The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 21, 1903, Image 8

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    1 Oat ot? the Pampas 1
j Ity O. A. HRNTY Xj
young palm trees were tnken out of thn
garden ntui placed uno at rach !. ntul
n wlro fenco was erected nil arouuil, to
keep off the nulmsls.
It was mill task; ami although they
had Won killed In nn nttnek In which,
Iintl they been victorious, thoy would
hare shown no mercy, Mill Mr. Hardy
nud hi son were deeply grieved tit hav
ing caused tlio destruction o( so many
CHAPTER Xll. lContlnucd.1
"No, papa," Hubert said eagerly:
"don't you remember e left two loop
hojies In ench room, when wo built It, on
purpose, only putting In piece of wood
mid filling up the crack with clay to
keep out tho wind?"
"Of conrse wo did, Hubert. I remem
ber nil about It now. Run down and tell
them to lie ready to pull the wood out
nnd to lire through when they hear tho
next rocket ko off. I am going to send
unother light rocket over In the direction
where I saw tho horse: nud directly 1
get the lino I will send off cracker rocket
after cracker rocket as quickly as I can
nt them. What with the tire from below
unions them, nnd tho fright they will get
when they see tho hones nttscked, they
ure sure to make a rush for It."
In n mlnuto Hubert came back with
the word that the men below were ready,
lit a moment n rocket soared far nway to
behind the house; nnd just as it light
broke over tho plain another oat swept
over In the direction of n dark mass of
animals, seen plainly enough In the dis
tance. A cry of dismay burst from the In
dians, rising In yet wilder alarm as three
hot were tired from the wnll of the
house into their crowded mass. Again
nnd again was the discharge repeated,
and with a yell of dismay a wild rush
was made for th fence. Then too boys
with their carbine, aud Mr. Hardy with
the revolvers, opened upon them, every
shot telling in the dense mass who strug
gled to surmount the fatal railings.
Frenzied with tho danger, doxens at
tempted to climb them, and, strong as
were tho wires and posts, there was n
cracking sound, and the whole side fell.
In another minute, of tho struggling mas
there remained only some twenty motion
less forms. Three or four more rockets
were smt off iu'tho direction where tho
Iiorses had been seen, and then another
itlgnnl rocket, whose light enabled them
to sec that the black mass was broken
up, and that the whole plain was covered
with scattered figures of men nnd ani
mals, all Hying at the top of their speed.
"Thank God, It is all over, aud wo are
safe!" Mr. Hardy said solemnly. "Never
again will au Indian attack bo made up
on Mount Pleasant. It Is all over now,
my dear," he said to Mrs. Hardy as he
H-eut down tho stairs; "they 'are off aH
over the country, and it will tako them
hours to get their horses together again.
Two of us have got scratched with ar
rows, but no real harm Is done. Char
ley's is only aT'llesh wound. Don't be
frightened," he added quickly, as Mrs.
Hardy turned palo aud tho girls gave n
:ry nt the appearance of Charley' face,
which was certainly alarming. ".V little
warm water aud a bandage will put it all
"Do you think It will leave a scar?"
Charley asked rather dolorously.
"Well, Charley, I should not be sur
prised if it doe; but it won't spoil your
beauty long, your whiskers will cover it;
In-sldes, a scar won In honorable eonlllit
Is always admired by ladles, you know.
Now let us go downstairs; my arm, too,
wants bandaging, for It U beginning to
smart amazingly; and I am sure wu all
must want something to eat."
The supper was eaten hurriedly, and
then all but Ttrence, who, as a measure
of precaution, was stationed as watch
man on the tower, were glad to Ho down
for a few hours' sleep. At daybreak tfiey
were up nnd moving.
Mr. Hardy requested that neltlicr ill
-wife nor daughters should go outside the
house until the dead Indian were remov
al nnd buried, as the sight could not but
bo n most shocking one. Two of the
peons were ordered to put iu the oxen
and bring up two carts, nud tho rest of
the men net about the unpleasant duty of
vxnmlniug and collecting the slain.
These were even more numerous than
Mr. Hardy had anticipated, nnd showed
how thickly they must have been cluster
ed round the door nnd windows. The
guns bad been loaded with buckshot; two
bullet he dropped down each barrel iu ,
addition; and the discharge of those had
l.eoa most destructive, more especially
thoso fired through tho loopholes nt the
end of the bouse. There no less than six
teen bodies "were found, while a rou nil tho
door and windows were thirteen others.
All these were dead. Tho gnns, having
been discharged through loopholes breast
high, had taken effect upon the head aud
At the fence were fourteen. Of theso
twelve were dead, another still breathed,
but was evidently dying', while one had
only a broken lug. Unquestionably ev
oral others had been wounded, but had
managed to luako off. Tho bullets of re
volvers, unless striking a mortal polpr,
disable a wounded man much less than
tho balls of Iuarlcrcaliber, It was evi
dently useless to remivo tho Indian who
-was dying; all that could bo douo for
him was to give him a little water, nnd
to placo a bundle of grass so as to ralso
Ids head. Half an hour later he was
tlead. The other wounded man was car
ried carefully down to one of tho sheds,
where a bed of hay was prepared lot
him, Two more wounded men wore
found down by the cattle Inclosuros, nnd
theso nlso Mr. Hardy considered likely
to recover. They were taken up and laid
by their comrade. Three dpud bodies
-wore found here. These were all token
in the bullock carts to a spot distant
nearly half a mile from tho house.
Here, by the united labor of tho peons,
n large gruvo was dug, six feet wide, as
much deep, nnd twelve yards long. In
this they were laid side by side, two
deep; the earth was filled in, and the turf
replaced. At Hubert' suggestion, two
Another two years passed over, bring
tag increased prosperity to the Hardy.
No renewal of the I nil la u attacks had
occurred, nnd in consequence an Increas
ed (low sf emigration had tnken place In
their neighborhood. Ssttlers were inw
established upon all the lots for many
mites upon either side of Mount Picas
nnt; and even beyond the twelve miles
which the estate stretched tu tho south
the lots had been sold. Mr. Hardy con
sidered that nil danger of the thicks nnd
herd Mug driven off had now ceased,
and had therefore added considerably to
their number, nnd had determined to al
low them to Increase without further
sale until they had attained to tho ox
tent of the supporting power of the Im
mense estate.
Two hundred acre, of Irrigated land
were under cultivation; the dairy con
tained the produce of a hundred cows;
and altogether Mount Pleasant was con
sidered ouo of the finest and most profit
able estanelns In the province. The hotiso
wu now worthy of the estate; the Inside
fence had been removed fifty yard fur
ther off, and the vegetable garden to ft
greater distance, the Inclosed space Mug
laid out entirely as n pleasure garden.
Uenutiful tropical tree nud shrubs, gor
geous patches of (lower, nnd green turf
surrounded the front nnd side; white
liehind was n luxuriant nnd must produc
tive orchard.
The young Hardy had far some time
given up doing any personal labor, nnd
were incessantly occupied In tho super
vision of the estate. A year previously
Mr. Hardy bad, at one of hi visit tu
ltuenos Ayres, purchased a piano, saying
nothing of what he had done upon hi
return; and the delight of the girls and
their mother, when the Instrument ar
rived In n bullock cart, was uultouniled.
l'rom that tlme.the girls practiced almost
Incessantly; Indeed, a Charley remark
ed, It was as bad as llrlng In tho house
with a whole boarding school of girls.
After this Mount Plensant, which hsat
always been considered as the most hos
pitable and pleasant estaucla in the dis
trict, became more than erer popular,
and many were tho impromptu dance
got up. Sometimes there were more for
mal nffalrs, and all the ladles within
twenty miles would como In. Theso were
more numerous than would have been ex
IHcted. The Jnmleson were doing well,
and In turn going for n visit to their na
tive country, had brought out two bright
joung .Scotch womeu ns their wives.
Their neighbor at Canterbury were
still their most Intimate friends; they
were shortly, however, to lose one of
them. Mr. Cooper had heard six
months before of tho death of his two
elder brother in rapid succession, and
he was now heir to his father' property,
which was very extensive. It had been
supposed that ht would at onco return to
Kbgland, ami ho was continually talking
of doing so; but ho hnd under one ex
cuse or other, put off hi departure from
tlmo to time. He was rvrx frequently
over at Mount Pleasant, and was gen
erally S companion of tho boys upon their
"I think Cooper Is almost ns much here
ns ho Is nt Canterbury," Charley said,
laughing, one day.
Mrs. Hardy happened to glance nt
Maud and noticed a bright flush of color
on her cheek. Hhu made no remark nt
the time, but spoko to Mr. Hardy about
It at night.
"Vou see, my dear." she concluded,
"we are still considering Maud ns n child,
but other peoplo may look upon her as a
"I am sorry for this," Mr. Hardy said
after a pause. "We ought to have fori
seen the possibility of such a thing. Now
that It Is mentioned, I wonder we did not
do ho lofore. Mr. Cooper ha been here
so much that tho thing would have cer
tainly struck us, had we not, ns you say,
looked upon Maud as n child. Against
Mr. Cooper I have nothing to say. We
both like him extremely. HI principles
nre good, nnd he would, In point of
money, be of course nil oxccllout match
for our little girl. At the samo time, I
cannot permit anything like nn engage
ment. At tho end of another two yearn,
when Ifraud I 10, If Mr. Cooper renew
the acquaintance In ISngland, and both
parties agree, I shall of course offer no
objection, and Indeed should rejoice much
nt a match which would promise well for
her happiness."
Mrs. Hardy thoroughly agreed with
her husband, nnd so tho matter rested
for a short time. It was well that Mr.
Hardy had been warned by his wlfo, for
n week nftor this Mr. Cooper mot him
alono when ho was out riding, and after
some Introduction, expressed to him that
he had long felt thut ho had loved his
daughter, but hnd waited until she wu
seventeen before expressing his wishes.
Mr. Hardy heard him quietly to the end.
"I can hardly say that I am unprepar
ed for what you say, Mr. Cooper, al
though I had never thought of such a
thing until two days since. To yourself,
personally, I can entertain no objection.
Still, when I remember that you ure only
twenty-six, aad that for the last four
year you have seen no ouo with whom
yon couNt possibly fall In lore, with the
exception of my daughter, I can hardly
think that you have hnd autuclcut oppor
tunity to know your uwn mind. Next
month she proceeds to Ifeiglaud with her
mother, and for the next two years nhn
will bo engaged upon finishing her edu
cation, At the end of Hint tlmu I simii
myself return to lhigloud, and wo shall
theu enter Into society. If nt that tlmu
you nre still of the same way uf think
ing, and choose to renew our acquaint
ance. I shall lo very happy."
Mr. Cooper endeavored In snln to niter
Mr. Hardy' determination, ami was nt
last obliged to give the required promise.
Two or three days nfter tills he rode up
nud said that lie hnd come to say good
by, that ho had received letters urging
him to return at once, nnd had therefore
made tip hi ntln.l to start by the next
mull from ltuenos Ayres.
Kor n few days Mninl was unusually
quiet nud subdued, but her natural spir
its speedily recovered themselves, nud
she was soon ns lively nnd guy a ever
About n fortnight nfter the departure
of Mr. Cooper nn event took placo which
for a while threatened to upset nil the
plan which they had formed for tho fu
ture. One or other of the girls was In thn
habit uf frequently going over to stay for
a day or two with a Mr. Mercer. Due
owning Hubert rede over with Kthel,
and Mrs. Mercer persuaded the latter tu
stay for the night; Hubert declining to
do so, as he had arranged with Charley
to go over early to Canterbury to assist
at tho branding of the cattle at that sta
tion. In the morning they had tnken their
coffee, nud were preparing for n start,
wheu, Just n they were luo,ilitlng their
horses, one of the men drewthelr atten
tion to n mnn running nt full speed to
ward the house freui the direction uf Mr,
"What can I the mutter?"' Charley
said. "What a strange thing that a mes
senger should come over ou foot Instead
of on horseback!"
"Let's ride and meet him, Charley,"
Hubert said; nnd putting spurs to their
borne, they galloml toward tho ap
proaching figure.
As they came close to him he stumbled
nnd fell, ami lay iiihmi the ground, ex
hausted and unable to rise. The boys
sprang from their horse with a feeling
of vague uneasiness and alarm.
"What'a the uulter" they asked.
The peon was tin) exhausted tu reply
for n atoment or two; then ho gasped
out. "Ixjs Indies! the Indian!"
The boys gav a simultaneous cry of
"What has happened! Tell lis quick,
man; are they attacking the estancla?"
Thn man shook his head.
"ltaucia burnt. All killed but me,"
bo said.
Tlio new was too sudden atv4 terrlhlo
for tho boys to speak. They stood white
and motionless with horror.
"All killed! Oh, Kthel, Ktheir Chill
ley groaned.
Hubert burst into tears. "What will
niammn do?"
"Come, Hubert," Charley said, dashing
away tho tears from hi eyes, "do not let
u waste a moment. All hope may not
bo orer. The Indians seldom kill wom
en, but carry them away, and she may
Ihj alive yet. If she is, we will rescue
her, If we go right fleiw America. Come,
mnn. Jump sp behind hm on my her."
The peon obeyed the order, anil In five
minute they roached the gate. Her
they dismounted.
"I.ct us wslk up to the house, Hubert,
so n not to oxelte suspicion. We must
call papa out nud tell him first, so that
he may brrak It to inamuia. If she learn
It suddenly, It may kill her."
Mr. Hardy had just taken his coffee,
nnd was standing at the door, looking
with a pleased eye upon the signs of
comfort aud prosperity Around hlni.
There was no need, therefore, for them
to approach nearer. A Mr. Hardy look
ed round upon hearing the gate shut,
Charley beckoned to him to couio down
to them. Mr. Hardy, feeling that some
thing strango was happening, ran down
tho steps aud hurried townrd them.
lty tlio tlmo he reached them, he had
no need to ask questions. Hubert was
leaning upon tho gate, crying as If hi
heart would break; Charley sNma! with
hi hand on hi lips, n If to check the
sob from breaking out, while the tears
streamed down hi cheeks.
"Kthel r Mr. Hardy naked.
Charley nodded nud then snld, with a
great effort: "The Indian have burned
the estancla; one of tho men ho esenped
nnd brought the new. Wo know noth
ing more. Perhaps she Is carried off, not
Mr. Hardy staggered under the nuddcu
blow. "Curried offl" he murmured to
himself. "It I worse than death."
"Yes. papa," Charley said, nnxlous to
give his father' thought n new turn.
"Hut we will rescue her, If she I nllve,
wherever thoy may take her."
(To be continued.)
Wultor mill DiMi-Cirrler,
"I vun coniplntely out of money nt
tlio tlmo of (,'rmluiitlon from Hnuipton.
Iu company with other HtiideutH, I ho
curcd it jilnco iih waiter In n milliliter
hotel In Connecticut. It wnn huih)hpi1
thut 1 wih nu accomplished waiter,
anil I wui L'lvmi charge of a taldo at
which there Hilt hoiiio wealthy ami arlH
tocratlc people. My Ignorance wm ho
apparent tlmt thoy hcoIiIoiI me, and I
became frightened ami loft their ta
bic Ah a roHiilt I wah reduced to tho
position of u dlHli-cairler. Hut I de
termined to learn the IiiinIiu-hh, and
within a fow weehH I wnn restored to
my former iiohIUoii. Hovornl times
hI lion I lmvo been a Kitont In tlilri hiiiiio
hotel.-From Hooker T. Washington'!
"Up from Slavery."
Tho Penobscot trlbo of Indians,
which numbered 21.1 In 1RS0. Is now
about -100 Htrong. Maine appropriates
nnnuully tS.OW for their benefit
' Jp '
u sv 4m I
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miss aiicc
ttatlCoiuhBrruii. rMUsHuui. Um E
III lima. KnUtirrtnianltts rJTI
fits txth fir Ksslsrn eolless. .. I'llmsry snl
Drsmniir ! Iiulmlrfl, A hslt fur sills, wlih
llis smailiiliiioiils sail suporvlilini uf iirul
lioinr l'llmi In on uf Hi iimmI IxMiullnil
rralons nnii I'srina niiul, i'llmal inlll sii.l
lirslllilul, rot cittslotfii k.litiH
St. 1-loioti 1-lnll
Items and dr school (or sdils Mel
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equipment Aroinle, lollrse rreiwr
slloii smt iMrlt courses (
iii.iianok TiiiuiirrrH, i'Mikih.
AvsMvW) MXfiKi'HiM IXIt WMWI,')
DJIIICyt 01 U .tlnn nut it-rlsl courses Miiite. I.lo
Atlanta, (la., tells how she was jg AVmVm&W"'
.. ,t..ifu rnrl nt lidlsiiims. iiieiitsiipfiiHiismlr. It.
V1 inoilkllll VUIVU Ul lllliuuiiim 'ij
linn oi i lie ovaries, cscancu siif
..! t... ii.t i ...n. n
Kcuu a kiiiii:, uy itmiug ujuin u. ,
Pinkhnm's vegetable Compound.
' I hnd suffered for three years with
Uirlble pain at tha time of men
struation, and did not know what
tha trouble was until thn doetor pro
nounced it liill&miimtlim of tho
ovnrlo.H, and proposed an oixinillon.
" I felt so weak aud nick that I foil
sure that I could not survive tho or
doftl. Thn following; week I rend nn
advertisement In the paper of I,villil
I!. IMiikhnm'fi Wirclnlilo Ciiin-
fountl In such au emergency, nud ko
decldsd to try It. Orent was my Joy
to Hnd that I actually Improved after
taking two Itottle, and In thn end I
was cured by It. I had gained, eighteen
pounds and wnn In excellent henlth."
Mis A lick lUlLcr, SO North Houle-
vird, Atlauta, Uu. tiooo fvftltlf 'ltl-l
f mnhir pffrti'i e"'"i H r-
Thn symptoms of InUniiuiiiitlon
ami lls'no of thn ovaries are
u (lull tlirobblnjr pain, iicoom
punlctl by n nciiso of tencliiriioHS
and hent lovr down In tho slt!e,
with occnalonnl Hhootltig pains.
Tho region of pnln soinctlniA
sdiom aoauo swell Inc.
lint itJ MtarrSu.. Porilmntf, Orm.
Ttfa,1x, KUs JM.
What l!njlsnd's Navy Costs.
The navy which gives Knelsnd tlm
supremacy of tho sent costs 1 165,000,000
a year, or a little morn than the United
Btates pay In peiisloni. i
CITC rvrmsntnlly Curml. No Riser nrrveuanras
1 1 IU anrnrld)"sutorir Kllavslirssinrrs
!lurr. M.iirt fuf J'r M4 lrUlttll.l.l Ii.MIm.
Vi. 11. II. Kltnr, Ud..MI A Rb ML, riitl4sltil, la
$25 IM!K DAY
Cu t ros.1 with an
Well Machine
Mid tu sll and
tjlt forutlur Htraiir
UUALl. & CO.
Un. Aits,
clsl llluck
Doth to lllame.
John Vou are always buiy when I
coma in I
Charles Well, yon always como In
when I'm busy.
Kor forty year's Hio's Cure for Con
sumption lias nured coughs and colds. At
druggists. Price 'J5 cents.
The naklnr of Him.
"It's ridiculous" remarked the
tailor, "lo tay 'clothes don't innko the
"Think so?"
"Ran," replied tho tailor; "why,
they've inadn me."
You Can Oct Allen's Poot-lUsv PRRO.
Write Allan 8, Olrastfd, U Itor.N. V., for a
(r uml of Altsn'a r'not Ksx, It curr
wtstlnr. hotswoIUn. sehlng (t. It makes
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corns, lairowlngnUls and tunlons, AllitruK
glits nil it. Uc. Iton'tsccspt any substitute.
Another R.
"Well, talking about names, said
the oytttr, "I Ilka May better than
"You do?" replied tho plain lob
ster. "Of course, Now, If It was tho
month of Mary It would shorleo my
vacation fearfully."
Mothers will And Mrs. Wlnslnw's XoolUtn
Sjrrup tha best remedy lo use fur their children
tot U-o thing Mston
Lost Mis Idsntlty.
"So you wnnt to get marrlrxIT"
"Yes, snh I'm resinned tor It."
"2or leen marrlml before?"
"Two or three time tali."
"Don't you know for certain?"
"No, nali i nttor do third ono not mn
I nover knowod who I wux, or how I
como here." Atlanta Constitution,
RolorHon Maclilno Co
foot of Morrison Ht,, Portland, Orffon.
I'srsons llswkeye. Automatic, Half feeilln,
rsultltisHlump 1'ullrr, luu horsniwwer with
two hrrscs. lluckrjre Hswmlll Msclilusrr, Kn
Ines sud Hollars. Kit suit mlckiivy (Isollno
Knidnes. Write us whsu Iu want uf saxtblng
In machlnsrr Hue.
"CAflUAKtrr dm Um fr ltsM
fttVl mf ft If Uif mlrlMi MUITIIJI I liftf OfUQ
WltbtVt fur tUtllli tslt Hit I lO Ull ftfMl !
C4t fontMl It in tfttearai rlnr Uklbc Ih t
lot bat wti ptiisfltxl ami com I 1(011 bat lnt
fufvwnUrfiif f an 1 I tl ronrb biur n?trf
bmf MMS. fiALi.ll K MLUUl J. JttlU.Ttt.D.
VSAOf 1USN stsiirtsio
rtswini, ralsisbls. I'mnl. Tssl flatvt, t
Ooal fV.ttf HIMsu Wssksn or Off )0e,li4,U.
Illl. B.a.S, lruf, nlh BMlntl. Iwt. Ill
Ul Tfl lin Soldssd snsrsnuM bf l)drn-
Dr. C. Gee Wo
This wonilsrful till
ur 1'1ur li filial
Krrsl lcu li currs
Iiipl wltlimil utra
kin Ihsl srvsivrn uii
In ill. Ha cum wlih
llim womlsrrui 1 hi
nnr hrrlx. rcxilt, liifli.
Ixiks ami vrsrUlilr
Ihsl fo sntli'lr un
Lli.lMH 1.1 .tthall. kl KKt
rnr In this iwinlrr Tli'ounli His u '
lh lisrmlMS rnn.illn I It rmus Uin-liir
kiidws Hi action nf i.r Hi dirTirrnl run
ntlrs, wlili ti lis surrrMrully usrs ki tllrrnl
illa.ura. llnsusraiilrM liirur caiurli, Mil)
ms, lun(, lliriMkl, rliruinsllim, lirounnn.
tlmnarli, llvrr, Ititlnrya, tit liu liunilmts at
irailiiMiulsls. I'lisrsM niiKtrrst tall aiM
Mill. I'altrms tail lr Ilia rlir wrll fr
blank ami rlrnilars, Hml ianii. loNHUU
The C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
m iih ii li ms
US Abltr tit.,, Orsron.
No JJ-I00J,
irillTf wrlllnr tMlv,rtlsrsilcAial
irnllmi this iHir,
25 sac Mc fl.
Mtkn Mini Lir mi Kf.pi iktm lirlnf Cum Cholm, Rous mi
II DIiciki, It lu.nilhciii Vounc Chicks mi llslpi Thim Crow
WOULDN'T. PE XT,.0UT. lrA c.h"J'.k' , WMh.,,,i
li. wouliln'l lm wliliuul rruMlsn I uuttry luwl
PBODUCE8 CQQ0, A$ an rss; brnlunr 1'niwUu I'aullnr Tooa
! lui (Kiu.l li, II. i'ajrna, I'aluairllla, otilu.
l'niHlaa I'oullrr Hook, TREK. I'uv.ius Ilixiur, Paul, lllnn,
OO.c l'virUrntl, Orgeu UI Atfsala.
ti&gsllBh, Southwick Hay
The Southwick bss tb largest rapaeltr, is fastest and easiest w
Bend for catalogue, MsllnJ free
er of sny llsjr I'rtss tosde.
rirmi mmtl Tmxfr
Porttmntl, ?