The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 13, 1904, Image 8

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Manager Lalnillaw and Land Agent
Cook HcreMoro Settler.
Manager V. A. Laidlaw wid
Land Ar.ct B. S. Cook, of the
Columbia Southern irrigation Com
rviny, arrived Monday from Port
land and are spending n few days
looking over the field work. They
deny the report that 15. E. I.ytle
and Walter Moore have sold their
interests in the irrigation company.
They are greatly pleased with the
popular interest in Columbia South
eru Irrigation lauds and sec great
advancement coming for the region
west of the Deschutes.
G. L.. Simmons, of Rigsby, Idaho
who was in and selected land some
tine ago, is now on the way back
with a carload of stock and equip
ment for the new ranch.
When the Columbia Southern
construction crew moved on down
the line it lrf the Becker camp
without a. cook. Mrs. Arnold
has tow taken charge of the
Becker boarding houses
Albert Carlson, with his wife
and four children, bas arrived from
Fort Calgary, Alberta, taken 40
acres- of laud uudcr tht ditch in 16
12 and has set himself about es
tablishing a home there.
Robert Forbes, of Aberdeen.
Wash., has taken rao acres and
G. W. Homer, has taken 80 acres
nd Joseph L. Caron 120 acres,
both the latter men being from
Airlie, Polk county, All this land
is in i6-n.
Change at tho Oregon Kin?.
The Sumpter American speaks
of the transfer of the Oregon Kinp
mine, the chief mining property
in the Ashwood district of Crook
county, as follows;
''The Oregoa King mine. Crook
county, which b pronounced by
some who haye examined it eae of
the greatest mines of the state, has
been taken by the Geiser-Hesdryx
campany, of this city. Albert
Geiser, one of the members of tht
firm, is at the property this week,
making arrangements for opening
work on a larger scale, and effect
ing improvements that are contem
plated with a view of increasing
the output of the shipping product
and concentrating the milling
grades of ore.
"As an index of what the pres
ent management proposes to ac
complish, Mr. Hendry x said that
before the year closes he expected
tha& the company would be send
ing from the Oregon King 50 tons
of concentrates every day."
Manager Edwards and Superin
tendant Thomas, of the Oregon
King, deny any knowledga of a
Flinch Party
Miss Marion Wiest gave a flinch
party to 1 8 guests Thursday even
ing. After several games of flinch,
music and a dainty luncheon was
Department of the Interior,
V. S. Land Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
April JJ. 1904.
Notice la hereby given that the following-named
settler hat 6I0I notice of hit Intention lo
mak6nal proof in support of hla claim, and
that aald proof will l made before J. J. Kmilh,
County Clerk, at frincvilte, Oregon, on Jane
II, 1504. vi
Hirrison A. Mclvln
ofSlsteri, Oregon, II. It. No. 1194). for the eW
tw(, switw'i sec 4 and pow; tccj, tpioa
r 10 e, w. in.
lie name the following wltnestet to prove
hit continuous reslJcnce upon and cultivation
of aald land, vlt:
Thomaa Arnotd, Warren farthing, Herbert
Oailer and WUtlim 1. l'ryrear, all of bitten,
ao-ji MICHI'.AL T. NOLAN, Register.
Desert Land, J'lnal Proof
Department of the Interior,
U. B. Land Office, The Dallet, Oregon,
April 16, 1904,
Notice la hereby given that James D. McCallls-
tcr. 01 rnncriiir. urrgon, naa mea nonce 01 in
tention to make proofon hit desert-land dtlm.
No. 119 for the Mtfnetf sec. 31, tJiuwK and iw)(
neW aec. ti. to, is a. rue. w m. before 1. I
Smith, County Clerk, at Prlucvllle, Oregon,
on me mc loin uay 01 June, 1904.
He name the following witnettea to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of Mid,
John W. Louden, France! M. Dencneld, WU1U
W. Deneficld and John C. Bcncficld, all of Sitter
a9- MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, Register.
united statu na om,
Th Dallet, Ortgon. April i, lp4
Notice It herebvglven that the Slat of Oregon
ha Med In Ihli office tht following Hit of land,
lamdi rea i-ayimt.
Set. T. R.
4 to
Loll 1. t and A
ot M
Loti I, a, 3 aad 4
1 and 4
Lota 1 and 4
NX U of SK
K 2 M aw
Lati i ad 4
Lot 4
4 K or Nwy
aw g
and hat applied for a patent be aald Uad aader
the acta a August II. ilM, (af Mat JIM"). Jaa
I, l9. ( Slat. 4J4). end Karen j. tailUilt'l
iita-UMi. rtuuac lain a-raniinc ei not 10 cz
of not laez-
eeed a rauliaa acrt a of and land to each of cer.
WIS .,., sn. .. in wmm ,m, wim..,v
cosnpauyiar proof, la open for the inspection of
-, MMm. .. iLal .1.. .ti . I .. !,.. lis m. -
all pcraoaa laurcatca. ana in pouc generally
Willila the Beat titty day following the dale
of thla notice, prottsts or eoalctta aralast the
etalm of Ihcautc to ur tract described In the
llat. oa the around of failure to comal with the
taw, on the ground of the aaadctrrt character of
mc um, on ue rrnaa a pnor aovrrs rigai.
or on the ground that the Maae la tuovcvalMbte
for mineral than agricultural purpoaca, will be
received and noted for report to the General
Land OBee at VTasbiartoa, D. C
aijia ANNS M, LANO. Keceirrr.
Departmeat of tie Interior,
Land 04cc at The Dallet, Oregon,
April 11st, 194.
Notice la hereby given that Ihe following,
named settler thla filed notice of hla Intention to
make final proof in support of hla claim, and
that said proof will be msde before J, J. Hmllh
County Clerk, at rrlnevllle Oregon, ou June 10th
1904, via:
Desalt W(bb
of Kilters. Orexon. II. X. No. imtt. for III M
twtf, nwsw and twtfnwtf aecw, tp IJt, r 10
e, w m.
He namea the followlnc witnettea to Drove hit
contlnuoua rctldcncc upon end cultivation of
said land, vis:
J. B. Clavpool.IohnW Wilt. K. R. Jonc and
P. B. Davit, alt of blilers, Orrcon.
MJ HKIIMliT, I4U1.AJ4, KCglSltr,
Timber Land, Act June J, 7t.
V 6. Land Office, The Dallet, Oregon,
April H, 1904,
Notice It hereby given that In compliance with
the provltiont of Ihe Art of Congress nf June 1,
Il7, entitled, "An act tat Ihe Mle of tlniberlands
In the state of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," at extended lo all the
fiubllc land states by Act of August 4, 1891, the
ollowlng-named persons have filed in thla office
tneir aworn statements, to-wit
Alice M. Ulrlch
of Bandpolnt, county of Kootenai, atat of
laako, tworn ttatcmeni no. 1117, niea nepiem
ber 14, 193J, for the purchase of the iwf, of ace
it, tp 16 , r 10 e ,w. m.
Mary A. Ulrlch
of Bandpolnt, county of Kootenai, atate of
Idaho, aworn statement No. tut, filed Septem
ber 14, 1901, for the parents of the J( of tec
J4, tp 16 a, r 10 , w. m,
That they will offer proof to abow that the land
sought It more valuable fur ita timber or atone
than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claims to uld laud before Ihe Register and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, on July
list, 1904.
They name at wltnttset: Michael O'Connor,
William G Mason and Martin Groundwater
of The Dalles, Ortgon; Mary A Ulrlch and
Alice M. Ulrlch ofSaudpolnt, Idaho,
Any and all persons claiming adveracly the
above-described landt are requested to file their
claimi lu this office on or before the uld ml day
of July, 1904.
ma-jij MICUAKL T. NOLAN XrgUtcr.
Timber Land, Act June 1. lift.
V. S. Laud OHce, Tht Dallltt, Oregon,
April il, IM.
Nolle It hereby gUen that In compliance with
theprotlalomofllie Act ofCougreti of June j,
lt;l. entitled "An act for the Mle of llutbtr
limit In the ilatet of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Wathlngton Territory," at titcmled lo all
the public land ilattt by Act of Augutl 4. lti.
the following aimed pertont have Bled In thtt
oOc their tworn alaltmt nta, to-wlli
Cltra M CampUll
of Stillwater, county Wathlimton, alale ol Mlnut
tola, tworn tltltuicnt No itjt, ft It. I Octolxr
l, Ipij, lor Ihe purchaieortheaeU of Heel, I p.
iSa, rue, w. m.
Wltllam Wagner
of Hoarhead, county of Clay Hate or Mlnnetota,
tworn itatcment Nu 1170. turd Novcnilxr o, imj,
for the purthiM oftht nw4" ofacc.tjtp. ifra, r,
te c, n. m,
Thit they wlllorTcr proof to ihow thatlheland
Mught la more vatuable for Itt limber or ttoat
than for agricultural purpotet, and lo etlabllih
their clalmt to aald land before the Krgiiltr and
Recelrer at The Uallet, Oregon, oa July 1;,
They name at wllueaiet Thomat Hutwll of
Rice Hake, Witcontln; O, K Cimpl-ell of Still
water. MlnntaotaiJ. A. Campbell of Kockfordt
Wathlnglons Jahn Hlcldlor IkKhutet, Oregon)
lohntton Wagnrt of Moothead, Mlnnetota,
Thomaa Tweet of The lallr.OretonJ It. Camp
bell ofTckiM, Wuhlogton, Nlcholaa Hmllh of
end, Oregon
Any and all pertont cttlmlng adrerttty tht
aboic-dcKribed landt are regut tied to Sit Ihtlr
claimi In thlt once on or before tht tald trlh da
of July, iw.
ij-Wt HicriAni. t humk, aegiHtr,
Timber Land, Act June j, v'Jl.
U. S. Land Office, The Uallea, Oregon,
April J, 1(104
Notice It hereby glren that In compliance with
the provision! of the Act ofCongrrM nf June J.
S;9, entitled, "An act for Ihe Mre of tlmt r landt
in the ttalea of California, Oregon, Ntvadi, and
Washington Territory," aa eatended lo all the
JiuUlc land atatea hjr Act of AoguU 4, 155. the
illowlng-namrd peraona have Bkd In thla office
their tworu atatetneuta, to-wlti
Harriet K. Martin
of San Joae, county of Hanta Clara, ttale f'CaK'
fornla (301 aoulh loth alreel). tworn altteiMnt
No. iim. Alrdltepl l. 1941, for Ihe purthaaeof
thewK iw'.kHiwW KC . d nwuwtf arc
II, tp la a, r 10 e, w u.
Thomaa Meagher
of The Pallet, county of Waaco, itaU of Ore
gon, tworn atatement No. aoitj. Sled Augutl I,
itoj, for the purchase of Ihe iwtf aec J4, tp
It a, r 10 e, w, m.
That they will otTrr proof lo thow that Ihe land
ought la more valuable for lit timber or alone
than for agricultural purpwea, and la eatabllih
their claima lo aald land before the KrgUter and
Receircr at The Dallet, Oregou, on July
loth, 1904,
They nam at witneaaet; I.. H. Alllngham of
rrtncfllle, Oieronj R. J. Gorman and Michael
O'Connor of The IaUc.Ore . J I). Writ of Han
Prancitco, CallfornU; Prank Wrt of HI, Paul,
ultiHnla florv rlavr tif l-ark kauida. Minn
caota: J. A. Martin of Han Jot, California.
Frank Oroundwattr of Klma. Watlilngtoii.
Martin Ground water and Nevin Mclntyrc of
The Dallet, Ortgon.
Any and all pertonl claiming adversely the
above-dcicribcd Jaodt are requested lo file their
claima la thit ortke on or before the Mid Nth day
of July, ivM
Timber Uad, Act Jue j. lljl.
U. H. Land Offlce. The Dallet Oregoa.
April iv4
Nolle la hereby glren that In compliance with
k twovlsions of the Act of Coneresa of June e.
I ITS. entitled. "An act for tht aalc of Umber landt
in in aiaiva 01 wauramia, urcivu, , mu
Washington Territory," at eatended to all the
public land state by Act of August 4, 19ft, Ihe
loUowlng-named persona have en October t, lp).
Sled In this ofllc their tworn ititementt, le-wit
Lawrence Rusell
of Rlc Lak.roaly of JUrroa. state of WUma.
tin, aworn atatcment No. 4. for the purchase
efthetKawX and loti land 4 ofae ji, tp it a,
r l, w. t.
Ceorg X. CaaapbeU
f Stttlwatrr. ctsaaly of Wa.hlagVxs, title of
MlaacMta, tworn ataUtMnt No. 1144. for the
parchaa of Ihe fK of tec, Ip it a, ? ite.w, as,
That they will oaVr prMfto thow thai the land
Mgkt la aaor valuable for 1U Umber or ataa
lhaa foe agrtcuttaral pwrpoaea. and to Ullth
their clalsa to aald land befoe lb Register a ad
Receiver at The Dalle. Oregoa, oa July,
Mtb, IM4.
They naat aa wllacaaeai Thomas RuMelt,
Lawrene Russell and Thumaa Demers of Rice
Lake. Wisconsin; 1 A CampUll f Roekford,
WMhlagtont O. )'.. CampbeU of MlUwalti,
MlaatMtai John Sttldt or Dctchvtea, Oregoa,
Any and all peraona claiming adversely the
above-described la nda arc macettd ta SI their
dalae la Ul ac oa or heUre the Mid rath day
r.'.;:::..::'.,.i.j. . , ..
I July, ia4. .
ifju Mienaab 1. nuwn, stvgvivv
Timber Land. Act Jaa . lljl.
U. S. Land Oatee, The Dallet, Orga,
March 5, 194.
Nat lee I hereby glvea that la taaapliaac with
the provisions of la Act or Coagrs of June 1,
ilyi. entitled, "Aa act for the Ml of timber taod
lu the stale of California, Oregoa, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," aa eatended to all the
public una aisles py Act 01 August 4, int,
frank L. Bramble
of Watcrtawn, county of Codington, South Da
kola, hat oa October th, loot, filed la thla of
fice hi tworn statement No 1441. for th pur
chsseoflk aK acX and nJ4 awacci', tp 19
s, rue, w m.
And will otTrr proof to show that th land
sought It more valuable for ita timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and lo tatabllah
hit claim to Mid laud before th Register and
Receiver of Ibis office at The Dallet, Oregoa, on
th 14th day of May, 1994.
He namtt at witness, I J West, of fit Taut,
Minn; OL Buck, of Tacouia, Waih) L K Ailing
him, of Warm Springs, or Kdwlu Graham, of
Blstert, Or; Jamea Maawcll and Michael Connor,
of The Dallet, Or, David Uuilon and Anthony
llardy.of Wbeatou, Minn.
Any and all persona claiming adversely lh
above-described landt arc requeued to file their
claima In thlt office on or before the Mid 14th
dty of Mty, 1004
iaii-mij MICHASL T, NOLAN, RtgUtcr.
Timber I.snd, Act June 1, 1I7I.
U. B. Mod Office, The Dallet, Ortgon,
March so, 1904.
Notice la hereby given lhal in compllanc with
the provisions of Ihe Act of Congress of June J,
1)71. entitled, "An act for the Mle of timber lands
lu the ttatet of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," at extcuded to alt the
public laud ttatet by Act of August 4, 1I91,
Ilenlamin K. Hover,
-..,,.. . ....:. r ,,.i. .,.,. .11.. Ha
ul wsuius, oiuuir ui nauciia, aia.c o, miui-
.. ....H ,..-...1. ... (!( l .1.1 aW.
gn, ilUII j.ll. (JIU, IVJ, m,.u ,M ,,,,. w,v.
hit tworn ttitemtnt No 1979, for Ihe purchite of
MH I, sec l, ip 19 t, r 11 e, ton j ana 4 sec o, iji
19 . T )i e, wm.
And wilt offer nroof to show that the land
sought la more valuable for Ita Umber or stout
thin for agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claima to Mid land before the Register and
Receiver ofthlaofhcc at The Dalles, Oregon, ou
the 6tli day of June, i4
He namea at witnesses Henry J Sotlong, Cora
KUoycr, Ulysses ( lloyer, of Wadena, Mlnuj
Delia M Palmer, ofDululh, Minn,
Any and all pertont claiming adversely Ihe
above-described lands are requested lo file Ihelr
claima In this ofiice on or before th tald olh day
of June 1904,
at-lna MICUAI'.L T. NOLAN, Regliter.
Timber Land, Acl June j, lljl.
II, H. Land Office, The Dallet, Ortgon,
Apill , I9"4. . .
Notice It hereby given thai In compliance with
th prutliloiuorttie Aclof Coiigtrti or June f,
ill, entitled, "Alt acl for the sale ol timber UmU
In the states of California, Oregon, Ncetita, ami
Washington Teirlloty," at caUmted lo all Iht
public land ilatet by Acl of August 4, tv. Ih
foltnwlng-namrileisoiit have Sled In thlt office
Ihtlr twurn ilaltmenla, tu-wlti
Johmloii Wagner
of Mootliet.l, county of City, title of Mlunesoli,
tworn itittiiittit No. 117J. tiled November ft,
Ipai, for the purchase of the nlineM', tM nK
aadueK(teV(ofiec ), Ip lot, r te, , m,
M Kdwina Metlray
f Stltlwtltr, county of Washington, tlata of
Mlunrsota, tworn ttslemciit Nu, H4 nled
Octolwr 1, 190.1, for the purchase of Iht ttM of
irciMptls, r lie.w.m
That Itwy will offer ptooflo thow that Ihelnnd
sought It more valuable for II Umber or ttone
than furtgricntlutal purposes, ami lo establish
their elaluitlu Mid land before the Mrglstrr tad
Receiver al The Dalles, Oregon, un July J.
They name a wllnc" William Wagner of
Mooihtad, MMMola Tlmmt Tweet of The
Dallet, Oneont J Caintilwllaf Tekoa, Wath
lagtan, Nicholas HmKa of lieiid, Orrguni Thom
at Rutwlt of Rice Lke,WIceiailm,il. . Camp
pellofHIIIIwaler, Mlunesoki, t. A Campbell of
Rackford, Washington! Juhn Alehtl of DcKhule
Any and all pertont claiming adversely Iht
tbove-desctlbeillaniltare requested to file their
rltlmt In thlt office on or before Ihe tald i)lhday
of ily, 194.
mil J11 MICIIAKL T, NOLAN, Rrgltlrf
Timber Land, Act Juue j. lljl.
V. 8. land Office, The Partes, Oregoa,
April 1. lp4.
Hd usHrehy given lhal In wra4laiice with
the pravtsMns oflh Act of Congress of Jno 1,
ll;.ntlKed. "An art fcr the Mle of Umber lands
In Ihe stalet ofCallftirnta, Oregon. Nevada, and
WaahlngonTerrltry."at eaiended lo all thr
nubile land ttatet by Act of Angus! 4. ll ''
fbtUwftsg-Boinrd persona hwv n tiiKr',lwJ
filed lu tale oMc Ihtlr awarn itatcmenls, lo-wll
William r rrftaard
ufHeatlle, rmintrcTKIng, state of Wathlngto.1,
I roi (09 j aworn titiincni ro. mi, iuvibv
purchase oflh netjfnwjf, nwaneW ee ),
sehftwVand IwJl'tey ae 19, Ip. It a, r 11 e,
w. at.
Kdmunit tl Tuwn.end
of Seattle, county of King, atate of Washington,
tworn iiiiemeni no trir,iir tne purensse 01 iae
wMtwK r lu.MVrseXwndnetfseJ,- te jo, Ip.
11 t, r 11 ., w m
Thit thry will offtr proofto thow that the laud
Mught It more valuable for lttt(mrr sr.toae
than for agricultural purposes, aud to estahlhh
Ihelr clalmt to Mid laud ixforc lire Register and
Receiver at Tht Dallet, Oregon, on July ijrd,
They name at wlthnetse. Locrn l( Alllnghsm
of r-rifievlll. Oregon. Richard J Gorman aa
Michael O'Connor of The Dalle. Oregsa,
William I. ITichanl and IMinund II Townsend
of Brattle, Washington
Any and all persons clalmlug adversely the
abovcdr,ribed lauda are requested to file Ihelr
clalmt In thlt office on ur before Ihe ttld IJtd dty
of Julyj 1004
intjjn MICIIAKL T NOLAN, Reglstet
Timber Land, Act Jan j, 117.
U. . Laud Office, The Dallea. Orcgaa,
April 1Mb, 194.
Nolle la hertbv elvea that la coMDllaaee with
th provisions of lb Act of Coogieaa of Jaa 1,
U7. alltled, "An act for Ihe ttteaf limber Uadt
us Ik tutet or ciurorai. urtgoa, rstvsaa, itt
Wuhiagtaa Ttnilory," aa (tteaded I aU Ihe
ablie Uad ttatet b Act of Auiutt t. IMl. Ike
IsllawiagHiamed person! htv oa October 1 19
uea latauomc laeir sworn siaiemeais, ia-wii
Vhomaa Demers
tfClce Lake.eoMatr ofrurroa.stsle of Wlaeaa
ia.iraratlemal No. lltr. foe th parehase
iw a ea mvai aa m a a wart tjf t a'a i"v f '
Ihe awWnwW sec ;, seJt'aeJt' and hH
:l, Ipilt, r 11 , w at,
foMeh Ooodchlld
of Rlc Lake.eoaalyaf hsrroa.stst af Wlaeaa.
tia, twora tlatcmcat Na. ls, for Iht partatse
f tht wHaeU c tj and wUseU sec tl, IP II a.
r III, w, at.
That they will rr proof U show thit Ik taa4
Maghl la mar valuable for Ita timber ar ataa
lhaa for agtlcaltural purposes, and ta ttabllth
their claim t Mid laad before th Register tad
Receiver at Th Dtllet, Ortgea, aa July,
Mh. ipH.
They ataa aa witnesses: Thamat Russell,
LawreaceRUMsU, Joph Ooodchlld aad Thasa
aaDemertof Rlc La he, WlscaatlatJ A.Camp
betl t Roekford, Watklagtea,
Aay aad all persoa cUlmlag adversely U
ahw-dacrtbd laad ar reauettcd ta II their
cUlaas la (hit oc aa or be for th Mil Mk day
f July, ipM
mil u MICUAKL T, NOLAN, Register.
Timber Laad, Art Jaa j. lljl.
U, S, Laad 0c, Th Dtllet, Ortgaa,
April w, lt.
Nolle It hereby given thai In complitat with
th provision oflh Act af Ceagrtst f Jua 1,
1171, tatllUd, "An act for th til of timber land
In thtitattt of California, Ortgon, Nevada, aad
Washington Territory," as (tended I all Iht
public laud title by Act of August 4, li. th
lollowlni-nsmed ixrsons hav en October I ll
filed la tbit office Ihelr tworn ttalcmtntt, to-wlti
Ida Campbell
of Btlllwater, county of Washington, state of
Minnesota, aworn tut cm en I No tija for the
purchsMof lb aw Kef sec 17, Ipilt, r II, w. ta,
Thomaa Ruasell
af Rlc Lake, county of llairou, alale af Wiaroa.
sin, tworn tlateinenl No 114J, for Ihe purehta
ofthcuw)4of tecia, Ip ilt.r lit, w m.
That they will Oder proof lo thow thai Iht
laad sought la mure valuable for Itt timber or
ttoat than for agricultural purposes, and to es
tablish their claimi tu as Id find before th Kegla
ter and Receiver at The Dallet, Oregon, ou July
1Mb, 1904
They name aa witnesses Thomat Russell,
Lawrence Russell and Thumts Demert af Rlc
Lak, Wlscousln John Hleidl of Dctchatct,
Orexon. M Kdwina McGlay and () It Csuiu-
bellofHtillwatrr, Mlnucsota, J A. Campbell of
Kockioru, wasuingion.
Any and all pertont claiming adversely Ihe
above described landt are requeued to Ale their
claimi la thlt office on or before Ihe Mid itth day
ofjuly, 1904.
raijjil MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, Regliter.
Deiuirluieut uf the Interior,
U. n. Uud Office, 1 he Dalits, Oregon.
April I, tH
A sufficient contest affidavit haviiiK been filed
lu this office by
Dan lulling, contestant,
against desert laud entry No, 119, made May 11,
1900, forscWc!f,stcJi,sM'iw!,swJue!f,sccjl
tp is , ril c, w tu, by lanira D, McCallliltr,
cuiileatee, In which It It alleged thatinid Jamea
D. McCallistcr lis not conducted water upon the
aid laud aa it rsiiulrrd hy law In reclaim II, nor
made any other Improvement upon nor culti
vated the laud a it rcqulrtd by law to reclaim
It, aaltl pariir jre iicrtny liollucil lu appear,
respond and olfcr evidence touching Mid allega
tion at 10 o'clock a 111 011 June 6, 1904 liefiirr
J M Lawrence, V H, Commissioner, al hla oince
at Drscliutrt, Oregon, and that lliml lieariiig will
lie held at 10 o'clock a m oil Juue 17, 1901, before
the Hrglitcr and Receiver ul the U H. I.uml
Office In The Dallet, Oregon.
The aald contestant having, lu a proicr affida,
vit, filed January 16, 1014, act foilh fuels which
allow that after due illllgeucreroiial service of
this notice cannot lie nude, It Is hereby ordcriil
and directed that such notice lie given. by due
and proper publication, -1
MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, Ucglilcr.'' ''
Timber Land, Act Jiint j, iRiB.
11. H. I.aittl Offlct 1 hi Dallet, Oirgon,
April t, tyi4
Notice I hereby given thai In nmipllaiic wllli
Iht ptiivltluiitiif the Acl nf Ctingrt of June J,
iljs, eiilltlnl "An act for Iht Mle nf limber
milt lu the slain of California, orrguii, Nevada
and Washington Trtillotv," a rittndrd In all
the public laud title hy Acl of August 4, ll,
the following named iwiwui have l.lrd (11 thlt
nince ihtlr awutn atalcinttitt lo-wll.
William t I'lrkli
ofDMliilh.rtiiiiily of HI Louis, tlalt of Mlntt
esola US West hux:li)r sliest) twoili slalriiient
No IIIJ Alrd Nuvrmtier I, ivi for the puttlias
oflh )inwU '! '"(" ''l"J, ' l .
w m
J11I111 A Campliell
af Rockfoiil.ciiuiity ufHiohane, tlal iif Wnslv
lugliin, awoni ataieineiit Ni lit, filed (Kinder
t, IVU for III piiichts uf tht trH of aec It,
tpilts, rtltw in
That they will ulTer pro.iT to llinw thai UirUuil
tnughl It lume talualile (or Itt tliuUr ur atoii
than for Bilcilliirlputliiw. and lu establish)
their claims luaald laud Uhn the Utglslrr anil
Receiver al The Dullet, tltrgon, on July find
PV4. . ..
They name a wllnrawsi William O Mason
.!,. ..! ,N-n....... mm Hl. IiaIImk IWm,,i,
IBIll 111. M. MHi, " . . ... -, .-......
Mttlwarit R. Vh-kh ami Roy Lrnuard tif Hand
imlut, bUU-i TlHiinaa Uurtcll mid l.awtrnr
kustvllofHIc Lake, Viliillslili It It lamp
twit nf Hllllwater. Mtnurswtai aud Jnha Me Ml
ofDeKhutrt, Otegou
Anv ami all twrwrita ttsHnni edvtiaelv 111
alxivedescillwd lauds ai reiiueiled lu file Ihelr
ililmsln Ihlturnc tntM keM Ihe Mid lima
ml .1 JUlMll!ilAI,L T. NOLAN, Rrgltler.
Dtpailaiculof Ihe Interior,
Laud OtTic atThe Dallet, Oregon,
Awll iMh, lyt
Nolle I hereby t) lhal the following
,nt salitsr has illeil nalire of his Inleiitlnit
loinaha risialpiooflu aupwit of his (Ulm. and
Hist sauapiuulwllllw lus-it befor J. M !.
rrnre. V H Commissioner, al his oflire at IKUJ.
Oregon, an Jtus nth, syat.vla.
fllllwtl lltgan
of K. No l)il, for lha
4wK swliswlaei.aednwKn)4 ae Jt, Ip
g;a,i lie, w. in.
He namea Ihe folliiwfng wllntwt tn pr"
hlsmnlliiuout rctldeiUT ut-isaiulciallvaOuu t
Mid laud, vlt.
Johu J. laikhen. t)l Itlkkimn. Vlhr Tf Hlrph.
cut and John Hlsemor. alt of DehiUa-ss.Ovguis
ivptilmrnt of the lalrrfor
Laud Office at Iht iHllet. Ortgon.
My T I1M
Noilee It hereby glveu IImI Iht follawlng
named aettler hat hied notice of hit Intention U
make final pluol In tuppatt of his claim and
ih.i ui,l iitnorwlll be made befoie I J hmllh
CountyCleth al ItlneMlle, Oiegou.ou June 14.
1904, VII-
llatl McUuthllo. or Itlaevtlte. Oregon. II I'
No is.74J. for th s), taU.aeM i)fniK
seVM t, iput, r ne W M
He namet thr following wllnetsi ta ieve hi
contlauout retideare upoa aad rililtatloa of
tald Itnd, vlt
ItdgirT Htitton, Oiln A tultla. lmttTtih
trow, John Ttlhetow. all of I'llnevllle. Oregon
Department of Ihe Inleilof,
Land OfBc alThf Dallet, Ortgaa,
March I. I9M
Notle I hereby give that the, followlig.
named Miller hit filed attlr of hit lalealiaaf
make final proof In tupaaet af hit claim, and
tkat Mid proof will be mad befoe I. M Law
re ace, V . Cammltstoner al kit attM at tN
ehulei, Ortgaa, an My tl, lyM, U
Millard ToTllplttt M ,
r Dcschatta, Oregoa, haaseatead Na IMA for
Ihe awW e li, tp ll a, t 11 a, w. n
lit aamet tht fotlawlag wllaesae la prav hit
loailauaut realdeae aa aad talUvalUa af
Mid Uad, vlt
Tkaenat W Trtntttt, Jh L Ktw. Jaha R
Brack, aad L C Waltttd, af DMcaaln, Orea-a.
Mlt-sis MICIIAKL T. NOLAN, BtgUttt
Department of Ihe Inleikw-,
Land Office al Th Dalle, Oregon,
April l, 19H
Natlc It hereby given lint the followlag
aimed aettler hi filed not kv of hla Inlentlun lo
mtkt Baal proof In tuptutl of hit claim ind
that Mid t,rf wllll nmtr twfirt J M !.
rnce, U A Commissioner, at his olbrr at licud
Oregon, on June Ijth. iyM, vlt
Cltui Aamut
of Dttchatea, Oregon, II. It No 111. for Ihe
scKf "CM, IP 19 s, r 11 "'
He namet the following wllnesw lo prove lilt
coiitlnuau retidenr upon aud culllvstlun of
Midland, via-
Will Marsh, John llarnea, John Hlseinure and
fred Marth, all of lieschulea, Oregon,
aivjl MICIIAKL T NOLAN Regliter
Departmeat nf Ihe Intetlor,
Laml Offlce it The Dtllet, Oregou
April 16th, 1904
Notice It hereby given lhal th followlag
named Miller hat Med notice of hit Intention 1 1
make final piuof lu auppurt of hit claim, ind
thai Mid proof will he mid before J J Bmin
County Clctk, at i'llnevllle, Oregon, on Juue lllli
1904, vlt
John II. Taylor ,
of Bisters Orcgi-n. II l. No. jno, for the tw, rf
ec5, Ip 15 s, r 11 e, w in
He namea Ihe following wltnetsea lu prove hla
conllnuout tcaldciice iioii aud euttlvtliun of
said liud, tli
Janice II Tatlnr. C I. Johnson, M M Thum
is and D. W. I'arthlug, all oTHfrrtrodlrBtWU
Deparliiiciitoflhe Intetlor.
Ijnd Office al The Dalle. Oiegoo
April 16II1. loi4
Nolle I hereby given that Ihe follnwlug
iitinrd setllrr hat filed notice of hi niteatlwl I'1
make final proof In support of lilt slalm ami
that aald proof will be made befor J- M I-",
rence, II H Comiiiltiloiicr, at hit office al Head
Oregon, ou June ijth, 1944, vln
Olc Kilckson , ,.
of DcKhiitrs, Oregou, II K. No H.lVi fur 'he
uKe!4,et(se), sec Hand lie), n c I lp
t,r 11 , w 111.
He nninrt Hie following wllneise lo ptove hi
ciiiilliitiniii trildciicc upon and ctilllvillou 01
mIi laud, vlt,
Gilbert llagin, John J. Dokken, Unlit Nelwi
ami JohiiHIseuiurr.allofDrschiites. oregou
ai-yjj MICIIAKI.T, NOI.AN, RegWrr
' ibmstNbr:
- -:
.ivvi-jti mx.