The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 17, 1905, Image 7

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    UNCI.I SAM "A Remedy 'Thnt
Such Ihidorttcmcntit Should
Ho In Uvcry Home."
vkri W x"" I 'i$lisk. lJ fVTirtS"WRVW
Election Returns That
A HhIINIi Monopoly.
Two Hum were illsi-tiilii; monop
olies, omit iiinliitnlnliii; tliul them tiff
Loth good anil had monopolies, mid
Hi I Unite lie tvns eonm-cliM with urn
dlttluctly of tlin cnmI hurt. Then, says
Hi n Ntnv York Trlbiiiic, lie proeeeile.l
lo lltiittrnln what a litiil inniuipoly Is,
ml tu show the nature of a batl mo
nopolist; 'I here wan n young iiinn In the Mouth
who went nun summer on a Ult to
unit) relatives In the North. On lilt
return hit HMiglit out another (iitiu
urn n, mid Mid, Improwhely:
"l.ook n hurt. I iiuilerstanil thnt you
took ailvnutrtNe of my alweneo from
town Inst iiHiMth to go railing on MUi
Henrietta llrown."
"Vou are mistaken," the other tnnn
iisM-eml. "it l lirr sister, Alls
Clartsta llrown, that I've been calling
"Well. r." sahl llm first, "that
tnnlies no illlTerenre. I've tot my eyo
on both tin-Mi M "
Thii Miliiim I'tii' I inf.
Tlirri' I mil omi plaeo In tho world
where tho mm net twice dally, and
that la at Ik, In HlHfTordihlr. '1'ho
ronton of thU U that n Jitggrl iixmiii
taln la situate! to tho west of tho
town, nnd In tho evening tho aun nets
lirhliiil It and lnrliinsa comes on. Then
tho flmt HtuiNct occurs, tho gaa Intiip
III, and apparently night haa act In.)
Hut It haa not, for In tin spare of nn
hour or ao inn aun reappears ngnln
through tho opening nt tint shlo of tho
inotintaln nnd daylight ngitln appear.
Artificial light art) extinguished nnd
daylight renin preralls, until tho aun
again descend tielow the opening, nnd
tho second sunset occur and night
comes to stay,
Mnvlnu Cheese.
"Will you atari tho cIuhma thla way,
pleascT" said tho thin boarder at din
ner. "Il'a nut time for eheoii yet," laid
the fat iHHtrder.
"No, hut If you atari It now It will'
probably get hero by llm time I'm'
ready for It." Ynnker Htntesinnn.
In the army of Ihe llaytltn Hrpultlle
ehairt art provided for Ihe ute of sen.
trltt whin on duty.
When the Joints nrc norc nnd swollen, nml the muscles throbbing with the
pnln of KhcumntlBiu, relief must be hnd nt once, nnd It Is natural to rub the
nflcetcd parts with liniments, oils, etc. This treatment docs ood In n way,
by temporarily relieving Uie pain nnd reducing tholnllammntion, but has no
elfect on the disease lUdf, because Rheumatism is mora than Bkin deep; it
Is in tho blood nnd cannot be rubbed nwny. Rheumatism Is brought on by
Indigestion, weak kidneys, poor bowel notion, stomach troubles nnd a gen
eral fdugglsh condition of the system The refuse nnd waste matters, which
biiuuiii ncciimcuuu inrougii uic nat
ural nvcuues of bodily waste, nrc
left to sour nnd form uric ncld nnd
other irritating poisons which nrc nb
orbed by the blood, making it thin,
weak nnd acrid. Then instead of
nourishing the different nerves, mus
cles, joints nnd tissues it fills them
With poison to produce the aches,
fiains nnd other disagreeable syrup
oins of the disease. Rheumatism
is usually worse in Winter for the
reason that cold nnd dampness ntc
exciting causes. The nerves become
excited nnd sting with pain, the mus
cles arc sore and drawn, the 'joints
swollen nnd stiff nnd the sufferer
lives in intense agony j nnd if tho
disease is not checked it often loaves
Its victims helpless cripples for life.
Rheumatism cannot be rubbed nwny
but it can be driven from the blood
by S. S. S. Jlclnjf n perfect blood
luirlilcr this great remedy soon pro
Xlticca ncomtdcto chnmre in the en-
rVre circulation ; the thin, acrid blood
through the body nourishes nltd i
""u"K uiu vuur iiuuiiuiicniiuu auuiuca
tor another httnek. Do not waste time trying to rub Rhcumntism nway, but
get it out of the blood with S. S. S. so thnt the cold nnd dampness of Winter
will not keep you lu continual pain nnd agony. Special book on Rheuum.
ILiuux and any medical advice will be given free.
Interest All Parties.
Curliifr Oala oT Plannai.,
Dlscnsed seed onta are now medi
cated while passing through elevators,
a iiiimticr of tho grain elevators of
Indlnun having been equipped for the
purpose, Tho peculiar ailment to
which onta aro most euaeeptlblo la
known na "atniit" mid unless treated
such oala produce very Inferior crops.
However, tho disease con bo cured
itilln easily, and tho medicament U
"Imply forum Meli) de. thut much
nlniKcd giTinlrhle.
To treat the oat a rcrltnbli) drop or
chute alxiut three fert t'tunro nnd forty
to fifty feet high la prepared, on the
IiimIiIo of which nro plaeinl ahelvc or
deflector aloplne dowuwanl, nltoniit
Ine on two oipoltn aldt from top to
bottiiui. Aa tho grain drupa fnnu the
top It la thrown from aldo to aide by
thi drilrotora and thu thoroughly
My tiiPdna of n amall atrntn pump tho
fi.ruialdelodo I then thrown, In the
form of n Hue apray, ngnlnat the falling
grain near the top of the drop, lly the
time the grain roachea tho bottom It la
thoroughly moistened, bolng nlkiw(Hl to
ri'iimln In thla condition aeveral houra,
after which It la run through tho drop
n econd limp, with a blaat of cold nlr
replacing the atream of formaldehyde
apray, by which It la thoroughly dried.
A Kln.K'a runottinllly.
All men ngrco lu the nbatrnct
"punctuality I tho auul of bualnpaa,"
but fuw act up to tho maxim with the
atrlctnea of tho king of the llulglaii.
Whcruver or however ho nmy travel,
whether tho vlult bo of bualneaa, deaa.
tiro or ceremony, lie la punctunl, not
only to tho hour, but to tho minute
It might nloo bo anld to tho accoud.
And yet Ida tiiHjoaty la nercr aecn to
commit n wntch. Hut Ida fomlllnrn
know that Ida habit of walug hla
hnnd along hla flowing hennl la only
n device for glancing nt n mnull wntch
which ho wonra faitoned to hla wrlat.
Ia)ih1oii (Slobe.
H'csar I'anlun, lr, but thla nickel
you gare mo l lead.
Ilenrrolciit Old Man Why, to It U!
Well, kerp It, my man, a a reward of
your boiiMty, I.e Journal.
, Whllo at work for tho 1'. O. ft P. K. It.
In tho awaiuity ruirlon, I contrnctod
Hhouinatlim nmlwaa complotoly lislp
Uai for about four iiioniha nnd apant
over OloO.OO wit lulootora. but uotworas
ovary ilay, und rtimlly quit thorn anil bo
ranB. H.H, X took n, f0w bottlca and
wa cured aomxt unit woll. My health
la now aitleiiiWit, ami I welifli 170
pouuda. Thero I n lady livlntr near ino
who la now takluir U. H. H. for aoutn
IlbaumatUm. Vor two inontlia alio could
not turn haraeUln bed, but alnca beg-in-nlns
your medtolno about tUroo weoka
ko baa Improved rapidly, and la now
able to alt up. J can reoommnnd U, a. B,
t !U.ufTerfnir froiaJlhauniutlatn.
O, O. LAUaiTKIt.
I waaaavarely troubled with Ithauma
tlain. I had It In iny kueea, leva anil
aiiklea, and any ono who hue aver had
ltheuinatiam knowa how axorualatinif
tho pain la and how It Interforea with
one at work. I wa truly in badaliape
liavlnB been bothered witli It for ten
yeary, off and on. A local tihyalolan ad
ylamlmetouae H. H. H. Idldeo. After
takluir two bottloa I noticed tho aoro
naea nnd pain worn irroatly reduood, I
oontlnuod tlio inedloluo and whb thor
oughly curoil; nil pain, aoroueia and In.
flaminatlon uonn, I reooiuiuand U, U. a,
to ull lthuumatlo autroror.
603 I!. Orooiibrlor St. Mt. Vornon. O.
is made pure nnd rich, nnd ns it goes
uic irru.ueu iiervca, casta tuc wiroo
blug muscles, nml dissolves nnd carries
out of the system tlio Irritating particles
in the joints which nrc keeping up the
pnln and inflammation. 8. S. S. cures
Rheumatism permanently, nnd in nddi
tones up the digestion nnd atliutt-
lates the different members of the body
their full dutv so there la no cause
i Humorous:
-- --
Tommy llnvo you met thn now
teacher yet? Teddy Yet; after school
IthlM noon, Mo won. Hx,
"Hny, fnl her, wlmt la a 'nobody?' "
"A nobody, my son, Is a prominent
woiimii'a liualmnd." WmhIiIiikIoii Mfe,
Tea Do you think Mario' photo
graphs do her Justlcit? Hess Yea;
Jtiatlco tempered with mercy. Detroit
Yoinigwed I wnnt accommodation
for my wife. Hotel Clerk Hulte?
Youugwed You bet your llfo alio Is.
Washington Mfe.
Iteji'ctiil Hultor I nmy be oor now,
but there whs it limit when 1 rode lu
my enrrlHue. Tho (llrl Ys, whwi
your mother pushiil II. Writ.
"I'hw, Is It true thnt death loves n
shining murk?" "I supimmo so. Why?"
"Nothing, only I slwtild think you'd
feel it good den I aafer If you wort) it
wig." ('hlcHgo Tribune.
I'lrat Old Maid This census rnjiwrt
anya there Hre ,iy),il tmcjiulor In
tint IJultist HtatoH. Hct-ond Old Maid
Yen, nml tint iiiiwii old thing iloexu't
give their ndilniHi ollher. WHslilngtou
I'lgguius To tell the truth, we Imvo
to (rent our cook its n member of tint
family. Dlsmtiktm (Jrwtt Scott! That
would never go lu our house. We Imtu
to trent oura ns it visitor. Washington
Al d Jltistnnl Your wife's costume
tonight is chiiriulug. It simply beg
gars description. Justin do Hunch
And thnt reminds me of a conundrum
why nui 1 like n description. Scis
sor. MvCush In this truo that I bear
Do Mush That I'iu eugMgiHl? Yes.
CongrtttulHtit me! MeC'ush I can't
congratulate you on marrying nuy girl
wIhi Is fiMil enough to want you.
Cluvolaud leader.
"Mr. Kptblsworth, It smHH to me,"
wi hi Mm. OMeaHtle. "Is rathttr Inclined
to l(Muaclly." "Ktlll," nulled her host
rxm, aa site stnilKhlHiiil the f I.IMt nljc
"for n peCH'Mt as tall as her It ain't ho
bad aa though she whs altortw." Chi
cago liecofd llerahl.
"That's an auction plamt your
daughter's got, Isn't It?" asked the sar
castic woman next dour. "No. Indewir'
relleil the pnnid mother ImllKuantly.
i "What mado ywi think thatr "Oh.
probably becnuaa H'h 'going, going, go
;lng.' all thu time." I'hlladelphht
HI Tragedy Ha m in made hla debut
na n alar last night, nud 1 hear hla
nudlituen was very cold. Ixiwu Com
edy Y(w, they were nt first. Ill Trag
edy Ahl only nt first? !.owe Com
edyYes; then they remembered that
they hnd jwld to gut lu, nud they got
hot. Catholic Standard.'.
Mrs. Ikkl I wlah you wouldn't bo
such n tight-wad! I haven't a thing
to wear. Mr. Ikkl lllltiklii' IloriKills!
Why, woman, you have the flucst seal
runt In two degree of latitude! Mrs.
Ikkl And wlmt of It? There goes Mr.
Illubbnrton swaggering nround In a
real Kvalette coat with plush trim
mings! I'uck.
"No," said Mlsa Wlnthroii llradloy
Winthrop, "your Hcna)lin did not
conic over lu tho 'Mayflower,' nn ml no
did, ami I cannot marry your "Do
ywi knw why thoy did not?" rillwl
Mr. Johnstone Kinythe de .lonua. "Woll,
I'll toll you. They were not thu kind
of people who travel on oxeundnns."
Haying which he strode haughtily from
the room. Washington Mfe,
I A innn who was "wanted" by tha
police had been photographed In six
different positions, nnd the plot urns
were duly circulated among thn hIco.
The chief of jmiIIco lu a country town
Wrote to Millcn lieailiusrters of tho
'city lu search of the malefactor a fuw
dnya after the set of HirtraltH had been
Issued a follows: "1 duly received thu
plcturos of thu six mlscruHiitH wIiimo
capture Is desired. I Imvo nrrtwtud rlvu
of thoin, nml thu sixth Is under olwMr
vntlou and will he suourml shortly."
KnootirnKO tho Clillitren.
Ito cn ruful how you criticise tho ef
forts of thu rhlldrnu. The clipped
wing never grows again, my llrook
mrt Dumocrat. Make It it nuittor of
conscience never to mislead tho child,
for ho Is a traveler newly arrived from
a strnngt country. Allow him, nn his
world widens, to Imvo opinions of hli
own; let hint be a personality, not a
more echo, llnvo fnlth In (lod for
your sous and daughters. Accordlmt
to your faith ho will It bo unto you.
Maku your home the center of attrac
tion to your children; let them feolj
drawn to you nud It, like thu ucodlu
to thu polo. Itespeet thu secrets of
your children, but do not worry them
to confide In you.
KnllKtitonliiir (ho Iinuillndy,
"Coffee U norviMlostroylng," Inti
mated tho penurious landlady as aim
anw a movement ou the part of a new
boarder to refloat a second cup of
"How I wish you'd drink a lot of
It," suggested thu Imcholor, who hud
been with thu house since Its Incep
tion. "Why?" asked tho landlady, and tho
other boarders delnyod their nmstlou-
"Then you wouldn't have tho norvo
to servo this ooneootlon which hardly
stains tho water lu whleh It Is diluted."
Columbus Dispatch.
"I'm hlillng from a man," a woll
known cltlxuu said today, liver hi la
from a man? Yo'II but you hae, many
a tliuo.
Maoh Timber TTnont.
Across Uio great lakes In Canada
there lies ono of the world's largest
reserve of timber. In aplto of tho
tariff Imposed much of this timber 1
today coming to tha United HtntM,
The forests of tho Dominion nre begin
ning to yield abundantly. More than
100,000,000 feet or plno snwlog and
Kjuara timber, during a recent sen son,
were cut upon territory held under
timber license from the crown!
Much of Canada's timber land has
not yet even been explored. In the
newly developed districts of Algomn,
which aro close to the great lakes, It
Is estimated that there aro more than
100,000,000 cords of spruce and pulp
wood, while In tho districts of Thun
der liny nml Hnliiy Itlver there are
nearly 200,000,000 cords more. A belt
at least .1,000 miles long lu believed to
exist In Canada between Alaska and
tho Atlantic.
It has been estimated thnt, at the
present rate of cutting, the greatest
timber resources of tho United State
those of the 1'ncIHc coast will be
rxliHiislcd In less than half n century.
The nnnusl cut of shingles nnd lumber
In these regions Is -UVOO.OOO.OOO feet
The standing timber In Washington,
Oregon and northern California at
present Is twice that of the original
timber lands of tlio northern woods,
Washington produce nbout nn many
feet of shingles nnd other lumber ns
Oregon and California together. This
State Is noted for Its shingles, there
being more than 1.000 shingle mills
within It borders. At Tneotnn are lo
cated the largest sawmill In the
United States.
$100 Reward, J 1 00.
The readers ol thlipair will be rleued to
Itaiu mat there one dreaded dlaeue
that teleuee lias been able to rure In all Its
ingef, and that ! ('ttarrh. llall'aCalarrh
Cur it the only inltte cute known to the
int-Hfal lralrnllr Catarrh tm a eoaitltu.
lliiual a ouoilltutlbtial treat
ment. Hair i Catarrh l ur la taken Internally,
atlti dlreciljr tijon the loo-l and mueoot
mrlaeea ol the yatem, thereby dulrojlii the
foundation ol tbiJlea, hf siting the pa
lltnt tlreiiKth ij btU4lak up tho con tUtu tion
aad uiiitluc nature In iolnr IU work. The
(ruprltlolt hato aumueh lallh In lu curatlie
i"ieri that (hey oBVr Oil llun-lrel IxIIar
lor aar eaethatlHll toeure. Send tor Hit
ol teatlMoaUli. . .
A4JtMi K. 3. CIIE.NKT A CO., Toledo, 0.
Bold Iit drucKlKa. 7te.
II all's Family fUU are tha UiU
About lllnl'a-Kyn Maple.
I'or humlreda of years lumbermen
ami cabinet-maker hare been study
ing to learn what causes maple wood
to assume tho mottled and spotted
form known as "blrtl's-oye." In a
hundred rock maple trees perhaps one
la a bird's-eye. Nobody can pick the
specific tree out by Inspecting the bark
or the manner of growth. You may
have to chop 'JOO trees before you find
one(but It Is worth the sacrifice.
I'nct Is, tho woodpeckers make all
the bird' eye maple thero I In the
world. In flying about the woods
they come to a rock rnaplo trco that
yield very sweet ap In the season
when sap Is running. Most birds like
sweets woodpeckers nre very fond of
sugar. Having found a trco yielding
a large per cent of sugar, the birds
peck holes In the trunk and hicn
stand against the bark and drink tho
sap as It oozes out.
After the sap has censed to flow and
tho trees hare leaved out new wood
and -bark form In thoc small holes.
Tho pecking and asp-gathering goes
on for years until the tree, having
given up so much sap to the birds, be
gins to furnish lluld containing less
sugar. In ten or twelve yours after
the birds quit a trco tho holes arc all
grown up and nobody can pick out the
big bird's-eyes from other trees thnt
the woodpeckers did not visit. New
York Sun.
ltliytnea or tho Keaeon.
When the summer time has ended and
the sauey autumn breeze
Gets to toylnc with the leaves on all
tho brilliant colored trees,
Ah, 'tis then the hearts crow Itchier
ami the spirits start to rite.
When the frost is on the pumpkin and
tho pumpkin's lu the pies.
When the days arc crowlnc shorter and
the birds hare cone away,
And the corn It crowlnc riper In the
fields from day to dsy,
There's a rosy clow perradlnc all the
haty autumn skies.
When tho frost Is on the pumpkin and
tho pumpkin's In tho pies.
When tha hammocks hare been put
away and open ears are cone.
And you never see a tennis player chat-
Inc on tho lawn,
When the college people Rather and you
hear the footlmll cries
Then the frost Is on the pumpkin and
tho pumpkin's lu tho pics.
You recall with lots of pleasure all tha
summer days could clve,
Dut sluce tho autumn days have started,
then you know 'tis Joy to live,
As your mouth beclns to water, and
there's clarities In your eyes,
When the frost Is on the pumpkin and
the pumpkin's lu the plea.
Cblcauo Chronicle.
Lloutenant I have a very pretty
compliment for you. One of the young
ladles thought I was the author of your
latest poem. Kllecende Ulaetter.
I who coos straight to work raMfeKS
I Hurts,Sprains,Bruises mm!
I by tho usa ol 3n?5SoaS& ftMUt
ftn i-naimi,.. i, ..XTtfrinm..,, nn.a:
Color more soods brlshter and futtcr colors than ony other dye. One 10c package, coldrs tllk, wool and cotton equally wait and la
tuarsntccd to give pcrfct rttulti, Ak dealer, orvre till tend pott paid at 10c a packsfc Write for fra booklet how lo draw
(leach and inU colors. MONKOC DRUG CO., UiUomlllc, MluourL
Come N
Own Up
V... .It. IIL .1 ...
nuns, uuyuur miuyuunius- i
band certainly doesn't like R
fitm Ttin tiffitr - nr n
Will A IIWII W4I nut m
bottle of Aycr's Hair Vigor?
It restores color lo gray hair
every time, all the deep, rich
color of early life. And It
cures dandruff also.
-Itarulnlr Ullef that Ajar Half Vlrer
ll a Itln4ld pMiiritlMi lor the hair and
aealp. lot I bare w4 It mra or I'M for Hi
yeara. I ean ehearf allj reeemmnd It to any
one In need of tueb m trer"traUoa.M..Mfu.
Katb llorr, Mlnnealfi, Jllun.
br J. O. A jit Co.. Lowall. Vui,
alio wuufMtattra of
cneutr pcctobal
At thn larket I'rloe.
"lUron, what did you give your boys
for blrthdsy presents"
"And your dsughter?"
"I boiieht her one, too a lleattniat."
Filtgeode Ulaetter.
For forty year's I'lso's Cure for Con
sumption has cured eounht and colds. At
UruggUts. trice 25 cents.
No Improrcriirnt on .Nature.
Irate l'atlent Ilerel you told me
these false teeth would be Just as rood
as natural ones, and tbey hurt rue hor
ribly. I'alnless Dentltt Well, didn't your
nstural ones hurt you? Le Hire.
TITO Permaneelly OorM. ofluer nerroeinem
I llnmtrt. hKj tot frrmm I rial UxlloaiHl Ir.alleff.
ut. n. 1 1 . Kll, ia. ,MArenftl..l1rila4el phla, I'a.
When one has speBt a day or more
in visiting at a friend's home, ordlnsry
courtesy demands that, on one's returu
home, a note shall be written promptly
to the bole thinking her for her pleas
ant hospitality.
Mother! will find lira. Wlstlew'a Foot Ms r
Sirup tha bil retatdy touie for their chlWrtn
durloc the U.lMoj jrloJ.
Hla lat Ilnat.
The editor of the I'unkvlllo rest!
lenco had stood the taunts of the vile
opposition as long as ho could. lie
finally armed himself and waited on
his loathsome contemporary.
"Where's the editor? he shouted, ns
the otllcc boy opened the door.
"He's dead. Shot himself last
"Scooped again, by snakes!" Clere-.
land Leader.
Se nd postal for
""Book of
T resents "
for KC
right a-
way. li's
purer and
more efficient
than any Bak
ing Towdcr that
costs three times
as much.
25 oz. for 25c.
All grocers
HORBES do more work
tSrSaSjEI mllk- HOGS grow and
i HUB Sai mUEsi
I Bal 7 HUMUK ! 1 1
N Stock- rood Etl
lhT. t.BlaASUl,TUaUHSUtfk iuuU lunar MMHrwirfabmlawla.. ilhrtvvatham
anappvUiajktraakraniiiirTu I abo trinl It so aluntolralaatuiMtlra
terj rtvulw-r. W. UUOOML, tSarta, Nth.
(TtlliTtl wTrif. We. SI. F"Eg 08-pagt Hand
I'OHILAM) SttD CO.. Portl.nd. Orcton, Cot Ajenta
We doerown an t btt)s'orK wtinoulran.' eipnanot la plat, work n
ablraua lo HI yiur ruoulh cvmfortabijr. Dr.
W. A. la. bu round a a.r. war (o attract
teeth abaotmnj- wliboul rln. Ir. T. f.
Wlae la an expert at cvld tlliln aud crown
and trldcework. Kitracdn tr. wheu
plain or brld(ta ax. urdrfnl.
r'alllnc ltld., Third and Wuhlostoa Hit.
Op.uvuiU(t IIUIbMielL Hundajrt Itoat
9 to K. Or Ma.ii SJW.
u"liJ,M,rrrsr7nr,r,r,TrrTt r -'" '"iii rtu-" -' ijvt
L St.
CVKlf W Pi I HI All Hit fAIISa
Confb ttjrnpe Tmim Uood. Vf ,
in urn.
Fold br (1rnftU.
faaleal, llhl and lrnnrt Nlump I'lillaf
on lha lnrt. Ill Ilnri pnwar on tliaaoxp
with Iwo lioriat. Writ lor idxcribtlva rataluf
and prlraa. a
Pool el Morrlaen Slrtel I'nrlUnJ, Orazaa
Olp this oat, rttsm to at with the names
ini) sJJrette of yourulf and two of yeur
friend, and the dale when you will probaMy '
enler builneit colttie, anl w will creJlt ,
you wllh ISXO on our ft&OO tcholtrihlp.
Our xhont orTert earepllnnal aJvinlaiej to '
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Meotlon paper. PORTLAND. ORCCON.
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No. 43-1903
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