The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 09, 1906, Image 8

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The Townsife of BEND
On the Deschitfcft &iver !n Western Part of Crook
County, Oregop.
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Center of the ncY Irrlgntloq iDeY'm?!1 covering
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At Gateway to
the Qreat
7& Town has Grown
nlmost entirely In tltc juint year, the jont
office dating only from April H, 190..
ktul ling excellent jmlilto schools
ntul complete puhllc ufltur worlcs,
The Pilot Butte
Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
Outlaw Moiaf Years Past Is Bccanc
The oatlavr horse of years past,
the hero of broncho-bnekiug in the
south and west is rapidly becoming
a thing of the past, and in 10 years
will be more scarce than the fast
dying buffalo and the old-time cow
boy, according to John M. Kuy
kcodall, wko makes a specialty of
procuring the wildest horses that
can be procured lor bucking
"Ten years ago the outlaw
as nlentitut as rack rabbits,"
Mr. Kuykcndall, "but I have been
able to get only about 30 real buck
ers that will pat up a good fight out
of 50,000 horses that I have looked
at during the last year. The out
law horse comes from the poorest
blood tliat roams the ranges of the
West. He is a criminal among
horses just as surely as men who go
wrong have bad blood in their
veins. His parents are in nearlr
every case mustangs, and the stock
is the same as that which roamed
the plains of the West in the early
days and degenerated through use
lessness. "Nearly any horse will buck if
you turn him loose in a pasture sev
eral months and then try to ride
hm, but he will kick uponly a few
times and then quit The outlaw
will buck, though, after he has been
ridden successfully, just as soon as
another man gets on his back. It
takes years to break him of the
habit, and he is never safe. If he
gets a chance he will start off buck
ing again and he always is danger
ous. "You rarely hear of a famous
bucker now, although 10 or 20
years ago every large range had
several outlaws that nobody could
ride. The cowboys can ride as good
as the old-time cowboys, and they
are Hot degenerating. The breed of
horses throughout the country is
improving steadily, and this is the
death knell of the outlaw. It will
take nwny some of the most pictur
esque Western life when they go
entirely, but that id gding rapidly
auyway, and' the horse owners will
be the gaincraV-Denvcr News.
Week, $2 a month), sear Dend.
tf H. W. Mokxiia.
Oregon Apples 15 Cents Each.
Hood Rivtr Nw-letter.
In a recent letter to W. R. Win
ans, Hon. Martin Dodge, who was
here with the good roads commis
sion last year, says: "I was. at a
dinner with Judge Babeock in Clev
land, Ohio, recently where we had
Hood River apples which cost us
15 cents each.
netrt Land VlnM iToof.
V. K. Land Office, Tie Dtllr, Oregoa,
January ji, ifA.
Notice U hrby tlrtn (hat Dartd M.Hraith.
aulcntcofK. M. Kuthcrfurd. tmlftut ofMary
Mctlowsn. orrortland, OrcKon. ka bled notlcr
of Intention to make proof oa hi detert-laod
claim Xa. 44a. fortheiwtf. kcis. Ip it, r 11 r,
w m. before the Krpitter and keceitrr at The
Dallca, Oreton, oa the Mth day of March. I94.
He tunn the following: witaeiae to prorc the
complete Irritation and reclamation of aafd land,
William A. KIce.ofKalcm. Oreron. Prattcia il
Oeorge, of Portland, Oreijon; loCa II. Cook, of
KedmooiS, Oregon and jamt w, Bruce or wait-
Duff, waanington,
(IP) Shout line
Salt Lake
Kansas City
St. Lotiis
New York
Ocean Steamers between Portland
and Sau Francisco every five days.
Tickets to and from all parts of
tlie United Stales, Canada and
For particulars, call tin or address
' The Dailc. Oregon.
V. S, LaaJ O Ace. The Uallea, Oregon.
December 16, 1005.
A nufSrient conical affidavit harlng been filed
In lhi office by 101 ' Croup, conteatant. agalntt
homeatead entry No. I l.aTv. made hetletnler ig,
ibi, iare(, kc , ip to, . T 11 e, w m, ny Ule
U Korholt. cuutettce, In hlrh it la alleged that
mi uir 1, Hornon na wnoiiy alMniioneil !!
tract, that he haa changed hia retMence Iherc
from fur more than li niontha tail na,t. thai
uld tract l not actUril uon and cullleatnt by
aiu MFiT rruireu iy iw, mat aKi aiicget
abaenceu not due to hla employment In the
army, nary or marine corjwuf thr United hlale
In timeofwar. aald partlra are hereby notified
to appear, respond and offter cridence louchlns
uld allegation at 10 o'clock a. m on February
ij.19. before A. II. Graut a notary puMIe at
hU otfiee In Ilcnd.Oregon. ami that final hearing
will be held at 10 o'clock a.m. on February ji.
1906, before the KreUtcr and Receiver at United
Natea lanu ailtce in The Pallra, Oregon.
The Mid contcdanl having, in a proper
rfidavit. filed December lu. loot, art forth
which ahow that after due dll(grnce prrwnal
aervkeof thla nolke can not be made. II U hereby
ordered ami dlrrcted that auch notice be glvcu
by due and proper publication.
MtCHALT. KULAM. Krguler.
Vnlled fiUtea Ind Office, The Ille, Oregon,
January l,lo.
A auffieient conteat affldavit harlng teen filed
In thia office by Albrrt V rope, contrttanl,
againtt homeatead entry No, umi, made l'cl
ruarr 17,1903, for wM aejf. aej; awj. ec o,
K ncXacc. IP 17 a. r 11 e, w m, by David
I'. Jonea.contettcc, in which It la alleged that Mid
David P. Jonca haa wholly abandoned ul tract;
that he haa changed bi realdence tticrefiom
for more than ala monllia lot twit that Mid
tract I not aettled iibon and cultivated by Mid
party aa required by law, that aald alleged
abaencewa not due to hit enintovment In the
army, navy or marine corpa of the Unltett Ktalra
ih nine bi wjir, maw pa men are nrrcuy uonneu
to appear, rrapond and offer evidence touching
uld allegation at 10 o'clock a ru 011 March 10,
l4, before C A. Jonea a notary public, at her
olfice in llend, Oregon, and that final hearing
will be held at 10 o'clock a in on March I S, iuu
before the Kegiiter aud Kecelverat the I'niled
htatci J.ind Office III The Dallca, Oregon,
The ukl conteatant liaviag, in a proper afflda- j.nwi ,v, iv,miuiiM li Wlllll
how that alter due diligence pcraonal acrelec of
mia nonce cannot ie mane, 11 la Hereby oruercd
and directed that auch notice be ;iveu by due
and proper publication
fa-ino MICIIAl'.I, T. KOl.AN, Kegiiter.
CnovMtawTB it
anvana ladalile a iketeh and dMerlDtlon mav
(tnlcklr aaeartain or opinion, fra wbalbar au
invention it pioDaoiypfi
.Inn. a,.lri AnrtAAmH
,.WH. ... .... - yw.........
lani, iraa. yipMi uancr 1
Py(CM"vrt WIUW"l(fIM
.... ,1.... ...I- A L ... A .. A J
A hahdio
or any acitntisa lournai. 1 (rnii, m a
ar month!, fb Sold byail hawtdMlara.
Timber l.aml, Act June J, llfl,
U. H. MndOffic.Tr.t llr. Otrron.
May H, Kfii,
Notice It herehy given thai n comiilianre )y
the ptv.loiii or the Act of 0onif nf Jane 1.
I;. enllllol "Ail art fur iheMleof limler biiwl
In the alalea of California. Oregon. NevJLda, and
Washington Territory.' aa eatemltd la ill the
public land atatea by act of AuiT't 4, lVI,
Agnea pui,
of The Italtea, county of U'aaco, tf pf Oregon,
haathla day OtnllH til erftoe her awprnaUtt,
menl No, 647. fUr the pqrehne pfhf ttK'.MC
ii. ip 19a, r lie, w m.
And will nffrr proof lo ahow that h.r Uu't
aaught la mote valuable rur lit timber or atone
than ff agrtrultural rmilxMea. and to ealabltih
her claim to Mid land l-efwe Ike Kegialer anil
Mrceivrr, at The llallea, Orcion, on the itlh day
of March, lo4. '
Hhe namea at wltneaaeti Mlchatl O'Connor.
William O, Maaan, Alfred llurgaaon, ftitd John
Oavln. all of The IWllei, Oregoa, aud John
McTaggart, of for tlaml, Oregon,
Any and all pcranm claiming aitvrrtely the
ahnve-'leKTlbeillandtarerefjUeaicdto file Ihelr
ctalma In thia office ou oe before uk ill 4y of
March. l4.
jiymij MICKAKt. T. NOf.AN, UrgUler.
Timber Uud, Act of Jrttje i, l)l,
U.S. Lan d Office, The Dalit", Oregon,
DecintUr 6, 19a),
Notice It hereby given thai In compliance with
the provUiona ol the Act of Cungrrat of June A,
IV entitled "An act for the Mle oftlinlKr lamia
In the atalca of California, Oregon. NcvoiV,. and
waaningion Terrnory," at eatended to all the
public land ataltt by act of Augilat 4, koj,
Ada J. Harrlngtoa,
of Priiievitte, county of Crook, Hale of Oregon,
hatthitday fllrd In talt ofTioe tier aworn ttalf
ment No. mi. for the purchaae oflhr aeMnwVf ,
and aHne!ofaeCi5,lp II a, r lu e, andlMl,
ec v, tp it a, r Ii 1, w m.
And will offer proof lo allow that Hie land
aought It mure valuable for lit llmbe," or
alone than for agricultural purioare. and lo
rtlaiuiaii tier claim to Mid laud heroic the
Comity clerk at rrlueville, Oregon. 011 the ijlh
day of March, loua,
hhenameaaa wltueaaet; Charlea Drock, John
iJloaa and Ora Polndeater all or llend, Oregon,
and Joacph II. Iltncrof l'rluevlllc. Oregon.
Any ami all peiaoiit claiming adveraely Hie
cUtitu In thU ofTlcv on or before mIJ 7lh Uy of
atral trwA
Jiy-mij MrCHAIiL T, NOLAN. Kegialer.
U. 8. Ijind Omce. The Dtllct, Oregon,
DectmUr ii, J.
Aaufficlent coiileat alTuUHt having bceu fileil
III til la office by. Daniel R. Hmlth, conleataut.
agaliiathomateudciilryNo, 1 1601. made October
5. 1001, for uVineJt', iiUim, tee 19 tp D a, r 11
e. w 111, by Martha Motrlt.coiitttlfe, In which II
It alleged that Mid Murtlin Murrla hat wholly
olMiiidoueil uld tract that the haa changed her
reaidence therefrom for more lliau ait monlha
U1 jHiat, that aald Iruct la uol actllrd iiimiii, and
culllvutcd by mid Party aa renulrril bvluwi iimi
Mid alleged abtencc waa not due In her employ
ment In the army, nary or murine corpa of tlie
l4ailtA.I lltillari Its lluid .tT &A M . ..I. ft ....kil
. flit., (.Mt ,, .i,r ui w)r, hiu iwriiraarv
hereby nutlfied to appear, reatwnd nd Hirer
evidence touching Mid allegation at in o'clock
m. on I'cbruar 13. iptt. Uforr A. II
notary public, at hla timer .in llend.
A. II (Irani,
m ,tww,j ,.,Mifc, t ill WIHVV 111 Jieilll,
Oregon, and Hint, final heating will lie held nl
10 o'clock a, 111. l'cbruary , IVoA tielorc Ihe Keg
Uteraud Utceiver at the United HUlea Unit
office In The llf, Oregoli,
The aald conleaUnt having, Itla proper alnda
vil, filed Deeemticr l, 1903, act foilh facta which
how that afttr Uiie diligence pcraonal atrvlceol
thlt notice cauhol be made, II it hereby ordered
and directed that tucli notice lie viveu liv ,1u
and proper publication,
Timber Land, Act June J, lljt,
U, H, ,n.l oiOce. Thr Dailet, Oitgun,
Oclolier 1). iv
. WMUf U Kaitliy glrtn ht In romplunr wlh
tnepruvialontorihe Atl Hf lmigir of Jmiei,
tjl. entitled, "An act for Ihe Mtc of Umbel laiwla
In the ttkltaitf California. Oiegtm. Nevada and
Waahlngtun TrriHoty," at cttcudnl lo all the
public lamt alalea by Act of Anguat 4, lf.
Wranttt M. I'Mlkf,
of WalU Waa, county of Wall W.lta. .r pf
Waahingtuti, haa IbU day fittd ii l)ilvfi hit
wornalattment No. 11,9, Kr Ihrpurahatr af Ihe
nK,Hci),iMi iije.wm.
And will oner proof lu tlipw thai Ihe It ail
loughl la laorv valuable foe l( limber or atone
than for agrlttlU'iial, and to cttahttah
hla claim lo Ml.J Upil Mfuiethe Kriirr aixl
Mceeiter at The llailri, 1'rrgpn, ri iReardilay
pf April, yl
He namea at witnetaea ltl Vf. ClOiin. of Walla
Walla, Wellington, John, Uuu. vfnltlera. ore
eoniJOMpli . lUliltr Plltl KlrllMa Hmllli
both of llend, Ofeguu,
Any ami all petaona claiming adveraely Ihe
abovenleacr Ibril Uiuta grr rriiuttlnl lo file Ihelf
ctalmtlu thlt ofTioe on or lrrurctai jrd day
Of Alllll. lUMu
ji9-mju MICIIAKI. T. NOf.AN. Kegialer.
Timber Mnd, Act Nut j, l;l.
V , l.auit OlTice. The Datlrt, Oregon,
Jaaitary II. Iv
Nollce U hereby glvtli that In cmnpllatice with
Ihe provlalotit of llie art of CungreM of June t,
ij, enilllei''Anact fur Ihe aalcof llml-er laiiilt
In ihe ttalta of California, Oregon. Nevada, ami
Waahlngtou Territory, at eilrinlcd lu all the
miii land Malta dy act or AueH.I 4, taaj. the
follatrlnciianikd lieraona have Alrd In llila onU
Ihelr anorti ttalcuieiiU Ift-wlli
Mary J Willlamt,
of Bend, eaunly of Crook, atale of Oregon, iwom
latcmcnl No, yll, filed November ft. i', for
the iurchate or the ejiwU and t)aw( arc 11,
Ip 19'. r lie, w in,
Hte It. Mwtr mi-
of llend, coiiuly of Crook, atate nf Oregon, tworn
itatcmctit No, U1, filed Nuvember J. Vi, tot
Ihe purchtae ef the ntK aee j, tpiaa.rioe,
w in,
That lliey will nffVr proof lo almw that the landt
aought arc more Valuable for Ihelr limber or atone
than for agricultural puriawet, andlo catabtlah
their dalmi tu aald laiultlieloie the Kegialer ami
Keeelver t Ihe land onke In The Dailet, oregoa
on April J, l&A
They name the ftitlowlua: wllnettcti Orare I'.
Ijiwrrnce, Jowpli N, llliuttr, Juliu IHom, Maiy
J. Wllllama gnil J. M. Uwrriiee, al of Html.
Any and all peraotia claiming ailvertcly any of
incaoovcieacriiteiiiina are reiueatel lo file
Ihelr claimt In llila office 011 or before Mid jrd
day of April, two.
6-my mIcHAHI, T. NOI.AN, Ktgltler.
U. fi. Land Office, The Dullet, Oregon,
Marih Hi 1904.
Notice U hereby given I hot In comiilUnce wllh
lPtoi1loV'fhe Act of Cungrcat of June i,
!?. eulllkil, ''Am 1 act for III talcorilmber laml)
11 lit (,rfuiir.t...iA ,0....... , ,
... . 1 . T ,"' """,' "iaiii icvHiia, huh
Waaliliiglori Terrilor," at ealtluled lo all Die
public laud atalct by act Of Augutl 4, koj,
William Curry,
of Waaco. county of Hheriiiau. aulu i.rn,..n 1,..
llila day fileil hi Ihia office hit aworn aluteiiitnt
No. am, fur the piirchate or the iiwjfntli,
ilnw!,tciaiidiiel(u.eKaecNo, to, u ip 14
a, t lo e, w in.
And will offer nroof tuahow that the laud
pught it more valuable for lit timber or alone
ban for agricultural etlabllali
IiIh lalm ft, Jul. I l.....r !.. .1.- .. l . ,.1
i .. . '"i ." iiure me nrgirier
' Klvtr il The tlallct) Oregon, on the ylh
f " ,'w' i
iir unit ;t 111 wiineiuta iirifiit ! CUrry, Kith.
O'omuor, all of The
ville, Oregon.
anl I (Inrnitii. Mlrliu.l
Dallca, Oreiiou. ahd L. It. Alllnlihain nf Prior.
Any and all ptrtoni tUllllllig ddvertcly the
4 lira . I t..l (..!. .. . a . aa al t .. t i
clalma lii.thlt office
-- - " ra wi to it at at( mitllttii I 111
awetlcKrltidUaiiiUnre rUMlcd lo tt their
day of March, ioS.
MlCUAUIi T, MObAif, KtlUUr,
Vice I'retUtnl
rWvttlatyof Hlale
Hecrelary MTlfatHiy....
Werriary nf Intetlar ,.M
WelaryffH'ar .....
liecitlary ef Nvy..,,
Wtf tUry of Cttintxrrre.
ISMlmaalrr (Iraetal....
Allorney (Itntral
laecretary ofAgrltHitture,
..Tbtotote KoHvrll
Ctiailrt W. I'tliUaWa
........ W. 1 Kot
K. A. Ilrtatitvwk
.. W. II. Talt
-C. J Itontuatle
. 1tor II. Mrtcalf
...!. n. CMte1)uii
Vm. II.
Jamea Wlltoti
Oovrrnor... .... ..,.,
Herniary of Male..,,,
Tltaaurrr. .,.... .....
Allorney (leMcraU.MM,N
Rupt PubliO lll)UcllOU
Dairy and 1'o.jd Cam.,.H,
V. . pautlou,.
Buprtmc Judgtt....
mo Oro, , Chunbettalil
Ha..n. ' I. Ianlr
wMamaiw"C. H. Moore
A. M.Crawfwil
I, II, Avkerinan
iwMMJ. K. U'hlluty
. J. Vf. Ilallry
Jalio M. Otailn
C. IV. I'utlnn
Hlngtr llcrmaii
J, N, Wllllaliiton
C. H. Wetvetlon
. ,H. Iitaii
l. A. Moote
J'"lgem tin) .Mm.M.w.. IV, I,. Ilfldthaw
Attorney..... .... w.w..w,,l'ranb Metitft
Join! HiialQrMaH,M,nM.n,MaM,H,M, J, A. M)Cok
pi .. Hinil.VMf4.M.M.MM
( I. N, llur
... II, A. Km
. ( N. Wtiaal
N, llurgrat
Judge. .,,, m...m,iiiimiiiiiiiiiiii,i.i.ih A, Hell
Clerk., mm.. ...., J.J. Miilll'
Hhcrlfr,..,M.,.,M..Hw.MM..MMHMC. Ham Hmlth
Tf eaturer,...,.,,.,,,.,...,..,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, O, C. Olay
Ataetor,.i.,,..w,MwwN.iuwwJi D lll'ollclle
Kchoot Hilpl - hi,,.h,.m,.C, II. Dlliwldille
rlnrveyor ..,, . M, C. A.flraict
Coiontr .. .J. H.yCrool.1
M. irf I'owtll
r IJ.n, Hlearnt
Tlllt COl'KTH.
Ciacuu Cot'MT I'lrtt Monday In Mayt Ihln)
Monday ill October.
I'mjiiAiDt'iiUKT-l'ltal Mniiday In eirhmoulli.
CiiuuiftaiiiNima' CilUkT l'fr.t U'eduewlav
in jauuiiiy, ihtviii
ami Nouinbcr.
May, July, HcpicinUr
1IKNI) Phkcinct.
Jutlice'of l'cnce,M,u,H.UiM..ll. C. IllIK
Cinatahte,.,u....,..MMM..HM.M.,,..i....M,!' , (lllc
Kod HuKrvlaor.,...,m.M.f)vid W. li, Kilty
lllMI) KCIUMIb DltTUICT Nil. II. l,awjclirv
l)l(lClop.,,M. t A. I., Cuodwllllr
I W. . Nlchid
CUrk ta(tMHllaM ), Wttt
I Mitt Kuili I,. UelJ
TcHchcrtM IMIm Rruce Juiit)
1'ITV oi- lll'.jlll,
Mayor n , I tloodivlllll'
Krcordcrn II, C. lillll
Trcatiirrr , , , -I'. O, Minor
Marahal f.... C. M, Wcymoiilh
M. I'rauk Htruiid t
nhu II. Oielllirf
Atdtnucu iiMU.mii ".,. H C. Caldwell
ii, a, ruitnrr ,
ti, Wi WhllttlliHt