The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 11, 1906, Image 3

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rriilny, Mny J.
Washington, May -I. In nccordnriflo
villi lliu ngreenient of hist Monday,
Hut somite liitluy entered iiioii tint con
Hlileritthm of amendment In tint rain
Mil uiulcr thn Ifi-mimitu rule, but mini"
llttlu prngro. 'I'lio greater port of tint
ilny wit devoted to Lodge's provision
bringing pl' 1 within tlio tonus
of thn bill, Hinl It wn ultimately unani
mously agreed tn, nftor being o minimi
i'l n to iniikt) it Axeluiln git mill water
1 1 n i' from It operation, thus priiotl
milly confining It to oil line. There
wero two roll nll, but neither wn of
Importance, nil on the ono accenting tlio
iimcudmoiit there wiih no division what
ever, while" tli iv action taken on tlio
other, on tint iiiiostlnu of conflnlni; tlin
proviatmi to oil linen, wnii practically
iiiiIIIIIihI by thn ubciicnt elimination
of gna '""I fitter from tlio amendment.
Washington, Mny I. Thn homo spent
nnother ilny In consideration" of tlio
nuviil appropriation bill, tlio speeches
In largo measure lining In mipmirt of tlio
bill niul thn mtvnl program tliorolu out
lined, lliirtoii, of Ohio, delivered it
scholarly nddres ngnlnit whnt seemed
tlio needles enlargement of tlio nnvy,
contending t lint thn Amerlerin nation
roubt wall nffonl to lorva untico ujioit
thn other iinthui Hint It stood for In
ternational nrbltrntlon nnd tho pence of
the world.
Ilutler of Pennsylvnnln. nnd Cnldcr of
Nhw York, supported thn bill, ImjIIi
HHreitfiig that thn iniHimiro had I em to
criticise in it than any Mil re,irted
fruni th mtvitl nlTnlrii soinmtlteo of th
house In year.
Thursday, May 3.
Washington, Mny .1. Thn nnvnl ap
propriation bill, which rsrrlmi Hmrly h
liUHdrml mllllim iIuIIhm for thn nnvnl
iwtnldlnlimeHt, wn taken up by lkn
llm today. Ilwyimd thn ejplnimtlim
of thn bill by I'ihoi of Illinois, rhMlrniMii
of thn eoitiiiiltttte oh hhvhI affairs, and
tho running Dm of titlnn whlrli hi
presentation railed forth, llltln Interest
na shown ill thn wirly trt of thn de
lnttt tlmt enuil. Toward thn close of
thn day, however, n lively eollomiy oc
curred among Hate of Pennsylvania,
William of Clark of Ml
tmurl, ninl 1 'ay ii n of .New York, owt
certain statement mado by Hat en In
relation to thn prleo of steel rail. The
discussion took on n wliln tnrlff rang,
n forerunner of still further tnrlff ill
eilBnlon n thn session nnr it close.
Washington, Mny ,1 Thl wn tlio
lnt day for general debate In tho Hen
ntn on tho ritlirond rnto bill, and it wn
fully oeetipled. Following a brief
speech by N el mill, Tillman spoko at
length In nn effort to hw by criticism
of Individual Judge that tho jmwer of
grunting temporary Injtiiietinti by In
ferlor I'tilted Hlnte ronrt should bo
taken from them In Interstate. Com-ineri-o
('iinnilloii ease, nnd ho wn
followed by Ilacon, llsiley, Toller nnd
Fornker In wflie nt some length.
llnlley (iplMMeil Itncnn'o contention
(hut tho Judiciary should not bo rritl
clsed on tho Door of thn Honnto. Con
Nldnrntlon of tho wrmy Htproprintlon
bill wn roMimod, nnd after further
nitieHdment it wn nh1.
WednoBdny, Mny 2.
Wnhln(;ton, Mny t. Daniel contln
ned hi vpooelt on tho railroad rnto bill
in tho Kenntii t inlay, reporting briolly
III objMtlun to llalley' irovlo for
tho niiU'iipeiiion by thn court of
tho order of the lntemtiito oommerao
eominlioilon. In onto whoro thn court
linvn miKpeiuled tho rnto of thn com
inliwlou, Mr. DanUl miuontod that n
Mubitnutlnl bond bo required, of tlio
Tho rnto bill wn then temporarily
laid uiddo, nnd the army appropriation
bill taken up. An Important nmotid
niont Huthorixo tho eitnblUhmeut of n
cenernl deit for mippllr nt 1'ort
Mhkoii, flan 1'raiielnao, and appropriates
l.fiOO.IHH) for tho puriioiui. Of tho
iiiiioiint niproprltitd, $760,000 I mado
Immediately Hvallnlilo.
Another miieiidniont npproiirlntlii);
WOO.O00 for n onblo from Key Went to
I'atianm via Uunntnuiimo, Culm, wn
CoiililerHtlon of tho bill wn not con
cluded when, nt Ci40 p. in., tlio noJiato
went Into oxooutlvo hokiiIoii.
Wnlilnton, Mny 2. Tho houno do
vottwl nliHiMit tlio ontlro ilny to dlaoui
hIoii of tho iiKrlaultural approiirlntlon
bill, which i now nlmot completed.
Tuonday, May 1.
WitHhliiKton, Mny 1, Hy n yotn of
S3 to 68 thn Iloimo today deoldeil to
coutlmio tho frco dlMtribution of K'T'lcu
nnd (lower eod. Many of tho Itoina In
tho agricultural bill brnndnnliiK tho
copo of tho Hiirrnu of C'heiiiltry nnd
Dr. Wiley' ilopnrtiiiont woro ellminnt
ud on point of order, particularly Hioho
relutliiK to tho ndiilterntinn of fond,
coiiilliiientH, ilrtiK nuil boveniKe. Con
Hldernblo prooti was mndo on tho bill
No Cash to Olonr Strootn.
Ann FrnnolRPO, ny 1 Money for
rlenriiiK tho Htruct of debrl wiih cut
olT thl inornliir, and tho work coiiko
ipiontly codnciI, but it roat deal of
iroi;reiirt liu been mado upon tho prin
cipal tlioroiiRhfnre within tho lunt
fortnight. Probably onn-teiith of tho
tttrcot In thn burned dlntrlct nro now
niNnble, Lack of fiind mid lu'iioraimo
of thn amount of tho appropriation to
bo kIvoii by tho llnanco cniiimittoo huvo,
iiccorillnc to Comiiilmiinnar TIioiuiib
Kkiiii, retnnlflil tho operations of tho
Hoard of l'ublio Work In clearliiK tlio
tttroot of debris nnd garbngo and ro
pairing tho nowon.
after tho free need proHiltion wn out
of thn way, mid thn bill will bo com
pleted tomorrow.
WiiflliliiKtnn, Mny I. Tho proeeed
iiiK in thn Heiintu today liirlmlnd nn
iixtendrd iHneiiMioii of tho railroad rntn
bill by Daniel, nu explanation of tho
nlatiiH of tlio appropriation for tho re
lief of tho wrtli'piaKo MifTnror In ('all
foriiln by AIIIoii mid n routrovery
amoiiK neveral Menator n to tho pro
priety of adopting without refnrriiiK to
it committee it resolution tendering tho
thmik of CoiiKreiM to (lenornl Horace
I'ortor for hi nxtvkrn In recovering the
body of .John l'nul .lone from It lonj
lout rentliiK place In I'nrl. In tho lant
mentloiii'il proeendliiK Aldrieli opmiHl
nrtlon by thn Heuntn In ndvnnco of com
mittee roiiKlderiitlon, nnd urceodnl in
linvliiK tho menurn referred to tho com
mittee on rorelK'i rnintlon.
Monday, April 30.
WnMilnuton, April 30 Tho ennto
llt limrln vntlnif nn llm ninnndinnnt to
tho rnllrond rnto bill on l'rldny, Mny 4.
A . mirnnliinlil I.I llllll fffnrl W1IB TO-
ported today, but It proved impolblo
in o exieiiu win uiiiinriiiiiiiuiK uj i
linvn It Include tho flxlnn of n dato for
I1.LI11.1 it flnnl vnln nn thn liill n n
whole. Tllluinn flrt iropood a final
vote on Mny l, nnd Mnrunn wn tho
only nenntor to make objection. Hi
........ Ii Um & annirtliitil linwnvnr. to
frimtrnto thn denlifn, nnd tho noil moit
fniblo couriie, tho dloItlon of
amendment, wn deoldod upon. Tho
Knnornl Impreiwlon nmutij; enntor 1
that tlio final veto will bo reported
within n weak from tho time of tho
bj;liinliiK t l,' eoimlderatlon of
nmondinnnt. Moit of tlio timo of thn
neimte wn devotml to llitonln to n
pMh by Clarke, of ArkntiM. In whleh
ho erltllil tho Hepburn bill a Inju
dicial to remeily oxUtiiiK condition.
Tho liouio bill npproprintlnj; $170,000
for tho emergency neoU of tho nsvy
department at Jinro Ilnnd, nnd for
tho poitnl tervleo nl Han 1'rnnolieo,
mndo newinry by tho earthquake, wn
mim by tho onato when it couvonod
WnbinKton, April 30-Thl w botb
n field day nnd n "eod" dny iu tho
!iouc, tho major portion of tho leijUU
tlvo elon bcltiK (iven over to the
raniidcrntlon of tho nurleulturnl bill
nnd. ineldont thereto, tho frco dUtrl
button of ced, for which tho bill doci
not provide, but which It I ngrood
will lie reitorod to tho bill.
KlKhtcen pace of tho agricultural
bill woro considered nnd porfectod. Tho
debate on tho qucntlon of frco seed
will be renamed tomorrow, when n voto
I expected on tho amendment to iniert
nn npproprintion of (U0,000 for tho pur
chniia mid dUtributlon of "rnro nnd
ununual eod."
Tho debiito on onli mlxht have con
tinued Indefinitely under tho "animal
Induitry" Item If WmUworth had not
mndo n motion putting a toj to tho
delmte, whleh wn OArrlcil by a voto of
U7 to 04, On motion of W'nifiworth, tho
cnminltteo nroio, tho voto being 67
ngitiiitt 78.
Haturdy, April 28.
Wiuhlnglon, April S8-Tho Indian
appropriation bill wn jmiaed by tho
donate Into thl afternoon, nftcr nn nil
day dlnctinalon n to tho beat method for
providing for Indian In goneral nnd
tlume of tho Indian Territory In imr-
tleular. Tho bono of contention wn
tlio attempt to removo tho restrictions
for thn nllenntinn of lnnd by tho nlUt
ter of tho live civlllxod tribe. Mr.
Warner, of Miwiourl, offered, nn nmend
niont to thl offeet, oxomptlng, however,
thn fullblooda mid minor, and It ro
eolvod tho uiort of Mr. Ixng, of
Kauiwa, who find mndo n almllnr nt
tempt but had failed. Tho nmcndiucnt
wn accepted.
Among tho chnngo mndo In tlio mon
lire wn tho striking out of it commit
teo niuendment that provided for tho
turning over to tho Indinn of nil mon
ey on donoHlt to their credit from tho
milo of timber nnd lands aggregating
aovornl million.
Washington, April 28 Tho tnrlff dis
cussion Mtnrtod in tho houao on Thurs
day nfternoou occupied practically nil
tho timo of tho houao today, John
Hlmrp Williams concludod tho speech
ho began Tliuraday, nnd consumed tho
tint two hour In n collaboration with
Towno of Now Vork, In which Towno
rend tho lottor and other article Wil
liam wanted to Include, nnd Wllllnms,
standing beside him, kopt up a running
flro of Interjeotory commont, oxplnina
Hon nnd nrgumont.
Cushmnn iipoko for nearly an hour In
dofonso of tho protoctlvo tnrlff ayatom.
Tlio agricultural appropriation bill,
whliTu I before, tho house, will como up
Monday for ninoiidinont and discussion
under tho flvo-mlnuto rulo.
Protests Against Bamos.
WiiHhlngtoii, Mny 1. Tho nomination
of 11, 1 Ilnruu, nKUtnut aocretury to
I're.sldeut HooHOveJt, to bo poatiuastcr
nt Washington wn before tho Bounto In
oxooutlvo hcssIou today. No action wu
taken. Hnnator Culberton ntiitod that
it genornl prntext hud boon filed by ritl
7.011 ugnitiHt tho conflrmntlon of Mr,
llarne. and tho postofllco cominlttoo
had failed to glvo (ho protest thn con
Blderntlon of nn iuvostigntiou. Tho
ohnrgos rclato to tho nation of Mr.
Ilnrne In having Mm. Minor Morris
ejected from tho Whlto Houno, and that
tho oftlco should be glvon to a cltizon,
1100,000,000 ron nunuiLDiNa.
Now York Hyudlonto Offer Capital
Palaco Hotol nestorod First.
Him I'miicl), Mny 2. According to
it telegrnin roeelvod by W, V. Jlerrln,
clilnf rniiiisel of tho Hoiilhorn l'nolflc,
100,000,000 for rebuilding Hnn l'rnn
risen will bo supplied by u syndicate of
New Vork cnpltnllat, wlio havn nlrnndy
been approached on tho matter by
Unltud Htnte Henntor IVnnk. O, Now
lit ml.
Tho plan provide for tlio organiza
tion of a syndicate with a capital stork
of 1100,000,000. I'lfty per cent of this
will bn ftulwerlbed In steak, whilo tho
remainder will bn represented by tlio
really, With thn ensh tho work will bo
commenced nt nneo of rebuilding tho
biislnits section of tho city. Among
thn first edifices to bo restored will bo
tho famous I'nlnco Hotel, In which Ben
ntur Nowlnud hold n controlling In
terest. Tho telegram bn tvcn rend to the
member of tho flunneo committee and
discussed by It in n toutntivo wny. Ho
far It tin met with unqualified ap
I'ardoo rind Much Distress Bar
bank's Oarden Is Saved.
Oakland, May t 2. Oovornor Pardee
ha returned from Hnutn Itoan, where
hn Inspected thn ruin wrought by tho
Thn (iovernor said that tho pressing
need of Bnntn 1(oa nt prMent la money.
Tho debris must bo cleared away before
huslnoM enn bo rosAined. It I estimat
ed that $117,000 will bo require,! to do
thl work. Thore la eall for 46,000 or
30,000 tor litiHiwllattt newl.
Oovornor Pardee aald that the oon
dltlon nt Bunts I'oaA woro depre-sslng,
but thn towHBeoplo were bravolienrted
nnd had fneml thn eolawlty with sturdy
determination to recover.
A remarkable cHteapo from Injury wn
that of Luther Ilurlmnk, tho world-fa
mous horticulturist. Hi homo and ex
perimental garden woro undisturbed.
Mr. Ilurbnnk saved his vnlunblo col
lection of photographic negatives. These
wern unbroken, though tho ether hnlf
of tho gallery in which they were stored
wna amnshed to splinters.
Operators Will Operate, Strlko or No
Hcrnnton, Pa., Mny 2. Notwithstand
ing t lint many of tho leading oerntor
in thl part of tho anthraelto field are
of tho opinion that n itriko will not bo
declared, every company I making
preparation to resume work in oaio a
strike should be declared nt tho conven
tion, which will be opened In thl city
on Thursday.
The Delaware, Lnekawnnna & West
ern CemHniy I laying pbin far tho op
eration of nil Its collieries nnd wash
erles n noon n n nlriko is declared. This
eouiHtny produced aliout 1S0.000 tons
during tho ast month, which I prob
ably as much as the combined output of
nil thn other companies.
.Many other eomimnle have, It I
silil, 11 large force of mon engnged wait
ing for tho lufult of tho convention.
Citizens Will Confer and Bring Pressure
on Oovernor.
San l'ranelteo, Mny 2. The urgent
Importance of calling nn immedinto ses
sion of tho legiiuAturo wn the prlneipo.1
matter of discussion nt this morning'
meeting of tho general committee. After
httarlng tho. view of wvoral member,
tho Mayor announced ho would nppoint
it special cominlttoo of forty to confer
with tho other bodies recently formed,
mid that n full report would bo present
ed to tho Governor nt once, sotting
forth tho need of nn early legislative
session. Ono of tho most Important
thing Hint will bo nsked of tho legisla
ture will bo tho extension of lease from
fifty to ninety-nine yenr. It I ox-
iccicii unit nun win give tlin smaller
nndownera n chance to recoup their lost
Wants to Savo Her Face.
London, Mny 2. Tho correspondent
nt Pokln of tho Timo tologrnphs as
rollowst 1 lilna opposes the oponlng of
thn Mnnchurinn norts of Antunir nnd
Tatungknu, a provided by tho Ameri
can and .TminucHo treaties, on tho
ground tlmt thn war proventod tho set
tling of tho localities for residence and
tho drafting of regulation. Whon this
I dnno rIio desires herself to ulvo no
tice of tho opening of tho port, and
thus "hiivo hor fnco" with tlio pooplo.
There will bo similnr dolny on China'
part In tho opening of Mukden, which
Japan consents to open Juno, 1,
Wnhlncton, May 2. Senator Smoot
will not bo unseated. According to tho
notion of tho rommltfco today, It will
roqulro n two-thirds voto to tmsont
Smoot, nnd two-thirds of tho Sonnto is
not opposed to him. His cnao mny not
lo brought out of commlttoo.
In a Condensed Form for Our
Busy Readers.
Resumo of tho Less Important but
Not Lets Interesting Evonts
of tho Past Week.
Senator Ilovburn's Mine hn be
come more serious.
Tho Cir I In n panic over what
parliament mny do.
The Southern Pacific hn hauled 1,030
enr of supplies to Han Francisco.
Oenernl Orcely says there I suro to
be more suffering In Hnn Francisco.
The house committee lis killed tho
bill abolishing lnnd office receivers.
Hnn Francisco hn plenty of food on
hand fur ten dnys, with more on tho
Tho management of Han Frnnelsco
hn been restored to tho municipal
Tho new Russian cabinet claims to
bn Liberal, and denounces Wltto as nn
(Irent Britain ha sent nn ultimatum
and a fleet to Turkey, She Is support
ed by tho other owcr.
Two immenirer train of tho Pcnnsyl-
Twenty-flvo peojde are dead or injured.
vnhln rnnil nt1 til.1 mam A llnnns !
Oeologist Investigating tho cause of
the Han Frnnclseo. earthquake, have
fiHind nn Immense crevice In tho moun
tain rnngo near Redwood City.
Thn new Russian eablnet is composed
of reactionaries,
Han Francisco' water supply Is now
safe, but short.
Idle raenlB San Francisco nro refused
food nnd lUnjigioiEo to work.
Han FwrieWo bank have reopened
and nro doing n good busincsa.
A now copyright law hn been com
pleted, but Its pamngo by congress is
MlUtnri fnree nro nf(ir nnnllier linn
dit band In tho province of Cnvite, Phil
ippine Islands.
Attornoy-Oenernl Moody I preparing
to prosocujo tho Mtnniinrd Ull nnd rail
road for rebating.
People of Zion City fight shy of meet
ing hold by Dowie, at which ho at
tempts to explain recent events.
Tho United State hn been accused
of buying tho plan of tho British bat
tleship Drondnauglit from n naval of
ficer who stole them.
James D. PheJan any tho condition
of thousand In 'California I pitiful,
and It may be neeensary to issue an
other ppat for public aid.
Dowie is fatally ill with dropsy.
Hermann's trial has been set for tho
first week in June.
China nppos tho Immcdlato opening
of Manehurlan jiorts.
Fntlier Onpon has been executed by
rtdiel for betraying them.
Tho Sennte enmmltteo hn disagreed
on proeeiluro in tho 8moot ease.
Democrats elected tholr mayor nnd
ten eouiieilnien in tho Omaha city elec
tion. Tho California earthquake formed an
islnnd In Bolinss Bay, 30 utiles from
8a n Fraueiseo.
Hnn Francisco bank nro paying de
positors through tho mint, ami tho
money stringency hns been lessened,
Tho labor situation In Franco is grow
ing worse. Cnvalry ha been called to
thn sceno of the rioting, nnd many
workmen hnva been trampled under
foot by troopors' horse.
Tlio California earthqunko revealed
n big graft in tho oreetion of Btnnford
Univorsity building. Structure for
which $0,000,000 wero pnid cost tho
contractor but $3,000,000.
Sonntor Heyburn is seriously ill.
Witto's resignation as premier of
Ruasln hns been nccopted by tho crar.
irnri linn n iik ml ennpress to nnnro-
prlnto nnothor ?,500,000 for Cnllfornla. ninn wnrn fntnllv Inlured in a
riot between striking minors nnd Penn
sylvania constabulary.
l.'nili al.ln nlnliim a mntorltv of the
senators In tho question of court review
on tho rnllronu rato uiu.
Riinnin. Mnrirnn tin n nlsn for tho
construction of the Panama canal which
ho hns brought boforo tho senate
'Pi. a 1Vah.Ii nAvni-nifiAiit. linn nrrefltnil
mini, lnmlnm. imnorlnllat nnd
nnnrchists nnd is preparing for an out-
Millionsof Chlncso nro learning Kng-
Ush nnd nro translating foroign scien
tific books. Tho Chtnosa Kororm Asso
ciation hns worked woudors among tho
Tim minntv nt fnml nt Hnn Prnnelaco
la rnniilmr Imv. Mnvor SehmltE hns la-
sued a statement saying anything in
tho way of funds, clothing nnd provi
sions, can bo usod.
Princo von Radoltn will llkoly bo
named ns tho successor of Chancellor
von Buolow.
Itnold Amundsen, the Norwcglnn explorer who accomplished the North
west PaRnngo Inst year, Is credited with tho further achievement of havlnir
locnteil the north magnetic pole. (Bus black star on left of tho map.) Ho
ban definitely fixed tho position of this polo In King Wllllnm Land, not far
from the polt!on acrlbel to It by Sir John Rom In 1831. In commenting on
Amundsen's achievement the National Geographic Magnrdno snld: "Tho new
knowledge which hi observation will giro us of tho character and Influence
of the iiingnetlc (Kite will prove of Immense value In tho study of magnetic
variation. Magnetic deviation of the needlo In om of tho principal uncertain
tint wllh which mnrlncr hnvo to contend. Terrestrial mngnetlsni 1 a mys
terious force. Nearly crery year wo have n mngnetlc storm, which Interrupt
our telegraph wires several hour. Whence It conies or what It I we know
not. Tim eruption of Mont Pelee wns accomtwinlcd by magnetic wave, which
wero simultaneously recorded In Ilnwnll, Alaska, the I'nlted States nnd Kutope.
All thl make tle mngnetlc work of Amundsen pnrtleulnrly valuable, and wo
mut romemlior flint wns the main object of his expedition.
9 'populwrSB&ioncQ 1
Tho bnnnnn nnd potato nro almost
Identical In chemical composition.
There, nru no undertaker In Japan.
When n iierson dies his nearest rela-tin-
put him Into a coflln and bury
him. Tho mourning docs not begin un
til after burlaL
India rubber trees which nro tupped
every other dny continue to yield tn
for more than twenty years; and It Is
a curious fact that the oldest and most
frequently tapped trees produce tho
richest snp.
Tho most costly leather In the world
Is known to the trade as the piano
leather. Tho secret of preparing thl is
only known to ono family of tanners
In Germany, though the skins from
which it Is tanned come almost entirely
from America.
Poisoning from gas Inhalation is now
added to tlio recognized dangers of bal
looning. Tho hydrogen Itself non
poisonous Is often contaminated with
arsonlc, selenium, and antimony, nnd
fourteen cases of HI effecU hnvo been
reiwrted to tho French Academy of
Medicine. In one of the two forms of
Kilsoulng death results Iu two or three
Now wonders may be expected In a
little known Held of exploration since
the Invention of a young naval engi
neer by tho nawo of Ie l'lury, of a
kind of metal nrmor with n speclnl
;hemlcal combination for providing res
piration automatically. Ity means of
this dress he has succeeded In sinking
33D feet, a much greater depth than
hns ever boforo been reached by any
To tell tho points of tho compnss hy
a watch, point tho hour hand at the
sun; then south Is halfway between the
hour hand and tho tlgdro 12 of tbo dial.
To men suro hn nnglo by n watch lay
two straight-edged pieced of paper on
tho angle, crossing nt tho npcx. Hold
ing them whoro they overlap, lay them
on tho face of tho watch, with the npcx
at tho center. Head the nnglo by tho
minutes of tho dial, each mlnuto being
0 degrees of arc. It Is easy to mens
uro within 2 or 3 degrees Iu this way.
An Indication of tho rapidly growing
Interest Iu underground water supplies,
even In Stntes where tho rainfall Is
abundant and tho soil naturally fer
tile, Is given by tho program Just pre
pared for tho work of tho coming sea
son by tho Geological Survey of Illi
nois. A special department of the
work will bo dovotod to tho study of
tho underground water of that State,
In order to dotermluo tbo limits of
what nro called tho "Arteslau basins,"
and tho various depths to which It may
bo necessary to penetrato lu different
localities to obtain good water for mu
nicipal and agricultural purposes. All
tho waters will bo carefully analyzed
nnd subjected to laboratory tests, and
thus It Is hoped that tho work of de
veloping new water supplies will U
put upon a thoroughly scientific foot
A recent English traveler lu China
describes some remarknblo exnmplea of
sounding stones, or "stone gong,"
which ho saw nt Chufu, tho birthplace
and burial placo of Confucius. Ono of
the stones, which nro composed of a
grayish oolitic limestone, has boon
shaped Into n cover for nn lnconso dish
plnced lu front of tho tomb of tho
grandson of Confucius. When struck
with n stick, or with tho knuckles. It
ring like bronze, nnd the sound Is so
distinct that It Is difficult to believe,
without Inspection, that tho object Is
not really composed of metal. Hound
ing stones nro known In other countries.
A corresjKindent of Nature describes a
bridge at Corlck, In County Mayo, Ire
land, which I locally known ns tho
"musical bridge," because tho stones
forming the coping glvo out a musical
note when struck.
One Little Hed Corpaaele HrTrarrl
KIN Mllra In n Single Day-
The speed at which tho blood circu
lates In the veins and nrterles of a
healthy man Is something surprising.
All day long, year In nnd year out, tho
round trips coutlnuo from the heart to
tho extremities and back ngaln. Tho
red blood corpuscles travel like boats In
a stream, going to'thls or that station
for such servlco as they have to per
form; and tho whlto corpuscles, tho
phagocytes, dart hither nnd thither Ilka
patrol boats, ready to arrest any con
traband cargo of dlscaso germs.
Tho mileage of tho blood circulation
reveals some astounding facta In our
personal history. Thus It has been cal
culated that, nssumlng tho heart to
bent sixty-nine times n mlnuto nt ordi
nary heart pretwure, tho blood goes nt
the rate of two hundred and seven
yards In tho minute, or seven miles tier
hour, ono hundred nnd sixty-eight miles
Ior dny and six Uiousaud three hun
dred nnd twenty mllei per year. If a
man of St years of ago could have ona
sluglo blood corpuscle floating In his
blood all his life It would hnvo traveled
In that same timo five million one hun
dred nnd fifty tltousaud eight hundred
and eight miles.
Altonio and the Liana.
No pnlaco lu Europe has a finer or
more tasteful sulto of stato apart
ments than that In Madrid. The throno
room especially Is unsurpassed both
for Its proiurtlons, decorations, equip
ments and furnishings. The throuo U
superb. It Is guarded by four ltfe
slzo bronze lions, two on cither side.
When the king was a child to rldo
these lions was his greatest delight, and
on ono solemn occasion, when he aud
his mother wero receiving a delegation g
of dignitaries, ho slipped off tbo throna
and bestrode ono of them In tbo midst
of the oration. The muster of cere
monies stepiKMl to his side and requot
ed him to return to the throne, which
he refused to do. Ilelng admonished
that his eminent visitors might not ap
prove of his conduct, he replied that
he did not nsk them to como and that
they might go any time they liked. Ills
respoct for his mother was then appeal
ed to, nnd when told that sbo was deep
ly grieved nt his behavior ho slipped
off tho Hon quietly, returned to the
glided chair by her side, nnd, placing
his hand In hers, remained thero until
tho cud of tho ceremony.
Just On Moro CUnncc,
Judgo (to prisoner Just condemned
to death) You hnvo tho legal right to
oxprcss n last wish and If It Is posalbla
It will bo gratified.
Prlsonor (a barber) I should Ilka,
Just onco moro to bo allowed to shav,
tho district nttornoy. Jugendl
Also tbo bunko man. loves a shining