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"Forexry man b square deal,
Hess and no more."
Bti montat.. ..................,... .
Vrhtee month......... ............
(Innrlnbly la adrance.)
FRIDAY, MARCH i, 1907.
There is an enterprising family
"living on and improving n home
stead about four miles from Bend
and one of the oldest children
daily walks thnt distance to attend
nhe town school. The desire that
prompts a x4ycar-old girl to walk
eight miles daily in order to get an
-education deserves the reward that
naturally comes to the diligent
.-seeker alter learning.
A seeker after a country better
than the Bend region has returned
here satisfied that this is one of the
best spots on earth with the bright--est
prospects for the future. Here
after his time and money will be
-spent in obtaining more and more
-of the fertile upper Deschutes valley
land. And he, by training and
education is a man competent to
judge. The man who has a little
stick-to-itiveness and remains in
this section is sure to reap a bounti
ful reward in the years to come
and not so very many years cither.
Cvideuce of the increasing settle
ment of this section is again seen
in the move by residents in the
Tumalo neighborhood to divide the
Laidlaw school district and estab
lish another school about 2 ) miles
east of Tumalo postoffice. The
"development of the upper Des-
chutes valley is going iorward by
steady and sure strides. And the
Tlittle country school bouse is one of
4he best and most, promising char
acteristics of American civilization.
'T,et them multiply rapidly.
In getting its account last week
Of the defeat of "Deschutes" coun
ty in committee, The Bulletin got
one point mixed a trifle, due to a
phone that was working poorly at
the time. The member of the
committee who had the deciding
tote was Mr. Hendricks, who was
pledged to defeat the creation ot
-amother new county, "Cascade"
county. Mr. Hendricks was
friendly to "Deschutes" and under
stood the justness of our claims but
deemed it unwise to possibly array
Belknap and Mefryman against his
fight iff opposition to "Cascade"
county, by voting rn frfvor of re
porting the Deschutes county bill
from committee'. Tlius ft was (hat
the vote stood three to two against
reporting the bill.
Every indication points to early
construction on the Harriman lines
through Central Oregon this
spring. It also appears that the
Oregon Trunk I,ine will soon re
sume grading up the Deschutes
river, thus allowing what is sup
posed to be a Hill project an en
trance into the rich timber and ir
rigation districts of Central and
Southern Oregon, In the mean-
time what is the matter with the
Corvallis & Eastern? Will it al
low its rivals to pick the cream of
the territory of this rich inland em
pire, of will there be many busy
construction crews thrown onto its
survey as soon as the snow leaves
the mountain passes? There is a
feeliug m f he aft that long rieglect
'ed Central Oregon is about to come
into its own as far5 as railroad trans
portation is concerned.
A Terso Paragraph.
bilvtr Lake Orcgomau.
I,ast week's Crook County Jour
nal donates nearly two columns
more of Its valuable space to the
r'Rev," Homer M. Street in anoth
er vain attempt to prove the Bend
Bulletin a liar. If the Journal
cannot find better argument against
county division than that advanced
by Street it would do better to fill
the space occupied by him with
patent medicine advertisements.
When people want the truth they
do not usuall look to a religious
pervert for it
Mud Slinging a Farce.
Lai an Chronicle
Another thlitt that was shown up to
plainly at Snlctt wns the fact of the mud
MiuKitiK of the ''rincvillc ring and press
nt A. M. Drake and "lit townsitc of
"end." When it came to n fiRht at
SaIciii did thec people openly attack
Mr, Drake and hi townsdte? No. They
knew better than to do that, as this until
was intended only for the "purpose of
creatine strife among our own home
people by attempting to work upon their
They could not come before that com
mittee and say that this fight was only a
towitsitc boom inaugurated by Mr.
Drake for his own uain. Confronting
them wns n petition signed by over 550
of the voters and tax payers or this pro
posed nee county asking for its creation.
Alo appeared the D. I. & P. Co. and two
of the largest timber companies of the
county asking the same. This was
backed up by a population of io and a
valuation of over two and one half mil
lion dollars. Furthermore, the bill
which was introduced was a fair one and
contained no joker or load for any sec
tion of the country. The expressed
will of the people of Laidlaw wns de
ferred to in the matter of the time of
the temporary location of the county
seat and this although a very large
number of the people of the county
favored the first plan of having the
temporary location for a five year period
adhered to.
The writer can say and gladly does
say that he worked in this fight by the
side of Mr. Drake for three weeks and
probably is as familiar with this situa
tion as any one in the county and we
found Mr. Drake one of the fairest and
most zealous workers we liae ever had
the pleasure of associating with. West
ern (-rook county owes to Mr. Drake a
lebt of gratitude for the wort he ha
done in paving the way for the future
establishment of Deschutes countv. UV
say again, if the l'rineville crowd could
make good why did they not attempt it
before the committee and show up
Drake in his true colors? because tnev
knew the stuff they had been circulating
was nothing but falsehood and that
when they were confronted with the
facts they could not meet the issue.
Homestead Relinquishment and Desert
Assignment For Sale,
About 10 miles northwest of
Bend, 320 acres nearly all fenced,
70 acres under cultivation, perpetu
al water right and yi interest in
the Harcrow and Wimer ditch.
Splendid grazing range adjoining,
sosw timber; $300.00 worth of
farming implements go with the
place. Price $3000.00. Call or ad
dress. Hcoufcs & Johnson,
215-3& Jamieson Block,
50-32 Spokane, Wash.
Ejnp fer HtcWr.
From Pnre-brtd White Plymouth
Rocks, bred for heavy winter lay
ers; large, uniform eggs, fertility
guaranteed. E. F. Battkn,
50-1 Bend, Or.
hir Matter What Your Property Is Worth, or In What Town, City, State or Territory It Is Located
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number ol new propertlca. ami I am jut uie to wll th propcrliM ami make crtwuli meiiri In mm
iSeMAtfB.l55aT ""'", "k" " widlUlde.. TbTt "Jiby RaWM?-??.
whv not put your property among the number that will I
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f,.i?:".,,,finl.,?'w'"!htrou'',r.r-"ja home without any Um). or a
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1 t
. t4Mta(AuIr(M I
v r .
J! Problems That Confront The Irrigator.
I'Tom I'ariuerV thillflln No. JJ Iwinl by the
V. 8. Ilepartiiitiil of Apiculture.
SIZK 01- SliliU 1'IliCHS.
Ill the site of the seed piece
plautcd the practice of different
farmers varies widely, some advo
cating a liberal use of seed and
others claiming equally good re
sults from small cuttings. To nid
iu settling this question the state
agricultural experiment stations
have made numerous tests of seed
pieces of different sizes. Taken
separately these experiments show
a certain amount of divergence in
results, as might naturally be ex
pected of tests conducted under
widely different conditions. How
ever, the majority of these tests,
and especially the figures express
ing the average results of alt avail
able American experiments, may
be safely taken as indications of
what the farmer, under ordinary
conditions, will generally, but not
always, obtain.
The effect of sire of seed pieces
on yield ol crop will be treated
yiclu 01 crop
here under three distinct heads: (1)
On the total yeild; (2) on the gross
yield of salable potatoes, and (3)
on the net yield of salable potatoes,
i. c., after deducting the amount of
seed planted.
In making up the averages be
low it was found practicable to use
the results of 19 tests of single eyes
v. 2eye pieces, 4 tests of 3-cyc cut
tings v. quarters, 17 comparisons of
quarters and halves, 44 tests of
halves v. whole potatoes. The re
sults ol other experiments less
completely reported were used for
the purpose of corroboration.
The following table shows the
average results of these tests, in
cluding potatoes of all sizes:
Average differences per acre in total
yields f rota different seed piece
llu. Per cnt
Kxcess from use of
a-eye pieces over i-eve nces.26 ai
Quarters over a-eye pieces. .15 16
iiaivcs over quarters 34 is
Whole tubers over halves, . .31 18
If we compare' all the total yields
with the total yield produced by
single eyes we have an increase of
21 per cent for 2eye pieces, 41 per
cent for quarters, 67 per cent for
halves, and 96 per cent for entire
tubers. The total yield resulting
from planting whole potatoes is
I ftoUjuarMullbribmacW
iinr ami a neia lorreoi men to nna liuyen.
!-aiil lot orit-or k-o out ofliuilueu. lean ai.ure vuu lntn not ,.!, nut
. ...rii
! Inni.H
how and why
Uyou will fill out the Mink letter of lii-iulry bel
I can qukkly concert Hie projxrty Into catli, a
free: of charge:
leiml''fi" vT.,T,.2'?Im"0".! "J11.1" y, "llll "f -rent value to you, tten lfoil
Icuottoiell. ou hid better write today before you fortt it.
aulio buy any k nit ol a farm, Ilouie or liuilnrw.tu any puttoftlic coimlry, tell me your
i. I will guarantee to nil them promptly and latl.lictorily.
If You Want to Buy Fill In, Cut Out, and Mall Today
1 deiire to buy property corretpondiiig ippronimalcly with the
following peelficatioii, Town or clly .
County , stale,. ,.
( Trice between
M 4 -.
I -
Keuurkn.. .
f practically double that obtained by
planting single eyes.
Thus fur we have considered
only the tottil yield, i. c. large and
.small potatoes, and have found
that the total yield increases sonic
what uniformly as the slie of I he
seed piece is increased. Hence, if
it is the aim simply to .secure an
enormous yield without much re
card to expense, in contests for
prizes, etc., n lavish use of seed is
justifiable. The farmer and gard
ener, however, nave to consider
other factors than the total yield,
for a heavy crop may consist very
largely of tubers too small for the
market, or the great expenditure
for seed when large pieces arc
planted may more than counter
balance the increased yield. Be
fore noting the gross and net yields
of large or salable tubers, result
ing from seed pieces of different
sires, we may consider the cause
inducing a somewhat rcgtilnt in
crease in total yield uccompatiyiug
the use of larger seed pieces.
Several causes operate to in
crease the yield when huge seed
pieces arc planted. The larger the
cutting the greater generally the
number of eves and the number of
stalks. The young shoot, before it
develops a strong .system of feed
ing roots, is dependent for imm
inent 011 the material stored up in
the seed piece; hence the more
abundant this supply the more
vigorous the growth of the
plant and this increased lux
uriance is not confined to the early
stages of growth, but in marked
throughout the growing season.
Investigation has .shown that sever
ing the connection between the
seed piece and the growing vine,
even after the latter it thoroughly
rooted, reduces the yield of pota
toes. The danger of partial or entire
failure resulting from1 an imperfect
stand is nfttch greater with small
cuttings than with large seed
pieces. The small pieces with ex
tensive cut surfaces arc liable to
perish should the season be unfav
orable, cither through excessive
moisture or drought. The sprouts
from small cuttings being weaker
reach the surface with difficulty,
or fail entirely on soil not properly
By averaging the results of the
experiments referred to above, we
find that the actual increase in the
potatoes of salable size due to us-
T rillf.I. real
nr. On the con.
lirbix-rtle m I illil the
a .11.
iwBiiiioiiii TiiuKnaim mil.
biuinrtt: I
'.. . . :.;..
It doeii'l miliar
below nitd. mall Tt
ml win Hire oii
415 Kan. Ave., Topeka, Kansas
and f 1 will pay
dowiiaud balance..... !
,, '
. Addrc..
lotnl nepnrtiitont luauca AUcrli'-
incnt for IroponU to Carry Mall
over Route Petitioned I'or.
That Western Ciook will i.ooii
have the new mail service ctittoucd
for .some time ro in now practi
cally nyturcd. The department Is
now nskiiiK for bidi for ourryiuj!
the mail over the new route, with
the Intention of bcKinnliiK the serv
ice March ao. I I). Wleat N iu
receipt of the following letter fr
wauled by Senator I'ulton, u letter
thnt the senator received from the
)oslnl department. The communi
cation Is .self-explanatory, and fol
lows: W.lSIII!MfTN', Kelt. S. UOT" Hon. c
W. I'tiHon, I'nllcil .StatM Senate, Wali
ItiKtoti. I). C Sir UeferrlitK tu the
icvernl coiiiiitttnlratlott iccrhctl from
you ami to your rooal mill at till of
fice with reference to tltr eilaliHihitieiit
of a itar route aerWee wllli a view to the
Improvement of mall facllitle ill the
Meatrru rt of Citxik county, (rKii, I
hate the honor to Inform you Ihal till
matter hat hectt rate fully ItnevtlKalril
liy an nucnt of the department and, after
a due eomtiletatlim ol 111 rektrl. an ml
crt(emcnt ha thli day Iktii IkhimI for
irotwaU for i-arryine. the null fntm
Sluulko liy Ywiiil;, Mitilrav CwUer.
Udltuotiil and MiilUw to Hctul, wveu
lime a week, and. in the ccnt of the
receipt of a anltahle propovtl at a !
onalife rate of iy, a rtmtract for Mtelt
crvlce may he let front March , fjkij.
Very reiiicetfully,
V. S. llAl.t.K.StltJHmt,
Second AwitUnt l'mlmaitcr (ienetal.
Vhc call for bids itpcciflcs tlmt
the mail imt be carried from Shun
iko to Ileud within 34 hours uud
from Ilcnd to Slmnlko in 20 hour,
llids must le submitted by March y
ing larger .seed
pieces vn ns fob
Average illfTereurei per acre In khm m1
aide yleUU from different eciijdccc
llu. Per cut.
Kxccm from iik of
a-eye piece over i-cye ik..j.i
of the
an in-
Quarter oer -eye piece, . iu
Halve over quarter ,.!.,
Whole ttter over halve.., 1 1
Kvery increase In the site
seed pieces was followed by
creased groa salable yicll.
Before concluding that the large-
est need pieces are the most profit
able it becomes necessary to deduct
Irom the crop the amount or need
planted. It is plain that the in
creased amount of seed potatoes
required when larger piece arc
used may more than counterbal
ance the increase in yield obtained.
The true teit of profit ii the
market value of the crop produced,
less the cost or seed plautcd.
Should the quantity of peed pota
toes used l)c subtracted from the
total yield of large and small nolo
toes or from the salable crop? If
Hinaii or unsalable iced potatoes
rue planted, then the former coifrsc
is the proper one, but tduce large
or medium tubers (cither entire or
cut) ore generally selected for seed
purpose, it seems best to subtract
the seed froln the salable crop,
thus ascertaining the net salable
The following table shows the
actual average results for the net
salable yield; that is, the crop after
deducting the small potatoes and
seed used:
Acrnne difTcrcucc txjr aoru in net ml
aide yield from different cil jiIbco
llu, Pur cut,
Kxccm from like of
a-eyc plecci over i-eye pea. 15.11
Quarter over 3-cyc piece. 7.0
Halve oyer quarter ,
ilalvcn over whole tuber. . n.5
The amount of the net
crop rose with the increase
in the
size of the cultiiifi employed, but
when the whole potato wns plant
ed the figures declined on account
of the large amount of seed potatoes
which had to be deducted, The
nbove figures indicate n very slight
advantage In planting halves
rather than quarters when the
price of seed and of crop produced
are the same. As n matter of
fact, spring prices arc usually some
what higher than fall prices, A
high price for seed potatoes may
make it profitable to plant smaller
pieces (n, for example, quarters)
than would be economical where
seed and crop command the same
price per bushel.
(Continued next week. )
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,s v,wv "m '
Mnn Kclurii- to lleml Coimlry h.i
llllllKll III l,i I.. I . . . . "'"'I
' ".anil Here,
l.rorge If. Hlmmnus. otic 0f ..
successful ranchers ucnr i,,a
wutt In llcud Saturday an, SbV
tm his way home fiom m, cxlttu '
trip through Idaho, i'ttti, ..
ado and California. Mr SuiiraoM
hud left with the Intention ol i.
vesting Iu property elsewhere
could find anything that ,,iMm
him. lie comes back more Hunt,,
cr satisfied with the fertile up
Dcschutori valley mid ts veryt-.
tlmsiuntle over the future of ft
region. Ilcsayn that lie intcofc
to Invest heavily in deeded Im
here and prophesies that land li.
alKiuls will be worth u an ia,
in three years.
Mr. Simmons says that m hh,,
many have their eyes on the Ilrj
country mid he wits repeatedly t&:
that there would be 11 tufioi
of settlers here as soon a the ti
road came. Mt. .Siuimtiii i, t,
cxicrtciiecil itrlgtitor and 11 ceitik
ly is flattering to the llcud counttj
to have him so cntliii'la.Mie over t
after having vlsltctl the U.d of lit
irrigated lands lu these other statu
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A few pure-bred S. C Whht
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la McKay PMc ,. . ISMtlaiU, ttf
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KriMrneW .lu(Cif
OHItttON OMKMIS Telephone
TclcKram I'orwardcd to Any Tart
of the World.
Telephone Coiuniunlcntlotl
with I'orthiud, l'rineville uud nil
Pacific Comt cities.
Public Pay SUitlons
In Hank lluldliiK nt llcud, nt Laid
Inw mid Powell lluttea,
MewMinj4er service to any jurt of
Crook County aouth of Crooked
TlmUr Mii.l. Ad ol June y 1 Wi
V, H. .ami ORlcc, IkcvlCHrlOrfuii,
January 11. lyi"
Notice It littfl.y lilvcn that In compliance Hllll
Hie trovll(inof the Act of CoiiKtr of Jim .1.
. fiitiltcit "An act for I lie Mir uflliulr lainl.
In tlirilatraorCalirornla, Otruoii. NcvuIm ahil
Waaliliigton Tctriliiry," n cxtnulcil In all Die
imlillc Unci atalca liy acl of Augiut i.jtyt. llir
folluHliik' tirraona Imve fllcd lu till, oftic l''tlr
awuru ilaleiiiciila, to-wil.
Kliucr Nl.wongtr,
or Urinl. county iif CkmiU. atale iifOrvtuii. i)r
atateuiciit Nil Mtt, fur the piiicliaw of tin nwU
c. !), tp, 11 a., r 14 r . w in
Joarpliluc M. M. Wcymuiitli,
of Ilcnd, county ofCiook, itntc of Orcguli im rn
lairiiicui nu. ,uiy, wr inr purciuM in inc c-
iiW 'C Ji.lp. i,,r4t., w. m.
Tliuttliry will offer ptnofa lu ahovr llia lh'
latitl. aniiulil are inure valualila fur the llmt'tr or
tune thtinin than for agricultural jmimkhic.,
ami to llirlr claim 10 aahl lamia iKfore
11,1:. itliK, v. n. i;niuiiilMioiicr, at lit. nmciui
puce oriiu-lucw in lleml, Oirgou, oil Momlny
ihc 1 Sill lqy of April, igo;.
Tliry nania a MrUiicaaeai Charlra I). Iltuwii
Charlca M. Weymouth, miner NMunuir,
Joaepliltic M. M. Wcyuioulli, all of lleml. Ore-
Any and all ncraouaclalniiiiir ailverulv lur ol
thaaliovc-ileacilheil lamia aro,rtiueui) to lila
ttielr claliiialu thlaofllcc oil or hifuir llir Val'l
jiniinyoi April, IW.
tt aw J, K. WATbON, KKlUr,
. 4V,W -