The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 27, 1903, Image 6

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",. ,H
TImtwr Umi, Act June i, iS"l-
U. S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
Octolier 19. IWJ.
Notice In hereby Riven that In compliance with
the provision ofthe Act of Coiigresl of June S.
iI$ .entitled, "An act for the te oftlmber lauds
In the state of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory." extended to all te
puMIe land slates by Act of Auul 4, ije. the
follawiug-natmd person have filed In lhl office
their woru statement, lo-wlt.
Richard J. Gorman.
of The lull, county oT Vco, state or Oregon;
aworn ltcient No ito, filed Kelp' it iom.
for the purchase of the nft wX and eH nwU
secti.lp it i, r i , w m.
Id M. Itemstrcel,
of liniytvt, county of Spokane, state of Wash
ington: sworn tuteincnt No i?jt. 6tl March 17,
.yoi, for the purchase ofthe e'sneU. nw, ue(
and tie eK seejl. tp U . r to e, w ra
ft-rrtT U. Msrtln.
uf Uat Hvetelt street. Portlaud, county of
SIuftmnhvtete or Oregon. awoeti statement
No ITS, filed March 17. I9. for the purcluse of
tne nejt are jo, ip s , r iv c
Hugh farmer,
of The tulle, county ofWacu. state of Oregon:
sworn statement No I19. filed I'eby J, iu. for
tile purchase eflhe K ncK. uwj netf and nV
nwK ee jt, tp i$ a, r io e. w m,
OeorKC Webb,
of Carlisle, county of ItraUnn, state of North
JUketa; imim statement No ii, filed l'ehy J.
Ii), for the purchase or the eH aecja. tp IS a,
r io e, w m.
lleie Webb,
or Carlisle, county of Pembina, ttate of North
lukttt. sworn statement No 1617, filed J'eby 5,
9CJ, tor the purehaae ofthe ae aec . tp IS a, r
That they wH! oficr proor to ahow that the taml
nought It more valuable for it Umber or atone
than tor agricultural purpose, and to establish
their cUlm to ld land before the Kerjtter and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, ou Thursday.
January titt, 1014. . . ,
They name a witnesses- Itdwln II Grahtm
nml Joe A ttraham. of Sitter. Oregon; David
llutton and Colby Ware, of Whcalon. Minnesota;
l.rorge W Martin, oflNirtUnd, Oregon: Nkhael
Connor, Martin Groundwater and liuiih Parmer.
orThe Dalle-, Oregon; I O ItolIU and Ida St
Hematrtvt. of llllhard, Wathington. Ceitrge
Wetd and Rae Welib, ofCartMe, N DaVola.
Any ami all pcnwna ctalmins adrenely the
ahot-dtcrihnI lamia are rrnueteil to tile their
cUlmt lit t.ihi olce ou or before the auid jiat day
of January '
Timber tand, Act June , iH-
V. S. Land OSvce, The TMUea, Orrjoti,
October 11. yJ
Nottee h hrtbr clren that In cvmUanee with
the prerWiooa orihe Act of Conjrrcu of June J.
17. enittkd. "Am aet fcr the aaleof tlUrrUwl
in Uieatatcaef Catlfornta, OfecoM. Nrva4. and
Wahltoti Territor)-," aa eatended to all the
tMblic land Male by Aet of Anat 4. '. the
MIowtnfHtMBed pcnorH harr Sled la tMa oftec
I new aworn iuwikuii, in
Arthur Caltlhan,
of titComsaMniMia&.KatUc. county of King,
Male of WaatiiMftoa. aworn rtatcmcNt NoMK,
filed July i, it, for the jwrehae of the Loia
3 and 4 and cW WK aac 1. tp m a. r it e, w m.
Oetthard YotnifiHger.
ofnurtofl.coaalyof King, Male of Waihiacton,
worn auteaaent No mat. Sled AucuM 11. im,
furtbcMirclMortheLot4. eH aw aadaw
( - 7, tp . r u e, vr m
That they will offer proor to ahow that the land
ought la wore raluable for il timber or atooc
than for acrteiiUural purje, and to catabHah
their ctairna to aaid land before the Kectater and
Keceirer at The Uallca, Oregon, on Wedneaday,
January 15, 19&4
They naane aa witneatcii Ohadtah Itewwin,
htctla llewann, of ri recti Lake, Waihlncton:
Harah A OratUmand Arthur Calllhan, of heatlle,
Wathinglon: John Mlou, Mitm, Oregwa, John
Kramer, elttrven Lake, Waahlncton.
Any and all perMua clalmlnn adrerety the
above dewrtljctl tand are requeued to file their
claims to thla office on or before the aahtijlhday
of January, 1904.
o3Ji SMCHAHL T. NOLAN. Kesbter.
Department of the Interior,
V. S. Land Offioe, Lakeview. Oregon.
November 3, 1905.
A aufSaient conteat affidavit baring been filed
in thla office by
John W. White, centeatant.
agalnat hoiaeatead entry No 159. made April J,
.. for eH aeW, nK aeX aec jo, tp 14 a. r 7 c.
vr m, by Jamea llobaon.conteatee, in which it ia
allege! that aaid Jaraea IIolMon haa abandoned
MkTctolm for a period of fix month or more
ant paat, that aaid alleged abwncc from aaid
land ma not dnc to tils employment In the
Array, Nary or Marine Crop of the I'nltrd
Mate aa a private aoldier, olficer, teaman, or
marine during the war with Spain, or during
any other war In which the I'nltrd nlatea may
t-e engaged, aaid partiea arc hereby netlSed to
apjxar, retpond und oflcr cvhltncc touching
Mid aUesatioa at I o'clock a. m. on January IS.
i9ut, before R II. Wardwell, lT h. Coatmltaionrr,
at Mtver IjtLe, Oregon, and that ffnal hearing
will be held at 1 o'ctoek p m. on January 11,
404. before the Kcgltter and Keceiver at the
I sited hutet Land Office in Lalcvicw, Oregon
The aaid coateatant having. In a proper amda
vit, filed July JJ, !- aet forth facta whkli thow
that after due diligence personal aerricc of thla
notice can not be made, it it hereby ordered and
directed that tuch notice lie given by due and
proper publication.
njo-dr K. M. I1RATTAIN, Kcgltter
Department ofthe Interior,
Land Office at The Dalle. Oregon,
Not ember , vy
Notice it hereby given that the following,
named tattler haa filed notice of hi Intention to
make final proof In upport of hi claim,
and that aaid proof will be made before J, J.
Hiulth, County Clerk, at Prinevfltc, Oregon, oil
Thursday, December 17th. i'oi, via;
Kobert Jl. Krug,
of rVtater. Oregon, II I No ym, for the lot J,
aeU nwifawl tKlieJi aec 18. tp 14 a, r 10 e, w m.
lie namaa the following witnesses to prove hi
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
aaid bind, vil
li A Oraham. W T Wilson. Mark Wilt and
Charles Hindman, all of Sister, Oregon
n6-dii MICHAHL T. NOLAN, Register.
Desert Laud, I'inal Proof.
U. 8. Land Office, The Dallea, Oregon,
November , im.
Notice I hereby glveu that Reorge I'. Cyrus,
of PriHeville. Oregon, haa filed notice of intention
to make proof oil hi desert-land claim No icri,
for these aec 7, tpis. r II e, w ni, before J. J.
hmlth, County Clerk, at I'rincville, Oregon, on
Slouday, the atrth day of Icccmber, 190s
He name the following witneuc to prove the
complete irrigation and reclamation of aaid
I Y Winter. Herbert Olailrr and Anilrrw I
Ruble, of Sister, Oregon; Walter K Ruble, of
luivcr, urrgou.
116HI11 SIICJiAHr, T. NOLAN, Register.
Desert Und, I'inal Proof.
U. K. Mnd Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
Novemljcr a, iwj.
Notice it hereby given that Jerry Cramer,
Aaalguce of Jesse llarcrow, of bisters, Oregon,
ha filed notice of intention to make proof on hi
desert-land claim No 103. for these;,' uvti arc ),
11H wi( sec it, tp 16 , r 11 e, w in, before W A
Hell, U r Couimislouer, at 1'rlucvllle, Oregon,
on Saturday, the 16th day of December, l's
He name the following witnesses to prove the
complete Irrigation and reclamation of aaid
Jesse llarcrow and 'Walter II Dodge, of Des
chutes, Oregon; Robert McRowan and Sfanilc
McCowan, of I'rlnevllle, Oregon.
116-dll MICIIAUL T. NOLAN, Register.
limber I.aml Act June J, I;1
V. . Land OCIce.MVevlew, Orcson,
8eptemler t, tovy.
Notice la herebv Rlveil that lit compliance w Ith
the pros Wlonaoflhe Act of CoiiRtraa of June A,
IH;H, entitled, "An nctfur theaaleortlnilier lamU
In theatateaofCalllorula Oreton. Ncx-aila, anil
WahluRtou Teitltory," aa catetiilrit to all the
public land alatea by Act of AiirikI 4, lt, the
fuUonluR-namcd petin Imvc thla day riled In
imtomce tneir awuru iairmeni, lo-wui
t)le Laraon,
of Iletmoiit. niiintv of Trnlll. atnteof Ninth lta
Wota, amirn atatemenl No ij, for the purchase
oltne nwx wt uh c ami utij cu
aec ly, tp ii a, r 14 e. vr in.
leder It. Htenen,
ofCtlmaK, county of INilk, atate of Mlnncaota.
airotn laiemenl No ir. for the purehateof the
n aV, aX tw)j ncciiniid ueK aeS aec tl,
tp II a, r 14 c, vr lit
llaten O KateiiMin
f,MI..... ..r Ik.,, -. ..r lllHHulai
Ul a.1111111, VV1IIMJ VI llltk, ,17 V, JIIIIIIVIWi
norn a.atcmcnt No itt;4, lor the pttrctiaic of
the neK ec 10, tp 11 a, r 14 e w m.
That they will offer proof to ahow that the land U more Mluable for Ita timber or atone
than for agricultural piirtH-a, ami to ealahtlli
their claima to aahl laiwl lefote J. M Lawrrnce,
V S. Cuimlloer at lleud, Oregon, on Tuea
day the Ijth ilay of lecemlcr lu
Thev name ai wllneawa Die Mron of Del
moHt.'North Itokota, l'eler U liatenwn of Cli
max, Mluneaota. Hlen O Ifotenwti, of Climax.
Mluneaeta, LouU Nelaoii. of Heml. Divroii
Any and all peruana ctaimliiR advetaely the
aborc deacrllinl lamia are minuted tn flic their
claima In thla office on or liefore the aaul 13th day
of December, iM
oydii It M ItKATTAIN Kegiater
Timber Und. Act June A, IS?-
V A. Laud Office, Lakevlew, OrrROn,
September N. -oAS
Notice It herein- given that In compliance wlih
the proiHtts oflhc Act of Cotigrroa of June i.
5;. entitled, "An act for the talent timber lands
In the states ur California. Oregon. .cmwi. ami
WohluelBti Territory." as extrmteil to all the
putdlc Uud stales by Act of August 4. itfe. the
foirawtng-nameti persons nave nieu 111 mu omee
their sworn statement., to-wlt
Arne Amiimlton,
of White Harth, county of Ward, state of North
Dakota, sworn statement No IM7. for the pur
chase of the nwU nwU sec is h "H ana an )
ncU sec J. tp 11 a. r 14 e, w iu.
Peter Nerseth.
of White ltarth. county of Want, atate of North
lukota: sworn statement No lay, for the pur
chase ur the nS uwt(, swH nw) c aa, und neji
ueK sec 7. tp l a. r 14 e, vr m.
Gertrude Smerud,
of While Itaith. county of Ward, stale of North
Dakota, sworn statement No Ify. for the pur
chase ofthe HWlieK. wi nK, es "wt; aec
S4, tp it s, r 14 e. vr m
John A Carlson,
of White ltarth. county of Ward, state of North
Dakota, sworn statement No iwn. for the imi-
chascofthe wS swtt.aeK H sec js. tp 11 a.
sec 14 e. ana nwi hk sec . tp m a, r 14 e. w m
lielia M Mukss,
of White Harth. county of Ward, stale of North
Dakota, sworn statement No iojo. for the pur
chase of the seH sec M. tp Jl a, r 14 e. wm
That they will oiler proof to thow that the land
taught Is more valuable for its timber or ston
than for agricultural purLoes, and to establish
their claims to said land before J SI Lawrence,
V H Cosnmtsiviottcr at Mend, Oregon, tm rr4ay
the 1 Ith day of December !,
They name 4 witnesses Louts Nelson, Ote
lirtcksou. of Kend, Oregon, Arne Amundsun,
Peter Nerseth, llertruJe bmerud. John A. Carl
son and Iletga SI Sluus, all of White ltarth.
North Dakota
Any and alt person claiming adversely the
abave-dracrtbed lands are re-ranted to Me their
claims In Iht uBtre en or before the aahl nth
day of December, iys-oo-dll
Timber Land, Act June J, l7-
U. S. Land Office, The Dallea, Oregon
October f J. iys.
Notice is hereby given that In compliance with
the provisions ofthe Act of Congress of June s.
iSrJ- eutltle.1. "An act for the sate of timber lands
In the atate of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory." as extended to all the
public tand states by Act of August 4, 1(4, the
foHowing-namcd persons have bled in this ofbee
their aworn statemcnla, to-wlt:
Robert O Ilowaer.
of Marnum, county el Carlton, state ef Sflnne
suta. sworn statement No rtM, filed I'eby 11,
icai, for the purchase ofthe ac aec I. tp IT , r
1 c, w m
Slarv Atkinson.
of Deschute. county oi Crook, state ef Oregon,
aworn statement No 1H70, filed Slay ij. lyej. for
the purchase of the tiefi sec 47, Ip . r 11 e.w m.
lohn Atkinson.
of Deschutes, county of Crook, state of Oitgwii;
aworn statement No MV51. filed l'ehy. Jl. Ktj. for
the purclusc of the ueU aec S, tp is , r II r,
w m.
Richard Kins'.
of Deschutes, county of Crook, state ef Oregon.
aworn atairmeui .o last, Weil reity ti, syu, ler
the purchase of the iw)( swj(, 11 K wif and
pwjf teH sec 9, Ip 19 , r It e. wm.
That they will offer proof to show that the tain!
sought la more valuable for lla timber or stone
than fur agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claims to aaid laud Wore J. SI Lawrence,
V. H. Commissioner, at Deschutes, Oregon, on
Slonday, January II, 1904
They name a wltiirasea- John htcidl, John
Dokken. John I West. W II llrock, David Hill,
II Slarsh, Richard King, John Atkinson, Stary
Atkinson. J N Hunter and James Hunter, til of
Deschutes, Oregon.
Any and all Dersona clllinlnr adrerselv the
above-described lands are requested to file their
claims tn this office ou or before the said nth day
of January, 1014.
oij-ds SHCHAI.L T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June j, 1078.
17. ft. Land Office, Lakevlew, Oregon,
September to, 190.1.
Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
the provisions of Hie Act of Congress of June 1,
1878, entitled, "All act for theaaleof tlmberlauds
In the slates cf California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washlugtou Territory," a extended to all the
fiubllc land states by Act of August 4, 191, the
olluwlng-uamed person hare filed In till office
their aworn statements, to-wlt:
(Justaf Tarn(iiest,
of Climax, county of Polk, state of Sllnnesola.
worn statement No idyl, for the purchase of
the ne qr see t, Ip n s,r 14 c, w m.
John lidward Johnson,
of Climax, county of Polk, atate of Sllnnesola;
worn statement No tHy. for the purchase ofthe
uw i;r aec 4, tp Jl a, r 14 c, w m.
Albert Kpokely,
of Climax, county of polk, state of Sllnnesola,
aworn statement Ho 1R40 for the purchase of
tlienW nwrqr.acqniWfpMiwqrncqrscc l.tpti
a, r I e, w 111
Ilerdin Hpokely,
of Climax, county of Polk, state of Minnesota;
aworn statement No 1H41, for the purchase ofthe
wJJ te qr, eJJ w qr aec 1. tp 11 , r 13 e. w 111.
Alexander Hpokely,
of Climax, county of Polk, atate of Sllnuesota.
sworn statement No 1H4J, for the purchase ofthe
aw qr nc qr,w J4 ae qr sw qr aec Jl a, r
14 e, w in.
That they will offer proof to show that the land
sought I more valuable for it timber or atone
than for agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claims to Mid laud before J SI Lawrence,
U. S Commissioner at lleud, Oregou.on Wednes
day, the 16th day of December, 1903.
They name aa witnesses Custsf Tornquest,
i oh 11 dward Johnson, Albert Hpokely, Ilerdin
pokely, Alexander Hpokely, all 0 Climax,
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
aboic-detcribcd laud are requested to file their
claima In thl office on or Iwfore the said 16th
day of December, iqoj.
09-dll l, H. BKATTAIN Register.
Timber Land, Act June J. i.
17. H, l.aiul Office, l,i0.cvltw, Oregon,
heplemner n, ivl
Notice Is lictchy given that In compliance with
the provisions orthe Act uf Congress of Junes,
187. eiitltltil, "An act for the aalcortlmlnrUiuU
In the atate nfCnlirorula, Oregon, Ncxaila. and
l ashlugion Territory," as uTenilcd to all the
tuiMIC lnlul stalas by net of August 4, Iful. the
folliiiiiig-uamcl peraoli have filed In Hit
olHdnUielr aworn-statement, tu-ll
lltlnMnl II,.,,,.
of I'ltrtnge, c)iiulysiIColutibm siateof Wlscun
sin, swirn statement No nut, for the purchase
oft)ieo),seV stc7, anil wSisvvW sec , tp ais,
rerw 111
lirlekj. Slytmau.
otChlmiew Valla, esHinl) utUupew, stale of
Wlscoiitln, sworn -nnteutenl No iJ fur the pur.
chascoflhc vt awX aec tauduS uw( c II,
Ipti, re, w 111.
Theodor lluvtnnd.
of llloumcr, county of Chlpiwna state of Wis
cotislni aworn statement Nu iM, for the pur
.hasenftlie s uw)(, H awtf tec It, tp '
9 c, w m.
Ole II. SlR.ta.l.
of HloelJiLr. nullity of luirun stale of Wlscou
sin, sworn statement Nu ks, fur Hie purchase
uftheaw av'i.seU swU. kc i and iu4 llH
sec is, tp tit, rye. win
That they will uftvr pUKiflo show tltal the
taml simght Is mule valualtc for Its limber or
alone than for agtlenliural ptupu-- ami to ea
tabllsh their eUima to mUl Isitd bsUHC J J,
hmlth. kuuuty Cletk, at I'lineMlb llirguli, uu
Tuesday the isth itay of Deecmbrr i.
Thrv name n wlltios.ti tl fltiiiiuail.
of Pottage, Wiseunslti, lirlrk J Slyrmsn. "f
s.nipiewa rails. niK-oiisini Tli-tsior iiauanu.
of llhKHuer. Wis-Miislm ole Mt-.i.. of kKe
Lake, Wisconsiii. H Wlthalm, rUvj, ntegon.
Perry P ltimlelcr. Or llndrxtei . Wm K Mc
1'aiUml or Pritievlllr, Oiegmi, Donald I' Mifla,
William ItrtKk or Destitute. Oregon.
Anvamt sll lkeit-jus cUIiuiiil advefsetv the
&1kivc deseritie.1 lamia arc teitut-tel tu Ule their
minis In Hut uliicc ou ur before the said ijth
uay or oevtmtr, iov
ivdn ll St I1RATT UN Register.
Timber l,nnd. Ad June ;, ll;"
V S. Laud Office, MVcview Oregon,
peptemlrfr a 1114.
Notke Is hereby given that In MiiptiMcc with
le tfrroviskmt uthr Aet of Cmur iT June J.
l78. eiiHtle.1. "All act for the talcut limber lamfs
III the states of California, Oitgun Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as cxHmle-j la all the
public Uud slates by Art of August 4. lsa,
Ole John Isiaetsuw.
of Prliicvitte.eimiity ofCruik, stair of Dregou,
ha filed In this vffio hi sworn stsleturnt Nu
isuj. for the purchase of the w s-' sec t.
eii selj sec jmuwli uwl, se)jt. iw r He qr aec
Si a. r e w m. ami win otfrr prouf to slutw
that the Und sought la HisH-c valsMhle for llUm
ber or stotie Hmh for aartctttrat purpovs. ami
to establish bis claim to said Uud Wfor J J
Smith. Coualy Cletk. at I'rtneeilie. rego. m
Slorsttay. the ilh day of lleevmber. i
lit isaNse wttwesaes. II A 1'o-aer. C It
KrKkwHi. MUs Hodge, Ralph JssUh. alt of
Prtoevtlte, Oteitan
Any ami ail peisuns cietming advet-Mty lite
above Wcf .bed WskSs Me rtsinnlesl tu file thetr
cJoImm in this oswee o or belVr c Ihe sfci 14th easy
of December . UfA-
1 it. i. ukattaijs negtswr.
Timber Land. Att June s, 17
V 14 Land Office, The lutlrs. oregH.
October iv il
Notice U hereby irievu that in estmolsanco with
the proetiMSHs of the Act of Ootigfew of jmse j.
i7, eHiitHst, -an act roeinesJWsH limner iana
In Ihe sUtesofCatifornU, OrtgeMi, .NtnuU, ad
WashlNgton Territory." as exlcHded to .all Ihe
pstUic laud states by Aet of AHgwst 4 raot. the
foUowing-named wrsiis ve Died In thts ofM
their sworn statements. to-wHi
Annie Ramstad,
ef tlraml Horka. county of tlraud Peeks, sUte of
North lukota, aworn statement No 14.1, tiled
Hetry is. lyu. for the purchase of the Let 4, swj(
nwji and H awK sec 4, Ip Ma, r II e. w 111.
Slsrta IHekaoa.
of tlrand Porks, county of Or rid Porks, state of
.noun iMkota, aworn sistement rra iirjs. nn.i
I'tby is. svJ. for Ihe purchase ef the liwK sec
17, IP 19 , r ije, w m.
ofRraml Perks, csmnty of t.raml IVrks, stair of
norm iMkoia, sworn Mairment ah 1011, nieti
I'eby is, toss, for the purchase ofthe swff see tf.
tp ws, r 11 c. w m.
Kdwanl H. Untight,
of Hast tlraml Porks, (smuly ofPutk, slate of
Mlaneeota; sworn autamcnl No utfi, filed He?
It. I9"S. for the purchase of the Lota 1 and t and
eH nwW sec 7. IP '9. r ij e w m
Jsmes H. oalistmry,
of llrand Porks, county of (.raud Perks, stale of
North lukota sworn statement No lejt, filed
I'eby ij, I04S, lor the pure haw. of the sK sec 7.
Ip jos, r 11 e, w m
That they will ufler proof to show that the Und
sought t more valuable for us limber or stouc
than for agricultural purposes aod la ostatduh
their cUlma to aahl Uml before Ihe Register ami
Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon, ou Saturday,
January 1. ivm.
They uame us witnesses George Salisbury,
i sines It rwllsbury, SlarU INcksou and Annie
;amsiad or 1 J rami Porks, North Dakota, lid
ward P Itiirlght or Hast Grand Porks, SI in lie
sola; Or 1 11 J (.ray, Richard King and Juiin Stoidl
ui ucKiiuie. Oregon, jonn I'JMer, al frtneviue
Oregon, Jamea Kurlght, of Oraml I'urks, North
akota, j 1 iierricx, 01 The Dalles. Oregon.
Any ami all person claiming adversely Ihe
abuvr-descrilied lamls arc requested to file their
claims in this office on or before the aahl leth day
ol January, iy4
ota-i MICHAHL T NOLAN, Register
Timber Land, Act uwe j, 1(78.
V. S. Land Office, The tulles, Orrgen,
October 14, IVS-
Notlcc I hereby given thai in compliance with
Ihe provisions of the Act of Cougtes of June J,
i7, cnmicu, in set iwr tne sale oilimneriaiiua
In Ihe stale of California, Oregon, Neveda.and
nasiiiiigtuu lerriiory, as eairmirel 10 ail tne
public Uud state by Act of August 4, 1891, the
followiiig.iiaiBed iersoiis have filed III till ufilcc
their awum statcmeuta, lo-wlt
lohn SI. Carroll
of 1 wi University Ave, llruiiit I'urka, county of
t.rana roras, sutie 01 norm iMkoia, sworn aiaie
ment No mi. fileil Slarch in 1..,. for ilia nur.
chase of Ihe aeJJ aec it, Ip Jos, r 11 e, w in.
SlaryJ Carroll,
ofnai University Ave, Oraml I'urka, county of
Orand Pork, state or North Dakota, aworn state
ment No 171. filed Slarch ig. 1..1 fur Ihe tiur-
chasc or the seK seW aec 31, S swjf and awtf
-t s, v V ii I 11 e, s m
Ruth SI. Whatey
or iBiy-wd at, apukane, county ofHi-okanc, afate
of Washington, aworn auttrnent No ITii, filed
Slarch 18, 1901, for the ptirihase oflhc Lota 1 and
and s) ncH sec 1, tp 18 a, r loe. w m,
hlcphrn H. Drake,
or Kcho, county or Yellow Slrdlelne, atate of
Sllnuesota, sworn statement No I'.ii, filed I'eby
11. i9tS, for Ihe purchase ofthe ( cc tl, Ip 16
a, r 10 c, w 111 "
llslvor O. Iloiiime,
of lcho, county of Yellow SImIu-u, rlalc of
Slliinesota;sworn statement No 6J, filed l'ehy
11. ivn, for Ihe purchase of Ihe se. kc , IP 16
t, r 10 c. w in.
That they will offer proof to show that the land
sought It more valuable for Its tiuilwr or stone
than for agricultural purposes, ami to establish
Ihclr claims to said laud before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, on Thursday,
January 14, 1904
Theyiiameaw(tnce. John SICmrollBiid
SlaryJ Carroll, or (lraud I'urks, North Dakota,
Ruth A Whalcy mid Hlha SI Whaley.of Spokane
Washington- Orln J Gray, of Deschute, oregom
Orange I' Hodges, of Prliievllle, Oregon; llalvor
O Homme and Hl nlien S Drake riM.T-i. silnne.
pta. John Hteldl, of Deschute, Oregon; Thoino
rwect.orThe Dalle, Oregon, Henry Homme.
of Oranllc I'alls, Jlliiuesota. '
Any and all iieraoii claiming adversely Ihe
. ve,.escTll'edlnda arc requested to Ale Ihclr
vMiiii mis umcc on or ociorc the said lithuay
of January, 1904. "
ojodl MICIIAI'.L T, NOLAN. Kcgltter.'
Tlmlier Land, Act June j, SjH.
V. H. l.amt Office, The Dalles, Oiegtui,
Octuber 19, tvij.
Notice I hrtehy given Hist In coiuplliiiKc wllh
the prmltlimaufthe Act uf Cimgress nf June .t,
l7, entitled, "An act foi the aAleiiftimlxrlamls
In lite stausuf California, Oiegmi, Nevmla. mid
Washlngtun Territory," as vtlriitlril to all Ihe
public land state b) Act of Aumi.t 4, lf, Ihe
fntUinliiR-uamrd iwimiiib have ftlcsl In llilsfilfke
Ihclr anuru staltmenla, tii-wlli (
Nellie Cutter,
of tlrand I'urks, eouiily of tliand IHiik, stale of
Nuttlt IMkot. awoiu statement Nu 14 to. filed
t)ct jo, lout, for Ihe piituhate of the s)( aec H,
tp iv a, r ue. w m.
Amttla tsallslmry,
ufl O. Box JJ. t'.raiul PoiU, rounly ul Otnnd
I'urks, sUte orNrnth Dakota, sworn stattweHt
No MM died Oct so, ivi. for the purchasr orihe
nwl( see 19. Ip iv s, r i) v, w III
Maud hmlth,
of The tulle, omuly of 'io, stale of OiegsMi,
sworn statement Nu 111. filed lUt , ivot, for
the ptltehasv uflhe sV se( sv iv. llV M
sec a ami lie I, se sec i, tp It a. rir, m.
H Hufos Hmlth.
of The tulles, tsmut) ofWiHew, state of (rti;
aweHrn sUtemeHI No 14,17. ftlrd Oct , tfoa, for
the purchase uflhe WH ueK, self nK ami nwj(
seu sec K. IP iv , r 1 j r, w m
Albert IHckssni,
oil'. O lloi ssM. tiiaml I'M Vs. nmnlv of Oruml
Pork, slate or Nwlli lUkotai awotH sUieHHl
No I4,v. flletl thl 190. for Ihe imrehaac of
lite ii swj(, nwij sen amt awft; iich sec 17, tp
, r Ue, w 111
That they will offer mnuf to shuw that the land
sought Is mute valuable for Its tlmlwr or stone
Umu for agrlcHltiiral pMrpoae. and tu eabllsh
Iheir tialma t saht laud before Ihe Register and
Krctivcr at The IUI, tHvRon, on t'Ttday,
Jammry is. r4
They name at wllneasra. Charles II llrtsWri.
H Rufits Hmlth ami Stawl timllti, of The lUUes,
Oreaen; Albert DlekHou. Amelia) rUllsststty ami
Nettle Cutter of l.ieitd Porks, North lukota.
Stary C llrlsbiu. of Tlie lulles. tifeaoM. Mis (leu
ruli.lmry. of tlraisd Porks, North Dakota
Any ami alt ikis-wis cUlmlsur adversely Ihe
l,rele-rtlwl Uudsare rvquesTed la Hie llsetr
rtslitis In this olnee ou or l-tfore the sbt tjth sUy
of Jamwiy. i4.
oja-Jl .MICIIAKI. T XtM.AN, HegLter.
Timber Laud, Art June J. tatyaV
I', s. Mnd ortw. The lUUes. Ofetm.
orsoher it. it.
Not lee U hereby gis-rM that tw comottasiee with
the vroiseHS of the Aet of Coaaraw of June 1.
117a, entitled, AN aet for Ihe s(ewf llmbeeUHsIs
1st Ihe s4ale-s ef CalltueHia, ttrsraoai, Mevado. and
la Ihe
wagon. Ni
iltgtun Tsrrltaey ' a
to all Ike
Cotsc hlNd Male by Act of AagwM 4, atta. Ihe
lowing Heaaett perwMss have AWd In lhs
ofhec their asvotn stalemcHU, to-wtt
Lusu Johnaoa,
of SHMweet-utla. cusMily of HeNSMsdst. stele of
SlinneaeU. sworn Malemeot No ijri. llett Oct
lis, ifPi, for Ihe psmhese of Ihe Lots 1 ami
ianiN h c ay. ip ass, r 11 e. w m.
AHdrew ANtUtson.
Ihf SllsMseatmlU, eosmty of Hennepin, tut of
Sliwiiesaea. swotH steseoveol No IJM. Ud tsrt.
M, oa, for the porch of the HK sec , ih
ts, r ije, w hi
I' Aiiolttlt ISrtetMO.
of Mhsn ssi potts, eonaty of HeMeeasw. state of
simuesuaa; sworw ssatrsnent rso las, nsasi uos.
v. lost, for Ihe Morehase of Ihe NH neK. swX
weK and mH nwH sec i. Ip to s. r if e, w m.
Awtnw Jokaw,
of SUnneehuU. csmoly of II
swiitotn. statu of
SlhtlietaU. swswm stalsmsut M,
Pfo uH, RUel Oct.
NX ios for Ihe porchase of Ihe hen arsi M, Ip to
s. r 11 c. w m
Andrew CarVsoei,
of Minim porK eosmty of lleHtw"- slate oi
SIlNnessrta. awotH ssatemeot No IM, RdasltUt.
io. ito. for Ihe purchase ofihr eS t sot M.
and eH Net, sec . Ip to . r t e. w m
That they will offer proof 1st show Iballhcasmt
sought Is more voltsshl for Hs timber or sttmc
than for agricultural ptwtmisw. ami to esMWltt,
thetr tUIMs to sakl Umi before the- Rfgtsfar ami
Weeeiver at The tulles, Oregon, on TW-Uy.
December, tt. lyJ
They name as h Unease Andrew Carlson. P
Adetnh lelrsmi. A mile w Jolmm, Loot John
sou ami Andrew AuderssHi of SIlHKceputte,
Any ami all pet son ctabsilng adversely lite
above-described Und ate resiisestod to Ala Ihalr
cUHhs hi IhU owVtc on or before the wtd ttswt day
Urn Wlf ll"! Wf lek'L
otodw 'stlkllAKI. T. NtlUtN. Megtster.
Timber Land, Aet June S. MfS-
V- H. Mnd oAww. The lutVas, Oregon.
i- .
Notlee U hereby given that hi compile not wfth
Iht proeiasoK ofthe Act of Csmgtoos of Juste ,
iT, cHtltlsst. ' Aa aet for the sole of llsjoet Utttsf
In the stales of CallforHU, Oregon, Nevada, awl
Washington Territory ' a ealemtesl to all Ihe
public Uud stale by Act of August 4, loss, the
following-named person have litest In IhneJhce
their aworn stetemeHts. t-wil.
Abide I. Whllfon.
of lertUnd, csmnty of SlHllHomafi, state ef Ore
7 oh, tworu stalertWHt No io, filed Oct to. tost,
ur the puiehssc ofthe sW sec s.t's, r 111,
w m.
Mary Ii TUhimr.
ofl'orest tlruvc, roUNly of Washliiglfii, state af
orrgun.wernlatemrnt No ijv. for Ihe pur
chase of the ah, nw)( and nil swjf sectv, l Ma,
r ue. wm.
Nellie A. Hhaver.
of sa Vancouver Ave . ItirtUml.emiHly ofSlult
nomah, stale 04 Oregon, sworn sutement Na
iyi, ror the imrcHase ul tne m), iiwjt sec 1, H
uKaminw)( teH sec , Ip Jos, r, ue, w m.
Afiiut f.. ltlitftlsh.
of I'orrsl drove, csmnty of Waslilngtttii, state of
Oreguii; sworn slaltiutnl No 197, inrei Oct X.
IVM, for the imrclnse of Die eV W, swtf sejf
sc jo. iie uw)f amlnwK ue)( aec af, tp Ma,
rite, wm
Pantile ll SIcDuneld.
ofCtatskaiile, county of ColumbU. stale of Ore
gon, tworn alalriiieiil Nil 1491, filed November
It, . forllie purchate of the elt ne(, sw(t
ncK and nw( sK sec r, tp to , r 11 e, w in,
That they will offer proof to how that the Umi
sought is more valuable for IU Umber or sioue
(Ivan for agricultural purposes, ami to establish
their claim to aaid Und twfore the Register and
Hrcclter at The Dalle. Oregon, oil Wednesday.
lUccmUr Jl. i'M
They name as witnesses- Alible I, Wlillten.
Nellie Hhaver, of PortUmt, Oregon, Harry W
McDonald and l'auule llSlcDouaMofClatskatile,
Orcjgoti, .Mary I'. Tlthnur ami Anna I, llugllsh
ofl'ortBt Grove, Orcgoui and I' C Wlillten, Dea
dline, Oregon.
Any and all pvraout claiming adversely the
aiKivc-dtscrlhwlUudt arc requested to tile; thtlr
dalm In llilsnniee on or btfiirc Ihe aaid tint day
of Deceinlier. ItfU
olfMllll SlTlSlAHL t. NOLAN, Register.
Homettead CMolldtod
V. S. Laud Ufficc, The Dalles, Oregon,
Octolier is, IVU-
Vr.llr 1. hrrrhv vlvell that the following-
named persona have filed notice or tittle Inten
tion to make commutation proof In Riipiiotl or
their claim, and that wild proof will be mane
Ufore J M. Lawrence, V. ri. Comnilssloiier, at
Descliuic, urrgou, ou naiuiuy, uinimi .,,
loot, lit.
CarlyleC.Ti lidctt. .
of Deschute, Oregon. II No ioJ7 for the J(
sec Jl.tpiSs, r ue, wm.
TIioiumW. Triplet!,
ofIechulr, Oregon, II l No 1079 fiir the acw
awXaect.1, 11X lic( and ne iiwJV a-cjo, Ip lb
V, r 11 c, w 111.
,fi.-u ,., It,,- rv,lturiiiir tiersjin to nrove
Ihclr contlnuoiu residence Uoii otid culllvatlou
of ald laud, vlti
L C Whltted, J L Kever, Caiuuiidr A Urock,
Thoma W Triplet.!, Cailvle V Triplet) ,ia JK
llrock, all of Deschute, Oregon,
OJJ-IU7 MICHAl'.I. T. NOLAN. Regldtr,
Timber Laud, Act June .1, H;H.
I. H. l.amt OlDcr, Laktvlew, Oirguti,
nrptembet , 1044,
Notice It hticUy tjlvrii Unit In euniplUjiie wll
Ihe piulsloii(irthr Act of Cnngresi ur June,
ifrie. rnlltlnl. "All set for Ihesale fllialuH' Lin,
III the siMrsuf California, Otetmi, Nevmln, riiul
Wiishliigtiin Trnlluty," 11 eaUiiiletl lo all the
public land tta by Act uf Aiigiist 4, ,
AIMl rt Pnismis,
uf lliwkle,i.tmiity uf PUiev, state uC MsvtlHg
tiHii haa fileil In this ofnee his sworn slMlettHMH
Nu 1M1, for the pun has ef the sw qr atst jl,li
tta, r in, w m,
And will ollei pnmf I" ahow that Hit Umt
sought I moi, aliiaiils for lla timber or atoHe
I Its 11 loragtiiiiiiurai pur inset , ami la WtMMtsIi
hi vialin tu atil lanl before J J. atMiiRi
s.smniv s.ierh, i iTiHeviinr, trregsw un wvaiHoa
I sty, tne 1MI1 iluy of Ih-cemWr, loat.
lie numr as Millies Kobert I, StcSlutliriy,
llyroH Cady, I. Ii llliigrmmrtml ills l-otHdexleT,
ail nf I'll in-ville, Otvgoii
Any ami all txiwm etalmlHc adseattr Ihe
abovtHUscrlhtd UiiKis are letjiHrsfed to Hhj tlrtlr
rtalms In ihu odU-e uw or be fore lh said Mhilay
of December, leal.
Tlatiher Land, Aet June 1, 17
f.H UmlOR
MhevUw, mefott,
ttctolMr 1
7- "
. NMke U liereby ei-niN thai In eiMNplhiM
lb i-roviaums orlhe Act orConrets af jHtet L
17. eNtUUd, "An act for ihrsaleefllmawtMiMfs
r-wwy, n.1.1, rnno-
it-ra-Mt. rtvgiU. oshI
aUii'led Iu nU lite
Ul t stats 04 kaltmtNsM, iit-nrMt, 7
WaahlNiitmi TcfvlluMr. " aa aUii,Uaf
pubtk Und stale h Art tvf Asigawt 4, Itot,
Mlllsott J Hotwrts,
L t
hat lik.1 in this ewve his snoru r-WtottrtgrT Nil
at 17. for the porvhas uf thr nU nK, K Mff(
lielf KK sec 1. Ip is a, 1 9. w m,
Ami will offer i-ttjof to show thai the Und
smut hi U mure valuable for H timber or dajse
than for aarieolluVat puipo s, and lo tatolaajTi
his claim to aahl Una before ll B. Wtjrdwtil.
I' n. CosnniIs iiooer. at Nilsve l.abe. Iheooa. M
uesday. the 1Mb day oi febv, teai
He h-Ihss-s a wHNOsar HAV lioorrta, HMMtd
lag, of Ihnchs-tr. Oregon; iloorae H.e,o, Qsas
Timber Lewd. ,H Jeoc J, feVt,
U t Umi iMJlc at Uat4es. Or mill.
Me ,11 . vee"
thr jfvra that la foaialuaat wh
oTthe Act of CattfMn of jNOr 1,
INrtataahort a. loa-.
Itellee M aevaii
Ihe if-ositrsM u
iswa. eointrd. ,
in the Matt of California, rweaoo, Nevada, aasl
WaeairNjrtan Territory. ' aa tatrarltg to all Use
wwblar Umt state by Act of As-M 4. isat,
Winuaa Pat-her.
of Delhi, ttmaie i.f Meebmnrt. stage of Mlaa
ha tleel In IslsuOtte hi estora taleowat
iau, tw the perth,. of Ihe wjs) aH , j
ncH tec ;. Ip i tut, m. aisd srttl otj
oruuf to ahow thai the Una toaattt U atore vol
able for Ms timber ur s4 I baa fot aavtcaMata)
mtruwea. ami iu rs4i4Uh hU oUlut lo sold lead
before J J Nsnllh (.outigr Ct.rh at Prtjteepit,
ur-e-oa. ua Tin lay. Ihe lath day of liocrmeaw,
PtMtsdeaur. oca rxNodealat, CI
Krkkst-at, all of s-tlaestlte, iMtshjo
Aay aad all arrtntn cUtmlof orfal the
abuvrdeKtibed UasUare ts-ooeaiod to IU OMfr
efotaw In thia
oaat-e a ot aclote lot aba !JM Jsit
of lues aaber.
K. M NHATTAIW hatjl'llt.
Timber Laad, Att Jee 1, !),
I' is. Uud (agUa. UWttrw. Oftgaii,
Boat. Ra, raftj.
NetrM la kartohy iptm UtMHi tmpmmm wji
ac loevsorsasi 01 star not ot m
iSti. auirti. "Aa Mlit lot
fa the sfle cCadtiuraii. lrajt 11. jeo
'M4MMsa rerrsmei - at tssoteetoa at
umi Hare or ots at Aitafevt 4,
luwest sr veaite.
of lttrsevllU.coai.ty of Crook, state of Otaan,
h Ud h Ihu oefsre hU aseora atetetaeot Mo
171a. fot lh tmrcaaa of the Ub a. J. I. HeM
w of sat 11 In tt a. r it e. w ua.. 4MI wttl olfef
urouf te Jsow Ihsl the laaat soatUji to Ntoijj
vabtahU fot Us timber or ttotst tfosa for artsts
larat jtaruusra, aisn lo estahtuh hlsdalm to cafe)
laral jsarpuss-a, eitri lo taistUe u claim to oj
Uud before J J aasilh Cusuttr cletb. at Pttne.
eltW. iwvgoo. ua Teesstoy. the isjh sWr 4
lUeember iot
He name aa wttMeaatra II ester A. Koslt.
A. Kotit.
, ArUaitan
Chart II Krukaen, Maloh Jorsteu. Artiaftam
IMvWs all of ITIervllU isreeoa
Auv anal all tsrrssMM rlalBsiua
above dwctihtsl UsnU are iiaaieTed to
Cealar M Ihoi oaVtc on or betur iht) sold
at lueetaher. Ml.
uwdil K St HKATTAIM. Reetstat.
Timber Uud, Act June 1. ia7e.
If. b. Uud iMAot, UUrvhrw, CMoftrH.
Mtitttebef to, totg.
Notice I heretji' gtvert thai In comratajica with
Hie Hovtttosis anhe Act of Oangtes f JUHC i,
M, tutlttrd, "AN all for lh sU uf IteeWTlnds
IN usVMateaei uatuorusa, tirtgwi, reTuM. ami
WaShliiatuu Ttirlteiv. ' a asleudttl lo W the
1 Itirwaiy, a sieuotst ti
asalta by Act of August 4,
public taml sUte by Act of AHgusI 4, iaaj, the
lothisiiig-Namm tm have filed III Ihu erne
their si, tan ualraseHt. lo-wlli
WalUco St MsstU.
of Vslmn, ctmuly of King, st-l of Weshjnaum
sworn atalemeut No 1714. for (he imrchaM oTllic
11 H mm see 17. Ip . r , w m.
Charbm W. Jacob.
of Vesuea. csmnty of Kimj;. sUIs of Washliiglun,
worn sUbMneul No 171s, for the mtehase ofthe
K nwK amt hit w, sec 17, tp it t, r it e. w m.
1 1 lie 11 llarrlMBtmi,
of VeshoH. eouHly of Klug. siau of Wsvsblugt. I
worn atalemeut Nu 171a. for the (HHeluss ol til
e( WK. H setf sec It, aw( awl sac 17. Ip tl
r is , w m
That they will uffertu-eoflu ahow llat the land
ought U more valuable for it Umber or stone
l ball for agricultural purputea. ami lo establish
their cUlm l said land bsforc J SI. Uwltntr,
l H. Commisskmer at fund, oteguu, all Ndur
day the lath iUy of lUcemUr, isM
They name as wlUteasts Mallaec SI. IHssll.
CliaiVrs W Jacobs, lllleu HarrlugtoH. f Vaslwni,
WaahlngtiMi, Isaac W Williams, Amos llrad
shuw, IShiUihI. Oregon, I' C Whllttii, lUmt
Any end all person cUlmlng adversely Ihe
alMjve-drsertbcd UswU arc reomndrd bt file Ihclr
claims in Una olyC wi or iMforc the aaid Itlh day
of DeeiHtr, lOJt
1 1mUr Laud, Act June j, 1070.
II. it. Und Olhrr, The Dalit, Oregon,
OctulMir it, tyej.
Notice I htrtlty given that In ttmiplUuat M
Ihe provision orili Ait of Cotikl of June j,
1(78, eiilllltd, "An ait for the aafo oftluibfrUuih
In the states nf California, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Territory," u raUiules! to all the
public Und stale by Aet of August 4, nty,
Herbert C. Gregg,
of Walla Walla, county of WulU Wullii, stulc of
Wash, hu on Oct 4, l'oj, filed In thl ofntc hi
worn alntcmeiit Nu 1471, fur tin purvhus ofthe
ii im c y uud nit, laH of arc to, tp 19,,
ruc.wiu, ,
And will offer iniHif to show that the laud
sought It mure valuable fur lit timber or stone
than for ugrluiilturul iiir)Misea, uud tu establish
their claim to S.1I1I land Ih fore the Register and
Receiver at The lUlU, Oregon, oil Wednesday,
the Ijth iluj ufjauuaiy, 1914
He name us witness. Ora I'olnclexltr, P II
PoluilCKler, of I'rlnevllle, Oteuoii, l'rrd W Wil
son, Joseph Peter, of The Dalit, Oregon,
Any and all pcison ilaluiing adversely the
above-dtmcrlhcd Uud ure requested to hie their
claim In thlsulncc on or befoie the aaid tjtli day
of Janury 1904
&I1C1IAKL T. NOl.AN, Ht-gistcr.
toTilsSoafswMlrr " "
swata. atal
P. u,.
,4r r-a