The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 10, 1908, Image 7

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A I'miaaranllva)
Thorn were wmio doubt In the com
munity ns to Hoiiut I'loyd nine for
Miltluii on tlio school board, owing
to certain liipurn In lil ftirly ediicn
ttiiui but III flrt teceh In lili nrtlclnl
cnpnclty silenced tli tongues of nil
Hn listened tn several recitation
with a grnvo mid Intercalfd nlr, and
at the fin of tlm Inst one lie nKe to
address tho school, "by request."
"Home IIiIhci ore In tny province
member of tlm wlimil bonrd, nmt niu
an not." tin onltl, with n genial mnllr
"It' within my province to My Hint
I never hoard scholar answer up more
promptly Minn you children of District
Number Three.
"Aa to whether your answer were
or were not correct, It I not my place
to eay. Your teacher know, and In
ltr hand 1 leave tin nmttfrM
lladlMMi lit the SlutptnM Tana). I.
I'rof. Joly, who in ml a geological n
imtnntlou of the stonca nnd tlio drbrls
evil eel ml during the coustriictlon of I ho
Hliuplou tunnel, rrporli that tin tin
found rtrli traces uf radium, Indicating
larger drpoalt thin liar yrt been dl
covered elwhre In Kuroi. He be
llevcs that tlio eilslenee of ao much
radium caimed th nbuuruml bent !
sloped In tba construction of tlit tun
nel, la continuing Ilia resesrehe.
Although acleutlats believe Hint ra
dium, discovered by Mm. Curl In
1002, U widely distributed over the
u...1.l Im ant II Ufa rlllH lit If ! Him Itfaawatit
principal source la tha pitchblende of Dl CMTY finiin WATFR
in.M.lm.llnl. No rlli llararla. wli.ra ail La.ll I I UUUU llnll.ll
few grelne of radium appear In a ton
of pitchblende. A pound of radium, If
It could be bought, would cot about
Beware of Ointment l for Catarrh that
v Contain Mercury,
ura.alalfitf ana. thaw hula .Jilrni
?Mlrinilllhriiu(bliif niurouaiurfarM. Much
arilalaaabiiuMliaaar t ual .ir.lilon p'
eiliillona lioia riuUtl. hlrlain, Iht
(latnatflhar ollldalalan tola lolheiomlirou
ran lblrtarl.ltumtham. Hall'.CalatiU
t'ui., ioanulaeur.l lf r J. Chen.r A Oa,
Tolado, i.,ronulna nomtieurr. andlilaiai
lnlarnallr,flnlltallr uioii lb. tlwl and
Inuraua auilarM ol Ih a;ilm. In btiflna
llail'al'alailli I ur Ultia jrou t lb. ran,
ulna. Ilia laian Intatnalir ahdmaJa InTnl.
ado. OLto, j r. J. Cbeit.y 4 Co, Tfallaaoolati
Hold fcr PrufiliU. frteo. lie, tr boltla.
TaXa nuraVanlly I'llli for couillpalloa.
JT.I Vll.l.
Datneatle Tb Idea o' your Ihlaala' !
r4 llatmlo' lo what you an Mr, Karri
oa aald when jon an' hlaa waa wrasillo't
I dlda't b.r tit flrat word a' your Utt '
MKlriaa I woulda'L ba Mla4d Ibat
M nora, Vereaa. Hut dlda't you btar
tb lail worda ot It?
"Vbat ara you rlnr to do now, cel
atirjoqulreit tb lollmat friend.
"I 'aspect to apend tba remainder ot
aij dayi," aald tb retired U teaman.
"Heine down tb Ilea tbat bar bean pub
tltbed about w In fourteen political emm
talfua.H Tb thumb baa more ureuitb (ban all
tb other Oaier loielber.
Mr. Ouablalih lie' your oeit Ira-
band, U bl Allow nit to oiler my
Mr. Mucblelfb O, you mltuodentood
me. t aald "efhuabtad."
Mra. nuahlelxb IndtedT Wall, I cw-
gratuUt you on tbat.
A dainty book In coori, called tlio
Mlnjlo Boob," will Ix) cil fret to any
Mother londlnc naino and ad.lrct o( tier
baliy, and tha toot from two one-pound
tevloontuf "iO-Wuk-Ttam" Boraa and
no In atatnp. Addrcia l'acltlo Coait
llorax Co., Oakland, Cal,
I. Mil.
Very romuumdubto la the teal dis
played In nvont ycara In tlw t-ffort to
put an vnd to tlio obnoiluua bablt uf
rxnoctorntJiiK In place frmjufntod r
tha public. Htlll. the offline would
probably bo claanod under tha hoad of
"Tcnlnr nnd It might bo wrll to nd
juat tlio punllmieut to thn crime.
Aftor crolnj on on of the ferry
lines that convey jiaaaonirra orer the
North UUer to New Jeraoy jwlnta, and
carefully considering the noialbl lojt
en! connection between the two pnrta
of tlio "Notice to PiiMengera" banglor
In complcuoua place, oue wondera If
perhaps tho reformliif lenl of tha ferry
company may uot hare carried It too
The alsna rend I "Hnlltlnit on the
floor la prohibited. Lire prtertera aw
provided for nil pnaneneera."
JMy Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your lialrj nourish It;
give It somctlilne to live on.
Then It will stop falllnc, and
will grow long and heavy.
Aycr's Hair Vigor Is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
00 years It has been doing;
just what wc claim It will do.
It will not disappoint you.
tlrktlr M4lWrr KmI. Hal afiar
lli. Ai.r'. Vli.r .ilmil nana II acan
Viaiftw.aka nowh it loM IhIih Ii
Ml aaalM a Iblalial f.fnil lIMjll
aiml iil.i..Bt Wlr"-M M.J. II. !.
llar4 lif a. Cat.
UtA O, Aft I., I vail. Ml...
Ala. aaaai.iMiar.ra
cntutr rKietu.
A railroad In Nlftrni. Africa, wilt b
conttrueted by lb llrllUh colonial cor
arnmant to iWralop th rttourrr. of tba
country, and In particular to illtuulata
tba cotton cravlnc Indmtry, Th road
will I about 40O mil. Innr
Crvea Reader Adke) Alto a Simple
Prescription to Mk a Home
Made Mliture Said ( CKa
Prompt Relief.
Now la the time when the doctor ftU
buiy, and the tent medicine manu
facturer reap the harreet, unite great
cro la taken to dreaa warmly and keep
the feet diy. Till I the advice ol an
old eminent authority, who say that
Ilheumatlatn and Kidney trouble
weather 1 hete, and alto telle what to
do In cte of an attack.
Get from any good prescription phar
macy one half ounce Fluid Kxiract
Dandelion, one ounce Compound Kar
gon, three ounce Compound Byrup Bar
taparllla. Mix by shaking In a bottle
and take a teaepconful after meal and
at bedtime, also drink plenty of water.
You can't drink too much ot It.
Just try thla elmple home-made mix
ture, and don't forget the water, at the
flrat algn ot Itlyeumatlssi. or If your
back ache) or you feet Uiat the kidney
are uot acting Just light This U raid
to be a splendid kidney regulator, and
almost certain remedy for all forma ot
rheumatism, which is caused by urlo
acid In the blood, which the kidney
fall to Alter out. Any on can 'easily
prepare this at home and at email cost.
Almost any druggist In the smaller
towns can supply the Ingredient named
as ther are commonly used In the pre
tcrlptlon department
A CrtllalaM.
"Mrs. Cuattcrton Is a perfect talktnj
"As a piece of machinery, thougn,
she lacka one detail."
"What Is thatr
'Tho oihauit." lUltlmoro American,
inrlb.tUuelur.ide.. V (IIIOVK, U.el tb
World 01 er lo l'ur a Culd In On Pay. tto
IXS.nllr Mlal.k..
"Tbat watch," said tb Jeweler, band
ing It Urif, "I one of lb kind that'
mad to Mil."
"Durn It I" liplodtd Unrla Joab. who
bad bought the timepiece at a tilate atrett
auction eatabllabmeut, "I've abowed that
there watch to 'lerrn dlffarant Jowtltra.
Tlity all tell uit t wa mad lo tell an'
ylt I can't git a blamed cent fur It no
wtmeaP Mo aart wilt And Mr. VflnttoVa 8ooihta
Sjruplha Ual ramtdr UiuaalurlUalrcbUUraa
aurlaf tb uttblug rld,
iDliutlilled ArtUt I don't Ilk eh
way you lure hung my palmlug.
Member of Commit lee Neither do I,
but 1 was outvoted. My Judgment waa
tbat It ought to he hmied.
ZSo,-AU oiccrs.80o.
Nrw nnphtliii eprlnga mid n Inrg
naphtha lnk hnvr horn illacovt'rrd
ii bout ili(lit inlli-H from Nnhllsknya
liny, In tlio HiiMlnn xirtlon of tho lal
nnd nf CiiKhnllcii.
A illnnmnd drill tri hole t),"(K) fret
ilm-p was put down In I'pper Hllraln
In Itxxt. Another Uvp liolo wim put
down on the Hnnd, Hmilli Africa, In
JDOfi, tho depth lielim u;tOI fWt.
Aiilogrntioua wuIiIIiik la succcoafully
applied by HoImtI lliipfi'ldt, n Of-rmnn
rlcttrlclnii, tn th (mlib-rllig of nlllinl
ntim wlrc n direct union of aluminum
with Aluminum Im'Iiik remllly obtnlned,
KrlckH made of ennd nnd limn nnd
hnnlciicd la the nlr urn until largely
In districts where thero la no clny from
which clay brick rnti bo mtidi. but
where nn nbumlniiou of snnd can Imj
It In stated Hint o much hnd tcen
len mill by tlu fllRht or "Nulll ttectin
due" In Iindou Hint lis nan will lit
abandoned nnd Hint a new ahlp with
rtmaldcrnhlr nltrrntlons, IiamiI nn tin
experience of the night, will bo Imitio
dlstely put III linlid.
Arctmllng tn J, IlylMiMakl, a prgree'
elve dealccntlon of the nlr mid anil I
Ihiilllfcet In tho region nf the Hildan,
Hie underlying can- being the deelrucs
Hon of thn original forest, (.'npe Venlo
la clteil aa an example. In the rich
dfiitli century the litniilt, Adnnaou,
dmcrltNil It na cuverril with n vast for
eel, whence Ha nnnio. Now the fnrrala
ant pone, the rlrrra nre dlmlnlehetl,
ahVela of water hare dlenpMnrel, and
the pmducHvrnexN of Hut will la fall
ing, until In ninny place (ho region
hn become alpiiMt alerlle. The lint I rex
bci;nn the ilretructloii of Hut furmtn lg
nnrniilly ; while men ruutlnue It fur Im
mediate aelflah end.
At ft recent meeting of the French
Academy of Helena-, the ppnratu of
Mr. Fort In for rendering vlsljde the In
ner stmcture nf thn human eye wn de
kcrltat. A very brilliant mirror la Illu
minated with n (ooter llewllt tulx.
and the light la reflected Into thn eye,
nfter trnverelng two thlcknreN of blue
glnw and being amceutratal by n tnrgo
leu Hied In a ncrren. The tdmcrver
plaaw hi eye behind the lens at such
a dlstnnai Hint the whole field appear
uniformly Illuminated. W'lint he sect
la n reflection of the Interior of lit
own eye. Tho circulation of the Mood
In the mliiuto Vermel Is visible. When
a screen plcrved with a pluholo Is pa.
ed rapidly to and fro between the eye
awl tint lena. the structure of tho fovea,
the minute Mt m the retina which Is
the inoet eeimltlve part of the eye, I
revealed. The nppnratua la dralgned tc
aid Investigations by oculUta.
Ilo.a Ar rttth h. Kroeniallr of
Kmplurlnat t'ounler Mewl..
Kvery grocer can aot up mignr ot
coffi. etc., from the ttorago blu and
tery cloeely gnugo Hut cornvt rjuantlty.
Yet he would not be willing to give It
to the ruMomcr as the full weight to
be purchtiNcd without first tenting It on
Hut Hcitlem A TVxns nuiu has hit ion
the Idea of timing Hut ramp IndlcaU
Hut weight of thn content, ellmlniitlng
,ho nea'Hlty of tniiifferrlng It to Hi
honlct. Ills weighing aop Is sluiwii la
the nnxuniMUU'luK tllimtrutlou. Tho
pan for giithcrlm: up tho nrtlclo to In
Vivlghal Ih pivotal to Hut hniullo nnd
iqtcrntcK a iHiluter, which Imllaitcs the
welgt of the atutcntt im n scale. If a
jkiiitnl of wignr Ih wnntal, ttio grocer
dips enough out of tho bin to swing tho
pointer to the ikhiikI mark. Tho sugar
In then trnnnforral directly tn i tmK.
doing uwny wh tho necessity of wolglt
I UK on tho saili".
"Whither nro wo drifting?" nskal Hie
platitudinous orator.
"Wo nln't drifting nnj'wherct," aald
the mnn In Hw back row who fears
the conwrntlons. "Wo'ro bolng push
wl," Wnshlngton 8tnr.
If you nro Idle, your excuse, for call
ln ou it busy mnu Is, "I will not tnkt
up much of his tlmo." Hut tho husj
tnan will ha'. thcr cullers during tb
iNniCATut WKiniiT.
Physicians Recommend Castoria
IASTOEIA. has mot with pronounced favor on tho part of physicians, pharma-
couttyal Bociotics and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
rosults most gratifying. Tho extended uso of Oastoria is unquestionably tho
result of throo facts: rfnttlho indisputablo ovidonco that it is harmless:
Sooond That it not only allays stomach pains and quiots tho nerves, but assimi
lates tho food : Third It is an agrccablo and perfect substitute for Castor Oil
It is absolutely safe. It does not contain any Opium, Morphine, or other narcotio
and does not stupofy. It is unlike Soothing Syrups, Bateman's Drop3, Godfrey's
Cordial, otc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say. Our duty, how
ovor, is to oxposo danger and record tho means of advancing health, Tho day
for poisoning innocont ohildron through greed or ignoranco ought to end. To
our knowlodgo, Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health, by
regulating tho syBtom not by stupefying it and our readers oro ontitled to
tho information.---iraZi5 Journal of Health
i."f:rTimT:,ir..ii'iiiiiiiiiii .rrnnirj
slmilatlng toe rood and Ikcula
ling the Stoawte aul Ucwcls of
Promofrs Dtgcsfionlrcrrul
nc35 nnd Rcst.Contalns ndihcr
OpHMn.Morpbinr norr&acroL
Artafect Remedy forConsttaa-
lion. Sour Storaich. Diarrhoea.
facSunle 3inahr of
? C..I4 Cok.
1 never understood why iillly fail
ed to land a husband. She waa very
graceful at the billiard table and the
queen of the bridf wblat table."
"Oh, but aha couldn't equal her plain
sister Jsne."
"Jane? Why. what were Jane's sc
eoEapllabmeatsl" "Why, she was queen of the kitchen
, llorax Is f rst, arlcanerthatremnea
dlrtnd grcaso wlili surprUini; ease;
second, it Is a sweetener that makes fra
jrant any suriaco that has crown musty
or stale troiifnetjlect; third, It is an an
tlsoptlcordestmyerol Burma. Itprevcnte
the development of hacte la or mouldy
trowtlis. With all this it I perloctly free
Irotu harm In Hi resulting ctrecta.
The farm churn Is kept free from that ,
italo odor l( It I vrmhtnl with borux in
the folIowkiK proortion ono table- j
ipooutul of boNX to a quart of water, j
Tho dairy room has nothing alout it
hut tho deasautaronn f fr sit milk and
cream and sweet buttcrilitis kept clean
with borax. There will bo no soapy sinuil '
and no lurking hint of something gone
wrong, i
Tho cream crocks take on an extra !
frcthnees when washed with borox mnl
wntvr in tho following vroM)rtloni-oiio
tables)KH)iilul ot Mitax to a quart of
water. This preiorves tho fresh llavor ot
tlio croain.
Tho (arm cream separator can bo kept
thoroughly sweet und cluan by a wash I
ol borux and water in tho lollowlng ro-
portions one tabiospoonful ot borax to
a quart ot water.
lid sura that you get nuro borax. To bo
suro, you must t:et";OMuloTuninlorux"
If you aro unable to get "20 Mule Team"
brand send us your dealer's uaiuo and
we will arrange to supply you,
"You wish to employ one of our de
tectives to watch your husbandl"
"I do."
"Msy X ask what has aroused your
suspicion of htm)"
"He sent e a bunch of violets and
a box of oasdy from town yesterday,"
Kansas Otty Ttsaae.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher.
Dr. D. llalztead Scott, of Chicago, lib? , aaya: "I have prescribed your
Castoria often for Infanta during my practice, and And It very satisfactory."
Dr. William Belmont, of Cleveland. Ohio, aaya: "Tour Castoria stands
first In lta class. la my thirty years ot practico I caa say I never hava
found anything that so filled tho place."
Dr. J. II. Toft, of DrooUyn, N. Y., says: "I have used your Castoria sad
found it an excellent remedy la ay household sad private practice for
many years. Tho formula Is excellent."
Dr. R. J. Hamlen, of Detroit, Mich., cays: "I prescribe your Castoria
extensively, as I have never found anything- to equal It for children's
troubles. I am avrare that there aro Imltatlona'in the field, hut I always
aee that my patients get Fletcher's."
Dr.VTin. J.McCrann, of Omaha, Neb., says: "Aa the father of thirteen
children I certainly know aomethlnc about your great medicine, and aside
from my own family experience I have In my years of practice found Cas
toria a popular and eDclent remedy in almost every home."
Dr. J. It. Clausen, of Philadelphia, ,Pa., says: "The namo that your Caa
torla has made for itself in the tens of thousands of homes blessed by the
presence of children, scarcely needs to be supplemented by the endorse
ment of the medical profession, but I, for oao, most heartily endorse H axd
bellore It aa excellent remedy."
Dr. R. H. Ward, of Kansas City, Mo., aaya: "Physician geserally do set
prescribe proprietary preparations, but In the case of Castoria my experi
ence, like that of many other physicians, has taucht me to saake an ex
ception. I prescribe your Castoria la my practice because I have feud It
to be a thorouchly reliable remedy for children's complaints. Any physi
cian who has raised a family, as I hare, will Jda me la heartiest reeam
meadatloa of Castoria."
yy Beara the Signature of isar"
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Ta it! ataaiMat, Tt araaar. i t.a am.
If all tbe tenement ditellcra In tbe low
tr east aid of New York City should
b In tbe street surrounding- their homes
at on time ibey mould be o crowded aa
hardly to be able to move.
rAZUOINTMKNTIt ( to cars nr
ca ol Itching-. Mind. .lcdlnor I'rotrudlut;
1'IU In ( lo II dajra or moutr rIunJl. ioe.
Ixul Illeb. formerly of Camdan, N. J,
I now In chart of tb Y. M. C A. work
In Colombo, Uland of Ceylon.
When the blood is pure, fresh nnd healthy, the skin will be soft, smooth
and free from blemishes, but when some acid ltumor takes root in the circu
lation its presence is manifested by a skin eruption or disease. These
humors get into the blood, generally because of nn inactive or sluggish
condition ot the members of the body whose duty it is to collect and carry
off the waste and refuse matter of the system. This unhealthy matter is left
to sour and ferment and soon the circulation becomes charged with the acid
poison. The blood begins to throw off the humors and acids through the
pores and glands of the skin, producing Eczema, Acne, Tetter, Psoriasis,
Salt Rheum and skin eruptions of various kinds, Eczema appears, usually
with a slight redness ot the skin followed by pustules from which there
flows n sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense.
It is generally on the back, breast, face, arms and legs, though other porta
of the body may lc niTcctcd. In Tetter the skin dries, cracks nnd bleeds;
the acid in tho blood dries up the nnturr.l oils ot the skin, which are intended
to keep it soft and pliant, causing n dry, feverish condition and giving it a
hard, leathery appearance. Acne makes its appearance ou the face in tha
r . . .,. . form of pimples and black heads, while
y?a ZnduMaaoinVtl Tsoriasls comes in scaly patches on dlffcr
cure tna yntU X tried a, 8. a. I ent parts of the body One of the worst
ft2&iA$&li forms of skin trouble is Salt Rheum j
?.r,5 "S "bfeii there stowed a its favorite point of attack is the scalp.
&W&i:jSSZ&SSS& sometimes causing baldness. Poison Oak
thoakia WBal.ft a; raw aa a piece and Ivy nre iiloo disagreeable types of skia
aoa&auVywas I&dfbut disease. The humor producing the trouble
vrhaal usd 8. S. t. X round a per-
iunaa.B..iiouimMr. nes
mac euro, xntrt na never uaoa
any return or tbe trouule.
tltoektaan, Ifeb.
because they do not reach the blood. S. S. S. goes down into th circulation
and forces out every particle of foreign matter aud restores the blood to Ha
normal, pure condition, thereby permanently curing every form of skit)
affection1, Boole on Skin Diseases and any medical advice desired seat fret
to all who write, S. S. S. is for Bale nt all first class drug stores.
StatUtlc sbow tbat 140,000 cblldrta
In IWrlurn more than 1.1 per cent of tb
population are without any education.
rTO . Vrtaa raac M all JtTTa l)laaaaa
f,A MTtauaaUr card br Ir. Ktitw-a Una.
. a Hi ANWttf. h.iMl rorHKK 11 UUX boU aS
IntUt. Dr. H. U. KUa-.Li U Arch Bt, 1-alU.ra.
Mrs. Upsome lt' too bad tbat Prince
Wllhelm isn't comlnj to Chlcajo.
Mrs. lllxhmu Why do you mrntloa
It? He' only th aecond on ot a crows
prince, anyway. Cbicaro Tribune.
uormauc in me mood luroucni me
Winter to break out and torment tho
suffcrcrwith therctura of Spring. The best
treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S.
It neutralizes the acids and removes tha
humors so that the skin Instead of being
irritated nnd diseased, is nourished by a
supply of fresh, healthy blood. External
applications of salves, washes, lotions, etc..
while they soothe the itching caused by
skin affections, can never cure the troabla