The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 21, 1903, Image 6

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    Tlmlier Land, Act June j, I8;8.
V. . Land Office, The Dalle. Otrgon,
May $ vy .
Notice U hereby Riven lhal In compliance with
the provision ofthe Acl of Congress of June j.
i;8. entitled, "An net for the wileorilmber laml
InthcMalesofCnlirornla, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," extended to all the
inihlle Inml tatc by net or Align! 4. lty. Ibe
followlnc-namcd person huve on Nov I, laoa,
filed In llila office their aworn tatcment,lo-wil:
Jele A Archer
or noj Dupont l, n. Mluneapotl, county or
Hennepin, ntale or Minnesota; sworn statement
No u7. fbr !he purchase or the iic ec to, tp 19
. r 13 c, tv 111.
Minium X. Oiirrle
or 9,5 Hlthth live. Orniul l'ork, county of Grand
Votls, Mate of North Dakota; sworn statement
No 144S. for the purchase ofthe- w( ec n, lp 19
r 13 e, vr in.
rHa.tM II tlnhlnson
of Grand fork, county of Grand Kork. state of
rrerin iMi.mii; mtoni statement iio wy iwr mc
purchase of the eH cc 7, lp 19 . r 13 e, w in.
1fmitrMi M lurrlr-
of Rrnnl fork, county ofGrand l'ork. Mate of
Sittrtlt IiakOia; sworn statement .o it.w. lor mc
purchase of the self vec ao, tp 19 , r 13 e. w m
t.U SI UnM,intl
of Grand fork, county of Grand Fork, Male of
Norm iMkota: sworn siaicmcni no i.m, ir mc
purchase of the self sec 11. tp if a, r ij e, w in.
Martha C William
or Grand fork, cwiiity ofGrand l'ork, tte of
North Dakota, sworn !ttctncnt No U5 for Ibe
purchase of the wi,ecai, Ipi9, nje. w in.
Martha II Luke
of Cramt l'ork, county of Grand fork, Mute of
North Dakota: sworu statement No t4SJ. for the
purchase of the neif ec at, tp 19 . r 13 e. w in.
That thev will offer nroof to show Hint the land
amigal I more valuable for it limber or 'tone
than for agricultural purpose, and to etab)lb
their daim to sabl Und More the Register and
Keceiver at The luttc. Oregon, on Tuedy,
the ijlh day orOv-tobrr. ijioj
They name at witnesses- I'rance M Currle.
Martha II Luke. V A Currie, C II Koblnon, Wll
llurr.J K Clifford. Martha C William, Ida S
Uohlnuin. of P. rand l'ork. N Dakota: lrle A
Archer, of Minneapolis, Minn. John Stekll. of
lienu, urrnn.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
above-de-crilwd land are requested to file their
daim in thl other on or before the said 13th day
lyi-S MICHAHL T. NOLAN. Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3. I VS.
U. S. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
.May . 1903
or June I.
tMa. entitled. "An act for the aale oftlmber land
TlniW Laud, Ac! June 3, iBjS,
V, It. Laud ontce, The Dalle, Otcgon,
May 17, 190,),
Notice I hereby Riven that In compliance with
thepnivitlouioflhe Acl r Congress of June J,
IS;8, entitlril, "An act for Ihe wile of Umber laud
In theatatctofCatirorula, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," a extended to all the
public laud atatt by Act of AukuI 4, l4, the
rollowliiR-nanml tKnuin have filed In thl office
their wuiii ttalemenla, to-wll:
CharleaO. King
ofWevton, county orrmatllla. tale of Oregon:
anoruatalrment No 1477, filed Nov 4, ly. Tor Ihe
purehaerthe ! neu and lot 1 and J ce J, tp
ij a, r 10 e, v in.
Loul V Kagle
of Wf.ton. counlv of Uiualllla. late of Orecon:
mvoruata lenient No t Jij. fllnl Nov 11, 1901, for
the purchase of the eV ec tt.lp ij,r loe.w in.
That they will oiler urnnr to how thatthelaiid
ought I more valuable for it timber or toue
than I'nr agricultural uritoc. and to etbllh
their claim to ald land Ixfote the KrgUter and
ReceiiTr at The Halle. Otegon, 011 I'riday, the
1Mb day of October, 194)
They name a wttnee C W Waller, J H
Walter. Henry Stamper, Charle King, of We,
ton, Or; John lilc and Mkliarl Conner, of The
Dalle. Or.
Anv and all neraon clalmlus adversely the
aboveHlewrilml land are reitietcil to Ale their
claim In thl office on or before the akl ith day
of October, iimi
tpt-'ij MICHAHL T.
NOLAN. Regiiter.
Timber Land, Act June ,t, IH;,
U, B, Laud Offlce, The Dalle, Oregon,
May 11, toj,
Notice l hereby given Hint In compliance with
the provision of the Act or Cunaie or June j,
!;, eutltleil, "An net for Die wile of limber laud
In the Ulc uf Callfontl, OreRon. Nevada, ami
Washington Tcullory, aeatcmlett to all the
public bind Male by Act or Augut 4, liSll, the
rollowiuR-uamol peitoii hae oil Oct 7, iyi,ntet
In IhU ulllcc their nroin MatemcnU, lovvll.
l'attlck II Cutley
of Phlllllp, county of nice. tntc of WlMonaln.
wont latemriit No ijw, for Ihe purehaac of Ihe
imi( urjf. e! nw) and uwt4 nK ee I, lp w .
r ue.w 111.
ltdnard Vanderwall
ofrhllllp county of Pilce. tale of VIeooln;
worn tatement No ii. for the purchase oflhe
eU wcj4, tp i a, r ije. 111
Thai Ihey will offer nioof lo hor thaltheUiid
ought I more valuable ftr II tlmlier or lime
than for agricultural purinwe. and lo elabllh
their claim to aald land Wore the Kegilrr and
Receiver at The IMIle, Oiegoii, on TueiaUy, the
Ijlh day of Septemlier, lyvl
They name a wltutMC. Jacob Raonutneu.
lilt Crotleau. Dan Hullitan. Ilau ItverMti.Hotrn
.,,, iw..M.i, tf.ii mini, n,i, ,,,. i....iiwrn
Laron and Johu Wlluiot Jr. alt of l'hllllw, Wl
Any and all iieraon ilalnilug adversely the
aUmHtexribetl laud arc reo,urtrt In file their
claim in thl offiiv or Wfoie the aald 1Mb
dayofHepttniber, ioiu.
ui6-m MICilAKL T NOLAN, Kegl.ter.
Neliee I hereby given that In compliance with
thepraeiioiifthe Act or Congrc or Junei
tt. entitled. "An act for the ule of llmtvrr land
in the Mate of California. Orecon. Nevada, and
WaMnRtm Terrttorj-." extended to all the
mtbtle Und Mate by Act of Augtitt 4. Ity. the
rolbminc.namrd perwn have on Nov j. loo
filed In thl HBce their aworn tatemenli. to-w It;
Loni Moe
of Harvey, county of llerce. tte of North Da
kota: iironi xatement No 1471. for the purchate
of Ihe V,' ec . tp 19 s, r i e. r m.
Thotna T. Ijtrtan
uf Langor, county of lieltraml, date of Mlnne.
ota: rorn latemrnt No lira, for the rurehae
of the lot 1, a, 1 ami 4 ec il), tp. r 14 c, wm
Robert 1'omlund
of Ilemtdji, eottnty of lieltraml, date of Minne
sota: iworu statement No ti7j, for the purcbue
of the k sec i, tp . r 1 j e. w m.
That they will offer proof to show that the land
sought ta more valuable for it timber or stone
than lor agricultural purpose, and to eftaUlsh
their ciallsu to hM land before the RegHter and
Keeetver at The IMIle. Oregon, on I'riday, the
ista day ofOctolier. Kpoj.
They name atwlliitmc Lout Moe, of liar-mi-
4iyi Vijrt UhniHij nr n.,Llu ii.M
Han lfverson. of lh(llipa. Wis. Louis WiUon. of
Ikna, Or; tikmim T Lanon.orLangor, Minn
Any and all person claiming adversely the
abuve-desarlbcd Und are requetted to file their
daim In thl office on or before the uld Uth
day ofOctolier, toaj.
Jy4-5 MICHAHL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3. 187ft.
U. 8. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
May at, 1903
Notice I hereby given that In compliance with
the provision of the Act of Congrr of June ,
i7, entitled, "An act for the sale of timber lands
In the state of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as extended to all the
HiMlclandtatbyActof August 4, 1S91, the
fotbtwlng-named persona have on Nor 1, 190a,
filed In till office their worn statement, to-wit.
Mod Olson
of Remldj, county of lieltraml, state of Minne
sota; awm sWemeut No 1457. for the purchase
of the tH aeft, acK nef,' and lot I see 6, tp 17 a, r
to e, w m.
Aufin O. Kroken
of BemMji. county of lieltraml. state of Minne
sota; sworn statement No 14JS. for Ihe purchase
of thccK wlfand Hkj sec6,tp 17 , r 10 e,
w m.
August Wolden
o! rtemMJi. county of lieltraml. Ute of Minne
sota; sworn statement No MM, for the purchase
of the tot 4. 5. ami 7 sec 6. tp 17 s, r 10 e, w m.
That they will offer proof to show that Ihe land
sought la more valuable for its timber or atone
I lun for agricultural purposes, and to establish
their claim lo aald land before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalle. Oregon, on Vtdntlay,
the 14th day of October, !
They name as witnesse Aufin O Kroken,
August Wotden, 1 A Sather, Moos Olson, of lie
inWJI. Minn, and Mike Lclage.of llend. Or.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
above-described land are requested lo file their
claim In thl office on or before Ihe uld 14th day
of October, Hi
Jyins MICHAHL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Mod, Act June J, 1I7&
U. 8. Und Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
JuueS, 190a
Netfoe Is hereby given that In compliance with
the provisions oflhe Act of Congress of June 1,
ije. entitled, "Ah act for the sale ol limber lands
In the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Territory," a extended to all the
IHiMk hind states hy Act of August 4, iSj, the
following-named persons have filed In thl office
their sworn statements, lo-wlt
Ole li. Jevulnir
of Climax, county of 1'olk, state of Minnesota;
. ..,m, wuiiij wi t wis., suti? 01 unncsoia;
orn statement No 1M, filed Dec ij, 190a, for
lp j , r ta e, w m.
the purchase of the vti se and ejf wj ec 3,
John K. ievnlng
ir a I max, county of folk, state of Minnesota:
worn statement No 1545, filed Dec 13. 190a, f'ir
the purchase of lot 4 sec 3 and lot I and nctf lie;
see 4, tp aa , r la e, aud sctf c sec jj, lp 19 a, r
lae, w m,
Gander Swenson
of Climax, county of 1'olk- state of Minnesota;
sworn statement No 1546. filed Dec it, looa, for
the purchase oflhe cK iW and kU avtib sec 1
and nejf nwjf sec 1a, tp ao , r 11 e, w m.
Htliuer I'.stensen
ofCllmax, county of I'olk. state af Minnesota;
sworu statement No 1547, filed Dec 13, 190a, for
111c purcnase 01 ine iiwjj seca.tpaoi.r lae.wui.
John 0. lillxt
of Bend, county of Crook, stateof Oregon; aworn
v.,,,,,, .u .ajn, iiiru iirc4. lynz.
chase ofthe li neJi audncK nwl
a, r 11 e, w 111.
That they will offer proof to how that the land
sought I more valuable for Ha timber or stone
than fur agricultural purpose, aud to establish
their claims to said laud before the Register and
Receiver at The Dallea, Oregon, oil Wednesday,
Ihe ath day of October, 190J.
They name aa wituesse Jlelmcr I'.slenseii,
John It Jeviilug, Ole Krickson, Olc 1 Jevnlug,
(iunder liwcnsou, of Climax, Minn; Louis Nel
son, John llloi,, Donald H hteffa, of llend, Or;
John K Itiimuuea, of Phillips, Wi; O ewou,
of Seattle, Wash; John McTaggart, of The
Dallea, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
uhovdswa1bed lauds are requested to file their
claims in this office oil or before Ihe said atth day
of October, ip,
U14-016 .MlClfAliL T. NOLAN, Register.
Tlmlier Land, Act June 3. i;J.
V. S. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
May it, ioM
Notice I hereby given that In compliance wllh
Ihe Hovison otlhe Act or Congress of June 3,
iS?s, entitled. "An net for the sale of timber lands
In the state of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," a extended to all the
public land ttales by Act of August 4. IV. Ihe
following-named ierson have on Nov 3, 1901,
filed in thl office their aworn statement, to-wit
IMward A. Dicken
of Iflk. county or Spokane, state or Washington,
aworn statement No 1464, for the purchase 01 the
wj( sec ao, tp 19 , r 10 e. w m.
Frank Statey
ofChattaroy.county or Spokane, state or Wash
ington, sworn statement No 14(5, for the pur
chase uf the nrU ec 31, tp 19 a, r 10 e, w m.
Sherman A. Rtld
of Milan, county orspokane. stale of Washing
ton, aworn statement No 15. far the put chase
of the nej, sec Jo, tp 19, r 14 e, v m.
Charje Ros
ofChattaroy, county of Spokane, state of Wash
ington, sworn statement No 147, far the pur
chase of the sel( sec 30. tp ly , r M r, w m.
Arthur Or ham
of Ml J College are, Spokane, county ofSpokane,
state or Washington, sworn statement No 14M,
(br the purchase of the nc!( e 19, tp 19 , r is e.
w ru.
Pauls Nkhot
of St laut, county of Ramsey, stateof Minnesota;
worn statement No 1444, for the purchase oflhe
m! sec 19. tp 19 s, r M e, sv m.
Theodore (luuther
ofChattaroy, ccmiity of Spokane, state of Wash
ington; sworn tatement No 1470. for Ihe pur
chase ofthe swjf sec 17, tp 19 s, rwt.o m.
That they will olfer proorto show that tbeland
sought 1 more valuable for it Umber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to eitaldhb
their claim to said land before Ihe Register and
Receiver at The Dalle. Oregon, on Thursday,
Ihe ijlh day of October, 193.
They nameas witnesses Theodore Ouiither,
Prank Statey, Charle Ross, of Cbattaray, Wash,
ltdword A Dlcken, of Illk. Wash: Sherman A
ReW. of Milan, Wash: Arthur Graham, orspo
kane, Wash: Paul S Nichols, of St Paul, Minn
Any and all tierson ctalmlHC adtersely the
above-described land arc requested to file Iheir
claims In thts othce ou or before the said ijlh
Timber Und, Act June 3, A1
S. Laud Office. The llle, Oregon,
May r. luu
csniililkiiiee with
the irtnlsmn otlhe Art of Cnress of Jmte
Notice I hereby giten that In cum
soflhr Artuf Couarrss of June 1.
187O, entitled. "An act Use the ale of timber Und
day of October, loot.
NOLAN, Krgister.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 187.
V. S. Land Office, The Dalle. Oregon,
June 5, 1903
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance wllh
the provisions of the Act of Congress or June 3,
iT. entitled, "All act for the sale ol timber lands
In the states of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," aa extended to all Ihe
fiubltc Und slates by Act of August 4. 189', Ihe
otlowlnir-namcd persons tiavc on Nov 14, 1901,
filed III ibis office their aworn statements, to-wit.
George W Rice
of7JJ Harvard ate. n, Seattle, county or King,
state or Washington: aworn statement No ijai.
for Ihe purchase or the sK nw) sec as, tp ta , r
lae, w in.
David Murray
or Tacoma, (care Hotel Brooklyn), county of
Pierce, slate of Washington, sworu statement
No ijoa. for the purchase of Ihe sH swjf sec la
and wH n-J sec 13. lp ij . r M e. w m
Thai Ihey wilt offer proof to how thai the land
ought is more valuable for it timber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, and lo establish
their claims to said land before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalle. Oregon, on Wednesday,
theaistday or October. 1903
They name si witnesses George W Rice, or
Seattle, Wash: David Murray, of Tacoma, Wash;
I' W Smith, John Illos, Mrs C A !avtdou, of
Sisters, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely Ihe
abovc-slcscribed land are requested to file their
dalms in this office on or before the said list day
of October, lysj..
iyji-oa MICHAHL T. NOLAN, Register.
Tlmlier Land, Act June 3, 1I78.
U. H. Und Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
May 17, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that in comtitlanec with
me provision or the Act 01 Congress or June 3,
i7. entitled, "An act ror the sale of limber lands
In Ihe stairs ol California, Orevon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory." a extended to all Ihe
fmbllc land states liy Act or August 4, i;i, the
ollowlng-nanicd person have Died In this office
their sworu stetcments, to-wit:
Chailea II Hells
or The Dalle, county or Wasco, state or Oregon;
worn ttatemeiit No Mho. filed Nov 4,190a, for the
purchase of the netf awtf. H nw and w
nctf sec 33; lpij, r toe, w m.
David Morris
of The Dalle, county of Wasco, state of Oregon;
worn tatement No ull, filed Nov 4, 190s, for
Ihe purchase ofthe aiinwX, nt aw),' ami nvV
aw'( ec 30, lp ij a, r 10 e, w m.
llcnnle lohnsoti
of The Dalles, county ol Wascu, stateof Oregon;
worn statement No UJ, filed Nov 4, !. for
the purchase oflhe w e 3a, lp 13 a, r 10 e,
l'rederick A. Iletls
of The Dalles, county of Wasco, stale or Oregon;
wuiii sisicincw no 1403, nira nov 4, 190a, lor
In the state or California. Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory." as ettenueil to an I lie
public laud state by Act of August 4, iSfi, the
following named pcrHS hate on Nov la, lyst.
filed in this office Iheir itiorn statement, lo-wlt.
Isaac N William
of 141 Grand ave, 11, PottUml, county of Multno
mah, Mate of Oregon: snorn statement No 1493.
for the purchase of Ihe eH k'.. sw) se( and
sejf sv, sec 31, tp an , r it e. w m.
Hugh Doyle
of llemldjl. county or Iieltram . stale ol Mlune
sola, swum slntenitnt No 14, lor Ihe xirclusc
of theut), sec 33, tp iK s, 1 it e. vr in.
Ilertha A Knox
of HemldJI, county or lieltraml. state of Minne
sota, sworn statement So 147. foe the (wrchase
ofthe tn!i sec 33, lp 181, r lie. w in.
That they will olfer proof lo show thai Ihe land
sought I more valuable for It Umber or lone
than Tor agricultural puue. and l establish
their daliu to said Und before Ihe Kegisler ami
Receiver at The Dalles, Oiegsm, tin Wesliie4ay,
the list day nr October. irJ
Thev name as wllnrsses lohu LSehuvleman.
of Lyuden. Wash. Lawrence I'osdtek, Amo
iiraosnaw, i- . tt llllicn. 01 itHtiaiiu, ur. jetiu
Stetdl. Ilertha A Knot. C I. Knox, Thoma
Tweet, of The Dalle. Or. Hugh Doytc, of lie
miuji. iinn
Any and all person cUlmlng adversely the
shore-described are iejwifsl W file Iheir
cUlm In Ibis iifbce oil ur before Ihe said ntday
01 trctrsoer, iyj.
Timber Land, Acl June 3, i8;8
V H, Land Office, The ll.illea, Oregon,
May at, iij.
Nollce I heieby given Dial In compliaiiic wllh
Ihe piuvlslouaiif Ihe Ac! of Congtcs of Jillii' 3,
1178. entitled "An act fur the sale ofllmiirr
laud In Ihe tatc or California. OrrKon, Nevada
mid Washlnglou Tcirltury," a extended In all
the public land Male by Acl of August 4, iRai,
(lie folhiwlng-itiiiucd petsuna have Tiled III till
office their wuin lalement. lo-wlt,
Joseph li Clllfnid
oftM Reeve nvr, tlmud INitk. eminly oftlrnud
I'urks, stateof Noilh Dakota: swum lutcmcnl
No in, tiled Nuv 1, lvu. fbr1 Ih imithase oflhe
ne)( sec a", tp 19 a, r 13 , w 111.
1t,Ut(l' IklllV
of Thompson, county or Grand I'oik. slate uf
mum iiaMiin, aworn statement no 14114. nteH
Nuv 1, itsM, for the purchase uf the stU see a, tii
I9, r Me, w in.
Satah Hougrii
of llrskine, county r IVIk, Male uf Mluuesnlai
wotn lalemeul No 1435, filed Nov I, Hi, far the
purt'iaseiiftliean)tsrc 17, tp 19 a, r lie.wni,
William II. Ihirr
ufGrnud INirks, rsiuuly of Oiuud l'oiks, slate uf
rstwii iMKntn, aworn Maiemeut No im, flletl
Nov 1. hai, (Vh-the piiulMse uf Ihe tiw) sec at,
lp If t 13 c w 111.
That thev wilt ofltr ivrixif to shut lhal lli
laml sotiiilil Is miMr valHable for It limber or
lime man lor agrieunuiai purpose. Htm tut,
labtlsh thrlr claim lu Mid land liefore Ihe Reg
ister and Receiver at The iMllr-t. Oregsni, mi
.iiuiiuay, ine inn nay ui ixtoiier. lyai
Thev nam a wlinrssr W A Outile, V II
Itmr, C II Itolrfiiwii, J lumrotil.tiflltandl'sHk,
N tMk. John Mrhll, John llhsss. William Slaat.
oflleiHl.Or: Amo lliadhaw, I' C Wbltten, l
PnrtUmi.Or. Natah llimgeu, of Itrsklne, MlitH.
Ruse C Odney, nf ThoiMMtiii, N Vak
Any ami all iwrsoit rlatmliiji sdveisrly the
above described tnnds are ieiesle,l tu file iheir
claims In ihl oithje oh or IffiKe Ihe uhl lath
nay ,11 (Ktober, lvu
Timber Land, Art June J, 1H8,
Mnv t. iimi
Nollce I hrrrbv nlvrii that In ciimnllatuv 1
he ptoilslonsurilie Ait nf Cotigies ol June 3,
IAKI. T. NOLAN. Register.
Timber Land,
Atl June 3, I87
II. H. Mud Office, The IMlks, megim,
mv wllh
Uie plot 1Iiiiiiii Ihe AiliirCotigiF of June 3,
Km. eutlllnl. "An act for the sale ol tlmlier lands
III the atntea f Callflsrilia, Oirguu, Nevada, and
Washington Teirllory," a rxlrihled In all the
public land slate by Act uf August 4, I, (lie
lolliiwliig-uaiiirsl iieisou lime lllnl In this nillte
thrlr swum statement, In wit
Itilwitut It Tiaey
uf DnuiiybiiHik, ctuiuty uf Waul, stale ofNotth
Dilkotai swiiiii stKtemeut Nil 148. filed Nov 8,
i, ftir Ihr itiivliv i, (he e sec in,pw,
r Lie, w in,
John McOritth
ofNuilh Vnkliiiii, ctuiuty uf Vaklma, slnlraf
Wnililiigtuu: swmu tatement Nn Mil, filed Jtitv
10, to, ntr llie Hiiehs oflhe K ue)f nHstliwH
nvM 11 am) kw( se( tre , lp m , r 1) e,
w in.
Willhon Lealhail
sif Tyler, nullity of Richmond, stale of Noitli
Dakota, sworn sUliiuenl No MM, filed Ntw la,
Ifot, Oir the Hiichse of Ihe ueff sec 1), tp m,t
ije, w 111.
Ubai ea O'.M v
y of I'rkst. stale W Wisaansiii
swihii stalenieiil No i.wj. filed Oct 10, mitt IIm
V 8. Land Office, The Dalle.
Mat it. luu
.. .. t . . .. . . . IT .
nmirr is nrrvuy giieu iimi in compliance
flCHAHI, T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Laml, Art Jane J. l7).
I'. S. Land Office, The Doll. Oregon,
Jane s. 11A1
" -r . - ...
pnaisee WIIH
Natke U hereby given thai Ih
t provtsloH or ihe Aciaf Conbicss w Jhiw 1.
17. cHlltled. "An act for Ihe sate of timber Und
in Ihe Male of CaUturnM, IHrsmn. Nevada, and
Washlnglou Tetrllawy," it rt (ended to alt Ihe
public Und states by Act af Attgttst 4, re. the
loUawlaK-namtd iwtsons hare on Nov 17. h,
filed In this office their sworn statements, to-wll
Simon Ku.le
of Pcrlry. county of NornMii. stateof Minnesota,
worn statement No ism, for the purchase of the
neU swi;, uH scK and se) JJ, tp 19 s, r
la e, tv in.
I'cter J. rtlerson
ol IMrrlcy, county of Nor nun. sutc of Minnesota,
worn atatcment No ISIJ, for Ihe Mirthase ofthe
cjt iiwV and wli ne sre 17. lp v , r la c, w m.
Jubu ... Kiule
of Pertey. county of Norman, stale of Minnesota,
worn tatement No ijia. foe Ihe purchase of Ihe
ili neti. H n!s am! n!( sw sec j. lp ao t.
r la e, w 111.
Thai they will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable fur Its Umber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, aud to establish
Iheir cUlms lo said It ad before Ihe Register ami
Receiver at The Dalles Oregon, on Thursday,
the aid day of October, iom.
They name as witnesses John Rude. I'elerJ
Peterson, Simon Rude, of Pertey. Minn. Louis
Nelson. Louis Wiltoa, or Heud. or. Hans Hvee
sou. or Phillip. WI.
Any and all person claiming adversely Ihe
abovc-descritxsl lands are requested to Ale Iheir
daim In this elfke oa or before the uld aid day
of October, iqvi
T. NOLAN. Register
..- .. .....
p. ,v, ,,c our
f K-tf. , I,, ,
- , .,
sworn statement Ho 1483, filed Nov 4, 190a, fo
the tmrchaseof IhcsH w!, wjj' sejf aud nw";
w; sfc tii ,P a r 10 e, w 111.
William I.. Wells
of Independence, county or folk, state or Ore
gon, sworn statement No 14W, filed Nov 7, 1901.
for Ihe purchase oflhe wh self, sejf wjj and
w hc;i vsj34, i, 19s. r lor, w ni.
Phillip I' Man
of Wrciitham, county of Waco, state or Oregon;
sworn statement No 1487. filed Nov 8, 15m, ror
Ihe purchase of the nwtf sec a6, lp 16 , r 10 e,w m
That they will offer proof to show that the land
ought is more valuable for It timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and lo establish
Iheir claims to said laud before the Register and
Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on Monday, the
19th day of October, 1903
They name as witnesses: Delink Johnson,
Frederick A Hells, David Morris, Nathan Hubba,
Charles II Hells, Willi M HuM.s, William II
Hubbs, Den K Johnson, of The Dalles, Or, Amos
Ilradihaw, 1'redC Whllten, Albert S Shole, of
Portland, Or; Commodore I Wells, of Indepen
dence, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely Ihe
abotc-dcscribcd lands are requested lo file their
Claims ill this Ofllee oil or hfnr lh aalrf ,nfl,1u
of October, loot. MICHAHL T, NOLAN, Register.
Tlmlier Und. Act June 3, 1878
U. ft. Und Office, The Dalles, Oregou,
July m, 1943.
Notice Is hereby glrcn that lu compliance with
the provisions of the Art of Congress of June 3,
1878, entitled, "An act for the sale of Umber land
In the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Washington Territory," a extended to atl the
public land stair by Act of August 4, lM. the
following-named persona have filed lu this office
their aworn sUteinents, to-wll:
Charle W Thnrnlhwalte
of Lewltton, county of Nea Perec, state of Idaho,
worn statement No 14, filed April 19. rl. for
the purchase orthc eH ne tf sec 30 and wit iiwj
sec av, ipio s, r 11 e, w m.
Christine 1, Thorulhwalle
of Uwlstou. county of Nea I'ercc. stateof Idaho.
sworn taleuient No ays. filed April a. 1901. for
Ihe purchase oflhe i)j sec yt. lp 18 s, rue,
vr m.
That they will offer proof to show that Ihe Und
sought la more valuable for Its Umber or stone
than for agricultural purpose, aud lo establish
their claims to said laud liefore Ihe Register and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, on Saturday,
the itlh day of September, 19m.
They name aa witnesses: John O Rose, Tilde
Rose, Nellie Ilurgatou. Alfred Unreason, of The
Dalle, Oregon. Charle W Thoruthwaltc, Chris
line LThornthwalle, of Lewlston, Idaho, Jame
11 Haner, of llend, Or
Any and alt nersuas claiming adversely Ihe
aboviMlrserihed (and are requested lo file their
claim In thl office on or before Ihe said ath
day of (September, it
Ji4-J MICHAKI, T. NOLAN, Register.
the ptovtstiHi oflhe Acl ofCongreat of June j,
it?, entitled. "Ah act fur the sale af Umber lands
in iitesiaieattrcailrotHia larenm. Nevada, awl
Washington Territory," a esleuded lu all the
publk UihI sUlrs by Aat of ,(at 4, laa, the
iMMwiHC-inmesl tsetssm Itave on Oct 17. nasi.
Ales! in thlsortvc their sworn statement, us-wll
Andrew J Hodges
f Allwiuy. esiunty ut I.Iiih. stale of Oregon, sworn
stntHHHI No it, foe Ihe )wiebe of Ihe )
se)( and H wV n 1, tp 17 s, r iae, w m.
WillUm Alfred Trimble
of Albaiiy.esHttdyof Unn, stale af IHvkshi; swshm
statement No ism, tot the pwtehase ul Ihe hM
neK and tiH hwX c 11. tp 17 , r lae. w m
Itdnanl M Mmllsurr
nf Athena, enstuly of I'MsaillU, slate of Oieitsmi
worn stalesneal No 1 tyi. for ihe sntrchase 0 the
t itehj tw lot 1 ami 1 sev 1. lp 13 s. r m e, w 111.
Maltha li MortlmsKv
f AlhH. ctmaty of I'saalllla, slate of Or,syisti.
saoen stalassvenl No 1 m. Ibe the parchase oflhe
Mh'I( ad ltd 3 aim 4 sec a, lp 13 . r la e, w m
That Ihey will oiler woof lo show lhal Ihe Unst
sostfkt I Hsnev valHable tor H limber or stost
than tor airrsrwIlsHTil saiMii'i, and loytablMi
Iheir dalms to said Und bs wee I he Regis ami
Rreeiverat The Dalle, otegon, un frtday, Ihe
t)tk day of hstembs-r, isi
They Haute a wHres WillUm A Trimble.
Andrew J Hodge, Halt C IsramieWrry and J into
l. nf.MsMny, orvsrtm, John C Taeker. of The
Dalle, otegoss Prank HCRsuth, Malllell tscutt.
Mrs 1. 1, C hatch. Mall ha K Morlitsusic, ltdward
M MoHiMHiee.tH AlbesM. (McsruH
Ahv and an isersmii etalmlHV advetselv the
above deacitlrtsj land are leiteTet Its Ale Iheir
claim in this ofwec om or UAWlkMtd aaihday
sh rw.fTttpeT
T NOLAN. Register.
Timber Utul, Act June 3, 17,
U. H. Und Office. The Utile. Orun,
, May 13, syt.
Notice Is hereby given Hut In auw (sits. hie with
the tyovlstsn oftlHr Act f Congress of, June i,
llJi.Vntlllnl ssAn act fbr the sjile if m4t
lands In the stales of CaltfWnU. Oieguo, Nevada
ml Wathlugloti Ternlory,' a cxtcMsted to all
Ihe ImWIe Und slate by Act of August 4. isyt,
the loHowiHg named tietsua have oa October 17.
i.m. filfsl In lbs oi!k Iheir sworn statemHl.
George W lleckett
of Cass Uke, rooHly of Cast, stale of Minnesota:
sworn sUlement No 141.I. for the pwechaae of Ihe
H nH and tot 1 and a sec a, lp 19 , r 11 e, w m.
Gessrge Witch
afCass Uke, eswnty 04 Cas. Mate af Mlne4a;
sworn statemcHl No M4, foe Ihe Mrehase of Ihe
ej, sec a. lp 19 k, r la e, w m
Joseph II l raw bridge
of Casa Uke. cuttHly uf Com, stale ol Mlanyota,
aworn stalamenl No 1115. foe Ihe mrchae M Ih
H nwK and loM 3 and 4 x j. lp ly s, r 11 e.w m
Heal C t'rosstatl
of Doerell' Rhh. csmaly ofllardlH, Male of Ken
lucky; sworn Malemeut No 147. fbr Ihe tmrcbase
ofthe ! nw and lets 1 ami 1 sec j. lp ly , r la
r, w m
Thai Ihey wilt offer proof lo show lhal Ibe UihI
soughfls more valuable for It limbrr or stoae
IImii for agiu-ullural purfio. ami la esdahUah
their claims to said Und before Ihe Register and
Receiver at The I)lbm, Oregswi, on rWlui.Uy,
Ihe aoth tUy of lleptember. lye.t
They natsic a wituease lletMge lllrtch, Jo
eph If Mrawbrhtge, Oeorgc W Heckctl, of Can
Uke. Minn, John ateidt. Thomt rweet, lUtr
nam RoWrt, of The Dalle, ore gwn
Any ami all ixraon dalmlng adterely the
how described Und are requested to file llieir
dalms In this otftcr on or before the said aaihday
wi pvfiwmssT, lSA'
of I'hllllp, etHHily of l'rie. Male nf WI
swim 11 Maleuieul No ism. lllesl Oct la. Mast,
pHichasc ofthe set,' arc 1. lp a a, r lie, w m,
Anthony phea
uf I'hllllps, esmntynf Pile. Male nf 'ij4Hlil
swoin Malemanl No ut, filed Oct ta, HaAfor Hie
IHiielmse uf Ihe neK see a, lp au, 1 ije, w m.
Ilewge A Hnavely
ofriiltllpi.Cimuty of I'ltesr, alalr af M1stHti
worn siatemeut No 1317, fileit Oil lo. la, fbr
the HitelHrrihe nwh s 13, lp M , t IJ v,
J nh 11 H Raamitsseu
of l')itlllM, etmuly af 1'iiec, stair ol WlstHisu
swurn Maleiiivul No l,la. tiled 1st! la, tfM, lor
Ihe tmrchasssurihe eH !, hw ff( airil K
111K s isnipaos, r 13 c, w m.
Daniel SHlllvau
nf Phillips, etwHl) of ttkm. Hale of U1shism:
sworn sialrmeul No lira, Hied Ht to, Ifsxt, HH
Ihe tmrchass-of Ihe wM eW e M. 1 11 a. r is .
ami lots 1 and 1 sec 1 tji , r Ije, wm.
ThoHM IMtey
uf l'hltlls, csmnly of I'rire. Mile of tVlsetJttsIm
wswH statement No iljn, filed Oct la, I4JM, fll
Ihe imiehase oflhe M)t set; 33, tp 19 s, r IJ e,
w m
That Ihey will oUrr ixoof lo show lhal IheUml
ought r mote talwabte for Its Umbel or stone
than fwt ngiwullural tmipuse, and lo
their rtalms 10 said Uift twfore the Kegisler ami
Receiver at The Iksllr iHegtm, on Tuesday, Ihe
aolh day of Ovlobrr, i"j.
They name a witnesses John RaamsvsseM,
Anthony bea. Charle. O'.XIsllry, Thomas IMb-y,
George A MiaveU-, Hast Kvetson. John Wltmol
Ir, IMNlel Halllvat. Jan Havtanaase. lalrici II
Vmley. 101 Crolieau. of PMtHts.. Wla, MtH
MrGrath. of Noetb VaVlma. Wash; WlAtaaa
lalhartof Tybw. N Dak lsjt NeUua a4
IMward ooysl. af Mattel, or. 1' L llaMott, of Vaa.
rosirrf , WaMi
Any ami all iiniiin elsrwlHg adversely the
Wtve4cftttl UHrt at isMie4 M ftle their
claims m ihs otce rm or bifote Ih said salh
day of 1 ssttiaWe isnj
Jyji MICIIAKI. T. NOUN. Register.
Timber Uad. Act Jutse 3, liT.
r Und naxc. The laaUea, ileesjam,
May ?, Haj
NUr t hereby glrm lhal 1st rutttpliasir wllh
Ihe ptsrvtstoa uflhr Act of Conarea of Jutte i,
lajt. etilllfed, 'An act for the sale of Umhsn kmts
la the stale of CallhstaU, IHegott. Nevada, and
M'wshlstalan Teeetlots." a etleisded lo all the
Mthlle Und stale by Act of AsvaitM 4, nayj. Itm
foUsswiatMsaased mrtsnaa have ok Nrtvr.ioaa.slM
Im Ihta ofbee ihete sworn stasemeols, Its-teil,
NalhaH C llabtss
of The IMIe. eeasaiy of H'sve, state oforeaam;
swswh staKatrsi Na lt ftsrlhe piirehais of the
H set, ami a swi, sc 31, tp ita, r lor, wm.
' Will. M Hubb
of The Dalles), costaly uf Hsvseu, stale of Oeteaai
sworn Malemenl No 147a. for Ih psuchase ol Ihe
neK see jo. t 15 . r 10 e, w m
at feawie lit lliasjlil and
TjaalMna, OragssH, an tGl4tf,Tffi
V Ham a wllaaase. I-' II Isstla. Ifesvid
Morris. W M Hubb. Pled hells, Nathan
1 1 abbs, all of The mII, IK.
Any and all Miasms cUlmlng advetsely Ihr
atv-decrthd (amis aie reoMMted la file Iheir
Claims la Ibis omce ot or bbc Ibe saM lythday
et skiosvvt, yi
Thai Ihey will ) proof lo sttow that Ibe
smtghl m more ralsMuhr fur it llMsber r
than fur aiiiloillaaat osimosas. aud ta osti
their daim la said Ui
They Heme a
fICIIAIlL T. NOLAN, Rtglsttr.
TlAIILT NOLAN, Register.
V. ft. Und Office, Ukevlew, Oregon,
July jj, 1903,
A ufficicnl contest affidavit having been filed
in thla office by
John W White, Contestant,
against homestead entry No ajo",, made Aprils,
i'ii, for Ihe el( nelt' ml 11M tl( sec 30, lp at r
7e, tv 111, by lames l(oltou, coutestte, In which
It U alleged that uid jame Hubsoii has bImiii
doned said claim for a period of six months or
more last past, and that Mid alleged absence
Irom Ihe said land wat not due to Tils employ
ment In the army, navy or marine rorp oflhe
United States as a private soldier, officer, aea ma 11
or marine during the wjr with Spain, or during
any other war lu which the United state may
be engaged, said parties are hereby notified to
appear, respond and offer ctldeuce touching said
allegation a! 10 o'clock a 111 on September 33,1903,
before G. II. Wardwrll, IT. S. Commissioner at
Sliver Uke, Lake County, Oregon, und lhal final
hearing wilt ! Iitltl at loo'ilock a ill oil Septem
ber a8. loot, liefure tlip Us-irisler and Receiver
at the United States Laud Office at Lakevlcw,
The said contestant t..vl,itf. In a nroner afrt.
davil, filed July a), 1903, set forth facta which
how that alter due diligence personal service of
Ihl notice cannot be made. 111 hereby ordered
ami directed that such notice be given by due
and nroner nublleatlnn
Jyji-M J!. M, HKATTAW, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
Notice I hereby given that Ihe following named
elller has lllesl notlee of bis Intention 10 maitc
filial jn-oof lu support uf bis claim, and that abl
proofwltl lie made before J. J. Smith, county
Clerk, it rrinevttU, OiegCw, ou Saturday, Sep
tember 3, lyaj, vis.
Call! M Gardner, of Sitter. Oregon;
II l No ?i, frjhenwlf seen, lp ls, r 11 f,
w in.
He names Ihe followlllir wltnrstrs la rvrove his
auutliiuaus residence upon ami cultivation of
saHi MIHl, VII
George I' Cyrus, Warren D Cyrus, uf Print
vitle. Or, William I' Riyraar, M J Wilt, of his.
lers, Oregon.
Jyjl-st MICIIA1II, T. NOLAN, Register.
U. ft. Uud Office, Ukevlew, Oregon,
July 11, ivj
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed
lu thl office by
Harry A Hill, Contestant,
gainst homestead entry No 1337, made March 7,
i'i, fur 11I1 nw(f aud 11 w). neu sec 18, lp 14 a, r
Ue.w in, by Murk l Hardman, cinttslre, In
which It Is alleged lhal said Mark K. Hardman
ha abamluiird said claim for a period of six
month or more last iwst, and lhal aald alleged
abteiicc from Ihe said Und wauot due to lit em
ployment In the army, navy or murine ourii of
tin. United Stole a a private soldier, officer,
seaman or marine during the war with Swlu, or
during any other war in which the Uullcd State
may be engaged, aald putties arc hereby notified
tu upiwar, reepoml and olfer evidence touching
salil allegation at lou'ilock a m on September IJ,
'rh belore G II. Wardwell, I' H, CommUtloiier
at Silver Uke, Lake County, Oregon: and that
final hearing' will be held nl 10 o'tlock u 111 on
SeiiteniUr is, iooj, bcfoic the Register nud kc
ceiver at the United States Und Office III Lake
vlev, Oregon.
The said contestant havlinr. in a nroner affi
davit, filed July JJ, I'xij, set forth fuel which
how that after due diligence, personal service of
thla notice onti not he made. It Is hereby ordered
and directed lhal audi notice lie ulven by due and
proper publication.
Jyji4 It. M. 1IRATTAIN, Register.
Timber Uad, Ad June i. ,
I a Uftd Ollstw. The IUHm. IHesjam.
Mar . Mja,
Nwttxc t hereby givett lhal In Cstal4btia wMh
Ihe pravialiiMs of Use Act of Coaareaa of Jaae i
istr. ewiiiled. "Aa act for lalef llmbfflatsa
la lae states of CalUbtala. OreajsMt, Nevada ami
Washlagtost Teteilttey." a esleaded h all the
MtUle Uml stales by Ad of AstJsMt 4. the
Hdlvwlna-HauMd petaoay have ffbsi lu thsaalfaw
their woth atatrascNU. to-wll
llrsirv mloes
of The Dalles, raanly of Wasaa, staff af OirgtMit
sworn MalemeHl No 1443. ftUdXov I, lael.flK Ihe
tam-iMsc o me Mete see i;.ttMs, r ije. w m.
LaelU I' aVnlMa
of The lullrs, csmcly of Wayttii. stale af OtegsHii
swora statement No 1114, filed Nov 1, iom.iWt the
puicbas ofthe ! rc 17, IpMs, r 13, w ih.
Joseph t La ml ei s
of The Dallea. etmnly of Waact), Mate af Oihnmi
worn sialemenl No 1, filed Dec ai, itsM.flH1 Ih
Hircliacef the Hwl are li, Iti aa a, r IJC, w M.
Jamea I'. JIsmmc
of The Dalle, oimaly of Waaon, slate f Otegtmi
worn lalemeul N a iaja, filed IHI J, ayti.tor lb
mrehsc of llie sw set 11, lp Ms, r 13 c, w m.
That they will offer nroof to show tbatlheUnd
ioiiaiit I more valuable for iU timber or stMHe
IImh for agricultural imriMstea, and ta eatabtWh
their dalms luaaul Uad before the RegUlefand
Receiver at The Dalles, oiegou, en aaluiiUy,
Ihr 171I1 day of Octolier, 1903
They name a wllnrsses Jame I' Moor.
Thoma J Driver, LurlU I' Sulpst, TImmsuv j
Leonard, lleuiy Htil, John Gavin, Joseph
Under, of The Inlle. IH; Chaile A Graves, of
Itlnevllle, N-, Mike Lel-age, of Hem), Or.
Any ami all persons eJalmlHg adversely Ihe
abuvc-ilasetibad lauds are rtsiuesltd lo file Ibelr
dalms in ijitsafiea 011 ur Uhc the uM iflli
lUy ofOetooer, laaa
Jll-oi MlCYrAIII. T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Und, Acl June j, 187.
U. A. Laud Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
jMiic J, Ky.
area or lime t.
IrM, entitled, "An act fur Ihr saFeoftlmberUiiHS
Notice I hereby given that lu cow
Hie provpHou 01 111c Art 01 ton
,.. . ,. . .. . ..,.,.,lllV...,lu ..a......... kfuu.l.. ...1
111 (lie simrw M, VMIIIW, IIIH, lllfKUIIi ..C.,,,,1., Hllll
Washlugtuii Territory," a rxteuded lo alt Hie
public land stale by Act uf August 4, ihyj, Ihr
nUowlng-uaiued perwiui have 011 Nov ij, ivw,
flleil lu Ihl omce Iheir aworn statements, lo-wlli
Raphasl M Spencer
of !lwall, county or I.I11011I11, ktnle ur Washing,
ton: swum statement No 1304, fur Ihe piltchme
of the ti( sec jo, lp ij , r 10 e, w in.
If. Peoil Spencer
uflidwall, county or Llnoutu, stair of Washing.
...... u.ui... .Itlhiitanl fc?,. ,., fV.r IIih, a ,.
of tlicclt nwtf oudeji wj( e ju. t IJ, r toe,
w m s (
Tt1.1l thrv will offer nroof lo liowlhat Ihe land
ought I more vnliioblv for ita tlmlier or stout-
liiau lur agrit'uiiuiui puiiKisea, uiui 111 csiauiisn
Iheir claim tu said laud before the Uculsttr and
Receiver at The Dalles, Oirgon, on Thursdiiy,
Ihe aid day of October, l'J.
They nuine u wiliieosea: l I'cnil Hnenttr,
William S Siencr, Delia M Spencer, Lillian M
Spencer, Ruphatl M Spencer, all of Ihlwall,
Auv and all nelsons clalmliiu advetselv Hit
above.descrlbtd lauds arc rcqursFetitu file their
clalini in thl office on or before the uld aid iUy
of ()i tolicr, 1901,
Jyji-oi MICHAKI, T, NOLAN, Register.