The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 29, 1905, Image 7

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BUViNa LAnoen farms.
J k.S - j
Whenever u noiu or ulcor tlocfl
l)0(lv It niiiv !). It lit heCUUNC of II
jtolmni inny lie the iciimlim of Home
luiiK nprii 01 tucuicrwi, which una ictt una vital nireaiu polluted ntitl weak,
or liccniwc the niituiiil icfiiius mutter of Die Ixxly, which nhotild imwtoll
IIiioiikIi tlmclininiclrt of imluie, hnit Iki-ii left In the nyatutn mid nUorhitl
Inlotlitt circulation. Jldoeii not nuttier how the poison became Intrenched
In the blood, the fuel (lint lliu note In there and dot-a not heal In evidence of
adeep, un.lcilyl.ur eatine. There la ti..l ilii that cause .note diacom.ort
worry an; anxiety lliiin ri cater in. illacliiirK.iiir old note that icslst treat-
moiit. The very ftluht of It I uhhuncul and MintcaU iollutlnii and dlM-aae
bealdcrt the time anil attention tctpilred to keep It clean and fice fioin ollur
Ail It llnicrrn. iilowly vnliiit:
milliter r
TlOWa mOIOIIUV anxlUlllt.
oi iiioac uiiiiucu witu an oiii aoicor
ulcer know how uhcIwhi it in to ex
ect a cuto from nalvca, ihiwiIcin, lo
tion and other external tteutiueut.
Thtniigli the use of these (hey have
nccii the place Infill to heal and scab
over, and were congratulating tlicin
reives that they would noon lie rid of
the ilctcatuble tliinir. when a fiesh
supply of poUou from the blood
would cntuc the Inflamumtloii and old
lie an lind or wonc than hefore. SircH that do not heal ate not due to out-
tilde cmuikmi ; if they were, external treatment would cuic them. They arc
kept open ttecaime the Mnod li atccjK-d In Kion, which find an outlet
thioiiKh theite pl.icea. While ynunjf people, arul even children, nouictiiiicH
Buffer with noil healing notr. tlWM, mMi tmtinlly nfHictcil ate mmm paat
middle life. Often, with them, a watt or mole on the face itifUmca and lc
Ulna to ulcerate iioin n utile rotili lmudliiiK : or a deep, olfciiNivc ulcer de
vciop.i irom a anj'iii cut or iirunc.
iWltt bvWfl hvJft
' I " !?.1 V,1," ,,c'.,",!..M. ,,,00,l t0
lalancc linveiown lr, and circulation weaker, mid petliaiM Mime taint in , ' M-. 7 Vi , . .TV.
the blood, which was held In check ,y tht-.r hti..nKrrco.mttutiorm of early MX' U,,",, "'"V im ""' l?U "'' ,o1'
yi2!iL em. m iff- .,!......., i.. rw i. i. I. ... . .... lector tlt a otrtiir nmiuih) ll niau a
I$K1 CBCa fi?CHJ picloiwof any wire that doea not heal Ml wri,,i '"1 f,""w'" ""' u,rt ""'
iflfe 3ffrsK1 VMtervw' readllv. Iecaiie the ..... ,.,.,, tl, IH"-,I ""''"' ' Tin- Imteelrt In
"IIRCI V tCPCTini r '"ere la only one way to cure theac old liiwiilwl In Ciirtimnr to do away v
..... . . . . wtcMaud ulcera, and that In to ret every Hi wrrlnt. r hii ulteiuluHt ami nm'
L u .i M ' i " , , ic '' , ''or tIl't l"iriosu tiothirur ceprala the pmprietura of ef I In own
... .,. ... .. ;..w ..".. .w t.iv Viy ixiuum r.i uic ironoie, vieanrie.i iiic Wood . On ilmppliiK a hiimII
kiki iiiumh n iiiiiihiiiih lllll, O. n. O. riiririlPS Illlll IICMllPim t III. rlrflllnllr, I..... ..... ..... ,...
to heal naturally. When thin in done the dincharne ccaaca, the norcacaha
over nmlfillit In with healthy ileah. arid the akin rcnlnM i natural color.
Hook on .Sore and ulcciaaud any medical advice dcaired will he furnlahcd
without chttrcc. r;r SWInr SPCCIHC CO., j tLANTA. GA.
I hnre rn mmmcIIiIhic of leical prnc
tier on txitli aiiM nf tlii A llHiiil. ami
my opinion la that our proftliu
'Mtld Kalu Immenely by iMmlUnliis
the two limnrlii-a pretty liiucli a tlicy
re etinitdmM in Dot Until Htalinml
Cnnaila, aaya a writer In tin IaxhIoii
Kutuntay lteviw. It la olivlou Umt
the ixiliHtwrM woiihl pruMt ty mieJi an
RrreiUMit. Tlu-y Mould have the rltrtil
of mnHeiiro in nn eourla ami the op.
IMirtuulty tn ipMtlfy tliemMvci for
proiaollon lo the lumen.
In Ameriea the yoimc lawyer eon
Into an otlliv, where he make bin
merit known ly utendy ottriitWin to
luialaraa There will alwayii he two
Llmta of lawyer tlae who atny In
their oUIim. ilcallni; dlrix'tty with ell
rut and attindlUK to tnattera of rou
tine, ami thoo who advice ou point
of law nnd nrinin eai lit court.
11iii two ordiT of men are clearly , ""d'-ilUtlL-ll4iiil
In Ami-rlcn. hut thtr. tract
work tnicether an imrlniT to the en!
advantage of the client.
tiirtiMvhnl nlnillar.
"Women and men are very
alike In iino reined," mid the
cniwu phlloiophitr.
"What'ii the aimwerT" ouerlod
Inexperienced yonlh.
".Men," explalneil the puttoaopky din
penner, "lie ntxiut (tin flih they didn't
catch nnd women lie alaiut the men
they could hnvo tnarriiHl find they
wanted to."
."rr ntnllr,! Aajntn.
"How ilu you mannKo to write ill
thone funny tliliiK7" anked tlio liiipili
Itlve female of the JokiMiiilth,
"With a typewriter, madam," an
swered the no much per-yurd Krln pro
ducer. "iiidedtl" exclaimed tlio I. f. "Oon't
you know, I ImaKlncd you uied umo
ort of copylni; aiiparatun."
Infrvqiivnl Orraalima,
"You riiimt try to love your pnpn an
much an ho love you," mild the via
I tor.
"Oh, I love him more," replied Tom
my. "Indeed? Doeau't your papa love
you very much)"
"Not much. Ho nnyi he only loven
mo when I'm good." 1'hlladelphla
Blyalrry of tlio I'uar Hair.
It'n awfully hard lo iiiuIitkUuiI how
pus dona cm tlko the nort of peoplo that
Ilka them. Clarahuul Lender.
Tm Fatti
Thus cried tlio hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the res
cue with s bottle of Aycr's
Holr Vigor. The hair was
6avcd! In cratitudc. It crew
lone and heavy, and with all
the deep, rich color of early
life. Sold In all parts of the
world for sixty years.
enae rail), Wli.
Mad f J, O.Ajtt Co.. low. II, llut,
Aiao nauusHiurer or
Abonl on jaaraso I loat naarl; slier mr
hair lollowluK an. attack of in.ail.i. I a
advtiad 1 a filaml tu ma Ayer'a llalr Visor,
til Id to, suit ai a remit I unw liana a beautiful
aid of hair' ilMa. W. J. Ilunww. U.uAm.
cttcttKY recTctuu
not licnl, no mutter on what pntt of tlio
llolAOIICll roilllltllill nf llui lilxrwl '1'lil.t
coiiidiliiliniial liotiblei tltccffuct of a
deep r into the mirtotiiidiiiK ilcali. the
ICUl HIT t lllnv ir niiir,.riiii jlnnix
I havn limt n crippled font
II (n Ufa.
wmim oimii
imllnit inn to Una . braaa. lv
kOHin uiinedoUhUhln iimaiia tin lirncn
muu it iimi uiour m tity lair, ul.uiit alx
vimra ao. I hml KotHl maillenl n.ttn
tloii.liut iIia Uirt(atwer. 1 m in
itutmit Hi try H. H. n.,nM nm ifltid toaay
II cured inn eiitliely.MiU 1 utn ouiivlneeil
tliHt It auve-il my Uit tot inn. I lmvii,
tlinrAfurn, brnnt fullli In H. II. II, unit
irUitly rMemiiiiinriil It to nil immUri u
inllnliln liloml innillolua.
Hi Utol, Vu.-Tanu. V. J. 0 ATX.
dlncharcc to return and the iiorc would
Tiieir vital cnerli-a and tniweraof re
pnalucea Cancer la c of every old
w,re n'"1 only necln tc !c left fn the
iniiiintiuM w nii4w3 iiiin itiiiii uiftCtuiC.
"1? ,U"V I""U n'"! n,1!wo tl' I'le
It Aplirnrril In at Itrrrul laaun
l.nmliin .VMvamtT.
iroi'Ki.KHai.Y rNroMi'itruNT roou
llh ho nualltti-ailoHi, mm-UI af lNtllr
I wl. luUll; ilrrolil nf kHrf winter uu Hf
rwurrltablr mlijr. . Ikofnutlily lu4olit
nil Hulra.lMnllh;. la iTrllot. af btalM
ImjT ltMiuuialli h( Im aur rarll.
AiUiraa I, y. j, Maclltt imii, Wral Ka-
.The nuhllrih candor of the nhovc
advertlaument which nppeansl In a
recent Imuu of the 1Oiuloii TImhi has
eauaeil noiue amuaement and atlraotcd
a great deal of attention nintni; litul
Ikm men, inya the liudun ISxprcai.
Many deelnrml that "I. V." wan
practical Joker; other that In had a
dednlte object In view whe.i he mada
hlliuclf out to be a fool.
Thnt thl lalter nolutlou wan the cor
rect oho an Kxproai tvprtimiulatlvo
learned yitaterdny from "I. 1." hint-
Ill object, ho nald, wa to at
the attention of cmplojori by
Kdnu out of the beaten trait.
"I. P.," who li about 'J7 yearn oM,
In rather more alvrt and Intellliteut
, than the average, man with an ordi
nary public nehool eilueatloii, and hl
(are In a iartlcularly houeat one.
j "I thought If I nahl exactly the op-
lioolte tn what moat peopU In noareh
jof a billet Invert lu the ucwaMporn,"
he nald, "I mtRht ntnnd a good ehanee
of heating from employ em tired of
Ufierlalhe vlrtuea, and I have nut
been dliapMutel.
"1 hae thin morning rocvlvod two
genuine otter ami appolntmcnta frr
tuliirvlcwR from the hoadi o' rood
tlrms and a large number of letters '
and post card from practical Joketn.
It wns Inevitable, of course, that throe
or four of the wrltern should havo
ndvlstsl me to apply at onco to the
war otllce, 'whore I would bo aurc of
a billet.'
"I havo bmn aehoolmaslerlng seven
yearn, nnd although I havo a sinnll
billet now, 1 wish to better myself."
All Hi" Ciilnfiirla of IIoiiif,
"Nat' (loodwln. the eowedlau, once
MnetitHiMl a linn country house ou tho
tiankn of the ThamiM Itlver, near Now
Loudon, Connecticut. ICvery nummer
he iihih! to Invite aome of bin ThoHpInn
friend to Join hi house jmrty.
Ou one such ikh-iihIuii (IihhIwIii de
livered himself of u bou mot that In
worth repeating.
"Nat," nald nome one, "you certainly
havo a line placo here. Just think of
It, a lawn right ou tho rlvcrl"
"Yea," drawled "Nat," "tt'a fine. In
tho spring wo hnvo tho lawn on the
river, and In the fall wo Imve tho river
ou tho lawn."
ICnpjIlalfaiirnUliiB; I'roptr.
ICngllnh In now spoken by nlrout 1S.V
1 000,000 people. A century ago it was
apoken by 'JO.OOO.OOO people only. Dur-
f llll? illllf lllirlflil till nlluip Inn.llMi. l.-nrn. .
iii..,in lniiL-nnL... h,.. ,,i,i.. .i, .ii.,i...... '
, advance Gorman hns hnl.l It. ou-i.
i - "- - - --
own, i
ami is now spoken by 80,000,00, but
I thin In no hlKhor porccntitRo of tho
' total number of pcoplo of Kuropeuu
jdencont than It hud a hundred years
; nuo. "
Correct !IIIaniirelieiialuii,
"Wasn't thut Biuno young man hero
to acu you last ulfiht?"
"Yes, pnpn."
"Well, what does ho moan by com.
ItiR overy night In tho week?"
"Ho doesn't coma every uliiht In the
week, I never mot him until last
Thursday, aud ho waa only here
Thursday and Krlday and Saturday
eroulncx." Olovoland l'lnln Dcnlor,
. W"
I WNISl All till ISIll., Ll
lb Sfruu. U'aitea llooJ. UM fjl
M Daal Oous
l'j In I
DOIQ DT UrllaiaTlaU. !
- Ij
Tlio longest clock i"ii(iiluni
"""'" H ,,mt "f l,H' liutvi ''"w"r
A cIihniii llilrly mile In length ha
been excavated f lint water of Ilia
drain! Full of l.abrudor.
T, ,m.mmuu, of Urn l'hllli.nlm
. 1. . ' ?. . ." -, 'J.., 7' Z1 ' I?
,. r7." ' Z " "" "' l" 'fc' ., '
' lrl "M ,H""M'"', "" lmHUI m n
'r,, """" ,imtiy """'' '" t'""l",'eu l
Mint which whh iMnx'tod to tin- iiinm
ory of Mahomet. Tint iIIhiiiuihIh ami
iiiIiIhk mi' valued at CU,ik),oio.
HIckiii Iinm ! ihi liii'mm iiiniIh l
IiiK imhIn nlwoli'li'. Tint lotal mini-
Iht of llll'lll In HlH H'Oflll U Mtlll Ik,
Utl, HH MK"llll Olll SV),M MlvMIIHTM.
All HI'tlllX IIIDllfl Of IllH llUIMMII
liiiirt, with cu'rr ilclNll, Imm Ihbii
whiIh y a I'ivih'Ii pliywli'laii. 'J'Iim
IiIimmI eau Iw mh-ii i iiurwIiiK tu hihI
f""" U ,,'"t,l, "rliWilal rtrlw..
! NaturnlUtu nay ti miimIIhiI tiw In
' orld I in Ursula imI liln-li. TliU
miniature tn-a ttmwn to a MkIii of
I' limn Uiriw Inelmi, altlmiiKli It
NprtwiU out a radlua of two or three
IS very tliri'e yari all t'lili(vi dotul-
M VM,"'t' 'wHpt ami iim.t l Horn
0"" "",,,,,,
luunimut' niiiinni inuirn umt itii
automatically amLat the eml It fifteen
iiiluutea they dlaaititear from th tahle.
DuriiiK a KHcnl cold iwrlixl In Swlt
r.erlnml thomMiaU of NwalloMN fell ex
haiialiil ami half froneo. At l.iircrue
a)id Zurich llw Ulnla Mere collM-ieil
and taken eare of tiy th- topt.
W'lii'il they had MUlticleiitly risotcred
they were aliljtM.l iy train lo Italy
ami there m1 at lllrty Ut mtliiu
the uilKrathai MiuihHMnl.
ThlH ciWHtry l the Breatent co.
hllllier of hide nnd aklltM III the world.
It imea In a year IS.cXMVM) pint hKIiim,
2l.l0,() nheeii klh. lll.lxai.lioi) hlJt-i
of all kind, nine lullllou calf klo,
ami two million other klii. It In
IKirta all It K'at okhtn, h IoImI atiHtuut
of alMiut ?&,msi worth, ami oer
10.("MHfD worth of hide Mini out
tM),A) worth of other kKIim. a
total of oter J.Vi.i"l.inj Horlli of
hldea ami kln. Cernuiiiy lmort
one thlrtt 1.j IthteM and klmi limn
doea thU country, ami ISnclaml and
Kraiice each lmirt ime lialf an mu h
j A formldahtc Hat of ihtmhih kllhil
'and Injurol In one manth liy en I hit
' adulterated OhmI haa Ihm-ii compiled
liy a current maaaxlne. The Hat of the
i dead Include four pcrwiiin who died
from cHtliiK tiHiilitoolM mlxetl with
muairo4u, thiie MdMmed hy eamly,
three by wil mK-oImi! eontalned In
lemon extract, ami many liy the Name
jaulmtanee In wliixky, four liifeeteil ly
typlwild fever uitiiih contained lu leu
erontn, twin ImUIcm KtlMmel liy for
lualdehjde uaeil to preitcrve milk, and
hundred of pftnnm olttoed liy ler
mauufacturtMl from gluco, lu tho
uiaiiufNcture of which Hulphiirlc acid,
1 made from an amentc hearlni; mineral
ha hecn uceil. Many of tkilW eamM
were rt'xrteI liy health ntHcera ami
food eomml)o.lonerri of the varloiiM
.Smtim lu which they occurred.
Kiit Aeune. on the beautiful cam
pun of Cornell I'nh entity, la xhnded by
a row of elm-treiM, cacti end of the Hue
marked by a small brown stone hoar
lug the Inscription. "Ontruuder KIiiih."
Henry W. Sage, whose name Ntamln
next tn that of Kara Cornell ou the mil
of tho benefactor of the uulvtrralt.v,
told tho htory of these tree In an ad
drwM at Cornell several year ago.
After speaking of many thing that
had been done for the young college,
ho nald:
And last, not leaNt, a gift which has
always had for me a fragrance aklu
to that of the widow's mile Immortal.
IkciI lu .Scripture. John II. OHtrnuder, n
man remarkable for hi Integrity and
humility, after having erved me tweu-ty-llve
years In the forests of Canada
and .Michigan, returned at the age of 70
to Drydcn, bin native town, to spoud
there bin declining yendn.
Meeting mo one day, he nald:
"Henry, 1 have been to tho univer
sity grounds and soon tho work In
progre, ii nd fcol an If I want to do
HUinothlng to help It along. Now I havo
no money, but I Hnvo some tine youui;
elms In my woods, nnd I can bring
down thirty or forty aud plant them
there. They will look well, aud will
luako a ahuilo for Homebody after you
and I nro none."
1 replied, "They nro Just what wo
want. HriiiK (hum, and they ahull bo
known aa tho Oidrnndcr Kims."
Thoao nro the elms ou Knst Avenue,
nnd iv atone at each end miirka tho
nnmo of tho donor. The hIiiuIow of
death has rested over his tomb sovernl
years, aud not long hence will rest
over mine, but tho elma remain, aud i
hundred yenra heuco tho shadows of
their Krncoful folhiKo will attest tho
loving K'lft ho miulo us "they will
uiako a sliiulo for somebody."
What hat, becomo of tlio womiiti so
old-fashioned that alio leaned ou Uor
oscort'B arm?
o cr
J.llil lit Hlum I.UI.. 1. lut. .. I.l.ll ...11
VVi-mIMi Inrrrnara,
It iremn a paradox, but In neverthe
lenn well entnbllnhed on true, that III
certain of the beat farming region of
(he United Mtnton groat and nbouriillug
agricultural prosperity Im rcaulted In
uecreaned rural population. A no lea
Ntrlklug than nurprlnltig llluntratlon of
thin In given In a recent Htato ccrmun
report of Iowa, which In reported to
tdiow a falling off of i! per cent In thj
population of that great and glorloim
Htato idiicc the general cerinun of 1WJ0.
Of coirrne, ntich a renult wan not ac
ceptable to lowa'n pride, and It wan
not readily accepted. Cloo Inquiry,
however, la reporti-d not only to con
firm the general correction of tha
new count, but to nhow a nulllelont
roaeou for Itn dliappolutlng reault.
The explanation offered la that It In
all due to the land hunger of the proa
poroiin Iowa fanner. Having money
HlifHil and well knowing that good
farm land lu the Mhwdaalppl valley in
one of the aafeat and mont profitable
of Inveaimeiita, lie ban been buying In
the adjoining fur ion of Ida lean fore
handed mMghhoro to nuch an extent,
the reHrtn nay, that vacant farm
iHiunon dot every townnhlp In the Htato.
Many of theite vacant famihounon may
again be occupied by the norm and norm-In-law
of the purchaner; no me of thurn
will be almiHlomil, and the newly ac
quired I ml comwlldated Into larger
farmn. And If Iowa follow the courne
of development that haa been going on
for many yearn In the mngnlllcnt
farming regions of Contra) Illinois, the
coriNolldated farmn will be leaned in
traetn of 60 or 3i!0 ocren, or more, to
thrifty and pronperoun tenant farmer.
The proconn an It ban gone In Illinois
for n number of yearn I that tlio
wealthier laud owner buya out the -10
and hO-aere farmn of bin neighbor,
tile drain ami othorwinc Improve
them, oftr-n renting the name land or
lar.T tract to the vendor, who gen
erally made more money an tenant
than they had done an owner. The
tenant farmer of Central Illinois put
their capital Into the bent of farm Im
plement and machinery and live atock.
Their prosperity In seen In their com
fortable and well furulidicd limine, the
well kept veldclen ami hornon which
their faiplllea drive to church nnd to
country gatheilngn. In Central 1111
noln Jut now the tendency In to larger
farm, the tenant generally desiring to
Increase hi area and the landlord regu
lating the quantity of
land he will
lease by tlio proved eaiaclty and suc-j
cean oi cavil i.-iiniii. i vi un uv-. 11.111,
lands Iowa appear to be approaching
the name system. Springfield Repub
Por Infante and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bleaaturo of Otajficti
Trick of Ilia Trittlr.
"Madam," begau tho peddler as be
opened Ids red satchel, "can I sell you
something this morning?"
"No," snapped the elderly matron,
raising her broom ominously, "aud
yeu better move on."
"Just as you say, madam. I was
going to offer you tho greatest wrinkle
remover on earth, but I see you don't
need It."
"Ah. I"
"Ami also this wonderful remedy
for restoring gray hair to Its natural
color, but you hare no uso for that,
"Why, bow kind of you to tlilnlc so!
"And this little volume entitled 'How
to Remain Beautiful Forever.' Hut It
would be superfluous to offer It to you.
Good-dny, madam."
"Come back here! Come back here
this Instant. I do not need them, as
you say, but I will buy them and give
Uiem to some friend. I always en
courage truthfulness."
llrKiilnr Cualnnirr.
Undo Krastus, tho vIIIrko plasterer
l .,ii....-.i.- ...i. i....i Li
and whitewashes who had nmrrletl
and burled four wives, wns about to
ucijulro a tlfth. Ho went to tho houso
of tho Presbyterian minister, a vener
able man who had outdated at several
of his previous weddings, to make ar
rangements to be married there tho
following evening. i
"Of course I ahull be glad to marry
you to your new wife, Uncle 'Hastus," i
aald the minister. "This will be the
third or fourth time for me, won't It?
How does It happou, uncle, that you
never havo a colored preacher tie tho
knot for you?"
"Well, aah," he answered, "I's kind '
o' got In do habit o glttln' a white
man to do my ninrrylu. an' I recou '
I'll alius do It. I's turrlblo sot In my
ways,' .Mlstiih Pa'kcr."
Art Note.
Mrs. SyllleMy husband takes a
deep interest in art.
Mrs. Older Von surprlso me.
Mrs. Sylllo Well, It was a surprise
to mo. Hut I heard him telling Jack
Itowudor last night that It waa a good
thing to study your hand before you
draw. Clovoluud Leader.
u.'.h. c?,"iZ"
It penetrates to the
rtnrnl ropiilnlloii Urrrrnalnar
Prove It
By the Oven Fire
Put trie
js ing 1'owdcr to the test. Get a
g can on approval. Your money
; A will be returned if you don't
t -.nrr- 1'
JAotriTc! thirds cheaper and makes purer,
Outs MWfcJ u.ii.r mnrr ltealthful food than
L'4....I"J .. '
&&Br otlicrjiowucrs anywncic h..i
iSsSii K.C Quality. 25 ounces for
25 cents.
t4 ctmUI for
Vol Hull. For Tno.
When Michael Hurko Joined
brother Jamen in thin country.
aiouey ha brought over, added to
larne'a saving, enabled thorn to go
Jito the Ice blislnwei. In courne of
time their custom Increased, nnd It
became noccMary for them to have an
MJlce. In thin James soon Installed a
lice roll-top desk.
"The one desk will do for the two
)f ns," he explained, tnc day It wan
let un. "And here arc two keya; one
for you, Micky, and one for me."
Michael accepted the key, butneerned
'jo be studying the desk.
Thafa all right," ho said. "Hut
where Is my keyhole?"
Chinese Ruler.
The Kmpresn Dowager of China wan
eold into elavery at the age of eleven,
o rave her family from starvation
Wterwards she waa preeentol to the
'ale emperor, and, upon his wife's
death, became Emprcrs. Her leet
were never bound, and she waa taught
to read after persistent pleading. The
sterling qualities of this wonderful
woman, like those of Plllsbury's Viton,
have overcome every obstacle. And
ho holds herself at the head of China,
as doe Vltos at the head of breakfast
J fooj..
KuoTf Irdfgp,
Johnny Smokln clgnrcttcs Is
sure tcr hurt yer.
Jimmy Go on! Where did ye
dat ldec7
Johnny From pop.
Jimmy Aw He wui Jlst strlngln'
Johnny No, he wuin't ntrlngln' me;
ho wux ntrnppln' me. Dat'n how I
know It hurts. Philadelphia Tress.
riso s Cure f a remedy rurcoughs, colds
and oomumptlon. Try It. 1'riee'JS cents,
t druggists.
5rrlntnn .trrriinrr.
Mrs. l'Hiulth But bow did you man
age to keei i that secret a whole week,
Mrs. KJones It wasn't hard. I aim
ply stayed away from the Browning
Club and when callers came I sent
word that 1 wasn't at home. Clcve
laud Loader.
Metbtra will flml Mrs. Wiaalon's Sootalac
Errup tha tat rcmedr touts (or their children
durlog the lavthluj )rloL
Warn or tbr Hoar.
Bob Ml Subbuhs ha asked me to
call to-night.
Hob Yes. What shall I wear?
DIek (who has been there) 'Ware of
the dog! Philadelphia. Ledger.
Beware ot Ointments lor Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
j mercury will surolr ileitror tha sens ot
auill and completely deraote the wholo sys
tem when enttirlns It tbruuga the nucvui
lurftrrs. Buoh articles atould nerer be uied
cxmpiunprnKripiiuus irout rsiutatna pby.
il lam, they will Ou la ten tuM
tu trie good Toucan
Hall a Catarrh Cure, manufactured kr K J.
lh?r Aio.,TitJo.o.containanotiercury,
na.'.' 'fk'n.n'nHy. " directly ujsm
luo uiiu aim mucuuaiuriaccMoi tno system.
In huylnv Hall's Catarrh I'ur bo aure you get
tho genuine, ltd taten liHernallr. and made
Inlutodo.Ohlo.byl'.J. Cheney d. Co. Teatl
lunula! tree.
Bold tir Prurclita. price 74c. per bottle.
Hall's Vamlijr nil arc (he U-t.
Truate Ye. l.lnara.
"What," queried tho fair maid. "Is
tho dlfferenco between a trust aud a
"I'm afraid I cannot explain the dif
ference In so many words," replied the
young man In tho case, "but if you'll
put your trust In 1119 I'll blow niydeif
for tho ring to-morrow."
Aud Bho put her trust in him.
We d o -own and brldf work wltoout pain.
Our Uy era' espeneoc tn plate work eu
ablea ua lo fit your mouth comfortably. Dr.
W A. WIm has found a ear war to titract
teeth aUolul.ljr without pain. Dr. T, 1'.
Wla la an eipert at co.d hlllni and crown
and brldfework. Kslracllnf fre wbn
plate or brldce are i
ratline llldt , Third and Waahlnttoo Sts.
Openeveulngs till o'clock. Hunday froui
to It Or Slain 9m.
Rheumatism;nd Neuralgia
seat of torture, and relief prompfry'tolla vs. Prtee. 25c. and 50o.
vnndcrful KC Bak-
.in we claim is true.
You'll be delighted with the de
licious, wholesome things that
will bring to life in your oven.
K r itiMrKf 1'nwder is two-
1 I.---.......
China nnd Japan aro pre-eminently tht
seawei-1 eating nations of the world,
' Among no other people are seaweed 10
exteanirely eaten ana reiuued as food
CITO l'o"Uj' CorI. oBUOrn.rroojaeM
ll 10 a(lf anrfay,aiMri)r.KtlB'aOrtMrrT
)teVM.r. Ha fr I'rraairtnlNHII.amltr.atlM.
Ut. II. 11. KH, Ud.,MI Area t. 1-arUdaJphla, Pa.
r'orrrcllnar Mlaapprrhrnalon,
Wasn't that ssme young man hern t
tee you last night?"
"Yw. papa."
"Well, what doe lie mian by coming
every night In tbo week?"
"He doesn't come erpry night In th
week. I never met him unlit Inst TUnr
day, ami he wan only hrre Thursday and
Friday and Hatnrday eveniag." CUva
laml l'laln Dealer.
fatten, Hlit.t aaj airnnar.1 xiflma l-ull.r
en Itia laarkef. lit llarv pxw.r o tkaawwy
wHb two boni. Writ iw a ... r ataivf
am prtcaa. r '
foot at Morrlaon Slrett IHirtUnl, Ortjtm
"-3&0? T. A AO
-cojli. e:g:-
rarlc and Washington, Portland, Oregon
The School of Quality"
A. P. Armstrong, I.L. li., Principal
Thoutandt of graduates in positions)
hundrtds placed each year; mtre catlt
for help than we can meet it ayto at
tend our school', largest, most modem,
best equipped. Dtptrtinintt: Business,
Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship,
English. Open nil the year. Catalogue,
penworlc free. Call, telephone or write.
wirai siwtoik caiCAOO
Dr. G. Gee Wo
Thla wond.rrut Oil
Doctor I calld
treat becaaa n cure
people without opera
tion that are U.i up
to dl. II cure vtltii
tho wonderful Cni'
nts herb, roots, bud,
tarks and ecetablm
that ar ntlrelr u
known to medical aci
esciatiiioonii rjr Thioau b e i mn
haimle rendlmi thla ram. u. uO .r kr.oa
thaciuu ofoarKU m nui'il e wtil u
hf uecarully ue In dlltrnn duAae. II
KUrantrdtocurecaiarrh.aattinia,iuni 'hr at,
rbeumatlam, nerTouannaa, atouiarn, lr k d
n.ja. etc.) baa hundreds of Irslimonlala.
Ctuuce moderate. Call and e blm l'atl at
out or li eat writ for bUnkr andoieuUra.
bendauuup. CONSULTATION KuKh.
162), Tint St.. S. t. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper. PORTLAND. OREGON.
P. uu
No. 51 -1905
UEN wrltlnr to adeortlsor jileaso
weniion init paper.
DR. T. P. wise.