The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 01, 1906, Image 7

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taw arn nntlrnly frrn frimi II.
Ulnar ilnroloiiaoalowly t cAiiaa Utile If
anr tllatiirlianeo ittirlnif tlio wliolo orlod of
It may thru iirixturit tlraprpala, eatarrli,
mill inarkml tumlr-nry lrmiamiitlin, lirfura
rnaiilfrialliiir H"lf In much eulaneoua crup'
Um or ulaiulular awtllliiir.
It a liimt lo lie sliro tint you ara quite free
Yum II, iiil rmi run ri'lr on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
to rlit you of It rllrllr ami ptirmmirnlly.
Accept no s'lliatlttilii, but lualat on bavins'
liuixl'a. Miiilil or UdUla, 100 Uoaas II.
"Dii.l DpvIU" of Nil Vnllr
Travelers In tlm n'lelirnlrri Dentil
Volley nf ('iillforiilti liavo rttcrllKtl tlm
wonderful contortions of tlm aninl pll
litr t tut t Rimill ulilrhvlnil sometime
nciitl niliiiiliiit ncniM tlio hot plain,
Kvon moro rcmnrknlilit nrn "dust tier-
IU" seen by nu explorer, In tlio vnllcy
of tint White. Nile. KllllltlllH-N two of
tlu-io whirling column, gyrntliiK In op
mm1(d direction", iiici't. "nmt If tliey do
tvell-liintchcd tlio collision stops tlirm
nmt n struggle- ensue nu to wlilcli wny
they slmll twist. Orndtinly ono gain
tlio iimHtcry, mnl tint two combined ruali
on together." Homo of tlieao wlilrhvlmli
will strip tlio riollit frimi nn Arntt'a
linrk, or semi n gont spinning round
ml round like n top.
lloUv n llftarna.
Dwellera In npnrtuioiit humes torn
time seem to forget tlmt coiircrsntlon
In tlio ciitrniicti hnH niny I hi overheard
hy other tcurtiil. This tvn tlio greet
lug which n belated Inialiniid received
at tho door of hla npnrtuit'iit recently!
"Don't talk In urn! I know rrry well
wlmt you would any I Hut I know
you hnvo Ikcu off playing iokcr and
lout nil your money!"
"No, I didn't, my denrj I won twen
ty dollar," was tho conciliating an
swer. The other voice uddenly modulated.
"Well, pcrhitp nflrr nil wo women
sr a little too severe n ninti should
hnvo llttlo rvrrentlon now nmt then."
yVrnnmlf llaparlad.
Tommy Wrott Did you ttll a frltnd
of inln the otbtr dsy that I wu the
blggr-at fool In town)
l,ott fluon Nrrarl All I aald waa
that you wtrt Ilia bltiat fool for tbt op.
porlunltlta you'd bid.
A Wuinan Who Haa SurTril Telia How
la rinil ll.ll.r.
Tho thouisnds ol women who suffer
backache, languor, urinary disorders
and other kidney ills,
i will find comfort In
tlie wordi o( St re.
Jane Farrell, of COO
Ocean Ave., Jortey
City, N. J who
aye: "I reiterate
r Mil I liavo taltl before
In pralie o( Doan'a
Kidney I'llli. I had
Wen bavins hrary
backacho and my general health waa
affected when I began using thetn. My
feat wero awollen, my eyes puffed, ami
dltsy spoils wero frequent. Kidney
action ss irregular and the lecretloni
highly colored, Today, however, I am
a well woman, and I am confident that
Doan'a Kidney I'llli liavo made me 10,
and aro keeping mo well."
Bold by all denier. CO cents a bos.
Foeter-Mllburn Co,, Iluffato, N. Y.
urn teg?
More Converts
quality, and makes
ucaitniui oaKing.
Scud poatal for "Hook of rrtacnti.1
Chicago, HI.
Olttnllinraa allrtr nillrif la
mora adfl'ablt than fid. Out
lome ilantlala ute Iba matailal
allowluR the meat lroflt to
thtroitlvrt. Yauhavttolaav
thla lo lha Juflfinfnt ol the
danllit. Why not go to dan.
ttala who Lava built and main,
lain a rojiulalton lor rallablll
ty? Kxamlnatlom (rtt,
Cor. Third and WawMnttonSti.
UK. W. A. WliC
I'nrniee mnl dm I'nrlr AVI re.
When tho Independent tvlvphoim corn
pnnlcH first begun to como together In
convention to excluiligo tixitcrlencc,
ono flirt wiih nlwnyM commented tixiu
with grout ctirlontly by tho iiiniingars
of town or city plmitH, unyn Kuccohm.
ThU wiih tlmt thvy Invnrlnhly met with
fnlliirn In their undenvorN to Imliico
fiiriiiera to put In wlmt uro known na
"lockout" devkcd, hy iiienna of which
every telephone on n pnrty llnu bectiiuea
prnctlcnlly n prlvnto wire.
In rlllcN, the pnrty Hun la ronaldercd
n great uuhuinre, iMrnimo thero n no
prlvney In omverafitlona, mnl nil tho
liolla on tho lluu nro rung encli time a
Htibaorlher cnlla. Nn turn lly, tlm iiinung
era of plnnta figured tlmt thin objec
tion provnlliil In tho country nlra; but,
nlmoat without exception, they found
tlmt ono of tho grent nttrnctloua to tho
fnrmer wna tlmt hi telephone did ring
every time the other alxteou or twenty
poople on the lino rung up, nnd tlmt ho
could hunr or bo orcrlicnrd In convcr
antlon. It wn n prnctlrnl domonatrn
tlon of tho aoclnl hunger the fnrmer
Iwia enduriil for centurion, nnd which
I now ended, tlmnka to tho urrlval of
telephone coinjxitltlon.
CITP "' V.lua llanr n(l all lit trout IU-
lllo Prmimill)r rurnl hr Dr. Klii'a Orrai
htir. Ilxmrtr. rft1 f"f VllKK llliUI l.,HUhO
iiaauacitr. ii. u.Kiin ,ii.,aii AititnL,i-bii.,r&
Rnalanll'a Oldral Vrr,
Tho only living H'or who wn n mem
her of tho houao of lord nt tho tlmo
of Queen Vlctorln'a ncreaalon la Ixird
Notion. IIo iiiccccded to tho earldom
In 18.T5. Iord Nelnoii la not n direct
dricrndnnt of tho hero of Trnfnlgnr,
hut I only collMernlly ileireinlnl from
llnrntlo Nclaon'a atater, Mr. Iloltnn.
IIo enjoy n pMxt eatnto nnd n x-iilon
of tn.OOO grnuted to tho drat Iird Nub
on nnd lit heir.
now' ThliT
We olTar On llundrtd I)olra lleward fol
any cot t'atanti thai eaunol be euted by
llall'f Catairb i urt.
r, i. LIIKNKY A CO., IVora., Toledo, a
W. lha undaiilaoad. hita known r. J.
Chaner lor lha lui l&yaua, and Ullava htm
I'arlaclly honotatla In all bualnaia tianaao
(lona and nnandallr abla lo tarry out any ob
III allona made br tbalr firm.
Waar ATaUn.wh.ilaaaUlirufflila.TolKlo.O'.
Wauiiau, KlKaAM AUiarix, Wbultaala liruf
aim. Tola4o, U.
llall'a Catarrh Cura la taitn InUrnally, act
ln( directly upon Iba blood and rauraua aur
lacaa ol lha aialaia, 1'flee Tie. lr bolUa.
Hold by all trruga lata. Taatlmoolala fra.
Jlall'a raially 1'llla are lha baau
Jim Traabl.
"nat li tbe maanlnf of 'alter ipT
aaked lb tacbr of tba Urlnnara' claaa
la ftlln.
"Tba otbar I," aald tbt boy wltb lb
curly balr.
"Gift a aantinc eonUlolog tba
"'II. wloktd bit otbtr I.,M
Molbtrtwtll And Mr. Tfinalow'a Poothlnf
Kyrup the Uat rtmtdy touaa lor tbalr ahtldrtn
durluf tbt tttlblnf rrlod.
A (Inllaat Mar.
A Itoatonlnn waa talking about the
lain Henry llnrland.
"Ilnrlnnd waa a grnccful, gnllnnt
iouI," ha anld. "Even In hi toyhood
bo turned tho prcttleit compliment.
"In hi boyhood he atudled Latin
under a chnmtlng young womnn.
"Tbl young lady, ending bun up In
clna ono morning, aald:
"'Henry, name iomo of the chief
bonutlc of education.'
"Tho boy, emlllng Into hi teacher
pretty eye, nniweretl:
" 'flchoolmlitrciic.' " X'hlladelphla
dav in cverv venr
that comes, more housewives
arc giving up their exorbitant
Baking Powders and
4f T f 41A hJ
reliable, which has stood so well
the test of years. They are find
ing out that
costs one-third the price of
powder anvwhere near K C
better, purer, more
us ounces for 25c.
m. aJySTaaaW
lomn Klnrtt on Hlreitma HtiK" Onna
Mnkn at lllvar I.lfl llaolf.
Tlm peoplo of Kyrln nnd Till I a mnko
their HtreniiiH do thlugH that Ainvrl
cnim do not aeein to hnvo lennied tho
lutml .if ,u.i.ii.ii1I,ii Hi., urnfi.r vnimiMl
of thl country to jwrforiii, anyn tho
New York Tribune.
At TIM tho nntlvcM hnvo lennied
how to titlllzo tho iwwer of tho nir
rent of tlm Itlver Ktir without hulld
lug ilniiiH. What they hnvo iiecompllNh
(il iMiaalhly might Iki dono by nn Amerl
ciin fnriuer living on tlm ImiikH of u
rnphlly moving Hlrenm nnd desiring n
aiiinll, elii'iip power. Tlm CnuciiHliuiH
build llontM on the mirfneo of tho river.
Into them urn M't witter wIiimjIn. Tlm
wholo ntTiilr Ix fiiHteiied to tho bank In
Nile!) a way tlmt It will rUo and fall
with any clmngo In tho level of tho mir
fact) of tho river, n tlmt tlm jniwer I
nlxmt eonatnut all tho time.
In I tniiiit the niielent "entering In of
Iliimnth," tlm Hyrlnn hnvo nccom-
PIInIhhJ u font that make one think of
lifting one' aelf over ii fetico by tug
glug nt ouii'it hoot atrnpa. They hnvo
hnrnearwd tlm bUtorlc Orontot, or
Nnhr el Aal, iim tho Kyrlann call It, Into
tho work of lifting Itxelf many feet to
wnrd tho renltli and trnlned It thua to
water their fruitful gnrdctm nnd orch
Aa for alio the water wheol which
do thl work nro ni to other water
wheel what Niagara la to other water
fall. Aa ono atainU by ono of these
great wixxleii frame revolving uimiii
Iim wcmmIcii nxlo nnd looka up nt tin
iM-rlmeter forty fwt nUive ono think
It Inrgennd 1 natonlshed when ho
tunia hi gazu utn'iun to aeo that
relatively It la not n great wheel, for In
tho dlatancfl loom tip ono alxty feet In
height Kven then he I not prepared
for tho ajN-ctaelo of ono ninety feet In
diameter, grunting n round on 10t cum
Iktwiiiio nxlo Juat outaldo tho town.
I.lfe In llnmn for miiiio people In like
tho liking of other for olive, nn nc
rpilrod tnate, tn-cnuao of theae very wit
ter wheel. Acconllng n ono feli
nlxiut It, It I n mimical city or ono till
itl with nervc-rncklug groan. Day
and night without cvaalng theno tun-
alvti alow revolving itnicttirv titter
jhhcIi. For thoo wlo hnvo noiulreil
a taatn for their compaulouahlp the
never-cti n tone nm oothlng, r'
M-iublliiit io ooenn ronr or a low
fugue plnyetl on wmic cycloenn orgnn.
Tho dlnitnnou tone nro deeper nnd
Imidet thnu tho deepeat organ atop.
Now they nro In uulaon, now repeating
tho theme, one nfler nnnther, now for
n brief moment In n atibllme harmony
never to Ih forgotten, nccordlug to one
traveler, then oticu moro together In n
tn-mendouN chuni. Tho aouud nro
deacrllK-it it a alow movement up tho
ncnle, followed with n henry dro to
the keynote n: Do ml sol, do do do;
do mil In, do do do. Thl uncenatng
Htxyplioin iiiiikIc. It In aald, has been
going on for a evntury at leaat.
Hlleu Tero I 'till tho Idol of tho
Itrltlali plnygoliig public, which rivent
ly celebrated her fiftieth nrtlntlc nnnl-
veranry with n Iiuko Itnnquct to hor.
Tlio urvut nctnN' llrht ni)iH?nrnnco on
tlio atiiRO took plneo on April S8, 1850,
wliou hIio jiluyod tho llttlo MnmlllliiK In
Tho Winter's Tulo" nt tho Prlncetw
Theater, Ixndoii. fiiio was then 8
yours old. Tho fnct that sho U now u
Rrniuliiiothor lifts not nffected her iopu
lurlty, nor hor rviunrknMo vivacity nor
her poptilur title of "Miss."
A Flat Sort of Batateno.
"I hiiiim8o j-ou nro getting thorough
ly 'city broke now that youvo moved
to town nud nre living In n flatl"
"Ten, wo'ro getting city broke fast
enough and Henry says It's only a
mention of time until he'll be flat broke,
Wo," Kansas CltyThnes,
riunnrlat. ,
Mrs. Wntkytm ITenry, I want a Col
lar thU luomlng.
Mr. Watkyns Grent Cncsnr, woman I
Do you think I am nindo of money T
When you wnut lnrgo ninounta, you
ought to lot mo know twcuty-four hours
In ndvnnco." Somorvlllo Journal,
After n womnn passes forty, ull-tho
coinnllmciita nho Kla about hor looks
nro from women who don't mean them,
mid from drunken nion.
Don't Poison Baby.
pOETY TEAES AGO almost ovory mother thought hor child must liavo
PAEEGOEIO or laudanum to mako it sloop, Thcso drugs will produco
sloop, and A PEW DEOPS TOO MANY will produco tho SLEEP PEOM WHIOH
THEEE IS NO WAKING. Many aro tho childron who havo hoon ldllod or
whoso health haa boon ruined for lifo by paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each
of which is a narcotitf product of opium. Druggists aro prohibited from soiling
oithor of tho narcotics named to children at all, or to anybody without labelling
them " poison." Tho definition of " narcotio " is : "A medicine which relieves -pain
and produces sleep, hut which in poisonous doses produces stupor, coma, convul
sions and death. " Tho tasto and smoll of medicines containing opium aro diBguised,
and soldundor tho names of "Drops," "Cordials," "Soothing Syrups," eto. You
should not permit any medicine to bo given to your children without you or
your physioian know of what it is composed. OASTOEIA DOES NOT CON
TAIN NAEOOTIOS, if it boars tho signature of Chas. H. Hotoher.
i m 1 1 1 i n m 1 1 1 . : i . 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 ; ; 1 1 ; . ; . 1 1 1 fTrrn
XSfcgclable PrcparalionforAs
slmilatlng ibcroodandRecuia
ting the Slomadis and Bowels of
Promolcs DigcsUorLCIieeTful
nessandRcsLContalnsncithzr Opnim.Morphine norMincxaL
jBv tfouDrSMvaraxMS
Aoafecf Remedy forCoRsOna-
tlon. Sour Slonvich.Diantoca.
norms AXinvuisiorts.fcvcrisn
nws and LOSS OF SLEEP.
XaeSunk Signature eg
new vomc.
txACT copy or vrappeh.
A builnrai In Auitralta 1 that of
tendlns ensacetuent rings and wedding conildereJ by artists to b more btautl
trouaitaur. I fi th.n the rlcht.
For a Good
OR Clear Eyes
Sweet Breath
Clean Toncuo
Calm Nerves
Cood Temper and
Eat a Csscaret whenever you suspect
you need It. Carry a llttlo lOo Emer
gency box constantly with you, In your
Pur so or Pocket.
When do you need one?
WhenyourToncuelscosted i
When you have Heart
burn, Belching, Add Risings In
When Pimples begjn to peep out.
When your stomach Gnaws and
That's the time to check coming Con
stipation, Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
That's tho time to tske a Csscaret.
One candy tablet night and morning,
taken regularly for a short tlms, Is war
ranted to cure the worst case of Consti
pation or Indigestion that walks the earth.
One tsplot taken whenever you suspect
you need it will Insure you against 90 per
cent of all other Ills likely to attack you.
Because 90 per cent of theso Ills begin
In the Bowels, or exist through poor Nutri
tion. Cascarets don't purge, don't weaken,
don't Irritate, nor upset your stomach.
They don't act like "Physio" that flush
out the Bowels with a waste of precious
Digestive Juice needed for tomorrow's
No, they act like Exercise, on tho
Bowels, Instead,
; 2'c
vv J
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas0 H. Fletcher.
Dr. J. W. Dlncdalo, of Chicago, 111., tajn: "I uo jour Castorla and
adrlso ItJ tus In all families whero tbcro aro children."
Dr. Alexander II Mlntlo, of Cleveland, Ohio, Bays: "I hare freqacntlr
prescribed your Caxtorla and havo found It a rcllablo and pleasant rem
e-dr for children."
Dr. J. S. Alexander, of Omaha, Neb., ears: "A mcdlclno so valuable and
beneficial for children as jour Castorla la, deserves tho highest pralso. t
bod It In uso everywhere."
Dr. J. A. McClellan, of Duffalo, N. T., says: "l havo frequently prescribed
your Castorla for children and always got eood results. In fact I uh
Castorla for my own children."
Dr. J. W. Allen, of EL Louis, Ho., says: "I heartily endorso your Cas
torla. I havo frequently prescribed It in my medical practice, and havo
always found it to do all that Is claimed for it."
Dr. C. IL Glldden, of EL Paul, Minn., says: "My experience as a prac
titioner with your Castorla has been highly satisfactory, and I consider It
an excellent remedy for tho young."
Dr. II. D. Dcnncr, of Philadelphia, Pa says: "I havo used your Cas
torla as a purgatlvo In the cases of children for years past with tho most
happy effect, and fully endorso It as a safo remedy."
Dr. J. A. Doarman, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Your Castorla is a splen
did remedy for children, known the world over. I use it in my practic
and havo no hesitancy In recommending It for tho complaints of Infanta
and children."
Dr. J. J. Mackcy, of Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I consider your Castorla aa
excellent preparation for children, being composed of reliablo medicines
and pleasant to tho taste. A good remedy for all disturbances of ths
dlgestlvo organs."
Soars the
jft Boari the finrnfttnrfl nf afa1
The EM You Me Always Bought
In Uso For
I The left aide of the face la u.uallr
They stimulate the Bowel Muscles to
contrsct and propel the Food naturally
past the little valves that mix Dlgestlvo
Juices with Food.
They strengthen theso Bowel-Muscles
by exercising them.
This stronger action, producing greater
nutrition from food, brings back to tho
Bowol-Muscles greater strength for self
operation. The Bowel-Muscles can thus. In a short
time, dlspenso with any Drug asslstsnco
Cascarets are safe to take as often aa
you need them, while pleasant to est as
a a a
Then carry the little ten-cent box con
stantly with you in your purse, and
take a Cascaret whenever you suspect
you need It.
One Cascaret at a tlmo will promptly
cleanse a foul Breath, or Coated Tongue-
All druggists sell them over ten mil
lion boxes a year, for six years past.
Bo very careful to get tho genuine, made
only by the Sterling Remedy Company
and never sold In bulk. Every tablet
stamped "CCC.,,"
We want to tend to oor friends a bcaetifol
Frcnch-deilrned. GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX.
hard-enameled In colors. It Is a beauty, for h
creulnr, table. Ten cents la stamp ti asked as a
meuare ol good faith, sad to cover cost o. Cascarets,
WlutwhtfATHlaTilnty trinket Is loaded. 711
Send to-day. tnenUoalns this paper. Address
StetUnc Remedy Ccotsny, Cbiuce or Ittw Yuk.
Over 30 Years.
Portland Trode Directory
Names and Addrcaaca In Portland l Rcpr
aanlatlvc Oualacaa firm.
rilOTO nUrrUKfl: KaUk drloilnf aad petal
mj writ tor prUw. Wudnl. Unto X Vo.
Lowaat prlc on Lntarnand Wtldra.
KUAHT1U llOMEUYi Bopportara, llraerai Koltto
11l Irta mtaanMinaolblauHa: Woodard. CUrt.
IIOllHKHoraJt ktnda for aala at tt tf rtaaooa&U
prlcra. Inulra TSl 'nu bt.
TIIUH8K8 aantoo apprarali wa vnarantta Bt lai
moat dlfflrult raara: Woodard. Vluka .t Co.
AUTIflCIAl. KVEiti ayrrraliadaandabapaia
aortmanl ant ou approTkl; Woodard, ttarka Co
CllKAM BKPAllATOllH-W. cnarantM Iba U.B.
Kaparator loba lha beat WrlM lor tn calaio.
ll.i.lwoodCo.. KinUandOalc
MEN'BCLOTHINU Iluffum A l'an.llKoo. aole
Mao'a Alirtd llai-laula A l'o.'a rorrtct cloloab
Kvarythloc la nitn'a rurnlihlnga. Marrlaon and
Blilhmaia. Oppoalla ioaiomc;
FoULTIlY rOOD If jou want your bana lo lar
mora tara writ ua Tor fn parilculara about Pu
l'ortlaad, Urrsoa.
I'lANOH A OltllANH-Oldral piano houaaoo I'a
rino roaal. Urisana and 1'lanoa on aaa payuauta.
Wrlta Sir list. Lai ua quota you a print AUaa
Mllbrrt-ltaiuakar Co., PortUod, Oracon.
4t co una and oalt on M-oured wli-u iriaduatai
1 hla oflr rood ouljr for abort tlnia. Writa for tar.
Iltulara. I'Al l IC TKU-:illtA I'll INSTITUTK
tlraud Tbaatia llulldlor, l'ortlaod, Oragoo.
GASOLCNE ENGINES s to i hor...
power (ully warranted, 131. All iliea anJ
t) lea at loweat prices. Wrlta for catalog.
Portland, Or ton.
Dr. G. Gea Wo
Tbla wondtrfut Cnl
rata Doctor la callrd
Sraat bacauaa ba curaa
paopla without opara
lion tbal ara glvau up
to dl. lla ruita with
tboaa woudarrul Cbh
dim barba, roota, buds,
barks aud vagatablaa
that ara antlralr un
known to madlcal ad-
tnca la thla oonuiry. Throuja tba uu or tboaa
baruilaaa raruadlaa tbU fiuuu doctor knowa
lhaaclloucfoar WO dlffarDt ramllaa wblcrt
nasuccaaarullr uica In dirttraat dlaaaaaa. Ua
(uarautraa to cura calarrb.aaluru a, lung-, throat,
rbauiuailaiu, narrouaotas, atomacli, llrtn k d
aaya, fir. haa uundrada of taallinoolala,
Charraa modarata. Call and tea 1'alleoU
out oftha city wrlta lor blankr and circular..
baDdatanip. CONaULTATlON VHKU.
163i rirat St., S. C, Cor. Morrison
Mention papar.