The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 31, 1907, Image 3

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lu o Cnntfcnscil Torni Inr Our
A Ratumo of the Lees Imjiortsnt but
Not Leas Interesting Events
of tlio Past Week.
1'lnlnntt U rovollng In tho novelty
tf freedom,
King Alfonio, of Spain, will on
giigu In brooding fltio cnttlo,
Socialists In Austria inndn ttt
ntnutlal guilts on ti ru-ballot.
Htolyplu give warning to dmirna
nml condemns tho moro to uxpro
lirlntu Inml.
I'o u r Juror hnvn bonn secured (or
tho trlnl of Mnyor Hchmltx nml an
othor vonlro U ordered.
Inspector Mol.oughllti, of tlm Chi
eago pollco forco, linn resigned to got
uwny from Investigations.
JiuIro (Inynor of tho , Supremo
Court, o( Now York, saya tho rail
romU ruvo nut niformod In tho least.
Oklahoma republican ilonounco
tho work of tlutlr rotmtltutlon m it k -era
nml wnnt tho election postponed.
At (luayma. Mexico, 1,300 Chi
iipiu tried to land forcibly from n
British steamer In doflanco of quur--nntlno
Coo liny pcoplo havo begun 110
Individual suits ngalnst tho South
or n Pacific to com pi' I tho ronit to ll
Inml In ohcdtancu to Iti government
A Chicago grand Jury In Invent!
gating charge Hint doctor nml
mldwives rKiinrly paid tho author
ities for tmnuinlty In performing
criminal operation.
Tho public utilities committee of
'Han rrnnaUco supervisors U oonld
rlng it resolution ordering the
United Railway to operate their
linen or forfeit tlmlr frnnehlto.
Secretary Garfield will visit tha
Tloton Irrigation projixit.
Be hoot director of Chicago rofuio
to bo fired by Mnyor Ilusao.
Klro nt Trinity collpge, llnrtford,
did dnnmgo to tho amount of $16,
O00. Donvnr mlllmon and woodworker!
received an ndvatico of 10 per cent In
Councilman of l-ookport, N. Y.,
arc charged with huge boodllnK op
erations, Ono ha contested.
I'renldnnt Corey, tho deponed pron.
Idrnt of tho United. State Sleol Cor
poration, linn nold all hta ntock,
I'olltloal bomwi of Now York hnvo
surrendered completely nml Govern
or Hughes' word goo without quo
Tho North American Baptist con
vention at Jnmostown In opposed to
n union with tho Southern and Na
tional convontloiin.
A Colorado court ban rocognlxoo"
tho Ingallty of n contrart mnrrlngo
by granting n dlvorco In tho caio.
Tho rnnlract wai in ado In California
In 1893,
Tho ChlcnRO City Hallway Com
pany hnn rofunod tha domamtn of Its
timploye for bettor bourn, but con
cedes tha ndvatico In wages asked
Doiporadoca loosened n rnll on tho
Snulhorn Pacific nonr Los Angeles,
nltnchod a wire, and when tho Coait
Lino Limited train nppronchod thoy
dollberatoly pullod tho rnll nildo,
causing n bnd wreck In which two
men wuro killed nnd n dozun Injured.
Tho wrecker worn concealed In tho
tiruih nnd intido tholr oncapo.
Ireland hnn rojoclod parliament'
offor of n limited council,
Flvo workman woro nccldontnlly
lillled In n Pittsburg stool furnace.
Thoro nro now four candidates for
tlm pronldontlnl nomination Tnft,
Fairbanks, Knox nml Canuou.
Ban Frnnclico butldora nro ham
pored by conntnntly rising wagon
nnd bnnka nro restricting credit.
I'nt Crowo hnn boon acquitted of
robbing ntreot cars In Council niuffn,
In., two yearn ngo. Tho victims imtd
lio wns not tho mnn,
Mnyor Ilusso of Chicago has trans
forrod tho ontlro pollco forco of tho
lower districts lu un oflort to onforco
wxlstlng laws.
Tho Rolso court has gone on n
fishing trip whllo tho sheriff sum
mons n now vonlro of 00 mon for
Jury duty In tho Haywood case,
John R, Hogoman, prosldent of
tho Metropolitan I.lfo Insurnnco
Company has beou Indlctod on seven
charges of forgory nnd throo of per
jury. Mnyor BclunlU Is nt liberty Undor
ball bonds aggregating B0,000.
A Qeorgla pnsienger train was wreck
ed nnd 20 portions budly Injuenl.
Bovontoon bodies of Bhrlntra killed
in tho California wrook were burl ml nt
Reading, fonn., tholr homo,
(tallrosd Man Predicts Auvart Fail
inR Towards Nntlor'
Cleveland, Ohio, May 21. 1'rrsl.
dent Wllllnin II. Cnnnlff, nt tin) new
York, Clilinu'i A Kt. 1-oilln ltiillroiul
ooiiij'iiny, (Nickel I'luto) bellivefl In thu
reifii.nt.or : 4i.iumn by tho nntlim
nor h imu, but reimnlii tint present
iiutiviticM hi Pionldt'iit K(XMvoit m pro
ductive of harm to tho country in geno
ml. lie think that rollrund rcgiila
tlcn nhoiild l nocoinplUhed by IIImisI
oonmirvntl-iii, elo 111 efficUi will bo
fell by I lie pixiplo.
"The N)inliilum Is nwliiglng In one
dlicctloii now," will I'renldent Cnnnlfl
toilny, "but It ran not (all to swing
I iok, ami when It stvlngn Hick It is
iMiuml to iwny a g'MHl deal In tho other
direction. I do not menu by that that
vie need four a lluniiclnl panto I but I
do MH-tlll nllllplv Hint there Will In H
retanling of tho proRrninlon o( tho lout
five yenr loi which tho country will Do
the worno off,
" "Nation must hnvo their herocM.
Ttesd Into history nnd ten where Canrar
was IauiImI by bis pooplo one. dny and
xtrliniM tho next wai rsllod at, Tho
jireaidcnt hnn ntruek n key note Hint
linn mot with ready imione on tho
pnrt of tho opl(i, only It I not alnnys
rune to Mlove thnt the apnrovnl of tlio
UutnxtH I AMUroure that tlio inont good
1 to como to the IiIkuiwI number of
Moplo, for the world often npplnud a
mnn and later on dlncuvcr that hnt
they approved Ims done tiicm no good.
"It will not Imi long oto the whole
situation will Ixtrelllod Into evon run
nliiii again, but nut until after tho jx-n-iliiluiil
lu bad It swing a little tho
other way,"
Mtmbsrs of Ksnsa City Pollct Force
Urlng Tata to Qovernor.
Kitniwi City, Mo., Mny 21. flover
nor Jiweph W. Folk loft for Jefferson
City today after n conference with the
ln-nl pollco cutntnlMloiiotn, rvKnlln
graft charge that lantrd until 1 o'clouk
thl inornltig. He bml Imtnfew hours'
sleep In it night and early today con
tinued conUnlng with otsons from
different walk of life, who made hltn
noitinlutl witii rloti jdin-enof police
corruption. Among his callers were
ollcemeu and pollro drt4tlvM, who
ate Mid to hnvo laid Imie numerous Ir
regularities, evidently lu the hoe of
gttlnlug Immunity fur thetmelvN. Oov
ernor Folk's Investigation hnvo con
vlncrtl him that thoro Is n very strong
alliance existing U'twcrn the Metropol
itan Htiret lUllwlny company and the
polcn forro. A high ollleinl of tho K
llecdppaitment Is authority for tho
tstomeiit Hint within two year this
alleged alllanro hn been encouraged by
tho bead of the detrtmcut. Mayor
lhnnlley hat reHtcdly inld thnt lo
licemen hnvo been overtralous In wiv
ing tho itrrvtatr coiiipnnlw, when pa
sengern have N-en Injuietl In accident.
It a charged tliat Imtead of biking
stei promptly to relievo tho lufTerlngn
of the injured, the policemen notify tho
oUiui agents of tho company.
American Factories Duty With Hurry
Orders for Japan.
New York, May 21. America's In
diutrlnl Invadon of tho Far Kntl Is now
In lull swing, and Japan Is ouiing a
golden stream Into thu United rllates
for stool tall, cars nnd locomotive.
Twolvo million dollars already havo
been expended In this country for rnll
rmiil supplies to Ik used in tho comt mo
tion of Southern Manchuila railway,
and It Is now learned thnt contracts In
volving millions of dollar aro ponding.
DelUerliit ol mils nro being made, and
for tho noxt three months iteatnihlr
ohsrtend by Japan will ply acroea tho
Pacific bearing valuable cargoes ol steel
and iron.
Manchuria will bo strapped with
American steel rolls from ifciluy to
Mukden, und tho traveler will ildo In
cats of American inunutaaturo nnd
drawn by locomotive built In this
country. Tliomuimls of dollar hnvo
been spent in premium to American
manufacturer for quick deliveries, for
the Jnpnnrio Inslit that thce railroad
mutt bo built and in full operation
within two years. Japan's lopretontu
tlvc woiu told to go ahead and get the
railroad supplloa nt all costs.
Burglars Crack Big Safe.
Missoula, Mont., Mny 21. Cracks
men slmMered tlio door to tlio tiens
urer'a vault of MIhouIa county at an
early hour this morning, but boforo
they secured tho money they wero
frightened nwny. Tlio tretuiurer'a olllco
In tho court homo Is within 76 fcot of
tho county jail. Tho explosion was
heard by Uio prisoners In tho jail, but
owing to tho fuot that tha deputies
wero engaged In arresting sovoral huh
nleloua ohnrnctrs, nobody In authority
knew of tho nttoinptod burglary until
Women Got $600 O0O Funds,
Pittsburg, Mny 21. In a popular
Bubaorlptlon nunwilgn of ten days, the
members of the Young Woraon'a Chris
tian aaaoolatlon of tills city have raised
a building fund of over 1300,000, thoro
by earning an ondowmonttundof 200,
000 from II, O, Frlck,
Editor of Mexico Paper Saw Negroes
Kill linrlendir Natrous.
Wnshlngton, Mny 23 Paulino I).
Preclndo, editor of a Moxlcnn now
paper lu llrownsvlllo, Tex., and nn
eyu-wltnes to tho shooting of Frank
Nntous, tho only mnn killed In tho
affray there, wn on tho stand todny
beforo tho Kotinto cornmlttco on mil
itary affairs. Dramatically tolling his
story In Hpnnlsh and having It Inter
preted for tho committee, ho proved
to bo tho most Important wltnoss
during tho pronont hearing.
When tho shooting bogan, Pro
clado was sitting In tho court In tho
rear of Tillman's saloon. According
to his story today, Mr. Crlxell, who
conducts a saloon across tho itrcct
from Tillman's place, rushed In ex
citedly and reported that tho "no
groes wero out." Tho doors to Till
man' saloon wero Immediately
closed and barred and Nntous, tho
bartender, started across tho court
to bar thu gato which connected tho
court with tho alley, Preclndo fol
lowed, but boforo ho hnd emorgod
from tho saloon In tho court ho snw
flvo or six negro soldlors In uniform
outer tha gate. They fired sovoral
shots, nnd Nntous throw up his arms
and, exclaiming In Hpnnlsh,
"Oh, my Clod," fell on his back,
lio was '-tiled Instantly. Another
bullet grazed Preclado's hand and It
bled profusely. Htlll nnothcr bullet
paaacd through Preclado's coat and
vest near thu left breast pocket and
broko his glasses, which wero In a
case In tho pockkt. Tho men Immed
iately proceeded down tho alley,
shooting as thoy went.
Ho aworo positively tbo mon woro
negro soldiers.
Accuses Witness of Tellies; Different
Stories Than Defore.
Washington, Mny 22. Throe
mombers of tho Hrownavlllo, Tex.,
pollco forco were questioned today In
the Invcatlgntlon being conducted by
tho Sennto Cornmlttco on Military
Affairs. All testified concerning tho
Incidents attending tho llrownsvlllo
nffray and nil becamo sornowhat con
fused undor cross-oxnmlnatlon by
Kenntor Forakcr whon ho called at
tention to discrepancies botwecn
their atorlos today and thoio told on
tho stand on a previous occasion.
Policeman Vlctorlanlo Fernnndox
testified that ho hoard tho shooting,
and as ho ran downtown from h
homo ho was summoned to tho Till
man saloon, whero ho found tha bar-
londor lying dead. Ho gavo It as his
opinion thnt tho mnn had boon killed
by negro soldiers, no saia no i
seen no soldlors thnt night, ns most
of tho shooting was over boforo he
got down town.
Benntor Fornker railed attention
to tho testimony boforo tho cltUens'
committee In llrownsvlllo two days
after the affray, when Fornandox
told a vivid story of having been
chasod by two negro soldiers, who
fired sovoral shot at litra.
Manufacturers Want Tariff Revision.
Now York. May 23. Tho Nntlonnl
Association of Manufacturers of tho
United States wont on record a In
fnvor of a revision of tho tariff and
tho negotiation of moro troatlos.
Bomo debating precodod this vote on
tbo report of tho cornmlttco on tarm
and reciprocity. Tho commltteo
based Its recommendations on a poll
of tho 3,000 mombora of tho asso
ciation. Of tho total number reply
ing SS tier cont declared for Immed
iate rnvlslon, whllo 20 por cont ex
pressed a "stand-pal" aontimont.
Ktght por cont believed that tho tlmo
for rovlslon had not arrived
Pugilist Pardoned by President.
Washington, Mny 23. Tho De
partment of Justice today prepared
nnd trnnsmlU-d to the Whlto Houso
for tho Presldonl'e slgnaturo, whon
ho returns from his outing In Vir
ginia, a warrant for tha pardon of
John L. Lonnon, tho marine corps
prlvnto who Is serving ono year's tm
prlsonmont nt Governor's Island, N.
v.. for dosertlon. l.onnon is a nopnow
of John h. Sullivan, tho former pug
ilist, whoso Intercession with tno
president resulted lu clomoncy.
"Woman In Blue" Arrested.
Washington, May 2B. Mrs. Isa
bella A. Cnso, who nttractod somo at
tention a "Tho Woman in Dluo,"
who tried to boo tho President nt
Oystor I)ny lust summer, nnd who
has sine sought to soo tho Prosldont
was nrrcbtod horo Inst ntcht on u
chnrgo of Insanity nnd tnkon to tho
Houso of Detention, ponding exami
nation, Sho Is 40 yonra old.
Coal Production In 1000.
Washington, May 31, Tho total pro
duction of coal In tho Unttod Stntea In
1000 wua 414,030,(581 short tons of
8,000 pounds, valued at 1512,010,744.
Pennsylvania contribute! 200,640,084
short tons. West Virginia has sup
planted Illinois us tho second coal pro
ducing state.
President Returns Home
Washington. Mny 24. The Prosl
dont and Mrs, Roosovolt, who havo
boon enjoying six days' vacation at
Pino Knot, tno country homo or Mrs.
Roosovolt, arrived In this city at
8:46 Wodnesday night.
Commission Will Decide Suit Regard
less of Court.
Washington, May 24. It I not
tha Intention of tho Intorstata Com
merce Comrnlsilon to await tho re
sult of tho proceedings to compol K.
II, Ifurrlmnn to answer certain In
quiries thnt were put to him In tha
New York Investigation beforo tak
ing action on tho gonoral subject of
tho Investigation.
In tho opinion of member of tho
Commission, It may bo a year or
moro beforo a final decision can be
roachod regarding tbo refusal of Mr.
Hnrrlinan to nnswer quoitlon. Tho
proceeding will bo Instituted In Now
York tho latter part of thl month, or
tho first of next month, It Is expect
ed that, If tho court upholds tho
Commission, Mr. Harrlman wilt
carry tho caso to higher courts.
Should tho lower courts be adverse
to tho Commission, It Is probnblo
that It will carry tho matter up, In
asmuch n a right of tho Commission
Is Involved. ,
Tho caso would havri been brought
enrller, but tho attorney of the
Commission havo bean engaged on
other work. Tho argument In the
Standard Oil cases, which aro to tako
place In Ht Paul, will occupy tho
attention of Messrs. Kellogg nnd Sev
erance, mid thoy will not bo nblo to
tako up tho Harrlman matter until
after theso aro finished. Without
reference, however, to tho determi
nation of that question, tho Commis
sion will consider tho merits of tho
goneral Inquiry Into tho Harrlman
lines and reach Its conclusion on tho
facts presented. Tho Indications are
that a determination of tho case will
bo reached In a fow weeks.
Labor Union Troubles In 8anFran
Cisco Responsible. """"""
Washington, May 22. The Union
Iron Works has Just given up the
tnsk of completing tho cruiser Cali
fornia, aa also building the South
Dakota, a cruiser of similar type.
Tho South Dakota Is now 97.4 com-
pletod nnd work on bor Is being car
ried on. It Is regarded at tho Navy
Department that. In vlow of the
labor troubles, tho completion of
theso two cruisers marks tho end of
naval construction at San Francisco
for somo time.
Tho reports to tbo Nary Depart
ment from San Francisco show the
California to bo 99.6 per cont com
pleted. All that remains to bo done
Is a little work in tho turrets, con
aldcrnblo painting and finishing up
of odds and ends. Tho California Is
a sister ship to the West Virginia,
which Is now tho flagship of tha Pa
cific Coast fleet. Tho contract prlco
of tho California Is 33,800,000. Her
keel was laid May 7, 1902, and she
was launched April 28, 1904.
Northwest Postal Affairs.
Washington, Mny 2C Postmast
er appointed:
Orcgou Mnyvllle, Laura K. Mc-
Connoll, vlco M. 8. Thomas, ro-
movod; Placer, Ruth W. Scovlll, vlco
Molly Irwin, resigned.
Wash ngton Columbus. Milan
Robinson, vlco K. T. Stark, resigned;
I'e-KM, Qeorgo II. Dodgo, vlco J. O.
Dunlap, resigned: Piedmont, John J.
Cunncn, vlco N. N. Dell, resigned.
Rural freo delivery carriers ap
pointed for Washington routes East
Spoknno, routo 2, Frederick L. IIu
gill carrier, 8. J. Payno substitute;
Spoknno Bridge, routo 1, William K.
Calloway carrier, Wallaco Oalloway,
Relief of Oreek Refugees.
Washington, May 26. Tho Stnto
Department rccolved tho following
dispatch today:
"Owing to great numbers of refu-
goos nrrlvtng In Groeco from Bul
garia and olsowhoro In Turkoy In
Kuropo. tho Greek Chnmbor of Don-
utlea boforo ndjournlng for tho Eas-
tor holldnys, nuthorlrod a lonn or
10,000,000 franca for tho purpose of
furnishing theso refugees with tho
Implements, etc., necossnry to onable
them to begin mo in tholr now
O'Brien Succeeds Wright.
Washington, May 21. It waa an
nounced nt tho Btato department today
that Thomas J, O'llrlen, of Michigan,
United Stated minister to Copenhagen,
will boeonio nmbasnador to Japan In
September upon the retirement of Luke
K. Wright, who has given notice to the
department that ho wishes to leave the
I'servloo at that date. A successor to
O'llrlen has not yet beon selected.
" --
Rates on Petroleum Too High,
Washington. May 23, Frolght
rates on potroloum nnd its products
from Ohio nnd Pennsylvania to St.
Pnul, Omaha, Sioux City nnd Bloux
Falls constituted tho subject ot a
hearing boforo tho Intorstnto Com
morco Commission. Tho complaint
la that tha tariffs tn forco aro ex
cesstvo and unreasonable.
Two Deaths From Plsgue,
Washington, May 23. A cablo
grara from Honolulu to the Marine
Hospital Sorvlco In this city, reports
two doathi yostorday from plague
and one new case of that dlaoase.
Government May Reduce the Com
pensation of Railroads
Chicflxo, May 20, Tlio recent action
of tho Burlington In cutting tho rates
on transcontinental mall to meet tho
competition In sorvlco ami time of tho
Hock Inland, la ha'Ing an Important
bearing on tho question of mall com
pensation generally.
It I raid that tho voluntary reduc
tion mule by tho Burlington Is being
seriously constdetod by the postmaster
goneral In determining whether tho to
tal compensation received Inr tho rail
road shall bo reduced between l&,000,-
000 and 10,000,000 annually.
This fact becamo apparent, It Is
stated, last Wednesday, vrlten a com
mittee of prominent railroad men
called on the postmaster general with
a petition nuking him to rescind the
order requiring the total tonnage car
ried over a mall route for one week to
be divided by men, instead of six, In
arriving at tho average tonnage car
ried. Such a division as the postmast
er generil is insisting on will reduce
the mall compensation nearly 14 per
Tho chairman of the committee was
W. W. Baldwin, assistant to Picsldent
Harris, of the Burlington. Baldwin
was the man who conveyed to the form
er postmaster general tho proposition of
the Burlington to cut Its rates to meet
the Rock island competition. The
postmaster general Intimated that in
view ot the voluntary reduction, It
might bo difficult fur him to be con
vinced that tho mall pay could not
stand a general cuL
Prosecution Will File 70 Indictments
and Put Him Behind Bars.
Ban Francisco, May 20. The graft
prosecution, now that it baa the assur
ance of Ruef that be will tell the con
filtto story of con option to the grand
ury, hss turned its attention to Mayor
Bcbmltx. Before the end of tbo week
Assistant District Attorney Heney will
aik the Judge to give Sohmltx Into the
cuttody of a special elisor. In order to
bring this about, tho prosecution will,
If necessary, file 70 indictments agalnit
Bchmltx. These Indictments will
charge the mayor with having been a
party to the pribcry ot the members cf
tho board of supervisors In all the
crooked deals in which they engaged.
The testimony of Ruef Is explicit on
tbtu poInL
"Mayor Bchmltx knew what the en
perviaora were doing and was a party
to every deal," said Ruef.
With 70 IndlctmenU against him.
the mayor's ball will become prohibl
tlve, and, If plana carry, he will be
ordered Into the enstody of William J.
Blggy, who Is at present Ruel'a jailor.
Vollva Deposed by Court as Success
or of Dowts.
Chicago, May 20. ZIon City was in
a turmoil today when It became known
that Jndge T. M. Landls, In the United
Suttee Circuit court, had recognised
Deacon John A. Lewis aa the legiti
mate ancceraor of John Alexander
Dowlo, tho dead founder of tho N'jrth
Shore city, and haa thus practically
outted Wilbur Glen Vollva from lead
ership. Coupled with this sensational devel
opment, It became known that, In
stinging letters, three of Vollva'a sup
porters have denounced him aa n dema
gogue and a traitor. It Is rumored in
ZIon City that It Vollva attempted to
lead an exodus he could not securo a
following ot more than a dozen persons.
Edwin H. Conger Dead,
Pasadena, May 20. Major Edwin II.
Conger, former American ambassador
to Mexico and minister to China dur
ing the Boxer trouble, died nt the fam
ily home In this city last Saturday.
No hope for his recovery had been held
out by tho attending physicians for tho
past 24 hours. Dally for a week past
Mr. Conger has grown weaker, and it
was known that he had but a fow hours
to live. Tlio family was at tho bedsldo
when tho end came Chronic dysen
tery was tlio direct cause of death. He
was 04 years old.
No Contempt Intended,
Bole, May 20. Prosecuting Attor
ney Koolsch has completed his Investi
gation ot tho circumstances undor
which Harry Orchard, principal wit
ness for the state In the Steunenberg
murder case, was Interviewed, and
presented the District court with a re
port exonerating from the charge of
Improper motives all persons connected
with the inoident. He found that the
only motive Uat the newspaper men
had, in interviewing Orchard was to ob
tain news from him.
Scurvy Rages In Russia,
Bt. Petersburg, May 20. The report
ot the medical inspector In tho famine
district ot Bamaro and Ufa and In the
Turgal Steppes, Aslatlo Russia, says a
largo proportion ol those afRioted with
scurvy are children. Blnce January 16,
when scurvy first became menacing in
Ufa province, the cases officially regis
Utod have averaged 107 dally. The
average now la several times greater.
San Franclrca Most Have Settle
roent Willi Labor Mm,
All Building May Stop and 60,000
Man Become Idle Money
Market Tightens.
San Francisco, May Jl, A meet
ing of the Builders' Exchange has
been called for Wednesday, at whlck
tlmo tho contractors ot the city who
aro erecting tho structures now ris
ing In tho ruins will discuss the
question of stopping work until nor
mal conditions are resumed. In caso
such action Is taken 60,000 men will
be thrown out of empIoyrnonL
The car strike, tho other labor
troubles, and a tightening money
market hare brought the present sit
uation about. Tho financial and In
dustrial situation at the present mo
ment Is enraver than it has boon sinco
tbo big disaster. Every attempt will
be mndo to Induce tho builders to
continue work, but Prcsldont Kent,
of the exchange, stated last night
that many of the members ot tho as
sociation bad expressed themselves
In favor of stopping work until tbo
situation could again be restored to
tho normal. Loans are being called
In and tho interest rate has been ad
vanced from 6 and 6 to 7 and 8 per
A statement has been promised to
day from Honey and Spreckols, and
this may servo to clarify tho situa
tion. Tho resignation of the com
mittee ot soven when Heney and
Spreckols made their llnal refusal to
co-opcrato has served to complicate
Nexlco Preparing for Trouble With
Republic of Oualemaba.
City of Mexico. May 21. Mexican
troops aro being moved to tho Gau-
tcmalan frontier over tho Pan-Amer
ican Railroad, according to advices
received yesterday. In what num
bers or for what purpose these sol
diers aro being moved southward is
not known outside official circles.
It was also learned that tbo War
Department had countermanded the
order dispatching tho Mexican gun
boat Tamnlco to tho port of Baa
Jose do Guatemala and there take on
board Senor Gamboa. the Mexican
Minister to Guatemala, who was to
have gone to San Salvador, The Tarn-
plco is still In tho harbor at sauna
Cruz, but tbo Mexican Minister Is
still In Guatemala City.
An American business man now in
tho city, who arrived from San Sal
vador a few hours ago, says It la only
a question of tlmo when President
Flgucroa ot Salvador will be con
fronted with a formidable revolu
tion. An authority says conditions
tn tho latter Republic are rapidly ap
proaching tho chaotic stage now
existing tn Guatemala. Open war
prevails In Honduras among politi
cal factions, each led by a Presiden
tial aspirant.
Feared Cortmartial for Row With
Santiago Police.
Washington. May 21. Tho Navr
Department today received a dls
natch from Santiago. Cuba, stating
that Ensign Alfred T. Brlsbln, who
was In a difficulty with the ponce or
Santiago about a fortnight ago with
sailors from the Tacoma, had shot
himself through tho lung and was In
n serious condition. Ensign Drlshln
Is In Santiago.
The official Investigation ot the
troublo with tho Santiago police ap
pears to havo developed tho fact that.
Brlsbln was drinking with the sail
or, which would douktloss have re
sulted In hla being court roartlaled.
Brlsbln entered Annapolis Naval
Acadomy from Pennsylvania In 1899
and graduated in 1903. He was
born In Idaho.
Reduced Rates Withdrawn.
Tacoma. Max 21. Reduced rates
ovor tho Northern Pacific Railway to
Middle Westorn cities which wero to
have beon made havo boon with
drawn bocauso tho Interstate Com
merce Commission has refused to ap
provo the lower fare. It is not
known wbother tho cheap tickets
havo been taken oft the market tem
porarily or for tho ontlro summer.
Agents ot tho Orogon Short Lino and
tho Union Pacific assert that they
nro Instructed to soil transportation
on the basts ot one tare plus $10 for
tho round trip to all Middle Western
Will Not Nurse Her Royal Babe.
Madrid, May 21. Owing to the
many duties requiring her attention!
Queen Victoria has given up the Ides,
ot nursing the Prince of the Asturias,
and a nurso has been obtained fer
him, from the province of Santa Andre.