
through here Saturday night bound for
Portland, called there by the death of
Mrs. O'Connor's brother.
Mr. and Mrs. LUly were over yester
day to church -with the new team and
It was all a mistake. Mr, Buckley
did not go to Washington after alt.
Mr. Henry Khret left for home Satur
day morning after q business visit of a
week or two.
The Ladies' Aid Society wishes to an
nounce the meeting of Jan. 30 with the
Mesdames Lamb, Business of impor
tance is on band and a full attendance is
J. II. Wcnaudy came down from Bend
with the stage Saturday evening. Joe
McClay took the stage on in aad Mr. W.
returned Sunday evening.
W. E. Vbung was la a day or two
from the tree pulling job. They have
two or three thousand trees to pall.
Wm. Oakes, a brickmakerof Freeman,
W ash., was In the pvt week looking for
brick dirt. He did not find any here,
but liked the countVy very1 well from an
agricultural standpoint. He went on to
Bend on Saturday. ' "
B. A. Kendall has been pulling trees
for Mr. Chappcll and Mr. Teverley.
Miss Muma has been visiting the past
week with Mr. Eby and reports a very
pleasant outdoor picnic at Smith Rock
on Saturday. How is that for an Ore-.
Con January? '
n. c far&
iBWifigs at OW.
Nothing but fine weather.
It begins to look like we wilt liave no
ice cream next summer No ice.
Sisters Is talking of 11 rural delivery.
Why not?
Wm. Hart of Olst made final proof on
his homestead on the 15th lost. His
witnesses were M. Fhillips and Wm.
Postmaster Gist went to Bend yester
day ou business.
There can be seen these days Old
Glory soarinc iu the air above the new
school house at Gist.
Trof. Arncsmeir, teacher of the GUt
school, was a visitor at Mr. Scoggin'a
Friday eve.
Johnnie More went to The Dalles last
week after a fine span 9! horses which
he purchased some time ac.o. s
l'.txr D. Mossle was a caller at Gist
Quite a number of farmers iu the
Clovcnlale district arc plowing.
Our Sunday school at Gist Is progress
ing nicely.
Mr, and Mrs. Gist spent Saturday eve
and Sunday with friends ou the lower
desert. In their absence the boys invit
ed a number of their young friemjs to
spend the evening in games of various
kinds. Clyde was appointed chief cook
and yttlo washer, while Vern was mas.
ter of ceremonies. Clyde was very- care
ful hi selecting able assistants. Fred
McReyuolds took the priia on playing,
"On this carpet you must kuecl."
. IUvskkp.
Bv mutual consent the muter.
signed has been appointed receiver
iur want; ckxiik. .in parties uaytng
bills against the above firm please
present; accounts due the firm must
be paid at once.
it f. o, Minor.
Will nav cash for timber ralin.
qukhtaent. Address P. O. boxx8,
Priatvilk, Ocegoa. 4516