The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 12, 1907, Image 1

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NO. 4
Troubles of the Columbia
Southern Are Averted.
llumlhnldcrs Aro Now In Control of the
Company and Hit Segregation Will
lie Satisfactorily Reclaimed.
The threatened trouble tltnl linn
Wen confronting the Columhiu
Southern IrricntliiK Company,
whereby that corporation might lc
forcctl into the hands of n receiver,
has been averted. Holders of
stock In the company have .tinned
over tllcir stock to the bond hold,
crs and the men who were former
ly the bond holder now constitute
the principal stockholders in the
company. This arrangement
places the company in position in
which nit bonds will 1 cancelled
and leave it free from nil incum
brance. The principal stockholder of the
reorp.iiiiied company are: W. II.
Moore. lnker:'K. It. Lytic, bank
11 and president of the 1'ucific Hull
way & Navigation Co.; J. I'rank
Watson. president Merchants
National Hank, Portland; C. M.
Keep, banker and capitalist; I. A.
Ycrcx and I). 15. Keaacy. real
estate dealers. The officers nre:
VV. II. Moore, president; J. Prank
Watson, vice president; 1C. It.
I.Mle, treasurer: C. M. Keep,
News that will interest and
please many in this section in the
official Mtinouncomcnt that the new
n)iiiwiiy projoM to immcilinfcly
proceed to complete the plant and
put it in wording condition, suf
U tent to irrigate not only the .scg
relation hut all the land there is
water to cover. With the financial
backing the company now has it
should be made a grand success if
it ti properly handled, The com
pany's intention to furnish water to
homesteaders and others owning
laud not in the segregation will be
received with pleasure by many, as
it assures them water for their laud.
It is understood there is n large
acreage that will thus be .supplied
with water.
C. M. Mttdd, local superintend,
rut of the company, in n statement
to The Ilullctin, said that construc
tion work would b prowcuted to
a greater or lew decree from now
011 and uudoublodly later In Ilia
season, when feed became more
plentiful, crews would bo put at
work building dams for the roscr
voirs on the upper Tumello. With
hee reservoirs built there will be
,tu abundance of water for all the
laud that can be watered under
this project, which, properly man-
TO THE PEOPLE of Western Crook County
TiTe BEND MERCANTILE COMPANY must reduce their assets to CASH. A great
sacrifice will be made to close out the large stock of merchandise.
Store closes 10 a, m. on
The bondholders will Immediate
ly employ an engineer wdio will
come to the holdings In this county
and make it tnnp oi the entire sec
tion to be irrigated, including also
the jKirtlou already nerved. Pro
posed Improvements in the way of
additional reservoirs will be iiiclud
cd, and after the map is in shne a
meeting will le held with Govern
or Chamberlain and other state of
ficers to pass on the project The
bondholder have conferred with
Cover nor Chamberlain and the
foregoing map plan 'was agreed
upon hut aside from this 110 further
action was tnkcti.
In 11 letter to the Orciroiiinn,
Judge Seneca Smith, thecompany's
attorney, claims that there has
always been nn abundance of
water for all settlers on the segrc
nation nud maintains that 110 one
lind been injured by the company's
actions, lie further says:
"It It true, however, that up unlit the
Mtt few day llictr were grounds fur
HltcllCIIt)ll tint llic C)lllMliy WOtllll
lie unable to curry wit It contract with
the stale mul complete It Irrigation
woik, arising fioiu tlw fct lint the
plmit and franchise Mere tmrtKHed to
M-cuie tlte NiyiiHut of the couiMiiy'
tmd amounting to Mime fif7,o, and
It credit ft liiilinl that It wm
doubtful whether mote money for eon
stiuellou work could Iw niWtl. The
value of th bond were rupidly depreci
ating. uil rkiii1 the company Mere
OucMtciKnl it Hit life comimiiv' future
ilia mil look hriKlit
"In thi oitiilitioii of iU affair the old
owner of the Mock uf I he company con.
itiK of Mcr. K. W. Wilson, I. V.
IIUIh, I',. 1'. Willi ami W. A. Uidlaw,
tieiHR anxious fur the MKepMlul carry
ing out of the otij(ittl irrigation wheme
offered 'o the landholder ol tile corn
pan) to MirtriMler to them nil of the
rompny' Mock to tie distributed
among the bondholder in the propor
tiou which rih of the Umdholder hehl
of the whole amount of the euniMiiy'
bond. Thi to he, however, on
condition that the landholder would,
Hmhi leeching ll the rdoek of the com
pany, surrender lo the rumMny to lie
cancelled hy it. nil of their Itoml.
"The "hi stockholder have twinned
II their stock lo the Umdholdet iw
Mied, and their connection Willi the
company ha eatd."
(IooJmIIIIc-Joiics Wedding.
Announcements have been ra
ce i veil here of the marriage of Mr.
Arthur I.. Goodwilllie and Miss
Graee Joiie. Iwth of llcud, at
Portland on Tueday, March 36.
Mr. Goodwilllc, who is mayor of
the city of llcud, is quite well
known throughout Central Oregon,
lie is interested ju a number of
enterprises at and near lleud, in
eluding nu interest in the com
pany which owns the ot
the attractive little city. Mr. and
Mrs. Goodwilliu exct to reside
at Ilcnd, where Mr. Goodwillie
has one of the most attractive
homes in the county, and where he
and his bride will be at home to
their friends after June 1. Madras
Hint Team Trouble.
At the hearing before the justice
of the Mracc, hehl Tuesday, Pat
Auglatid, accused of concealing
stolen projxrty, waived examina
tion, nud was Irattud over in the
sum of $150 to appear liefore the
circuit court at the spring term. J.
y. Robisou, complaining witness
vyhp resides iu Crook county, wax
placed under bonds in the sum of
$250 for his npcaraucc here in
Muy.I.akeview Herald.
need, will be one of the host in
Oregon Trunk Line Will
Build to liciul.
Contract for Ralls Is Let to Cnrtieiclc
Company Surveyors Will Work
between Ucinl nm! Madras.
The Ilullctin has been informed
from n source that removes nil
doubt as to 'flic authenticity of the
rqxirt that surveying crews will be
put at work nhbitt Mny 15 runninc
a line from Madras to Bend for the
Oregon Trunk' I.ino. As soon as
the surveys arc completed construc
tion will begin, with probably a
crew at each' end of the licnd
Madras line. In the meantime
work will be' resumed on that part
of the line coming up the Deschutes
canyon, and the road will be pushed
to a speedy completion. It is also
learned from the same source that
contracts for the rails for the new
road are already closed. A first-
class substantial road will be built
and 80 pound rails used.
The Ilullctin trot this information
from a man who has been connect
ed with the Oregon Trunk Line
from its inception. lie announced
persopally to this paper that the
road wa a "sure go" and that it
would take from one and a. half to
two years to build it into Ilcnd, but
into lleud it will come. The under
takiiiK is satisfactorily financed and
will be carried to n successful cud.
It will cost about 10,000 a mile
to build the line. The North
Hank rond is costing 73,000 a mile,
the Union Pacific cost 65.000, the
Northern Pacific .o,ooo and the
Great Northern $55,000. It is thus
seen that the Oregon Trunk Line
is comparatively a cheap road to
build, although this gehtleumu
says that there will be considerable
hard work in the Deschutes canyon.
Reclamation Service Abandons Plans
and Right, of Way Is Granted.
Right of way up the Deschutes
river has Iwcn granted to the Ore
gon Trunk line, nud it is now ex
pected that the work of building
that line into Central Oregon will
soon lie resumed. I.ast week
Thursday's Portland Journal says
that P. S. Gordon, engineer iu
charge of the Oregon Trunk rail
road, work upon which was sus
pended several months ago owing
to conflict iit the Tight of way with
appropriations made by the govern
ment reclamation service, recoived
n telegram this morning from Com
missioner Daliintjer of the genuial
laud office that the railroad's right
of way has been granted.
It is stated that former plans qf
the company, of which V, P. Nel
son of Htrnttle is president, will now
lie carried forward and the road
projected into Central Oregon.
Witter Is Appropriated.
Surveys oil the line which began
at the mouth of the Deschutes river
and continued southward into
Crook county were completed last
year, and late iu the fall grading
work ljcgnu along the banks of the
river. This had been completed
for a considerable distance when
the company was served with noti
fication that the reclamation service
had appropriated the waters of the
Deschutes at its mouth for power
service. Inasmuch as the Oregon
Trunk's right of way fell inside of
the restricted district thrown around
water appropriations made by the
reclamation service, the right to
build the road up the canyon of the
Deschutes was denied.
Strongc Remonstrance Made.
Last winter when it became
known that for the purpose of gen
erating power at the mouth of the
Deschutes to carry it to aid in the
Umatilla irrigating projects, the re
clamation service had blocked the
only feasible route into the long
neglected region of interior Oregon,
protest sprung up-from alt quarters
Portland business men and oth
ers interested in the development
of the arid districts of Crook county
took up the matter in an effort to
have the order against the pilroad
company rescinded. Petitions were
circulated broadcast among the
residents of Central Oregon and
also received many signatures from
the business interests of Portland.
Later they were forwarded to
Washington, where congressional
pressure was enlisted. The result
is the telegram which was received
by Engineer Gordon this morning.
Machinery on the Ground,
While the officers of the railroad
company have issued 110 official
statement, it is said that they arc
ready to go ahead at once with the
road and open up one of the largest
isolated districts in the west. Grad
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Messrs. Turncy and Johnston Dispose
of Stock In Deschutes Irrigation
& Power Company.
It is now learned from an authen
tic source that the report contained
iu The Bulletin several weeks ngo
to the effect that Messrs. Johnston
and Turuey had disposed of their
stock in the Deschutes Irrigation &
Power Company, was olrrcct.
Their holdings huve been taken
over by the Portland stockholders.
It is also understood that Jesse I.
Stearns, one of the Portland stock
holders, will soon be in lleud nud
will spend the summer overseeing
the work on the segregation hereabout.
Wants an Educational Ex
hibit for County Fair.
Superintendent Dinwiddle Urges All
Scholars to Join In Contest for
tlio Various Prizes.
C. I). Dinwiddle, county super
intendent of schools, has com'
menced a campaign whose object is
to secure a worthy educational ex
hibit from the schools of the county
at the next county fair at Princ
villc. Supt. Dinwiddle expects to
scp better work done on account of
the friendly spirit of rivalry that
wil be engendered among those
competing for the prizes. He has
something to say to the teachers,
pupils and patrons, as follows:
The fair amociation ha made n new
lUt of premium for the cliool exhibit
for the eoming autumn. The amount
ho hecu increased somewhat and ar
ranj;nl o a to j;le every one a chance
at a premium. In decisions on scltool
exhibit, quality and not quantity will
be coiiiidered. At leaat x jcr cent of
all cla mutt 1c represented; for in
tanec, if there are 20 pupil in a cl
there inuit beat least four (Mpert exhib
ited. Thi will put the small tchoolt on
the wine footing a the larger kIkmI a
the paper or uork mutt be the four bet
out nf 30 initteail of the first best, while
the mall school with five or leM in a
class need cxhilMt only the first best. etc.
Itach Kiude should be represented by
the required 20 per cent of the class or
more. Work should be practical, every
day work such a is usually required in
the regular school work, Fcnci inay be
used in grade under the third. A good
quality of paper should tic used to tie
ahout'8,4xii inches ami pupils should
write on only one side.
liach data and grade's work should be
grouped before sending in. All manu
scripts sliould be sent direct to the coun
ty school superintendent, and any sug
gestions or help in arranging the work
will le appreciated.
Teachers and pupils, now is the time
to begin arranging for the exhibit. The
fair association has been as liberal as
their funds will allow and we should
now do our part.
Teacher, you can make this an incen
tive to good written work in the school
room and you will be able to secure the
best efforts of the pupil without losing
any time from the regular lessons, and
you will also be encouraging correct hab
it in written oork Any paper handed
in from now on will be accepted, al
though the fair will not beheld till some
time iu October. Teachers and pupils
will lc placed at a better advantage and
will be able to prepare a better exhibit
by saving the best effort from the close
of this term rather lhn from the begin
ning of next, and many school can be
rvpreented that will not be iu session at
tue tiuie of holding the fair.
We ouM like to have eery school in
the county represented, and every teach
er's lumc 011 the list of teachers whoe
pupils have work exhibited. You will
notice that the premiums are arranged
so that every scltoo, no matter how
small, may compete for one or more pre.
Hiiums. and aim the pupils will have
only thoM.' near their grade attainment
to emulate. Grades will be taken into
consideration hy judge in their decis
ions. Any school in the county may en
ter for itenerat scltoo! exhibit: oulv the
gradea mentioned can compete for the
special prcr.
Ti-uvlier, your name will be looked
for ami, if it appears, nutioed and re
tmtmtieml. Fupil, your name wilt be
looked for by iwrcnU and friends and
they will be disappointed if it doe not
anpeax. Stranger will notice your work
if it appears and look for your name, the
name of the teacher nud the school.
Here is an opportunity to cam a preuii-
- j - M
nm fur yourself, help earn one for your
school, and by doing aood work, lirlj
your sahool, your teacher and yourself
Parent, here is an opportunity to a
1st your children and their tearhrr an.
1 lo help build up your school by enronr.
neim an Incentive to better work. Will
you mil in line?
The following; i a list of premium
1'irst best school exhibit. Infernation ,1
I dictionary.
seoomi iet school exhibit, J5.00.
Third best scltool exhibit,
Rest composition, sixth to eighth
grade inclusive, first premium, fj.oo,
second, fi.oo.
Ilcsl arithmetic scheme, fifth to eighth
grade inclusive, first, f .(; second, Si
Heat language FPT, fourth and fifth
grades inclusive, &M,fJ.oo; second f i.eo.
Ilest language paper, first to third
grades inclusive, first, f 2.0a second r 00.
Ilest arithmetic paper, second and
third grade inclusive, first, J 1. 00; sec
ond, jo cents.
Best number paper firt grade, first,
f 1.00; second, so cents.
Our exhibit was good last year and
quite a number of schools were repre
scntcd. Let u all put our shoulder t
the wheel and push for a better one llii-t
year, and not only tliat but for the best
posdble. You pi truly,
County School Superintendent.
Redmond Items.
RnnMONrj, A.ptll a Wasn't It a glor
ious rain?
We understand that V. K. Young has
sold his north forty for J 700 unimproved,
Mr. and Mis. Moore of Prinerille lure
l)ccn over putting in some seed on their
The stage was late getting in on Sun
day owing to not leaving Madras until
two o'clock.
M, H, Landes mule a busine trip to
Prinerille Friday and being detained b
the rain returned Sunday.
A Ladies' Aid society lw been organ
ised a an auxiliary to the Sunday
School for helping to purchase an organ.
We started to Madras Friday for grain
and mill feed. Got there, too, but did
not get bacAc on schedule tiincou account
of rain and washouts.
The new stage brought in four passen-
gers Friday, one on Saturday and tw
on Sunday. We dan' t know how many
on other days we just happened to e
Chas. I. Fyatt of Montana came in
Saturday in the rain looking for land.
We got slightly acquainted with hinj
through a kindness done for us and hope
to see Him locate here, and Ret"better
acquainted. "
E. c Park.
Tumalo Items.
Tomaio, April 9. Cloudy April
Chas. Spaugh was in Tumalo Sunday.
J. 11. Wimer is on the siok list this,
T, A. Jensen was over from the High
tower & Smith mill Saturday and Sun
day. Chas. IUock and Lee Ilobln of Ilend
passed through here today en route for
Mr. Hasselberg expects to complete
his 50 acre contract of clearing and
plowing on the Star Ranch this week.
We don't mis the out side null titucb.
any more. It hasn't arrived fey nearly
a week but that don't amount to nv
thing. After 32 days delay ue got use'1
to it.
Notice ha-, been rcceivvd from the
postofBce department ttut C. I. Gist
lias been appointed postmaster uf the
new postowce of Gistjutd supplies h.v!
lieeu forwarded to him. ThU office wtl'
be supplied with mail frum tW Men
Tumalo toutv.
The couuty joa,d viewers are bus now
in these port viewing roads that have
been asked, for. Yostenlay they icwev!
the road from I.aidtaw west ou town
ship line between ltj-ir and i;-u t
where th Sister and bend road crosso.
at southeast corner of ty)i of section yi
township 16-11, a distance of about Go
miles, .
for Creditors.