The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 13, 1907, Image 3

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Iii a
Condensed Form lor
Busy Readers.
V Returns of Ilia Lou Important but
Not Leas Interesting Event
of Ih Past Week.
Jerome linn en I If I it grand jury to In
tkl trnciliin trutt olllcinls,
OhiimiIihIomit Ijhiii In In 1 1 ) 1 1 1 1 o
Into rebating on Wtsteni iiillruula.
Tim case against tint Standard Oil
company n( Ohio will bo tiled mxiii.
Kilroinn men'tlli-M nrn Ixtlng nilnilil
III Hun I'lniiolaco to alnum out tlio
'Ilin International llnrvetr com
pany h Just mld a (trio of . 16. 000 to
Toiaa for being a t runt.
William II. Tnft. secretary of war,
wm mjnWy entrrtilned while Iii I'oit.
land on Ilia May In the Philippine.
Oiiverilllieut officials at Washington
Mlitvio tint haw of I,IX)0,OOU to the
Jaiiuit imii fall en ii m-vor lxt nxxiien-l.
A Wlaionaln woman aflrr lielng In
rumi III yeara convicted of murder,
has Imtii foiiml iniKvunt Mini ri'littiwol
Twelve xoua With killed ami aa
many morn Injured In tlm wrcok of nil
ipre train on the Itiuk lalnml nt
Norla, lovtn.
I'lcktioikrtM on n Hu'k lalnml ttnlu
liiJ.S'ebmnkn roblnxl iiiiiny sleeping !'
aciig rn and nflnr a tight with th run
duotor iiicaxxl,
A monument to Win. McKlnloy liaa
Im-uii dedicated nt IIuIInIu, N. Y.
Tim moral if!rt of thochangn In tlm
jxilti'o admlnlatrntioii of Han Francisco
la Mimrrnl.
A group of American rnpltnllata with
Tlionma F. Itynli n tlm head la mid to
! preparing a t)owritr Irnat.
Tin French llmt hna bombarded tlm
.MiHirlah fanatic stronghold of Maiagnti
mid alimwl completely destroyed tho
l-ewls Hliiyveftint Chaiilrr, of Now
York, la mentioned na llryan'a running
mate in tlm unit presidential CMIll
ut Ikci.
Trnlnwrccketa drew spike from the
inIIi of tho llaltlmorn Ohio 20 mllrs
east of Pittsburg . A freight train waa
wtcokid hut no oiio hurt.
Roosevelt la not rntiatled with re
mill sallied at Tlm llnctnt and mav rail
a txnce emigre of hla nwn to riiibraoo
tlio ninliaraadnni nt Washington.
An llllnola womnn f ruing for di
vorce on tho ginuml tlint aim mnrilcd
tlm wrong brother. The two men nro
twlna nml alio couldn't tell tlnm nixwl.
Attorney General llonnnrta dmle
lio will resign,
Congnxiaman Itnrton In to run for
tnnynr of Cleveland, Ohio
Inquiry Into the luinU-r I ml m try
liaa Ihm-ii Ix-guu hy Federal aulhoritle.
Harrluian la jierfecllng plana toonn
tinun hla routrol of tho llllnola Central.
Antwerp la In tlm hnnda of n mnli of
trlkera nml tho inllltla ha boon railed
Merchants Throughout Country Find
Good Times Prevail.
Now Ycik, Hunt. .'I. Iteiimrkiiblo for
their optlmlNiii mio tlm it-piles fioin
more tliiin 11,000 rntall ineiilmntx, Job
Ixiru nml Imnkora regarding tliobnsliier
outlook of tho country, which mo print
ed ttxlny In tlm Dry Utxxla Economist
They ahow that there la no evidence cf
business depression, tlinl on tlm wholo
tho rotnllera nro purchasing un heavily
UN they did Inst year, Hlid that nil mu
looking for continuation of proapvilty.
Them la not tho slightest evidence of
tlm p7almlsm that linn pervaded Wall
street. Where there la n trade deprea
alou, It la duo to coildltloua, a),
for Imitation, In Han Francisco, wheru
ou ncooonl of tlm Inlx.r ttutlhlra, tho
inerchatitM have not purchased aa liwv
Hy tut heretofore, In other placoo the
tiirtchanU for tlm moil jmrt atnto thnt
It la Ixcniire prlri-n are ao hlh thnt
they look for n lower level mid are put-
chaalliK for tho lllllneillate demand only.
Five iueatloni weio niikixl by the
Kiiinomlat of Km tulM'rlliera In inaklnn
the cauvatt of tho hualmwa coiiditlom.
They nro:
"What mo tho crop conditions of
yoiu fiectlon?
"(low nro tho faimrra flxivl flnnu-uinllyT
"la lalxir well employel or othoiwliii
In your city and vicinity T
"IM you olmervo tiny randltlou which
would caupe you lerlonaly to apprehend
any decline from prmwit prtxiiwrltyT
"Have you ImmikIiI aa freely aa Inat
ye. i at thla time''"
III rlapaifyuiK the repllef , the atntra
nml territories weie nlactil In five
Kleat dlvlalona. In nil of thrae on tho
whole the profpectfl for paxl croa are
hrl(ht and, where Iherrop nro lighter
than heretofore, the higher prici-a more
thnn roiup4'nnate. In all aectiona there
api-nra to ! n anarcity of nvnllnhle
latHir, white illiuaually IiIkIi pi Ice a nro
Ih'Iiix -ald.
"All'a well," In the nmmnry which
tho IV.'onumlat inaVra of tho altuation
In the entile country.
HI Hraoni were killed mid SO In
juren In n wnvk on the Cmindinn l'n
All niiHTuhlat hna hern nrreativl In
Milan who wrui throiitcnliiK tho Italliin
klllK'M 1 1 lo.
The 1'rpiich troop Imvo ilniwn tho
Moors Into a trnp nml liitllcted n criiah-
liK detent.
JiiiIko Jjiwlor rofimra to qurujli Han
Vritnciaco Krnft Indictment! nml the
trUIn of aovoml rltiKleiidcra will noon
coinmunco. ,
As n remilt of n trolley mr rolllalnn
In tho outkalrta of HoheneoUuty, N. Y.,
two peraona woio killed nml U mirU
oualy injured,
Tinlllc on Toxna ronda U tied up by
Tho Jnpnnoiiu iiiithoritlei nro cxoltuK
Inc Chiiieao noollen,
A Fitiicii'Cnniidlnu roclproolty treuly
linn lwoii ulmoat couoliidod,
ll(KKlii! lotUm nro innUlng llfo inla
omblu for Mr, lluwioll Hjiko.
I'ronldont ItooeovoU will nlm IiIh
next blow nt tho luinbor truat,
Two moii woio killed at Denver In
n uuto raco durliiK Iiibor day oolubw
Ohlnn has ordoiotl JapanoHO troops to
withdraw from the Northerly rt ol
Hopubllcnn loadora profor not to tln
kor with tlio tarlfl until niter the 1008
Striking telegraph opornton In Chi
oago Imvo n plan whloh they think In
mire to win the flght for them.
Italian Invanlor I'romlaaa to Ravolu
tlonlio the World.
New Yoik, Hept, 3 Confident thnt
ho la tho dlrooverer of mi electrical do
vle that la to lovolutlonlte tho world
Induatrlally and oconoiulrally, Itiillle
Itova, nn elivtihal ruitlnier, liaa como
from Cnrlncla, lUity, for tho pur(KMt) of
demnnttrntliiK before Amrrlca'a Ixtt
exMrtN whnt hit Invention will do.
It conalaU of n ptnall lottery nml
tranaforinlnK apHirntua, which, ho
rnyi, will run tho Indent dynnmoa
without the iiik) ot ileum or other en
ergy. Iloaaya It may Ui nppliixl to
Incomotlvui, rtenmahlpa, lllitlrii nnd
hrutliiK planU or nnythlnit where eloc
trlcal etiency la employed, llocalla
hla Invention the "auto vlbro electricn
roricouto." In a statement ho anya:
"In bulldinu n Are one flrat murt
liavo a match. I hnvo dlxoveiixl the
match of electricity, and with It itnrt
the file thnt ouutllltlert to bum. In
other wonla, with n luUtnnco thnt nvuy
Ito obtalnetl anywhere for n Itvr rent I
originate tlm force thnt fiMa thodynnmo
In motion ami ccntlnuea It In action.
I mu not relying upon theory, but have
undo many tenia in Italy thiouirh
whloh I IncieiiKxl tho ordinary force
uiAiilfnld without tho nld of ateam or
nny other power except whnt I obtained
from my amall Uittery. I nm ubIuk
the uln'tilclty which cxlita In nil of
imttiro'H nlemonta mid which has hlth
orto Ikhiii wnattvl."
Total Mat Morn Than Doubled Dur
InR I'att Ton Year.
WnahltiKton, Hept. .AccordlriK to
olllclal IlKUiea, tho trade of tlio Dulled
Hlutea with tho UHii-Amerlcan coun.
trie In the hVnl yeor Junt imdixl nkkco
initixl more than IDOO.UOO.OOU, aRulnnt
1!.'M.XK1()(J0 In 1807. In Utln.Amer
loin countrleii nro iuclmlixl llrltlrh
lloiiiluiita, llrltiah mid Dutch (lulana,
nml tho Weat Indian itlanda under
llrltirh, Dutch mid DanclMi control.
Tho Importa from the "Mine countries
In 10IJ7 rtinoiuitiv) to t.lnO.OOO.OOU.
nKiilimt Il6o.000.000 In 1H07, hnvilijt
tliim it little motH than doubled duilnx
the hcnde, whlln tho exporta thereto
niriieKnUl tWD.OOO.OOO In 1007 aKnlnat
IHU.OOO.OOO In 1H07, ImvliiK n little
more than tlebled dill Iiik tho decade.
From tho Utln Weit Indira ami tho
Freurh Wrat Indian xmaloim the
ItiijMirtu In 1007 were IliM, 000,000,
nicnln.t U't.000.000 In IH07, mid Die
exxitta Uiereto in 1007 H!i,000,000
HKlnt 117,000,000 In 1H07.
limpnrlti tho trnde of 1007 with
thnt of 1001), n Kninof over IL'0,000,000
In exx)fin I nhowu, i-oiiikx1 nlnioot
iiclualvely of inanufiwturel nrticlen,
which form nenrly tl tr cent of the
oxx)ibi Ui CuU, Ikiii t 70 t cent of
tluxxi to Mr i ico. and nlxiut Ho tT cent
oi iinxie io (.entral ami NmiIIi Ameri
ca, while (mm all of the countrlea In
liieatlon. the linporta conaltt chlrlly of
fixxtntiillaaud umnufactilirra' liiatrrinla.
Ornat ErRlneorlng Feat.
WnahliiKlon. rU-pt. f. A iexirt liaa
juat reaclnil the HUtn department of
whnt l drclnreil to be tho urcntcut en
KlnixrltiK work of the kind ever nt
triuptixl on the Knrox-an continent.
It la to Ixi n canal under tho Hove
mountain to roumvt the port of Mar
aelllen mole directly with tho river
itlilue. Conaular Clerk M II. Kirk,
of I'aria, rexirta that tho inlnltter of
public work In Franco mid tho couna-1
KPlieinl of hriiliieH Imvo ncelltly renoit
ix the expenditure of over 116,000,000
lor I lie rotirtruclion of the tunnel canal,
which la to Ixi four nml one half mlht
loiiKi 7.1 lift wide and 43 feci alwvo tho
water level to the vaulted room. It
will 1m completely lighted by electri
city and MirafiN n anuill railroad iun.
lilliK aloiit; the aide.
Evant' Fleet Htarta North.
Wathlnnton, Hept. 6. Admiral Kv.
ana hna taken hla bl battleahlp llixt
onncrtitai noitiiwanl Itotn Hampton
Komia. u umlerxtixxl nt tho Navy
department thnt the Meet will mako no
harte In K"lni; north, but will eniraco In
dillla mid vnrloua klnda of licet and
etiadron inaneuvera on the crulae. Tho
fall turret practice it to Uxln next
Monday and thla will lx tho laat on
porluulty tho IiIk ahlpa will Unve liavo
to tctt their mint U'fnro they drop nn
clior In Maxilnlena Uiy, on tho Writ
crn coait of tho continent
Hear Rate Catea in Portland.
Spokane and Seattle.
WahliiKton, Hept. (i. Intoratnto
Coininirte CominixlonT Ivine will Ikj
In Portland Hepteinbor 10 U hear aryu
nielli on com Ola Into! tlio Orciton Hall
ronil comtrilaaton nnirint tho Chicago A
Alton nml varioua oilier roa'da, Uio com
inlnalon nlh-Klni; that tho rato on do
mitiireil alcohol dipped from CIiIcoko
nml Mlaaouil river xlntn la oxceaalvo.
lleforo rcflchlriK Portland Mr. Ivine
will henr alKimifnta at Hrxikane, Hep
to m lo r 0, on complaint of the city of
Hpokano awilnat the Northern Pacific,
Grout Northern end O. It. A N,, allrg
Inn that their rato on ahect ateel from
l'itUhurK to Hpokano li exceaalve and
out of pioortlon V tho rato from Pitta-
Ijuik to Heattle. On Hoptember 13 Mr.
Initio will hear arituineiiU at Heattlo in
aeveral catca npilnat tho Northorn I'a
clllc, in which it li allcecd that Ite
rate on ahliiidea from Avon and Kdee-
comb, Wath., to polnta in Mlnneaota
and Tixa aro unreasonable.
Roieburjc National Utnk Llcented
WaahliiKton, Hcpt. tl. The controller
of the currency liaa approved tho appli
cation of A. V. Maetera, C W. l'urkx,
I. Abraham, J. F. linker, N. Hlco and
K. V. Hoover to orpmlxo the Koaebuit;
National Uink, with capltnl atock of
inO.OOO. F. P. lllll hna been apolnU
txi a Kunril In the tafdide national (or
cat, Oregon, and Thmnaa Monroe to a
almllar poxltlon In the Imnnhn national
forcxt Mr. Olive C. Hwenulnir hna
lnnrn npolutxl n cloik, tenionirlly, In
tho Cnacnde foreat.
Rooiavelt Orders the Public Health
Service to Aid San Francltco.
Wathlnitton, Sept. 7. Ily direction
of President Itooaevelt, tho public
health ami inarlno hoapltal trrvlco hae
iimuiiikI cliarxo of tneaaure to (tamp
out the plague In Han Francieco. Thla
atcp m taken tixlay by reueat of
Mayor Taylor, of Han F'rancIa:o. who
aibled that tho city would do all that la
lOMihie tcwarila iirovldlnu funds to
carry on tho woik.
Acting promptly on tokTanhic In
atiuctious from Oyster liar. Hunrcon
tleneral Wyman lutuxl tho neceaiarr
ordrni and advlxxl the mayor of Hah
Franclaco that tho corpi of the service
ollicen alrmdy on duty there would
Im auKinented and that additional
lueaturea would lx taken to prevent the
rpread of tho di tense.
Cannot Qlvo Tents to Sick.
Waahlngton, HepL 3. The War de
partment luu dtclded to grant the re
(jo oil of the mayor of Han Francieco for
tent to accommodate, the patlenta In
city hcapitaU who aie to be removed
from tlie bulldlngato rnluce the chance
of extending the lavage of tho plague.
Acting Hvcretary Oliver m urged to
comply with the application by Bur
geon Ocneial Wyman, but failed to find
any legal authority for the gift of the
tenia. He reppllod, however that he
would sell tho city of Han Francltco
any number of the tent necee-ary. So
far no anawor liaa been received to hi
Jury Finds Him Guilty of Bribing Ban
Francisco 8ur4rvlsor.
Ban Franclaco, Aug. 31. After de
liberating about 16 minute, the Jury
in tho coho of J)uls Glaaa, vice proil
lont of the Pacific Htate Telephone A
Telegraph coinpnny, laat night returned
a verdict finding him Kiillty of bribing
supervisors. Only one formal ballot
was taken, the Jurors being unanimous
on an informal ballet.
Aaalstiint District Attorney Ileney
mado Uio clorlng argumont and spoke
for nn hour and a half, during which
time ho took occasion to reverely con
demn the modern methods of some cor-
orations In doing buslncts and charged
that they were undermining the govern
ment. The SMision waa held in one of
the smaller halls and only a limited
number of spectators rotild bo accom
modated. A thourand rxonlo waited
outside the building and listened to the
word of Mr. Honor, who could be
heard through the open windows.
Judge Lawlor concluded his charge
at 0.36 o'clock and the courtroom waa
then cleared. Ten (minutes after the
order waa given the Jury was deliberat
ing and within 16 minutos Foreman
Flood announced the verdict of guilty.
Mr. Delmai was not preeent, bnt Mr,
Mcl'ike, bis associate, moved for a stay
of ludgmenL
Next Wednesday morning waa fixed
as the time for panting sentence.
Assistant District Attorney John
O'Oara spoke for half an hour and
concluded the opening argument for the
people in tho Ulaaa bribery trial in
tlie morning. He was followed by T.
C. Cooyan for the defease, who spoke
for two hours.
The burden of Mr. Coogan'a argu
ment waa, as in the former trial, the
utter lack of direct evidence connecting
Glats with the commitslon of the
crime charged, namely, the bribing of
Huiiervisor Lonergan.
Fifteenth Annual Session Con
venes In Sacramento.
Indications Point to Much Good Be
ing Accomplished at the Big
California Gathering.
Mooney Is Reinstated.
Hn FninclHco, Hept. .'!. Ono of tho
tint net of tho Tuylot board of police
oommlrsionois waa to relnatnto Ctaptnln
of Police Mooney. Captain Mooney
was dismissed by tho HchmiU hoard (or
vrltlolrliiK tho method of cx-Chlof Dl-
mm nml tlio then hoard of commlsiilon
era. Mr. Mooney nddrramnl his com
pany on tho ncccxHlty for greater alert
norri In tho aiippieaalon of vice. Ho
w ii mod the men thnt tho friendship of
chief of jxillco and jxillco commltidou.
ora would not mvo those that hojound
dorollct in nny mutter of duty.
Great Church In Danger.
London, Hept. 3, Tho couimlttco of
architects appointed to Inqulro Into fit,
Paul's cnthcdrnl hau IsBiied n report
whloh declares thnt, whllo tho cathed
ral Is In no Immediate dttiigericlnbomto
preouutlona aro neeessury to prcsorvo It
from illtftutor.
Cholera Slaying Chinese.
Shanghai, Sept. 3 Tho epldomlo of
cholera among Chinese In lowor Yang-
Tso porta Is spreading. About 200
persons died In tho streets of Cuba, In
the province- of Ngan-IIwol and Klu
Klang, province of Klangsl.
No Fees for Return Certificates.
Wnahlngtcn, Hept. 3, Commissioner
Hargcnt has ordeiod Immigration otll-
clala to inform resilient Chlncao who
Intend to visit China with the inten
tion of returning to tho United States,
that tho immigration otliolalH will mako
out return ceitlllcatea firo of chnigo as
u pint ol their duties. Tho order Is Is
sued as n result of Sargent's discovering
whllo in Halt IjiUo recently that tlio
Chinese Iwlleved letutn certillcates
must be made by a lawyer, and thoy
pjild f6 to fi0 therefor.
Colonel Hal ford Retires.
Washington, Hept. 0. Lieutenant
Colonel Klljuh W. Hullord, pydeprt
ment, U, H. A was relieved today,
having reached tlm stu'utory Hgo of 04
yiMiia, Colonel lliilfonl waa ntlaohisl
to heiidiiunrtoiH of tho ilojmrtmtnt of
California, at Hjiii Frtmetxco, and was
ono of tho moot wldoly known otllcern
in tho pay corps of tho army. Ho was
private mxirehiry to tho Into Viesldent
hdnjaiulti llmrlson from 1883 to 1803.
Northwest Postal Changes.
Washington, Sept. 4. Nells A. Jen
son has been appointed regular. Thomas
Jolmneon sulwtitute, rural cmrlcr, route
-'. nt I'.uumoiaw. Waali. ltobert rat-
rick hna been appointed postmaster at
Newciutio, Wash,, vho KII Manning,
Straus Fixes Dato of Return.
Washington, Boot. 3, Becrotnrv
Straus, who lain Yollowttonepark, has
written that ho expects to reiuino de
partment duty Septcmbor 12. after dis-
oueslng his Intended Inspection trip
with President Itootevelt.
Has Scent of Lumber Trust.
Washington, Hept. 6. An Investiga
tion of the lumber Industry la being di
rected by Herbert Knox Hmith, cctn
mirslonet of tho bureau of corporations,
which may dovelop tufheient informa
tion to warrant the government's pro
ceeding agalntt the lumber truit. At
preent tho inquiry la proceeding in
Winconsln and Michigan and in tho
Southern static. It Is along purely
economic lines to develop the amount
of standing timber. After tho source
of supply Is BHCoitnlned, Mr. Smith
w III Impilro Into tho cost of production.
Filipinos In Island Service.
Washington, Hept. 3. Twenty-two
of tho young FUIdIiios who wore edu
cated In tho United States liavo arrived
at Manila to undertake a period ol ser
vice for the government ixjual to tho
thno spent In this country acquiring an
education at government expense.
Those having been graduated ficm the
normal, engineering and agricultural
courses will bo given employment under
Uio Philippine board of education and
the law graduates will bo given other
Old Rumor Killed Again.
Washington, Sept. 0. Rumors orig
inating In Portland to tho offeot that
headquarters of tho department of tho
Columbia were to bo removed from
Vancouver barrack to Seattle are flatly
ill nor edited by Adjutant General Alns
worth, tho ono man above all othors
who keeps posted ou suoh matters.
When the attention of Senator Itourno
was culled to thla rumor ho took it at
oneo to General Alnsworth, and secured
from him a Hut denial.
Fifteen Passengers Killed In Trolley
Car Wreck In Illinois.
Mattoon, III., Sept. 2. Fifteen per
sons were killed and about 60 Injured
in a head-on collision between an inter-
urban exnrets train consisting of a
motor car train and a traction car on
the Mattoon A Charleiton electric lino
this morning. The crash occurred on
a sharp curve one mile west of Charles
ton. Confuiion of orders received over the
telephone Is said to have been the cause
of the accident. The cars approached
each other at a high rate of speed and
the Impact waa so terrific that the
motor cai was teleecoped by tho trac
tion car. There was no warning and
few passengers had time to escape by
Tho passengers, neatly all of whom
weio on the way to the fair at Cliarl re-
ton, were crushed or maimed where
thoy rat In the ca,rs. Some who es
caped and who were able to speak say
Uio rvene at the wreck was gruesome.
The dead and dying were jammed to
gether In a mass, somo shrieking witb
iiain and children crying for their
mothers, who were thought to bo
among the dead.
Philippine Wood for Lead Pencils
Washington, Sept. 4. It Is learned
t'om Manila that samples of Philip
pine woods bolioved to bo available for
making lead pencils have been sent to
Now York to be tested. Lead pencil
woods have become so Bcurco that if tho
Philippine woods are satisfactory it will
creato a largo market therefor. The
samples shipped to Now York aro o
roil lauan and balbnlbocan.
New Chief for Creeks.
Washington, Sept. 0. Tho president
today authorized the secretary of the
interior to appoint Subchlef Mety lin
ger, of the Greek Indians, to succeed
General Pleasant Porter as chief of the
Moors Suddenly Surround Troops by
Feint of Retreat.
Chmi Illanca, Sept. 2. During tlie
fighting between tlie French forced and
tho Moors yesterday near the French
camp, the Moors at Dot retreated and
it was believed that tho engagement
was over, when suddenly tho onomy
reappeared in great force in two direc
tions. Tho Spahl and irregular Alger
ian cavalry found themselves almost
surrounded but formed a equate and
slowly fell back until reinforced. In
tho meantlmo the trench ships show
ered shells among tlie hills, scattering
the enemy. The engagement lasted
three hours.
The line of battle extended over two
miles, and it is estimated that about
12,000 Moors we'0 engaged. Tho loss
of tho latter is not known, but It Is be
lieved to have been heavy, aa the
French officers counted tho bodies ef 20
Moots in one roadway. The French
loss was 15 killed or wounded.
The cruisers Glolre and Guardon to
day bombarded tlio beaoh beyond Casa
lllance, whoio the force of Moorish cav
alry gathered, but soon dispersed it.
Governor Offered Bribe.
Chicago, Sept. 2, A dispatch to tho
Tribune from Indianapolis says: Win
Held T. Durbin, governor of Indalna
from 1001 to 1905, made the sensation
al statement last night that soon after
his inauguration as, governor attempts
were mado to bribe him to turn over
William A. Taylot, Kentucky's refugee
governor, to the authorities ot tho stato
tor trial on tho ohargo ot conspiracy to
araaeelnato Govornor Qoebol.' Tho offer
to ox-Governor Durbin, according to
his own statement, waa $03,000 in
Sacramento, Cal., 8ept. 3. That the
Fifteenth National Irrigation congress
will bo the moat sncceesful In the his
tory of the great work that attracts tho
attention of the entire world was the
unanimous verdict of thourands of dele
gates and visitors who gathered yester
day to attend the opening sessions.
Ihe large number of delceatca and
tho enthusiasm displayed Indicate that
much Is to be accomplished daring the
congress. The gathering Is not only
national, bat International In character,
as there were seated on the platform of
the gaily decorated convention hall rep
resentatives of foreign countries, Includ
ing Germany, China and Mexico.
President Roosevelt had his personal
representative, G I fiord Pinchot, chief
government forester; Vice President
Fairbanks wss a guest of honor; there
were fcur governors of states, senators,
congressmen and other distinguished
visitors. From the time Executive
Officer Beard called the great gathering
to order and introduced Govornor
Chamberlain, of Oregon, president of
tho National Irrigation congress, words
of welcome and praise for the great
work of saving the forests, storing the
floods, reclaiming the deserts and mak
ing homes on the land, marked the pro
ceedings. The addreetoa of the speak
ers and the message of President Roose
velt were received with hearty approv
al. Governor Glllett's address of wel
come was a glowing tribute to the re
sources of California, and be turned
over the entire state to the visitors.
Mr. Chamberlain, in commenting on
the tint session, remarked that the
p recent congress shows more Interest in
the work In hand tban any other con
greas he ever attended, and added that
during the week questions of intense
Importance will be discussed.
The Irrigation Palace has a seating
accommodations for about 3,600 peo
ple, and in addition to delegates a large
number of spectators are provided for.
The interior of the building presents a
festive appearance with streamers ct
varied hues. Over the speakers' plat
form aro the wcrds: "Science bids the
desert drink."
On the walls In a conspicuous man
ner tho Washington delegation called
attention to tho desire ol Walla Walla
to have the next congress held there.
The congress opened with the "Irri
gation Ode," which was rendered by
the 200 members of the Ogdcn Taber
nacle choir, an organization comprising
120 men and 80 women.
Mayor M. R. Beard of Sacramento
then delivered the addiess of welcome
on behalf of the city and was followed
by Governor James N. Gillette, who
welcomed tho delegates to the state.
Roth officials expressed the pleasure of
the people in having the visitors with
thorn and spoke ot the Importance ot
the work of the congress. Governor
Chamberlain followed in behalf ot the
Witness Fees Paid John D.
Chicago, Sept. 2. The witness fees
and mileage claimed by John D. Rook
eteller for his appearance before Judge
Landls some weeks slnoe, have been
paid. A check tor (83 waa mailed to
his home In Cleveland.
Japan Ind'gnant at Hostile Actions of
Flowery Empire.
Tokio, Sept. 3. The unconclliatory
attitude of the Chinese government to
ward Japan is gradually Increasing, anil
it is now verging on tho anti-Japanese.
There la indignation here at the sudden
change ot tiont ty China. The situa
tion at Pekln Is attracting the atten
tion ot public thinkers. It is felt that
for the s.1 ko of tranquility in the Far
East tho present conditions should not
be maintained.
In some uarters it Is thought that It
is abeolntely necessary to Impress
China with tho unreasonableness ot
heio present attitude, and send for that
purpose a foremost statesman to repre
sent Japan at Pekln.
Attempt to Wreck Bridge.
Darby, Penn., Sopt. 3. A bold at
tempt was mado by some unknown
person this morning to blow up with
dynamite a brldgo ot tho Baltimore A
Ohio railroad, crossing Quarry street
abovo Darby. The terrltlo explosion
was heard all over Darby, and tho
greatest excitement prevailed. The
woodwork was blown In all directions
and considerable damsgo was done.
The authorities of the railroad are bus
ily engaged running out several clews.
which they hopo will lead them to ap
prehend the dynamiters.
Revolution Near In Argentine.
JJueuos Ayres, Sept. 3. News of ser
ious unrest in the province of Corel
entes has reached here. Armed bands
have appeared on the frontier and re
volution is sab! to be imminent.