The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 24, 1905, Image 3

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In a Condensed rorm lor Our
Hnsy Koiitiers,
A Resume of Ilia Loss Important but
Not Lose Interesting Events
of Ilia Past Wook.
Duly will fortify her frontier mul In
rtxtily for war with Austria.
A Chlcngo pliyNlclitu prnponen ti tine
hypnotism for Hid euro of rhmiinntlnin.
I'ursnt llren which lutvn been ranging
In I In Mtll fur nomo 1 1 mi Imvn been ox
tliigulnhcd by ruin.
Addlcks limy bo given ii foreign up
jKilntinriit to mul tint deadlock In tlm
Delnwnrt) leglslulurn.
Tim HlhHiiton mul Wnlipidnii IiiiIIiiiih
In rlontli Dakota urn to hnvo $100,000
1lnlrlhuttn uinong tlntin per cnpltii.
iteglntor Urldgim nnd itecohc llootli,
of tln Itoneburg liinil olllce, Mill Imi lie
ihttil by tlm grand Jury when It con
vents In April.
T)h Isthmian iiiuinl commission linn
Ari'itiil n large number of good paying
positions In connection with tint prom
oullon of tlm citiml work.
Kuropatklii lias been rcjlnrsl by
Ocncrul I.lunvltch, lio s 1 11 command
the Miiiii'burlnii nriny until nomo other
iiinn In M'tit from Russia.
It In now rstlmnted thai Kuropal
kin's forces at tlm beginning of tlm bat
tle of Mukden consisted of 4HO.O0O
men. Ilia Ions In killed mul wounded
Irt'lorit tlm retreat Ix-gun w 70,000.
Kuropatklii la reorgnnlilng III" army
t Tlo pnss.
Asnlstnut Hccrotnry I,oomis (limb
(riotlen with lluy.
I'n-oldent Castro linn suited ami nil
tlm French cabin In Vwiettioln.
TIik Colorado legislature lain n (load
lHk over tlic governorship contest.
Tlm president vt 1 1 1 reorgnulro tin'
I '.in a tint t'fliml dimiiiliMilon soon hiiiI
lrp n Milliliter of useless olllehtls.
Tlm Alii'-rlfnii stmiimr Tnonmn, from
frstltlc to Vlndlvtwtok with n trg ot
iHHif, Iws Ix-eii captured by tlm Japan
wo. Arrangements arc nearly completed
for tlm nrwtloii of n bum' !! refining
plant at Kansas Clt) In opposition to
the Standard Oil.
KnrHmtkln must now take with blin
the supplies itt Tlu iM If lm retreats
froin that place, aa there nro none Imc
tween n paca nml llnrbln.
ht. Petersburg, dlsjsttchen cay that
Knropntkin'ii resignation haa It-on ac
cepted mul that dm n I Duke N'ii'hotaa
Nlcholalcvltch haa eoimcntM to tnko
ohlcl command In Matiehurln.
It U stated that Hceretnry bniinla
will 1m; appointed miilniHudor to Mexico
in nuceifiilon to Hdwlu II. Collar,
whim tli latter ret I ria next nilintiiiT to
In-come r candidate for the. governor
whip of Iowa.
Japan accuse ItuiHiia ot violating
Jliliiefi" iit'iitrHllty.
Moimmlnci), Michigan, baa lccti
tibakvn by an cnrtlxpiakx.
Tbt I'orti Ulenn Itttthilutiiro haa ml
Journal nftttr paoaliiK -tfl blllaoutof 1UH
Moxli'nii rural hi1Ico Iiiivo run down
tlm IkiihI of YinpiU which rolilM-l tlm
.Miuutlan atiiKn of ir,000.
Soiiii' of tlm witr ntrty of Itumlit fn
vom tint raining of it nmv nrmy to llpht
.Iiiwn, to U) Hinioually commatiibil by
Tlm Uuiwlmta ant furtifyliiK Tin paM
wIiIIh tlm JajwiiwHi rn prfHrliK mi
Wilbur tHruliiK iitovtMHtuit Himltar to that
of Mukden.
l-'roin httiwt ruportM of Umnm it 1a 1m
llevisl tlutt KiiioMtkln tinunot luivii
iiiuio tlinu 100,000 tiffit'tlvti tl)htiiiK
limn with blin lit Tlo puaa,
A tiiituma of tlm Ittipiibllnmi iunm
bora of tlm Mlwotirl luKlittuit) haa nw
miltwl In mi aiirmiiimnt to votu for A.
I. Kptiuunr, of Ht. IoiiIm, for Unltt'tt
fitiiti fiinator.
Many nrma uro IiuIiik hiiuikkIiiI into
ltiiHibt for lino ly Htrlktira.
TIim Colonln nupriuim court Iium riilttl
tbut tho K'ttlNlittiirt) iiiiiat neat tiitlmr
Ailuma or lVul oily, uuti cannot mlopt
tho rtijiort ibt'larhiK that imlthor wuh
vbiitiNl. Twonty-twi) nminburH luwo
hIkiuiI pltilKo not to Hint 1'oulKHly,
wliloh iiituiiiH u llnitl vb'tory for AiIuiiih,
Mm. Chiulwli'k haa bci'ii fouinl utility
of HwlmllliiK tlm Oborlln, Ohio, bank.
An oxtrmlltlnn treaty IihhIhtii hIkiusI
butweon tho Unltoil fitutt'H anil Urn-
Tho Doniltoriul ilrntllm-k in tho MIh
Hourl anil Dohiwnro bliiliituri'ii con
tlmiofl unbroken.
Ht. ritornbnr mlvlri'H rnv that hh
wikiii uh tho Hnltlo Hijimdron rtH'oivt'H ro
lufnrroimmtH it 111 iigaln Htnrt Mr tho
1'ur KftHt.
Tho kuIo of vry young glra im wives
1h coiniuou in UIiIuuko. TIio largi'Ht
pur cvut of them uro Italians, but ninny
urn Americana.
Two men found K'lUty of BteuUng
btiilotH in Denver at tho November
ulectlon iuivo been fleut to tho peulten
tlury for ilvo years,
Qront Trncti or Goal Land Fllnd on
n Farm Laud by Syndicate,
Hull lake (!lty, Dtali, Mnreh li.
Hpeelitl nueiilii of tlm Federal K"vern
ment urn reported to hitvohcen eiiKiiKed
for Home lime pant In luventlKtlii pub
lio laud fraiula In Utah. Tlm Halt I-uke
lleritld today ntutea that hundreda of
tboiiciuidH of nereH ol vnluablo coal
IiiiiiIn have been iu'iiilred by corpora'
tlniiM by iUCHtloimhlu uietbodH.
ViimI triicta of coal IiiiiiIn are wild to
Inive been filed oil mid patented an iiKri
cultural mul Knir.ltiK land, and tlmn
trmiiferred to tlm coal companies. In
many Inatuiu'ex, It Ih mild, land luive
been llhxl on ua coal IiiiiiIh, under tlm
law which periilla every adult clllren
to iiciiiirt) 1 110 iicreri of ixatl landa by
liiiriiliinut, upon payment of 110 mi
aero for audi landa when alttiutod morn
than 15 iiilleH from any railroad, and
L'0 mi iicro when altuatod within IT
inlleH of it railroad, biter tlieni) IIIIiikh
have been allowed to lapue, mid the
annul landa have been neiilred ua aurl
tilt tirttl or KnuliiK bind at ( 1 M) uu acre.
Morn tlmn -'.000 of tbefo coal entrlea
luivu b i made in tlm Hull jtkn land
olllce, but not morn than one In oO of
tlm Hraomi who mado the filing iiaa
completed the putchiiMi, tlm HIIiiki
bipaliiK and llllo beln deeiireil iih n?ri
cultural or KrurliiK bind from tlm atuto
IiiiiiI ofllcn throtiKh atato land celcc
Forty IliliiKa uiaibi In 1001 within ii
period of 110 duya huvo recently been
iiivenllna'cil, mid 110 of the lOchtlmuiitN
uro fouiul to huvo lafii reprMeiited by
mi emjiloyn of u blK coal corporation,
Mercian Miwer of ultorney. Tho land
wan tiled on mul held for 14 montlia,
ua la permltliil under tlio law, without
In'Iiik paid fur, but In none of then)
cani'M waa the purchiinn completel, title
bollix ttC(ulrnl through tho itato land
olllce at a nominal iluuro under pro
ceMliii(a limtltuted while tlm laud wna
coveted by the coal land llllliK.
Oyama Roport notultt of tho
of Mukdan.
Toklo, Mnreh H. Tlm follow Ihk re
jMrt Iwa Iwen received from Field ,Mar
idml Oynum
"The iiuinlMir of prliitmra, apolla
and tlm eimmy'a ititiuintwl CMiuialtleA
nKulimt nil our forwrn In tlm direction
of tlm Klmkhu follow, 1ml tlm number
of prliHinera, K"11" and km)Ih are in
crennlnn moiimntnrily.
"I'rlwiimra, over 10,000, Including
Ueuentl N'akhiuuiff.
"Kllbil and wouihIiiI, twtlmaled nt
"Kiiemy left dwtd on the field, SO,.
"Flnitn. 8.
"(iium, nlHHit BO.
"Ammunltlou wunnu", D0.
'fihelln, 300,000.
"HiiihII nrnm ninmunltion, W,000,.
000 roiitula.
t'erenla, 10,000 koku (nUiut 76,000
Fodder, 66,000 koku.
"I.IkIiI railway outllt, 16 miltit.
"Homea. '.',000.
"Map, 211 cartloads.
"ClolliInK and nccoutreineiita, 1,000
"Itread, 1,000,000 rntioim.
"Fuel, 70,000 tout).
"liny, 00 toim. Inside tool, tent,
bullock, tulcKprnh wire nnd ole,
timlMtr, lntl. iitove, nnd iiumerou
oilier projiurty.
"No reKjrta hnvn lantn received from
our forctM in the direction of SIiik
Retumptlon of Japnneie Advanco It
Expocted Any Time,
Tie PniHi, March II. Tho Japnuece.
it I roMirtcd, linvo cenmil tlielr pur
Miilt. ut It'imt tcmiMinirlly. Some of the
Jumuut) are U6 mile Indow Tie pawi.
A rtmuinption of tlielr advnnco I ex
peeled. Ituinorn uro in clreulatlon
that tlm JapnnttHi) nre nlready itttempt-
ItiK miotlmr wide turuiui; innvemeul to
drive (lie Uumdun from tlo ma.
Tlm lliiftdnn trtMtim lmre have laniii
arriving with hoptdiwdy inlxtsl unlta,
in coiiMp'Uiinco of tlie change in tlm
front. The troopa nre belli); norteil out
mid orauiMitiona reformeil and mmluniil
to iilucca to defend tlm now itntdtlouM,
but whether Tie laiwi will be held or
nbtiuiloued prolaibly w 111 not Ih) decid
ed for novum! day.
Kuropntkln Needs a Rest.'
I-ondon, Mnreh H. Tho St. 1'etera
luirK corroKpoutleut of the Tiinea fitya:
"lleneral Kuropatklii haa nuked the
empujor'a gruclou permbaiou to hand
over hi command, ulh'KiiiK that lie Ir
in urgent uetn! of phyiilcal and inental
rent. I learn on tho bet authority
Unit tho Japaneiie twice huvo ap
proached 11uhIii on tho mibjeetof peace
ncKotlntlona. liul that Iir euch cuoo tho
iironoaal failed becntmo Jupan demnnd
itt mi Indemnity mul a pledge tbut
HuHsIa would not keep warHhlpa in tlio
l'ucitlo for "6 ycnrH.'1
Spotlod Fever In the East.
Now York, March 14. That cerebro
Hplunl meneiiKltlH, or "npotted fuvur,"
Ih killing about 40 pertioua u week in
tliln oily wuh aborted tonight liy Com
mlHHloner Darlington, of tlio health de
partment, nnd'roportH recolvetl from
clttcH mul towns in Connecticut, Now
JorHoy nnd 1'oniiHylvmiin hIiow that
renuaylvnuln la not alone in lighting
agaiiiBt the riivngea of this dread dia
eitHo, which killH about 60 per cent ot
those nttnckeil by it,
Iroquois Theater Trial March 16.
Chlcngo, Mnreh 111. March 16 wns
llxed by Judge McKwen today for the
opening of tlio trial ol Manager Will J
Davla on tlio charge of mnnalaughter,
growing out ot tho Iroquois lire.
Loss to Kiiropntkln's Army Esti
mated nt 200,000 Men.
Almost Without Supplies nnd Capture
Sanms Certain Will Greatly
Increase lumber Taken,
Toklo, March 11. All newn reaching
,btmu, both olllchtl, Heml-olllvlal nnd
from mime other Hoorcc, eiiiplmHlr.iti
what ban been patent to military atu
doiita for tlm pant week, tbnt the
ent movement at Mukden In the great
eat Hlrulrgy of tho war mid in being at
tended by what in really n nerlen of
Mtupeiiiloun battle Unit will go down in
hintory u one of tlio bloodienl mid moot
terrlllle military conlllctn of ancient or
moilerii time.
From inixit clonely Informeil ipinrtern
it In tiHtrniil tlmlcoiiHervallve entimaten
of Kunninii cnnualtien exceed 160,000,
while 60,000 ltunniatin were taken pris
oner nt tlio culmination ot Mondial
Oyama'n great Hanking ntrati-gy. While
no flguren nro obtainable hero on tlio
JnpnneiM) Icwfen, there In no rcanon to
Im'IIovu that they were much loa than
the cnnuultlen nufferel by tlio enemy,
although, of courne, no Jnpnuenu bnve
lceii captured. Neither nrmy ban
njinriil men in the nupreme encounter.
While the prenent distribution ot
General Kuropntkln' nrmy, other
than that jmrt of tlio main liody which
In tx'iiig liaranneil in retreat to the north
of Mukden, l dilllcull to determine it
wan neml-olllclally rejxirttsl yelcrday
that two nrmy corpn wero still went of
Mukden in nu inolatol poltlon nlmont
without mippllcn. Tliey hnvo nmnll
chnnccfl of cutting through tho Japan
cmi eordon mid will In nil probability
Imi added to the great iimt-n of prlnoncra
taken when Mukden fell.
The Itunniuun nro utteinptiug to Con
centrate toward the hontli nnd southeast
ot Mukden with tlm JniHtnene occupy
ing tlm city threatening their rear. In
thin vicinity, however, where ltunniatin
nro uiniMlng in front of the JnHtnene
right in exK-ctiil tlm iiercent lighting
for the next few dn).
(leuurnl Nog I In ntill mnrclilng to the
eantwnrd completing the circle nnd cut
ting off every itotwdhlo loophole of en
enpe. The ilinorderly chnrnctor of the
retreat Indlnite that tho rapid inovx
ment of JniNtiieim column cMtight (ten
erul Kuniixttkin entirely iiuiircpnreii.
Tho bilwt iiewn In that n Mirtion of tho
Jumuou center in prenslng the Iiunniuu
uiulii l6iiy northwitrd.
As Finally Passed, Bill Allows Expen
diture of $700,000. i
Wellington, Mnreh 11. From let
tern which he ban received, Senator
Fulton tlndn theiu in n gccnrnl minim
dorntnudlng in Oregon nn to what ap
propriation wn nctunlly made in tho
river mid harbor bill for improving tim
mouth ot the Columbia river. The fact
in thin.
The bill nn enacted carrion n ensh ap
propriation of $400,000 nnd ntithoriien
tlm expenditure of f .'100,000 additional,
which latter amount will Iks provided
III the hiindry civil bill to U panned
next newiiou. An tlio bill patted the
lioudo, it carried 11100,000 cnnli nnd nu-
thorlzetl nn ndditiounl fMOO.OOO in the
next nundry civil bill, Senator Fulton
uppenleil to tho nennto cotnmitteu to in
croafo the eanh npiiropriniton, but bin
rcqucal waa turneil down. When the
hill wan Itclng counidorcd in the neunte,
he offered nnd fecureil the ndoption of
mi mnenilment incrtsining the audi ap
propriation to $460,000. The bill then
went to conference and Cbnlrmau llur
ton endtHtvortil to reHtiire tho hoiii-e np
propriutlon, but tho Heiiato coufereeM
would not content. A compromise wan
llnally leeched mid (60,000, one-third
of the aiiiount added by the nenate,
whh cut off. An the bill llnally xuKcd,
it carried $100,000 more than wan pro
vided in the bonne bill.
Armed Peasants on Warpath.
I-ondnn, Mnreh 1 1 . AdiKtteh from
Kleff to the Dally Mull nnyn: "An
nrmy ot 11,000 KiuuntH from tlm Or
lovkti dlntrict in ndvuuciiig eoutlivumt
erly. lturnlng and Kxiting ot entaten
in in progrtwi, Kighteeu eHtatiui have
already been nicked, Tho Michnoloff
nky sugar rerfnory haa U'en burned nnd
the employe have been robbed. It in
alco reported that tho pennant huvo
buruetl it retluery belonging to the
crown. A Htrong military force bun
lieeu ent to tnipprenn tho rising, nnd a
bloody contlict in feareil.
Demand Their Old Rights.
St. l'etondiurg, 11. The Hal
tic province, tlio Hussitlcatlon ot
which wan regarded uh prnctlcnlly com
pleted, huvo been encouraged, by recent
developments to again dcntaim tlio re
atoiatloii ot Home or nil of tlielr an
clent rightn. A wel'-devoloped move
ment, Imeketl by the uoblea and Intel
ligeut clnxsen, in now openly demand
lug that tlio teaching of German in tlio
nchools bo revived, and lliut native old
cIuIh conduct provincial affaire.
Irving Will Tour Americn.
London, Murcli 11. Sir Henry Irv
ing baa signed a contract for nu Amer
ican tour under tho management ot
Charles Irohman, beginning in Oc
tober. Ho probably will open in New
York between October 10 and 16, nnd
will, mnko n farewell tour lasting 20
weelca, ot all tho principal cities,
Negotiations for Settling the Samoon
Indemnity Drnp;.
Washington, March 1.1. Tho nego
tintloux between Americn, Orent Ilrit-
iilu nnd Grrinnny looking to a nettle-
ment of tho Hninomi Indemnity claim,
have practically come to n Mtmidntlll,
owing to it wide difference of opinion an
to the extent of damage nuntnlncd by
tho Gorman nubjectn in tlio Hnmonu
group n n renult of Joint opcmtlotm by
the American nnd Itritlnh naval force
in 1000 to nuppnH a rebellion.
Tlio ipientlou of the linbllity of Amer
ica nnd Great Itrltnin for the dnmngM
Muntulncd by German plantation owner
wn decided by King 0cnr of Hwcdcii,
In fitvor ot the claimant In 1002, but
tho arbitrator did not attempt to'intcnn
Individual damngen, leaving thin to be
adjusted by negotiation, Theno negoti
ation hnvo dragged along ever nluco
1002, nnd tlio principal now Ibid them
nelvcn no nearer nn agreement than at
tlm beginning. The German claim
amount to nlxmt $06,000. Tlm Ilritinh
nnd American ncgotintorn lnnlnt that
thin mini in excefnivo nnd that $26,000
in u g(l price for tlm property de
stroyed. It in probable It will Iks nectfnary to
npiwint a comminniou to tnko tentitnony
nn to tlm extent of the actual dnmnge,
though the nmnllneen of the amount in
volved would went to make thin an
unduly expensive undertaking.
Meanwhile the claimant nro In-coming
rentlvo nnd nre bringing presnuro to
In-nr en the Germnn government to se
cure settlement.
Czsr Will Send Another Army to the
Far East.
Ht. Petersburg, March 13. The im
mediate nnnwer of tlm Itunnian govern
ment to tho defeat nt Mukden in tho nn
nounceinet that a new nrmy will Ihj
rnlneil and tlio forced in tlio Far Kant
reorganized; that Vice Admlrnl llojent
vensy will Ihj orderel to sail on nnd try
conciunionn witli Togo, and that tho
wnr will 1ms prosecuted to the bitter
Thin in the prenent temjKjr ot Einjicr
or Nicholan and bin dominant advisers,
voiced In n firm olllelnl Announcement
that the jonition of Hunnia in unchang
ed, nnd that the initiative for pence can
only come from Japan. Should the
Inland empire chooms to tender "moder
nte" termn nml recognise Ita adversary
nn tlio power in tlio Far Kat, Kce
could lx easily arranged; liut the voice
of Iter diplomacy in various pnita of
tlio world indicate that she in not
ready to do this, nnd tho Hurninu gov
ernment, witli the full magnitude ot
the disaster nt Mukden still undeter
mined, but witli tho ll06 campaign
seemingly nlready hojKjIei'sly compro
mised, retreat to llnrbln inevitable nnd
Vladivostok prnctlcnlly lost, declnren
that tlm trine has not yet come when
Russia can In) forced to humble herself.
Kuropatkln's Line of Retreat Secure,
Though Japs Pound Both Sides.
St. Petersburg, March 13. ltussla
still bun nn nrmy in tlio Far Hunt nnd
it lino of retreat in not cut. Field
Mumhul Oymnit'n tntpwnnngain sprung
too lute to bug the prey he desired,
nnd, though ounded on the rear nnd
both flunks, nnd lotting heavily in kill
ed, wounded nnd prisoners, General
Kurowtkin with tlio main portion of
bin force intact i fulling slowly back
to Tlo a, where n considerable part
of hi nrmy hu nlready nrrived nnd
Joined linnd with tho rwcrve in pre
paring a Kdtion Indiind which tlio
loutcn nrmy may tlnd shelter.
General Kuropntkln himself, witli
the renr guard, wan reported Saturday
nfturnooii in the v'cinity of Synuxia. 26
mile 1m)1ow Tio pux, having accom
plished some 16 mile of Ids retrent,
nnd being already iMjyond the jaws of
tlm trap n originally set. How many
of his men lio wns obliged to leave be
hind, nnd whether nny of tho unitH of
lii nrmy wero cut off or cnpturwl Imi
fore the retreat liegun is not stated.
Arizona Hat a N w C fmate.
Kl laso, To., Mnreh 13. Tim whole
territory of Arisoim in covered with
witter nn n result of the hmvy rains nml
snows am! in ninny plactw tho desert
tlint ban not known water for u decade
in now a lake. At S her City there hns
fallen 28 inches ot ruin during tlm last
olght months, at d rivers heretofore dry
nre now crowed by ferryboats. All re
cord for moisluio hnvo Ih-oii broken n
thin entire sect lor. Itallrcds uro do
moralired, not only from washouts but
from soft tracks mul n a ty miles will
hnvo to bo rebuilt.
Investigate Railroad Rates.
Washington, Mnreh 13. ltailroad
rate legislation wua the subject ot n
talk today lietween tho president nnd
Senator Klklns, chairman ot tho Inter
state commerce committee ot tho sen
ate. Senator Klklns said It was tho
purpose of tho committee to begin ita
investigation nt tlio rate iiucstlou next
Tuesday, Senator Klklns suggested
that NovemlKr next would bo early
enough to call nu extraordinary session
if one wero called nt nil.
Only Awaits Third Squadron.
Purls. March 13. Vice Admlrnl
Doubasoff, who has nrrived hero from
tondon on his way to St. Petersburg,
in nn interview with tho KchodoPnrfa,
Bays Admlrnl ltojestvonsky'8 squadron
ia not returning to tlio Haltlc sea, but
is simply cruising nnd awaiting tho ar
rival ot tho thin! equndron .under Ad
miral Nebogatoff, When this junction
ia made they will proceed Immediately
1 to tlio Fur East.
COfirenlrnt l'lir Vtn Vront.
The illustration herewith shows n
convenient pigpen front. Tbo fecit
trough Is securely fnntenwl nt the
front side of the Mn, and the side or
wnll of tho pen In hinged nt the top
so it will swing over tlio trough. An
Iron rod Is pnsned through tlio bot
tom cross-piece and Inserted In another
hole In either edgo of the trough.
When feeding, the rod In lifted, th
gntn swung hack, nnd the rod Is
dropped In the hole In the back edge
of the trough. To let the pigs cat, tho
gntfl Is swung toward the feeder, nnd
tho rod pushed down Into tho bole In
outside edgi of trough. Huch nn ar
rangement will save much annoyance
nnd give racb pig a chance to get bis
SWWOISQ koht pro rt-T.
share of the meal. The Illustration
shows the front swung back to that
tbe ttnl can be put luto the troughs.
Paris Orttn and WcctII.
That the boll weevil Is not to b
driven out of our Southern cotton
flrlds by tbe use of psrls green is the
conclusion of tbe Ilureau of Entomol
ogy of the Department of Agriculture
after extensive observations and ex
periments. This conclusion In based
upon the following factas "1. Persist
ent use of parts green from the tlrao
of chopping until picking (In some
case as many as fifteen applications)
lis failed to materially reduce the
numbers of tbe weevils or to Increase
the yield. 2. Careful examination of
very many experlmenU writh the poi
son made by planters In Texas has
failed to reveal conclusive Instances
of Its successful use. 3. Reasons for
the Impossibility of poisoning weevils
successfully are to be found In th
fscts that only a very small percent
age emerge from hibernation before
the squares are set upon the plantJ,
that they do not drink the dew on the
leaves at night and that as soon as
squares are set all feeding Is done
within the shelter of tbe bracts
(shuck) beyond the reach or any poi
son that might be applied."
Place for the Sheep.
A place for the sheep should be
found In the plans of nearly every
fanner. A small flock of sheep can
be kept on nearly every farm, while
a large flock would prove hard toman
age and care for. When the flock Is
small It msy be sheltered every night,
and thus losses from dogs avoided, as
the night Is the time tbe rhecp-kllllug
dog selects for his expeditions. The
Incn-uiH-il Talue of shevp should con
vince all that there Is money In rais
ing them. We msy expect to see mul
titudes of farms that are now sheep
lens soon sustaining fnlr-stxed flocks.
In the general pasture there Is feed
that will be eaten by-no animal. If not
the sheep. Hreeders of rams and ewes
fit for foundation stock are now ex
periencing a sison of prosperity due
to the. Increasing number of farmers
tbnt "have concluded to keep a few
sheep and are looking for material
with which to begin. Farmers' Re
view. Pout Puller.
The post puller Illustrated Is a
strong and durable one. It will pull
nny fence post. The two uprights ar
2x0 Inches and 3 feet long, mortised
ErrECTivK rosT rutxen.
In 12x30-lnch scantling, nnd 2 Inches
thick and braced. Iloro a 1-Inch hole
In upper end ot uprights, In which
insert a smnll pulley wheel. Take a.
chain, fasten around lower end o!
post; put chain over wheel; hitch horso
to end of chain, Ily this device you
can pull a more solid post than by
Productive Island Farm.
In some respects, Amerlcun farmers
might tuke a lesson from those of the
Jersey Islands lu the English Channel.
On one fann of say forty acres, a man
expects to keep thirty cows, a large
herd ot swiue, and employ Ave or six
men. The climate is very favorable
for fodder crops, but a part of the suc
cess of tbo Channel Island farming
is owing to tho excellent stock kept
and the care taken In saving manure
ami tilling the land.
Irouren and Cost of Irrltsatlon.
The Census Ilureau has Issued a re
port on the condition of irrigation In
the United States lu 1002. showing that
3.1,415 systems with 50,3 U miles ot
malu canals and ditches were Irrigat
ing 0,487.077 acres on 134,03a farms.
The amount expended In constructing
all these systems waa $03,820,453. Tbs
average cost of construction per acr
In the arid region was $0.14, and the
avers go per Irrigation system was J2,
710. The report says that the great
obstacle to the development of Irriga
tion in Texas and Now Mexico Is the
present treaty between Mexico snd
this country, which prohllbu the im
pounding of tbe waters of the Itlo
Ownrea Want More Money.
A farm exchango says:
It is reported that In some section
where there are mnny hogs their own
ers are positively refusing to tnke less
than 4 cents n pound for them on thn
farm, nnd buyers nro finding them
selves "up ngnlnst a hard proposition,"
nn they put It, for the packers' prlct
will not allow tho farm price de
manded. Hut It looks ni If tlio farm
ers nre standing put, judging by tho
receipt of hogs at the big markets.
For Instance: For the week closing
with tho writing of tills the receipt
at Chlcngo alone were 02,000 bend.
against 09.000 bead the previous week,
and 02,000 head the corresponding
week last year. It will not be neces
sary to keep up such light receipt
more than a week or two to bring the
packers to terms. And at this season
that much more feeding can doubtless
be done without los to the feeders.
At all events, with feeding stuffs nt
their present price, hogs cannot and
thould not be sold at less than 4 cents,
If cost of production Is considered a
factor In tbe business.
Handling; the Apple Crop.
If apples nre picked too early they
are apt to lose tlielr firmness and
color; and If too late, the keeping
quality la greatly affected. The proper
time to pick la when the color la
brightest and while the fruit Is yet
hard. Do not let the apples stand out
after picking, any longer than is abso
lutely necessary, especially If they are
to go to thecold storage. The Investi
gations of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture show that the
keeping qualities of applet depend as
much on the handling before betas
stored as on the conditions after stor
age. If you want your fruit to reach
the fancy markets, the straight and
narrow way of delivering the best In
the best condition is the only way to
realize that aim. Careful picking nt
the right time, careful sorting and
packing and careful delivery are es
sential steps In catering to the finy
apple trade. .
Handy Farm Cart.
I have found that a cart with two
wheels made as shown In the lllustra-
Uon by using the rear wheels of an
old buggy with the nxle clamped to
the frame by clamp bolts to be a nice
cart for almost any purpose, and es
pecially for garden use. I recently
took the milk to the cheese factory
when all the horses were In use. If.
F. Jabnke, in fowa Democrat.
Had Way to Uremic a Colt.
A great many people hellere that
the only way to break a colt ia to
throw him, bobble him or tangle him
wlthntrapaorropea. An Indiana horse
man tells how he prepares a colt for
bis first visit to the blacksmith's ahop
by putting a strap around his neck,
passing It along the near side and be
tween the htnd legs, then up and
through tbe strap around the neck ami
liack to his bind leg. The Idea U to
hold on to this strap while you lift
the colt's leg. and If he kicks or strug
gles pull on the strap until he falls
down. This Is an excellent way of
frightening a colt half to death, and
rendering him vlcions, livery colt
ought to be handled in such a way
until, by the time he Is a year old, his
feet can be picked up enslly and with
out the aid of straps or ropes, Ths
best appllancvs for breaking colta ars
the ifakcd bands and a good halter.
Checking Hoot Oall.
When new apple trees nre received
from the uursery Uiey should be care
fully Inspected to make sure that thsy
nre not nffected with root gnll. This
disease Is now very prevnlcnt In some
nurseries, and great care must bo exer
cised. It Is a dUeuce. that spread
through the soil, mid n single tra
may Introduce It Into nn orchard,
where it may undo the work of yenra.
We have several times Illustrated root
gnll In these columns, and It does not
seem advisable to repent tlio illustra
tion at this time. Sufflc It to say
that It Is a gall appearing on the roots,
and nny tree affected with a protub r
unce of this kind should be discarded.
This Is the first thing to be looked out
for In planting trees. The shape of the
tree is important, but It Is lest Im
portant than to know whether or not
tbe tree has a disease that will prove
deadly to Itself and to other trees In
tbe same orchard.
Illinois Varnta Hell Hlnh.
Why do Illinois farm lands sell for
$125 to $200 an acre? Hecauso they
nre productive. This year one Chris
tian County farmer gathered a field of
corn which yielded 110 bushels to thn
acre. The corn was sold for 37 centi
a bushel, a gross return of $43 per
acre. Taking out tbe cost of growing
the crop, there still remains a big lu
terest on tbo Investment, even If tba
land be valued at'?200 per acre. While:
yields na large as this are exceptional,
they nre becoming more and more,
common. With improved seed and Im
proved methods of culture, the aver
age yield on good land Is Increasing.
This Is one of tbe reasons laud ii
going up.