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Trains Collide In Kansas and 33
Are Killed.
Many Victims Aro Burned to Ashet
Most of Iho Dead Were Mex
ican Laborers.
Topeka, Jan. 3. Four whlto men, a
negro train porter and about 30 Mexi
can laborers lost their Hves, and 65
persons were injured when two passen
ger trains on the Chicago, Hock Island
A Pacific railroad collided head-on (our
miles west of Volland, Kan., at 5:10
o'clock yesterday morning.
Tho tniins were Not. 29 and 30, run
ning between Chicago and F.l Paso.
They met on a sliarp curvo with fearful
impact. Adding to tho horror of tho
collision, tiro from the lamps in the
cars and from tho locomotives was com
municated to tho splintered wreckage
and spread rapidly consuming five of
tho forward cars of train No. -0, west
bound, and burning a number of tho
passengers. All but three of thoso who
perished are thought to have been Mex
ican laborers, who wcro on their way
from Columbus Junction, O., to Mexico".
Tho otlicials of the company place tltc
blamo on John Lynes, tho ID-year old
telegraph operator at Volland, who fail
ed to stop train No. 21) at his station
after receiving orders to hold it there
until No. 30 had passed.
Uy tho light of the flaming wreckage,
passengers who wcro uninjured worked
heroically to save thoso who wero pin
ned fast beneath the mass of splintered
timbers and twisted iron.
Burton Agrees That Jetty Work Shall
Not Be Interrupted. ,
Washington, Jan. 3. After a confer
ence today with Chairman llurton, of
tho river and harbor committee, Senat
or Fulton expressed the opinion that
Oregon will bo generously dealt with in
the river and harbor bill now in process
of formulation. Ho is satisfied that
tho bill will provide for tho completion
of tho south jetty at tho mouth of tho
Columbia river, for which engineers
recommend an appropriation of f 2,450,
000. Ono million dollars will bo ap
propriated in cash and a continuing
contract will bo authorized for tho bal
ance, so that the work may bo pressed
to early completion and without unnec
essary delay.
Tho house committee is apparently
inclined to deal fairly witli the Celilo
canal, though it will probably appro
prlato lens than tho 1750,000 asked fur
by tho engineers. If this item should
be cut materially, Senator Fulton will
co-oporato with Senator Files, of Wash
ington, and there is a very fair prospect
tliat the amount recommended can lw
secured by a senate amendment.
Parti of Men, Women and Children
in One Mass.
"Washington, Jan. 3. In an ondeavor
to identify the mangled bodies of the
victims of the Terra Cotta wreck of
Sunday night, a grow-some discovory
was iwide at the morgue today. What
was supposed to bo the mangled body of
a man attired in a suit of "popper and
salt, proved to 1)0 the remains of sever
al of the unfortunates who died in the
Sunday wreck.
Tho morgue master had all tho pile
of human flesh and articlec which had
been gathered at the wreck removed to
tho "dead room" today in an effort to
establish identity. When ho delved
into it, he found a piece of a baby's
ekull, a man's foot badly crushed und
encased in a shoe, tho hand of a woman
and a portion of a human face, also
fingers, toes and other parto of women's
and children's bodies and those of men,
all ground into tho black coal dust and
with pieces of garments mixed into the
Utah Officials Pay Fare,
Salt Lake City, Jan. 3. A party of
Utah h hi to officials who arrived today
from Los Angeles on a dolayed train
over the Salt Lake route had an unusual
experienco January 1, when tho antl
pasa law went into effect, and tho train
conductors refused to honor the compli
mentary transportation on which they
began their journey from Los Angoles.
All wero compelled to go down into
their pockeU and dig up full regular
faro for tho distance traveled after tho
expiration of thooldyoar. Tho govern
or was in tho party.
Grazing on Oregon Reserves.
"Washington, Jan. 3. During tho
season of 1007 tho Forest servico will
permit tho grazing of 220,000 sheep and
10,250 horses and cattle in the Eastern
division of tho Itluo mountain forest ro
eorve, and 240,000 sheep and 28,000
horned and cattle in tho Westorn di
Both Houtea of Congress Down to
Business Aftor Holidays.
Washington, Jan. 3. Defense of tho
discharge of the three coiiiinlcs of the
Twenty-fifth infantry, members of
which wore guilty of the llrownsvillo
shooting, was made in the senate today
by Culberson, of Texas, who thus pre
sented tho unusual spectacle of a South
ern Democratic senator as champion of
u ltcpuhlicnn president. Foraker bo
pin a reply, but was not nhlo to finish
it on aecounSof a soro throat and se
cured an adjournment until Monday of
tho debate on his resolution instructing
tho military committee to Inquire into
the president's order. Ixxlge offered
an amendment limiting the inquiry to
tho conduct of tho troops, thus avoid
ing nny question ns to tho president's
authority to discharge them.
Culberson said great injustice had
been done tho people of llrownsvillo.
The conduct of tho negro soldiers had
lieen very irritating. IIo related that
on August 4, tho day before tho "shoot
lug up" of the town, a criminal assault
had been committed by one of the
soldiers on tho wife of n reputable cit
izen. No arrests had lnvd made for
this crime. Culberson defended Cap
tain McDonald, of the Texas Hangers,
to whom Foraker lu.d referred, because
of Major lllockson's reference to him
as a man who was "so bravo that he
would not hesitate to clturgc hell with
a bucket of water."
Senator Nelson introduced a bill to
prohibit the silo of land on which are
situated beds of coal, lignite, asphalt,
petroleum and natural pis in the gov
ernment domain until such deposits
have Itcon exhausted. Provision is
mndo for leasing for terms not exceed
ing one yar for the purpose of having
them explored. Persons making ex
plorations and discoveries are to be
given tho preference in tho right to
lease and work tho deposits.
Senator Piles today introduced n bill
authorizing tho appointment of an ad
ditional judge for the Ninth judicial
district, another authorizing tho ap
pointment of an additional customs ap
praiser for Paget sound and n third ex
tending the privileges of immediate
traneortatlon on dutiable goods at
Port Townsend. lie also offered an
amendment to tho pending child labor
Tho senate then went into executive
session and at 2:55 p. in. adjourned un
til Monday.
Washington, Jan. 3. Heprcsentntlve
Morreil, of Pennsylvania, introduced a
resolution today fornn investigation by
congress of recent railroad wrecks.
Tho resolution states tliat the wrecks
are supposed to be due to overwork of
omploves, and nut tames tlie speaker to
name a committee of five congressmen
who shall have full power to subtoena
witnesses ami require corporations to
furnish records and all information
Friday, January 4.
Washington, Jan. 4. The "omnibus
claims bill," carrying an appropriation
for claims under the Iiowman ami
Tucker acts, was before the house today
and was discuMed for five hours.
Speaker Cannon announced tho ap
pointment of Itepresentatlve Kngel
bright, of California, for a place on tho
committee on mines ami mining, vice
J. N. Williamson, of Oregon, removed.
Tho sneaker based this action on the
ground tliat Mr. Williamson had failed
thus far to attend a single mkm of
the 50th congret-s. lie lias been con
victed of participation In land fraud
in Oregon.
Japanese Reds Cannot Long Maintain
Anarchist Paper.
San Francisco, Jan. 4. The case of
T. Takouchi, of Ilorkeley, publisher of
tho Revolution, will bo reported to the
government at Tokio by Japanese Con
sul Gonoral Uyeno.
"Wo will make a roport of tho Ta
keuchi incident to Tokio," said Secre
tary Oyama, of the Japanco consulate
yesterday. "Wo can take no action in
the matter hero. It is in tho hands of
tho local authorities, but wo will report
tho matter to our government and send
a copy of tho Revolution to Tokio. I
think there will by no tecond issue of
t'o publication. It is a publication
that must cost somo money to get out,
and tho half dozon or so young men
wiio aro associated with Takcuchi in
tho publication cannot bo very flush of
United States Commissioner of Im
migration Hart II. North has been
quiotly gathering evldenco against
Takcuchi. He will forward tho re
sults of his investigations to Washing
ton. If arrests are to (be inado orders
will be tent to North.
Miners Strike for Eight-hour Day.
Grass Valley, Cal., Jan. 4. Six
hundred and fifty miners went on
striko yesterday. Kvery union miner,
witli tho exception of 60, who ure em
ployed in four of tho smaller mines,
Los gono out. They demand un eight-
liour day. A peaceful settlement is I
Life Raits Washed Ashore From
City ot Panama,
Vessel Sailed From San Francisco on
December 31 for Ancon, on
Isthmus of Panama.
San Francisco, Cal., January 5, A
dispatch to tho Cull from Santa Crux
says that a message received late last
night from Waddell Homii, on the const
40 miles north of here, says that tho
Pacific Mail steamship City of Panama
has been wrecked and that most of tho
1 It) persons on board aro helium! to
have perished. The utesfiigo states
that four life rafts havo boon washed
ashore fully provisioned.
The City of Panama left San Fran
cisco on Deeemlier 31 for Ancon, on
tho Isthmus of hinnnw.
Two of tho life rafts were found at
Waddell bench and two a few miles
farther south. All were plainly
marked "City of Panama." They con
tained stores such as are thrust into
boats which put off from wrecked
ships. One of the rafts contained a
Ih)x of crackers and a cask of water. In
tho boats were also found oars and
boathooks. Two of tlie rafts were
lashed together with mi.
Terrific storms have leon raging ami
it is deemed iinpossihio that any rafte
which may bo alloat can survive tin
storm. Tho impression prevails that
every ono of the 00 na-ssengers and 50
member of the crew who left San
Francisco has perished.
It is lolieved that the City of Pana
ma encountered a severe storm shortly
after leaving San Francisco and tiiat
she put wit to sea. Returning closer
to shore to continuo her trip to the
south, sho met witli another storm,
which rondered her helpless. Whether
sho was torn to nieces by Iho gale or
driven on the rocks is not known.
Helow Waddell beach wreckage is
drifting ashore in vast quantities.
Handlers are patrolling the aitore,
watching for bodies which may drift
upon the beach.
San Francisco local marinors refute
to believe tlmt the City of Panama 1ms
been wrecked. They Mime she Is in
distress in the storm ami tlmt her life
boots were washed overboard.
California Legislature Will go to Work
At Once on the Matter.
San Francisco, Jan. 5. Immediately
after the legislature convenes next
Monday the first step will be taken to
remodel tho insitmncu laws of Califor
nia. Ono feature of the now insurance
laws will bo a provision compelling
foreign insurance companies to main
tain very substantial deposits in Cali
fornia hunks as a guarantee of their
good faith in dealing with policy fodd
ers. I no attempt to imps sucli n law
will meet witli strong opposition ami a
small army of insurance lobbyists is
expected in Sacramento.
An effort will also Ihi made to re
quire all insurance com jinnies doing
bus in cm in California to make full
statements as to tlw securities they
hold and to require tliat they jKireluise
arst-eiaxi securities.
Government Will Appeal.
Washington, Jan. 6. Tho recent do
eitiotM by Judge Kvans in the Federal
court at Louisville und by Judge Mo
Call in the Federal court at Memphis,
declaring uneonstitutional tho employ
ers' liability act passed at tho la-t ses
sion of eongrofS, were brought to Presi
dent Roosevelt's attention today, arid
tho announcement was made nt the
White Houso tiiut the president will
direct tlmt an appeal Ihi taken. The
president is greatly interested in this
act and earnestly recommended to con
gress that it be passed.
Nebraska War on Lobbyists.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 6. (Seorge L.
Sheldon, in his inaugural address as
govonorr urged that the lobby lie ban
ished from tho state house, and insist
ed that tho legislature enact a law mak
ing it illegal to give or accept railroad
passes In this state. In the houso of
representatives Representative White
ham offered a resolution which pro
vides tliat "if any lobbyist shows on
tho floor of tho houso while this body
is in session tho sergcant-at-armi is in
structed to ojeet him, forcibly if neces
sary." Iho resolution was adopted.
Allow No Laws Against Japanese.
Honolulu, Jan, 5. It is believed
hero tlmt tho Federal government is
preparing to take steps to provent the
passago by tho territorial legislature
of any measures to discriminate
J against the Japanese.
Secretly SmiiRRlod and Troops Aro
Now Searching for Them.
Havana, Jan. -'. A statement Is
made heie that several thous.ind rlllos
and machine guns represented to have
lieeu landed In l'inar del Itlu province
and hidden in tho woods near Muriel,
have Uhh as secretly taken away. The
recent movement of trout and isillco,
which was considered mysterious In the
light of llowrnur Mngoon s statement
that there win no fear of an uprising
in Culw, is explained by this announce
meat, as it is known that the move
munt was in the nature of a search for
these arms. The H).slblllty of a clash
between Culwns and American Innqn
Is considered remote, as their relations
art good. Tho natives, however, are
plotting upiiiist one another.
Just who Is rcsjioiislble. for the ship
ment of the arms into Culm Is not
known. One theory is that the arms
were purchased by the former UUml
junta in New York and shipped too
late to Ihi used III the lust movement.
It Is fewed that the arms are now in
tho K-sesion of tho negns in the
province. There are Indications tlmt
it is going to Ito ililHcull to repre dis
order by the growing Iwnds of negroe.
who are burning corn llekl ami totwreo
Intrns, robbing estate ami stealing
Senate Committee May Restore the
Amendment Rejected by House.
Washington, Jan. 2. The sub com
mittee of the tytialo committee on a im
propriations, which, for the Ut week,
Ims Itecn considering tlie legislative,
executive and judicial approprtallou
hill, lias considered tlw question of In
creasing tlw salaries of senators and
roH:s'ntatives. and now it seen prob
able tltat tlie tub committee will recom
mend an advance of Ml per cent on con
gressional salaries. Tlte subcommittee
is practically uimnitiMHis in the opin
ion tliat such an increase tliould ls
matte, Imt there is a general feeling
tliat the lwe should Itave intcrtcd tlie
It aim looks as if the committee
would recommend tliat the Ktvitena
for increasing the salaries of tlte vkv
president, seaker and cabinet oUkvn
sltoukl !e eliminated unless a corrv
sjionding increase is secured for senator
and member of the howte.
Many members of the committee
think the senate rltould 1m given an 0f
portunity to tws on the subject, and
will advocate the incur; -wit ion of an
amendment ih the bill by the commit
tee covering the entire subject.
Employer' Liability Act Declared Con
trary to Constitution.
Louisville, Jan. 2. Judire Walter
Kvmim, in the Ftsleral court today, de
clared the employers' liability act un
enwtiUitioftal. The decision whs given
in the ease of tlie administratrix of N.
C. Ilrooks vs. the Southern I 'mi He rail
way, am! Is Itc-lieved to U the first
lianded down in connection with this
The aliened cause of action occurred
in Kama. The hindatnd of the plain
tiff was killed in a railroad accident
and suit was brought under this act for
f 25, 0(H) damage and an amount sulll
cient to cover the eot of cxona Inci
dent to d'-ath. Tlie court holds tlmt
the act in effect would regulate com
merce within tho stale as well as Inter
state commerce and is therefore uncon
stitutional. The demurrer f the
Southern Pacific railroad to action for
damage is sustained.
Livestock Convention Called.
Denver, Jan, 2. A call Isis eon Is
sued to nil live stock asroeiiitions, live
stock producer und mem)Mr to attend
tho tenth annual convention of tlie
American National Livestock losocia-
tlon, to Ih held at the Ilroudway the
ater, Denver, January 22 and 2.1, 1007.
Many imKrtnnt question are to U
considered, among them inferior rail
nmd service, from which shippers have
suffered so disastrously and for which
the association has already taken vigor
ous stops to relieve. The subjects of
forest reserves and grazing lands nre
also to lo considered.
Ask Protectorate for Cuba.
Havana, Jan. 2. It is rctwrtod tlmt
u jxiition for un American tirotectomte
Is reaily to tw sent to Washington from
HomcdioH, tho wealthiest district In
Culm, signed by "00 native Cuban.
Another petition from Cienfuegos is
soon to follow, signed by several hun
dred proiKtrty owners. In other jwrts
of tho island, it Is stated, similar pe
titions aro in courso of preparation. A
weekly nottsjiuer udvocuting a pro
tectorate, as u means of settling the
Cuban situation, will probubly bo is
sues!. Nw Laws Begin With New Year.
Washington, Jan, 2, Yeslerday
marked the beginning of tho life ot sev
eral legislativeaeta of congress. Among
them ure tho free alcohol law, the pure
food law, theuntl jus section '.of tho
interstate commerce law, tho modifica
tion of the navigation laws, 'to simplify
enrollments and licence, and a law
with reference to tho licensing of drug
gist in Uiu District ot Columbia.
Secretary Hitchcock rmjinses a
Flan to Keen Employes.
Scores of Postal Clerks Rntlr.n
tfllcloncy of Service Will
Uo Jeopardised.
Wnidilnictnu, Dec. .11. Failure at
this time to Increase, materially the
iMiuwiiHitlui of iKtslnllkv employes,
thus keeping j wee with the advancing
wages lii other lint of employment,
will seriously jeopardise the clllcltmey
of the service. This statement was.
taken front the annual resirt of First
Assistant Postmaster tieiierul 1 1 Itch
cock, maile public today. The lieisl of
new legislation to make the lal ht
vke under tlw iireuiiitaiK,ee iiMin at
tractive hi onler to nitniu tirweiil em
ploves ami a an incentive for good men
to enter the service Is treatisl exten
sively by Mr. Hitchcock, who preront u
plan for the consideration of eotigress.
Hesignatloii from the serviie have
inervnsed at an alarming rate ami the
staiMlard ot men going Into the Mtrvice
Itas gisatly deleriorateil in the last lis-
cal year. Mr. -niteluss'k's reisirt
shows tlmt In the first and second class
otttceK tlwre were apiroxlmately SU.IHKI
clerks In the grade ranging from HUM
to 11,000 ami ot these clerks i',.1 Id or
hixmii is..i imt leui n-sigueii iiuriiiK
the year. Of 2.1.000 letter carries at
taehed to tliee ntllces, 1)01 or alsait jier cent voluntarily left the service.
Mr. Illuiieis'k recommend establlidi
lug for lth elek ninl tarries six gmde
of ciiinitensalloii. the huiiiwI salary to
l. tMM) for the initial grade, f StM) for
the secitfal grade ami for the four sue-
cetsllllg gntden fDOO, fl.tMM), 1.1(H)
ami ft.SUU'thely, himI pmvliling
for tlie aovaweiiictit of clerk aiel iar
riers in first cmm oIWt (mm MH) Ini
tial gnvle to f.sOO alter Hie year's ser
vice, Ui WM) alter two )ear service,
to f 1.000 after three years' service and
for tin advancement of clerk hiiI oir
rier in second ela iilllce to f hOO af
ter line year's service ami to fUOO after
two ear' servUv.
Thirty-five Killed and Many Injured In
Suburb of Wsiloppion.
Washington, Dec. XI. An appalling
disaster resulting in the tleutli of about
35 iierxms and injuries, as far aa can
!e learned, to alsait 50 eronH, tsvur
red alsait 0X0 o'clock last night on the
llalttmore A Ohio railroad at Term
Ctta, a suburb of Wahinalon. The
Frederick City, Md., ImwI No. M, on
the Mint of pulling out from (Ih sta
tioti, was run into by a train made up
entirely of eight empty oache ImmiimI
from the Went for Washington.
The engineer could not see the block
on account of the heavy fog ami piling
cd ahead on Ids mission of death. A
dcitse fog ami driiillng rain iifevslled
during the day and the night ami to
the inability of the engineer of the rear
train to see the signal showing tlmt
another was In the block Is nttrllHited
the accident. The guide at the place
where the accident ooeurrisl Is down
ward and the tracks were slipery.
The wm-ked train was iMiiite. of
an engine, siiKiklug car ami two day
oochos. The two rear ivwehes weie
reduced to kindling wood, and Iho rear
of the smoker was teescoSs. Ko great
was tho Imistct that the lornl train was
Miitterisl along tho tmek for a consid
erable distance. Fortunately the wreck
age did not take fire.
Traffic was delayed by tho accident.
nun ii nun uiier iiiidiiicni iiemro urn
i i. ... . ... . r, . . ..
botlics of the dead could o luought to
the city. There hum an entire absence
of any attempts at theft, As soon as
poeallilo the Isslles wero covered mid
laid aside to await the coming of thu
train seat irom the city.
From the apisniranco of the I todies It
Is believed that marly all of the vic
tims were killed outright or died with
in a few minutes after tho accident.
Report Filed on Townilto Fraud.
Washington, Dec. .'U.Tho riiwt of
William Dudley Foulke, sent lo the In
dliiu Territory by President Hoosuvolt
toreKtrton tho lownsllo frainl, has
Ih'hii received by Secretary llllelicoek
and by him turned ovur to tho law nll.
ceis of the Interior ilepartniuiit. lis
piihlleatioii will not lie made for some
weoks, If at alt. It novers but one fixt
ure of affairs In the Indian Territory,
and until other rotoils Itoarlng upon
similar matters aro lecolvod by the
secretory nothing will be given out In
relation to the subject.
Olve Pope Money to Fight Franca,
Homo, Deo. 31 Tho pope Iiiih receiv
ed many iinixirlanl donations to holn
him In Iho dllllcultlcH with France.
They include HOO.OOO from HuiKiror
lnincis Jtwepli of Austria and $400,000
from Cardinal Vaslmry, archbishop of
Umu, Hungary.
All Communication Slopped and Somo
Lives Lost by Hloitn
buidon, Dee. ail. It ha eoii niiuty
years sIium (Vntial KuroMi Keiieially
lias suffeiiHl so seveiely fnun Ml ,ictlo
visllatloii it it ha (hi week. I'mn,
I'lance, llelgliiiu, WwiKerlaiitl, ()er.
many ami Austria-Hungary thu mllm
lulu Is repented of heavv snow slorms
Interruption of vehicular, telegrHphle
ami mlltiwd eoiuiniiiiliull.tii, Iimm of
life and general discomfort,
While Omit llrllnliiasa rule emaiNHi
winter w wither, sho he sulleied this
year to mi almost iinpriHili'iii.,(k.r,,
Aceoidlng to reHirl tonlglit rm
uoitliein Miiuta, the storm I glowing
worse. The Initvy snowstorm which
U'Hiiu several days ngo still ointlmie.
They are accoiiiiuled liy violent gi(i
and even thunder storm in somn
place, mid have resulted la a mtLmh
rullrond noiilent near Arlxiralh, Hvt,i.
laud, In which iiImhiI 50 Hron wem
killed or siifferetl serlou Injury.
Hailruul traltle In the north of Cng.
land and iioclnlly Scot laud U Iss-om-lug
comiilololy tlisl up. Ijtrgo toivn
like IMlulHirgh, Kumlee and Perth aio
alinoot Isolatisl. The telegiHhlr rer
vles are dlit)inlMs und would be
completely ueleM leit for the extension
In recent jeer of the underground
wire. The siHiHstorn, eHitlniie with
equal severity In Noitheru Wale und
in Ireland.
Commission Calls lor Uldi for Two
With Pipe Lines.
Washington, IHw. SV ltevle. iw
cifiratlo4ia Itave lttsn iireimretl by th
Isthmian ('turn I com m iw is mi for ii
iililme dreluM to m uwsl nt
la Itora
ami Crlftolwl. t'rxler tlie ortKiim)
siMnirlcatlixis bid were asked for ihi
these dredge delivered In thl country.
The new ssiltcMtlon ask for piopisal
delivereil rendy for work In Panaina,
i me en the PacHk side of the iMliriiua
ami the o titer ihi the Atlantic sole.
PrujMwal are also Mkc ihi the machin
ery kms'ked down In Panama.
Tliie dreilge aro required for haiUtr
work, a well a (or drelgirig at lb
end of the canal. The commission
now ha lvodli"'r dretlgen at work in
Panama aiel a third drislge ol tin tie
rer I pi ion I hum' building. The (st of
tlieo drislge varies from fltM.tHH) bis!
10S.500, ami It is Isdlevisl that Urn
cost of tlie pltoline drislges will lt
nlsHit tho same. The eomiiiliHi alfO
Im two Mii-goIng dredge Iwltding near
HaltliiHire. Knch of thre I 300 feet
long and l rowhlc of going to sea uieUr
It own stmui nt a ed of eight or ten
kiKits an iHMtr. One of these will l
ul,ou the Pacific side of the tone arsl
the other on the Atlantic.
Son to Assume Active Control of
Great Northern.
St. Paul, Minn.. IW. 8VI President
.lames J. 1 1 III, of the (ireat Notthern
rallrwd, Ute empire Isilkler of tint
Northwest, will rnire from the active
management of hi mammoth enter
prise July I, 11107. The iiniioiliHf.
meut I creilltetl to Mr. Hill himself in
a conference lteld with Twin City lawl
lie num.
Mr. Hill's successor will Is IHils W.
Hill, vice president of the fircat North
ern, who in reality ha been In active
charge of the road fur the tat three
years. I.. W. Hill jstefesses to a con
siderable extent the remarkable gen i as
of hia father. a ha been demonstrated
on more than one (mi-unIoh He ha
also ln carefully trained llu the way
of hi iwrellt, am! Itesldes iHweiiig
iialiitnl nbllliy, U thoroughly po-tod oa
to the Hill uiethiMls ami mi1IcIim.
Humors have len current at the I-
ginning of the faint few year tltat Mr.
inn would retire, mil the muuiutto lm
kept ns hard at work as ever, m-pito
his 07 yimrr he I ns strong intollivtual
ly a 'JO ymr ago, but he feel that thu
Is entitled to a rest from his hart I la
Intra. In n public speech delivered
some time ago he raid that lie wn pre
wiring to lift some of the burdens from
ills I nick. Ho said he hoped that he
would devote considerable time to rind
ing, u pleasure which he has not N-ea
able to pursue as much as he would
naliull Prepares for War.
Tunglor, Morocco, Dee. 20. Acconl
ing to the laisl Information obtainable,
ltailstill has refused to resign his gov
ernorship, and Im unit his hnroui to
tho mountains under tho protection of
a detachment of Kahyles, mid is prepar
ing to meet the force of War Minister
(lablmsat Zlnat, Tho war minister
entered the city In state today and went
tolhognind mosque, wheto ho solinen
ly rend a littler from the sultan dis
missing Halsuli from his irovernor-
ship for causing Injury to thu conn
Transports May Take Food to China
Washington, Deo. 20, Quarter
master (leneral Hiimphrev has nntillcl
Hccretary Taft that ho 'has available
two transports in which supplies for
the Chinese famine sufferers may lie
sent. These are tho lltiford and the
Warren, inith at Kan Francisco, Secre
tary Tuft . uivon the roconvenlmr of con
gress, will ask for authority to uso ono
of those vihooU for tho relief mission.