The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 09, 1904, Image 1

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VOI,,. U
BKND, QRKGON, I'lUpYi DI'C 9. I9p-.
NO. 30
Oliver Tliorbjornson Dou
bts on kiul Lot.
AII) 5450, AND SOU) FOR 5900
I'urcliruers nro llnJIy ft Stephens,
Who Have Begun Canitruc-
tlun of Sitloon 'lero.
Alxitit four months ngo Oliver
T-Uorbjoriisou bought of (lie Pilot
lhittc company lot 7 of blpql; 10.
tp lug nt the north comer of fiond
mid .NjinncNOtn streets. Attiitlny of
this week lie wild 'the, Kiihic 16t to
Clark, Vv Ilmlly. of Tllimhck. for
This Is not on the main street of
Hcnd, nor even on, tho principal
crow street. It in at this corner of
two secondary streets, diagonally a block enitwurd frpm the
(mnk mul in 11 block whurc two
saloons arc already established,
Mr. Umilyatid George Stephens,
pf Sisters,, have fomrcd n partner
ship and will 11 w the lot purchased
of Thortijortihon for n saloon .site.
A new building 30x8,0 feet is al
ready under conitructioti .here
Lester & Siry having the contract.
Illedsoe Makes, Mc-uey j Toq,
J. W. Rlcdtpii yho lMKlt a
few weeks ogq lot 10 of block o,
pit Bond .street, and built bin photo
graph sttulio 011 jwrtof it, this, week
wild to J. A. Orngqry the nqrth
half of the lot fur tlp price he
tuld for the wiiqlc, $150. Mr.
Gregory whqcoin,es frqnj Franklin,
North Carolina, will bcRin construe
(ion of 0 two-story hotol 3.1x40 feet
jhc first of next week. There will
: 13 rooms, and it li, exnected
(lint it will Ij ready tq occupy
the first of January.
Among Mm Builders,
Triplett Bros are having a fine
sanitary barkers' caw unjlt for their
shop a cac 14 feet long with niir
rors, drawers, racks, shelve and
so fortii. Thpv have qlso tnadc
notable improvements in their
lath rqqms and have an establish
meiit that is fpt class in every re
scct and a credit tq the town,
l'ninter Iolxlull this week ndomed
the frqnt, pf the shop with the woht
attractive barber poles in the state.
Die proprietor!) oi the' Minnesota
Buffet have madp cousjdcralllc irn
provements during the past, two
yceks. The saloon mul Rob
ert O. Smith's' rcMtiiuratit build
lug have lxren moved nntl turned
qiotuid so that now thoy face Wall
street. There is under construction
011 the rear of the lot a building
14x34 to, be used ns an icp mid cold
storage 'warehouse.
T. W. T, rlplctl i contemplating
the building of a structure' .o or
50 by 60 feet pu the north part of
the lot on tyiich the Triplett barber
shop is ldcuj'cd. If built this, will
house the H. U. Smith rcstaiirant
uud jiossibly a mprcantilc establish
meiit below, and above it will be
divided into lodging rooms tq be
used in connection with the rps
taiiraut. The Merrill building to lw erect
ed alongside the drugstore will be
34x50 feet and two stories' in height.
It will be on the same general style
as the drug store. WPffc on ' wns
bcKUii yesterday.
John Rarucs, engineer at the Pilot
Hute saw mill, ttiji wee: complet
ed the construction "of n four-room
I VfiF.HM feci on the west side
of thfi river ju,st Mjqw "P luniber
Hrqwp & Ii9tflc,ct, 0; AHinvood,
have bcirtin construction of a saloon
bttjdipK Kx4Q n.t the corner of
lionil aim ureHOU streets, turcciiy
across from The Office saloon.
T. V. Triplett has purchased a
lot 011 the corner pf Hawthorn ave
nue and Tenth street, and wil begin
the construction of a fivc-rpotu cot
tage at once.
Kriicst Damps is building ri two
room cottago iqic feet nqrtlnvcst
of the I'ilqt IjiUtc saw mill.
Free Land
in Oregon
I$J Till? richest ijrain,
fruit and stock spctjon in
the world.
Hundreds of tJiotisamls
of acres nf laud ready for
the settler
From the State of Oregon
The cost of land avcragts
$10.00 per acre.
Death of an Oregon Pioneer,
I,ast Saturday aftcrnqqq Mrs. J.
M. Lawrence received wprdofthe
critical illness of her father, C. O.
T. Williams, at Orcgou City. She
and her little daughter Jkfariqn left
that afternoon at 3:30 aqij drove
through to Shauiko iq tjirjc to catch
the (rain out next mqrnltg aud
were in Oregon, Ciy it) gbqut 27
hours af(cf leaving here. Hit Mr.
Williamsiail died a)jqqt four hours
Thp (jeppasccj wrtq t) Oregon
niongprqt )$&. Hk was bprn in
Maryland, nptl went to Illinois
when n bfly aqij clerked in a store
in Springfield .viere the Lincolus
did thcr tratliUHi 'fie gold stories
from (lie Pacific coast drew him
westward and he drove an ox team
across the plains with a party that
divided at Port Hall, part going to
California aud part to Oregon. Mr
Williams was in the Oregqn party.
After a year or two in he Will
amette valloy he passed qq to Cali
fornia aud engaged in mining on
the Yuba. The riUh of f Ma to the
l'loreucc diggings of Idaho carried
him witli it, but after n year there
he returned to Oregon City and set
tlpij down in (lie real estate, insur
ance ami general brokerage busi
ness, Kor ninny yars he was city
recorder He served one term as
county clerk ami oiie term as state
.senator. Jig took a prominent and
wholly honorable part in the affairs
of the community and commanded
the respect and esteem of all. He
died at the age of 73.
Resides tho widow, three daugh
ters survive Mrs. J. M. Lawrence,
i of Rend, Mrs1. .C. W. Miller, and
Miss Veda, of Oregon city.
FRftn WATBR for ptt it ofor ft r
from Iliac II N limned en Uml to
til Wlorturciitit before
Jiiiunry 1, ifi.
Irrigation, Company finder con-
Ubl of ttie State Laud
Board of Oregon
Annjtsa Jphu .tLr
.. " -
a-poundcaiiqf apple or plum
butter at :5c lit iietul Mercantile Co.
Candidate for Marshal.
At the solicitation of many busi
ness men auc voters I have conlud
cd to annoiihee myself an independ
ant candiddle for the office of mar
shal of the nrotxjscd city of Bend,
and promise if elected, to discharge
the duties of the office with strict
impartiality and to the best of my
ability. R. R. Lester.
2 impound can of apple or plum
Witter 15c at Beud Mercantile Co,
County on'f prqyWe
Bap for pend.
New Juikc mid Clork Have peen
Apnoinicn uy county ror
Ull l.l
this Occasion.
The Crook count v authorities
have concluded that the forthpom
imr snccial elctiou at Rend docs not
conic within th' purvjow of the
Australian ballot law, apd that
they hrjvc, pothing to do with the
thai 'election, the ground taken
is that tliat law does not armlv to
towns of less than 2000 population.
cjprk takes iio'htaml rcsictiifg the
regularity' 01 irregularity of the
nominations made In.;.' wec;. It
makes a free fje'ld for qll, pot re
qilirijig the filing' of aqy certificate
or Dctition.
The election will bs held a week
from next Monday. A special elec
tion board lias lccn appointed iy
ilm fntmtu rntirl In Riitvrvicp itiift
election, consisting of J. I. West,
It. V. Batten and J. M. Lawrence
for jvvlgcs and H. 8. ijatclnypll and
Henry edgiqfpicr.
NVflspfl'WIpterstcllcr Uqgajjcment.
The engagement of Miss Anna
Winterstellcr and William B. Wil
son, two of lcnd's qtost estimable
young pcoplp, i announced. The
weddipg yill lake place at thp Wil
son family home iff" PqrJaqd on the
20th of JkcemW, tyjss Winter
steller's Parpjjt-j liviqg in San
dusky, Qhiq.
Miss Wijjtprstollcr carne to Bend
with he Gucriiu last spring. A
few wpeKS. Jatef Mr. WIor c3"'6
hi from Portlaqd, hnying bceu at
tracted by thp aqd development in
this locaiy. lTe became super
intendent of pqnstructjon qf the
Bend-Rriueyiljc tclpnlinne line, tqok
some larjd qf his, own under jhe
Ueschpjes pqrnnany's tlitch and is,
besicjeg, qovv superintendent of the
GuerSn and Red field ranches and
the janncy tract of 480 acres, in all
960 acres. Ho has a bright future
and promises tq take an Important
part in tlc (!eyeopo)C)t of this
country. The ynilllK cquple will,
ofcourap. rtjnkp lieirliomoatBcud.
If Pijifle Humor is to be credited
H,. B. jtfutilg's mission l?.ast is to
tret a liride to bring to Bend; aud
Wnicr Mestqn has gone 011 a similar
Wall Street Uankcr Tl pitch"
M. B. Janncy. a banker of Wall
street, New York City, has, with
members of his family, takeu 480
acres of land under the D. I. & P.
Co's. canal in sections 35, 26 aud
33 of U'!3i Thcvhavc taken im
mediate steps for tic improvement
of this Und. having sent money for
ercoting buildings, buying stqck
and clearing land. Thwy waul nt
least j 80 acres ready for crop next
season. This work has been put til
chargo of W. B. Wilson.
1 "
The sociable given by the Baptist
church last Saturday evening wns a
grand success. There was a .short
musical and literary prografii, after
which the names of the ladies pres
ent wcro put on slips of paper aud
numbered atid. sold to the gentle
man bidding Ihb highest on each
number, wild hud the pleasure of
the ladV's company at supper.
"Dad" West is to be couiplimcnted
Upon his ability as an auctioneer.
The best drawing card, however
was the fish polld, wjiich was ar
ranged iu foiir departments ranging
in price from 10 to 2,5, cents. There
was a large uttehduiice and all en
joyed a good time. The receipts
were $85.00.
Minnie Rye cocktail at The Office.
Dry Goods
Bcfprc purchasing elsewhere get our prices on
TKRiALS. We carry a complete line pf Ranges,
Cooking and Heating Stoves, Wiqdows and
Doors, piass, Paints and Oils.
Ruberoid Roofing, Build
ing Paper, Jarred Felt.
wp ofjcjj: Overcoat?, Ifats, Caps, Boots, and Shoes,
Gcrjijap Socks and Rubber Footwear, Overalls,
Junipers, etc.
is fijjj of new, brighf , fresh goods, both staple and
fapcy, and prices as low as qlspwherc, quality
We arc agents for the John Dccrp line of Wagon?
apd Agricultural Implements.
The Bend Mercantile Co.,
tynd, Oregon,
m 1 "WW1'
At Bend,
At Bend,
qpHE mill of the
1 Pilot Butte De
velopment Com
pany is prepared
to supply all kinds
of surfaced and
rough ;
at keasonable Prices
Pilot Butte Development
i I