The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 13, 1906, Image 5

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", j-1 -
, Nell .Smllli wns in Hend from liis
' up-river ranch lnt Wudnujtdiiy.
V. II. Abels of MudniH was a
'Uend caller the first of the week.
., Ice cream sodas can now be ob
tained at the jxwloffice store. i.-tf
u C. S. Wilnon of Ketlmoml has
, bum i vUltltiK in Iluud during the
J. II. I Inner of Irltivllle wan
HttondiiiK to Inndim-M in Hend
. , Mr. John Wetiundy joined her
, ''lUuilmntl in Hend ImnI TuemUy from
her former home in Montana
J. C. Lewis nd ItirUvvodiiiiRlilei
left for Redmond Tlnnwlity after hii
outing on the river above Hend.
The temiieralnre this wink vie
a follows: Stimlny 90, Monday M,
Ttiuwlny 00, Wediief-dny 90, Tliiirn
liny 05.
The Uend Livery : Trmmfer Co.
UbttildiiiK n new otore 1 00m for
luqtl noitli ul their barn, dituennion
., Mb Kthcl Chapman went out to
the Mlnor-Jone camp on the Turn
hIo yetUerrlay afternoon for two
day' outing.
Mia IUImI ltd ward., Miw Scott
mid John Itdward drove to Iknd
'from Sintem Tueliy, returiiitiK
home Wedneday night.
Dr. ('.nil New-toni f KtNltuotMl,
J. V. Rutherford and Chawtcy
, Ray of I.hhIIhw were catling 011
Iteuil friendN Iwttl .Saturduy.
Mrs. it. U. Muncy and dauih
tur Hthcl ate exiectejd to arrived in
Hend tomorrow. They come from
Mfnnetrota to join Mr. Muncy, who
is now located here.
1 1 At the, Minor-Jones camp on the
Ttimnlo they have n family of pet
chipmunk. The littte minimis are
. so tnmc that they will run up to a
jn:t.ion mid wit out of their hand.
1 Kcv. Father Ilickcy wns in Hend
last .Sunday and Monday minister
ins to the wants of'the Catholic
congregation. There is some talk of
, procuring the old school house as a
place of worship for this congre
Ration. A party cotusoned of T. Sharp,
jr., J. N. Coghlan, and I)rs. K. T.
Tucker and W. S. Brewster of
.'Portland have been spending the
pnjj week enjoying an outing at
up-river point. Part of the week,
they were accompanied by J. C.
Lewis of the I). I. & V. Co. and
his two daughters.
J. O. Johnston and family, II. I).
Turney nml several others in all
11 pnrty of nine. will arrive in Ilpuil
next Sunday for a May of beveral
'1 weeks. The club houses have
been renovated and made ready for
their coming. A I). I. & 1. Co's
man left with C. A. Chapman's
team Thursday to meet the party
nt Shauikn.
TiTo Central Ore
gon Banking
Trust Company
Capital 523,000 00
Transacts a (leileral Umik
InKiUiiblness. Acts as Administrator,' lix
ccutor or Trustee of Estates
Issues Drafts and Hank
Money Orders on all Purely"
Interest on Time Deposits.
Safe Deposit Boxes.
Fire Insurance.
A. M, Drnke, A. I,, (iootlwlllle
President, Vice l'ren,
J. M. I.Awrcnce, Secretary.
I'. O. Minor. LVhIiIoi-.
C ' s
.S?iM r'
During July, AtiKtist and Sep
teuiher, the Central Oregon Dnnk
lujc & Trust Company will close at
2 o'clock each Saturday after
noon, ifitf
Ovid Riley was in Uend from his
river ranch Monday.
Mrs. John Ryan is spending n
few days in Portland.
Ora Hunter of Redmond is visit
iiiK in Hend for 11 few days.
Mr. and Mrs. IJ. W. I.nkiu ar
rived in Hend Monday evening.
Karl Wright returned from hi
ttip to Portland Itiht Monday ovon-iK-
1. Myers, editor of the Lnid-
law Chronicle, wna traiiwictin bus
ideas in Hend Weduuftday muriiitig.
Have you seen the "CreetiiiKS
from Hend" johtHl curds at the pout
oflice store? If not secure some for
your friends IJast. i.-jtf
On Monday seven cowa got into
Mrs. C. A. Jones' Harden and ate
iverythiiiK in sight, even to the
onioni. It is needles to say that
Mr. Jones is heartily in favor of
the herd law.
A. M. Drake left for The Dalle
Sunday morning to he preaeut
when the arguments aro made be
forejudge Uradidinw in the court
Iioum iujuuotiou cane. Later he'
will go to Portland.
Last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. A.
C. Lucas gave a very pleasant little
6 o'clock dinner jxirty at their pop
ular hostelry, the Pilot Hutte Inn,
in honor of the home-coming of Mr.
I.akiu and his bride.
T. W. Zimiiicrmnnn left last Sun
day for Howard, Oregon, where he
will take charge of the Gatcwood
Mining Co.'s store at that place.
The mines arc located about 30
miles east of I'riueville.
Mrs. Minor, Miss Jones and Ken
neth Minor came to town on Satur
day from their camp on the Turn
alo. Miss Jones went out on Tues
day to look over her timber claim
preparatory to making final proof.
The jmrty returned to camp Tues
day. Last Friday morning Klmcr Mer
rill drove with Miss Mabel Hunter
and Andy Hunter over the mount
ains to Cascadia. Miss Hunter will
sjieud about two months visiting
friends and relatives in the valley.
Mr. Merrill returned to Hend Tues
Hend jxioplc are jlistly proud of
what they can grow in their gar
dens. This week P. L. Tompkins
brought to The Bulletin office n
head of lettuce that measured 16
inches aafoss when the leaves were
stretched out. It was a fine speci
W. 1 Vandevcrt during the past
week, shot and killed a .oo pound
brown bear up at Crain Prairie.
The animal was 0 very old one,
Mr. Viuulevert judging it to be
about 25 years old. John Elder
says that 22 year ago he notched
the oar of a brown Iwnr. This old
fellow carried a similar notch in
hih ear and it in believed it is the
same animal.
The fatuous Hood River straw
berries have met their equal and
that at Hend. Last Sunday "Dad"
West presented The Hulletiu with n
(juart of native grown strawberries
that for size, color and flavor can
not be excelled anywhere, When
ever strawberry plants have been
set out by Hend people, the owners
report n fine growth aild a good
yield for young plants,
The Columbia Southern Irriga
tion company filed its rules in the
court hdtise 011 June 14, They
have not been approved by the
state laud -board, however, and J,he
points at i&sue between the Uu
board and this company are still
unsettled 'This company's libltf.
I. .no nrn x.. Illn ...!& C Aim !Ujh
una - w viiw i-3iamcui lilt iivci
and haye Ubthing in ootutnon iVmu
titer tompajty. operating at .tfetul
and Redmond.
MrK. C. II, Krickson was in from
their Hear Creek ranch Tuesday.
C. M. Redfield and V. J. O'Con
nor of Rcdmotld came up to Hend
this morning on business.
T. A. Hudson of The Dalles,
accompanied by his son T. R.., was
in Hend Thursday. He came to
adjust the insurance due on the
Merrill residence, caused by the
burning thereof.
Chridtiatt Ktulcuvot services next
Sunday evening in the church.
Subject-"How Can I be a True
Kriend." Text: Pro v. 17: 17; 18;
21-. 'Leader Mrs. IS. Ivhtelle Kllis.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Weymouth
went out to Hie Tttmalo Saturday
and have IWeu occupying the Mill-or-Joww
camp during the absence
of those familie. They returned
Tucwlny and Mr. Weymouth
brought in a fine string of small
mountain trout.
Word reached Hend the first of
the week that W. IS. Client! , Jr.,
would leave fo- the West about
July to. After a stop in Port
land Mr. Cucriu and family will
come to Hend to spend the sum
mer. Their home on the river
here is being prepared for their
Ifor a few ditys this week Hend
wai threatened with an ice famine.
Itotli A. It. Hsteleuet and Hugh
O'Kane had a supply in, their ice
houses but had none for sale as they
would need it all for their own use.
The supply put up last winter by
"Dad" Wcht was exhausted.
Nature has lcen very lavish in
furnishing an ice supply near Hend
at the ice caves, hut the expense of
hauling the commodity from there
was prohibitive. Consequently the
person with a longing for ice cream
and sodas, with an unsatisfied
thirst for something cool and re
freshing, carried a bitter disappoint
uicnt deep in his heart. Hut later
it was discovered that Charles
lioyd had a supply of ice stored
away, enough to last about two
mouths, and the thirsty man is
again satisfied.
Attempt to Alter tho Present Bend
Prlnevlllo Road Meets Defeat.
Some tittle ago a petition was
quite freely signed and presented to
the county court asking that the
present road between Uend and
I'riueville be altered in some re
spects a few miles east of Hend.
The old road, laid out before there
was much attention paid to section
lines, runs diagonally across several
farms, Some of these owners arc
attempting to have it changed so
as to follow the lines of the legal
As the road now is it runs across
land owned by II. C. ISIlis, A. A.
Hurris, Dr. C. IS. Coons, and across
five forties owned by Adam Kotz
tuau. Mr. Kotzmau seems to be
the strongest advocate for a change.
He says he is willing to have three
forties crossed by the road but 011
the other two he desires the road
to follow liie division lines.
A protest to the proposed change
was filed by n few of Heud's peo
ple. They claimed that the change
would make the road quite a little
longer: that it would be soft and
would take mouths to harden; that
the laud was purchased knowing
the road to be where it now is; that
(he softened condition ofa ttew road
and the added distance wotild work
a hardship on the freighters; would
increase the cost ot freight. There
fore the petition should be refused.
Kotzmau and the other petition
ers claim that it is only a question
of time until roads will be changed
to follow bcctiou lines and inas
much as the present road works a
Buy on Gwdfii?
this $60 Machine for $25
It li a lilch.KMa. ilron, bull benrlnr. lock.
Mitch, double Ifrcd, -elt-threading
tbuttlei hm
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the if. in in -.chin Agent
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machine. Hold tfit onlr
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TfeffaTJ) on ait raim-Mi-our new MUlt flan.
173.17 yiMtHU VOkJLXMB,OSU
hardship on them it ought to be
changed now.
The county court, after consider
ing the pi o test mid after having the
proposed road viewed, refused to
grant the petition. Mr. Kotzmatt
claims the viewing was not done in
food faith mid intends to make
strenuous efforts to have tL'e peti
tion reconsidered.
I'rnannt' Huiirmf lllona.
Now nml llK'ij, nut often, uliootlr np
pcaraiic'CM or ikjuihIh nro wpluliiul to
U jicflKfuil'rf HftlUtf action. Tliiin In tint
county of Durham "(.'nlirtcl'rf hound-."
ivi'n for lout:, tiiiitc year ImiIIcvmI to
nlirh'k mill howl through tlio iilr on
dark iilsht- ami to fomNxlu death to
him who liownl ntid hw thoin. lint
PhminIc modern rtwi-nn'h tirovctl thorn
to he notlilUK hut lloi-kM of wild kcchc
nilxratliiK loutl.vrard on llw )pruadi
of winter .nml eliooHliiK ilftrk iiIkIiM for
(lii-lr Jonriicyri. Similarly Hip nUmt qt
Irlijtlnli', In tho I.lucohielilro woIiIm, n
Kohllit who terrlllwl truvolcn nt ulRht;
Willi Us iKwrtrcudlni; crlei- mid who
wh Hld to Ih a wltih wh'p had tireil
worrlf-l to tli-nili hy iIok In a Ioiik' jwitt
(,'(, hni bwii hIwwii to hv nothing hut
un owl. On th otlutr hand, no tru(
Coriilolitnmi will rvvr ! Iim1iich1 to re'
llmjuMi llw belief that the xtlrlt of
KIiik Arthur still lmunM Hh roln of
TiutllKol 1st Lie mImM.' of a .tiltfe)l.WRllf'
nml 1. lrwilj- Hm? liiony ICuaiixh fain-lllu-i
wlio oiM 11 wllllf hlnl of otnoiit
hucIi mm Hint which Jolili Oxeiilirim '
In "Westwnnl Ho." cIIiik firmly to the
tradition If not to the brtluf In It.-'
Imlon (ntililc.
Tin- Will i Illo.
Two or thrc' jtmrs ko. In a Ijuica
r4ilro town, wbllo n fair wmt In trK-re-w,
to to- jtro-irletor of a Men 111
rounitalxHit tlioru cuine a uliottktior
wltotn wife wan lylm; Miiitoedly at
the (mint of iIcaUi. "lliou imin stop
thy ori;an.H lu Kahl. "WhyT' aktl
tho other. 'Thou niun xtop It, I tell
tba'. My idImiw cawn't ileo," wan the
reply, a iIUIokho for which tho writer
cau vouch.
A clerto'inan hail placcil on record n
aluillar ItwtHiice. Ylaltln- a lek w-
rldlilonw, he whh tokl by Uie doctor that'
the nlvkruoiu wan full of mourner, bk-
ntiritn; the woiiiau thnt tho wan abouti
to die. And the woman wns dyln-;
from auKRestlon, UiourIi orKanlcally'
thoro wns not tho leant rennon why she
should. Tho clerj-yinnti entered tlw
room and cleared out the doleful ones.
"You'ro not roJihj to die." he snld.
"WhntI Ami notdyhur. jmivon? Theu.
thuiik (Jod, I won't!" Tlint woiunn wn
well In next to no time and round nt
the vIcaniKi" thankliiK IU nuiHtcr for
buvliitr avl her life. St. James Ga
zette. Stropplnir ft Ilmnr.
"Tlio Idea thnt 11 razor need frequent
K'riudliiK or hoiiluK I not In ta-culug
with my experience." nJd a man who
HhavM himself. "I hnvo n razor tlidt 1
cot ton year ago which linn never been
out of niy potMCKiilou, never hnd unj'
nther trentuient than 8trtiipluK. nml M
todny the hlinrpeKt mid best of nix A
-nzor can only bu Kept In thin condition
without lionliiK, however, by usIiir n
haul Htrop Unit U, one which In rigid
Instead of flexlblo nml not the klud
that ninkctt nu arc of n circle when you
uho It. llili latter sort will harpru a
razor for awhile, but It nlo innki the
edRO round until nt Inst It ceiues to cut
Why do I have nix razors? Well, thnt
It to lino them In regular turn and jclve
each one of them a rest. I abnvo crery
day, which I lltul tho lentt troubleioiuo
method, mid If I Uso tho amno btndo
everj day It would aooii piny out Tho
rUsce of a razor uoods rest, Just like
every other ninchlm."
Slavery lu Orent Ilrltaln.
Slavorj- mirvlvwl In Enulniid much
.Inter thnn la Kcnerolly aupiojoil. The
wont "boiiibiKo" In Northumberlnud
still inoniiH a fomtilo farm norvnut. Tho
cool leu nml halters I. e., salt inluers
of Kiut I.othlnu were actually nl.ives
till 1775. If they donorted their serv
ice any 0110 hnrborlm them whh liable
to a penalty of 5 If be did not restore
thum In twenty-four hour. Tho Inst
slave lu Kuglaml wns not freed until
17liy, and In 1W2 tliure was a cooly
llvlnc who, ns well an bU father and
j-rtuulfnther, lmd worked as n slave In
tt pit nt Musselburg.
The Illaturlo Ujre,
WnshhiRton wnn crosKltis tho Dela
ware. Ho" stood.
"Uettor nit down, sir," auj-jjwted an
"Bit down!" responded lustily the Fa
ther of Ilia Country. "Ami, pray, what
ort of a picture would tljtit mnkeV
IUuhhluK under tho rebuke, tho aid
resolved to monkey not more with art.
Pbllndelphln l'ubllc LiHler.
1'rucooUa' Keuth-re,
rcncock.featliei-H nru Hiild to brlnt? Ill
luck. Tho orlttln of thN tradition la
Interesting. It Is found lit l-iiluravo's
work on contrnl nnd ent Arabia, where
tho traveler miys that, ivceohllng to
Mohammedan tradition, tho neueock
opened ihb wicket of jtnj,vllsj 0 admit
'tho .dqyll pnd rocelvetr a" very amplo
Bbnro of 1I16 tlevU'H own ptiulaluueut.
IKKIGATIU) LAND---I have n few
'choice tracts" from 40" to ', 60 acres
each that crm be-Trttrtgnt 'lot a bar-
Ry.ii'.lK-P. t. TOMl'KlNSB0llk
Buildine. 43tf
A. C. LUCAS, Proprietor
Tables supplied with all the delicacies of the season
First-class Equipment Fine Rooms and Beds
All stages stop at the hotel door
GeherdI BlackSmithing an'd Wagon Repairing
t0T" Our shop is located opposite Baptist Church.
eiJtt 'f
rZ. F.
Large. Commodious Warebousc. Consignments Solicited
Prompt attention tiahl to tlto-e wlio
favor m whh their ptronaj;
l v .
Leave Shauiko 6,p. m.
Anh-e Prinevillc....i..,M, 72 ill.
Leave Princvllle .ts3o p. in.
Arrive Bend 7:00 p. m.
Bend Livery
First-Clfrs, Livery Rigs
(loncltrt, between MlnnMftjaudOrcgcwi, '
,', WAH STKHKT, Oppo-ltel!,M.o.
THE finest stockot FRESH
MEATS in Crook County.
Cured Meats and Lard and ajl
the AecessoriQs of a FirstC!ass
Market... Every thitig, new and
of the best. WH if E & H I LL.
---hhc? -r xnnnjm raaaacvrii l .owi7'''Wjri---.i---------
K iir ( 5i 81 JBSi'vyW VS I 'jt!usM KLwfUYr
No -natter hov big tho b)rd, no rnater Hosf- heavy its plumage or
swift its Mujhtr you can brinf it to ba-wlth a long, strong,
jStrnight hoSiInB Winchester Repeating Shotguft? Results aro what
count. vTKcv always trlve tho bst results in nleld. fowl or tran
tthootin-fr' nd ure sold whhrn-Hich t everybody's pocketbpok.
fitESt SifiJTKfitt'ani "ailittu l a poita' cri fa our 'lire Ittut'relcit ctiilevu
imcKmMt-mimiwrti ttxvt
HH.; :
and ftirardiifg
6 U L E
Leave Bend..c. ,6:00 a. in.
Arrive rinnevillc i?:ro nt
Leave Frincville iPuffl
Arrive Shaniko 1 a. m
Rn .
Transfer ' Co.
for Rent. 'Phone No. 15
Bend, Oresor
) 1.1-
1 1