The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 03, 1908, Image 5

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Look out, fellows, Thin lit leap
John Stcldl returned last .Saturday
front n business trip to Portland.
C. P. Becker of I.aldlaw wns In
tttleitiluuee nt the dunce Tuesday
All the Utest mid most txipiilar
nn;ar.iiiuM can be had ut the lJcnd
IICWS Htllllll.
II. Wet was a business visitor
to Prlnevlllc yesterday, returning
o llcnd today.
Miss Ivu Hooth of Prlnevlllc in
visiting in llcnd this week with
Mks Marion Wlest.
W. II, Scllcrrt was in town for a
dny or two thin week from his
home'tcud near Odcll.
Kcitnt th Minor is spending the
holiday vacation with George
J one tin his homestead.
George Jones is building a log
cabin on his homestead a short dis
tance south of Lava btlttc.
Richard King spent a few days
in llcnd this week from his home
stead south of I.ava btlttc.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. i.ara have
rental rooms In the Chapmatt build
lit and have gone to housekeeping.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Stddts left
this morning for .St. Helena, Cullf.,
where they will visit relatives for
about two months.
The young folks Of tile town
have been having great '"times for
the past to days skating on the
pond north of town.
Grant Is offering ctlt prices on
his line of fine crockery left over
from Christmas sales. There arc
many good bargains.
Sid I'crclval was n vUUor In llcnd
Ittni l'rlday evening. He came to
accompany his wife home, who had
been visiting here with her parents.
Miia Cora l'erguson returned to
her school duties at Prlnevlllc this
hiornlug after spending the two
weeks' vacatloti.on her hotilestcad.
Airs. John Slscmorc has becu
Nuiffcrlng from a, serious Illness for
the past week or to days. At last
reports she was Improving some
MY. and Mrs. George t. Situ
.'lona'vcrc lit attendance'' dt, the
Woodmen dance Tuesday evening,
'driving up from their rdtich hear.
There was a goodly altettdaitce
nt tfiA WnruliiiKii ilnliri- ntt TtlM
day evening and everyone sccltlcd
to nave nu cnjoyauic time, i nc
rcc'elpts amounted to $3.
Rev. Mitchell will preach next
Sabbath at 11 o'clock n. m. Sub
ject, "Your character In the face."
Subject for 7130 p. in., "Heredity,"
in which scvcrul will take part. All
tire invited.
Foot Warmers
Just the thing for a
Robes, Whips, Horse
Uvcrytlilnplu Leather (loods at )
i ' 1 v In reason". ,
Impairing Neatly aild Promptly
Done. ', u
,. -A. L, HUNTEJ'
' (ti MitUlg lluiliUiig.Qii Orcpil Street,
Horse Sliwing arid
uencra Blacksmithing
4temiWorl(luVraH(ej! '
J.oettil iu the old Slieldou shop,
' ' ' '"-1 ' '
The Rosland stage that should
have arrived in Uctul last week
Thursday about midnight did not
get in until 4 o'clock l'rlday after
noon, due to bad roads In the up
river section, .
Ralph Patterson was the lucky
man to guess the weight of the big
stick of candy at the news stand,
and secured the prize, a set of sil
ver teaspoons, He guessed the
exact weight, 14 pounds. The
booby was won by Guy McRcynohU
who gucjscd 39 pounds, the furth
est from the true weight. He
was presented with n tin rattle box
livery man iu town should re
member the Iwnrd of trade meeting
for tojnorrow evening at 7:30
o'clock and should l there. A
constitution nud by-laws are to-be
adopted at that time. That is im
portant work and yotl should be at
the meeting with Ideas and sug
gestions. Remember the date and
place, Saturday evening at 7:30
o'clock iu the I.ara hall.
There is a strict ruling of the
postollicc department which stipu
lates that box tent must be paid by
the first of each quarter; if it is not
the mall must be put in the general
delivery. In compliance with this
ruling Postmaster Grant wishes to
inform the public that if box rent
Is not paid by the first of each
quarter parties should hereafter
look for their mail iu the general
Dr. W. 9. Nicliol left Saturday
on the local for a trip to the Bend
country. He was formerly engaged
In the drug business and the prac
tice of his profession at that place.
He stated that If he could not muke
satisfactory arrangements to dis
pose of his stock df drugs that he
would ship it to Hood River and
In all probability open up In the
city. The doctor had a large prac
tice while engaged hi business at
his former home. itood River
John Dloss, Whi. Vandcvctt and
John E. Rvatt and lTcj of the
Dcschiltcs country were in oUr City
over Sutlday. Me party left Mon
day morning for I.akcvlcw. Mr.
Ryan while at Lakevlew will attend
to some business matter for the
Deschutes Ltltlibcr do., df Which
he Is manager, Which company
owns a large acreage of timber latld
along the Dttchtfltes (rlver. iMic
gentlemen were ralw old acquaint
ances of the editor, arid their call nt
the Reader office was greatly appre
ciated by us. Silver Lake Leader.
The region south of Lava butte
was the scene of a great snowfall
last neck. The heaviest fall start
ed late one evening, and the next
morning there was from tS to 30
inches of snow covering the ground.
It was 'a wet, heavy, soggy snow
anlf as it fell il, gradually collected
around the telephone wires until
tile wjres were encased Itt a cover
ing as, large as a man's drui, a sim
ilar occurrence as happened last
winter. "The. wire was broken In
scvctil ipiacci olid communication
witltliat section has been more or
lss rctaitled during the last week.
Kauclicrs there report that the
weight of the. snow, collecting in
the tr'ccs, broke off the tops of many
and tdreoir branches.
Thesis ati interesting lot of u
formatlp'ti iu the weather report for
'1907 found in another column of
ths issue. It shows tuat tue cont
est weather came in January with
the thermometer 19 below scroj the
highest temperature was reached
iu August, 93 degrees.- During
the year there were a&$( Inches
precipitation, or, more than twice
as much moisture cut thci. average
for the fiyc or st ,jtcors previous
If there were as ample a rainfall
each year, dry jfarttilng( .would be a
gr&t success In this region, The
dbiilWapce otoin rctic thenar.
waysqowu to only i99f wmcn,Ma
far below tUe average; zoi cloudy
" -
.Mftrrr rrM
days and 65 partly clear. The
year's snowfall was ilotf inches.
As everyone known who lit living
in this vicinity, December has becu
an exceptionally cloudy month,
having 27 cloudy, three clear and
one partly clear days.
social"doincjs op tun wguk
Mr. and Mrs. V. 0. Minor in
vited a few friends to watch villi
them for the coming of the New
Year alter the dance last Tuesday
evening. Dainty refreshments were
served and a couple o( hours were
very pleasantly passed iu social con
verse and listening to music.
Thursday evening Miss Marlon
Wlest tendered a party to a few
friends in honor of Miss Booth of
Prlnevlllc, who U visiting with
Miss Wicst. The evening was very
pleasantly spent with games and
other paetlincs. In one content
feature a pike was given for the
gentleman who could whistle first
after eating n cracker Mr. Mays
excelled in that and secured the
prltt a candy cane. Another
feature had to do with leap year.
A prUe was to have been given to
the young lady who failed to pro
pose to some gentleman present
within a givcti time, but none of
the girls failed in this and hence
the prtfc could not be awarded.
Bend people may expect several
weddings soon. The young folks
lcftvfor tlicir homes at a late hour,
voting Miss Wlest a very pleasant
Mr. A. C T.tu-fli entertained a
number of lady friends list Wednes
day afternoon at a New Vear's
party. I'or the first feature of the
afternoon's entertainment the ladies
were each handed a slip of paper
and asked to write as many words
as thev could from the letters con
tained In the words New Year.
Mrs. P. O. Minor Won the prize,
linvtne. -iK wnnlt. The favor was a
dainty water-color .90S calendar.
Mrs. C. D. Brown, Mrs. E. . It.
Sweet and Mrs. A. M. taradrcw
straws for the consolation prize, each tl wnril Mr IltaWfl WAS
the lucky lady, receiving o candy
cane. Ten minutes were given to
the word contest, and the remain
der of the afternoon was spent in
playing pit and flinch. Dainty re
freshments were served later. The
ladies were unanimous In agreeing
that Mrs. Lucas had helped them
to start the New Year in a most
pleasant and enjoyable manner."
Mrs. Lucas will entertalu ugaiu
tomorrow afternoon.
There are good papers aud poor
papers. Subscribe for The Bulletin
and read the good kind.
A Fiesk Cemplextea
prmrvtJ nJ ptoJuetil by
Kobcrtlnt, a mllJ, dcllchtful
.wwtmiUKiuniirmiiinn uurcu
by ovtrs!ryn4i miuct the Jioof
cnlurcJ porw. clantt thtni. re-
. liuteirnflamnutlon and -Orcadian even.
radiant elotf due to wholejome nouruh''
went of ikln cUnJ and itimulation ol
the anilUitt ttblcn alto feed the
tKtn aai iaUU4y I" healildul color.
Hotel Bend
Jlmrny Akltfe, Proprietor
Ptkfc'.OlafcS M6qIs iS.fervHrJ ht All Holirl.
&6"aird by th6 W&ek (ai Meals) $5ofa'.
r rfntt"u,f4)'u '-"'? '""
'TfjiJ liiVm' 1" " - ' - - - - 't - 8
A "Sky 'Pilot' nf l.jHtiTn Oresron.
Hidden nwn 111 tin- heart of tli
West, uiiobscrvel ly the eye l
,thc outside wrM, mid yet ixc 1
forming great M-rvu-- for liumamu ,
art- many nclf-Kucrifr 'n men in ttr
missionary field, bin perhaps one ',
that deserves et-iul mention in
Rev. G. A. M. Lillv, a Presbyter
Ian missionary uiil Sunday hcliiwj ;
organizer in Weiter.i Crook county
' Rev. Lilly prcchi-s at Clin
Palls. I.nldlaw, Redmond and Si
tcrs, and travel 60 tnlles eiioh
week on foot in making hisnppom.
mtnts at these widly nvparatcd Mft.
tlcmcut.H in Crook county
He has neither tram nor saddle
hor&c, but carriiH books nnd Unci
through the wild and unsettled por
tions of western Crook county, n.
the shadow ol the Cascades 111
serving his congregations and i
organizing Suuduv school. s
Uceentlv Rev Lillv walked ovu
the Cascade motiiitaiiH and down '
the5 McKcnzic river, 11 distance "I
over 100 miles, 10 sIluxcue, when
he took the train to Portland t"
attend the meeting of the synod o.
Oregon, and a few months av;o
when he attended the meeting at
Pendleton presbytery itt this city he
walked from Clinc Palls to Shan
iko, where he tyok the Columbia
Southern train for Higgs
In rain or snow, winter or "sum
mcr, he mates his regular rounds
of the large circuit on foot, and set
dom if ever, misses an appointment.
A movement has been started among
rrcsuytcrian ciiurciics 01 renuieion
presbytery to raise a fund with
which to nurchast- u team for biro
that he may continue his work with
less discomforts and inconveuiences
Th rvnnlr. nf (he ridrtldil of
Ciook county " supplied by Rev
T illv nr tari'elv nnnr settlers, who
Igrcatly desire a continuation of his
services but who are unable to con
tribute to any great extent to his
support. That Rev. Lilly is in
love with his peculiar work issnown
by the fact that he was recently of
fered the pastorate of a large church
wberc he could devote all bis time
to one charge.
''Who would look after mj
Cr.ook county people?" he asked
wkeir he declined the offer. -Pen
dleton Hast Oregonian.
There's news In The Bulletin.
are bat oatward ilM ol tie evil
tfeae la seaet by myriads ol daa
Jruff terms sasf kx t be Hie bleed
el toe hair. Micro kills tsepara
site, soothes the Heal scalp,
tires lustre to tie hair Md
ISfalUaxwt, AtnClPflIcatle
rJvts relict tad proves its -rtk
Sava yoar hair before too (ate,
Micro erevtats baMoeta. Itka
dellthtlul dresskt lor the hair,
tree from trease and1 sticky eHt,
Atk your dmn 'or free beekfet
mnit-an w?s-
Wood For Sale.
I will deliver. wood in town at
the following prices:
lb inches tlong '
$4;00 a cord.
16 inches awg
$3.'6b a Sord.
Vi iu your yard on abort notice.
I'hone to tne when you want wood. It
won't co yon nnythfng to phone to
yt t ' ? t w z ff ' w ' 'Vt' a
- . . .-... :,..--' ....LJf..
ght Prices
And remember the balance of the stock
of the
will be sold at strictly
Bargain Prices
If you, u,u a good,
warm, servictablev putfit
come in and get a pair, of
lumberman's overshot and
heavy German socks-
Nothing Better
Children's 2-Buckle
Chiliireiils. Rubbers
Ki.Mt LAgA
Qeheral Merchandise
-. K.,
New Furniture
CHAIRS, just received at . Aj
Jl I. Wcsts Fumitiirt Store-
Rockers: colden aifaWumtoated cobbler seatN"Q...ui $ 4. .so I
Cedter Tables, tdlden oiki
Center Tables, weathered oak,1
Dining Tables, golden oak, highly pjolished .,... ... .:.,;, 18.00
Diniug Chairs, goldeu maple, cane seats 1.75
Ditiltig Chairs, golden maple, perforated seats .,t.u. ..;,.. 1.50
Iron Beds, white and bide etiamel, gilt triiiitsiafcs, 17.00
Iron Beds white eamel, gilt trimmings ,.,. 7,00
Iron Beds, blue'enWkl 4 i...... ;. 4.00
Bed Springs, bard triaplc frame, spiral support .r... 4.50
Bed Springs, liasul maple, frame, steeKbaad suppoit 4.00
and nitay other style.
I 'WywAjoiiiti )mWmSiM'MtMi, fe-M
IAAit. f"iti Wi r:
iftiyYi T-rii,;, tttw-M; T -?'mtQ
f X
If your boy wants a good
warm cap, send him in to
Bee us. We have them,
all kinds from
i . ;
aud they are worth aaore
money than we are akwg
for them.
Overshoes "5
.7 " -;y ''' ""-? I
11 to 2-.....wsi-.....-.30C Jg
i.Al at.
J -i-" 'ijLj
polished, $ 3.50'
nilsslon style, only ...;..;. 4.50
jMt .V & :&9 '., T